My Aunt Takes My Cherry

by Young@heart

I mention my uncle because he was used as part of the plan to pop my cherry when I stayed the summer. I just turned 8 and was sent to the country for summer vacation. At the time I thought it was going to be just like spending weekends there with my cousin. she was about 6 at the time. One day my aunt and I came back from the store and while walking from the car we heard a noise comming from the small barn/garage. My aunt told me to be quite and we snuck up and around the corner inside the barn I saw my litle niece with her paints pulled down around her ankles and he had her sucking his cock. she was crying or sobbing and I looked at my aunt and she put her finger to her mouth as to say don't say a word. she didnt stop him instead we squatted down behind some bales and watched. He started moaning and he came in her mouth because she started gagging and coughing. It wasn't untill a few years later I acually knew the fundamentals of sex. I just knew he was grunting and she was gagging. I looked at my aunt and she had her hands between her legs and when she noticed me she grabbed my hand and we snuck back to the house. She told me not to say a word because she didnt want to get uncle mike mad at us and at the time I thought it was a good idea to go along with her. Well about 5 minutes later they came into the house and uncle bill came right over to me and picked me up and gave me a big hug and was happy to see me. He turned to my niece and told her to go upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner and put me back down letting his hand slide along my butt and he did. He looked at my Aunt and asked her how long had we been home and she said about 15 min. He said he was in the barn with trisha cleaning and that he thought he heard us drive up. He excussed himself and said he was going to clean up for dinner. As soon as he left she loked at me and said boy that was close. But she didn't say anything about what he did to trisha or that he touched my ass. Well for 2 days I didn't say anything or mention to trisha what we saw for fear she might tell her father and I would get in trouble. Then on the 3rd day we were watching tv and I noticed trisha was on her fathers lap and she had on just panties and a small top and I could see he was kinda grinding her into his lap. My aunt was sitting next to me and told trisha to go to bed and when she got off her father you could see he had a big hardon under his pajama. he just kept watching tv and then he got up and said he was going to take a shower and walked right passed me with this big hardon and left the room. I looked at my aunt and she said did I see that. And I tried to act stupid and said what. She said his cock? This was like the first time maybe the second I had ever heard it called a cock. She said it gets so big and hard when he wants sex. I said sex? She said yes sex when his cock gets big like that he wants sex. She said you know what sex is don't you? I knew of it from a few eposodes around my house but not like she was talking about. She said that she thought he was going to go upstairs to make trisha suck him like he did in the barn. I said you think so? I mean for some reason i wanted to hear more. Maybe it was because she acted like it was normal I dont know but I said you think so. Then my aunt started talking to me in a totally different way. she was saying things like trisha likes to suck it and that she has let her father fuck her pussy and that he had bought her a rubber cock and made her suck that to. She said that one time she watched as my uncle was doing things with trisha that she took the rubber cock and was sucking it and rubbing it on her own pussy because watching them made her horny. I said are you horny now and she said lets be quite and see if they bare doing anything. I was scarred and asked what if we get cought. She said not to worry she does it all the time and with that she took my hand and led me upstairs.

Well no sooner did we get around the corner of the hall we peeked into the bedroom. The door half open, and my uncle is licking my cousin and had her spread wide on the bed naked. I looked at my aunt and she had her hand between her legs and was rubbing. He was totaly naked and his cock was huge and he started rubbing it on her crotch. I was so ingrossed I didn't realize at first but my aunt was rubbing my butt and I spread my legs a bit to let her have access to my pussy from behind. she slid her hand between my legs and was now rubbing me from behind when she grabbed my hand and walked away from the room into the other bedroom down the hall. she said did I see that how big his cock was. and I said yes. she went to the drawer and said she wanted to show me something. with that she pulled out the rubber cock she had been talking about. Then it was very big and now as a grownup I still think it was big. She took it and just pushed it between my legs. Now I had on my pajama bottoms and she slit it between my thighs and was pulling it back and forth like she was dry fucking me. I was so hot I was standing there trembling and week at the knees. She was talking dirty to me on how she knew I wanted to get fucked by my uncle and that I loved his hot hard cock all the while pushing the full length of the rubber cock between my thighs. She pulled the rubber cock out from between my thighs and threw it on the bed and in one motion put her hand down my bottoms and was pulling on my pussy lips. I mean she was pulling on them and pulling on my clit. I was soaked and I just stood there as she pulled down my bottoms and exposed my pussy to her. she then did something I will never forget. She went to the drawer and took out this leather thing and pulled her own pants off and I looked she wasnt wearing underwear. her pussy was shaved very smooth and she put on this lether thing and took the rubber cock from the bed and connected it to the leather harness and now I see her standing in front of me with a rubber cock every bit at big as my uncles real cock. She bent me over the bed and poured some slippery stuff on the cock ans was rubbing it on my pussy from behind. She told me to lie on the bed and she got between my legs and was rubbing this cock on my pussy when I felt her trying to push it in me. It was hurting right from the start and I was trying to wisper to her to stop. I didnt want to let my uncle catch us. She would have nothing to do with that telling me I wanted the big cock and that if it wasnt her it would be my uncles big cock and she started to push harder. I was so wet but so scared. I told her it hurt and she said good that means i like the big cocks and she rammed it in me. I felt my whole pussy burn and she just kept pumping in and out the more she did the more it went in. I know she was in deep because i could feel our pelvic bones hitting each other. she was really fucking me good and she had an orgasm that made her yell and she was moaning loud. Finally she pulled it out of me and as she gets off she just looks at me and says go get cleaned up and she goes to walk out of the bedroom still wearing the dildo. I went into the bathroom and as I walked pass the other bedroom I saw her in there talking to my uncle and she still was wearing the dildo. I took a shower and went to bed.