My Darling Brianna

by Winter

It started when she was a baby, in those agonizing moments when she would be nursing and my body would begin to respond to her suckling mouth on my nipple. I've always lusted young girls, but had never allowed to myself to touch those objects of my desire. My youngest lover had been an eighteen year old the previous summer before I'd given birth to my daughter Brianna, when I was 33.

I can recall everything so perfectly, and it still makes my pussy clench with need as my panties soak through with my arousal. My baby daughter's pretty little rosebud mouth, latched around my large nipple, sucking in the most exquisite way. It was too much for me — my God, sooo good.... And within moments I had crossed the line. I slipped my hand into my panties, and began running over my clit in hard and angry circles, climaxing and screaming as my baby girl continued to suck my tits.

Over time, I became more and more bold and depraved with her. By the time she was six months old, neither of us wore a stitch of clothing when she nursed, and after I played with myself and found release I would take my hand, sopping wet from my own juices, and slip it over her puffy little pussy. Back and forth I'd slip and slide my fingers, running up and down her tiny little slit. I didn't really expect her to respond. But she would make little coos and gurgles around the aching nipple between her gums, as I stroked her sweet little privates. But eventually this wasn't enough for me, either.

I knew I had to stop this once she hit a certain age, and made it my mission to fuck this pretty little child and suck her senseless, and have her beautiful baby face buried in her Mommy's pussy, before that day finally came. On her one year birthday, I almost got everything I desired. As we were lying in bed that night, her mouth was — as usual, as often as I could make her — clamped tight around my titty. Oh the way that little child sucks.... My God, you haven't known ecstasy until you've felt my baby's mouth sucking your titties to heaven. I was playing with myself, fucking myself while her tongue and gums drove me wild. "Do it, baby, suck on Mommy's nipples. Suck Mommy's titties. Mommy's gonna make you feel so good, baby girl. Oooo, suck, little girl, suck my hot tits." My hips were gyrating and I was aching to cum, but I wanted to touch her sweet slit before I climaxed. Roughly I pulled her tiny, chubby thighs apart and began assaulting her cunny. I fucked her with my pinky finger, shoving in and out with the aid of my own cunt's lubrication all over my hand. I rubbed her soft, tiny labia, circled over and over and around the miniscule little nubbin of her clitty. And then it happened. Coos and gurgles had suddenly become something different. My little baby froze, went stock still, and then her mouth detached from my titty with a slurping pop. I looked down at my precious angel as I finger-raped her hole, and her blue eyes were wider than I'd ever seen them, her mouth a perfect and silent "Oh", as if she were still nursing. From the back of her throat I began to hear the most erotic sound of my life — baby gasps and pants, rasping grunts as her tiny privates began fucking back against Mommy's naughty finger. She squealed when I rubbed her almost-nonexistent clitty again, and I nearly came undone. I wanted to suck her cunny till she shook apart and passed out, but I wasn't about to do this until I'd pottytrained her. Instead, I laid her down on her back on my bed, and cooed to her, both my hands going to work on her sensitive little parts. "Oh yes, Mommy's little fuckslut, that's Mommy's baby! Yes she is!! She likes it when Mommy touches her little sweetspot... Oooooo does that tickle, princess? Does it feel good when Mommy tickles your naughty little clitty-button?? Tickle, tickle, tickle, baby.... Oh yes, baby likes that, huh? Baby likes it when Mommy fucks her cunny..."

I can't say she orgasmed, but soon her breathing and panting became almost to the point of hysteria, and her tiny limbs went rigid as she began to shake. I eased off of her, then, kissing her tummy and blowing raspberries until she'd recovered and was my giggling, gurgling child again. My own cunt was so wet, I couldn't stand it. I leaned back and spread my legs wide, bent at the knees, and fucked myself while my baby watched, her eyes still wide with amazement. Slowly she wiggled around until she had gotten onto all fours, and crawled closer to me, staring at my frenzied hand fucking my pussy. My breathing stopped as I wondered what she would do, and with utter lust I groaned as she proved that, yes, indeed, a baby's first inclination of what to do with something new, is to put it in their mouths. As I watched her sweet, angelic face descend, her mouth agape, upon my dripping cunt, I moved my hand aside and thrust to meet her.

"OH YES, BABY!!! YESSSSSSSSSS......... Oooooo eat your Mommy's cunny!!! Lap it up, angel, lick my horny cunt!!!!" It was so wrong, so taboo, so erotic just seeing her face mashed into my shaved pussylips, that I didn't mind in the slightest that her tongue didn't delve into me more than a couple of licks. She simply tried to swallow me, take me into her mouth, burrowing into the place that birthed her as I fucked myself against her sweet face. My orgasm was almost immediate, and it was the most intense of my life. I felt as if my stomach had blown apart and ripped my body in half, before slowly coming back together.

I breastfed her for another year, cumming hard when she developed baby teeth and began chewing and biting my nipples as well as sucking them into oblivion. And every time, I'd extend our play, rubbing her baby sex, tickling her clitty, fucking her tiny vagina before laying on my back and letting her crawl up between Mommy's thighs. I taught her what to do, in those last few months. She understood just enough, for me to show her how to suck her Mommy and how to tell Mommy what she liked. She was so sweet, so perfect, so beautiful — I feel the need to explain, I didn't view my baby solely as my sex object. She was still my little girl, my precious gift. I just couldn't seem to help myself, when it came to touching her. It was that mouth of hers, it started everything. That sweet, hot sucking mouth — and the way she'd coo and giggle when I touched her cunny. And it didn't seem our little "tickle games" had done her any harm. She was the happiest, most vibrant little girl I'd ever seen. My heart just about burst with love for my little angel.

Still, I knew I was running out of time. The only reason, I felt, that our sex play hadn't adversely affected her thus far, was that she didn't know it was wrong. It was all she had ever known with me. Mommy kept her safe, Mommy loved her, and Mommy tickled her pussy. This was just the way things were. But if I continued this, soon, I'd have to sit her down and beg her secrecy. Tell her that no one could ever know about our private little games. And that, would cast a shadow over her. She'd know, then. And I didn't want anything to ruin my little angel's smile. I believed that I still had enough time to simply stop, and let her forget any of it ever happened. I would content myself with wild masturbation-sessions as I remembered my little girl's naughty, wonderful mouth, or the way she squealed and fucked my finger as I penetrated her. And I would never touch her again.

One thing, however, one thing I still had to do —- I'd been desperate for this since she was born. And now that she was pottytrained, and being a very good girl about it, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to have that fresh, fat little quim in my mouth, had to lick her pussy and know what it felt like to have her fuck my face.

We were watching cartoons one evening, as I breastfed her for what I knew would be the last time. I was moaning and grinding against the sofa beneath me, as she giggled around my nipple and looked up at me with those twinkling blue eyes. With a slurp, she moved away from my nipple, grinning.

"Feew good, Mommy?"

"Mmmmmm — yes, baby angel, feels sooooo good." I smiled down at her.

"Touch pee-pee, now?"

"Aren't you still hungry, baby?"

"Touch pee-pee, pweeasse Mommy touch pee-pee!!! Tickle my pee-pee!" She had scrambled up in my lap and grabbed my hand, shoving it between her naked, chubby legs. I moaned as I felt her soft cunny lips mash against my hand as she tried to rub herself hard against me to orgasm. Her little grunts were so erotic, as her eyes closed and her tiny mouth parted just enough to breathe.

"Like that, baby?"

"Hawder, Mommy —- ungh!!" She was becoming a wild little one, lately; her hips flying up and down during our tickle games. She wanted more of me than her body was ready to take.

"Stop, now, angel — Mommy wants to do something special..." I disengaged my hand, which caused my sweet baby to cry out in agony. My heart nearly broke as I watched her lower lip quiver. "Don't cry, sweet love, Mommy's gonna make you feel even better.....Don't you want Mommy to lick your privates, like you lick Mommy's??? Mommy wants to suck your pussy, baby —- oooo let Mommy lick and suck your little baby cunny...." She squealed in delight and jumped onto the other side of the couch, scooting down and spreading her legs as wide as she could with a grin. I had to laugh, she was so adorable.

"Wick me, Mommy — wight thewe", she said, pointing to her puffy little quim. With a groan, I fell forward, inhaling her sweeet pussy scent and slowly sticking my tongue out to graze against her labia.

"EEEEEEEE!!!!!! Mommy, that tickles!!!!!!" She cackled and giggled, as my tongue lightly licked up and down her soft, ticklish lips and into her slit. Ohhhh God...... That was when I realized, I never wanted to do anything else but suck my baby daughter's pussy for the rest of my life. She urged me on, my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I listened to her baby talk and the filthy, dirty things she was saying in that little girl voice. After a while, she reached down and grabbed the back of my head as I had so often done to her, her pussy fucking up and down my face wildly as she tried to rub to orgasm on my mouth and chin and dancing tongue.

"Ungh ungh ungh ungh Mommy Mommmeeeee Mommmmmmmmeeeeee ungh oh —- need finger, Mommy, put in me!!! Put finger in my pee-pee!! Fuck my pee-pee, Mommmeeeeeee!!!!" I slid my index finger into her hole, stretched by now to be able to take it in completely. As soon as I pushed it in, I suckled her tiny little dewdrop of a clit and she went crazy. The harder she fucked my face, the less I could breathe, and the closer I got to cumming just from eating her and fingering her cunt.

"Mommy, tickles!!!! Oh, tickles, Mommy!!! Tickles so good!!!! Tickle my cunny Mommeeee Mommeeeeee tickle-fuck my cunny!!!!!!!" And then came the part I knew so well — that stiffening and shuddering of her sweet little body, that scream and squeal and wild grunt that drove me even crazier. I had no way of knowing if this truly was an orgasm or not — it didn't seem possible that one so young could cum — but I did know that that was as high a crescendo as she could reach, and it was time for me to start soothing her back down. When she had caught her breath as I lay holding her, she smiled up at me and kissed me before wiggling down my body with a giggle.

"Where do you think you're going?" I laughed.

"Still hungry, Mommy," she said with a devil's grin. Then she sucked my hot nipple into her mouth again, laying the rest of her little body between my thighs.

"Ohhhh little one, mmmmmmmmmmmm..... Momma loves you.... Momma loves the way you suck her nipples.....OH! Ohhhh baby yes!!! Yes, baby, fuck Momma!!!" I lost my mind as I felt her sweet little body begin to bump and push against my dripping cunt, fucking me with her hairless mound and hip as she suckled my titty. I felt one tiny hand begin straying down over my tummy, slipping between her sweaty body and my juicy sex. She didn't release my nipple, but looked up at me and talked around it.

"Can I tickle Mommy? Tickle Mommy's clitty?"

"Yes, baby, yes yes yes — tickle it, tickle my Mommy-clitty, touch it baby, touch me!" Her little fingers began dancing over my throbbing nub, and I squealed in delight. She was a natural little tease. Her touch would be so light, and then she'd go wild, fucking me so viciously in circles, and then so light again. When I came, I grabbed her wrist to keep her where I wanted her as my hips churned into a frenzy and I screamed filthy things to my little girl.

She had taken to sleeping in my bed, almost soon after she was born. It hadn't started because of the touching — but before that. I just wanted her with me, this little angel, and she couldn't stand to be apart from me, either. So when we had come down from heaven, I tucked us in under the covers and wrapped her little body in my arms as we fell asleep. Deep inside, my heart was breaking. I knew. That was the last time I would get to love my little angel like that.

When she had been an infant, it was purely lust-driven, our games. Purely my depravity or need, whatever you choose to call it. But as she got older, she aged so quickly, such a precocious child — I suppose that is my fault, for introducing her to adult pleasures at a child's age. And I just fell in love with the little darling. Such a minx and a tease, so innocent and adorable, so devilish and angelic. And her laughter was like nothing I'd ever heard on earth. To not be able to touch her, kiss her, love her.... I felt sure I would lose my mind. But what was the alternative? Scar her even more than I might already have?

In the beginning, she was frustrated and wounded over the fact that I wouldn't let us play together anymore. She showed her hurt in the only way young ones can, with anger and raging tears. She threw the bottles I made her drink from, instead of my breasts, against the walls or at the ceiling. She wailed and screamed. She fought me when I tried to dress her in pajamas for bed. I knew she didn't understand, so I tried to explain it as simply as I could. "Mommy loves you so much, princess — more than anyone ever will. And our special tickle games were part of Mommy loving you — but they have to stop now, because you're a big girl." It was the most backwards, ridiculous explanation, so entirely turned around from truth. But eventually she accepted it, and seemed to forget all about our little play as time went on.

For me, now that the sexuality was gone, the lust was no longer being realized, for me that meant that guilt rushed in to fill the void. I couldn't sleep at night, my body was literally wracked with agony and nausea over what I had done. What harm might I have caused her?? What could make me be so sick?? How would I ever live with myself if this had ruined her for life?? I tried not to let her see what I was feeling, and not to let it affect our life, but every now and then she'd come into a room and find me sobbing. It worried her, drove her to tears to see me cry, and she'd rush across the room and fling her arms around my neck. I always told her, it's just because Mommy's sad about someone. But this made her extremely protective of me as time went on, thinking that there were a bunch of Bad Someones in our midst that made her Mommy sad.

When she started school, I had gotten back to normal to as much of an extent as I could. I simply busied myself with as many things as possible to keep the guilt at bay. We were always going on trips or driving to the zoo or building forts out in the backyard. And when I couldn't keep my sex drive curtailed any longer, I'd sneak away to the den and pleasure myself, as I looked through my memories of her sweet sucking mouth and the way she giggled as I slipped inside her cunny. The guilt would always return a thousandfold immediately after I'd climaxed, and I'd have to rush quickly out of the room and overcompensate by taking her out for ice cream or renting her favorite cartoon from the video store and buying a pizza.

I never thought — it never would have occurred to me — that she not only still remembered our play sessions, but also missed them. It wasn't until a hot June day, when she was six years old, that my little angel made this absolutely clear to me.

I was giving her a bath — always a tricky time, for me, and I had taught her early on how to wash her own privates so that I would not be tempted. But this time, I couldn't help myself. It had been so long since I'd felt her pussy lips, since I'd heard her little gasps and moans. I finished washing her hair and rinsing it, watching the golden blonde hair turn dark from the water pouring through it, and then set about to washing her shoulders and back. When I brought the washcloth to her front, I gave the same quiet ministrations to her little nipples and tummy. But then I crossed the line. My hand shaking, I dropped the washcloth in the water and soaped up my bare hand.

She was playing with a toy boat in the water, laughing and giggling and making motorboat noises.

"Having fun, baby?"

She giggled and winked at me and went back to her boat, and I slowly dipped my hand under the water.

"Have to wash your pee-pee now, honey," I said huskily. "Spread your legs a little for Mommy..."

All at once her hands froze with the boat between them. Without looking at me, she asked in a quiet voice, "You're going to wash my pee-pee, Mommy?"

"Y-yes, baby, I am. Is that all right?"

And with a moan that I had missed so fucking much, she leaned back against my other arm that was behind her, and spread her legs as wide as the tub would allow. Her sweet eyes looked up at me, pleading and hot. "Please please please oh PLEASE Mommy!!! Touch me there!! Please touch me again, like we used ta!! Mommy I need it, I need a pee-pee tickle so bad!!!!!"

I lost my fucking mind, with that. Forgetting all about my guise of washing her, my hand pushed up against her bare little quim and began rubbing her wildly as she bucked against my hand.

"YES, baby!!! Oh God YES!!! Fuck against Mommy, let Mommy make your cunny feel good!!!! Fuck your sweet pussy on Momma's hand!!!!"

"UNGH Mommmeeeee UNGH UNGH!!!!! Need it!!!! Need you, PLEASE!!!!!"

I couldn't help myself. With a rush, I swooped her out of the bath water and carried her, dripping, down the hallway almost at a run. I dropped her on the bed and fell beside her, kissing her sweet mouth as my hand went back to its heaven, its favorite, favorite place in the whole world. Her little hips were churning wildly as she grunted into my mouth as we kissed. I pushed one finger against her entrance, and she squealed, begging me to do it more, do it harder. "Go in, Mommy, go in me!!! Finger me, Mommy!!!! Need you to fuck my cunny so bad!!!!!" I thrust hard into her, and she cried in pain and pleasure, but the pain broke my heart so I calmed myself with every bit of strength I had, and fucked her slowly. And then my little devil returned to me.

"You like it, Mommy?" She breathed with a grin, as her baby hips slowly moved in circles in time with my fucking. "You like fingering my little pee-pee? I know you like it, Mommy — you're a naughty Mommy..." She giggled, and moaned as I got my revenge by flicking her clit with my thumb. "Ooooo tickle me there, Mommy — tickle my cunny button while you fuck me — tickle it, Mommy — — ooooooo!!"

"Naughty little baby," I smiled as I started moving down her small body.

"I am a naughty baby — naughty baby," she moaned as she spread her legs and placed her hand in my hair, pushing me, urging me to suck and lick her privates. "So naughty for my Mommy — feels so good!!" But just before I brought my mouth to her sweet little pussy, I felt her fingers tangle in my hair and pull. When I looked up at her, pain wrenched my heart. She had tears in her eyes.

"Please — please don't stop this time, Mommy. Please? Don't stop playing the tickle games with me, this time...."

"Ohhh baby — baby.... I...."

"I know why you did — s'okay," she sniffled, wiping her eyes with her free hand. "You were scared, cuz it's wrong and stuff. But I like it Mommy!! I love you and I love our tickle games and I love you licking my privates!!! I'm not a bad girl, I just love it when you touch me!!!"

"Oh baby baby girl, you're NOT a bad girl!!! I'm a bad Mommy, I should never have touched you like that, ever —"

"But I like it."

"Sugar, it's wrong. You were just a baby when I started...."

"Mommy please!!!! You're not a bad Mommy, and I'm not a bad girl... So this can't be bad, cuz we like it!!! Just don't stop this time!! K? Please?"

I couldn't decide what to do. I had just made the choice to come back up and calm us down, when my little devil changed my mind forever. Tears gone and fear banished, she wiggled her little cunny in my face, and giggled.

"Baby wants Mommy's naughty mouth.... lick my baby cunny, Mommy — lick my privates... Baby needs her cunny tickled, Mommy..." And then she thrust up against my mouth, my finger still buried inside of her, so that the instant her pussy hit my face my finger plunged deeper into her vagina, hitting her tiny cervix. If that hadn't done it, hadn't changed my mind about stopping, then her wild grunt and squeal did, and I latched onto her little clit and began viciously attacking it with my tongue. Lashing it over and over as I sucked her between my teeth, I twisted my finger around inside her cunt as I pushed in and pulled out.

"Oooo Mommy Mommy Mommy YES Mommy, do me, do me!!!! Do bad things to my pee-pee!!!! Mommy it tickles so good!!!!!!!" My little baby fucked my face and covered me with little-girl wetness, which not only did I not know was possible, but I also hadn't experienced before. As aroused as she had been during all of our fuck sessions, her little cunny had never produced any moisture. But now she was slipping and sliding all over my face, and I was drunk on the sweet taste of her cum. Moaning loudly into her pussy, I burrowed deeper and lapped up every drop I could as I forgot to go slowly, and fucked her harder and harder the more drunk I got on her cunny juice. And the harder I fucked her, the harder she fucked against me, screaming and squealing and begging for more.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to have relief for myself, as well, and pulled myself away from her sweet delicious center as I propped myself up between her legs and over her body.

"Want to try something, baby," I panted, lust obliterating all breath in me. "Mommy wants to rub her pussy on yours. Does that sound good, naughty baby? Can we rub our cunnies together? Fuck ourselves with our pee-pees?"

She squealed and wiggled down, and I placed a pillow under her tiny butt to elevate her. Then I slowly lowered myself, holding my pussy lips apart as she did the same to her own, until my cunt was rubbing her cunt and our clits mashed against each other with fire. She screamed and her head flew back on the bed as she tried to hump me harder, and I almost came right away from how fucking good it felt to rub her privates with my own. The sensations of her sweet baby pussy rubbing my clit were too much, too much, and I deliberately made my hips move slowly as we humped each other.


"Unnnngh — n-no, baby, no — ohhhhhh — have to.... go slow, sugar.... Mommy doesn't want.... unnnnnnngh.... doesn't want to cum, yet...."

She understood this, and let herself just fly away on the feelings of our cunnies rubbing. We were both so, so wet, our pussy cum dripping all over our lips and asses and thighs. And the sounds of our wet cunts slurping together mingled with her little squeals and giggles and filthy words, were driving me fucking insane.

"Mmmmmmm feels soooooo gooooood, Mommy...... mmmmmmm rub my little pee-pee..... Oooo Mommy!! Oooo I like it so bad!!! Like my Mommy's cunny fucking my cunny!!!! Fuck my cunny, Mommy — fuck baby's cunny, Mommy, fuck me so good." Every time I moaned because of her words, she giggled and talked even dirtier. It wasn't long before my hips were a blur as I humped her, and her dirty talk gave way to grunts and incoherent begging. I felt her cum, felt it start and saw it start as her eyes shot open and once again her tiny body stiffened up like a board.

"YES, BABY!!! CUM FOR MOMMY!!!! Ooo you naughty little girl!!!! Cum for Mommy, cum all over my pussy!!!!!"

"EEEEEEEEEEE, NGHHHHHHHAAAA MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY FUCK MY PEE-PEE!!!!!" Her whole body shook and rolled in waves, rising from the bed and falling and rising again as her orgasm took over and she ground her clitty against mine in a frenzy. I wasn't far behind her, my own orgasm taking me as soon as she flew up and hovered just beneath my swaying breast, and said, "Baby's hungry, Mommy," with that devilish little grin, and sucked my aching nipple into her mouth.

"AAAAAAGUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!! YES, BRIANNA, YES!!!! SUCK MOMMY'S TITTIES!!!! God I love it when you suck Mommy's nipples!!!!! Oh you little slut, suck Mommy's slutty tits!!!!!" I exploded, my pussy frantically fucking against her body as she nibbled and chewed on my nipple, keeping her eyes open with a smile the whole time as she watched me. My orgasm was so intense that I fell onto the bed when it was over, spent, shuddering, completely out of strength.

I looked over at my little devil angel and sighed as I reached for her. She cuddled up to me, nuzzling beneath my chin with a giggle.

"I have a naughty Mommy," she giggled.

"Baby —"

"And she has a naughty little girl." She raised up and looked at me, those sweet blue eyes dancing between mine. "So from now on, we're always going to play naughty games together."

"Brianna, this could really do damage to you —"


"Bri —"

"Nuh-uh." Then, with a grin, she dashed off the bed and ran to the foot of it, before clamboring back up between my spread and shaking legs. "Wanna know why it won't?"

"W-why, baby? Oh honey — no, Mommy can't — Mommy's too — ohhhhhhh" I moaned, as her mouth began sucking my pussy. She paused briefly, and looked back up at me, her face glistening with my cum.

"Cuz I love Mommy's pussy," she grinned, and went back to her sucking licking game.