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Here are some stories by friends, acquaintances and single stories that I just really liked reading.

~~Other Loli Tails~~
Guest Authors and random stories that I have found on ASSTR. None of these authors have a website or account of their own. Whenever possible, I have asked the author's consent before linking the story.
~~Lolita Complex~~
Lolita-Complex is a non-story site blog that has a ton of manga, and lolicon artwork that can be downloaded. Daddy's_Girl does an excellent job running this blog, and is a very dear friend. Lensman is one of the few authors whose stories I was familiar with way back when I used to read newsgroup stories on Google. He's got a great sense for loli fiction. I am immensely glad to have gotten to know him!
Dudester has some really fun stories. Particularly if you like the child-model, Lia. Not to mention that I made his website for him. Go Look! Janus is actually the writer that inspired me to post my own stories here as she has a past comparable to mine. I didn't feel quite so alone after finding her stories.
~~Jem Aura~~
Daddycums is one of those rare erotic writers that tells a story not about sex, but involving sex. There is a huge difference. In my opinion he is one of the best new authors to ASSTR. Jem Aura puts incredible amounts of intellectual theory into his works. While I don't agree on every word, his loli fiction is wonderful. Definitely makes you think as you read.
Cyberguy really does a great job on descriptions. He is a talented writer and uses wonderful description to tell his stories. Though I have not met Paul, his stories are well written and very enticing. Through the "Perverts 'R' Us" collection, he graciously gave me permission to link to his stories.
~~Perverts 'R' Us~~
Manthel has only submitted a couple of chapters to his ongoing series. Thus his fantasy is short, but touching. Perverts 'R' Us is a large collection of stories on virtually every subject! It's definitely worth the browse.

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