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Eat Me, I'm Ripe

© Clemstra
A knock sounded upon my door in the wee hours of the night. Fortunately I had just finished studying for an exam in Miskatonic's Math Dept. Professor Stine who heads it, is pretty tough.

I put off going to bed, and went over to look out the peephole. In Arkham, it's always wise to look before opening the door to anyone. Even people you THINK you know!

Through the peephole, was an Adonis of a man. He stood six feet two, with twinkie yellow hair, bronzed skin, blue eyes that I swear, sparkled as he spoke. His check bones where the envy of any marble statue. His pec's were developed, but not overly so, unlike some grosser examples of male weight lifters.

"Hello," he said in a calm friendly voice. "Can I come in please?"

"Why," I asked suspicious of this gift from Venus?

"I'm ripe and almost past my expiration date. If someone doesn't eat me, I'll die a horrible, painful death. My life and death will have served no purpose. Please, please let me in and eat me." A tear fell down one side of his check as he said it.

Now I'd heard come on's from men before, especially for oral sex. But this one took the cake.

"Can't you find a better pick up line to a woman then that?" I must have sounded harsher then I thought, for he started to wail.

I hate it when men cry. It makes me feel so damned guilty! I undid the latch to my apartment door and let him in.

I sat him down on the couch and comforted him as best I could.

"So you'll have sex with me, then eat me afterwards?" He asked with what seemed desperate hope.

"Why would a nice young man like you, so handsome, so healthy, want to end your life? Especially why would you want me to eat you?"

"Eat me alive please," he added.

"Why would you want to die, much less an extremely painful death." I looked deep into his eyes, wanting the answer.

"Because I'm not really a human man at all." He started to cry, making my shoulder soggy in the process. I wondered if tears did anything to silk, and hoped not.

"Now, now," I said patting his back, in an effort to comfort him. "What's this about not being human? What's your name by the way?"

He sniffed, stopped crying on my shoulder and with a straight face he looked me in the eye and said "Twinkie. Twinkie is a good a name as any I guess."

"Twinkie, what type of mother names her child Twinkie?!" I was more then a little surprised. Maybe suspicious that his name wasn't really Twinkie.

"I named myself, after one of the first things seen when I came into being." He smiled at me shyly.

"Created, what...."

"I found myself naked on a lab table. There was a used condom and a Twinkie wrapper. There were some things I used to learn to read, write and speak. From them I learned I was the unintentional product of a modern day alchemist/warlock. He was trying to make a Golem you see. He'd had sex with his girlfriend on the table with his failed experiments. He left a condom there and an uneaten Twinkie. When he left, something must have happened and I'm the result."

"Your saying that a man's sperm, joined to a Twinkie and a few failed alchemy experiments, brought you into being?"

"Yes, and I knew my life would be short. The expiration date on the Twinkie package only had a few days left. Now there's only a few hours." He looked at me with such pathos! "Please, love me, eat me," he said.

He ran one hand down the arc of my back, the other playfully stroking my left breast. I found myself moaning, juices starting to flow in my crotch. He took this as a yes and started to undress. I found myself undressing as well, returning his touch.

He kissed my breasts, licked, sucked them. I kissed his fine bronzed chest, the taste of salt, the feel of his chest hair on my tongue. I swear there was also a sweet under taste, just like...just like a Twinkie.

We locked legs, his engorged manhood teasingly entering, as I tried to catch him inside me. He was very well endowed for a Twinkie golem. His penis rubbed my clit as he moved in and out of my glory hole. We both were very loud. Luckily the apartment building had thicker walls then most.

I'd never had such fantastic sex! I wonder if I ever will again? We had sex for hours, the sweat dripping from us onto my couch. When we were done, he begged me to eat him.

Not wanting to hurt him, I put my mouth on the tip of his penis. Slowly licking, then sucking as he moaned in rapture. I had trouble getting his entire member inside my mouth, he was so big. Somehow I did it though, and continued to suck. His cum at the height of passion, I swear tasted like Twinkie cream. I'm not making this up, honestly.

"Eat me now, oh consume me please." He begged, pleaded with me.

I thought I'd humor him to a point. I'd nibble on a toe, perhaps bite down only hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. The pain would awaken him out of this strange death fantasy, and we would move on to something else.

I moved down to his little toe and started sucking. My tongue moved over his little toe. His toe nail was, it seemed made of sugar. Yes, sugar! Glazed, like glass or rock candy, but it tasted like sugar. I started to suck his little toe to the sounds of blissful happiness from him. As I sucked on his toe nail, it dissolved in my mouth. I felt giddy, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand," I remember commenting to him.

I started to suck, nibble and bit into his little toe. He made a tiny sound, but it wasn't of pain. There was no blood. It tasted instead, like raspberry jam, as I hungrily started to chew. I bit into his small toes bone. It shattered in my teeth. His small toes bone, tasted like vanilla wafers.

At no time did he object. At no time did he scream, plead, or attempt escape. I have no idea why I continued to eat him. It was as if I could no longer help myself. I felt starved, possessed, I had to eat him. The only sounds that came from him as I continued eating him, moving up to consume his ankle, his leg, his delicious thigh, were moans of ecstasy.

I found all to quickly, I'd eaten both his feet, legs and thighs. He was waiting for me to eat his testicles and perfect manly rod. "I want to save that, savor that part of you my beloved Twinkie," I told him. He smiled in joy, he was so happy!

I moved up and started on the fingers of his left hand. His nails again, were as sugar, rock candy nails. His scrumptious fingers, his arms, his meaty shoulders. I finished his arms, bones and all, far to quickly.

I moved down to his luscious testicles, his magnificent penis stiff, erect like a flag pole. I wanted him to enjoy, to take my time with him in this. I licked then sucked his left testicle, then slowly, ever so slowly nibbled and consumed his man oyster. He moaned in intense pleasure through out, a smile on his face. At the height he yelled "Yes, oh yes eat me, eat me totally."

I consumed his second testicle. With extreme deliberate slow speed, devoured his penis, sweet cream squirting into my mouth as I did.

His manhood gone, I found myself consuming his delectable rump, his tender stomach, the savory internal organs. His lungs, his bones, I saved his head for last. He was still amazingly alive, as I contemplated eating the flesh of his sweet handsome face.

In silent words he mouthed "eat me" and smiled with joy. This is what he wanted, this was what he was. A Strange combination of alchemy, magic, sperm and a Twinkie. This was his needed destiny.

I slowly, with reverence consumed the flesh of his face. His tender juicy lips, his teeth were as breath mints. His eyes, his tongue. At last there was only his brain left. His brain was the color of a supernatural Twinkie, glowing, throbbing with supernatural need to be consumed. I ate the last of him crying.

I slept on the couch, his body digesting within me. My stomach bulged with him, as I took his clothing in my arms to sleep with. I dreamed he was happy, where ever he was, hopefully that is true.

When I awoke it was with surprise to find my body was far healthier, more shapely then before. I tried to convince myself it was all but a dream, but his clothing still remained. His sweet scent was still upon the clothing.

People at Miskatonic wonder, what it is that has made me so much more shapely, healthy, glowing with life. It was sweet Twinkie's gift to me. His gift of life, his life for me. I wonder sometimes if I should tell the professor who was Twinkie's father. I think it's safe to assume, it's the professor of Medieval Alchemy. Somehow, I don't think he would be thrilled to learn his experiment was successful, in the manner it was. I think he might be upset at finding out, I'd eaten his son - Twinky.

Still, sometimes I think I'd like that knowledge of the exact experiment he used. I could use it. Use the sperm of a male lover, with a glow in the dark condom. Combine it with a pastry of some kind. I have this craving every once in a while. I think I'd like to try it with a ding dong or perhaps even M and M's candies. ;)

© Clemstra

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