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9 September 2009


It has been a long time since I have updated, and for my readers, I do apologize. What can I say, other than Real Life happens. To all who have written, and especially friends, I will be writing you all back very soon.

And you will all be glad to note, that I have put up a couple of new chapters and a brand new story co-authored by a dear friend of mine, Drowchan.

I hope you enjoy!

~ Neko =^.^=

PS Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you're ever on Second Life, drop me a line! (neko neutron)

As always, if you happen to have a copy of any of my Cindi Chronicles from WAY back, or even parts of my "Claire of Saks Avenue" unfinished story from when renchan went down in 2007, please contact me by using the form on the "About the Neko" section!



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