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The Boob Fish

© Sarus
Today was the great day for Tom. He had prepared everything: he studied the currents, traded stories with fishermen, brought his most trusted pair of swim fins, and even bought a (grossly overpriced) breathleaf. Today he would catch the biggest boobfish - ever.

But what is a boobfish, one might ask? Well it probably has an official, boring and presumably Latin name but the locals prefer the more colorful terms like fisherman's mistress, cock-thief, and of course boobfish, the last one being the most common.

Despite the name, the boobfish is not actually a fish, though it does live in water. The easiest way to describe it is to compare it with a mermaid: the mermaid is half girl and half fish; well the boobfish is half girl and half boob, but on a smaller scale.

The human part of the creature is about 6 inches tall, and looks like a miniature woman, with legs that merge together at feet level. Both legs are very flexible and act as labia that lead towards a large digestive sac floating behind her. This digestive sac is what gives the boobfish her name, since it has both the size and appearance of a female breast, up to the nipple at the rear end.

The boobfish is a predator that hunts small to medium size fishes, and uses the powerful suction of her breast-like pouch to catch its prey. Once the prey is sucked in, the front labia/legs close tightly, and the water swallowed along with the prey is drained though the nipple. The victim is then doused with digestive enzymes mixed with a light narcotic to prevent any undesirable squirming or biting.

Men being men, it was soon discovered that the boobfish often mistook a penis for one of her prey. Very shortly after that, it was also discovered that the insides of a boobfish were soft, warm and that the peristalsis motions of her flesh felt heavenly.

'Boobfish hunting' became a popular activity among the young male population of the island, and is quite harmless as long as you follow this rule to the letter: once your member starts tingling, you take it out.

Those that do not follow this wise piece of advice risk severe burns: the boobfish digestion process is painless and actually increases sexual pleasure, making it impossible to tell how far the digestion progressed. For the foolish few that persist for more than a few hours, there will be no warning until the boobfish starts swimming away, what's left of their penis safely digesting in the breast of their new owner.

But let's get back to Tom and his quest. Tom had been a wise boobfish hunter ever since he learned what the thing between his legs was for. Unfortunately for him - or fortunately depending on the point of view -- his member had grown to such a size since reaching adulthood that the boobfishes he loved so much could no longer swallow it in its entirety.

Recently though, he had overhead sailors that drifted too close to the coral reef brag that they had spotted boobfishes there that were twice the size of those you could find near the shores. He would have dismissed that as senseless boasting if the captain hadn't told the same story.

It did made sense. The coral reef provided plenty of game in en enclosed space, making the hunt easier for the slow moving boobfish. Also ships couldn't approach the coral reef without risking getting stuck, and at the same time it was too far from the shore for the average swimmer, isolating it from human contact.

So if boobfishes of uncommon size could be discovered somewhere this would be the place.

The day was perfect: a spotless sky, the bright summer sun, an emerald sea. In the distance Tom could distinguish the shape of the coral reef through the crystal clear water, which was about 3 miles away. He could have borrowed a small raft to cover the distance, but his daily boobfish hunting trip had made him an excellent swimmer.

One last time, Tom checked the heel straps of his swim fins, placed the breathleaf under his tongue, and set off.

It took him a little more than an hour to reach the reef, by then his muscles were starting to ache. So he let himself float face down in the water, arms spread wide, enjoying a view that was impressive both in size and colors.

He got lucky a few minutes later as a school of boobfish passed below him. It was the first time he saw that many together, there must have been at least three dozens of the creatures. He launched after them in a swift motion, catching up effortlessly.

As he got closer, he noticed that the creatures were noticeably bigger than the ones he usually saw close to the shore; the sailor's stories did have some truth in them. He reached out and grabbed the hindmost one, her breast filling both of his hands.

Her eyes followed him placidly has he examined her. Her legs were tightly pressed against each other, telltale sign that she had fed recently, and indeed he could feel the shape of the small fish trapped inside as he massaged her flesh.

Despite her respectable size, she was not big enough, so after rubbing her nipple and the underside of her breast one last time -- which made her close her eyes in pleasure -- he finally released her. By then the other boobfishes had taken notice, and were swimming around him. Most were simply looking at him curiously, occasionally brushing against him, but a few had opened their legs slightly and were obviously looking for something to swallow.

Unfortunately for them, he protected is genitalia with his hand, and they soon lost interest in him and swam away.

The soreness in his muscles now gone, Tom headed deeper inside the coral forest. For nearly an hour he wandered in the maze-like structure, but ironically it was the boobfish that found him, not the other way around.

As he swam close to a coral wall something that was hiding in a cavity suddenly sprung forth and grabbed his hand, nearly making Tom swallow his breathleaf in surprise. Once the initial shock past, he found his right arm elbow deep in the largest boobfish he had ever seen: her body was nearly three times the size of a common boobfish, while her rear tit dwarfed anything found on the chest of a human woman with a diameter of nearly 2 feet.

Once recovered, Tom did not have enough hands to knead and caress her sensuous globe; her inner flesh was so thick and heavy that he couldn't even, with his left hand, feel the shape of his right hand within.

The boobfish was obviously enjoying having such a large meal inside of her, but Tom had something else in mind. He began slowly sliding his hand out of her fleshy mound, and suck and squeeze as she might, she could not stop him.

Once his hand free, he raised himself so that his crotch was at the same level as her legs and waited. He was quite surprised when, instead of gulping his member immediately, she shot him a sour look and closed her labia.

Perplexed, but at the same time unwilling to give up so close to the goal, he began brushing the tip of his member against her legs, until she couldn't resist anymore. In a blink she opened her legs and in a single powerful suction swallowed both his penis and testicles, then clamped her legs tight at the root of his penis, to prevent it from escaping.

A moment later Tom was in heaven, his shaft hardening as her flesh began to squeeze and knead it, trying to draw it fully into her digestive sac. Her motions, which were much more powerful to what he was used to, and her size, which allowed her to envelop him completely, were slowly but surely bringing Tom toward a phenomenal climax.

Alas those wonderful sensations came at a price: her inner walls were gently but cunningly coating him with her digestive juices, and all too soon the distinctive tingling appeared at the tip of his member, and began to spread towards its base.

But he could not stop, not now, not so close. Ignoring safety he tried to trust himself deeper into her soft flesh, enjoying her warmth and softness that seemed to increase along with the tingling.

Finally release came, making him clasp her tightly as he delivered burst after burst of seed into her hungry tit.

For a moment he just floated, motionless, feeling utterly spent, while the boobfish still worked diligently on his now shrinking member. Some part of his mind wondered what he must be looking like with an oversized breast hanging from his crotch, probably ridiculous he decided. Another, more practical, part reminded him that he should act quickly if he wanted to have anything left hanging in the crotch area.

Her legs held his rod so tightly that he had to pry them open with his fingers before sliding it out. As soon as it left the comfortable folds of her breast-flesh, his skin started to burn painfully in the cold salted water. His member was still in one piece, but had taken a bright red color; also a patch of skin on its underside had melted away. Luckily for him, there seemed to be no permanent damage, but it still hurt badly.

The boobfish was quite unhappy of being robbed of her meal, and tried to swallow it back, but he shooed her away with a few flicks on her delicate skin. She looked at him with an unmistakably sulking expression, then began to swim away only to stop after a few feet and turn back, as if beckoning him.

It intrigued him since boobfishes were simple creatures, normally unable to display complex emotions, or even communicate. But this one seemed intend on having him follow her. And follow he did, as curiosity got the better of him.

The boobfish led him even deeper into the coral forest, where sun's rays barely touched the ground, and it took them several minutes to reach a small cave sheltered by abundant seaweeds.

He hesitated a moment before entering, still wondering if he wasn't making a fool of himself. The passage was quite small, barely enough for him to swim through, and revealed to be only a couple meter deep. He inspected it for a while, trying to find something of interest when the cavern suddenly darkened.

He turned around and was surprised to see a young woman standing in the entrance. Only when his eyes got used to the feeble light did he realize that it wasn't a woman, but a boobfish so huge that her front body appeared human-sized, with her mammoth tit floating behind her, blocking both passage and sunlight.

Tom didn't see the danger at first. He had been around boobfishes all his life, and had always seen them as sexy but harmless creatures. And this one, however big she was, didn't register has a threat to him.

So unafraid, he approached to have a better look: she stood at about 5 feet tall and was delicately built, with fiery red hair enhanced by green eyes, and a milky white skin covered in freckles. But was mesmerized him was her rear tit: it was nearly as wide as she was tall, heavy and perfectly shaped, with a pink, fist-sized nipple at the other end that Tom could only imagine.

She smiled sweetly at him as he stood fearless before her, and began to slowly, deliberately open her legs, exposing a wall of glistering pink flesh. In time, this wall dilated to match the aperture of her legs, forming a dark pulsating tunnel leading to the center of her breast.

Maybe she was letting him admire her, or maybe she was giving a chance to flee, but Tom realized at that moment that his whole body could fit in her tunnel, and that her digestive sac would easily welcome him in... which was certainly what she had in mind.

Her blocking the exit with her body suddenly took a whole new meaning, and to get out of her reach his only option was to retreat toward the end of the cave. But it was already too late: as turned to swim away, a powerful suction pulled him inside of her in a heartbeat, leaving only his arms and head free.

She then pressed her thighs firmly against his arms, forcing them to stay in the continuation of his body, while at the same time her body began to squeeze and pull around him, guiding him gently but steadily into her waiting mammary.

Tom was helpless as he gradually disappeared into her: his legs were held tight by her flesh, while his hands couldn't find any hold in the sandy ground to slow her progress. She was blushing furiously as the last bit of him vanished inside of her, after which she clasped her legs tightly while her inner tunnel contracted, shrinked, and eventually sealed shut. She bore an ecstatic grin on her face and occasionally rubbed her tights together as she enjoyed her meal settling up inside her voluptuous teat.

Tom was in shock. This simply couldn't be happening, he had to be dreaming, yes surely this was a nightmare, soon he would wake up and dismiss everything with a laugh. Only it felt all too real.

Her flesh was enfolding him ever more tightly as she expelled the water swallowed along with him. In a short time it was all gone, and his whole body was in contact with her inner walls. He had felt this sensation countless of times around his member: soft flesh that undulated around him, coating him in a slightly sticky fluid, while her warmth gently soaked into him. But it was a sensation one could only experience for a short time before digestion started. He had to get out. Now.

He began to trash violently and punch the insides of her breast, hoping to make her throw him out. His tactic was surprisingly effective: the flesh surrounding him was tender and sensitive, with no muscle to defend against his attacks. The boobfish, who had found a cozy spot in the seaweed to rest, began to wince in pain at his struggles, while her tit wobbled softly behind her.

By struggling, Tom was also actively helping her digestion process as he rubbed himself into her juices, and soon his whole body started to tingle, which again made him redouble in his efforts.

However his strength was starting to fade: the opulent and heavy breast flesh on top of him was taking its toll, and he had to rest for a moment. As soon as he stopped moving, he felt his muscle relax, and a sense of well-being invaded him... something was wrong here, he shouldn't be this comfortable when he was about to be digested. He tried to move, and only managed to twitch feebly; he knew this should have appalled him but, somehow, he didn't care.

He slowly sank into her welcoming folds as muscles he didn't even know he had loosened up, making him feel utterly at ease. The boobfish was asleep, so the undulating motions she produced as she swam had stopped. Tom simply laid there, soaking motionless in her fluids as minutes, then hours passed. The tingling feeling increased pleasantly, and occasionally she would move in her sleep, sending delicious feelings to him as her flesh rubbed his.

He was totally unprepared when she woke up, and began to swim lazily. Her flesh came alive around him, kneading him gently as her mammary jiggled with her movements. He had been bathing for hours in her secretions, which had rendered his body soft and extremely sensitive. He was in ecstasy as the folds of her tit caressed and rubbed him, literally melting him away. His mind was feverish as his body was being steadily absorbed by her voracious breast; his last coherent thought was that he felt so good inside of her that he never wanted to leave.

In a way, he never did.

Later that day, the boobfish stopped in a quiet spot sheltered by seaweeds. Her rear nipple began to dilate and slowly expel three tennis ball sized blob of white gooey stuff. A look of intense concentration passed on her face, and she also released a pair of swim fins.

The boobfish then swam away, looking quite happy with herself.

© Sarus

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