WARNING: This is a castration story. It contains both male and female castration. If castration is not your thing, then don't read it. It also contains violence, torture and strong sexual content, although this is not really a sex story. If you find any of that offensive, are under the age of 21 or such material is prohibited in your state or country, then stop reading right here.

This story is fiction intended for mature adults. All persons and events in this story came strictly from my imagination. There is no relationship to any real person or events. Don't even think about trying any thing described in this story.

The C and C club

By Liana M

@(C) Copyright 2006 by Liana M, all rights reserved.

Inspector Lee stared at the young, attractive Chinese woman sitting in front of him. From what the detectives had said, the story she had written was unbelievable, but she claimed it was all true.

"I am Inspector Lee from Interpol," he said. "And you are Amy Hsu?"

The girl nodded meekly.

"I am here to investigate the story you wrote that you told the FSM detectives was true," he continued.

"It is true, basically," Amy said. "You can read the whole sordid thing."

Amy reached into her bag and handed a stack of paper to the inspector.

"It explains everything," Amy said. "Why I fled Porto Kanda and how ended up here in Macao."

The Inspector stared at the stack of papers. What he had heard was too incredible to believe, but then the reports arrived from West Africa. They closely matched the story the girl had written. She was so young and innocent looking. It just didn't make sense.

"I will read the story," Inspector Lee said. "Then I will probably have more questions for you."

The girl got up and left the office, followed by one of the local FSM officers.

Inspector Lee leaned back in his chair and began to read Amy's story.

I met John King at one of Ms Stamp's parties. In Porto Kanda Ms Stamps parties were the hot invitation. All the foreign workers in this West African port tried to angle an invitation to her parties. I had no trouble getting an invitation though. I was a single, attractive woman and they were always welcome. Nine out of ten foreign workers were men.

I remember meeting John in one of the upstairs post party groups. This one was for the more daring guests with kinky tastes. It was spanking that night. Everyone got spanked and everyone got to do a little spanking too. I'm not really all that into spanking, but I'm willing to take a good spanking for a chance to spank a guy's naked butt.

John took an immediate interest in me, and he had lots to recommend him. He came from a wealthy European family that controlled one of the big mining companies. His father still ran the company, but he was some kind of senior executive, probably being groomed to take over in a few years. He got my name and number, and unlike lots of men, he actually called me a few days later to arrange lunch at some swanky downtown restaurant.

The lunch with John went really well, and was follow that weekend by a real date. We went to diner, then to a very exclusive private club for some drinks. It was there that he popped the fateful question.

"How kinky are you, Amy?"

I've always figured that you only live once, and especially in this African boom town, your time could be up any day, so I've always lived my life a little closer to the edge than most. That's what I was doing here in the first place.

"You'd be surprised," I said with a smile.

"Really," he said. "So spanking it not the kinkiest thing you are into."

"Not at all," I said, stretching the truth.

"Have you ever heard of the High Tower club?" he asked.

"No," I replied.

"It is a very exclusive club," he said. "They have some BDSM demonstrations tonight. Are you interested in dropping by?"

"Sure," I said. "As long as I don't have to do anything I don't want."

"Oh, you won't have to do anything," he said. "I'm a platinum member, so we can just enjoy the show."

The High Tower Club turned out to be a few blocks from the classy down town district and located in an old industrial building. We were lead to a large private balcony booth with a view of stage. I could not see the main floor of the club, so I couldn't tell how many people were there.

On the stage there was a woman fastened to a St Andrews Cross. She was wearing a one-piece leather outfit that failed to cover her naughty bits. A large man wearing only shorts was squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples.

A waiter brought us some drinks, and then left us alone.

The big man now had a flogger and was beating the women's breasts. She cringed with every stroke of the flogger. Her breasts were staring to look pinkish from the whipping. Then the man started to flog her pussy.

"You find that interesting?" John asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Would you be brave enough to let a man whip you there?" he asked.

I looked down at the woman. She screamed as the man twirled the flogger and landed a blow directly onto her most sensitive spot.

"Sure," I said. "I would let a man do that, if he was brave enough to let me whip his cock afterwards."

John laughed.

"Amy, you are the little devil," he said.

We watched the show for an hour or so. The acts lasted 15 to 20 minutes each. Most of the women were older and a little heavy. They endured spankings, breast bondage, nipple clamps, and whipping. There was an elaborate demo of advanced bondage techniques.

Out of the blue John asked, "So you'd like to whip some cocks?"

I looked at him confused. Was he offering to let me whip him?

"Sure," I replied.

"And you would be willing to risk getting your pussy whipped to do that?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Have you heard of Carl Levitt?" he asked.

"Of course," I said. "Who hasn't heard of the riches man in Port Karina?"

"Well, Mr. Levitt actually lives on an island 20 miles off the coast," he said.

"Oh, really," I said.

"Yes," John said. "He bought the whole Island a number of years ago. He has a huge estate out there and every month or two he has a C & C club night."

"What is the C & C Club?" I asked.

"Officially, it is the Carl and Cathy club," he said. "Cathy was his wife, now deceased, but unofficially it is the Cock and Clitoris Club."

"The what?" I said in astonishment.

"The Cock and Clit Club," he said. "At the meeting everyone gets a chance to watch some cocks and clits being tortured."

"Wow," I said. "Is it legal to do that? I thought torture had been outlawed."

"When Carl bought the Island, he also bought the sovereign rights to it, so the island is its own country and Carl is the government. Whatever Carl says is legal."

"Interesting," I said. "Where does Carl find the men and women for these shows?"

"Ah, yes," John said. "That is the detail that makes the C & C club really exciting. If you attend one of the meetings, you have to take the chance that it could be you."

"What?" I said.

"Everyone is assigned a numbered badge when they arrive," he said. "When the time comes, they draw numbers to see who are the unlucky ones to provide the evenings entertainment."

"Oh," I said.

"Carl usually gets 30 or 40 couples for these parties" he said. "So the odds are pretty good."

"Only one person gets... ah.. tortured?" I asked.

"Usually one man and one woman," he said. "Sometimes they will pick a third person."

"Have you ever been tortured there?" I asked.

"Yes, I have," he said. "Eventually it is bound to happen."

"I would have loved to see that," I said with a big smile.

"I can see you would have enjoyed it," he said. "The question is, do you have the spunk and fortitude for it?"

"I'm a pretty spunky girl," I said.

"Then you would be willing to risk your pussy for the chance to watch cocks tortured?" he asked.

"Well, maybe," I said. "I'll think about it."

"Ok, you do that," he said. "The next party isn't for a few weeks."

After the evening at the High Tower Club and all the talk, I was hesitant to go back to John's place, but I finally did after he reassured me that vanilla sex was all he had in mind that evening.

John called a few days later to ask me out to dinner. At dinner, he quickly steered the conversation back to Carl Levitt's party.

"Have you thought any more about the C&C club?," John asked.

"Not really," I lied. I didn't want to admit I had fantasized about it.

"And here I thought you were fascinated by the idea," John said.

"Well, it is a fascinating idea," I replied.

"But not fascinating enough I guess," he said.

"I might be willing to go, if you answer some questions," I said.

"Sure, ask away," he said.

"What kinds of people come to these parties?" I asked.

"They come from the upper crust of society here," John said. "Carl would not have it any other way."

"I'm not exactly from the upper crust of Porto Kanda society," I replied.

"Oh, but you are Amy," he said. "You are one of the most beautiful young women in Porto Kanda."

"Well, thank you," I said. "But I didn't know that beauty put people into the upper crust."

"There are always exceptions for a young lady such as yourself," John said. "Carl would be happy to see such a lovely woman at his party."

"You mean he would be happy to watch my pussy tortured," I said with a smile.

"That too," replied John.

"Who actually does the torturing?" I asked.

"Oh, Carl has professionals do that," he said. "Sometimes they pick people from the audience to help, but it is always supervised by an experienced dominatrix."

"What kind of torture do they do?" I asked.

"It is up to the domme," he said. "It can include whipping, nipple clamps, clamps on your clit or cock, and electric stimulation."

"How severe is this torture?" I asked.

"It is very real," he said. "If you are unlucky enough to get picked, you will be sore for a few days, maybe a week at the outside, but no permanent damage is allowed and nothing that draws blood, like cutting."

"Well, that's good," I said. "I'm certainly not into cutting!"

"So does that answer you're questions?" John asked.

"All but one," I said. "How do I know the selections are not rigged?"

"Oh, that is very carefully controlled," John said. "When everyone arrives they are given a numbered badge, but the numbers are hidden under a flap, so no one can see them. When the time comes, there is a corner of the tag that you break off and drop into the ladies or men's bowl. These are all mixed up and then one is drawn out of each bowl. When the numbers are announced, everyone opens their badge to find out their number. Since no one knows anyone's number till after the drawing, there is really no way to rig the drawing."

"Oh," I said. "So everyone has an equal chance?"

"Absolutely," John said. "So does that answer you're questions?"

"Yes," I replied. "I can't think of any more right now."

"So what is your decision?" John asked. "Are you up for it?"

I thought for a minute.

"Well, you only live once," I said. "Yes, I think I am up for it."

With those words I launched myself into the dark, secret world of Carl Levitt.

Chapter 2

The party was not for a couple of weeks. I saw John a couple of times during those two weeks.

"Are you getting cold feet?" he would ask each time he saw me.

I was actually getting a little worried about what I was getting myself into, but I didn't want to let John know that.

"I don't think I have anything to wear to this party," I said. "What kind of dress is expected?"

"Oh, a nice party dress will be fine," he said. "You must have one of those."

"Only a Chinese party dress," I replied.

"You mean one of those tight dresses with the slits up the side?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. "One of those."

"That would be perfect," he smiled.

Late Saturday afternoon John picked me up in my red Chinese party dress and we headed to his companies heliport for the 20-minute ride out to Carl Levitt's Island. I had pictured a small island with a big house, but it turned out to be huge island with a huge mansion surrounded by a village of smaller buildings. Many of these appeared to be living quarters for the workers, but some were clearly barns and similar buildings.

We landed on a large clear field that was miles from the village. There were several other helicopters already sitting in the field. Several safari style jeeps were waiting to take us to the main house. When we arrived at the main house, John helped me out of the jeep. It was the largest house I had ever seen. We walked into the huge front area with a large spiral staircase leading up the second floor. The party was in a large room off this foyer.

There were already about 20 people there. As we entered we were handed badges, which we put on. The badges were black, with no markings on them at all. One end of the badge was detachable. That would be the part we would put in the bowl when the time came.

The room was very large, and with only 20 people, it seemed empty. At the far end of the room were 2 rather strange looking chairs, which I assumed were for the night's main attraction.

Most of the women here were dressed in formal, floor length party dresses, though a few had shorter dresses. The men were mostly dressed in suites, like John. Many of the people were wearing masks.

"What's with the masks?" I asked nudging John.

"Oh, those are big shot business people or politicians," John said. "They don't want to be recognized, although most of us know who they are anyway."

Looking around the big room, this looked like the strangest party I had ever seen. There were a couple of small groups of 2 or 3 couples that were chatting, but otherwise the couples were just talking to their partner. It looked more like a group of strangers waiting on the platform for a train to arrive. The main difference was these couples were more elegantly dressed.

Every few minutes another couple or two would arrive. I notice a board range of ages, but most were older. It looked to me like John and I were among of youngest couples there.

"Is there some rule about not talking to each other?" I asked John.

"No, not really," John said. "But most people are nervous. Worried about getting picked. Worried about being recognized. Worried about getting in trouble. Things will loosen up after the drawing."

"Aren't you worried about being recognized?" I asked.

"Not really," John said. "The masks don't really hide who you are. I know who most of the masked people are. What really protects you here is that all the most important people in Porto Kanda are here. None of them would dare make a fuss over this, because it would mean their skin too."

"You really know who all these people are?" I asked.

"Sure," John said. "See the tall black man over there with women in a red dress?"

"Yes," I replied.

"That is the Porto Kanda security chief," he said.

"Oh," I replied.

"If anyone were to complain, he would be the one to investigate," John said. "And given this Island is really a separate country, nothing would ever come of it. That fat black man with the young woman in a black dress is the mayor."

I causally looked in the direction John nodded without being too obvious, and saw the older fat man standing with a stunning, young African girl in a tight fitting floor length black dress with a plunging neck line.

"The mayor has a very young wife," I said.

"That is not the mayor's wife," John said. "I'm not sure who she is. Maybe one of his mistresses."

"Oh," I said.

"See the man over there with the women in white," John said.

I glanced in that direction and spotted a short, middle-aged white man with a younger woman in a dramatic white dress. It looked like the top of two- piece bathing suite had been fastened by a narrow swath of material in the center to a straight skirt.

"That is the head of organized crime in Porto Kanda," he said.

"Who is that with him?" I asked.

"Not sure," John said. "Probably one of his girl friends."

I nodded.

"You see with both the government and the underworld leaders here," John said. "Anyone who tried to get someone in trouble for attending this party, would not get very far."

"I suppose," I said.

I looked around again and turned back to John.

"Is Carl Levitt here?" I asked.

"Carl is very old," John said. "He has not actually attended any of the club nights in quite a few years. Some people say his health is not very good, but he still likes to host the parties."

John leaned closer so he could speak in a low voice.

"I suspect he is watching on camera," John said. "Even though there is a strict rule against cameras."

I nodded.

Just then a man entered followed by two workers carrying a strange contraption and portable stands. They set the stands up at the far end of the room, and placed the device on it. The device had two clear plastic bowels fastened at either end of a shaft. In the center was a support stand that I assumed had a motor to rotate the bowels. Each bowel had a door that could be opened and the bowels were rotated to put the door on the top. The man cleared his throat.

"Ladies and gentleman," he said. "It is time to start the evenings festivities. All the ladies can deposit their badge tags in the bowl to the left, and gentlemen in the bowl to the right."

The couples formed a line walking past the bowels, breaking off the tags from their badges and depositing them. As I dropped my tag in the bowel, I felt a knot in my stomach.

After all the couples had dropped their tags in the bowels, the doors were closed, and a switch was thrown. The bowels rotated slowly and the plastic tags rattled around inside the bowels.

Everyone stood watching. I am not sure how long the bowels spun, but it seemed like hours.

"How long is this going to go on," I asked.

"This is the best part," John said. "The ultimate moment of tension, just before you find out if tonight is your night."

Finally, the bowels were turned off.

"First, we will draw then men's number," the man announced.

He reached into the bowel and pulled out a tag. Then he flipped the tag open.

"The gentleman's number is 137," he announced.

John fumbled with his badge and flipped it open to reveal 143. He looked relieved.

A groan came from across the room. Two big African security guards pushed through the people and grabbed the man by the arms to escort him to one of the strange chairs. He was a slightly overweight, middle- aged white man. He was not wearing a mask.

"Do you know him?" I asked John.

"I think he works at the National bank," John said. "But I don't really know him."

When the man's clothes were off, the security guards fastened him into the chair. The chair had two extensions to hold the legs that went out at an angle so the occupant's legs would be held wide apart.

"Now we will pick one of the ladies," the man said.

This was it. He reached into the other bowel and pulled out a tag. He slowly pried it apart with his fingernails. My heart was beating rapidly.

"The ladies number is 18," he announced.

I started prying at my badge trying to get it open. Finally my fingers forced it open. The number was upside down and hard to read, but looked like 52. Definitely not 18. I looked around to see who had 18.

A woman began screaming behind me. I turned to see who it was. The woman was short, and I had trouble seeing her through the crowd, but the security guards quickly got her to the front. She looked to be around 30 and was very attractive, although she was wearing a mask.

"It is the daughter of Jack Walsh," John whispered to me. "He owns much of the farm land north of here."

I nodded.

She was also stripped naked, but kept her mask. She was strapped into the other chair with her legs spread wide. The woman turned out to be shaved down below. My guess was it was a wax job.

It occurred to me that I had never thought of shaving in case I lost. I wondered if this woman had gone in for a Brazilian wax just in case. I'm sure a Bikini wax would be less painful than what she was about to experience, but still it is a sort of voluntarily self punishment just on the off chance you get a real punishment.

Suddenly people started cheering. I looked around see the cause, and I saw the dominatrix walking up to the front of the room. She was dressed just the way I had always imagined, in a leather outfit with thigh-length high-heeled leather boots. The leather outfit was almost a two-piece affair, but a narrow strand of leather fastened the top and bottom together. She carried a short whip and a bag of equipment.

"And now ladies and gentleman the C and C club presents Madam Liu," the man said.

Madam Liu got out her equipment and set it on the floor and then proceeded to inspect tonight's two subjects. She first ran her whip slowly around the man's hard cock. I found it surprising that this middle age man was so hard, knowing what must be going to happen soon. She inspected the woman, running her whip smoothly over her labia, clitoris and up around her breasts.

"Now lets see what you two are made of," Madam Liu said.

With that she snapped her whip right into the woman's pussy. The whip had many strands and it was hard to tell exactly where they landed but the women let out a scream like they had found some sensitive spot.

"Ah, so you are a good screamer," Madam Liu said. "Let's see about this man."

She walked over to the man and snapped her whip at the man's cock. The strands of the whip wrapped around the man's cock and he let out a loud scream.

"Ah good, two screamer," Madam Liu said. "I always love to do screamers."

She snapped her whip again at the man balls and cock. This stroke mostly hit his balls and didn't seem to extract as much of a reaction, but the next stroke found the cock head again and got a loud scream out of the man.

She circled back to the woman and landed another stoke directly on woman's pussy, with a resulting scream. She landed a third and a fourth blow, with the fourth blow clearly finding a very sensitive spot from the woman's loud cry.

Then she snapped her whip on the floor making a loud cracking sound that causes both the man and woman to jump in their chairs, even though neither had been hit.

She picked up a cloth bag off the floor and pulled out some clothespins.

"Let's see how you like these," she said.

She walked over to the man and started fastening the clothespins to his balls. Then she attached several to the sides of his cock. The man groaned when each of these was attached.

"And now for the most sensitive spot," she said.

She attached two clothespins to the underside of the tip of the cock. With each of those clothespins the man screamed, and his cock began to shrink under the pain.

Then she went over to the woman. First she pulled the labia flaps back and began attaching clothespin to them, three on each side.

"And now for your most sensitive spot," she said. "And unlike many of these men here, I know exactly where it is."

A laugh went through the room.

She pushed back the hood to really reveal the clitoris and then clamped a clothespin directly on to it. The woman let out a blood-curdling scream.

She cracked her whip on the floor again.

"Now lets see how long you two can stand that," she said.

She slowly circled around each of the chairs cracking her whip on the floor at random intervals. Both occupants of the chairs were now in obvious pain. John pushed me forward, closer to the front. Everyone now seemed to be edging forward trying to get a closer look at the clothespins. John seemed most interested in the woman and pushed towards her side of the room. As we got closer I could see a bit of the woman's clit sticking out from under the clothespin clamped onto to it. The woman was clearly in extreme pain. She was moaning and twisting her body, trying to find some position that lessened the pain. I looked over at the man. His cock had now shrunk and was hanging limp, as if deflated by the clothespins. His body twisted and struggled in silent agony.

After what seemed like a long time to me, and must have seemed like an eternity to the naked couple in the chairs, Madam Liu began to slowly remove the clothespins. She started with those on the man's balls, slowly and expertly removing each one, then working up the shaft, removing the ones from the side of the cock. She left the two that appeared the most painful for last. Then in one quick motion, she snatched the two away from his cock head. You could see the obvious look of relieve on his face. Madam Liu held up his limp cock to show the bluish bruises on the underside of the head.

"That looks pretty bad," I whispered to John.

"Just temporary," John whispered back. "It will fade quickly."

Madam Liu then moved over to the woman, and began slowly removing the clothespins from the labia. Finally, only the one on the clit remained. She flipped the clothespin back and forth a few times, before finally removing it. The woman seemed to collapse back on the chair with her eyes closed in relieve. Madam Liu pulled back the hood on her clit to show the bruising around her clit.

"That definitely looks bad," I whispered to John.

"It will fade," John replied.

Madam Liu dropped the clothespins back in the bag, and picked up a strange looking device. It had a big solid handle with a power cord and a funny shaped glass tube that flared out at the end like a mushroom head. She plugged the cord into a plug strip and flipped a switch on the handle. The device sprung to life with a loud buzzing sound and the glass tube glowed with an eerie purple light.

"Now we will see how you like this," Madam Liu said.

She waved the purple glass tube around the man's cock a few times, then touched his thigh with the end of it. I could see sparks jump to the man's skin and he gasped in pain.

"That was just to give you a taste of what it is like," Madam Liu said.

Then she touched the man's balls with the end of tube. The man screamed and his body recoiled or tried to recoil from the device.

"Now you start to appreciate it," she said.

After the man stopped squirming from the previous shock, she brought the glass tube close to the cock head until a spark jumped onto the head. The man screamed in pain, and struggled against his restraints to get away from the device.

"What is that thing?" I asked John.

"Violet wand," John replied.

That didn't really tell me much, but I decided to wait for later.

Madam Liu walked over the woman.

"I haven't forgotten about you," she said.

She touched the wand against the woman's thigh, and she screamed and tried to pull her leg away.

"Now let's see what you are really made of," Madam Liu said.

She pushed the wand up close to the woman's labia lips till a spark jumped from the glass tube. The woman screamed again and her hips thrust up into the air trying to get her body away from the wand.

Madam Liu waiting patiently for the woman the settle down and relax again. Then she reached out and zapped the woman's clit. The woman let out an agonizing scream that was so loud even far away neighbors would have heard, if we had not been on an Island 20 miles from shore.

The woman trashed around on the chair, straining at her bounds, before settling down again in exhaustion. Beads of sweat were running down her forehead.

Madam Liu turned off her wand and packed it away in the bag.

The man who had presided over the drawing now walked back out between the chairs.

"Now, ladies and gentleman," the man said. "I am told there are a number of first timers here tonight. We always like to see new faces here, and to encourage you to come back and see us again, we would like to offer you the opportunity for some personal instruction from Madam Liu on the proper way to whip a cock or pussy. Any new comers interested, come right on up."

I looked at John.

"Should I?" I asked.

"Go for it, Amy," John said.

I walked up to the front. It turned out there were 3 other women who were first timers, but no men.

"Ok, ladies," Madam Liu said. "The secret to whipping is all in the wrist. You have to snap the whip and just the right distance from the target. If you are too far away, you will miss completely. If you are too close, the whip will hardly have any effect. To get that satisfying scream from your victim, you have to get it just right."

Madam Liu then reached into her bag and handed each of us a whip.

"Now ladies," she said. "I suggest you practice hitting the legs of the chair with the whip."

The four of us spread out around the two chairs and started practicing with the whip. I could see the dread in the man's eyes as our whips began to make noticeable cracking noise as they struck the chair.

"Ok, ladies," Madam Liu said. "Now you are ready to try your whips on live targets."

The man rolled his eyes. He knew what was coming next.

"You will all get a chance to try your hand at both," the Madam said. "So two here and two over there."

Madam Liu waved me over towards the woman's chair.

"Now you only get one chance at the target," Madam Liu said. "So make it good."

I was first in line so I carefully tried to judge the distance. I was not sure how I felt about whipping another woman pussy. That could just as easily have been me there on the chair. Still it would be good practice.

I brought my arm back and tried to snap the whip into the woman's pussy. My distance was pretty good. The whip landed with a loud snapping sound, but my aim was not that good. I missed a few inches to the right. Still the woman cried out in response.

I went over to get in line for the man. I found the thought of whipping a guys cock much more exciting. The women in front of me did a pretty good job of hitting the man's cock and got very satisfying reactions out of the man. When it was my turn I carefully lined myself up and snapped the whip as hard as I could. The ends of the whip wrapped around the head of the cock with a loud crack. The man screamed and swore at me.

"Very good," Madam Liu said. "He won't forget that soon."

I gave Madam Liu back the whip and looked around for John. I spotted him and went to join him again.

"What do you think?" John asked.

"That was great," I said. "I never knew that whipping a guys cock could be so much fun."

"You really are a little devil," John laughed.

"You like to live dangerously?" I asked with a smile.

"Depends," John said.

"Ladies and gentleman," the host said. "That concludes the main activities for the night, but you are free to say as long as you like tonight, and there are many smaller rooms available for private groups. Have fun, and play safely."

I looked at John and he looked at me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Just then another man walked up, looked at me, whispered something in John's ear, and then walked away.

"Well, would you like a chance to whip some more cocks?" John asked.

"Of course," I replied. "But from your smile, I think there must be a catch."

"Some people are trying to organize a Roshambo game," John said. "Otherwise known as Rock, paper, scissors."

"Oh, I played that as a child," I said.

"Have you heard of the strip version," John said.

"Yes, it is all the rage in Japan, I hear," I replied.

"Yep," John said. "But this is a little different. When you strip someone, you get to whipped their cock or clit."

"Wow," I said, not sure what to think of this. "How exactly does this work?"

"In the past they line up the ladies in a circle," John said. "Then they line the men up in a circle outside the ladies. You throw one rock, scissors, paper hand with the person opposite you. Loser has to remove an article of clothing, but on a tie, no one removes anything. Then all the men rotate one lady to the right, so each throw is against a different opponent."

"Oh, interesting way of playing," I said.

"If you strip your opponent," John continued. "You get to whip his cock, and you are then both out of the game."

"And if somebody strips me?" I asked.

"They get to whip you pussy," John replied.

"So it's like a 50-50 chance," I said.

"Yep," John replied. "Either you get to whip a cock, or you get your pussy whipped."

"That is a bit more risky than just coming here," I said.

"Ah," John said. "But the reward is much greater."

"How so?" I asked.

"Normally here all you get to do is watch cocks and clits being whipped and tortured," John said. "You don't get to do the actual whipping yourself. You were lucky they let the first timers do it tonight. They only do that sometimes, and you will never be a first timer again."

"Oh, I see," I said. "So, what you're saying is if I want to whip another cock, I have to risk my naughty bits."

"Yep, you got it," John said.

We stared at each other for what several seconds.

"Well, what do you think?" John asked. "Are you up for it?"

I knew I was in over my head. I should get out of here now, but I couldn't help myself.

"I don't know," I said, playing hard to get. "Sounds risky."

"This is what separates the mere voyeur from the true adventurer," John said. "Are you going to just watch life go by or are you going to live it to the max."

"Hmmm..., well maybe," I said.

"Come on Amy," John said. "What is the worst that could happen? Your pussy might be a little sore tomorrow. That's all."

"Ok," I said. "Let's do it."

I let my desire pull me down to the next level of the dark, secret world of Carl Levitt.

Chapter 3

John led me out of the main hall towards the back of the house. We went down a hall that leads to a small room. There were four other couples there already. John nodded to several of the other couples.

"We are waiting to see if more people are coming," John whispered to me.

I nodded. The room was small. There would not be room for many more. Fortunately, only one other couple arrived a minute later. One of the men shut the room door.

"Ladies form a circle in the middle," the man announced. "Gentlemen, form a circle around the ladies and opposite your partner."

I moved to the center and John stood opposite.

"Now everyone gets four pieces of clothing only," the man announced.

Some of the men kicked off their shoes, but I needed them to make four.

"Ok, on three, everybody ready?" he said. "One, ... Two, ... Three."

I figured John for rock, so I threw paper, and John lost his shirt. He scowled at me and the men rotated clockwise.

I had been good at this game as a young girl. I could get into the other kids heads and guess what they were going to throw pretty well. I might have been able to beat John easily, but the other men were completely unknown. It was not going to be easy. I concentrated hard, trying to always remember what my next opponent had thrown against the previous woman. Before John made it back around one of the women was stripped. The man who stripped her led her away to the next room and the game continued with only 5 couples.

I was in my bra and panties when John came back around, but all he had left was his boxer shorts.

His eyes seemed to be begging for mercy. I figured he did rock last time, and I beat him with paper, so he would go for scissors. I threw rock and so did he, so neither of us lost anything, but another woman and a man were stripped and went off to the other room. That left just three couples.

The next throw I lost my bra. Now I'm not really shy, but my breasts are small compared to the other women. I unfastened my bra and tossed it aside, proudly showing off my firm, perky breasts and my hard nipples. John had lost his shorts and was being lead away by a woman. There were now just 2 couples left.

I wasn't sure what to do and threw scissors. Fortunately my opponent threw paper, and lost his undershirt. The woman next to me lost her panties and was lead away, so it was just this middle-aged man in his boxer shorts and me in my panties.

I would expect him to throw rock or scissors, but I had no idea which one. I threw paper and so did he, so we tied.

Now what? If he were expecting scissors, he would throw rock. I threw paper again, and he threw rock. I won!!

The man pulled off his shorts looking very disappointed. His cock was partially erect.

I lead him through the door into the next room. There were three of the chairs like we had used earlier the evening. I lead the man to the one empty chair and locked his legs and arms to the chair. Then I got the whip.

"Don't forget to start the timer," the man protested.

I hit the timer button and reached back and delivered my first blow. The whip wrapped around the man's erect cock and he let out a scream. My next blow I aimed at his balls. Although it made a nice sound, the man's cry was not as loud.

I decided the cock was the best target. I tried to snap the whip onto the head of his cock, but missed completely. I adjusted my position a little closer and tried again. This time I found the mark. The man let out a howl. I snapped several more quick stokes into the head of his cock as the man screamed for mercy. I could see the head of his cock starting to have red streaks from my whipping.

I tried to get as many strokes in as I could before the timer went off. I alternated between aiming at the shaft and at the head. Most of them found their mark. The man's cock was looking very red, but his cries had subsided. He seemed reconciled to his fate.

When the timer went off it startled me. I was concentrating on inflicting the most pain I could before the time was up and had not been watching the timer. The man seemed to relax. I unlocked his legs and hands. He stood up and gently gripped his cock.

"God, I'm going to be sore for a week," he said.

"I'm sure you would have done the same to me," I said. "Had things been reversed."

"True," he said.

I looked around for John. He was on the other side of the room, trying to get into his under shorts. From the look of it he had a very sore cock too. I went over and joined him.

"You look a little sensitive there," I said.

"Ah, you can say that again," John said.

"I think it's time to go," I said.

"Definitely," John said.

I went to find my clothes and get dressed again. I noticed that my panties were rather moist and I wondered if people had noticed.

On our helicopter ride back to Porto Kanda John asked, "Did you have a good time."

"Oh, definitely," I said. "But it was a close thing. I just took a chance and guessed right at the end."

"You are a very lucky girl, Amy," John said. "I couldn't help but notice the moist spot on your panties."

I blushed. He had noticed. Had everyone else too?

"Nothing to be ashamed of," John said. "But I think I'm too sore to help you out tonight. I hope you will excuse me."

I nodded.

"Oh," John added. "I won't be upset if you go pick up some guy and boink his brains out. Just sorry I can't do that for you."

When we arrived back in Porto Kanda, John excused himself and asked his driver to take me wherever I wanted to go, which was to my apartment. I was really horny, but I had toys and knew how to take care of myself. I didn't need a drunken sailor to help me out. I can never remember wanting it over and over like that night. Fortunately, I had extra batteries.

Chapter 4

After the party John didn't call for almost a week, but when he did he was very horny. He took me out to dinner, but then quickly back to his place. As soon as we got inside he started undressing me. He seemed to be all recovered from our adventures on Carl Levitt's island.

"So Amy, what do you think about the C&C club?" John asked, as we lay together naked on his bed relaxing afterwards.

"I had fun," I said. "But I might have felt really different if I had been on the receiving end of that whipping."

"Believe me," John said. "You would have felt really different. You would have been sore for a couple of days, but that is what gives it the adrenaline rush. If it didn't really hurt to lose, it wouldn't feel so great to win."

"I guess that is true," I said.

"How else are you going to get men to let you whip their jewels like that?" John asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"Would you like to go again?" John asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "The main party was fine I guess. The odds there are not that bad. I just don't think I want to take another chance like that after party game again. It was fun to whip that guy, but once is enough."

"I think there is more to it than just whipping a guy," John said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The last hand we threw against each other," John said. "You were in your underwear. I could already see a little moist spot on your panties."

"No," I protested.

"Yes, I saw it," John said. "But nothing to get upset about. Most of the other women were the same way."

"Really?" I said. "I didn't notice."

"It is the thrill of taking the risk that turns you on," John said. "The consequences of losing being really, really painful, is what makes the rush of playing so intense and the high from winning incredible."

"Maybe," I said. "I've never really thought of it that way."

"Who knows when Carl will have the next party," John said. "The schedule is very irregular, but I bet you will join in the after party games again. You are too much of adrenalin junkie to pass them up."

"We'll see," I said.

"I hope we do," John said.

I saw John a few times the following week, and then he had to go to Europe on a business trip, and I did not see him for several weeks. John seemed to travel a lot on business. When he was in Porto Kanda, he would always call, but I sometimes did not hear from him for weeks.

About seven months after the first C&C party, John called. He said he was in town for a few days and asked me out to dinner. I agreed of course. We had a lovely dinner, then went to disco club for an after dinner drink and some dancing.

After a few dances, we were catching our breath.

"They have a very special exhibition tonight at the High Tower Club," he said.

"Really, what kind of show?" I asked.

"It is a really intense display of submission, and strictly a one time thing," he said. "Not for the squeamish, but something I think you might get a kick out of watching."

"Well, what is it?" I asked.

John looked around to see if anyone was listening to us, then leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Branding," he said.

"What?" I said in astonishment.

"Quiet, keep you voice low," John said. "Haven't you heard of it."

"Yes, of course," I said. "But for cows or maybe sheep. Are you talking about branding people?"

"Yes," John whispered. "It's something a true sub can do for her master."

"Wow," I said. "That is definitely not something I would ever do for anyone."

"You are not a sub, Amy," John said. "Far from it."

"I'm glad you have that straight," I said. "Just don't think you can trick me into doing it."

"No way," John said. "I would never think of something like that."

We took a cab a short distance to the High Tower Club again. We were lead up to the same box as before, and settled in with a couple of drinks.

There was a pretty standard breast bondage demonstration going on the main stage. The middle-aged woman with large breasts had them wrapped many times with rope. Her breast began to turn purple. Then nipple clamps were applied to her breasts and the woman cried out in pain.

After that demonstration was finished, they moved some new equipment on to the stage. One of these was some kind of tall padded bench. Next to it they rolled out a gas burner.

A man came out on stage wearing only a leather belt with a leather flap in front and back to provide a little modesty. He carried two things that looked like branding irons. Each one had a single letter on the end. He put them both in the burner and left the stage.

After a few minutes a naked, collard young woman was lead by a leash onto the stage. She was thin, light skinned, with small breasts. She looked like she was of North African descent. She stood next to the tall bench, her head bowed.

A fully dressed man then came out and asked the young woman her name and age. She said she was 24. He then asked her if she had willingly agreed to be branded. Her reply was almost inaudible, but she said yes.

The man with the leather waistband returned to the stage. He had the woman bend over the padded bench. He securely fastened her legs into manacles on the end of the bench. Then he pushed the woman's body down on the padded bench and stretched her hands down to some leather cuffs on the other end of the bench. He carefully tied each of the girl's hands to the end of the bench. Then he ran another leather strap around the woman's body, fastening her midsection to the bench. This was followed by two more leather straps around the woman's thighs, firmly attaching them to the legs of the bench.

The young woman was now completely strapped to the bench and could only wiggle slightly. As the man stood up and turned towards the burner, I caught a sideways glimpse inside his front flap. I couldn't see any penis or balls between his legs!

I looked at John.

"That man has a very small cock," I said.

"He's a eunuch," John laughed.

The man on stage had taken one of the branding irons out of the burner. It was glowing red-hot.

"A eunuch?" I asked.

"Well, a complete eunuch." John said. "Both the balls and penis were removed. It's sometimes called nullification."

The man was holding the branding iron. He seemed to be letting it cool down.

"Why on earth would a man have that done?" I asked.

"It's a long story," John said.

The man carefully lined up the letter with the woman's left buttock. Then pushed the branding iron firmly into the woman's buttock. The woman let out a scream, as the man pulled the branding iron away. The woman's body struggled violently against the straps, and her screams continued. The man put the branding iron into a barrel.

I could smell the faint order of burned flesh even up in the balcony booth.

"Wow," John said. "What do you think of that?"

"That woman must be truly devoted to her master to go through that for him," I said.

The woman had now stopped struggling and was lying limp on the bench as she sobbed.

"You won't catch me doing that for anyone," I added.

The man lined up the second letter with the woman's buttock, and then pushed the branding iron into her flesh next to the first.

The woman screamed again and her body violently struggled against her restraints. The man quickly pulled away the second letter and dropped it into the barrel.

"That is intense," John said.

I nodded my agreement.

"I just don't understand why a woman would put herself through that," I said.

The woman was now sobbing loudly. The audience was beginning to applaud. I clapped my hands too. I was applauding the woman's courage to go through with this. I'm not sure what everyone else was applauding.

"I hope you have no plans of putting your initials on me," I said.

"A tattoo possibly?" John asked with a smile.

"My mother told me only prostitutes and loose women get tattoos," I said.

"Really," John said. "A woman from the old school. Does she know you like to whip men's cocks?"

"No, definitely not," I said. "There are things I don't tell her."

"Then you can get a tattoo on your derriere," John said. "It's not like you have to pass a full body inspection."

"Never liked tattoos," I said. "They look good when you are young, but 20 years later they make you look old. A woman has enough trouble looking young. I don't want to worry about my tattoos too."

"I wasn't serious,' laughed John. "I have no desire to see my initials on your tooshie."

"But somebody here is very serious about seeing his initials on her tooshie," I said.

"Yes indeed," John said. "Each to their own. I'm a thrill seeker, a risk taker. To be good at business you have to be a risk taker. You have to know when to take a risk and when to walk away, when the cost of losing is less than the value of winning."

"Ah," I said. "The cost of getting your cock whipped raw is less than the value of whipping some unlucky ladies pussy raw?"

"Yes," John said. "Absolutely, but you left out the most important part, the adrenalin rush from putting my cock on the line. You can understand that. You experienced the same thing when you put your pussy at risk."

"I guess," I said.

"I think the show is about over here," John said. "Let's head back to my place."

"Of course," I said. "As long as there is no branding or tattoos involved."

"Of course," John said as we got up to leave.

John was incredibly horny when we got to his place, and I have to admit I was too. We bonked out brains out before finally falling asleep.

I had trouble getting to work the next morning, but I made it only a few minutes late. The next evening John took me out to dinner at a very exclusive restaurant. We got a private room, and John order all the food and wine. It was excellent.

After dinner John ordered some Espresso and were sipping the dark coffee.

"Amy," John said. "I have something that you might find very interesting."

"Really," I said. "What kind of interesting?"

"The kind that gets your panties dripping wet," John laughed.

"Ooooh," I said. "Do tell."

"Your panties got really wet when you put your pussy at risk of a whipping," John said.

"So you said," I replied.

"How would you like to watch people really lose their cocks or pussies?" John asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, you saw the Dom last night in the High Tower Club?" John said.

"Oh my god," I said. "You mean really cut it off?"

"Yes," John said. "Really cut it off."

"Why would someone do that?" I asked.

"Well, I don't know of anyone that would let someone do that voluntarily," John said. "But it is a traditional punishment for rape or adultery with many of the tribes in this area and in some parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East it is making a comeback."

"Really," I said. "You mean we can watch one of these punishments carried out?"

"Yes," John said. "And not just one."

"Where?" I asked.

"Carl Levitt sometimes pays various tribes or governments to allow him to do the deed," John said.

"Wow," I said.

"Yes," John said. "Carl has found five men and two women. It is very rare to find women."

"How can a woman be castrated?" I asked.

"They cut off the cit," John said. "So they can't have orgasms."

"I thought many tribes did that to all young girls?" I asked.

"Some do," John said. "But usually just the tip of the clit. They leave enough that most woman can still orgasm, it is just more difficult. The total clitorectomy takes the whole thing as well as the nerve roots. It makes an orgasm impossible."

"Wow," I said. "That sounds pretty final."

"It is," John said. "But it is more humane than stoning to death, which is the other traditional punishment for female adultery."

"I guess," I said.

"So are you interested in watching people really lose their cocks or clits?" John asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"Why not?" John asked.

"You mentioned really putting my pussy at risk?" I said. "Don't tell me Carl draws a number from his bowl and castrates some of the people attending this too?"

"No," John said. "It is actually more interesting than that."

"More interesting?" I asked in disbelieve at what John was saying.

"As you have guessed, everyone who attends needs to put his cock or clit at risk" John said. "But unlike the party we attended, no one needs to lose."

"I don't understand," I said.

"Let me explain," John said. "Carl has developed these little electronic guillotine like devices for male and female genitals. The male version is a knife that cuts off both the cock and balls in a single stroke. The female version cuts off the external clit. He now also has nipple guillotines that cut off the nipples cleanly. Each person that attends the party has to get strapped to the table and have the guillotines attached to their genitals and nipples. Then they will spin a wheel with 100 numbers on it. If your number comes up, the guillotines instantly castrate you, but your odds are 99 in 100 that that won't happen."

"Wow," I said. "That sounds crazy."

"Don't tell me you aren't already wet just thinking about it," John said.

"Well, maybe," I said. "But I really like my clit. I've had a lot of good times with it, and I was looking forward to many more years of good times with my clit. I would really hate to lose it."

"And I would really hate to lose my cock and balls too," John said. "I suspect you wouldn't have much use for me if I lost them either."

"I really like your cock," I said with a laugh.

"Exactly," John said. "But the thrill of actually risking your sex life, not just a whipping, but actually risking losing your genitals, all of them, no more orgasms ever, that is a real risk. The one in hundred odds are not that bad. Yes losing it would be a bitch, but not losing it is an real high, and watching other people lose their genitals after you have risked yours is an incredible high."

"I don't know," I said.

"You can think about it while I'm traveling for the next week," John said. "I think the idea will grow on you. In fact, I would bet your panties are soaking wet already."

"Maybe," I said, but I could feel my panties were a little moist.

While John was gone, I kept thinking about what John had described. It made me so horny. I had to go buy fresh batteries almost every day. Still, the idea that I could lose my clit scared the daylights out of me. I guess John was right. That is what made it so exciting.

There was something to say for the way John thought of it. It wasn't one chance in a hundred of my losing my clit, it was 99 out of a hundred chances of not losing my clit and having the thrill of my life. Somehow that sounded better.

I kept thinking, it should be safe to do it once at those odds, shouldn't it? Then I would put fresh batteries in my vibrator and go at it again.

When John got back, he invited me over to his place for dinner. He of course wanted to know what I thought about the idea of really risking my clit.

"I have been thinking about it," I said. "I just find it so hard to believe."

"How so," John asked.

"Well, for one thing, isn't there a lot of blood when you cut off a cock or clit?" I asked.

"When you cut off a cock and balls, there certainly is a lot of blood," John said. "They have some pads with lotions they put on immediately to reduce the bleeding. Then they rush you into surgery to finish the nullification."

"Finish it?" I asked.

"Yes, John said. "It is actually four to twelve hours of surgery afterwards to finish the whole thing."

"Doing what?" I said.

"Well, Carl goes for total nullification," John said. "For men, that means they cut out the base of the penis which is inside the body running back to the anus. Then they have to reroute stuff so you can still pee like a woman. For a woman, they cut out the base of the cit and nerve endings under it. Then they cut out all the nerves around the G-spot. Finally, they remove the ovaries, a Oophorectomy."

"Wow," I said. "That is total. Who does all this surgery?"

"Oh, Carl has a team of doctors that specialize in this kind of surgery," John said.

"So have you been to one of these parties before," I asked.

"Yes," John said. "Three times in fact."

"Wow," I said. "You have put your cock in the guillotine three times?"

"Yes," John said. "And, as you know, I still have it."

"I'm well aware of that," I laughed.

"Did anyone lose theirs at one of these parties?" I asked.

"You mean, anyone from the guests," John said. "Carl always has some prisoners that lose it at the party as their punishment."

"Yes," I said. "That is what I meant."

"One woman lost her clit a few years ago," John said.

"What about that guy at the High Tower Club?" I asked.

"He lost his cock at one of these parties," John said. "But before my time."

"I cannot believe this can all be legal," I said. "Wouldn't someone who lost go to the police?"

"The police here in Porto Kanda are not going to touch Carl Levitt," John said. "And on his own Island, he makes the laws."

"Amazing," I said. "I would have never believed something like this was possible."

"But I bet your panties have been really wet this week thinking about it," John said.

"Well, ... some," I confessed.

"Does that mean you are up for it?" John said.

"I'm not sure," I said.

"Oh Amy, you know you want to go," John said.

"On the one hand I want to go, but on the other hand I really like my clit," I said.

"Ninety-nine out of 100 odds of keeping your clit aren't good enough?" John asked. "You can't beat those odds."

"I guess," I said

"Don't just guess," John said. "You want to see real men lose their cocks and balls. You want to see real women lose their clits. You want to see real men and women sexually nullified right in front of your eyes. You want to watch ordinary people, like you and me, really risking it all. Deep inside you want to have your clit locked into that guillotine and feel the rush of spinning the wheel that will decide whether you get to keep your clit, whether you will ever experience another orgasm? You want it all, Amy. Don't just guess, say you want it."

"You know I want it John," I said. "Yes, I want it."

With those words I continued my journey down to yet the next level of the dark, secret world of Carl Levitt.

That night John wanted to do it over and over again. When we finally fell to sleep, I felt like a filly that had been ridden hard and put away wet.

Chapter 5

John had to be gone again for two weeks, but he promised no matter what he would be back before the next C & C Party. John called it the real Cock and Clit party, and said no way he was going to miss it. John told me C & C could also stand for Castration and Clitorectomy, but those words were too big. Cock and Clit sounded better.

While John was gone I put my vibrator to good use. I took to buying batteries at different locations so the clerks would not begin to wonder why I needed so many C batteries.

The big event was to be on Saturday night. John called me Friday morning at work to say he had gotten back very late the night before and asked me over for dinner.

"Are you excited, Amy?" John asked when I came in the room.

"You know I am," I said.

"Not getting cold feet on me," John said.

"Well, I am nervous," I said. "I know the odds are good, but still... it would be life changing."

"You know it," he said. "Tomorrow you are going to see some real life changing experiences. Nothing like it anyplace else on earth. Carl has outdone himself this time. He has lined up five men and two women. Three of the men will get traditional castrations, balls only, but the other two will get the whole works taken. Five sets of ball, two cocks and two clits! Just imagine there are seven people out there on the island that are contemplating their fate tonight. For four of them this is their last night to be able to experience an orgasm. For all of them this is the last night they will be real men or women. Tomorrow night they will be nullified."

"There is a small chance that this could be my or your last night too," I said.

"I know," John said. "Let's fuck like it is our last night. I'm not really hungry. Want to skip dinner and get right down to it?"

We did it in every imaginable way and position that night. Then we did it in ways I had never imagined! John seemed to be able to keep getting it back up after ten or fifteen minutes rest. I had never seen a man who could just keep getting it up like that.

I was completely exhausted when we finally fell asleep, and I slept very soundly.

When I woke up in the morning, it seemed late from the angle of the sunlight streaming in between the blinds in the bedroom. John was still asleep next to me. Then I remembered what we had done the night before and what we were going to do tonight. Today could be the last day I was really a woman or it could be the last day John was really a man. Wow! I felt a knot in my stomach just thinking about it, but I could feel the juices flowing in my pussy too.

I slipped quietly out of bed and went to take a shower. When I was finished, John was awake.

"I've got to take care of some things today," John said. He took a stack of bills from his wallet and handed them to me. "Here, go buy yourself a new party dress, jewelry, get your hair done, whatever. I want you to look like a million bucks tonight."

I looked at the stack of bills. It was a lot of money.

I got dressed and headed downtown for a major shopping spree. Usually I would bring one or two of my girl friends along for this kind of shopping to give me second opinions, but I couldn't do that today. How could I explain where I got all the money? How could I tell them what I needed the new outfit for?

So what kind of a dress should a girl wear to a castration party? I decided I should wear something slinky and sexy. Something to show the men who were losing their cocks and balls exactly what they would be missing. I picked out a tightly fitted red dress that emphasized my thin waist, broad hips, and flat stomach. It had a plunging neckline that showed off my modest cleavage, and my back was bare all way down to my derriere. I couldn't believe how sexy I looked wearing it.

With the dress picked out, I needed new underwear. The dress had such a plunging neckline that I would not be wearing a bra. There were small pasties that came with the dress and would cover my nipples, and I didn't really need a bra anyway. I would need panties. I decided a nice lacy red panties was the right thing to go with this dress.

Then there were shoes. I had to get new shoes to go with this dress. After an hour looking at shoes, I picked a nice high-heeled pair of red shoes.

Next I headed to the jewelry store. After looking for some time, I picked a simple pearl necklace. I thought of getting a double stranded one. I had more than enough money for it. But I decided that the single strand was more elegant. It would attract men's eyes to my chest, but not distract from the titillation of my cleavage.

The last stop was to get my hair and nails done. When I got back to John's house, John was still out, but the servants let me in without question.

Was there anything else I needed to do to get ready for tonight? I had the sexy new party dress, but for my hopefully not life changing spin of the roulette wheel, I would be naked. My pussy is just lightly trimmed. Being Chinese, my pubic hair is not very heavy, and I have always liked the natural look, rather than the completely shaved or heavily trimmed styles that are all so popular. Tonight was different. A whole room full of people were going to have their eyes fixed on my clit while the roulette wheel spun, waiting to see if I got to keep it. For this occasion completely bare was the way to go. I went up to take a shower and shave myself clean.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing naked in the bathroom drying myself, when John walked in.

"I like it, Amy," John said. "That is definitely going to be the hottest pussy there tonight."

"You think?" I asked.

"Definitely," John said. "You are going to have a lot of horny men staring at that clit, hoping that the little guillotine snips it right off."

"Really," I said. "They won't be hoping that the guillotine takes your cock, so my pussy will be available, so to speak?"

"That too," John laughed.

I lay the towel down to let John get a clear view of my naked, squeaky-clean body.

"So," I said. "Want to do it one more time, just in case?"

"Hmmmm," John said. "You certainly know how to tempt a man, but we only have time for a quickie. I wouldn't want the last time to be a quickie. I would rather remember last night as the final night. But I'm going to fuck your brains out when we get back tonight."

"So you're betting we both will still have all the equipment for that," I said.

"Absolutely," John said. "It's the smart money."

We both got dressed and prepared to go.

"Wow, you do look like a million in that dress," John said.

"Thanks," I said, as we headed down for the car. "I wanted to look good tonight."

"You look more than good," John said. "I predict that most of the guys tonight are going to staring at you while their cocks or balls are sliced off."

I smiled.

On the helicopter flight out to the Carl Levitt's island I developed a big knot in my stomach again. I realized we had skipped dinner. It had completely slipped my mind in all the excitement.

"So this will be the forth time for you?" I asked John.

"Yes," John said.

"Aren't you worried that you are pushing your luck?" I asked.

"Sometimes I do," John said. "In twenty or thirty years my cock is going to go limp anyway. I want to live life to the fullest while my equipment is still fully functional."

"So how many people have you seen lose it," I said.

"The first party Carl had two men, both traditional castrations," John said. "Nobody lost a cock at that party. The second party Carl had two men and one woman. This time one man lost his cock, the other just his balls. The last party a few years ago, Carl had three men and one woman. One of the men was a traditional castration. The other two lost their cocks and balls. That was also the party were one of the women lost her clit at the roulette wheel."

"Wow," I said. "Did you know her?"

"Yeah," John said. "I knew her. She was a nice young woman, probably a little older than you. I haven't seen her in Porto Kanda since though. I heard she went back to Europe."

"Had she been to lots of these parties?" I asked.

"It wasn't her first time," John said. "She had been to several before."

"Just pushed her luck too far," I said.

"Not really," John said. "It was just bad luck. When your number comes up, it comes up. Nothing you can do."

"That is the only time you've seen someone lose at roulette?" I asked.

"Yes," John said. "As far as I know she was the first loser in a long time."

We arrived at the Island and were driven to the house by the same jeeps as last time. Servants greeted us at the door and showed us to the great hall again. There were only a handful of people in the room. I recognized many of them from the last party, although this time no one was wearing masks. The security chief was here, but with a different woman. The mayor was here too, but he was chatting with the man John said was the local head of organized crime and neither one seemed to be with a woman. There were a couple other couples I recognized, but had never met, and two young men who seemed to be together and without any women.

"Not very many people here," I said.

"This party is for the true risk takers," John said.

"Do they allow men to come by themselves?" I asked.

"Ah, you noticed the mayor and Muhammadu over there," John said. "Yes they allow men at this party unaccompanied, but you pay a price."

"You have to pay money?" I asked.

"No," John said. "You only get fifty to one odd on the roulette wheel instead of one hundred to one."

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "That's why you wanted me to come and risk my clit. It is all to keep your cock safer."

"Don't be silly," John said. "I wouldn't have come alone. I asked you because I knew deep inside you want to be here."

John knew me too well.

At the far end of the room were three strange inclined tables. The high portion of the table was rectangular, but the lower portion was like the top of the letter Y, but upside down. These tables were on wheels, so they could be moved around, and they were padded. One was out from the wall, and the other two were resting against the wall. Several men came out and began to set up some equipment around the table. Everyone began to drift down to that end of the room. A man came out leading a young, naked black man. The man began to talk in some African native language.

"What's going on," I whispered to John.

"It's a government official reading out the charges and sentence before it is carried out," John said.

When he finished speaking two guards lead the young black man over to table and forced him to lie back on it. They strapped his arms and legs to the table. Then they brought out the little guillotine. It had a ring that snapped around the young mans balls. There was a metal plate that came up and held his large cock out of the way of the knives. A wire ran away from it to some kind of a control. A bucket was positioned under the Y opening of the table. The young man was looking around at all the strange people around him.

Everyone seemed to be inching forward. They were trying to get a good view of what was about to happen. John pushed me forward.

"Don't be shy Amy," John whispered. "This is your first castration. Get a good look at it. It will be over in a flash."

As John pushed me forward, my eyes met the young black man's eyes. We stared at each other. They moved a stand with some equipment on it over next to the table. Everything seemed to be ready. The black man on the table was staring at me, or more probably at my low cut dress. I was staring at his cock and balls. His cock seemed to be stirring, starting to get erect. Was it sexual excitement at the idea of being castrated, or was it me?

I adjusted the front of my dress to show just a teeny bit more cleavage. In the blink of an eye, the guillotine knife snapped down, and the young man's ball sac fell into the bucket. His cock was still hard. There were a few drops of blood dripping down from where his balls had been a second before, but the young man seemed to still be staring at me. Suddenly it hit him, like it took several seconds for his body to realize an important part of it was now missing. He screamed in agony. One of the men standing next to the table picked up a gauze pad and pushed it where the man's balls use to be. Then they unlocked the wheels and pushed the table out of the room. It was all over in seconds.

A man with gloves came out and pulled the two balls out of the bucked and held them out for everyone to see. Then he dropped them in a bottle with some liquid.

"Wow," I said. "Just like that and they're gone."

"I think that young man, if you can still call him a man, will remember you for the rest of his life," John said. "You little cock teaser."

"You think I was mean to him?" I asked.

"No," John said. "Not at all. If I had to lose my balls, I would like to have it done staring at a sexy woman."

Some of the men started to push another one of the tables out from the wall.

A number of servants came into the room pushing carts with food on it. I was hungry now, having completely forgotten about dinner earlier. John and I both got a little something to eat.

"So what's going to happen next," I asked.

"I think they will do the two other traditional castrations," John said. "Then we will move onto roulette. After that you will see some guys really lose their cocks."

I nodded.

"It is the medical team. We have to wait for them to finish the first one," a woman said.

I turned to see a pleasant looking older woman, probably in her late 30s or early 40s. She was white and was with portly older white man.

"What do you mean," I said.

"They have to close up and make sure there isn't any infection," she said.

"Oh," I said.

"It should only be another few minutes," she added.

I nodded.

"This is your fist time here?" she asked.

"Yes, it is," I said.

"That then was the first time you saw a guy fixed?" she asked.

"Yes, indeed," I said.

"Well these are just the hors d'oeuvre," she said. "If you think that was something, wait till you see a guys drop his whole package."

"I'm looking forward to it," I said. "I guess it will be after roulette,"

"Or maybe during roulette," the woman said with a smile. "Been a long time since we had a guy lose it at roulette."

"Come on now," the portly man said. "You wouldn't wish that on any of the gentlemen here tonight."

The woman smiled, and the man turned and walked off to get more snacks.

"He can't get it up without those little blue pills," the woman said in a low voice. "He wouldn't really miss it anyway."

I smiled.

"I bet your man doesn't have that problem," she added.

"No, he doesn't," I said.

"I'm Anne," she said. "And my husband is Jack."

"I'm Amy," I said.

The door opened and another man was lead out by several guards. John and I moved back close to the table. A man started talking in what sounded to me like Arabic.

"Do you know what he is saying," I asked. "What was this mans crime."

"I don't speak this language," John said. "But I think it is rape. Of course many of these people consider premarital sex to be rape."

"That is harsh," I said. "Losing your balls for premarital sex."

"We don't know if that is really what it was," John said.

The guards led the man over to the table and strapped him into it. They fitted the guillotine device onto his balls, with the metal plate to push his cock out of the blades way. The trays were moved over next to the table and the bucket was shoved under the table.

This man was more panicky. He didn't seem to notice anyone around him. I noticed that the cord running from the guillotine was now in the hands of the government official that had read the charges against him. His cock was not quite as big as the first man. At least it didn't look very large laying limp on his stomach.

I didn't think this man had even noticed me, although I was standing right in his line of sight. I adjusted the front of my dress slightly, pushing my shoulders forward just slightly. This pulled the dress slightly away from my body. With the deep, plunging cleavage on this dress, that would reveal the profile of my breasts. I turned slightly sideways to see if he would notice. Suddenly his eyes locked on me. The government man pushed the button, the guillotine blade struck, and in a blink of an eye, the young man's balls were falling into the bucket. A small stream of blood dripped into the bucket too.

The young man screamed when he felt the loss, and his face became distorted in agony.

"It is so easy to take a guy's manhood," I whispered to John.

"It is just as easy to take a woman's womanhood," he said. "You will see that later."

The young man was pushed quickly away. The man with the gloves came out again to retrieve his balls from the bucket. He showed them to everyone and then dropped them into another jar of liquid.

The men began to move the third table into position, while most of the people drifted back to the food.

"What do you think of the hors d'oeuvre," Anne asked.

"I hope they haven't slipped any one's balls into those meat balls," I said.

"I don't think so," Anne said.

"They make it look so easy," I said.

"Yeah," she said. "It isn't really that easy. I wouldn't recommend trying this at home. There is the medical work too."

"I guess that is true," I said.

The third man was lead naked into the room. He looked to be Middle Eastern. Two guards stood on either side of him over near the door, while they waited for all the preparations to be completed.

"Do you find it exciting? Seeing a guy lose his nuts," Anne asked.

"You know it," I said. "I mean it's taking his manhood. One second he is a man, and in a blink of an eye, he is not really a man anymore."

"Can I ask you a question?" Jack said.

"Sure," I replied.

"These young men are virile, well equipped examples of manhood," he said. "Exactly what a young woman, such is yourself, would be looking for in a sexual partner. So why does seeing them emasculated excite you?"

"That is true," I said. "It is kind of weird, or maybe kinky. I guess part of it is that it is so final. These young men are giving up their manhood forever, just for my pleasure. Now I know that is not really true. It is really a punishment for their crimes, but I get to watch it and imagine they are doing it just for me."

"That is part of it, but it is more complicated," John said. "There is a price for coming here and watching these men be emasculated. You, me, all of us, are risking our own manhood or womanhood to be here. Although the odds are in our favor, it is still a risk. As long as we have ours, it is exciting to watch others lose it."

A well-dressed Middle Eastern man came into the room and was now talking with the naked prisoner.

"There is something to that," Jack said. "I just wondered why a young woman might like this so much, especially when we get to the total emasculations. It seems weird to me to delight in the elimination of desirable sex partners?"

"Who said anything about eliminating desirable sex partners?" I said. "After all they aren't getting their tongues lopped off."

That brought a laugh from John and Jack, and a knowing smile from Anne.

Several other well-dressed men had now come over to join the conversation with the Middle Eastern official and the prisoner. I caught several of them turning around and looking right at us.

"What is going on there," I asked John.

"No idea," John said.

Two of the well-dressed men turned and walked over towards us.

"We have a rather unusual situation here," he said to the guests gathered around the food. "As you know this man has been sentenced to a traditional castration for the crime of rape. He has heard of the roulette game that will follow his castration. He would like to offer his penis in a wager against a lady's clitoris."

There was a gasp from several of the guests.

"Now this man recognizes his position, and realizes he cannot expect a lady to accept this as a fifty-fifty wager, so he is prepared to offer ten to one odds to the lady. As some of you know, there was much discussion about such wagers here some years ago, and Mr. Levitt had the equipment built to carry out such wagers. Since the equipment was built, however, no one has agreed to actually carry out such a wager, so this would be the first time it is used.

"If the wager is accepted, both participants would be strapped to tables and would have the guillotine attached. For the man, both his penis and testicles. For the lady, only her clitoris. The wheel has one hundred numbers on it. To provide the ten to one odds, ten numbers would be assigned to the lady's guillotine, and ninety numbers to the man's guillotine. The wheel would then be spun, and only one of guillotines would fire.

"Now a few more points, even if the man does win this wager, he will still be given a traditional castration. It is only his penis that is being wagered, and the lady is only being asked to wager her clitoris, nothing more. Also, this is strictly a private wager between the two participants. It is not a replacement for the roulette game. The lady will still be expected to participate in C & C Roulette."

"And he expects one of us will take him up on this wager," the woman next to me said.

"Actually, the wager is being offered specifically to the young lady in the red dress," he said, looking at me.

"What! Me!" I said.

"Yes madam," the man said. "He is only offering the wager to you. Now I may hasten to add that you are under absolutely no obligation to accept this wager. All you have to do is say no, and we will continue with a standard castration."

I was in shock. I didn't know what to think. My brain was screaming say "no", but my pussy was dripping wet. I felt everyone looking at me. I looked at John, trying to organize my thoughts.

John leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Ask for better odds."

I knew I should simply say I wasn't interested, the idea of betting my clit one on one against a guys cock made my pussy tingle. Of course, if I lost the wager, that tingle would be gone forever. What a wager!

"How about one hundred to one odds?" I said.

There was dead silence in the room for a second, then people began to whisper to each other.

"Am I to understand the lady is willing to accept the wager at one hundred to one odds," the man said.

"Yes," I said.

"I will tell the man, one moment please" he said.

John leaned over and whispered to me again.

"Hang tough," John said. "If he will do it at ten to one, he'll do it at one hundred to one."

"You think so," I said.

"I'm sure of it," John said. "He offered ten to one odds. In his mind he has already given up his cock. He just wants to see you naked. That or maybe he is just a gambling addict."

The well-dressed man walked back over towards us.

"The man is willing to offer the wager at twenty to one odds," the man said.

I looked at John.

"I said I would accept the wager at one hundred to one." I said. "That is my final offer. Take it or get on with it."

"I understand the lady completely, one moment please," the man said.

The man walked back over to the talk with the other men. In a moment he return.

"The man asked me to tell you that you are both very beautiful and a hard bargainer," the man said. "He accepts your offer at one hundred to one."

Chapter 6

What had I gotten myself into now? The room was buzzing with hushed conversations.

"See, I told you," John said to me.

My head was spinning. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself down.

"The equipment for this sort of wager will take a while to get setup," the man said. "We will carry out this wager at the conclusion of the party. Now we will proceed to C & C Roulette. Would everyone please follow these gentlemen."

We followed the servants towards the back of the huge house to another room. This room was smaller of course, but easily accommodated everyone. There was an inclined table in the center of the room. Next to it was a large wheel, which was not really like a roulette wheel at all. It was a large wheel that was mounted vertically, and sat on the floor next to the table where the occupant would have a good view. The numbers seemed to be randomly distributed around the wheel.

There where a number of long normal tables end to end across the middle of the room, except where the inclined table and wheel were in the center. One of the tables in the center had a big bowl containing plastic tabs.

"We all take our clothes off now," John said. "Leave your clothes on one of these tables. After you take your spin on the wheel, you go through to the other side and you can pick up your clothes for the rest of the party."

"Unless you leave something in the bucket," Jack said.

"In that case," John laughed. "Getting your clothes back will be the least of your problems."

Everyone was beginning to causally remove his or her clothes. John was laying his shirt on one of the tables. I kicked my shoes off and sat them on the table. I unzipped my dress, slipped it off my shoulders and stepped out of it. I left it on the table next to John's clothes. I looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Many were already naked. I peeled the pasties off my nipples. Then I pulled my panties off, and I was standing there completely naked in a room filled with naked people.

"Just to remind you all, this is a total nullification wager," the man said. "For men we use the guillotine around both the penis and the testicles, as well as the new nipple guillotines. For the ladies we use the clitoris guillotine and the nipple guillotines. The rest of the nullification will be performed surgically after the person is stabilized.

"Your odds will be one in a hundred, except for the unaccompanied gentlemen, who must wager at fifty to one. If your odds are one hundred to one, you pick one of these number tabs from this bowel. If your odds are fifty to one, you pick two of the tabs. You insert the tabs here on this box."

"Who wishes to go first?" he asked.

The mayor stepped forward and drew two tabs, and inserted them in the machine. The mayor was so fat, that his cock looked tiny below all the layers of fat on his belly. He leaned back and was strapped onto the table. The men fitted the guillotine around his cock and balls. They carefully position the bucket under the table in case, and then they gave the mayor the remote control. The mayor said something in his native language, and pushed the button to spin the wheel. His cock and balls hung limply from the guillotine. When the wheel stopped, there was a loud clunk, and then a green light came on below the wheel. I guessed that meant all clear.

Everyone applauded politely, so I did too. The mayor was freed from the guillotines and the restraints removed from his hands and feet. Next was the man John had said was the head of organized crime. He took two tabs from the bowel and plugged them into the box. Then he leaned back and was strapped onto the table. He kissed a chain he had around his neck with a cross on it before his hands were strapped above his head. The nipple and genital guillotines were fastened on and adjusted. Then he was given the button. He immediately pushed and released it after a few seconds. This man also had a limp cock, but it looked very long even limp. I was watching the cock closely as the wheel stopped and I heard the clunk. The green light came on below the wheel. The man praised some god and the men began freeing him from the restraints.

John pulled at my hand.

"Let's get it over with," John said. "Don't want you sitting around getting all nervous."

I reluctantly followed John. John went first. He took just one tab from the bowl and plugged it in the box. John was strapped to the table, while I stood a few feet away waiting my turn next. I watched the guillotine fastened around his cock and balls, and the smaller ones connected to his nipples. Then they handed John the button. This was the moment of truth for John. His cock was not completely limp, but only partially erect. He pressed the button and watched the wheel spin, then released the button. The wheel slowly stopped. My eyes were glued to his cock. I heard the clunk, and his cock was still there. The green light appeared below the wheel. His cock was still firmly attached. They unfastened the guillotines and let him off the table.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I pulled one of the plastic tabs from the bowel and put it into the box. Then climbed up on the table myself. My stomach was in a knot and I could feel my pussy was dripping wet. The angle of the Y opening forced me to spread my legs very wide. They fastened my ankles to the table. Then they fastened my wrists above my head. One of the men gently parted my vaginal lips, obviously looking for my clit. Unlike some men, he knew right were to find it.

"This will hurt a little bit," he said.

He pushed back the hood and slid a large clip over the hood to hold it back. Then he fastened the guillotine to the clip and carefully adjusts it. Another man pinched my nipples and pulled them up and then clamped the nipple guillotine around each nipple. A man pulled the bucket out from under the table and instead slid a large low tray under it.

The man put the button into one of my hands above my head.

"Now madam, you may press the button when you are ready," he said.

This was it. This spin of the wheel would now decide if I remained a woman, if I would ever have an orgasm again. I looked down at my body. My clit was standing up in the middle of the silver ring. There was a very sharp looking blade at the top of the ring that was ready to slice my clit off, if the guillotine fired. My nipples were also standing erect in their own silver rings, with sharp blades ready to snipe them off too. I really didn't want to lose my clit. I looked at John, took a deep breath, and pressed the button. The wheel began to spin. My pussy was buzzing. I felt so wet. I was worried there might be juices dripping from it. I wanted to finger myself, but I couldn't with my clit under the blade of the guillotine. I swallowed and released the button. The wheel slowed and came to a stop. My eyes were fixed on the guillotine blade above my clit.

I heard the clunk of the relay. Nothing seemed to have happened. People started to applaud. I looked at the wheel and saw the green light below it. I was relieved, and I was still a woman.

The men began to gently disconnect the guillotines, and then unfastened me from the table. I walked up to John and hugged him.

"You did it like a real trooper," John said.

"Thanks," I said. "God pressing that button that could end my womanhood is a real head trip."

"You know it," said John. "There is nothing quite like it."

"Now that you have wagered your clit as the price of admission, and won" John said. "You can watch some men and women really lose theirs."

"Don't forget that the lady has agreed to another wager as well," one of the men running the wheel said.

"Ah, yes," John said. "Right you are."

I had forgotten about that already. Now I remembered I was going to have to go through this all again.

"Well, forget about that for now," John said.

Jack was now all strapped to the table and the guillotines were attached.

Let's watch this," John said. "You never know, what could happen."

Jack's cock looked tiny and limp. He pushed the button, and then released it a few seconds later. I watched his small cock, but nothing happened, and he was soon off the table.

It was now Anne's turn. They fastened her to the table, and began hooking up the guillotines. They changed the pail to the large tray again.

"Why do they use a tray for women and a pail for men," I asked.

"The clit is very small and light." John said. "The guillotines can throw it a long way. On the other hand, there is very little blood. A man's cock and balls are much heavier and tend to fall straight down. There can be a lot more blood too."

"Oh, I see," I said.

I wondered how many women had lost their womanhood to figure that out. I guessed this had been learned from all the prisoner castrations, and not from guests who lost it at roulette.

The woman was all fasten in now, and she pressed the button spinning the wheel. The wheel began to slow down and stopped. There was the loud clunk, and then the green light. Everyone applauded.

I wondered what everyone was applauding for. We were all here to see people castrated. Why were we applauding when people were not castrated? Didn't make sense.

"Congratulations," Jack said to me with a smile.

"I bet you wanted to see my clit snipped, didn't you," I said.

"I still have one more chance for that later tonight," Jack said. "Since you have agreed to an additional wager."

"Don't get your hopes up too high," I said. "I don't plan to lose anything there either."

"We will see," he said.

Another couple was now taking their turn at the wheel. The man was strapped in, and I watched his cock intently as he pushed the button. The green light came on and once again the cock remained firmly attached to the man.

I wondered how many people had actually lost at this game. I knew of two. The man at the High Tower Club and the woman John had told me about, but I guessed there had been others.

The woman was now taking her turn, and she escaped with all her body parts still in working order. The last were the two younger brothers, who had to draw two tabs for the fifty to one odds. This gave us better odds of seeing a guy lose his cock. These two young men were also in good shape, and they both had large cocks. There cocks got rock hard when they climbed on the table. The guillotine around the base made them look huge. I watched each guy's cock carefully as the wheel slowed down, but nothing happened and they made it through with all body parts in tack.

"Congratulations to everyone who pushed the button and risked their own nullification," one of the men said. "Now you can get dressed and we will see some nullifications."

Chapter 7

We all got dressed and followed the servants to another room. It had one of the inclined tables in the middle of the room. Everyone one stood around for a few minutes.

"Once again, everyone has escaped roulette, Anne said to me.

"I was glad to escape," I said. "Weren't you?"

"Of course," she said. "But is gets boring when no one ever loses."

"There have been ideas to make roulette more interesting," Jack said.

"Like what ideas?" I asked.

"More interesting here means more risky," John said.

"Well, one idea is progressive roulette," Jack said.

"What is that," I asked.

"You start as we did tonight with everyone talking one number on the wheel," Jack said. "If as happen tonight, everyone makes it through that round, we change the odds to fifty to one and everyone does another round. We keep reducing the odds, until not everyone makes it through a round."

"Wow," I said. "That would be risky."

"Not if you could get one hundred people to play," Jack said.

"Oh, now there is a fantasy," Anne said. "You couldn't get two people to play that."

"Well, ten would be the minimum number for me to play," Jack said.

"Will never happen," Anne said.

The door opened, and another naked Middle Eastern man was lead into the room.

"This should be good." Anne said. "It's really amazing to watch a guy drop his cock into the bucket."

"I'm looking forward to it," I said.

A Middle Eastern man came in and began to speak in some language I could not understand.

"I wonder what this guy did," I asked John.

"I don't understand Farsi either," John said.

"I understand a little," a man said.

I turned to see the speaker. It was one of the two young brothers who had come together.

"From the little I can make out, he is a serial adulterer," the young man said. "It is mostly a list of all the married women he has bedded. I think he father children by some of them too."

"Oh," I said.

"In this last part, I think he seduced some underage girls too," the young man added. "Well, virgins anyway."

"Yuck," I said.

"Sounds like a fitting punishment," John said. "After tonight he won't have the equipment anymore."

"That is for sure," the young man said. "By the way, I am Ken."

"I am Amy," I said. "Nice to meet you."

The naked man was lead forward and pushed down on the table. He looked to be middle age, but he was still in very good shape, with a lean body and a hansom face. He had dark hair and dark eyes. I could easily see what the women saw in him, at least physically.

He had stood with his head hung down the whole time the charges were read, and never had seemed to notice us. Now he watched the guards intently as they strapped him to the table. One of the men pulled his cock and balls away from his body, and then fastened the guillotine around the base of both. It was the same as had been done to all the male guests a few minutes before. The difference was there was no doubt that this guillotine was going to fire. One man carefully positioned the pail under the table.

John pushed me ahead of him so I was standing right in front of the table. The man had an uncut cock. It looked long and thin, and I could just barely see the head though the small opening at the end of the foreskin. I adjusted the front of my dress again to slightly increase the cleavage that showed. The man had been looking around wildly, as if searching for something that would save him, or more to the point, save his cock. Now his eyes stopped on me. His eyes seem to see right into me. When I stood there in front of him, I felt like I was completely naked before a stranger. I began to get that tingling in my pussy.

The room was silent. All I could see was his eyes and his cock hanging out of the shiny metal clamped at its base. Then there was a click, a flash of reflected light as the guillotine sliced down. Slowly the cock and balls tumbled forward away from the man's body, and then dropped towards the bucket as the knife completed its cut. The man let out a horrible scream, and his face was contorted in pain. There was a small stream of blood that followed the penis down into the bucket, but one of the men quickly applied some gauze pads to stop the bleeding, and the table was pushed out of the room.

I was speechless. I had never seen or experienced anything like that before.

With the man out of the room, people began to applaud. Earlier we had applauded each other for not losing our manhood or womanhood. Were we now applauding the man to thank him for giving up his manhood? I decided it must be to thank Carl Levitt for letting us watch, but he extracted a price to let us watch.

A man with gloves pulled the cock and balls out of the bucket and showed it to everyone, then dropped it into a bottle with some liquid.

"Well, it looks like this guy will not be seducing the ladies anymore," Jack said. "His equipment is in a bottle on the table."

I hadn't noticed the table before. There were three jars setting on the table, two with a pair of balls, and the one with a cock and balls.

"That isn't the equipment he used," I said. "Not to seduce all those women."

"Oh, really," Ken said. "What equipment did he use."

"A women is never seduced by a man's cock," I said. "With this man it was his eyes. He had dark, mysterious eyes that could look into a woman's soul and see her erotic desires. That was the tool he used to seduce all those women."

"Ah, that is what happened there," John said. "He was really panicky until he looked into your soul and saw your erotic desire to see his cock cut off. Then he fulfilled your desire by having it cut off just for you."

Everyone laughed.

"Could be," I said.

"She is a real cock charmer," Ken said.

"That she is," John agreed. "She can charm them up or charm them right off."

Everyone laughed while I blushed.

"After she has seen this," Ken said. "You better make sure she hasn't hidden a knife under the pillow."

That got another laugh.

"I would never do that," I protested. "I really love them."

"Yes," Ken said. "But do you love them in a bottle on the shelf or still attached?"

"Attached to a charming man, of course," I said. "One in a bottle isn't good for anything."

That got a good laugh from everyone.

Another table had now been pushed into the room.

"I think now you get to see a woman lose her clit," John said.

"I bet you will enjoy this," I said.

"You won't?" John asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "We will see."

In a few minutes the woman was lead into the room. She looked to be Middle Eastern or North African. She was probably about 30, with a good figure. Her breasts were medium size, clearly larger than mine. She had long black hair and an extremely full bush that had not been trimmed. She was standing quietly with her head bowed.

A man now started apparently reading the charges against her in Arabic.

"I suspect this is adultery," John said.

When the man finished, the woman was lead to the table, still with her head bowed like she was afraid to look up and see what was going on around her. The men leaned her back on the table and fastened her ankles and writs to the table.

One of the men carefully parted her vaginal lips and pushed all the hair out of the way. He pushed the hood back, as they had on me a few minutes ago, to reveal the clit. Then he slipped the clip on to hold the hood back. The woman cried out, but then went silent. They attached the clit guillotine to the clip. One of the men aligned and adjusted it. He then stood back to admire the clit standing up in the middle of the silver ring. Now they were ready.

The woman was lying on the inclined table with her eyes closed. Apparently she did not want to see what was going to happen.

"Now watch this carefully," John said. "It is very small, and it will come off in a blink of an eye."

I knew the clit was small. I had my eyes fixed on that clit in the center of the ring. My clit had been in the center of that ring not long ago, but my guillotine had not fired. This guillotine would fire for sure. I began to feel the same tingly in my clit that I had felt when mine was under that knife. There was a click, and the knife sliced across the ring too quickly for the eye to see. The small fragment flesh, rich with nerve endings that had undoubtedly brought this woman great pleasure, was cleanly slice off and was now flying through the air away from her body.

The woman screamed loudly, and a man pushed a small pad where the clit had been, although I had seen very little blood. The table was unlocked and quickly pushed out of the room.

"What did you think," John asked.

"I think she is going to miss that," I said.

"I bet she will," John said. "Just like the man will miss his cock."

"I think she may miss it more," I said. "The guys balls were taken along with his cock, so his desire will probably fade away. I think she will still have the desire, just not be able to satisfy it."

"You may be right," John said. "But I wouldn't want to find out."

"If you keep coming here, you might well get the chance to find out," I said.

"Don't forget your wager," Ken said. "You could still experience it tonight."

"That is true," John said smiling at me.

"I'm not planning to lose anything," I said.

"Never know," Ken said. "When they get you in the guillotine, anything can happen. It can all be gone in a blink of an eye."

"It's a hundred to one odds," I said.

"I have seen clits come off even at those odds," Ken said.

"Let's not scare her too much," John said.

"Yes," Ken said. "I'm really looking forward to that wager, and I thank you for accepting it."

"I'm not sure whether that is a complement or you are just hoping I lose," I said.

"It is intended as a complement," Ken said.

I had just seen what could have happened earlier when my clit was under the guillotine's knife. Or could happened later tonight when it was again because like a fool I had agreed to wager my clit. The thought of putting my clit back in the guillotine's ring, just a fraction of an inch away from that knife blade that had just sliced this clit off and sent if flying through the air, still made my pussy tingle. That didn't make any sense to me. That knife blade would not bring an orgasm, it would end all orgasms.

Two inclined tables had now been pushed into the center of the room. This must be the preparations for the double castration.

"This was suppose to be the climax of the night," Anne said. "But your wager has taken that place. All these men are really looking forward to it now."

"Really," I said. "I don't understand. Two people are going to lose it here. Only one of us will lose it in the wager, and only one in a hundred odds it will be me."

"The one on one wager has been a fantasy with lots of these guys for years," Anne said. "They wanted to see it, but none of them had the courage to do it. Now they finally get to see a real winner take all wager."

"God, I cannot imagine why anyone would do a fifty/fifty wager like that," I said.

"There are rare cases people might agree to it," Jack said.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Say two guys were both hung up on the same woman," Jack replied. "Such a wager could decide which one could pursue her."

"Wow," I said. "I guess that certainly would take one out of the running."

"Many years ago in Porto Kanda many of the young men use to test their manhood in games of chance," Ken said. "Some lost their manhood that way. The wager could be a replacement for that."

"But at fifty-fifty odds, you could lose a lot of manhood," I said.

"True," Ken said. "But what if you could get 10 or 20 men to test their manhood, and only one had to lose his cock."

"Wow," I said. "That would be amazing."

"Imagine, 10 cocks in a circle," Ken said. "When the wheel stops, one of them drops off."

"Wow," I said.

"Would you like to watch that?" Ken asked.

"Of course," I said.

"That is just a fantasy," Jack said. "You will never get ten men to go for that. You can't even get two."

"Ten might be easier than two," Ken said.

"Well, it is better odds," Jack admitted.

"These guys fantasized all kinds of one on one or group wagers people might want to make," Anne said. "But after they got the equipment build they discovered they are just fantasies."

"I see," I said. "Like what?"

"I think Carl had the equipment build for all kinds of N-way wagers," the woman said.

"Yeah," Ken said. "We thought maybe couples or groups might want settle disputes that way."

"My god," I said. "If very many of you started settling disputes that way, pretty soon this would be the Cockless and Clitless Cub."

That brought a chuckle from everyone.

"Yeah," Ken said. "Definitely not something you can do very often."

"Or at all," I said. "If you want to hold onto your manhood or womanhood."

The door opened and a naked man and woman were lead into the room. Everyone turned to see them.

They were both Middle Eastern looking, and looked to be in their mid to late twenties. The man was taller and thin. He was truly a fine physical specimen with a long, uncut cock hanging between his legs.

The government official began to read the charges against them in Farsi.

I suddenly realized how weird it was to think about a man this way. I was certainly not a virgin when I met John. I had seen naked men before, but always as lovers. I had met them and been seduced by them while dressed. Only seeing them naked after I had decided to make love to them. I could tell a lot about a man by the way he dressed. But tonight I was seeing men for the first time naked, without ever seeing them dressed! I was developing totally different standards for judging men. Almost all my lovers had had a little bit of baby fat around the middle. Certainly John did. This young man had no baby fat at all. His abs looked solid. I liked that. His uncut cock was long and thin. I liked that look too. It looked good hang between his legs. An uncut cock hanging between a man's legs somehow looked more natural. John was cut, and I could never remember his cock hanging between his legs like that. John's cock was either a little stubby thing or big hard thing pointing up at me.

I'm sure this guy's cock could point up at me too, but in a few minutes his cock was going to be in a bottle. I would really like to see a cock like that attached to a charming man. I looked up at the man's face. He looked right at me. I didn't like the way he looked at me. There was something in his eyes that told me get away from this man.

I'm sure there were other men with equally beautiful cocks. This man didn't deserve his. I was going to enjoy seeing this beautiful cock separated from this man.

I looked over at the woman. She looked to be in her late twenties, maybe just thirty. She had a good figure, but had a lot more baby fat than the man. She had a thick, natural bush of dark black hair, good size breasts, much larger than mine.

"What do you think," John asked as the two were now lead over to the tables.

"It will all happen so fast," I said. "If they do them at exactly the same time, it will be hard to watch both."

"I know," John said. "Have you decided which to watch."

"Oh, yes," I said.

"And which is it," John asked.

"The man, of course," I said. "You can watch the woman."

"I thought so," John said. "But the clit is so small, you have to watch carefully to see it fly off. It is much easier to see the cock drop out of the corner of your eye."

"True," I said. "But I am going to keep my eye on that cock anyway."

The two ill-fated lovers were now strapped to the tables and the guillotines were being fitted to them. The pail was being positioned under the man's table, the low tray under the woman's. I moved to the other side of John to get a better view of the man's cock and to give John a better view of the woman's clit.

Now everything was ready. The man's long thin uncut cock was firmly griped by the silver ring of the guillotine. The woman's clit, pinched and pushed up by the clip, was sitting right in the middle of another silver ring. Both rings had razor sharp knifes. In seconds both the cock and clit would be separated from these former lovers. The two former lovers turned their heads to face each other. I could see that they still did care for each other, at least a little. I wondered what this woman saw in this man. This cock and this clit had known illicit pleasure together. Now they were going to pay the price together for those brief moments of intense pleasure.

There was a click. I saw the flash of reflected light as both knives on the guillotines fired. The beautiful uncut cock rolled downward away from the man's body and dropped into the pail. The man and woman both screamed. A man pushed a large pad where the man's cock had been. A smaller pad was placed over the former location of the woman's clit.

"Did you like that," John asked.

"You bet," I said.

The tables were pushed out of the room, and everyone applauded.

"Two star crossed lovers," Anne said. "Sort like Romeo and Juliet."

"Only they died at the end," Jack said.

"Well, these two left their man and womanhood on floor here," Anne said.

Two men came over to show us the cock, balls and clit of the former lovers. The cock resting in his hand looked smaller than when it was still fastened to its former owner, but it was still attractively shaped. The clit looked tiny by comparison.

"Now that you have seen some men really drop their cocks, what do you think," Anne asked me.

"It is amazing," I said. "A truly unforgettable experience. I still like cocks attached to interesting men, but watching a few cocks detached from their former owners certainly stimulates my womanhood."

"Let's not forget that the night is not over yet," Ken said. "There is still one cock or clit to be separated from its current owner."

I had forgotten again my earlier foolish wager.

"Another cock," I said.

"One chance in a hundred it will be a clit," Ken reminded me.

The lovers' cock, balls and clit had now all been put in a single bottle on the table next to the others. Four sets of balls, two cock, and two clits so far for the night. I was hoping for one more cock and balls to add to that collection, but Ken was right. There was a one in a hundred chance my clit would be added to the collection instead tonight. That would truly be a great loss. I could feel how wet my panties were getting. I really wanted to still have my clit when I left the island tonight so I could relieve all this tension.

"Ladies and gentleman," a man said. "We now have the equipment set up to carry out the wager this young woman accepted. If she is still willing to accept the wager, we can proceed."

Everyone looked at me. I could still change my mind and make sure I had my clit when I left the island. I looked at John. I knew he wanted to see me do this. He had put his cock in the guillotines four times now at one hundred to one odds, and he still had his cock. Everyone else in this room had done it a similar number of times with their cock or clit. I guess I could put my clit under the guillotine again at those odds.

"I still accept the wager," I said.

Everyone in the room applaud.

Chapter 8

"Then follow these men," the man said.

We walked down a short hall to another room with a pair of inclined tables. They were setup facing each other in the center of the room. Next to them was a wheel that looked the same as the one we had used for C & C Roulette. The wheel was positioned so that the occupants of both tables would have a good view. I guessed the tables were facing each other so that the winner of wager would have a good view of the loser's fate. The audience would have to make do.

There were several men still adjusting the equipment. We stood around waiting for the young man to arrive.

"Getting nervous," John asked.

"You know I am," I said.

"It's hundred to one odds," John said. "He is just giving you his cock."

Just then the men arrived with the naked young man. They lead him to one of the tables and began to fasten him in.

"If you could now get undressed, madam, we can begin," the man said.

I kicked off my shoes. John helped me unzip my dress and slip out of it. I looked around a little sheepishly at everyone else in his or her party dress. It was easier to undress when everyone else was too. I gathered my courage and slipped off my panties revealing my cleanly shaved pussy. The young man on the table was staring at me, and his cock, which had been lying limp, began to get hard. I smiled, as I went over to be strapped to the other table.

"Excuse me madam," the man near the table said. "I hope you do not consider this to be rude. Since you are only wagering your clitoris, we will not be using the nipple guillotines, but this man is wagering his penis at one hundred to one odds. Don't you think it would be fair to him to take the covers off your nipples?"

I had completely forgotten about the little red pasties that had come with the new dress.

"Oh," I said. "No problem. I forgot about them."

I peeled them off to reveal my rock hard nipples, and handed them to John. I climbed up on to the table. It felt cold against my backsides. No one had warmed this table up before me. The Y forced me to spread my legs wide again. My wrists and ankles were quickly strapped to the table, making escape impossible. Was it too late to change my mind? If I asked now, would they let me out of this wager?

The man stepped forward.

"I will now explain exactly what the procedure for the wager is," the man said. "The man is wagering his penis, although the guillotine will be placed around both his penis and his testicles, and both will be cut off, if his guillotine fires. The lady is wagering only her clitoris. If her guillotine fires, only the clitoris will be sliced off. The lady will have only one number on the wheel to fire her guillotine. The man will have the other 99 numbers to fire his guillotine. The lady will pick her number. We will program her number into the wheel. Then we will test the system to demonstrate that only the one number fires the lady's guillotine and all other numbers fire the man guillotine. Then we will attach both guillotines. We will then give both of you the spin controls for the wheel. Both of you will have to hold the button closed to start the wheel spinning. When the first person releases their button, the wheel will begin to slow down and stop. When the wheel has completely stopped, you will hear a relay. That relay will fire one of the guillotines, depending on the number where the wheel stopped."

"Now I must ask both of you, if you still agree to this wager," the man said. "And that your agreement is completely voluntarily. I must caution you that once you both agree to the wager again, there will be no going back until one of the guillotines has fired and the wager is settled."

"Yes," the young man said. "I agree."

I guess it wasn't too late to back out.

"Yes," I heard myself say. "I agree."

Was it really me that had said that? Now my clit was in the hands of fate.

"Would the lady like to pick her lucky number?" the man asked.

Did I have a lucky number?

"Eighty-three," I said.

It was the first number that popped into my head.

A man pushed some buttons on the box at the bottom of the wheel.

"Now we will demonstrate the guillotines," the man said. "First we will demonstrate that the lady's guillotine does actually fire on eighty-three."

One man held up the guillotine by my table. The other man started the wheel spinning then used his hand to stop it at eighty-three. There was a clunk, and then the guillotine knife in the man's hand snapped down.

He turned to the young man on the opposite table.

"Are you satisfied?" he asked.

"Yes," young man replied, staring at my wide open pussy.

"Now we will demonstrate some of the other numbers, until the lady is satisfied," the man said.

The one man held up the guillotine by the other table and they spun the wheel. This time they just let it stop by itself. There was another clunk, and the knife of the other guillotine snapped down across the opening.

I could feel my pussy was incredibly wet. I couldn't see if fluid was actually running out of it yet, but I was worried I might start dripping any minute.

"I'm satisfied," I said.

"Very well, madam," the man said. "Attach the guillotines."

A man stepped up to my table and pushed my vaginal lips further apart. He pushed back the hood on the clitoris.

"This may hurt a little," the man said.

He pushed the hood back as far as he could and slipped the clip on. It did hurt more than just a little.

"Ouch," I said.

The man then placed the guillotine over my exposed clit and attached it to the clip. He then stood back to admire his work.

They had also finished clamping the guillotine around the young man's cock and balls. A man brought a button connected to a wire and put it in my hand. The young man was handed his button.

"We are now ready to execute the wager," the man said. "You must both press your buttons to start the wheel spinning. You will have 5 minutes starting now to press the buttons. If you do not both press the buttons in that 5 minutes, the wheel will automatically spin for 10 seconds to complete the wager. Good luck to both of you."

My heart was pounding in my ears. My clit was tingling and hurt from the clamp at the same time. The young man's cock was rock hard standing up from his guillotine. I pressed my button. Nothing happened. I guess that was not surprising. At hundred to one odds the young man was probably savoring these last moments with his cock and balls attached. At least I hoped it was his last moments. My eyes went up from his cock to his eyes. We stared into each other eyes. Did he have any idea how excited I felt? Why was he doing this? If he had kept his penis, with hormone therapy, he could have had almost a normal sex life. Now he was giving that up, for what? A chance to see me naked? As I stared into his eyes, they seemed to tell me he wanted something a little different. He wanted to see me strapped into the clit guillotine and unsure what was about to happen. He wanted to see me risk my clit for him, even if the odds for him were terrible.

Suddenly, the wheel began to spin. Had he finally pushed the button or was the five minutes up already. We stared at each other, as the wheel that held our fate in the balance spun. I released my button, and the wheel began to slow down. I did not dare look at the wheel to see what number it was stopping at. I stared into his eyes.

I heard the relay clunk. I could still feel my clit, or at least I thought I could still feel it. What happen? Did you still think you could feel your clit after it had been cut off? Had something malfunctioned?

Then I saw the young man's cock and balls tip forward away from his body and drop towards the pail under the table. He let out a scream, as one of the men pushed gauze into where it had been seconds before.

The men quickly pushed the young man's table out of the room.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. The other people in the room began to applaud.

A man quickly disconnected my unfired guillotine, pulled off the clip and released the straps that were holding me.

John came over and gave me a kiss.

"That was amazing," John said. "I have never seen anything like that."

"Wow," I said. "That was an unbelievable experience. I think we need to get home now."

"I'm with you," John said.

A man with gloves got the cock and balls out of the pail, and held them out for everyone to see.

John handed me my panties, and I slipped them back on. I put the pasties back onto my nipples. Then John helped me back into the dress.

"Madam, this is yours," a man said.

I turned to see one of the servants holding out a bottle with the cock and balls of the young man in some fluid.

"What?" I said.

"Madam, you won this in a wager," the servant said. "Technically, you only won the penis, but I asked the government representative, and he agreed you should have the testicles as well for letting him watch the wager."

I didn't know I had let him watch.

"Your first cock," John said. "Now you are officially a cock charmer. You charmed that cock right off of him."

"First!" I said. "You think I'm ever going to do this again?"

"Maybe," John said.

"In your fantasies," I said.

I took the bottle and looked at it. It looked smaller than when attached to the young man, but it did look nice.

"What am I going to do with it?" I asked.

"Put it on your dresser as a trophy," John said. "You can look at it every morning and remember how you tempted that man into giving it to you."

The two brothers came up to me.

"We wanted to congratulate you," Ken said.

"That was inspiring," the other said.

"You are the spunky kind of woman we need more of around here," Ken said.

"Well, thank you," I said. "But I'm not sure if it was spunk or stupidity."

"I hope we are going to see you here again," Ken said.

"We'll see," I said.

John and I headed back to the helicopter for our ride back to Porto Kanda. John couldn't even wait for us to get back. He had his hands all over me on the ride back, and that night we did really celebrate the fact that all of our equipment was still in working order.

Chapter 9

John was only in Porto Kanda for a few days, and then he was gone again. I was use to this.

The second week after the party, I was surprised while walking to lunch by a familiar voice.

"Remember me," a man said.

I turned and there was the older brother, Ken, from the party standing there.

"Hi," I said. "Do you work around here?"

"Nearby," he said. "I'm Ken, if you remember."

"I'm Amy," I said. "I'm suppose to meet some friends for lunch. Want to come?"

"Well, I really can't," he said. "But I would like to get a chance to talk with you sometime."

We arranged to meet for dinner on Friday night, provided John didn't come back. I was a little worried why he was so interested in me. Friday when we went to dinner, I wanted to make things clear.

"You do understand," I said. "I am not leading you on here."

"Oh, yes," Ken said. "I understand perfectly. I wouldn't think of trying to take you away from John. I just know John is out of town a lot and thought you might like a little company."

"John is gone often," I said.

"I view you as a sort of kindred spirit," Ken said.

"You do," I said. "I don't understand."

"How much do you know about the history of the C & C Club," Ken asked.

"John told me a little," I said.

"Did he tell you about the old Logato Club?" Ken asked.

"No," I said. "Never heard of it."

"If you promise never to tell John or anyone else, I can tell you a little about the secret history of the C & C Club," Ken said.

"Sure," I said. "I can keep a secret."

"The Logato Club goes way back," Ken said. "No idea when it first opened. I heard it was in the 30s. It was famous with natives. Mostly drinking, card games and occasional fights. I have heard the castration games started at the Logato in the 40s, but it wasn't till the late 50s and early 60s that they became widely know. By the late 60s the government was forced to crack down on them and they put the Logato out of business."

"What kind of games were these?" I asked.

"They built on some old tribal traditions," Ken said. "Young men were expected to test themselves against other young men, and the losers were sometimes castrated. The Logato changed those tests into card games where a few of the players were castrated."

"Wow," I said.

"It would be like 8 to 12 men," Ken said. "And one or two would get castrated."

"That is still pretty amazing," I said.

"The Logato was kind of a native secret until the early 60s, when some Porto Kanda business types found out, and started putting up big cash prizes if they could watch the games. That was kind of the beginning of the end of the Logato. Johns father, Peter, and Carl Levitt were two of the big sponsors of those games at the Logato."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know that."

"Sometime in the mid 60s, Peter and Carl got in an argument over something. Eventually one of them challenged the other to a card game at the Logato to settle the argument. Supposedly, the two of them played a one on one game at the Logato. As you might guess, Peter won, and Carl lost his balls."

"Wow," I said. "Carl is a eunuch?"

"Yep," Ken said. "But he just lost his balls. Classic Chinese and Middle Eastern eunuchs had both their balls and penis removed."

"So that's why he doesn't come to any of the parties?" I said.

"It could be," Ken said. "I have never seen him at any of the parties."

"So he is trying to get other people castrated to get even for his lose many years ago?" I asked.

"Perhaps," Ken said. "But I think it is more complicated then that. He wants to see who has what it takes, so to speak, like the old Logato did."

"I still can't believe what I did," I said.

"Oh, you showed you have what it takes," Ken said. "If you were a man, I would say you have huge balls."

"That is a funny way of putting it," I said with a smile. "You showed you have what it takes too."

"Thank you," Ken said. "It was a real thrill to see you there."

"What do you mean," I asked.

"Most of the men and woman there are...," Ken said. "Well,...older."

"Oh," I said.

"They don't really have much to lose," Ken said.

"Ah," I said.

"You are young," Ken said. "That is why what you did was so inspiring."

"Or stupid," I said with a laugh.

"I don't think it was stupid," Ken said. "Not at all. It was a small risk, but a very, very real."

"Everyone there took a very real risk," I said. "You included. You're young too, so you have got a lot to lose."

"But you did it one on one," Ken said.

"So," I said. "It was still a hundred to one. You spun the wheel at fifty to one. I spun it twice at hundred to one. Same thing."

"Yes, but a one on one has been a fantasy for years," Ken said. "And with a woman..."

"I think you have that prisoner to thank," I said. "He had similar fantasies, and he wanted to make those fantasies real so badly, he did it with the odds insanely against him."

"I think I understand his thinking," Ken said. "He figured he was losing his balls anyway, so his cock would not be worth that much to him."

"But with hormone therapy he could have had an almost normal sex life," I said.

"Not in his culture," Ken said. "Since he wouldn't be able to father children, he wouldn't be able to marry."

"Oh," I said.

"So," Ken said. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," I said. "But I don't promise to answer."

"Ok," Ken said. "Why did you accept his wager?"

"I'm not sure," I said. "My brain was screaming to say no, but I didn't."

"Your logic said no," Ken said. "But the idea turned you on so much, you had to do it."

"Maybe," I said.

"That's what makes you a kindred spirit," Ken said. "You find the idea so exciting you can't resist."

"That's why you keep going to the parties?" I asked. "You find the idea so exciting, you just have to risk it one more time?"

"Something like that," Ken said.

"Wow," I said. "I thought I was crazy to do it once, but you keep doing it over and over."

"Aren't you going to do it again?" Ken asked.

"I don't think so," I said. "John wants to, of course, and he thinks he can convince me again."

"I'd bet he will convince you again too," Ken said. "You have it in your blood."

"Oh, I don't know about that," I said. "Once in a lifetime seems enough for me."

"We'll see what happens when the time comes," Ken said. "In the mean time I have a favor to ask of you."

"What?" I asked.

"You know that my brother and I have been really interested in the one on one or multi way contests," Ken said.

"I gather that," I said.

"We have talked for the last few years about recreating something like the old Logato game, but with the guillotines and wheel. Eight to ten guys in guillotines in a circle. When the wheel stops, one of them loses his cock and balls."

"Wow," I said. "That would be wild."

"Yes," Ken said. "We know some other guys who are sort of interested in principal, but everyone is reluctant to actually commit to do it."

"I can see why," I said.

"Well," Ken said. "We thought that maybe if you would be willing to watch this contest, then that might help convince some of the guys to go through with it."

"Watch?" I said. "Just watch? That's all?"

"Absolutely," Ken said. "Just watch, and maybe have a drink afterwards with the winners to celebrate."

"You don't mean an orgy?" I asked. "I would bet guys that still had all their equipment after that would be pretty excited. An orgy is not my thing."

"No orgy," Ken said. "I can promise you that. Just a sexy woman watching and enjoying it is all I am asking."

"I'm flattered," I said. "But I really don't see where my being there would make a difference."

"Oh, but it would," Ken said. "So are you willing to watch?"

"I guess," I said. "It would have to be some time when I was free."

"Of course," Ken said.

I was assuming that Ken would never find the other six or eight young men he needed to actually do this, and it would be months before I heard from Ken again.

Chapter 10

Things seemed to be normal in Porto Kanada for a few months. I saw John every few weeks. Then a month went by and I had not heard from him. I was worried, but convinced myself John was just really busy. When John finally did call, I knew something was wrong from his voice. He asked me to meet him that night at a private club downtown. When I got there, I asked for John and was taken to a private booth in the back.

"Hi Amy," John said. "There is no good way to say this, so I'll just say it. My parents have decided I need to get married, and they have picked out a woman for me."

"What?" I said. "They still do that?"

"Actually, they picked out several women," John said. "And then they let me pick one. It all has to do with business. They want to create family ties to help the business."

"So let me get this straight," I said. "You have been off interviewing these woman picked out by your parents for the last, oh, months. Were these interviews in the bedroom or the boardroom?"

"It wasn't really like that," John said.

"Well, what was it like?" I said.

"I don't think you want to go there," John said.

"You're right," I said. "I don't want to hear the blow by blow of your conquests."

"Amy, I really love you," John said. "You are my kind of woman. This is just business."

"And what am I?" I said. "Just your Porto Kanda fun time girl?"

"No, no," John said. "You mean more than that to me."

"But not enough to tell your parents to bug off," I said.

"My marriage will be a business deal," John said.

"So you mean you're not going sleep with the cow your parents picked out for you," I said.

"What I mean is I still want to see you," John said.

"What?" I said in disbelieve. "You're going to sleep with your business partner and then you want to cheat on her with me? Well no thank you."

"Amy..." John said, but I had already gotten up and was walking out. I didn't look back.

This wasn't the first time I'd been dumped, but that didn't make it any easier. I did what every woman does when she gets dumped, I became depressed and insecure.

The first thing I did was rid my apartment of all traces of John. I burned all of John's pictures. I got new address books so I could completely delete all references to him from my life. Then I ate nothing but salads for lunch and dinner for the next month.

A few weeks later I opened the cabinet in my bedroom to look for something. There on the back of the middle shelf I saw the bottle with the penis and balls I had "won". I picked it up and stared at it. I remembered what that penis looked like on the young man. It was bigger than it looked in the bottle. I remembered the young man's eyes starring at me as the guillotine severed his penis from his body. I remembered seeing the penis tip forward and fall away from his body. It sent a shiver up my spine.

My first impulse was to throw this in the garbage to rid myself of all traces of John. Then I wondered if I would get in trouble for throwing it in the garbage. What if someone found it in the garbage? I could just imagine the Porto Kanada police asking "Amy Hsu, what were you doing with a man's penis and balls in a bottle? Where did you get it? Whose is it?" I put the bottle back into the rear of the cabinet.

It was a few days later when Ken called again.

"Hi Amy, this Ken," he said. "Do you remember me?"

I had to think for a minute.

"We had dinner a few months back," he said.

"Oh, yes. I remember you," I said. "How are you doing?"

"Pretty good," Ken said. "I'd like to see you again sometime. Any chance you'd be free sometime this week?"

"Sure," I said. "I'm free most evenings."

"Great," Ken said. "Can we meet tomorrow at the Vault, say around nine?"

"I've never been there," I said. "But I've seen it. I'll see you there then."

I remembered the favor Ken had asked me about and which I had agreed to do believing Ken would never find the other young men willing to do something that crazy. Could he have found them now? Where there eight or ten young men willing to take that kind of chance? I was hoping not. I had tried to purge my mind of all my thoughts about those kinds of things along with my memories of John. I didn't really want to get drawn back into it again.

The Vault turned out to be a restaurant and bar with a big dance floor to boot. There was equipment for a band on stage, but they were not playing yet. There was some loud recorded music playing. Only a handful of people were dancing, but the bar area was crowded. I scanned around and spotted Ken standing near the end of the bar. I made my way over to Ken.

"Hey, there you are Amy," Ken said. "You are looking great."

"Thanks," I said.

It was starting to feel good to actually get out of my apartment for a change, and be with people and music.

"I hope John knows what a lucky man he is," Ken said.

"John who?" I said. "Oh, him. He's history."

"Really," Ken said. "Then let's find something more pleasant to talk about. Can I get you a drink?"

"White wine," I said.

Ken got me a drink and we wandered away from the bar to a less crowded part of the club.

"I bet you thought I would never find eight or ten guys willing to risk their manhood on a spin of the wheel?" Ken said.

"That's true," I said. "Have you?"

"No," Ken said. "But I think there are six of us now."

"Six!" I said. "And six of you are willing to do it with only six guys?"

"Well, that depends," Ken said.

"Depends on what?" I asked.

"The guys want to meet you," Ken said.

"Meet me?" I asked. "Why?"

"Well, I told them you are a really hot," Ken said. "And I told them how much you enjoyed taking that guy's cock. They just want a chance to talk with you a little."

"Just talk?" I said.

"Yeah, just talk," Ken said. "They need a little encouragement. They want to see that you are for real. After all, when that wheel stops, one of us is going to drop his package into the bucket. The guys just really want to make sure there is a hot woman there to appreciate that."

"Wow," I said. "There really are six guys that would do that?"

"Yep," Ken said. "After they meet you, I'm sure they will do it."

My head was starting to spin a little, either from the wine or from the conversation.

"If it's only talk, why not?" I said "I'd like to meet these guys."

"Great," Ken said. "Let's go meet them."

We went out and caught a taxi to Ken's apartment. When we arrived Ken's younger brother lets us in.

"Amy, this is my brother Steve," Ken said as we entered the apartment.

"Hi, nice to meet you again," I said.

Behind Steve were a number of young men trying to get a better look at me.

"Let me introduce you to everyone," Ken said. "This is Amy."

"Hi," I said shyly.

"This is Joe," Ken said.

Joe was a tall and thin, and was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.

"Hi Joe," I said with a smile.

Joe just nodded.

"This is Mike," Ken said.

"Hello Mike," I said.

Mike was short, with a very muscular build.

"Hi Amy," Mike said.

"This Seyni," Ken said.

"Hi Seyni," I said.

Seyni was a tall young native.

"Hello," Seyni said in perfect English.

"And this is Leon," Ken said.

"Hi Leon," I said.

Leon looked like he was from Southeastern Asian decent.

"Hi Amy," Leon said.

"Wow, Ken, you were not kidding," Mike said. "It is a real pleasure to meet you Amy."

"Thank you," I said feeling a little awkward.

"So, you really enjoy a guy giving up his manhood for you," Leon said.

"You bet," I said with a smile. "It's hot."

"So how many have you seen?" Seyni asked.

"Three, I guess," I said.

"And two guys that just lost their balls," Ken added.

"And she took the last guys cock one on one with the wheel," Steve said.

"It was hundred to one odds," I said.

"But your clit was in the guillotine," Steve said.

"Amy has that guys cock in a bottle," Ken said.

"Cool," Leon said. "You don't have with you, do you?"

"No," I said. "I don't carry it around with me. Just get it out and look at it sometimes."

"You should get it plastinated like those bodies they have in the exhibits," Joe said. "Then you could use it as a dildo."

Everybody laughed at that.

"God, a real guys cock as a dildo," Mike said.

"Better hope the idea doesn't become popular," Ken laughed. "Might be lots of Lorena Bobbitts."

That brought another round of laughter.

"If I was going out with a girl that had a guy's cock in a bottle, I would check her for knifes," Mike said.

"I never carry a knife," I said with a smile.

"So you really want to see one of us lose our cock?" Seyni asked.

"It's not that I have anything against them," I said. "It's just so hot to watch."

"Six guys, six cocks, when the wheel stops one of those cocks is dropping into the bucket," Ken said.

"Wow," I said. "Thinking about that just makes my head spin."

"You won't pass out on us, Amy," Ken said.

"No danger of that," I said. "I'll have my eyes fixed on that cock as it drops off."

"With so many cocks, how are you going to know which one to watch?" Steve asked.

"I hadn't thought of that," I said. "That makes it hard."

"So guys, what do you think," Ken said.

The guys looked around at each other for a few seconds.

"With a hot chick like Amy, how can we say no," Mike said.

"Straight on man," Seyni said. "No one with balls is backing down now."

"You said it man," said Leon.

"I'm in," said Joe.

"Then we are on for tomorrow night," Ken said.

"Amy, would you go out dancing with us tonight?" Joe asked. "I mean, it is the last night for one of us."

I looked at Ken.

"Sure, I love to go dancing," I said. "Where did you have in mind."

We piled into a couple of taxis and headed back downtown to some club. I danced for hours taking, turns with all six guys.

When the music finally ended for the night, Ken took me back to my apartment. I could tell he really wanted to be invited in, but I wasn't ready for that and just thanked him.

Chapter 11

The next morning when I finally got up, my legs were very stiff from all the dancing. I could barely walk at first, but after a few minutes they loosened up and I could get around again.

The most urgent problem was what to wear tonight. I definitely wanted to look as sexy as possible, but I didn't want to wear that red party dress from last time. I decided I had nothing to wear, and it was time to go shopping. This time my budget was limited, but one of those young men from last night would be losing his manhood for me tonight, so I decided to splurge.

I headed downtown for the expensive department stores. I wanted something really sexy, but I couldn't find anything I liked to top the dress from the first party. Finally I went to a small place I knew that sold traditional Chinese dresses, the colorful, tight floor length dresses that are slit up the sides almost to the panties. I picked out an elegant red dress with gold bamboo leaves and flowers. This dress had a very high neck line, but fitted tightly over my chest to show off my modest breasts. I headed home to get ready for the evening.

When I got home I had barely enough time to get ready. Ken had told me someone would pick me up at five. I had to take a boat to the island this time. That meant an hour boat ride.

Right at five a taxi driver knocked on my door and drove me down to the docks were a boat was waiting. I expected Ken or some of the other young men to be there, but I was the only one. As soon as I was on board, the boat cast off.

When I arrived on the island, a jeep was waiting for me at the dock. It took me up to the mansion.

"Good evening, Madam," the servant at the front door said. "Nice to see you again."

After the last party, even Carl Levitt's servants remembered me.

I was lead past the great hall in the front of the house towards one of the smaller rooms in the back. When I entered the room, Ken and the others were already there, standing near the wall, talking with several other men. There were six of the inclined tables that looked sort of like an upside down letter Y arranged in a circle so that they were facing inward. The wheel stood between two of the tables.

"Hey, Amy," Ken said. "Glad to see you made it."

I took off the coat I wore for the boat ride and handed it to one of servants.

"That is a great dress," Ken said. "I like it."

"Thanks," I said. "I bought just for the occasion."

"We are honored," Ken said. "There are some technical problems we need to straighten out. It will be a minute. Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said. "Take your time."

I wandered over to look at the wheel while they continued the discussion.

I notice the discussion had stopped and when I turned around, Ken was walking over to me.

"Let me explain the problem we have," Ken said.

"Ok," I replied.

"There are one hundred numbers on this wheel," Ken said. "And six of us. One hundred does not divide evenly by six. They can assign sixteen numbers to each of us, but that leaves four extra numbers. We have been debating what to do with the four extra numbers."

"I see," I said.

"We could assign them to no one," Ken said. "If one of them came up, that could mean no one lost anything, but that seems like a let down. It could also mean we spin again, but that seems pretty anticlimactic."

"I guess," I said.

"Another possibility is four of us could have seventeen numbers," Ken continued. "But that doesn't seem fair."

"Doesn't sound fair to me," I said.

"The other idea is to get someone else to take those four numbers," Ken said.

"Really?" I said. "Who?"

"We were thinking of you," Ken said.

"What!" I said in surprise. "Me?"

"Think about it," Ken said. "It is only four numbers compared to the sixteen numbers I and each of the rest of us are talking, so it is only a very small risk."

"But...But I'm not prepared for it," I said.

"What do you need to be prepared?" Ken asked.

"I'm not shaved down there," I said.

"Oh, that's not a problem," Ken said. "I'm sure they can find you clit anyway."

"But...but if I were going to do it," I said. "You would want a good clear view."

"I don't think it makes much difference," Ken said.

"Madam," one of the servants said. "We could provide you shaving equipment."

"Either way would be fine," Ken said. "It would be so great to see you up on the tables with us. You risking your clit against our cocks. Most of us were not here for the party. It is really only a very small risk for you. It would be such a thrill for us. With your clit there in a guillotine too, it would all be worth it, even if I lost everything, it would have been worth it."

"Madam, this is just an offer," one of servants said. "Do not feel that you are under any obligation to accept."

My head was telling me to say no, but I could feel the tingling in my pussy. I was sure my panties were getting wet. I had done two spins last time at one hundred to one, so that would be like two numbers on the wheel. This time it would be just four numbers. That didn't seem that much worse to me.

"Ok," I said. "I'll do it."

There was cheering from all the guys, and I could even see smiles on the servants faces. Had I really just agreed to put my clit back into one of those guillotines again? I had told myself never again. How could I be doing this again?

"If madam would like to shave, you can follow me," one of the servants said.

He led me to a bathroom just a few doors down. Just as we got there another servant arrived with a tray with several razors and a container of shaving lotion. Over his arm was a robe.

"You may use these madam," the other servant said. "And the robe is so you do not need to get dressed again."

In the bathroom I quickly undressed. Then I tried out the shaving lotion and one of the razors. In a few minutes I was shaved completely clean again.

I put the robe on and stepped back into the hall. One of the servants was patiently waiting there.

"I will bring your clothes for you, madam," he said.

He followed me back to the room. When I got back, the young men were all undressed and standing around. I stepped out of my robe, and stood there naked for them to look at.

"Wow, Amy," Mike said. "That looks great."

"Thanks," I said. "Kind of a quick shave, but it is only fair you all get a good view."

"Lady and gentleman, it is time to get on the tables," one of the servants said.

I noticed that while I was shaving a seventh table had been brought into the room and added to the circle.

"This is the lady's table," the servant said. "This table only has four numbers."

The table he indicated also had the smaller guillotine with the clit clip.

I climbed up on the table. One of the servants fastened my legs and hands to the table. The men were also being strapped to their tables. An older man came over to attach the guillotine. He pushed the hood back to uncover my clit and then slid the clip on to hold the hood back. He then carefully lowered the little guillotine down and attached it to the clip. He then adjusted the blade location so it was just right. Another servant brought one of the large square pans and positioned it on the floor.

The young men now had their guillotines fastened around their cocks and balls. Looking around the circle I could see Ken and Steve with their nice big erect cocks just as I remembered them from the party. Joe had a long, thin circumcised cock that looked very appealing. Mike's cock was shorter, but fatter. Leon had a nice uncut cock. Seyni had a huge, uncut cock, one of biggest I had ever seen.

"Lady and gentleman, let me explain," one of the men said. "This is a group wager. Each of the gentlemen has been assigned sixteen numbers on the wheel and the lady has been assigned four numbers on the wheel. Each of you will have a starter button. All of you will have to hold the button closed at the same time to start the wheel, and when one of you releases the button, the wheel will slow down and stop. When it has stopped, you will hear the relay, and one of the seven guillotines will fire, depending on the number the wheel has stopped at.

"I must ask all of you, if you still agree to the wager under these terms," the man said. "And that your agreement is voluntarily and not coerced in any way. Once you all agree to the conditions of the wager again, there will be no going back until one of the guillotines has fired and the wager is settled."

The guys all looked at me as each of them agreed to the wager. My heart was racing, and I could feel my pussy getting very moist.

"I agree," I said.

God, what was I doing? I looked around at the six cocks, all standing at attention in their silver guillotines. I looked down at my clit, pinched up under the blade of my smaller guillotine.

"Lady and gentleman," the man said. "You have five minutes to all push the button and start the wheel. If you do not all push the buttons in five minutes, the wheel will spin for ten seconds anyway to complete the wager."

I looked around at the cocks in the circle. In a few minutes one of these nice cocks would be separated from its owner. At least I hopped it was one of the cocks and not my clit. I took a deep breath and pushed my button. Nothing happened, of course. The guys were all staring at me. Their cock heads were getting big and shinny, even the uncut ones were poking out.

Several minutes passed in total silence, my eyes moving around the circle of cocks. Their eyes fixed on my clit. I'm not sure if the five minutes was up or whether everyone finally pressed the buttons, but the wheel began to spin. It began to slow down and I released my button and took another deep breath. I didn't know where to look.

The wheel stopped. I heard the relay fire. I glanced down at my clit, which seemed to be still attached. I scanned my eyes around the circle and heard Mike cry out. I looked at his cock as it tumbled away from his body into the bucket below his table.

Two men rushed up to Mike's table and pushed pads where his cock and balls had been, and then pushed the table quickly out of the room.

A man came up and began to remove my unfired guillotine. He took a tissue and wiped up the pussy juices that had been running down thighs. Another man unfastened my legs and hands. I jumped off the table and took a deep breath. Ken was just getting off his table.

I don't know what came over me. We were all naked. I just walked up to Ken and hugged him, pushing his erect cock off to the side on my stomach. The guys cheered this. I looked around and walked over to Steve and gave him a naked hug too. Then I hugged Leon, Seyni and Joe. They all still had big erections. It just seemed like the thing to do.

A man with rubber gloves displayed Mike's cock and balls. His cock now looked much smaller than I remembered it when it was still attached.

The guys started to get dressed again, and I found my clothes and got dressed too.

"Amy, are you ready to party," Ken said.

"You bet," I said.

"Let's go then," Ken said.

"Excuse me gentleman and lady," one of servants holding out a bottle with Mike's cock and balls. "What should I do with this?"

"That definitely belongs to Amy," Ken said.

The other young men nodded their agreement. The servant handed me the bottle.

"Your second cock, Amy," Ken said.

"I'm not sure what I'll do with it," I said. "But thanks."

"You are now officially Porto Kanda's leading cock charmer," Steve laughed.

We all headed out for a jeep ride back down to the docks and the boat ride back to Porto Kanda. There was one boat waiting for us, and we all climbed on board.

"Man, that was the wildest thing I've ever done," Joe said.

"God, that was intense," Steve said.

"Hey yeah, that was unbelievable," Leon said.

"It is a real adrenalin high," Ken said.

"What about you Amy," Seyni said.

"It is really scary," I said. "But an incredible high too. Hard to explain."

"You've done this before," Seyni said. "Would you do it again."

"No way," I said. "Never again."

"Smart girl," Seyni said.

Ken smiled at me.

"So where do you want to party, Amy?" Steve asked.

"I could barely walk this morning," I said.

"So no dancing?" Steve said.

"We gota go to the Nnjia," Seyni said.

The Nnjia was a huge dance club, very popular with the younger set. It was the pick up club in Porto Kanda.

"Yeah, the Nnjia," Joe said. "You don't have to dance the whole time, Amy. One or two dances with me, and I'll have those chicks all over me."

"What?" I said.

"Yeah," Joe said. "They see me dancing with a classy babe like you, and I'll have to fight the chicks off."

"In your dreams," Ken said.

"There is something to what Joe says," said Seyni. "If girls see you dancing with a hot babe, it raises your status. Makes you desirable."

"So let me get this straight," Ken said. "To pick up women at the Nnjia, you have to come with a woman?"

"That's right," Seyni said.

"But if you have a girl friend already, why go to the Nnjia to pick up another girl?" I asked.

"The girls at Nnjia are looking to hookup," Joe said.

"Ah," I said.

"Hey, we got the equipment," Joe said. "Can't this boat go any faster."

We all laughed.

It occurred to me that Mike didn't have the equipment anymore. I had his equipment in bottle in my purse. Well, he understood the odds. We all did. Somebody had to lose. You couldn't blame us for celebrating. We still had ours.

When we finally got to the docks, we hailed two taxis and headed for the Nnaji. The place was huge, loud, and crowded. Joe was so excited, he dragged me onto the dance floor, right away. I took turns dancing with the other guys, and resting in between. Sure enough in a couple of hours, Joe, Seyni and Leon had all disappeared with other women.

I sat at the table with Ken and Steve as the crowd began to thin out.

"It looks like they all scored tonight," Steve said.

"Yeah," Ken said. "You going to try your luck, Steve?"

"I'm going to call my friend," Steve said. "I'll see you guys later."

"Who's Steve's friend?" I asked after he left.

"Girl he met," Ken said. "She works at some club. Won't be getting off work for another hour."

"Cool," I said. "What about you?"

Ken smiled.

"I think I need to get you home," Ken said. "It's getting late."

We took a taxi to my apartment. As we rode the short distance back to my apartment, I looked at Ken and smiled.

"Want to come in for some tea or something," I said.

"Or something sounds great to me," Ken said.

Ken paid the driver and we went up to my apartment. As soon as I closed the door, we were in each other's arms.

When we finally got up it was almost noon. We had been so anxious to test our equipment, we had just scattered our clothes all over the living room and hall. This morning we could safely say everything was still in perfect working order.

I started the coffee maker. Then I tried to sort out our clothes. When Ken came out of the bedroom, I handed him his underpants.

"Let's have a naked breakfast," Ken said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I like to see you naked," Ken said.

"Oh," I said.

"Besides, I risked this last night," Ken said, pointing to his penis. "I just want to show off I still have it."

"That was hard to miss last night," I said with a smile.

I warmed up some pasties. We sat at the kitchen table for a lazy, naked Sunday brunch.

"God, you're a cock charmer," Ken said, looking down at his own growing cock. "Look at that."

"He must like what he sees," I said smiling.

"Heck, he's just glad to still be there," Ken said. "He could be in that bottle in your purse."

"I'm glad he's not," I said. "I'm glad my clit is still here too."

Ken went and got my purse out of the living room where I left it and pulled out the bottle with Mike's cock. He set the bottle on the table between us.

"I just wanted a reminder," Ken said. "Where do you keep the first one?"

"In my closet," I said.

"I'd like to compare them," Ken said. "Could you get it."

As I walked down the hall to the bedroom, I could feel Ken's eyes glued to my backsides. I returned with the bottle containing the first cock I won. I smiled as I placed it on the table.

"They look much smaller in a bottle," I observed.

"Yes they do," Ken said.

The two cocks looked different. Mike's was cut and bigger around, but they both looked so small and innocent.

"So are you going to go for three?" Ken asked.

"No way," I said. "I've taken enough chances for one lifetime. What about you, are you going to more of those parties?"

"I don't think so," Ken said. "I've proved my manhood. I don't need do it again."

We sipped our coffee for a moment. Then Ken was shaking his head.

"God, Amy," Ken said. "There are two guy's manhoods sitting right here on the table. You know what that means?"

"Ah, ... not sure," I said.

"It means you are so fucking hot that guys are happy to give it up for you," Ken said.

"I'm glad your manhood is still attached," I said. "I like it much better where it is than in a bottle."

Ken's cock was now fully erect. I smiled at him, and knelt on the floor between his legs. In a few minutes his cock was getting smaller and I drank some juice to get the taste out of my mouth.

We spent the rest of the afternoon laying around my apartment seeing how long it took Ken manhood to be ready for another round. Maybe it was the charms of my naked body, maybe the intimidation of two manhoods sitting in bottles on the kitchen table. Whatever it was, Ken's manhood just kept coming back for more.

After that weekend, Ken and I became an item around Porto Kanda night spots. These usually ended up back at my apartment. Ken liked me to set the two bottles with the manhoods I had taken on the table next the bed. He said it made the experience more intense.

Chapter 12

It was six or eight weeks later that I got a phone call from a woman.

"My name is Shelly," the woman said. "You don't know me, but I think we both know John King."

"I use to know John," I said. "I haven't seen him in months."

"Yes, I had heard that," Shelly said. "I have some information to share with you, but I cannot talk about it on the phone."

"John is history as far as I'm concerned," I said.

"This is important information," Shelly said. "You will want to hear what I have to say."

I didn't really want to hear anything about John, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to listen to whatever this woman wanted to tell me.

"Well, ok," I said.

We arranged to meet at lunch time the next day in a park not too far from where I worked.

Shelly turned out to be an elegantly dressed young woman. From her clothes and accessories, I guessed she was a European jet setter. I had seen jet setters in the clubs in Singapore, but they were rare in Porto Kanda.

"Let's walk, Amy," Shelly said. "We can talk while we walk. One thing I should caution you, you must never repeat what I am about to tell you to anyone. Agreed?"

"Ok," I said, somewhat puzzled why.

"You and John went together for some time," Shelly said. "And he took you to some of Carl Levitt's parties."

"You know about those," I said.

"Yes, I know all about those parties," Shelly said. "You see I was John's girl before you. John took me to some of those parties."

"Oh," I said.

"And I also know that the games there are rigged," Shelly said.

"What?" I said.

"Yes, Carl takes bribes to fix things," Shelly said. "Especially that wheel that can take your womanhood."

"How," I said.

"Oh, the wheel is easy to rig," Shelly said. "John pays bribes to Carl to make sure he doesn't lose. The mayor and the other government officials don't need to pay money. Carl just trades protection for making sure they never lose. Some other people pay brides too."

"You mean it's all rigged?" I asked.

"Not all," Shelly said. "John only bribed Carl for himself, not for you. Your spin of the wheel was very real. Your new boyfriend and his brother were at real risk. A few others."

"How do you know all this?" I asked.

"One of Carl's former employee's told me all about it," Shelly said. "You see, when John got bored with me as his girl friend, instead of just dumping me like a normal guy, he paid Carl a bribe to take my womanhood with the wheel."

"Oh my god," I said.

"Yes, the bastard paid to rig the wheel against me," Shelly said.

"You mean ..." I said.

"Yes, I was nullified," Shelly said. "That is the polite term, but John made a mistake. John thought I was some insignificant European runaway. He didn't know that my father was one of the richest men in Europe. I fled back to Europe and made amends with my family. My father passed away this year, and I am now a very wealth woman myself. I have come back to Porto Kanda to settle accounts with John."

"How are you going to do that?" I asked.

"I am going to take John's cock and balls," Shelly said.

"What?" I exclaimed. "How?"

"Well, I was just going to wait till Carl has another party and then bribe him to do the deed for me," Shelly said.

"Carl would do that?" I asked.

"I think so," Shelly said. "But the problem is, when I got here I found out John is getting married."

"Yes, I know that," I said. "He even wanted to keep me as his local mistress."

"Figures," Shelly said. "I don't think his wife to be is going to be spending much time in Porto Kanda. My problem is I want to get John's balls before he gets married. I want to make sure John is the last of the King line."

"Oh," I said.

"So I can't wait for another party," Shelly said.

"Then what are you going to do?" I asked.

"That's were you come in," Shelly said.

"Me?" I replied.

"Yes, you have quite the reputation now," Shelly said.

"I do?" I said.

"You've taken two men's cocks already," Shelly said.

"Well, sort of," I said. "But John would never do that."

"He would if he thought it was rigged in his favor," Shelly said. "I will pay Carl so much money and threaten to blackmail him so Carl really rigs it against John instead of for him."

"Do you mean you want me to take John's cock in a rigged wager?" I asked.

"Yes," Shelly said. "John bribed Carl to take my womanhood just for entertainment, so I intend take his manhood the same way."

"Wow," I said.

"Are you willing to help me?" Shelly said.

"I don't know," I said. "I really wanted to get away from all that."

"It would all be rigged," Shelly said. "You wouldn't really be risking anything."

"Yeah," I said. "But I just don't know if I could do it. I don't see why John would agree to a wager with me anyway."

"Oh John would agree," Shelly said. "If he thought it was rigged in his favor and you questioned his manhood. Tell him you are angry with him for dumping you for some Euro-trash heiress, and suggest that he doesn't have the balls for the wager. That will get him."

"You think so?" I said.

"I know so," Shelly said.

"But, if John is bribing Carl to rig it in his favor and you are bribing Carl to rig it against John, how can we be sure what Carl will do?" I asked.

"Because I have the blackmail evidence on Carl," Shelly said.

"I just don't know," I said.

"Ok," Shelly said. "I understand. This is all a shock to you. Just remember, don't discuss what we have talked about here with anyone. Not even your boyfriend. Especially, not your boyfriend."

"Alright," I said.

"I'll contact you in a few day," Shelly said.

I had mostly put John out of my mind. Now Shelly had brought him back. John had actually paid to have Shelly nullified. How could he do something like that. I knew John was a tough businessman, but to do that to his ex-girlfriend was barbaric. I was beginning to think John was evil.

Was Shelly's fate the fate that John had planned for me some day? Was I suppose to be his Porto Kanda mistress, until he got bored, and then he'd get ride of me like Shelly?

That was a horrible thought. I was lucky to have gotten away from him.

What about Shelly's plan? Did I want to help her get her revenge? Did her plan make any sense?

I didn't know what to think. I wished I could talk this over with someone, like Ken. I had a hard time falling to sleep that night.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got at John. I had gone to the C & C Club parties thinking I knew what the risks were. Shelly had done the same thing, but John had bribed Carl to rig the odds so Shelly was nullified. He could have done the same to me, and might have one day if I had agreed to continue on as his mistress.

The logical thing might be to report him to the police, but that clearly wouldn't do any good. The mayor and head of security in Porto Kanda were probably there. It would be useless to file a complaint.

What about Shelly's plan? It sounded fair to me. She was going to do to John what he had done to her and probably would try to do to me someday. The question in my mind was would it work. It just sounded too simple. John would never be tricked by it. He knew me too well, and would know I would never do something that crazy.

I decided that when Shelly called I would tell her I would like to help her out, but just didn't believe that her plan would work. It was a few days before she finally called. We agreed to meet at a small cafe.

When I arrived Shelly was sitting alone at a table in the back.

"So, Amy, what do you think," Shelly said.

"I think John deserves what you have in mind for him, and I would like to help you out," I said. "But I just cannot see John being taken in by a plan this simple."

"You think the plan is too simple?" Shelly said.

"John will know that something is up when I challenge his cojones," I said. "He knows I would never do something like that on my own. He would know something is up."

"Then you will need to be a good actress to convince him," Shelly said. "Look, John has no idea I am back in Porto Kanda. John has no idea I have come into a lot of money. He knows you don't have money. He is never going to suspect that you know about the bribes Carl has taken. We need to convince him that you are really angry with him, and that your experience with your new boyfriend has given you the cojones to challenge him. I have some ideas how to make it look like you are really mad at him."

"Ideas?" I asked. "What kind of ideas?"

"There are things I haven't told you," Shelly said. "Did you know John has another girl friend in Porto Kanda?"

"I wouldn't be surprised that he has already found another one," I said.

"No, I mean a mistress that he had long before he started seeing you or me," Shelly said. "And he kept right on seeing her while he was seeing both of us."

"What!" I said.

"You see, you are angry already," Shelly said. "It is true. He has been seeing her for years. He kept right on seeing her while he went with both of us."

"Ok, now I am mad," I said.

"His mistress has no interest in bondage or the C & C Club," Shelly continued. "So John had to find other girlfriends to take to the C & C Club."

"Ah," I said. "So that's the only reason he was interested in me?"

"Don't sell yourself short," Shelly said. "I don't think it was the only reason, but it is was part of the reason. John will never be satisfied with just one woman. Lots of rich and powerful men are that way."

"I know that," I said. "I guess I was naive about John, but after all this time, how does it help."

Shelly spent the next half-hour explaining her plan. She had thought things through well, but I was still skeptical it would work. I didn't really think John would fall for it, but I figured it was worth a try. If it didn't work, I at least had tried to help Shelly get her revenge.

A couple weeks later, I got a call from Shelly. An employee at a restaurant had tipped Shelly that John had booked a reservation for dinner tonight. I met a nice looking young man from Shelly's security staff. We were quickly seated in a booth in the back of the restaurant. We ordered some food and waited for John to show up.

Right on time John came in with an attractive thirtyish woman. They were seated at a table only 20 or 30 feet away. I kept my back to them as they were seated and John had his back to our booth, so they would not spot me till we were ready to leave. We waited for them to order their food. When salads arrived at their table, we asked for our bill.

Now it was show time. I needed to put on a good performance. I walked up behind John.

"Hello, John," I said with as much disdain in my voice as possible. "I see you are doing well."

John turned around and looked at me with surprise.

"Ah...Amy," John said. "Nice to see you again."

"So I finally get to meet the other woman," I said looking across the table at woman.

"This is my friend, Carol," John said. "This is Amy, an old friend."

"Hello," Carol said. "Nice to meet you."

"No, I think you have that backwards, John," I said. "Carol is your 'old' friend."

"I've known Carol for a long time," John said.

"The waiter told me how long you two have been coming here. Does she know that you were cheating on her with me?" I asked.

John stood up.

"Amy, you know that is not true," John said.

"I know a lot of things your friend might want to know," I said.

"I know all about John's little dalliances," Carol said.

"Oh, then you know John likes to watch people gelded?" I said.

"I don't need to listen to this nonsense," John said. "Get out of here or I will have you thrown out."

"Touchy, touchy I see," I said. "You haven't heard the last of me."

I turned and walked away.

A few minutes later I met Shelly at a coffee shop nearby to discuss the encounter.

"It sounds like you did a good job," Shelly said. "Now we will wait a few days, and then we will challenge his masculinity. See if he has got any balls."

"Have you made arrangement with Carl Levitt yet?" I asked.

"Not yet," Shelly said. "I want to wait for John to make the first move, then I will force Carl's hand."

"Ok," I said. "If you think that's best."

"We need to practice what you are going to say to John," Shelly said.

"You got the balls to take me on?" I asked mockingly. "Then I want them in a bottle."

Shelly laughed.

"Something like that," she said. "But it needs a little work."

A week later I confronted John early in the morning when he was leaving a small coffee shop. Shelly had picked this location because John never had anyone with him here.

"So you weren't just two timing me with some Euro- trash heiress," I said. "You had a regular mistress right here in Porto Kanda and now I hear you have another mistress in Cape Town."

"Amy," John said. "I don't know who is feeding you this poison. I don't have any mistresses anywhere."

"Oh, yeah," I said. "Just really, really good friends."

I pulled pictures out of an envelope I had been carrying and shoved them at John.

"That's your Cape Town good time girl," I said.

The picture, taken through a window, showed John engaging in what looked like anal sex with a young, Asian woman. A private investigator had taken them for Shelly. The PI thought the woman was a prostitute that John had hired in Cape Town, but no matter.

"Who gave these to you?" John demanded.

He grabbed the envelope out of my hand. Shelly and I had expected John might do that. I had mailed an empty envelope to myself with no return address just in case.

John stuck the pictures and the envelope into his jacket pocket.

"I'll get someone to find out who is sending you that trash," John said. "I'm going to put a stop to this."

"Oh, yeah," I said. "Well, I'm going to put a stop to you."

"And how are you going to do that Amy," John said. "If you're think of sending pictures like that to my fiance, I'll have you arrested for blackmail."

"No, John, I would never do something so crude." I said with as much disdain in my voice as I could muster.

I looked straight at John.

"I want you cock and balls in a bottle," I said defiantly.

John laughed.

"You are crazy, Amy," John said.

"What's the matter, John," I said. "You haven't got the balls for it."

"What are you talking about," John said. "That fucking rapist gave you a hundred to one odds when you took his cock. Have you let that go to your head?"

"Nope," I said. "Straight up, fifty-fifty odds. If I win, I get you cock and balls. If you win, you get my clit and I'm nullified."

"You can't be serious," John said.

"I'm deadly serious," I said. "I've got the guts for it. Do you?"

"You have come totally unhinged," John said.

"Just as I suspected," I said. "You're all talk. Your father had balls, something you seem to be sadly lacking."

"What?" John shouted at me.

"You didn't think I knew about your father and Carl?" I said.

"Who told you that?" John said angrily.

"Doesn't matter," I said. "It's true. Your father had balls, something you are lacking. It seems even I have more balls than you do."

"You are nuts, Amy," John said. "Have you been talking with Carl?"

"Nope," I said. "Never met the man."

"If your so anxious to be de-clitified, I will talk to Carl and see if I can arrange something," John said.

"Yeah, you do that," I said. "But just remember, it's me who will get you're balls."

I smiled, turned and walked away.

I met Shelly a few blocks away.

"How did things go?" Shell asked.

"At least I got him to say he would call Carl and see," I said.

"Good, good," Shelly said. "If he can bribe Carl into rigging it, he will agree to it."

"Then you will confront Carl?" I asked.

"Yes, then I will bribe or blackmail Carl into rigging it the other way instead," Shelly said.

It was several more days before John left a message on my home machine.

"Amy, I have talked to Carl," the message said. "He would be happy to host your foolish wager this Saturday evening. Call me or leave a message, unless you're having second thoughts."

Shelly had warned me never to directly call her, because John might have my line tapped now. I went out a few blocks to a small restaurant for dinner, and used the phone in back to call Shelly.

"Ok, Amy," Shelly said over the phone. "I'll confront Carl, you tell John it is on for Saturday."

When I got home I called one of John's numbers and left a message telling him we were on for Saturday night.

I still couldn't believe that Shelly's plan was going to work. It seemed too easy. As things turned out, I was right.

Chapter 13

The next day, Shelly called me at work and told me she had to see me for lunch right away. We met in the park again.

"Bad news Amy," Shelly said. "Carl is a lot more stubborn and independent than I expected. He admitted he took a bribe to rig the game against me. He admitted he had just taken a bribe to rig the wager against you, but he wouldn't take a bribe to rig it the other way and he wasn't afraid of being blackmailed."

"Then I guess it's a no go," I said.

"The only thing he would offer," Shelly said. "Was to return John's bribe at the very last second. If John was still willing to go through with a straight up wager, you would have a fifty-fifty chance."

"What kind of an offer is that?" I said. "He's not offering anything."

"John would never agree to a straight up wager," Shelly said. "But once he was strapped to the table and had his cock in the guillotine with you, it would be very, very embarrassing for him to back down, even when he found out it was not rigged. There is a good chance he will chicken out, in which case he will have to live with that humiliation for the rest of his life."

"But if he doesn't chicken out," I said. "It's a fifty-fifty chance."

"Yeah," Shelly said. "I can't ask you to take that kind of chance."

"So I should call the whole thing off?" I asked.

"No, absolutely not," Shelly said. "I have a backup plan."

"What?" I asked.

"Go ahead like you were going through with it," Shelly said. "When you find out John bribed Carl, call John a pansy ass for rigging it. Even if he agrees to a fair wager at that point, just call him a ball-less coward for rigging it in the first place and leave."

"Sounds good to me," I said. "What exactly should I say."

"Hmmm," Shelly said. "I guess you should wait for Carl to return John's bribe. John will probably back out then. If he doesn't, then just say you don't trust John or Carl anymore. Tell John he will never be the man his father was, and leave."

"Good plan," I said.

I had several days to plan what to wear this time. The red dress I had bought with John's money was definitely out. The Chinese party dress would be good, but I decided I needed something new for the occasion. After work I went shopping. I looked in several stores before I found the perfect dress for me. It was a tight, floor length white gown with a bear back and a large circular cut away that revealed my navel. The clerk suggested a piece of costume jewelry for my bellybutton to go with the gown. There was no way to wear a bra, because of the bare back, but I didn't need one anyway. The only problem was the cost of this gown. I charged it on my credit card. Paying for it would take almost all the money I had saved. I figured it would be worth it.

Then I had to find some new shoes to go with this gown. After an hour looking several places, I found the perfect white shoes to go with the dress. They were not even that expensive!

I made an appointment to have my hair and nails done on Saturday, since I wanted to look my best.

Although I had been seeing Ken frequently, Shelly had warned me not to let Ken know about our plan. Friday night I went out dancing with Ken. We ended up back at my apartment, where we spent some quality naked time together.

In the morning I told Ken I was having a girls night out with some of my friends. It was a little lie, of course, but I'm sure he would understand.

After lunch I went out to get my hair and nails done. When I got back, I shaved my pussy clean. Although I was not going to really go through with it, I still wanted to look good.

After I finished shaving, I stood naked in front of the mirror to check out what I looked like. I reached down and pushed the hood back so I could clearly see my clit. That is what John would see in the little silver guillotine.

Would John really be willing to risk his cock and balls for the chance to see my clit cut off? That serial rapist had risked his cock at one hundred to one odds. Ken and his friends had risk there cocks at better odds. Did they do that for the chance to see my clit sliced off?

Had I actually put my clit under that guillotine and spun the wheel of fate? Twice at one hundred to one and once at twenty-five to one. Wow! What had ever possessed me to do that? That was insane. My clit was every important to me. Why would I ever risk losing my clit just for John's cock in a bottle? Of course, John was such a coward, he would never go through with it. But if John was willing to really do it, would I be willing to do it? To really put my clit on the line against his cock?

The idea was ridiculous, but it made my clit tingle and I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about it. If we were going to really do it, then this might be the last afternoon I still had a clit. In that case I shouldn't miss the chance for one last orgasm that I could remember for the rest of my life.

I found my vibrator and settled back in my bed with visions of cocks being sliced off dancing in my head.

When all my tensions had been thoroughly released, I cleaned up, got dressed and caught a taxi to the docks. There was a boat waiting for me at the dock. It was a boring boat ride out to Carl Levitt's island. It gave me time to think about what I was doing. John would have never agreed to this unless he could rig it. When he found out it wasn't rigged, he would chicken out. As I stared out at the ocean, I calmed myself down knowing John would never go through with it, so I would never have to decide if I would really go through with it.

When I got to the Island, I was driven in one of the jeeps up to the main house. The servants greeted me with a knowing smile.

"Welcome back, madam," the servant said as he led me to a room towards the back of the house.

The room had two of the tilted tables set up facing each other with the wheel to the side in between the two tables. John was already there, talking with another man who looked like one of the staff. I pushed my chest out and walked up to him.

"Your cock is going to look good in a bottle on my night stand," I said.

John laughed.

"I think you are going to really miss your clit, Amy," John said. "Perhaps you would like one last orgasm while you still can."

"I had a memorable night last night," I said. "I hope you did too, because it was your last."

John smiled.

"Here I was hoping we could get it on one more time for old times sake," John said.

"No, John," I said. "We can't get it on, but you can get it off .... cut off that is."

"All right, Amy," John said. "Let's get on with it."

John took off his jacket and handed it to the servant, and started to unbutton his shirt.

I unfastened my shoes and took them off. I unzipped my dress and wiggled out of it. I wasn't wearing a bra, and my nipples were rock hard. I looked around at John and the servants. They were all glancing at me. I slipped my panties off and stood there completely naked knowing that all eyes were now on me.

I climbed up on the table, spread my legs wide for the Y shape. I leaned back on the cold table. The servant locked my wrists and ankles to the table. John was now climbing on to his table. How far was Carl going to let this go before he returned John's bribe.

"Madam and sir," one of the servants said. "You are both familiar with the procedure for these wagers. The gentleman is wagering his penis and testicles. The lady is wagering her clitoris. The loser will be surgically nullified. This is a fifty-fifty wager. The lady will be allowed to pick either odd or even numbers."

"Madam, would you like odd or even numbers?" the servant asked.

When was Carl going to show up? He was certainly cutting it close.

"Even," I said, trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Very well, madam," the servant said.

The other servant began making some adjustments.

"Now we will attach the guillotines," the servant said.

One of the men came up and pushed my hood back revealing my clit. He pushed the clip on that held the hood back. It hurt, but I was prepared for the pain as he slipped it on. Opposite me I could see them pulling John's balls away from his body so they could clamp his guillotine around his cock and balls. The servant now slid the smaller guillotine onto the clip. He then carefully adjusted the height of the guillotine's blades relative to my clit. When he was done, he stepped back. Another man positioned the tray under my table and then positioned a bucket under John's table.

"Now I must make sure that you both still agree to this wager," the servant said. "And that your agreement is completely voluntary."

Where was Carl? Had he changed his mind? Was I now trapped into a rigged wager with John?

"As I am sure you are both aware," the servant continued. "Once you both agree to the wager again, there will be no going back until one of your guillotines has fired and the wager is settled."

This was it, my last chance to back out. Where the hell was Carl?

"Don't answer that question just yet," a voice said.

I turned to see a short, thin gray haired man who had slipped in unnoticed. This must be the mysterious Carl Levitt.

Carl Levitt was carrying a leather briefcase. He opened it up and set it on the floor between us.

"That is the money you paid me to rig this wager," Carl said. "I am returning it, John. I refuse to rig any more wagers. If you agree to this wager, you will have the same fifty-fifty chance as this young lady."

"What," I said, trying to act as surprised as I possible could. "You bribed Carl to rig this wager. You are nothing but a pansy assed coward. I put my clit in this guillotine at even odds, but you don't have the balls to risk it."

"The lady has a point," Carl said.

"Why you dirty, double crossing old pervert," John said. "You don't have any balls either."

Carl laughed.

"Carl was willing to risk his, and so was your father," I said.

"And the lady is wiling to risk hers," Carl added. "So you are the only one here afraid to risk it."

John stared at me.

"Ok, Amy, you want to get it off, lets do it," John said. "Let's see who's got balls here and who doesn't. I agree to the wager, fifty-fifty odds, and I'll get even with you Carl later."

I stared at John. I never thought he would really agree to this wager. Shelly, Carl and myself had put so much energy into maneuvering John into this position where his ego had forced him to take this terrible chance. This is where I was supposed to say I didn't trust Carl and I wanted out.

"I agree with the wager also," I said.

What had I just done. This was crazy. My pussy was tingling. I could feel myself getting wet. I could see John's cock starting to get hard. Someone put the button into my hand

"Madam and sir," the servant said. "You now have five minutes to press the buttons. Good luck to both of you."

This was insane. Why had I agreed to this. I looked at John and down at his cock, which was now rock hard. I wanted that cock in a bottle. I pressed my button. Nothing happened. I waited with my finger firmly on the button. I could feel myself getting very wet. Was that orgasm this afternoon really my last? How could I be so stupid? I wanted John's cock, but to take this risk on a spin of the wheel was insane.

The wheel began to spin. I could see John pushing on his button. I could feel liquid running out of my pussy and down over my anus. The wheel continued to spin, both of us afraid to lift the button that might seal our fate. I could not stand the tension any more. I released my button and the wheel began to slow down.

I locked my eyes on John's cock, as the wheel slowed down. I heard the little noises the wheel makes as it passes each number begin to slow and finally stop. I heard the relay fire.

Chapter 14

I didn't feel anything. How long did it take to realize your clit had been cut off. John's cock was still there. Then John's face contorted and his cock started to tilt down away from his body. My God, I had done it. I had not just embarrassed him, I had actually taken his cock and balls! They were now tumbling into the bucket between his legs.

"All right," I shouted. "Your cock is mine now you bastard."

A man pushed a gauze pad where John's cock had just been sliced off. Then two men quickly rushed his table out the door.

"Congratulations, madam," one of the servants said. He released my wrists and ankles.

A door at the other end of the room burst open and Shelly ran into the room.

"Girl, you did it," Shelly said excitedly. "But what on earth were you thinking? You weren't supposed to do that."

"I don't know what came over me," I said as I climbed off the table. "It just seemed like the thing to do."

"Well, I'm happy to see John get what was coming to him," Shelly said. "But you shouldn't have taken that kind of chance."

"I never thought John would agree to it," I said. "When he did, I just thought we had put so much effort to get him to do it, I just couldn't pass up the chance."

"You still shouldn't have done it," Shelly said.

"Amy, you are truly a kindred spirit," Carl Levitt said.

A servant handed me my panties, and I started to get dressed again.

"Thank you," I said. "Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Levitt."

"The pleasure is all mine," Carl said. "And you should call me Carl. It's what everyone here calls me."

I pulled my dress back on and fastened it up around my neck.

"Then nice to finally meet you, Carl," I said with a smile.

One of the servants brought me a bottle with John's cock and balls in it.

"Madam," he said offering me the bottle. "I believe this is yours."

"Yes," I said with a smile. "Unless you would like it, Shelly."

"It is yours, Amy," Shelly said. "You are the one that risked everything for it, but let me take a look at it."

I handed Shelly the bottle and she studied it for a minute.

"That is definitely the end of the line for the King family in Porto Kanda," Shelly said as she handed it back to me.

I slipped the bottle into my purse.

"Amy, I don't know if you realize this," Shelly said. "But John and his father are going to come after you for this. You need to get out of Porto Kanda and disappear."

"Disappear?" I asked.

"Yes, somewhere they will never find you," Shelly said. "The Caribbean, South American, maybe China."

Shelly reached into her purse and took out a checkbook.

"I'll give you a check for one million pounds," Shelly said. "And the business card of a lawyer I know in the Bahamas. You can trust him to help you hide yourself and your money."

"I didn't do this for money," I protested.

"I know," Shelly said, ripping off the check and handing it to me. "But you don't realize how dangerous John and his father are, or how expensive it is to disappear."

"Well thank you," I said.

"Oh, and don't say good-by to your boyfriend or tell him where you are going," Shelly said. "Just go back to your apartment, pack your suitcases and disappear."

"Wow, you think they are that dangerous?" I asked.

"It will be a few days before they start looking for you," Carl said.

"But by then, you need to be long gone from Porto Kanda and the trail needs to be stone cold," Shelly said.

"What about you Shelly?" I asked.

"I don't think John knows I was involved," Shelly said. "But just in case, I plan to disappear too."

"And what about you," I said to Carl. "Won't John come after you?"

"I'm sure he will," Carl said. "I'm prepared for it. I'm sure I can handle whatever they try to throw at me. I have a lot of security on this Island for a reason."

"Ok, Amy, I have to get going," Shelly said. "I have a plane I need to catch. We will not be able to meet for a long time. I don't know how I could possibly thank you enough. Be very careful and stay safe."

Shelly turned and walked quickly out of the room. I could hear the echo of her heals fading away down the hall, as I slipped into my shoes and got ready to leave.

"Before you go Amy, I have some things I think would interest you," Carl said.

"Oh, you think I have time?" I asked.

"It will only take a few minutes," Carl said. "It will make no difference."

"Ok, in that case I would be happy to see what ever you have," I said.

"Good," Carl said. "Then let's go to my study."

We started back towards the front of the huge house, followed by two of the servants.

"I gather you have heard about Logato Club," Carl said.

"Yes," I said. "I heard about you and Peter King."

"But you did not hear about the other times?" Carl asked.

"No," I replied.

"Peter was the fifth time I played at the Logato," Carl said. "The first four times I won another man's balls. I was very, very good at that card game in those days, but my luck ran out with Peter."

"You have done very well for yourself," I said.

"That I did, indeed," Carl said. "And Peter is very angry that in spite of what happened that night, I have been more successful than him."

"I think you are both very successful," I said.

"Yes, we have both done well," Carl said. "But I have done better."

We reached the front of the house, and started up the stairs.

"What do you think Peter will try to do to you?" I asked.

"Oh, he will hire men to try to kill me," Carl said in a matter of fact way.

"And you are not worried about that?" I asked.

"Not really," Carl said. "My security can handle what the Kings can afford to send out here."

We reached the entrance to a room near the top of the stairs.

"This is my library and private study," Carl said.

He opened the door and we went entered the room. Carl closed the door behind me, leaving the servants standing out in the hall. There were bookcases along three walls and a desk on the fourth, but one large section of the shelves along the opposite wall did not hold books. There were rows and rows of bottles containing testicles. Some contained penises too.

I gasped in astonishment at the number of severed genitals Carl had collected.

"I never released you had so many," I said.

"It is a collection that I have built up over a lifetime," Carl said.

"But there must be a hundred of them," I said.

"Around that number," Carl said. "These ones here are all from castrations I have carried out for various governments around the world."

"And these bottles here," Carl said pointing at a handful of small bottles. "Are from the women who we have circumcised for governments."

"Wow," I said, walking over and picking up one of the bottles to get a closer look at the severed clitoris.

I noticed there were labels on all of the bottles, with names and dates.

"Is Shelly's cit here?" I asked.

"Not on that shelf," Carl said.

Carl walked down and unlocked a cabinet above the desk.

"These are the organs lost to the wheel by unfortunate guests over the years," Carl said.

There were two large bottles containing cocks and testicles, and one small bottle. Carl handed me the small bottle.

"This is Shelly's clitoris," Carl said.

It looked very tiny compared to the cocks around me on the shelves. I was glad I still had mine.

"I offered to give it back to her, but she had no use for it," Carl said.

"I guess once it is cut off, it isn't much good anymore," I said.

Carl unlocked another cabinet.

"In here are the organs I have personally taken in games of chance," Carl said.

"These are the balls from the four young men I beat at the Logato Club," Carl said, handing me one of the bottles.

"For years, Amy, I looked for a woman that would dare to take my penis," Carl said. "I thought I had found her many years ago, but when we finally played cards, I took her clitoris instead."

Carl pulled a small bottle containing another clitoris and handed it to me.

"She was a real trooper," Carl said. "After she lost, she found a native woman to cut her clitoris off and gave it to me."

"Wow," I said. "That was brave of her."

"Yes," Carl said. "And after that I married her."

"You mean your wife?" I said.

"Yes, my dear, departed wife," Carl said. "I loved her very much. A true kindred spirit, like yourself. She was willing to risk it all with me, and gave it up like a lady when she lost."

I handed Carl back his wife's clitoris. I didn't dare want to drop that bottle by accident. It was clearly very dear to Carl.

"Now I'm wondering if I can ask you an enormous favor, which I have no right to ask," Carl said. "Would you be willing to try to take my penis?"

"What?" I said, not sure what Carl meant.

"I mean, would you be willing to wager your clitoris against my penis," Carl said. "I realize that you have no reason to do this, but I am asking this as a personal favor for an old man."

"I really don't know," I said. "I took an awfully big chance already tonight."

"And I admire you for your courage," Carl said. "I realize I have no right to ask you to risk your clitoris again for an old penis you have no interest in winning, but I am prepared to pay you twenty million pounds, win or lose, for agreeing to the wager and agreeing to keep the results of our wager secret."

"If I did it," I said. "It would not be for money."

"I know," Carl said. "But I am too old, and you would certainly not be interested in marriage to me. Any woman that gave me the pleasure of such a wager, I would want to be well taken care of for the rest of her life, win or lose. That is why I am offering you the money."

"I'm not sure," I said.

"I am not asking you to risk nullification," Carl said. "I am just asking you to risk your clitoris. I know that I am old, and do not have many years to live. You may think that your clitoris means much more to you than my penis does to me, but I have spent my lifetime looking for another woman with the spunk and courage to make this wager. Tonight I found her. You are such a woman. I cannot pass up the chance to ask you for this extraordinary favor."

I stared at Carl. I could see in his eyes how important this was to him, how badly he wanted it.

"If you agree to the wager," Carl said. "You are welcome to take some personal time alone to prepare."

I smiled. Carl was offering me one last chance to satisfy myself.

"What about you?" I teased. "Would you need some personal time alone?"

"I think I'm too old for that," Carl said.

"You look in pretty good shape to me," I said.

"Thank you," Carl said. "Does that mean you have accepted the wager?"

"Maybe," I said.

My brain was saying just leave, but there was something so sincere about this old man that I could not bring myself to just walk away and leave him disappointed for the rest of his life.

A crazy idea entered my head.

"Perhaps if I share my personal moment with you, that will inspire you to share a personal moment too," I said.

Carl looked at me intrigued.

"What exactly are you suggesting?" Carl asked.

"We can get on those tables," I said. "And watch each other, you know, do our personal thing. Perhaps watching me will inspire you to have another personal moment."

"Yes!" Carl said "It might well do that,".

"Then we can have the guillotines attached, spin the wheel, and for one of us, it will have been our final personal moment," I said.

"I'm in awe of how your mind works," Carl said.

Chapter 15

"Let's do it," Carl said. "All I ask is you promise to keep the result of our wager secret."

"I promise I will never tell a living soul," I said.

Carl quickly led the way back down the stairs, towards the back of the house. Carl dismissed the two servants who had been following us. When we arrive back at the room with the tables and wheel, he called someone on the intercom.

I studied the wheel. It was made of some silvery metal with posts around the rim. There were numbers painted between the posts. Around the rim of the wheel were electrical contacts. At the base a flexible piece of metal came up between the posts and some cooper contacts connected to the contacts on the rim of the wheel. The posts insured the wheel never stopped between numbers, and the contacts read out the number. The controller then selected the genitals to severe. It had chosen to spare my clit and take John's cock. Now it would severe yet another genitalia tonight. The destiny of my clit again would rest on a simple spin of this wheel.

Two servants arrived, and Carl instructed them to wait outside, and closed the door.

"Are you ready, Amy?" Carl asked with a smile.

I could feel heart beating rapidly and the muscles in my stomach tightening up.

"Yes I am ready," I said.

I unfastened my shoes and took them off. I undid my dress again. The top of the dress fell away, exposing my breast. My nipples were rock hard. I worked the dress over my hips and stepped completely out of it. Carl was undressing too. I slipped my panties down and stepped out of them.

Carl was taking his pants off. He smiled at me and pushed his boxers down to reveal his cock. His cock hung down between his legs, not erect, but partially aroused. What was completely different was Carl had no balls or ball sac. I could not stop myself from staring at Carl's cock. It looked so different than anything I had seen before.

"Never seen one without balls I take it," Carl said.

"No, I haven't," I replied.

"Do you like what you see?" Carl asked.

"Oh, yes," I said. "It looks really nice."

Carl's cock was twitching a little and getting slightly harder under my stare.

"Can I help you onto the table?" Carl said.

"Of course," I said.

Carl held my hand while I climbed up on the table. The table forced me to spread my legs very wide. I leaned back on the table. Carl climbed up on the opposite table. His cock curved down between his thighs spread wide by his table.

With my eyes glued to Carl's long, thin cock, I ran my hands over my breasts and gently squeezed my nipples. I slide my hands down over my stomach. With my fingers I spread my vaginal lips and ran my index finger around my pussy. My pussy was very wet. My index finger worked it way up to my clit. I gently massaged my clit. My pussy was on fire. I realized I could cum very quickly, but I wanted to take my time. Not just because this might be my last time. I also wanted to arose Carl. This could be his last time too.

I ran my fingers down around my pussy. I slide my middle finger into my pussy. I was so wet it slipped in very easily. I began to finger fuck myself. I usually never did this, but I knew that Carl would appreciate it and my clit was already tingling and didn't need much stimulation right now. Carl's cock was now standing up, and Carl was stroking it with his right hand, his eyes were glued on my pussy.

The room was eerily silent except for the sound of my hand slapping against my pussy. As my finger plunged deep into my pussy, the heel of my hand would slap against my tingling clit. I brought my other hand up and ran it around my breasts, pinching my right and then left nipple.

Carl's penis looked very hard now. The head had gotten big and now looked very smooth. Carl was vigorously stroking away. I took my finger out of my pussy and brought it up to my mouth. I licked my own juices off of my finger tasting my salty essence.

Carl was now pounding away on his cock. I squeezed both my breasts and ran my hands back down along my body to my pussy. I spread my vaginal lips and ran my index finger around to get it wet again. I brought my index finger up to my clit and began to very gently rub it. I was so close. I had to go slowly to keep from cumming right there.

My clit was tingling. I stopped for a few seconds as I felt my pussy begin to twitch. When it subsided, I began to slowly rub my clit again. I rolled my head back and took a deep breath. This was mostly an act for Carl's benefit. My whole body was becoming tense now, and ached for that release.

Carl was now rubbing his hand up and down the shaft of his cock. I took a deep breath and sighed as I slowly rubbed my clit. I stared into Carl's eyes and his right hand pumped furiously on his cock. Suddenly a muscle contraction seized my pussy. There was no stopping it now. I forcefully rubbed my clit. In seconds multiple muscle contractions spread out from my clit and rolled over my body. I twisted my body right and left as my index finger rubbed hard into my clit. Contraction after powerful contraction rolled out from my pussy across my thighs and stomach. I rolled my body and tensed my leg muscles to extract every bit of pleasure. As the contraction subsided, my clit became very sensitive. I stopped rubbing and just pressed my finger into my clit to extract the last bit of release from the micro contractions still pulsing through my clit. As the last of these tiny contraction faded, I sighed and lay on the table with my eyes closed. My mind was drifting in another world of serene peace.

When I opened my eyes, Carl's penis was hard and he was still slowly stroking it. I climbed down off my table and walked over to his. I smiled at Carl, reached down and put my hand around Carl's penis and began to slowly stroke it for him. My eyes met Carl's. I leaned over and ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I could taste the salty precum. I looked up to Carl's eyes again, smiled, and leaned over to take his cock all the way into my mouth. I ran my tongue all around the head of his cock inside my mouth. Then I placed my tongue firmly against the underside of the cock head and began to rhythmically slide the head of his cock up and down my tongue. I used my lips to gently grip the shaft of his cock. I could feel the head of his cock getting bigger in my mouth. I could taste his precum. Carl began to tense his legs and then to shake them. I felt Carl's cock pulsate in my mouth and I could taste the cum dribbling out onto my tongue. The cum did not shoot out against the back of my throat as it frequently does with young men, but I could tell from the contortions of Carl's body and face that it was just as fulfilling for him as any young man I had known.

Carl pushed my face away. I licked my lips and looked around for some tissue. I found some gauze pads. Carl seemed to be lying very peacefully in that post- orgasmic nirvana. I wiped my face and hands clean. Then I started to clean up Carl's penis. Carl opened his eyes and looked at me. Carl took the pad away from me and finished cleaning his hand and penis.

"Thank you, Amy," Carl said. "I can die happy now."

"Please don't die on me right now," I said with a smile.

"Don't worry," Carl said. "I won't."

Carl tossed the pad away.

"Are you ready to wager your clitoris now?" Carl said.

I looked at Carl and smiled.

"Are you ready to wager your penis?" I replied.

Carl called in the two servants who had been waiting outside. One of the servants helped me back onto the table, and locked my ankles and wrists to the table.

"You can dispense with the usual verbiage," Carl said. "We both know how this works."

"As you wish," one of the men said.

"Madam, are you ready?" the man at my table asked.

"Yes," I replied.

The man parted my vaginal lips and pushed back the hood over my clit. As he pushed the clip under my clit I almost gasped. The clip seemed more painful then it had earlier, probably because my clit was still so sensitive. The clip held my hood back and served to push the clit up where the guillotine's blade could cleanly slice it off. The man then fastened the little guillotine to the clip. He adjusted the guillotine so its blade would remove my whole clit, if the wheel chose to fire it. When he was finished, he stood back to admire my pink clit pushing up in the middle of the silvery guillotine.

The other man had finished connecting the guillotine to Carl's penis. The man positioned the large tray under my table and the other man put the bucket under Carl's table. I stared into Carl's eyes. He was staring at my body, and my clit poking up through the silver of my guillotine. The man at my table pushed the button into my hand.

"Are you ready, Madam," the man said standing next to the control box.

"Yes," I said.

"Are you ready, sir," he repeated to Carl.

"Yes," Carl said.

"You have five minutes to push the buttons," the man said.

Carl immediately pushed his button. I pushed mine and the wheel began to spin. This was it. The wheel would now decide whether I would ever again reach that nirvana state of mind where all desire has been extinguished or whether I had just experience my final personal moment of pleasure.

Carl released his button. My eyes were fixed on Carl's cock hanging limply from his guillotine. In the silence I heard the metal hitting against posts on the wheel as the wheel began slowed down. I glanced up at Carl's face. I could see the smile on his face as the wheel came to its final rest.

I heard the relay click.


This story is all true, as best I can remember the details. It was written several years ago while I hide in various places around the Caribbean and Central America. I left it in a sealed envelope with my lawyer. He was instructed to distribute the story and give it to law enforcement in the event of my untimely death.

As events have unfolded, that was never necessary. It seems I no longer need to worry about Peter or John King. As Carl had predicted, Peter and John hired twenty or twenty-five mercenaries to assault Carl's Island. Carl's security forces shot down their helicopter, sank their boat and killed all the remaining mercenaries that got ashore. A few months later Peter King was killed in a helicopter crash near a diamond mine his company owned. John King and two of his body guards were killed in a mafia style hit in Porto Kanda.

I am not sure what happened to Ken. Shelly had warned me not to tell him anything, and I did not see him before I left Porto Kanda. I sent him a large sum of money from the Bahamas and warned him to disappear too. I never heard from him, but then I was trying to make myself impossible to find at the time.

I have recently learned that Carl Levitt died in his sleep a few months ago. He was cremated in a funeral pyre and his ashes scattered over the Atlantic Ocean. I am told that Carl whole collection of genitalia was burned with his body.

As for my much more modest collection of genitals, I took them with me when I left Porto Kanda. I was frequently moving from one country to another across the Caribbean and Central America, and I realized they would be difficult to explain to a customs inspector. I decided the best thing to do was to dispose of them. They are now resting under the blue waters of the Caribbean somewhere. I finally settled into a quiet life in Macao where I lived modestly so as not to attract attention.

I suppose what you really would like to know is did I leave that night with both Carl and John's cocks or did Carl add my clit to his private collection next to his deceased wife's. I am not going to tell you. I promised Carl never to reveal the result of our private wager, and even though he has now departed this world, I am going to honor that promise. If Carl won my clit that night, then the ashes of my clit were scattered over the Atlantic Ocean with Carl's. If I won Carl's penis, it now rests with the fish at the bottom of the Caribbean. Carl and I know what happened that night. We were both prepared to live with the consequences.

The surprising development I can share is that Carl apparently changed his will. He left most of his estate to me! I now own the island, the house and Carl's vast fortune. Since Carl's Island is its own country, there is not even any inheritance tax. Not only do I own the Island, I am now the head of state!

When the Macao police finally admit that I have committed no crimes here in Macao and let me go, I will be able to return to Carl's Island.

Inspector Lee laid the last sheet of paper onto the stack. The story was more incredible than he had heard. If he had just read the story, he would not believe it, but resting on his desk was the file of reports from Porto Kanda. They confirmed the mercenary assault on Carl Levitt's island, and they added a new twist. Carl Levitt's security forces only returned six bodies of mercenaries. They claimed the rest were lost at sea and their bodies were never found. All six bodies returned were missing their penis and testicles. They had been cut off either just before or after death. The security forces blamed it on some native tribes men who they had hired to help protect the island.

Peter King had been killed in a suspicious helicopter crash. Officially it was still under investigation, but it appeared the helicopter had been sabotaged.

John King had been killed in what looked like a professional assassination. The Porto Kanda authorities had no suspects and no leads. The case was still officially open. The autopsy report showed that John King's penis and testicles had been surgically removed some time in the past, and he had undergone surgical reconstruction of the urinary track.

Since Carl Levitt had died on his own island and been cremated, there was no autopsy report.

Clearly crimes had been committed. Amy was certainly guilty of assault, but that crime belonged under the Porto Kanda jurisdiction. Perhaps Amy was also the victim of an assault. Porto Kanda had claimed that Amy Hsu had committed no crimes in Porto Kanda. The castrations had taken place on Carl Levitt's island, where they were not crimes. Inspector Lee knew that argument was nonsense. The Porto Kanda authorities could intervene, if they wanted. Having read Amy's story, Inspector Lee now understood why they were not interested.

Inspector Lee considered his options. The only thing he could do was to force Amy Hsu to submit to a medical examine to determine if she still had her clitoris. The Macao police had tried to do that, but Amy's lawyers had argued there was no possible crime in Macao for which such a medical examine could be considered evidence. There was a crime in Porto Kanda, but they were not interested. There could be a crime on Carl Levitt's Island protectorate, but Amy Hsu was now the head of that protectorate.

Inspector Lee rolled all the facts over in his mind. There was no reason to order a medical examine he decided. He was pretty sure what it would show and there was no criminal case in any jurisdiction it could apply to anyway.

There was nothing more that he could do here. The Macao police would simply have to release Amy Hsu.

Liana M

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