Baby Oil

by Leslie Schmidt

Damn, I guess that now, for the rest of my life, the smell of baby oil is going to give me a hard-on. Well, let me explain.

I was over at my girlfriend's house, Lisa, when she got called into work on a Saturday evening. We were planning to go out but, no luck. She said that I'd be fine, the babysitter would just watch Marie, her two year old, while she worked- I could go out carousing 'with the boys.' I said no, I'd watch Marie for her, I didn't have any plans. So, after a bunch of instructions about feeding and getting Marie off to bed, Lisa headed out the door.

I really didn't know a whole lot about two year olds, except that they wanted to get into everything. Marie had some favorite toys-a much loved stuffed puppy she dragged around by the ears, a dirty plastic doll with a yellow shirt and no pants, a plastic 'shapeo', a geodesic ball with different shaped cut-outs and pieces that fit through them. But, most of all she just wanted to roam around, tottling here and there, exploring the bookshelf and the Tupperware cupboard next to the sink (all the other doors had catches on them).

She sat on my lap for a while and watched TV, playing with my hand some, then exploring my ears and hair. I kissed her, then put my lips on her throat and blew, making a burrrrrp. She laughed a lot and we tussled some. I did it again to her stomach and she got me back on the arm, then licked my face.

I noticed her diaper was heavy so I took her in and changed her. I had watched Lisa do this a number of times but, frankly, I couldn't remember ever changing a diaper in my life. She was, well, cute as she lay there, very much like her mother (who shaves her pussy smooth for me), and I looked around at her little folds and bumps. Everything was there, just a lot smaller and, after baby wipes and powder, real fresh looking and smelling.

It was dinner time, so I carried the tot, dressed in a blue shirt and a diaper, to the kitchen and strapped her in the high chair while I opened a can and for the microwave. Well, as you can imagine, more Spaghetti-O's got in Marie's curly blonde hair than in her stomach and, as we were giggling and laughing at the high chair, we got into a bit of a food fight. She had up- ended her bowl and was smearing the pasta and orange sauce around on the tray when I bent down to pick up her spoon. Then I felt something warm and wet hit the back of my neck and there was a loud laugh.

I picked up a few 'O's on my fingers and smeared them on her cheek. Things went down hill from there you can imagine how we both looked after a couple of minutes of this. The end result was me in my briefs, my clothes in the washer along with Marie's, and her in the bath tub. Being the rambunctious one she is, pretty soon I was soaked too and my briefs had to join the rest of my clothes in the laundry. When I came back into the bathroom she was playing with a spoon and bowl in the tub. She was surprised when I joined her.

There was fat and tomato sauce floating on top of the water so I pulled the stopper and closed the glass doors. I don't think she had ever been in a shower before, a new experience and I don't think she was too fond of taking a shower, she kept wiping water out of her eyes. I sat down after shampooing my hair and washing, kind of strange, and a bit of a turn on, to have her standing in front of me, the top of her head at the level of the end of my cock.

I sat down under the warm shower and washed her, first her hair (she whimpered some from suds in her eyes) and then the rest of her. Things firmed up a little more when I moved my fingers along her soft mons, fingering her little slit, then her bung hole. I leaned forward and burped her belly again, then picked her up and did the same to her pussy. Peals of laughter, then she did the same to my chest, getting on her knees between my legs, her chubby thighs rubbing against a now half-hard cock.

Now, after drying her off (and spending some time inspecting her future womanly charms) it was on to the changing table to get her in a diaper and nighty. What I didn't expect was her grabbing the bottle of baby oil and dumping it down my chest.

I needed a towel but I couldn't leave her on the changing table while I ran for one so I picked the squirming little one up and-OH, MY, GOD. The feeling of her chubby little legs greased up and dangling down on my half staff dick, well, it ain't too hard to figure out what happened (actually, it got real hard, real quick). At this point, I was lost, it was time for some real fun.

I carried her out into the living room (tile floor) and pulled a couple of blankets off the furniture. Now, with Marie laying on her back and me kneeling over her, I squirted about a quarter of the bottle down her chest and stomach, then I started moving my hands along her slick and smooth skin. I tickled her quite a few times, in the armpits, her ribs, her stomach, as I moved my hands up and down her. When I was bring my hands up her thighs I made sure to rub my thumb up and down her puffy little slit. I licked her chest and dug my tongue into her armpit and she just giggled and giggled. The baby oil, while having that sweet, fruity smell, doesn't have any taste, it sort of coats your tongue, makes it feel warm.

Then I rolled onto my back, pulling her up on top of me. I think she was remembering a few days earlier with the 'Slip-n- Splash' in the back yard as she squealed and giggled while sliding her naked little body up and down mine. My dick was rock hard between us, sliding around against her soft little tummy and tiny little bubbly pussy. A couple of times she took it in her hands, rubbing it up and down and I had to clamp my jaw to keep from spraying jez all over.

She had a great time when I rolled her on her back and licked and sucked her pink clam, just whooping and giggling like crazy. Just a few seconds later I was about to blow so I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and belly as she held it, giggling because I was tickling her. I don't think she really noticed the gobs more lubrication I added to her stomach, chest, some on her face and in her hair.

The wresting match continued, both of us bathing in baby oil and sperm--more slip-n-slide, more baby oil. I think she really liked it when I went down on her because at one point she crawled onto my face and ground her pussy against my mouth. Of course, I obliged with an energetic tongue lashing of her baby-cunt, pushing as far as I could between her rice sized inner pussy lips and stroking her be-be sized clit. I think she may have actually cum-sort of-just a gasp and a pause on the action.

While she was riding my face, I had been stroking myself, getting close to blast-off again and, just as I was getting ready, I rolled her around and asked her if she wanted 'Daddy milk' (Lisa was still nursing her some, even though she was well onto solid food). She looked up at me with a wondering expression as she sucked on my dick, just the end of the head. God she sucked hard and the feeling of her tongue was awesome. She made a face when I unloaded in her mouth, I don't think she liked the taste, and pulled away just to take a shot on her cheek. She sort of worked her mouth around with a disapproving expression, my cum on her lips and tongue, but then she swallowed it and then leaned forward and sucked some more (I guess the taste wasn't all THAT bad).

I rolled backwards on my ass, then my back, pulling her with me and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth, getting a taste of my cum. She giggled more, then bit my lower lip before sucking on my nose. I had my hand up between her thighs, sliding back and forth on her cunt and, again, she had a little baby orgasm, holding her head up and grunting slightly while pushing back on my hand. Then she lay her head on my throat, she was calming down a lot.

After that we were both back in the bath tub but, by now, she was getting tired and even a little cranky. I put her to bed at about the same time the dryer buzzed with my clothes finishing up.

When Lisa got home I explained the blankets in the washer as an 'accident' with some 'juice.' Then we hit the sack. I was really pretty worn out but with images of Marie in my head I think I did a credible job of fucking her mother. At least, I was slow to blow, having cum twice already that evening, so she came three or four times before I dribbled a little sperm in her pus.