Tamil Village Adventures

by Yamini

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Hi. Dear friends. First let me introduce myself. My name is Yamini. I am 32 and I am a Doctor by profession. I got married in my age of 22 and my husband is now working in Arab Emirates. Being alone -- I always choose only nice cute female partners for my sexual desires. Most of them are school or college girls or sometimes housewives. It is easy for me to get them because of my profession. Basically my Lesbian experiences were started from my school days. For the very first time in my life, I tasted the lesbian enjoyment from my mom's sister; in Tamil language I call her "chitti". Let me share that first experience with you. If you like this please let me know. I am interested in writing my other experiences too.

It happened when I was 9 year old. Normally in summer holidays, we use to go to mom's village. It is near Sathyamangalam forest. It is a small village. My dad was a forest officer. On those job times, he felt in love with my mom and married her. After sometime he got transferred to his head-office, which is in Madras. So, in Summer Holidays, to avoid the problems of sultry climate in Madras, my mom and dad use to send me to Mom's village. It is a nice village with river, small village railway station, beautiful flowers and lot of trees. Let me introduce my chitti with few words. She is the beautiful 17 girl in the world I have ever seen. With Brown Color Body, Black long Hairs and average Hgt-Wgt South Indian look she was an angel in my life. On that time, my Chitti was in Teacher Training Course. Most of the Middle class women in India prefer to be a teacher after their basic education. Being a teacher in India is really funny. No Special Jobs for them. Even you can earn more money in private tuitions. You can get holidays whenever you need. And the Government salary for teachers is also very good. Because of this earnings and eligibilities getting marriage is also very easy. So based on these all advantages my chitti also choose the Job of Teaching. However, on those holidays she was in home only.

I love her so much. So also loves me much. She was very beautiful then my mom. She uses to wear only Pavadai and Sattai (Pavadai -- a long Indian style skirt, Sattai -- a Half-hand Blouse like Tops-- used by most of the south Indian village girls (in those old days)) in home. I am her best friend. We use to chat a lot and walk around railway station, river and near by temple in evening times. She doesn't care about my age. She doesn't have much more friends there, because it is a small village. Even though I am much younger then her, even though I go there once in a year, she treat me as her nice friend only. That made me love her more then my mom. Beyond these things, I have one more reason too. Sometimes chitti do strange things that I love very much. From my third visit to the village (at my age of 5), I use to sleep, bath & play with Chitti only. All those times chitti use to kiss me, fondle me and play with me a lot -- as I am much younger and both are female, no one can suspect her touches. I personally started to love her touches and kisses from those days.

On that day, I arrived from Madras by train, and I grandpa was there for taking me to home. Grandpa gave me a little kiss on my cheeks, and happily welcomed me. I sat with him in bicycle and we started to move towards our village home. When I get down from my grandpa's bicycle, I ran around the home and searched for my best friend, my Chitti. My grandma also very happily welcomed me by kissing and hugging me, and asked me about my father and mother -- their health and works. I replied her, and then I asked for my chitti, she said that she is in backyard. I ran to the backyard and saw my chitti coming out from the small shed constructed by using coconut leaves - folded and weaved nicely.

In our villages, we do not have constructed bathrooms or toilets. All homes have this kind of sheds in their backyard. Inside that there will be a small stone for washing cloth, and a small place for taking bath. For Toilet, we go to dark tree covered land in the first level of forest side. No water there for cleaning other then small water pools -- formed because of rain water, so we use to release our natural call there, just clean ourselves by using those pool water, then come to home via backyard and inside the shed we clean ourselves with fresh water and soap. When I saw my chitti,

I shouted "haaiiii.. chitti... I am here... "

in happiness and ran to her, hugged her tightly. She too became very surprise to see me again, and welcomed me with a huge smile - delight, warm hug and kisses all over my face. I saw the rejoicing from her face. I too returned my kisses all over her face. I felt her warm lips sometimes over my lips too while we kissed each other. But I thought those are sisterly kisses. But after sometimes I understood that it was purposely happened.

She asked me to wait in front of shed and let her clean herself. I understood that she is coming from the forest area after shit. She went inside the shed and hiked her padavai upto her waist, sat in Indian toilet position and started to clean her ass with water. By standing in front of shed, I caught a glimpse of her nice wheat color legs, smooth thighs, dark hair covered wet private part. She started to clean her ass with her left palm and fingers. Because she is in Indian toilet position and her I caught the glimpse of her fantastic big cricket ball like breasts, which are inside her blouse. At first time I felt shy and uncomfortable to see my mom's sister in this fashion. But inside my mind something happened. I could not able to switch my eyes out of her. Some different kind of feeling with pleasure started to build between my thighs. I slowly and softly rubbed between my thighs. Chitti saw me and my hand between my thighs. I saw a smile on her face, she got up and adjusted her cloths and came close to me.

She sat in front of me with her knees.

"You grown beautifully ... " she softly whispered in my ears. I felt very happy to hear those words from my beautiful chitti like women, but on the same time I felt shy also by hearing such comments. She warped her hands around my shoulders saw me inside my eyes, then softly kissed me directly on my lips. I felt her warm breath on my cheeks.

" I love you.. you love me...?" she asked in soft voice and I responded in the same soft voice "yes.. I love you".

"you are very beautiful this time..." she whispered. "you are always beautiful..." I replied.

She smiled on me and I felt her eyes scanning me completely. Her left hand slowly came down from my shoulder and touched my small right breast.

"Have you attend you puberty..?" she asked me softly. I replied "no..not yet.." by seeing her beautiful eyes.

"mm.. but you have nice small budding breasts..".. by saying this she softly fondled my lemon size breast flesh over my dresses.

"good enough for your age..." she murmured.

That suddenly made different kind of waves inside my body. I really loved those new erotic sensations. Then she did a strange thing. She lowered her face and softly kissed my nipples over my dress. But body started to shiver and I put my hands on her shoulder to keep the grip. She kissed both of my breasts and I felt her right hand comes down over my back and softly caressing my buttocks over my skirt. I felt a new strange sensation between my thighs again. But I was afraid to touch there in front of my chitti.

Before that time -- I never had such kind of activities or naughty talks with chitti. But I was aware of sex by discussing about it with my school friends. I know what is sex and what they do during sex. One of my classmates told me that she saw the film "FIRE". That is the movie about lesbian love. On the time only I learned the word lesbian and understood it's meaning. Now the thing, which happens to me with chitti... Is it lesbian act? I didn't understood and afraid to ask about it to chitti. Before this visit, on my previous visits me and chitti use to talk naughty things in private, use to sleep in same bed, sometimes use to take bath together in riverside. She sometimes touch me, kiss me, feel me but all those are sisterly touches, I thought.

She again kissed me on lips -- this time strongly and stood up. With her left hand on my shoulder we entered into the home. Grandpa and grandma were in front room. We moved to there. Chitti and me sat with them and started to chat about my journey, my studies etc. during our talks sometimes I felt my chitti's left hand finders coming up from my shoulder to my face, trying to trace my ears, sometimes touch my cheeks, sometimes my lips. I felt a strange smell from her fingers. Then suddenly I understood the smell -- her shit smell - from her fingers. But instead of feeling nasty, I really loved it. I loved the smell from her finger. She too understood about it she put her finger right under my nose for few seconds and I inhaled it softly. We exchange secret smiles to each other.

We chatted for more time with grandpa and grandma and had our lunch together happily. That is really a nice afternoon. Then Chitti went to village library to take some new books. Grandpa and grandma usually go to sleep in afternoons. Grandma asked me take a small afternoon sleep and arranged bed for me. by laying in bed my mind started to recall today's morning happenings. I recalled those touches. I started to feel the strange feeling again between my thighs. I looked at my grandpa and grandma. They are sleeping. I quickly slipped my left hand inside my panty and softly rubbed there by thinking about my Chitti's acts.

Then I took a small afternoon sleep because of the tiredness in journey. For the first time in my life -- on that afternoon, I had some connectionless wet dreams about my Chitti.

I wake up in evening with the memories of connectionless wet dreams. Oh, what a nice evening. I enjoyed the fantastic orange color sky with nice breeze. Grandma gave me a hot coffee and offered me hot water to wash my face. I took the bowl of hot water to shed bathroom. I removed my skirt and stood there only with my chemise. I removed my panties, sat down and started to pee. The hot yellow stream started to come out. I put my fingers in the middle of the stream and felt the hot. I took my fingers to my nose and smelled it. I softly tasted the my own salty fluid. I put my fingers on my hairless cunt and rubbed there slowly by thinking the session happened with chitti. I rubbed my asshole to and smelled my fingers to know my smell. I heard my grandma's call for Tiffin so I cleaned my fingers urgently, washed my face, and again dress in my cloths. I came out and had Tiffin with my chitti.

After Tiffin I asked my Chitti to take me to Railway station flower garden. My grandma also suggested going there to pass sometime, but she asked us to return to home before dark. Chitti and me went to the Garden. It was a nice garden behind the old railway station. Lot of trees, lot of flowers and small pool too. There are benches to sit and relax. We sat in a bench and chatted a lot, enjoyed the smell of flowers, enjoyed the sounds of nameless birds. During our talk chitti asked me one strange question.

"do you really love me..".. "yes I do.." I replied.

"do you love the thing which happened between us..."..i answered with shy "yes..."... "really...?".. I again said "yes" ..

"do you have any prior experiences in this ...? " .. "No.. " I shook my head urgently.."then how do you know about this.."..i read about this in books.."mmm..books.. that is ok.. "

"you know one thing..i really love you much more and I wanted to play these games with you for the past 3 years...but I couldn't get courage to make complete moves. Do you remember those old day games.."

"yes.. how can I forgot those games.. "...I replied by thinking about those soft kisses and touches and my wet afternoon dream "do want to enjoy the real pleasure with me...this time.. " ... her voice brought me to real world. I saw inside her eyes and said boldly... "yes...i do.."...

she smiled in happiness and kissed me softly on my forehead. she sat on one bench and made me to stand close to her. I felt her nipples touching my small nipples. I felt her hot breath on my face. The sky started to get dark and there were no lights behind the railway station park. We were in dark. No one can see us unless they come close to us. She asked me to put my hands around her shoulder so that I can come more close to her. She spread her thighs wide and asked me to stand between her things and she warped her legs around me. I closed my eyes.

Then I felt her lips on my lips. But that is not a normal kiss. She kissed me softly first, her tounge traced my lips and then she tried to probe her tounge inside my mouth. I parted my lips and allowed her. Her tounge explored my mouth. I felt her hot tounge dancing with my mouth. I don't know how to respond to her but automatically I started to respond her. My body started to shiver with the new feeling. Her right-hand came down, touched my thighs under my skirt rubbed them and came up slowly by rubbing all over my thighs. She softly touched my hairless cunt over my panties and rubbed there softly. Her hand softly massaged my buttocks. I felt her finger moves inside my panty and touches my asshole. She rubbed my asshole with her finger and tried to insert her finger into it. Her fingers then moved to my wet cunt lips and that made hot strong waves inside me. After some seconds she removed her fingers from my asshole and she smelled her fingers in front of me.

"your smell is fantastic" she hissed.

She then unbuttoned her top two buttons of her blouse and guided my both hands to her breasts inside her blouse. she asked me to massage them gently. She again hugged me and started to kiss me by probing me tongue inside my mouth. Her hands again went to my buttocks. I started to massage her beautiful breasts in the same buttocks massaging rhythm. Nearly after two minutes we broke our kiss and adjusted our cloths. Already it became too late we so quickly returned to home.

Grandma waited for us in the front gate. Grandma asked us to clean our hands and legs and come to dinner. I went inside the shed bathroom, and removed my panty. It was really wet. I smelled it. mm..that was really erotic. I tasted my own juices from my panty. By thinking the session happened with my chitti in park, I started to slowly rub my hairless mound with its wetness. I then put my fingers in my mouth to taste the salty juice. I then put my left hand fingers on my asshole ,rubbed it hardly and I smelled my fingers. "mm..yes.. my smell is fantastic.." ...

Suddenly I heard my grandma's call to dinner. I quickly cleaned my hands and legs and returned to kitchen for dinner. At that night, we had some general chatting with grandma and grandpa. Time became 10:00 and grandma started to arrange beds for sleeping. We changed to our nightdress. Chitti changed into front open skirt like nightdress and me into chemise. Normally grandma, grandpa and chitti use to sleep in main hall. The home contains only 3 rooms. One main room, kitchen and one storeroom. Grandma and grandpa put their bed in left side corner of the room. Chitti started to arrange her bed and arranged a bed for me with her in right side facing doorsteps. Our bed was quite distance from grandma and grandpa. So that in dark they cant easily identify what we are doing. After few minutes grandma switched off the lights.

I waited for her touches for nearly 30 minutes with great expectation. Nothing happened for the next 1 hr. then I found her fingers inside my Chemise, touching my buttocks. Her right hand tried to strip off my panty. I lifted my hips to support her then she striped my panty up to my knees. Her hands softly caressed my private parts with love. I understood that she waited for grandma and grandpa to sleep. I turned by facing her and she pulled me close to her.

She unbuttoned her blouse and lowered it to pull out her breasts. In semi-dark I clearly saw her beautiful breasts. I first softly touched them. So Soft. I felt the heat of her body. I ran my fingers over them. I rolled her nipples with my thumb and index finger and pinched them gently. Her nipples became hard. A soft moan escaped from her mouth. She pulled me and started to kiss me hardly. Her mouth locked with my mouth and her tongue started to make war with my tounge. I felt the taste and smell of our night Tiffin from her mouth. I loved it. I too tried to enter my tounge into her mouth. Yes, I started to learn. She allowed me and my tongue touched her tongue, lips, teeth everywhere. I started to massage and squeeze her breasts like making juices from them. After few minutes of our French kissing session, she broke the kiss. She kissed me all over my face. Then she started to lick me all over my face. She made my face wet with her saliva. Then she waited for my response. I understood and I started to kiss and lick her face. I felt the salty taste of sweat from her face. I also felt face powder smell and coconut oil smell..all I love. I licked her forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, eyes and lips then moved to her neck. i felt a itch like feeling in my cunt.

I guided her hands to my cunt. She cupped my hairless mound with her hand and started to play there with her fingers. Her fingers traced my crack, and one finger started to rub inside it. I felt some urine like wetness there. She used the wetness to slide her index finger inside my cunt. It really made a soft pain first -- I gasped a little - then I started to feel the real enjoyment. Each and every push of her finger inside my cunt made me to gasp hardly. To avoid my gasping sounds she pushed my face towards her breast and made me to suck her nipples. I first slightly touched her nipples with my tounge and made smart circles around it. Then I softly started to lick them to make wet then directly started to suck them. It tasted something different. But I gave me pleasure. She pushed my face on her breast even harder. I felt the heat of her breast on my face. I could hear her heartbeats.

Each and every time her finger entered me I sucked her nipples with smart bites. Her left hand fingers played with my pussy and her right hand fingers started to massage my buttocks and rubbed my asshole. I changed my attention to her next breast. The game made pleasures inside me and because of her re-actions, I understood that the game make pleasures inside her too. Our bodies started to sweat hard. Suddenly her finger made contact with some magic point inside my cunt. Millions of starts blasted inside my head and I felt a tremendous pleasure for the first time in my life. My body twisted like a snake to handle the pleasure. My heartbeat became so sound -- even I could hear it. Was it possible to give sexual pleasure to a nine year old girl, you may wonder. But yes, its damn possible. I experienced my first orgasm in my life at the mercy of my chitti's fingers. No, there was no ejaculation or convulsion nothing like that. But I experienced a jerk, as if a we beat on a spring. The vibrations were similar to me. I don't know how to describe it more than that. My chitti chuckled in the darkness as she knew she had won.

She whispered into my ears softly "congratulations my dear little princess. You got your first orgasm."

I became more and more tired I felt down next to her. My breath was harder and it took time for me to come to real world again. I saw her with smile and shyness. She smiled on me . My saliva made her both breasts complete wet. She opened my chemise and I felt her found my nipples. They were just like two black coins on my budding chest. But she pinched my very little nipples as if taking an ant from its den. It made hot new waves inside me. She kissed me on my neck, then came down and finally put her mouth on my nipples. She sucked them like a craving child. She licked all over my body. Then she loosed her skirt, guided my hand inside her skirt. My fingers found a bush of hairs there. They were wet. I could not see anything because of the darkness. But I felt it. I touched something like fresh meat. Hot wet spot. I combed my chitti's pussy hairs with my fingers. Then I slide my hands even deeper between her thighs. I found her cunt crack. I started to return the same pleasure to her. I did just like what she did to me. I rubbed there hardly and tried to push my fingers inside her. But unlike me, nearly three of my fingers easily went inside her hot cunt. My chitti shut her eyes hardly; bite her lips to control her moaning sound. However, her breath became heavier that showed her pleasure. She parted her legs bit wider so that I can access more.

I easily finger fucked her for few seconds then with a great gasp she reached her orgasm. Her juices flowed all over my hand. It made her skirt wet also. She softly pulled my hand and tasted her own juices from it. I also tasted a little from my hand. We hugged again. Our semi nude bodies pressed each other with great passion. We exchanged thousands of kisses and felt in each other's hands.

I woke up in early morning. I found my dresses are neat. Is that a dream -- happened last night?. I found my chitti in backyard. She said good morning and responded. She was inside the bathroom shed, brushing her teeth. I heard my grandma's call for morning coffee. So I quickly went inside the bathroom shed for a simple mouthwash and morning pee. I filled my mouth with water and started my process. Suddenly chitti closed the shed door and hugged me from behind.

She repeated the words "I love you" multiple times in my ear and started to kiss me all over my face.

She turned me towards her, sat in front of me, and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. Her tounge explored my mouth. Oh..the thing happened last night was not a dream. I felt it. Her hands started to massage my buttocks softly. After that great kiss, she lifted my skirt, pulled my panty down and started to lick my inner thighs. Oh.. I was in heaven. Her finger touched my pussy and rubbed there softly.

"I love you.. dear.. " she hissed. "I too.. " I smiled and replied.

With that reply from me...She directly put her mouth over my mound and started to suck me. I felt her tounge parting my lips and touching the inner parts of my vagina. I hold her head tightly and moaned softly. But body shivered in pleasure. Her hands massaged my buttocks cheeks with passion and I felt her fingers tracing my asshole, rubbing there. For the next one minute, she sucked me hard; I felt a great orgasm with tears in my eyes. Then she gave me a nice kiss again, said

"your taste is so good in morning... ". She hugged me softly with care. She kissed on my eyes, forehead, and cheeks and again in lips. She sniffed her fingers and hissed

"your smell is also very nice.. can I smell there directly..?" she asked me.

Without waiting for my answer, she turned me back, lifted my skirt, and asked me to hold it. I closed my eyes and waited for that great event. First I felt her hands on my buttocks cheeks, massaged me. I felt her fingers parting my buttocks cheeks for clear access. Then I felt her hot breathe on my buttocks. My body started to shiver again and my heart started to pound hard again. Suddenly I felt her wet tounge on my asshole. Yes! She licked me directly on my asshole. Her tounge tried to probe my asshole and it really made hot new waves inside my 9-year-old body. She buried her face between my ass cheeks and sniffed there hardly. "fantastic..." she exclaimed.

We hugged again and her kisses filled my face again. Suddenly we heard grandma's call again for morning coffee. Chitti kissed me again, washed her mouth and went out. I sat there with great gasping. It took time for me to come again to real world. I washed my face. I sat down and peed. I slowly rubbed and washed my pussy with that hot pee stream. Eventually I tasted my fingers with my urine. Yes I am tasting good. I came and got the morning coffee. My chitti smiled on me.

Afternoon -- after our lunch, Chitti asked me to accompany with her to riverside for washing cloths. Grandma also allowed me to go but asked us to return earlier. Chitti and me collected cloths and put them in a bag. We collected two pots also and started to walk towards the river. It was afternoon time so most of the people are inside home. No one was there in riverside area. We reached the riverside area and walked in the sand happily. Chitti selected a nice place for washing cloths. That place was fully surrounded with dark trees and more and more rocks in the water. Rocks are good for washing cloths. Moreover, even after washing cloths we can take a nice bath in that dark place. That is why chitti choose that place.

In few minutes, we reached there and arranged the cloths for washing. Chitti removed her blouse, and dressed her pavadai only up to her breasts. In that yellow color pavadai I saw her beautiful round breasts, bulging. She asked me to undress my cloths so that she can wash them also. I undress and stood in front of her with my Panties only. With some chatting, we washed all the cloths and put them in tree branches to dry them a little. Now it is time for bathing. Chitti pulled me close to her and hugged me. She said we would make a nice love first them we will go to bath. Now I understood her plan. She wants to make love with me in sunlight. I love that.

Actually, I wanted it. Instead of small pleasures, I wanted the big one. Chitti guided me to inner forest near to our washing area. That place was completely covered with forest grass. Nice water stream. Dark trees. No direct sun light. But enough light for everything. Chitti Smiled on me. She slowly undressed her pavadai also and stood completely naked in front of me. Wow that is the first time I am seeing her naked. Fantastic. What a body -- like a body made with butter.

Round face. dark eyes, rose lips, long black hair. Semi-dark color body. Gorgeous round shape breasts. Beautiful dark navel. Lovely soft thighs. The dark shining pussy hairs between her thighs. Attractive pillow like buttocks. I am sure. She is 100% stunning beauty.

She came close to me, kissed me, pulled my panty down, and made me naked. She put her wet pavadai like a bedspread in grass. We laid on it. Her hands softly moved all over my body. Her hands touched almost everywhere. Then she moved closely. Now she started to kiss from my forehead. All over my face. special attention to my lips. Then she moved to my neck, then to my breast, special attention to my flat nipples. She lips then went to my navel. Her tounge probed my navel. Then her lips went to my abdomen. Special attention to my pussy. She just kissed there softly. Her lips went to my things, complete legs. She then turned me back and I felt her lips all over my back -- with special attention on my buttocks and asshole. When her tounge touched my asshole, I felt a smart jerkin my body because of that sudden pleasure. Her tounge brushed like painting over my asshole, I closed my eyes and enjoyed it completely.

She pulled me over her and I kept my face on her breast. It was like hot pillow. I heard her heat beat.

"suck me my darling..." she hissed softly.

I started to lick her nipples first, then started to suck it. It really grown because of her arousal. Her tits were big for my mouth, but somehow I managed and sucked them in most possible way. She pushed my face towards her nipples, holds me hardly and moaned. She then pushed me below her tits. I moved to her belly button. Because of my curiosity, I inserted my tounge inside it. I felt a great jerk in her body. She made strange sounds. Few seconds later, she again pushed me between her thighs. For the first time I saw her pussy that much close. Dark shining hairs covered her pussy like a dark forest. I smelled there, the smell was fantastic with her love juices and urine smell. I buried my face between her thighs.

I flicked my tounge I softly tasted her rose outer lips. Then I parted her pussy outer lips and saw the deep rose flush. I saw a small bud like thing. I touched it with my tounge and Chitti moaned soundly, with some abnormal words. I covered it with my mouth. Her pussy started to produce a lot of love juice. I tasted a lot. My whole face was covered with her juice. I violently sucked her pussy with passion and my 5 fingers entered inside her like a hot penis. I hand fucked her and it gave her sensation like fucking with men. In few seconds, her body continuously jerked and I understood that she is getting multiple orgasms. When I got up she pulled me again, kissed me deeply then licked me all over my face. She tasted her own juices from my face.

"oh...this is the first time I am getting this kind of fantastic orgasm... thank you my dear darling...I love...you... ", with these words she made my face wet with her saliva.

After some seconds, she made me to open my legs wide to get a clear access of my hairless pussy. She blew her hot breathe on my pussy first, that made me shiver a little. She softly ran her tounge all over my inner thighs, then her tongue parted my pussy lips and softly she covered my entire pussy with her hot wet mouth. I felt her tounge dancing like a hot girl on my pussy. She touched each and every secret spot of my pre-teen pussy, and then she finally shoved her throbbing tounge inside my pussy with strange sounds.

My body jerked continuously because of the pleasures given by her. While her tounge plays with my pussy, her hands continuously played and pinched my pre-teen breasts. Her left hand then went down to my buttocks. Her Fingers touched the crack of my asshole and rubbed there hardly. At that point, my young body received pleasure from three hot spots. After that fantastic treatment for the next few minutes, suddenly everything around me turned blurred and black. Then, sparks of billions of stars appeared in front of my eyes. I new great sensation had welled up between my thighs and inside my pussy hole. Waves of a violent-pleasant earthquake began to run in lightening speed all over my young 9-year-old body. We hugged each other hardly and inside her hands, the shivering of my body slowly came down in few minutes.

She gave me soft kisses and asked me "how you felt..."... "Strange.. but really fantastic..." I hissed.

"you got a nice pre-teen orgasm... I think for the first time in your life..."...she smiled.

We again hugged with passion. We shared kisses all over our bodies. My tongue explored her body inch by inch and her tongue explored me in the same way. She gave me new pleasures in professional way and I returned to them in my amateur way. We played for nearly 45 minutes and our bodies became wet with our saliva and sweat. Chitti lead me to the slow water flow area. Chilled water covered our bodies and I enjoyed it. Flowing water started to relax us. Chitti climbed on a small rock and laid on her stomach. Her beautiful backside body shinned in sunlight like gold.

I moved to her buttocks. I ran my hands over it and squashed them hardly, which made her moan loudly. I parted buttocks cheeks and saw her cute brown asshole. It was like a small brown flower. I softly touched it with my tounge and felt the jerk in her body. Closing my eyes, I started to lick her asshole with passion. In few seconds, I sensed her asshole muscle relaxation; I probed my tounge deep inside her asshole. Her hands came back hold my head tightly and I am sure she enjoyed it a lot. Then she returned the same treatment to me in her own special way.

We completed our bathing session, collected our cloths and returned to our home. Grandma asked us to talk rest. Chitti put a bed for us. We both laid in hugging position like sweet sisters.

From that day, we started to feel and share the pleasures to each other. Whenever we found alone -- sometimes we purposely arrange to be alone, we started to kiss each other, caress each other. Sometimes chitti crush my buttocks secretly, sometimes she makes me suck her nipples over her blouse and sometimes we touch each other's pussy under our dresses secretly. I became an expert in pussy eating and ass eating. She loved my hairless pussy very much and her tounge probed my asshole many times in those holidays. After those Holidays, I returned to my home with tears in my eyes. 3 years later, my Chitti came to our home for her further studies and she stayed with us for nearly 2 years. Many things that are more special happened those days but that is another story.