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From the Blue World

© Monocle
Paula had always loved the aquarium. The fish, the dolphins, all the exotic creatures of the sea, even the creepy crawlies that walked on the bottom. It was an amazing world of strange life, and it never got old. She'd come just to spend an hour watching a starfish crawl across the glass of its tank, or the remoras going round and round on their hosts in the shark tank. She was a lifetime member of the City Seaquarium, and visited local ones whenever she travelled. There was no question that she was going to make a special trip to the special "Visitors from the Blue World" traveling exhibit when it came to town.

"Get Ready to Meet Aliens From Another World" the ad/sign over the Special Exhibit hall said. It made Paula smile. This was supposed to be a "stranger than strange" tropical exhibition, but she knew she'd seen most of the featured animals before. It didn't matter, though. The first "big mix" tank was worth the wait in line. Dozens of brightly colored reef fish, and corals, eels and other creatures wove patterns in the warm, carefully controlled water of the big 1000 gallon tank. There were definitely species she hadn't seen before here. Most likely each would have their own smaller showcase within the exhibit.

What caught her eye the most was a small school of fluttering shapes. Ten or so flowing, undulating animals moved together back and forth near the front glass of the tank, moving at the same pace as the passing people. They looked and moved a lot like sea slugs, soft and rippling like little ruffled blankets in the wind. And so many colors! Complimentary colors on the fringes, and grading across wavering appendages that could have been gills or antennae, or even fins. It was the eyes that made them decidedly un-sluglike, though. The little critters seemed to have eyes a lot like a fish's. No... not quite. They weren't dead/dumb like a fish eye. Small as they were, they had depth, even personality, like a dolphin's or a person's. It was the way they seemed to look _at_ her through the glass as Paula passed before the tank. That was when she realized that the little school seemed to be pacing her, keeping at it as she followed the line of people around the three-sided glass display. As she watched, more of them - singles and small groups - that had been following other patrons came from different parts of the tank, until a bright cloud of them moved with Paula watching her as she watched them, until she finally passed the last edge of the mix tank and entered the rest of the exhibit. Someone behind her commented about her "fishy fan-club", even as the little school dispersed in an explosion of fluttering color.

The exhibit space was cleverly designed, snaking around many different tanks, keeping people from crowding too much. Velvet ropes and dark curtains guided and funneled everyone into single file, and kept the conversations hushed. The dim lighting allowed animals in faintly lit - or black-lit tanks to be easily seen. The path twisted this way and that, past fascinating, colorful sea life; the anemones were fantastic, majestic spiny and spoony sea horses, creeping spiders covered in what looked like beads, and some truly exotic fish. Paula loved to watch the way each different type moved in their own world, imagining herself moving that way through a liquid world. She moved slow enough that the people ahead of her were two or three turns ahead of her, and the people behind her must be slower still, because no one was catching up to since several tanks back. Maybe the sea-horses were putting on some kind of performance. She'd come back another time and watch that, maybe during "member's only" night. But for the moment this was just as good. Paula passed from tank to tank watching her own private show.

Paula was near the end of the exhibit. One of the last tanks - a ten gallon right at eye level stood off in a niche next to a coral display. The tank was set into the wall, leaving only one glass face available to the observer. The other sides were faced with black, but the interior light caught brightly on the single flowing shape within. It was one of the sea-slug things all alone. So pretty! The undulating shape floated across the little tank, its bright blue and yellow flowing almost hypnotically as is swam. The finny protrusions were a contrasting orange, and its eyes - those aware-looking eyes, were dark green and blue circles - catching hers. As Paula leaned close it swam right up to the glass and to meet - and follow - her eyes. it was fascinating. Just what was it?

Paula stepped back to find the description plaque, and bumped into the black curtained back wall of the little niche. She jumped and laughed at startling herself, then leaned forward to look at a dark panel below the tank, maybe the display bulb was out?

Suddenly, from behind splits in the curtain, arms sprang out and grabbed her. One covered her mouth, and pairs of hands pulled and pinned her wrists, arms, ankles and legs to the wall behind her before Paula could even begin to react.

Immediately, Paula tried to scream and free herself, but she found she was held fast back against the wall. With no additional preamble, a black clad figure emerged from a hidden door, face obscured by the dim light and long dark hair. He(?) carried a length of rope or cable, and small case which he set down next to her feet before taking the hem of her skirt and casually lifting it. Paula shrieked into the hand and tried to jerk free. She even tried to bite the gloved hand over her mouth, but it seemed to be made of hard rubber and her teeth got no purchase.

Casually, as if doing nothing more than tying shoelaces, the person in front of her was tucking her skirt up into its waistband and digging fingers under a leg of her panties to get a grip on the fabric and pull them to the side. Paula heaved and bucked, but couldn't stop the quick, easy uncovering of her privates. Held and exposed in the middle of the public aquarium! There must have been half a dozen people hidden behind the wall restraining her, forcing her to be relatively still as the person in front of her continued.

Holding Paula's panties to the side with one gloved hand, he reached for the case with the other and flipped it open. He lowered his latex-covered fingers inside, pulling them out glistening wet. It was a lubricant of some kind, which he quickly and efficiently spread against, then inside her labia, going back for more so he could slowly slide more up inside her with a wiggling finger. Paula screeched into the muffling glove, willing and wishing to be discovered despite her embarrassing pose. Then she saw out of the corner of her eye that another curtain had been drawn over the entrance to the little niche, cutting her off from the view of any other passerby. To anyone else that curtain would be just another part of the exhibit wall.

When he was done violating her with the lubrication, the black figure reached back into the case and withdrew a long thin syringe. Paula almost fainted right there, until she saw that there was no needle at the tip. Still, Paula tried to shake her head and rise up on tip toes away from it as he brought it to her slickened entrance. But her feet here held firm to the floor, and the syringe slipped easily inside her. It wasn't thick, but it was long, and full of _something_. The man in black inserted it all the way into her, until Paula felt it tap against the end of her passage. Her assailant then moved his hand a little, adjusting the position of the glass shaft with precision and expertise.

Paula was barely able look down her body, and watched in transfixed terror as her attacker pushed the plunger slowly, emptying the contents of the syringe up into her. She couldn't feel much of anything. There wasn't much in the thin tube after all, and it was so far up inside her. But he took a long half-minute or so do the whole thing, pushing the tip gently up into her the whole time. In fact, this "injection" took as much time as all the rest of the attack put together.

So far.

He was done now, pulling the emptied syringe from her. No dripping fluid followed it. Paula shook in fear and confusion about what was going on, and why, then shrieked anew into the gloved hand when she caught sight of what was being pulled out of the case next. It looked like an odd metallic dildo. Her assailant held it up to look at it, incidentally giving her a good view. He released her panties for a moment using that to twist a ring at the base of the device. It clicked quietly it turned and the slightly bulbous tip of the nozzle expanded. The narrow neck below the tip went from thinner-than-pinky-width to over an inch, and the half-inch bulb itself blossomed open like a metallic flower, its petals forming a halo around the opened neck.

Paula stared in horrified fascination as he immediately twisted the device back closed and proceeded to smear the entire length of it with more of the lubricant. Paula strained to escape in near hysteria when he turned back to her and pulled her panties aside again. Her efforts were completely ignored as the cool, smooth tube slid into her easily. Its unyielding coolness rose inside her, sending shivers up her spine. The shaft widened gradually from its narrowest neck to over an inch diameter at the base.

Paula jerked as the round tip of it bumped up against the end of her passage. The nozzle was repositioned the same way as the syringe. This time, once it was in the desired position, the silent, dark figure pushed upward, pressing the tip up into her. She felt the pressure inside, and rolled her eyes in distress. What was he trying to do?

He relaxed, then pushed again, a slow repeating motion, pushing just a little harder each time. It was almost uncomfortable, and Paula whimpered at the strange attack, until, with a shock she realized the intent. An instant later, she felt something cramp and relax inside her, and the dildo slid a final inch into her. Paula arched and screamed into the muffling glove as the bulb tip of the nozzle pushed through her cervix and entered her womb. She heard the clicking of the turning ring and fought wildly and futilely as the man slowly expanded the neck inside her, forcing her innermost barrier to open wide, blooming the metal petals open inside her inner sanctum. Though she felt it as a strange, utterly intimate violation, it didn't hurt. The syringe... Whatever it had contained had either numbed her, or had softened and made pliable the normally hard and resisting ring of flesh. It didn't matter how, though. The fact of it was as inescapable as the hands holding her prisoner.

As she struggled, he finished turning the mechanism, and adjusted something else on the lower end of the shaft. Paula felt a smooth metal flange press up against her split labia. It curved up along her slit and back down to her perineum, and, with another small clicking sound, it started to vibrate. Paula squeaked and gasped in shock, her body frozen in mid-struggle. The buzzing of the thing was very quiet - barely audible through the sounds of the aquarium pumps and ventilation and people moving by outside, but it felt strong against her most sensitive nerve clusters. The flange pressed right up against her hood, and the shaft transmitted the sensations deeply into her. Why was this happening? What was going on?!

Paula swayed her hips from side to side to try to get away from the sensation, but could not. Desperately she looked around for any help, but found nothing, only the black figure moving away from her. He'd let go of the dildo, but it stayed put inside her, anchored in her center by the open nozzle, holding the vibrating flange against her. No doubt the bottom of it stuck obscenely out from between her slightly parted legs. Paula panted with her fear and exertion, and could only watch as the black clad figure now picked up the cable. No, it was a hose, transparent. He slid the panel below the tank - the one Paula had thought was an information panel - revealing a large 2-inch valve, and clicked one end of the hose into place there. Paula's attention was being drawn by the insistent buzzing. She couldn't ignore the forced stimulation as tendrils of pleasure trembled through her body. She needed to turn her focus away, and was drawn to a flash of blue and yellow. The creature in the tank floated in front of the glass, looking at her. Had it been _watching_? The whole time? Did that even make sense? For some reason, knowing she had this tiny little audience made her blush deeply with humiliation - even though it was just a dumb nudibranch. Whatever it had been doing, it certainly noticed the action just below the tank and moved its eye stalks now to peer at the hose being connected.

Her black-dressed tormentor never hesitated or paused for even a moment. Each motion flowed one to the next in a seemingly choreographed and pre-planned sequence. He moved from connecting the hose, to opening the valve, holding the other end of the hose up as water filled its length, pushing the air out. He timed it perfectly, closing a second valve at the open end just as water reached the connector. He closed the first valve again before pulling the free hose end back toward her, lowering it to the end of the dildo protruding from Paula's between Paula's legs, and clicking them together.

The additional handling of the dildo send more shocks of sensation into her, the click of the connection traveling all the way up the shaft and radiating into her. The vibrations never ceased, and Paula squirmed with it. Pleasure spread from horrible instrument into her unwilling body. Paula caught the turning motion of a hand and bucked and tried to scream again as he opened the valve between her legs. The expected painful surge of high pressure water didn't come - because the valve at the tank end was still closed, she realized. She did, however, see a milky fluid begin to spread strand-like through the clear water in the hose. The nozzle/dildo had itself been full of something, and connecting it with the hose allowed the two fluids to mix.

The dark figure moved back to the bigger valve, and as Paula stared in disbelief, slowly turned it open again. Now... now she felt it and wailed into the damned glove over her mouth. Warm water - as from a tropical sea - flowed from the tank, through the hose and metal shaft, into her very core. Now on top of the insistent vibration, she felt the liquid surge within the small space of her innermost chamber as it filled, expanded, bloated. She groaned in discomfort, feeling her abdomen bulge against her clothes. But only to a certain point - Her insides were only so elastic, and the muscle resistance eventually balanced the pressure of the water from the relatively small tank.

The black figure was back with her. First she felt him take something - a towel, and gently wipe at her where the metal shaft penetrated her. She shivered with embarrassment; it wasn't water that was leaking from her - her womb's gate was well sealed by the frightful nozzle. No, the moisture that had begun to seep around the shaft was her own - her body's reaction to the overt sexual stimulus. The figure didn't care though. He wiped the junction dry carefully and efficiently, then moved on to his next task.

Keeping the towel hand wrapped around the hose/shaft connection with one hand, he placed the other on her tummy. Gently he pushed on the bulge in her abdomen, simultaneously pressing the vibrating flange harder against her clit. Paula gasped and groaned, her inner muscles squeezing in reaction to the stimulation as water was forced out of her, back down the hose, mixing the milky fluid back up toward the tank. Paula continued low protesting moans as he released her tummy and let the water flow back, still holding the flange against her sensitive but, moving it a little back and forth to stimulate her more and more. Paula's knees trembled. She couldn't help that it felt so good. He repeated the pumping push three or four more times - Paula couldn't count. The sensation of filling and emptying was like nothing Paula had ever felt before. Coupled with the maddening vibration, it was more than she could bear. The next time the water poured into her, she gave a muffled anguished cry and came. Her inner muscles gripped the hard shaft of the dildo, and her body bucked and shook in the grip of the restraining hands as she filled and filled and filled. The walls of her womb had been stretched and relaxed some. The final bump in her lower belly was larger it had been the first time, straining the elastic of her waistband. Also, in and out flow of the water had allowed the to mix and disperse through the full length of the hose. Now wisps of white emerged through the small small holes in the bottom of the tank holding the sea slug.

Paula came for a long time, helplessly shaking and clenching in her captivity, and though the buzzing never stopped, she finally came down at least a little from it. A post-orgasmic haze clouded her thoughts, but she could still see what was happening in the tank, and her mind raced ahead, less clouded by the horrible yet erotic sensations coming from between her legs. Realization struck her then, and an indescribable horror clawed its way to the surface. She shook uncontrollably in afterglow and fear as the ghostly liquid strand wafted by the sea slug that still stared at her. As if catching a scent, it turned to the fluid, and then flowed and floated toward the its source. Paula's white-rimmed eyes darted from the tank to the gloved hands settling on a new handle and and turning it. Inside the tank, the tiny-holed drain cover slid to the side, revealing a two inch opening in the bottom of the tank. The whitish mix of water looked like liquid smoke coming from the opening.

Paula's desperate screams of fear and revulsion faintly escaped the gloved gag. Her clenching stomach muscles translated through her liquid connection to the tank, pushing little billows of diluted white into the clear water. The dispersing clouds touched the gently fluttering creature.

It darted toward for the opening, easily fitting into it and disappearing from the tank. The black clad figure closed the drain behind it. Seconds later the intently undulating thing emerged from the valve fitting at the far end of the transparent hose. Its eyes... Its eyes found and locked onto Paula's. She screamed and screamed as it neared her, looking into her eyes. She was barely aware of the hand back at the dildo, pushing the buzzing thing firmly into her, so that she could not escape it. The sea-slug-thing was almost to the end of the hose when another click turned the buzzing of the infernal device impossibly stronger.

Paula inhaled sharply, all her muscles tensed with the new shock of sensation, pushing water from her inside. the little creature swam against the sudden slight current. Then, climax crashed in on her overwhelmed body again. Her body lost coordination, bucking and spasming with stimulation overload. Without the coordinated counter-pressure, the water flowed back into her, and with one final glance at her anguished eyes, the sea-slug disappeared into the connector, drawn in to her with the rushing water. Paula let out on last frantic, muffled wail, and then just sagged and shuddered, her body giving in completely to forced climax. The towel was back between her legs, absorbing her freely flowing juices. The flange pressed and ground into her clit mercilessly, prolonging the pleasure and horror until her vision tunneled and she threatened to black out. Through it all, Paula felt a fluttering inside her - butterflies of fear in her stomach, or something far far more horrifying. As her inner muscles milked the hard shaft more and more weakly, her vision began to clear, though everything had an air of unreality to it now. As if she were looking through her eyes from somewhere else. Maybe it was the result of the biggest, strangest climax of her life...

The pressure between her legs finally eased, the vibrations stopped. Paula let out a sigh of relief, which turned into a sob, and then a groan as the figure pushed a hand against her abdomen one more time. She looked down. Milky Water flowed down the tube away from her... but no creature.

He held one hand against her while turning valve at the end of the dildo/nozzle closed, preventing back-flow. He moved both hands to the base of the device and twisted. Click by click, the metal flower closed within her. She imagined she felt the stretched ring of muscle closing inside as her body twitched and jerked randomly. Then he was gently but firmly pulling on the metal shaft. It left her innermost space with a little pop past her cervix, and then slid out smoothly. Only a single drop of milky fluid leaked from her lower lips, to be caught by the towel, which then wiped her clean of lubricant and the remnant wetness of her own production. Soon the only outward sign that anything at all had happened was the blush and puffiness of her outer labia.

A flurry of motion began. Other people - the ones who had been restraining her - moved behind her as the black figure set her panties back in place, untucked her skirt and let it fall as he stood up. For a brief second she finally met his eyes. No, not his. _Hers_. It had been a woman doing this to her! She brought up the towel and with a dry corner dabbed away the tears from her eyes and cheeks, the last evidence outside her. She regarded paula for a moment, eyes soft and knowing instead of hard or cruel. She'd never seen eyes that blue, but wait, did Paula know her? Wait!

Then, confusion and chaos, the hands that had restrained her until now her half yanked, half tossed her through the curtain at the other far of the niche - away from the special exhibit hall... and into the grand exit corridor of the Seaquarium. It was full of people leaving for closing time. Paula stumbled and half fell against an older gentleman, who helped her up with a smile as she was swept through the exit with the crowd. Paula moved with the crowd, frightened, embarrassed, but increasingly uncertain as to why. She felt oddly displaced, like she were two places at once for a moment. There was something she needed to remember. Something fluttered in her tummy.


Moving through this medium was a pleasure and joy. It was so free, so open, just as graceful, in its own way, as the blue world. She pushed her way past a curtain and into the small space. To her right, the Host was being held securely. To her left, the Traveller that had chosen her waited, watching.

From deep within, her own Traveller watched and guided as The Host Paula set down the hose and case and knelt in front of the struggling girl, who screamed into a gloved hand as her skirt was lifted.

Angela had always loved the aquarium...

© Monocle

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