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The sexual side of my daughter.
My wife and I took our young daughter, Barbra camping and swimming with us. Barbara is just turning 16 years old , I was considerable older than her, as was her mother, at least 16 years older, so the age difference was what you might say fairly large. Barbara was a blossoming little woman, with pert white pearl breasts and silky white long legs and a thin frame and smooth waist and beautiful eyes and face and smile.
She was becoming very very sexy little girl and as we rode to the lake to swim after we had pitched camp, she looked really pretty in her two piece red bathing suit, with nice little AA cups around her white tits,
and a bikini bottom that showed her naval and stomach, smooth with white silky skin and the outline of her
young hot slit which was visibile through the fabric of her suit.
" Ready to swim , baby "

" Yea, will you swim with me daddy"
" Sure, darling"
There was no where to change so I slipped my suit on in the car, exposing my underwear and hard penis which I had developed by glancing at those rock hard tits of my little girl.
She was a golden haired darling and I was started to have some really confusing feelings about her
cause lately when she hugged me, she hugged me tight and long pressing her hot little tits right to me
and rubbing her soft skin up against me, causing me a instant erection most of the time. I sometimes
rested my hard cock on her belly when she hugged me and I felt that soft white skin melt against my
body and I was reluctant to stop holding her.
" Can you let me off at the laundry if you two are going swimming, " Mom asked.
" Ok, we won't be too long "
We got to the beach and it was late evening and deserted , no people in sight and we had the beach to ourselves.
We ran to the Lake edge, it had been a hot day and it was still well into the 90 deg F, so it felt good.
" I bet we could skinny dip , Dad " she whispered
" I said well I think it will be ok, there is nobody around for miles and miles, sweety "
She stripped her bathing suit and left it on the shore and stood completely naked, in front of me. I was not so fast to strip so I just looked at her body with lust and a painful erection starting to rise up my swim suit.
" Oh god you are pretty, in the setting sun light, darling "
Barbra stood in front of me , completely nude. Her little tits hung down from her chest , they were white and hard and erect as she gentlely stroked them with on finger.
" Are they pretty , dad "
" Yes baby "
I saw the patch of red hair growing from between her legs, lightly covering her little girl's hole , and stopping at the top of her white lipped cunt . She stuck a finger in her slit
and spread the lips, of her pussy for me.
" Doesnt' this look just great Dad, I bet you would like to touch me , would you ? "
" Maybe honey " , come over her and sit next to me in the water.
We sat in the water's edge and go in so that our waist's were covered and faced each other. I gave her a nice hug, touching the soft skin , feeling her tits with my hands and
pressing my rock hard penis against her soft cunt entrance, erect inside my suit, I placed both hands around her ass cheeks which were soft and warm and kissed her fully on
the mouth.
" Daddy, will you fuck me "
With that I felt her hand remove my swim suit and touch my penis.
" Oh Daddy your dick is so huge, do you want to fuck your little baby " Can you fuck me , please "
" We will see honey "
Her baby hands touched the tip of my dick.
" Daddy how to big boys have sex with girls, how can we have sex "
" Well, honey you are touching my penis right now and it is very big and very hard and that tiny slit between your legs is where a boy or man places his penis when
you have sex with them. "

" Dad you can fuck me , I will let your penis inside me I want you to fuck me ok "
" Ok, baby "
"Can you have sex with me , dad ? "
" Yes, if you really want me to have sex with you we can have sex "
" Oh, I would just love for you to touch my cunt with that big penis you have, can you fuck me now, daddy ? "
I got close to her and rubbed my hard cock on the tip of her cunt lips and brushed the silky hair of her pussy and rested my cock on her belly as I
moved my dick up and down her belly in a fucking motion.
She relaxed and wrapped her warm arms around me, she was just like velvet and so nice to hold as I pushed my dick back and forth up her belly and down
to her cunt .
I took my cock in my hands at the tip and rubbed it back and forth on her cunt lips to make her soft and open for my big penis. Her cunt opening a little
and I placed the tip of my dick inside her cunt lips .
" Oh , daddy your after fucking me now, I can feel your hard dick touch me, oh I feel so light headed , oh my god daddy fuck me please "
My penis was fully erected as i pushed the tip insde my daughter's cunt, and she started to push her ass so that it forced my cock up inside her.
My dick went in easy and faster than I thought. As i slid inside her cunt, lips I felt a hard clit tease my cock head and I slid the next 2 inches up inside
her slit and we started the act of intercouse as she fucked me with her cunt and I fucked her hard and long with my rock hard thick dick.
" Am I good, daddy "
" Yessss, honey oh my god you are so tight , fuck me baby "
" Daddy, this is not the first time I fucked , I have fucked before, so you don't have to worry, I am ready for you "
My ten inch cock was half way inside my little girl's pussy hole and it looked obscene hanging insider her pussy. She was wetter now as her juice bathed me
and so so hot, damn she was hot she was forcing me deeper inside her hole, I was afraid I would come and I told her that I might shoot my sperm insider
her cervix .
" It is ok daddy, I want you to fuck me just like you fuck mom, I want you to love me, I love you daddy ok "
" I love you also, baby"
My penis just fell the last 5 inches up her hot hole touching her cervix and inner belly. We were having complete intercourse, now I did not even
know where I was or what was happening. I just felt this warm cunt around my 10 inch dick which was sliding in and out of my 16 years old
little girl and she was fucking me just as hard as her ass slapped into me and pushed back as I stroked a long dick up and up and up inside
her tight pussy hole which was getting wet and the muscles of her tight vagina were grabbing my prick and milking it as I fucked her pussy..

" Your pussy is so tight, honey I feel so safe inside your body "

She pushed her cunt against me as her tiny slit was opening up to me, and I plunged inside
her deep little cunt.

I fucked her slow and hard, sticking my dick inside her fleshy hole up inside her tight little crack of a cunt.

She pumped me back with her juices and cunt lips as she wrapped her legs around my ass and pumped her ass in and out
as my dick started the long slide down this tight hole. I felt her clit get excited and saw the lips of her fleshy little
girl's slit grab my huge 10 inches as I fucked her in and out riding her like a wet horse.

"Fuck me dad, please harder , I want to feel your cock inside my belly way inside my belly " 
" Oh, please dad, fuck my cunt harder, I love you, oh my god this feels so hard and good, your dick is inside my belly
you are fucking your little girl, daddy, oh oh oh god oh oh oh please , you are raping me , stop, don't do this,
I am afraid "

I could not stop, I was fucking my daughter for real, I was raping her, I was committing the act of incest and rape
I was fucking her tight little hole, and my cock was deep inside her pussy hole ass she was orgasmic with joy and

" Oh, dad you are fucking me, why are You fucking me, why dad why "

" It feels so good, daddy, what do you call the hard thing inside my belly "

" That is my penis, honey, it is fucking you , it is inside your body and I am stroking your cunt lips with my dick
and it is nested inside your little' girls vagina, I am screwing you baby "

" Oh, daddy it feels so nice, go ahead and fuck me harder, daddy stick that big cock inside my slit and fuck me harder
oh, please , oh god oh oh oho 0ohhho oh ohhh oh , I love it ":

I fucked her harder and harder as the tip of my dick hit a cervix fleshy spot and the womb of my incestual little girl's
hole, and her butt pushed on my cock as the tip came out and then when in slow past the clit and the long tight vagina
red and covered with little girl juices and the traces of my sperm which started to form on the tip of my dick and
touch the entrace to her womb and cervix bone. 

I was fucking her hard and fast and she was scream in joy and love.

I fucked her for what seem like 30 minutes plunging inside her lusty, fleshy womb and commiting the act of incest, with 
my little girl, feeling the flesh of her womb grab my cock as she fucked me back. 

" Daddy I feel so dreamy, this is so much fun, I love it "

" Oh daddy I love this, you are so gentle and I am so hot, my little hole feels so good with that big cock stuck inside me, oh daddy fuck me fuck me hard, I want to
feel your daddy sperm inside me soon, I love you so much daddy, thank you "
Honey I love you so much was all i could say as my cock fucked her against the waves of the lake which slapped her ass and my cock came almost out of her and
then she forced me to stick it back inside her core by pressing her ass and hard tits in a embrace.
As I held her I did not want to let go as the wad of sperm started to come up to the middle of my hard penis, and as the wad was trying to explode I felt her
walls grab me hard and she started to have her organsm.
Her knees buckled and she wet limp , and blushed hard and held her eyes shut as her vagina vibrated in orgasms, she kissed me and it looked like she fainted, so I held her in my
arms and rocked her like a baby.

My wad of sperm was almost at the tip of my cock when i felt my balls hit the outside of her cunt lips and the tip of her clit, she gasped and cried out , " Oh fuck me dad "
" Sperm inside me, I want to feel you wash my cunt with your sperm, dad " Please ejaculate inside me .

The sperm rose in my cock and at the tip, as I brushed her clit, a wad of cum hit her clit and vagina tunnel, and when I stroked the next time a big wad of cum hit her
in her vagina and up in her little girl's belly. I ejaculated a lot of sperm inside my little girls womb and belly as she orgasmed against me, she rubbed my cock
with my own sperm and I fucked her harder now, driving sperm up inside her and ejaculating insider her womb and belly and cunt and cunt lips .
The sperm fell out of her body and mixed with the lake water, as did all her little girls juices.
I contintued to stick my dick in and out of her tight pussy, fucking her for at least 20 more minutes.

When I stoped she smiled and held me close, " Thank you daddy, I will cherish this momenet when you made me a woman with your sperm "
" Thank you baby, you are a good lover "
She dressed and fell asleep on the beach in my arms, I wrapped my arms around her protecting her from the cold night air .
We repeated this many many times, and as the years went on she was always my most cherished lover.
I loved her in the most special way, it was incest but it also was a mature love for both of us.
We were blessed with a special love.