Daughter Found My Porn Stash

by Wow

Jessi was only 10 but anybody who got close to her would agree that my daughter had so much sex appeal. It was a real challenge not to stare at her perfect ballerina-shaped ass or those short legs. Not to mention she was slim and fit and did not have the slightest sign of growing tits. And the girl's face was so beautiful she would get all the attention wherever she went: big lips with wide green eyes and dark-brown hair down to her ass. I've always been very proud of my girl and took very good care off her to the point that she is now 10 years old and I still share a hot bath with her once in a while. She enjoys it as much as I do and maybe more. At some point last year I started to wonder if it was healthy to share these moments of nudity, now that she's growing older. But since I lived alone and Jessi loved it I decided to keep on doing it. We would cuddle a little before soaping and washing ourselves. But she was a preteen now and one night it became something very very different to my biggest surprise.

Being a lonely mom I own a porn collection along with some toys to satisfy myself when my pussy needs it. Since my very first taste of sperm at the age of 8 years old, I've always been very attracted to the penis white juice and that probably explains my big-cocks and cum-guzzling movies. When I showed my stash to my new boyfriend Mark he told me that it was pretty rare to find a 31-year-old good-looking woman who really likes sperm. So I explained to him where that fixation came from. You see my step father would have me suck his fat dick every morning while Mom was at work so I would get a good load of protein to start the day. Sometimes he would even shoot semen on my toast and have me eat it. You think that's gross but I actually loved it. Mark couldn't believe it. He must have been thinking that I am a total fucking whore and I guess he's right.

The other night Jessi came back downstairs after only 4 or 5 minutes of being in her bath. Wearing only a pink towel around her sweet body and her hair all wet she came to the sofa where I was watching TV and asked, "Mommy would you come with me please? I want you to wash my hair."

Since nothing good was on I agreed and we both went upstairs. She stepped right back in the hot tub as I began to take my clothes off in front of her as I've been doing for years. But this time I felt her little eyes on me in a different way. She was literally staring at my body and I got a tickle in the tummy out of this. It felt so awkward to have this little sweetie looking at my tits as I undid my bra and let them loose into the hot air. When I took my tight jeans off I looked her straight into the eyes but she was staring at my crotch and my purple silk low-cut G-string. She had that lustful grin on her face and it turned me officially horny as hell. I guess some old incestuous feelings from my past got back to the surface and my cunt became wetter than ever.

"Gee you're pretty Mommy; I wish I could be like you growing older."

That was enough for me to let out a little moan of anticipation and I noticed that a drop of pussy juice was now running down my thighs. Some dance music was playing on the small radio we have in the bathroom. So feeling the erotic momentum building up in the room, I started to dance playfully like a striper for my 10-year-old daughter. Soon enough I was squeezing my 34c perfect tits together and swinging my ass like the horny slut I am. Then I turned my back at her and slowly bent over pulling my thong down my ankles. I heard a sweet little moan coming from my small daughter as she had full view off my nice ass crack. Remaining bent over I looked back at her only to see the most shocking and lustful vision of my life. Jessi was rubbing her flat chest and her other hand was going like crazy between her thighs. My fucking god, there was my 10-year-old little girl masturbating staring at my ass, less than 2 feet from her face. So I took both my hands and spread my ass cheeks to give her a clear view on my messy vulva. Don't ask me why I did this but now I could smell my own sent taking over the bathroom.

Then it struck me like thunder and a sudden lucid moment brought me back to hearth.

"You've become a pedophile," I thought to myself and I felt such guilt that I stopped the little show right away. I was so embarrassed and wanted to dress back up but Jessi said, "Why you stop Mommy, it's so fun, please don't stop."

"But this is not right baby I shouldn't be doing this with you 'cause you're way too young and you are my daughter."

"But it's so cool and I don't want you to stop now."

"Mommy could get into big troubles if someone knows this."

Then she got up on her feet in the bath as soapy water ran down of her pre-pubescent body.

"I won't tell nobody and unless you tell. Who will know it?"

"Not only that but you're my daughter and it is called incest sweetie."

"I don't care how it's called but I love you Mommy and you're so pretty that you make my cunt all wet"

How can my 10-year-old daughter know about these kinds of words: "cunt." Where did she learned that really bothered me and I asked her.

"Well I found some movies in your room and some funny toys too." Ho MY GOD...She had found my stash of porno.

"And did you watch them," I asked.

"Not yet cause I found them this morning and I was afraid to get caught."

There I was naked in front of my small daughter talking about some porn tapes and dildos she had found in my room. I felt my nipples pinch back out and my pussy got even hotter than before. So without further notice I joined her in the tub and I proceeded to wash myself real good. So did Jessi and I could tell that she was horny as a fucking slut.

"You are now becoming a small woman honey and it's normal that your pussy hitch at times and get wet."

She was now sitting between my legs and I pressed my hard nipples in her back. She was now breathing like crazy and I felt her shiver a bit.

"Are you getting wet down here right now just like Mommy?" I asked her as my hands went down to touch her hairless vulva. It was so smooth and delicate but it felt even hotter and wetter than mine.

"Ho, yeah Mom. Touch me there. Hooooooo, fuck me yessss."

Hearing her talk dirty to me like that with her little girl's voice was to much for me. Still rubbing my soapy tits in her back I now started to rock my hairless pussy onto her ass cheeks.

"You like to talk dirty don't you, baby?"

"Yes I love when the words come out of my mouth."

"Do you want mommy to talk dirty to you?"

"Ho yes that would be so nice Mom. Please treat me like a slut."

When she said that I immediately stuck 2 fingers into her vagina real fast to surprise her and take her cherry so it wouldn't hurt too much. But nothing, no cherry on my little 10-year-old girl. She was enjoying and moaning like hell now but I was wondering who took her virginity.

"Who took your cherry my little slut."

"Ho, ho I don't know if I should tell."

"If you want me to keep fucking you better tell me," and I went deeper and deeper like to force her to tell.

"It's Mark who fucked me for the first time mom." I was in shock and I stopped everything.

"When was that?" I asked.

"Last week during the night," and she got shy about it.

I couldn't believe it. My 27-year-old boyfriend that I've been going out with for 4 months now had sexually molested my 10-year-old daughter. First I was blinded with rage but then I looked at myself finger fucking my own daughter and guilt took over the rage. Then I got tired of that guilt and decide to go all out about it and to enjoy her preteen body to the maximum. I knew that she must have begged for his big cock cause she is visibly using her pretty face and silhouette along with the sin flowing in her veins to convert regular adults into active pedophiles.

So I took control and ordered her to get out of the tub and dry herself up. So we did. I could tell she was a little worried and lost as I dragged her to my bedroom and threw her onto the red silk sheets. I put a movie named 10 Men Cum Slam into the VHS and got my Peter North big-dick replica out. I jumped onto the bed and the movie began. The sound volume was very high but I didn't care. The girl on the screen was eating loads after loads of cum from different men. This type of film is usually for men and for knowing amateurs 'cause it's real hardcore. But there I was with my 10-year-old little daughter both naked and dripping wet.

"Mommy is gonna rape you little whore and you will do whatever I say."

"Ho please Mommy, don't hurt me though."

"Shut up and get on your hands and knees and look at the movie."

Jessi was a natural slut 'cause she got her ass well into the air and to see her perfect butthole open and close with anticipation took me over the fence...

I used both my hands to spread her ass cheeks real good and I sank my face in her ass. I licked like crazy up and down her ass crack.

"Oooooooo Mommy that's so good. Yeahhhh lick my ass crack."

"You like that little whore? Now Mommy is gonna lick your asshole."

"Huuu really ohhhh do me Mommy lick my ass please!"

So I placed my tongue on her asshole and she let it open wide. The feeling of my tongue penetrating her ass got her crazy and she was now fingering herself like a real prostitute. I began to spank her ass real hard as the sin took over me completely. I took my dildo and slid it in her creamy cunt one shot all the way. She screamed and came in the biggest orgasm I have ever witnessed. I was fucking her so hard and fast I thought she would levitate.

But with the volume of the TV, our moans and her screaming like a crazy bitch, we never heard Mark getting into the house and up the stairs. He must have watched us for a little while, 'cause when he entered the fuck room he was totally naked with the biggest erection I've seen him produce yet. But the size of his engorged precum-dripping fat cock wasn't the thing that surprised me the most. He was holding the Camcorder and was filming this 31-year-old mother fucking the hell out of her own 10-year-old daughter while watching a porn movie about cum eating. When Jessi finally saw him in the bedroom door she went crazy, and as Mark approached to get an excellent view from behind I looked right into the camera objective and sank my tongue back into the girl's asshole. With the movement of the huge plastic cock into her little vagina, her mother eating her ass and her step dad filming, it was way too dirty for the 5th grader and she then exploded shooting preteen cunt juice all over my face. She must have let out 4 full squirts and she was now screaming almost like when she cries.

"This is too much, I'm gonna shoot my sperm honey," Mark said to me. So I pulled the dildo out of my daughter's cunt grabbed her by the hair gently but firmly and got Jessi on her knees right beside me.

"Look at the objective little whore and open your mouth wide," Then I turned and looked up into the lens myself and said to Mark, "Cum baby; cum into our mouths and all over our faces,"

With these words Mark started to moan loudly, and pointing his cock to our faces he exploded 7 full shots of hot and sticky sperm. I caught the first drop and took his dick to jerk the semen out and directed it onto my daughter's little beautiful face. The poor girl was covered with goo and she really had a complete facial. The look on her face was one of shock 'cause I guess she didn't expected it to be that sticky and that hot. She wasn't sure anymore about all this but too late.

"Now Mommy is gonna scoop all that white stuff into your hungry little mouth and you will swallow all of it."

So she did and as you all know now about my daughter being a total whore, she actually loved the taste and texture of it (like her mom at her age).

"I want some more Mark can you give me more."

"Hahahah well not right now Jessi," replied Mark emptied.

"Mark you keep filming for a couples of minutes, and you little slut, come here and eat Mommy's juicy pussy."

That's how my 10-year-old daughter got to devour my cunt and drank loads after loads of sperm.

Now Jessi is 14 years old. Mark and I are still lovers and we have something like 30 personal pedophile porn movies. Every once in a while we invite friends and couples to join in. This is mainly to provide my nympho preteen with a diversity of semen, cock shapes, and pussy juices.