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Lost Boy's Other-Worldly Story Links: January 2003

31 January 2003
[xpage] D - Got Gal in Peril Part 1 (fx) "Although disgusted by the slovenly, slimy nature of the plants, part of her was aroused..."
[kristen] Tom Bombadil - Masks (mf ff vamp) A prisoner in manacles; a vampire gatecrasher; a studly bouncer; a girlfriend; where are the masks?
[kristen] Trismegistus - A Monster Among Us: A Tale of Erotic Horror (mf teen vamp) She's not a little kid
30 January 2003
[ltbsa] Dmuk - Case Work (mf ff asfr) He builds cases: exhibition cases. Very special exhibition cases.
[schaffer] Robert Schaffer - Fresh Wine, Old Bottles
(mf ff vamp) The last thing he expected on a Wednesday night was to be picked up by a vampire.
[cleansheets] Kathryn Ptacek - Pleasure Domes (mf ff succubus) Alexander Ivanovich Tamaroffsky is lost and abandoned in the desert
29 January 2003
[local]  Groade - The Chase (fm, faerie) This hungry faerie cannot be denied
[ltbsa]  Fool- The Cabinet (f asfr) What secrets are held in the cabinet of Hei Pi?
[gotfanart]  Mitchell L. - The Symbiant (fx oviposition xform) "Iteration H" in part three is especially xenophilic!
28 January 2003
[mcstories] Tabico - Descent (ff,xf) Dark forces of betrayal threaten to seduce and destory an avenging angel
[mcstories] Tabico - Kaleidoscope (ff,df) A magical lamp exerts a strange influence on the girls at a summer camp
[mcstories] Tabico - Lord May (ff,mf) A talented cripple helps a woman realize her technophilic desires, as her husband attempts to keep their lives together
[mcstories] Tabico - Mind Worms: Facility (ff,xf) A facilty for holding squicky mind controlling worms is threatened by one of their willing servents
[mcstories] Tabico - Pea (ff,xf)Vivien is a spectator as alien pods begin to take control of  her neighbour and all the women around her
[mcstories] Tabico - Riders(ff,xf) Slimy alien slugs have control of  a spaceship; what do they make of their rescuers?
[mcstories] William Lee - Silky Destinies (xf) A girl's class embark on a bonding exercise with some strange aliens
[mcstories] William Lee - I-Toys(df,ff,mf) A businessman is busy enslaving beautiful women with ingenious technology; can one woman stop him?
[mcstories] Chris Chris - Quicksilver(df,xf,ff) Aliens are kidnapping earth women; the climax in which their nefarious purposes are revealed is potent stuff!
[mcstories] Artie - Growing up with Beth (mf nice)A gentle story with a boy and a girl and some hypnosis
[mcstories] Trilby Else - Framework (xf) Shambleau! Who needs to know anything more?
[mcstories] Trilby Else - Freerange(ff) The femme fatales control the city; who will they choose next?
[mcstories] Trilby Else - Fruition(fx plant) This plant likes humans; this planet likes humans.
[mcstories] DrDan - Something about Melinda (fm) Melinda's boyfriend is running out of choices.
[mcstories] A Nony Mouse - A Black Hole - In Sunnydale (fm,ff) A small town submits to a multinational, whose representative is more than she seems
[mcstories] Simon Bar Sinister - Harem (mf)Can Aaron's beautiful psychologist help explain his unexpected way with girls?
[mcstories] Eye of Serpent - Shockingly Black(f toy) Arousal in black obsidian
[mcstories] Farleven - Hunting Day (mf) How did a nice girl like Emily get in to a story like this?
[mcstories] Homer Vargas - Sabah (Sabah and Rod) (Sabah at the Ball) (fm) A storm, a broken down car, a lonely woman: what hope does poor Roddy have?
[mcstories] Jafar - Brainwave of Horror (pt 2) (mf,ff,xf) A precocious student and her nemesis are unlikely allies against ... what? and why?
[mcstories] Para*Psite - Symbiosis (mm) A male succubus: surprisingly yummy! Want to try some?
[mcstories] (Penelope Pitt and Craig) Left Hand Harrison- Demonette (fm) A prostitute dissolving into female flesh devours two out of three lads (gone)
[mcstories] Actaendymion - Sortileger (mf) Beautiful, strange and terrible.
[mcstories] Artemis - A Brief Mistake (fm) A mathematician pits his will against a witch.  Who will win, reason or magic?
[mcstories] RedWriter - Sidhe Magic (fm) A sidhe family get closer to each other when the young daughter attempts to clear up her zits
[mcstories] Daphne - Fairie Tale (mf, ff) A man seeing a prostitute finds more strings attached than he would like (gone)
[mcstories] Mark Anthony - Daughter knows best (ff) A widow's daughter shows her love that will change the world
[mcstories] Mark Anthony - Dearest Forevermore (ff) A ghostly dream brings deathly desire to join two young women
[mcstories] Aerosol Kid - Delerium (ff) A bit like Harry Potter, or the Worst Witch .... no, maybe not.
[mcstories] Thrall - Raggedy Anne (ff) Don't trust fairies.
[ltbsa]  Verina du'Arden - Disturbing Visions 2 (f asfr Faceless men are turning people to mannequins; can Samantha save her friend Mary?
[ltbsa]  Verina du'Arden - Pocket Pussy (mf xform) Bill and Valerie raise the stakes as they buy more magic from their local adult novelty shop
[ltbsa]  Leem - Jaskri and the Maiden (nice) Jaskri searches for the origin of the statue who watches over her village
[ltbsa]  Leem - Sondra and Veyy (ff) Two women attempt to escape their enslavement as dancers in a remote space station
[ltbsa]  Jaye Stregyr - The Secret Studio (m statues) Vinnie and Mike find a secret gym to train in
[ltbsa]  Panic - The Commute (f mannequin) Mindy meets a tall stranger travelling home on the train
[ltbsa]  Crystal Jo - Rachel's Birthday (f mannequin) Poor Rachel is kidnapped on her birthday
[ltbsa]  Robo Nat - New Life (mf mannequin) Why did he fall asleep in the department store?  What's happening to that girl?
[ltbsa]  RM - Euryale (ff statue) Lisa, feeling sorry for herself, goes off with a bueatiful woman she meets in a bar.  But why is she wearing sunglasses?
[ltbsa]  Natalia - The Toy (f mast asfr) This special vibrator cannot cure frustration
[ltbsa]  K - Cards (mf ff mannequin) You can lose everything in a game of strip poker
[ltbsa]  K- The Trouble With Magic (ff mf doll) Diana has a special favour for Tracy to help her win back Dave
[local]  Dafydd Cyhoeddwr - Ayerwen (mf succubus) Wen was on the prowl, Bobby was in boot camp
[local]  Felix Lance Falkon - Hooked and Gaffed (mf succubus vampire) American Indian meets white girl
[local]  (unknown) - Terry and the Magical Trunk (f goop) "Never open the chest in the attic; Never!"
[local]  Wendy Palmer/Grant Morrison - The Rutting Room (everything cthulu, humour) Aubrey Valentine uncovers the mysteries of the Rutting Room
[studs]  Retho - The Kiss (fm statue) Steve the hot jock falls for Victoria
[tsa]  Alan - Male Statue Wanted (mf statue) Man buys beautiful statue
[bandy]  Bandyimo- Vamp (mf vamp) Another insignificant bar patron
[literotica]  Amanda Pierce - Carnival Erotica (ff mf vamp caution) Kristy finds herself wanting to join an erotic carnival to be near her love Victoria
[literotica]  Amanda Pierce - Bad Seed (ff mf plant) Renee has a terminal disease; a mysterious plant can save her, but at what cost?
[storiesonline]  Alan C. McDonald - Cradle Snatcher (fm succubus) Dominic is surprised that he is still desirable (registration required)
[gotfanart]  MMMmmmm - Oh God Somebody Anybody! [Part 1] [Part2] [Part3] (ff demons caution) “I’m bored,” Sally said - and that’s how it all started
[adultgold]  Whiff - Sensual Succubus (fm ff succubus demon) Plain-looking Sylvia finds a way to be noticed (gone within 24 hours)
[local]  Groade - The Chase (fm, faerie) This hungry faerie cannot be denied

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