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Lord of the Corn

© Clemstra
The Iowa corn stood tall, but with a drooping slant.  The leaves were turning brown and specks of yellow ran up and down the stalks. Teresa's left breast brushed against one of the unhealthy looking stalks.  Molds, disease and drought had brought yet another year of ruin to the Iowa corn farmer.  Many farmers had been foreclosed on. The former farms now remained vacant, reclaimed by wild flowers.

Her family farm would probably go under next.  Things were bad.  If this harvest didn't pan out, they'd lose everything.  A dying spider on a stalk nearby seemed to bring it home.  Death, everything around here was dying.  She briefly closed her blue eyes and opened them wishing this was all a nightmare.  Unfortunately it wasn't.

This farm had been in her family it seemed forever.  Generations had been raised, grown old and died here.  The first European member of her family had been given this land by the natives.  There had only been one condition.  She wasn't exactly certain what it was, but she had always been told to stay away from one field in particular.  She remembered again her uncle Jimmy grabbing her and carrying her out of that field.  He'd yelled at her to NEVER go there again.  Something Bad lived there he said.  She'd cried and he'd apologized but said it was for her own good.

Having turned only just eighteen.  Having barely graduated from highschool, Teresa had to face the fact that she probably had no future in the town or surrounding area of her youth.  The farms were folding, the town following as jobs and money left.  For a young woman of eighteen, with a clear complexion and healthy good looks, with hair like sweet corn and skin like golden wheat, the future was anything but bright.  It looked as if her family would lose everything.  They'd have to move to the city and scrounge for work.

Teresa walked through the dying corn, trying to hold back the tears. The dying corn made her feel worse.  It should be healthy and green, with corn silk coming out of the stalks of full ripe corn enclosed in green husks.  Her breasts bounced with each step.  Ahead of her lay the forbidden field.  Today she would go there.

The Lord of the Corn stirred from his long sleep.  For so long, none had come.  None had come to offer themselves to him.  His chosen ones had in the end been kept from him by the new keepers of the land. They had violated their agreement.  If he was not to be fed then his strength waned.  With little strength he couldn't provide for the people, the land and the corn.

Now he sensed the coming of a possible offering.  He reached out to the mind of the woman.  Young, fertile, sweet meat.  He reached out and made his offer to her as he had done to so many women in the long past.

In Teresa's mind a voice called.  It called sweetly and made a promise to her.  Come and give yourself to me.  Come lie on my alter and give yourself.  Sweet pleasure awaits and though your flesh shall be consumed, your soul shall be one of the chosen.  The land shall be renewed, your family and people saved...all for the price of your current existence.

It was sweet, seductive but horrifying all at once.  The offer made no bones about it.  It or rather he, would make love with her and eat her.  It wouldn't be painful, but it would be the end.  What was meant by her soul being one of the chosen after though?

She was afraid and excited at the same time.  What if she refused?

In her mind she saw the images of her family moving away.  Her mother and father with weary defeated looks.  She saw her brother give up his idea of a life on the farm.  He toiled in a factory miserable.  Her father die of a heart attack, her mother of a stroke.  Her own life one of desperate constant struggle to survive from one low paying job to the next.

If she gave herself, she saw a different future.  The rains came and the corn grew healthy again.  The harvest was good and her family prospered, as did the town and their neighbors.  Her family had a little memory nook for her.  Pictures of her to remember her by, and sadly wonder what became of their daughter.  Sad and also fearful that she might have wandered into the forbidden field and the place at it's center.  Her brother took over farming, her mother and father lived long lives and grand children continued the legacy of her family.

She saw herself reborn...she had a mark upon her brow.  The native people's would have known what it meant, but her family and people did not.  She lived well and came again at a certain appointed time to the Lord Of the Corn.  This time her life would be longer.  She would recruit other women, sneaking them to the field at night while the farmers slept.  They would meet and each swear themselves to him. Each would be harvested by him when the time came.  A good life, a good death, and all so meaningful.  Was this not better then the alternative, the voice in her head asked?

Teresa answered the call.

"Ahh YESSSS," the voice coaxed her with seductive images.  "Come to me my ripe one, first of my new worshippers."

The corn seemed to part for her.  She felt invisible fingers stroking her body.  Fondling her breasts, probing her vaginal lips, teasing her.  She came to the center.  It was carpeted with corn silk and flowers.  Corn flowers...the pollen the plants sperm.  Pollinating one another, then growing the ripe corn in a womb of green husks and fibrous corn silk.

In the very center was a flat stone two feet high.  It was in the shape of an ear of corn, large enough for one to lie upon.  She walked into the circle, the corn stalks closed, showing no entrance or exit. She removed her clothing as she approached the stone.  She was afraid, but the voice urged her on speaking of the joys that awaited her, telling her what to do.

Her breasts bounced free from restraint as she removed her bra.  Her pubic hair matched the sweet corn yellow of her long hair.  Her pussy was wet and twitching as she lay down upon the stone.  There was no going back now.

As she lay on the stone, she felt calm, no longer afraid.  She was euphoric, looking forward to it now.  The Lord Of The Corn was her husband this night.  He would pollinate her, fill her, ripen and harvest her.  This was the way it had been long before the coming of her people to this continent.

He stood before her.  A tall well muscled man with copper skin and jet black hair.  Brown eyes looked upon her.  He smiled, pleased with her offering to him.  She spread her legs as he approached her form on the alter of stone.

His strong hands stroked and examined the arch and heel of each of her feet.  The calves of her legs, the tender inner thighs, playing with the yellow hair of her crotch.  He stroked her stomach, fondled her breasts, sucked upon her nipples as she moaned, desiring more.

His strong hands moved under her, massaging each butt check, he moved her up and started to enter into her.  He stopped short of penetration several times, each time her desire grew, till fear no longer existed. He quickly punctured the hymen.  A brief flash of pain, then such pleasure as Teresa had never even imagined.  Masturbation and imagination could never equal this.

She breathed deeply, moaning as he thrust again and again into her. He stopped and she caught her breath as he remained still within her. When he withdrew from her she felt regret.  Her stomach and womb felt full, but not with child she knew.  She was ripening now.  Her skin seemed to change, her bones grew soft, her nails, even her hair seemed to change in texture.  It was time to be harvested and consumed by him.

He returned to her feet.  She felt happy and so nice.  She was in a place of warmth and joy as she felt his teeth start to nibble on her right foots big toe.  It felt nice really, strange but nice.  She lay back with a smile as The Lord Of The Corn proceeded to feast upon her body.  She was the harvest for his hunger.

She felt increasing amounts of pleasure as his tongue tasted her, his teeth chewed.  Her right calve was soon hungrily devoured, followed by her thigh.  He started on her left leg and did the same.  He licked her vagina, causing her to produce juices that he took in before consuming her vaginal lips, her labia, the pearl of her womanhood.

All to soon he had come up to nibble upon her breasts, then her arms, the flesh of her face and she was gone.  Or rather her body was gone, she remained.  He held her naked soul, stroking her true being and singing her to rebirth.

That evening Teresa's family panicked when she did not show up for dinner.  She was never a bad child, always the happy one who helped out.  They looked and called for her.  Her father and uncle looked towards the forbidden field and looked to one another.  Had she gone there?  They feared the worst.  Their parents had told them a pagan God, a demon lived there.  They had to guard against it, for it would call to women to give themselves.  They'd tried to fence the field but fences never stayed up.

They looked and looked, but never found Teresa.  The Sheriff was called in and the entire neighborhood.  Everyone on local farms and the town joined in the search.  The search had to be called off as rain started.  It was a good soaking rain such as the farmers needed. It would bring life to the corn, life to the farmers, life to the town.

To Teresa's family, it seemed a mockery that the rain that brought life ended the search, erasing evidence if she had been kidnapped.

The family made a memory nook to her.  Her highschool and community established a scholarship for young women in her name.

The Lord of The Corn waited for his priestess to mature.  She was the seed corn of the many to be planted.  He awaited the day of her coming again to him as he paced his renewed vigor.  Paced himself, till she would bring other women to him.

A little girl was born in the town nine months later.  She was healthy, and happy and upon her brow was a strange birth mark.  It looked like an ear of corn.  A good sign for a community that depended upon corn.

© Clemstra

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