Leslie's Lezzy Lessons

by Wendy M

Prologue: Who's Being Played by the Big Bad Wolfe

"...So, out of the blue, I get approached by Leslie Hay the teacher you know, she's sort of a shorter, bustier, totally clueless version of Nicole Kidman she used to be Leslie Peters, when I was teaching her not all that long ago she still calls me Miss Wolfe, like I'm still her teacher and she's still a schoolgirl. Of all my students she was, and still is, the ultimate fantasy seduction 5'5, 36C I'd guess, sexy hips and legs, total knockout and not a lesbian bone in her body of course in my fantasies back then, there were at least three lesbian bones in her body two of my fingers busting her hymen and another pumping her ass to a screaming orgasm.

"Anyway, you know I'm consulting to the school now, providing curriculum advice, checking suitability of sports facilities (which I usually manage to do while the girls are doing gymnastics), reviewing shower and change room facilities (usually while the girls are taking showers), redesigning the whole school really. I get paid much more money than I was as a teacher, and I get to perv on the pubescent darlings and indulge the same fantasies that I did back then.

"Well, Leslie Hay, not knowing who else to turn to, decided to ask me for advice. You see she's teaching sex ed to her 14-year-old tweenies. It's an experimental curriculum and quite confronting for the poor girl. She confided in me that she was a virgin when she married a few weeks ago, and so was Mark, her groom her parents didn't even allow them to date without a chaperone. She likes being married but finds the sex stuff a bit 'icky'. Yeah. That was her word. I tried not to smirk when she said that to me. From the little I gleaned from her, I don't even think she's ever climaxed! No, I'm not kidding! And it doesn't sound like hubby has the knowhow to change that any time soon. Some parents have a lot to answer for, and hers are an excellent example I should give her mum a big wet thank-you kiss.

"So here's the 'problem' as Leslie explained it to me: one of the other teachers told her that she needed to give 'equal time' to lesbianism, or she could be thrown out for discrimination! Leslie, bimbo that she is, had no idea it was a joke (and I'm not about to tell her, of course). Bad enough that she would have to explain all this 'icky' sex stuff to her pupils now she would have to explain about lesbians the only things she knows about 'them', according to what she said to me, are that she doesn't know any, and she doesn't like them. Oh and the things they do must be disgusting, whatever they are. They must be bad people! Or sick! Or both! And definitely not 'normal'! Don't interrupt it just gets better from here! So she certainly didn't know what to teach about these bad sick abnormal lesbians.

Leslie actually burst into tears as she told me all this. Yeah really! I took her gently by the shoulders, looked deep into her teary blue eyes, suppressed the urge to slide my tongue down her throat and slide my hand down her panties, and instead told her that I'd run special classes with her after school for the girls who were interested. She was so happy, that she gave me a big hug ...and then pulled back self-consciously when she realised that our titties were mashing together yum.

"Later in the day, after planning it all out, I sat Leslie down and explained that I would be in charge of the lesbian education classes which would take place straight after last period each day. Only the lesbian girls would attend these special classes, and I had already worked out how to separate these from the normal girls. I explained to her that these girls are not bad, but they are badly misguided, maybe even sick like she said. It was a stage they were going through, but if handled wrongly, it could become permanent. Leslie could let them drift, and they might possibly remain lesbians their entire life, or she could get them over this stage as quickly as possible, and back to being normal. That would take playing along, and letting the girls do things she might find very distasteful. By accelerating their exposure to lesbian behaviour, they could get it out of their system, and then develop a healthy interest in boys. Obviously, Leslie would attend the classes, but she would also need to help the girls with practical assignments. The effort and sacrifice would be well worth it.

"I told her that, in order to make the girls feel comfortable in the class, I would even pretend to be a lesbian myself! That made Leslie laugh she said no one would ever believe in a million years that someone as beautiful as me could be a lesbian. I did make sure that Leslie understood that she was certainly not expected to pretend she was a lesbian she was married after all but that everyone in the class, including her, was expected to fully participate, no matter how unsavoury it seemed.

"To work out who would be invited to the special class, I helped her plan her first sex ed class, and I sat in on it to monitor the reaction of the girls. The class was all about sex appeal, and I set up two projectors with slide shows. Pictures of sexy guys were projected to the right, along with a few shots of hunks walking their girlfriends along the beach. Sexy babes, often in pairs, were projected to the left. No nudes, but lots of skin, and there were even a few sequence shots of sexy stripping. Along with the slides was Leslie talking about changes taking place in teenage girls and how they were starting to look at people differently, and thinking about the changes taking place in their own bodies. Most of what she said was self-evident, and most of the rest was complete rubbish, but the girls were only interested in the photos anyway. I took note of the girls who spent as much or more time looking at the babe projections than the guy ones, and especially the photos of girly couples. God it was hot, watching all these tweenies squirming in their seats as they watched the parade of flesh and getting progressively more excited.

"Of the pupils, 4 out of 25 were 100% dyke, another 3 were deep in lesbian outfield, vastly more interested in girls than guys. Of the others, there were 2 girls, both stunners, who tried to avoid looking at the babes at all, like it was a mortal sin. They are now on my 'mortal sin list' for later.

"After class, I interviewed each girl in private. Mostly those interviews were just a couple of minutes of banter. But the 7 lesbish students were informed that they have been chosen for a special project starting today after school, and none of the other girls are to know, or the project would have to be canned, which would be a black mark against the would-be participants. "If this doesn't already sound like lesbo heaven, the classes are taking place in the AV room Audio Visual you dumb dyke which means it's soundproofed and private and I've already set up several secret cameras to film the fun.

"So that's it. I'm already dripping wet. Gotta go class is about to start. Feel ya later, hun!"

Chapter 1 - Kisses for the Mrs (or a Mrs for the Misses)

"Good afternoon ladies. My name is Ms Wolfe, Danni Wolfe we met briefly today. I'm glad to see that you all made it to this class. This is a special extension of the sex education classes which you started today. It is the first class of its kind. Only you 7 were invited, because you all share a secret."

Everyone looked suspiciously around the room. A couple of the girls knew immediately what the secret was. Most didn't have a clue. Diana, a raven-haired beauty, only just starting to sprout a bosom, started crying. Danni smiled at her, and waited. Diana raised her eyes and saw the glow emanating from Danni's face, and stopped crying as fast as she had begun.

"I share that same secret too. From the confusion on some of your faces, you don't all know what the secret is! All of you, just like me, spent much more time looking at the pictures of the girls than the pictures of guys."

There was a gasp all across the room, as the girls looked at each other as if for the very first time: There was Alexandra, the class bombshell, 5'2, blond haired, blue eyed, already wearing a C cup on her perfect frame the girl voted most likely to be already doing it with boys; Sharon, the class genius, a redhead with thick-rimmed glasses that hid a strikingly beautiful face, 5'1, with body that was starting to push out in all the right places; Su-Ying, 4'9, showing little outward sign yet of the hormones which were driving her crazy on the inside, apart from her always erect nipples and very sensitive little swells for breasts; Roberta, the tallest girl in the class at 5' 7, who had already been wearing a bra three years ago, but would never be more than an A cup very reserved and not the party animal you might expect from such an attractive blond model type; Samantha, the dancer sexy and lithe, blond and pretty, 5'2 with a very sexy B cup and hips that swayed with every step she could have any of the boys from St Stephens across the park with a single batt of her incredible long eyelashes or a swing of those motorised hips; and Renee, 5'1, another beautiful blond, this one with delicate features, not much in the hip department yet, and sporting gravity-defying cone-shaped breasts. The girls looked around in disbelief. Then they looked back at Ms Wolfe, a strikingly gorgeous woman in her 20s, 5'8 with a 36D rack that grabbed your eye and made you immediately self-conscious about where you were focussing. Each was thinking something like "How could these beautiful girls be sick perverts like me?"

Danni quickly took control, hitting hard while the girls were wrong-footed. "There are words for people like you, aren't there. Diana, what is the word that you thought of, that made you cry?"

Diana whimpered as she said "Lezzy". More gasps from the group as a whole! Danni wrote Lezzy on the blackboard in large flowing letters. What's the proper word, Diana?


"That's right". Danni wrote Lesbian, with a heart over the i. "Another? Alexandra?" "Dyke?"

"That's a good one, Alex." Dyke went on the board. Sharon tentatively put up her hand. "Yes Sharon?" "Sappho?" "A beautiful word, Sharon! Any others?" as Sapph, Sappho and Sapphic went on the board.

"Gay?" came from Renee and went onto the blackboard.

When nothing else was offered, Danni suggested "How about 'human', 'friend', 'girl', 'woman', 'daughter', 'sister', 'teen', 'beautiful', 'intelligent'... Aren't they all descriptions of you? But let's concentrate on the words on the blackboard. Everyone, please answer 'YES' when I ask you a question, even if you are not sure that you should. Su-Ying, are you a DYKE?"

"I... I don't know!"


"Y...yes I'm a... dyke?"

Everyone except Su-Ying laughed and then she laughed too.

"Roberta, are you the tallest lesbian in the class?"

"I'm n... YES I guess so"

"Sharon. You think you are pretty smart for a Lezzo don't you!" Sharon, blushing profusely, whispered a "Yes" that everyone heard. And so the desensitization went on for a few minutes, until all the girls had been outed so many times that it felt perfectly natural.

"Now it's crunch-time! There are seven of you in this room. There is a door over here. If you leave, you leave now and never return. And never mention this to anyone. If you stay, you stay until the end of the course. Well, time to go!" Danni opened the door and waited. Each girl looked around expecting everyone else to leave. Each one secretly believed she was the only real lesbian there, and hoped there might be maybe one other she could befriend. No one made a move. The seven were there for the whole course. For their whole life! Danni closed the door.

"Mrs Hay, could you come here to the front of the room?" Up until now, Leslie had been in a back corner, trying to be as invisible as possible. Now she was standing next to Danni, feeling extremely self-conscious. Looking around the room, she had been astonished to see some of her best students and some of the prettiest girls in the class. So many girls to save!

"If you are lesbians, the first thing you need to learn, girls, is how to kiss." Gasps from the group, including their teacher! The last thing anyone expected of this class was that there would be actual kissing. "Every kiss is different. I'm going to show you one. Mrs Hay and I will pretend to be lovers. Leslie was near panic, her heart beating madly, as Danni took Leslie's head gently in her hands and gave her a tiny peck on her lips, pulled back and waited. Leslie was enormously relieved that it was just a little pretend kiss. And the girls were obviously disappointed. A couple laughed uneasily. Leslie's relief and the pupils' disappointment were premature! Danni kissed again, this time gently biting Leslie's lower lip and dragging her tongue over the shocked teacher's lips and teeth. Leslie gasped and sucked in a mouth full of air. Danni took the opportunity to dart her tongue into Leslie's mouth. As panic set in, Danni pulled Leslie's head toward her, mashing their lips and tongues together. Leslie's mind was screaming "this is so wrong I'm married I'm a woman I'm not a lesbian oh my god, oh my god", while her body was responding in ways which should only ever happen between husband and wife.

The class was mesmerised, hardly able to comprehend what was happening before them. None of them had ever seen women kissing and one of them was their teacher and she was married it was so hot! Nine pairs of panties were getting wet, including 7 pairs on girls who were not even 15 years old, and the unmistakeable musk of womanly arousal was starting to fill the air. Danni broke the kiss, much to the relief of her unwilling lover (but far too quickly for the newly inflamed voyeuristic interest of the class). All Leslie could think was "thank god that's over", but her inflamed crotch told a very different story.

As if nothing sexual had just happened between Danni and Leslie, Danni said to no one in particular "Thank you Mrs Hay, for your help in that demonstration. Who would like to be the first in the class to practice a kiss?" Tentatively, Roberta put her hand up, fearing but hoping she might get to kiss the beautiful Ms Wolf. "Excellent, Roberta! Come up to the front of the class. Now try it for yourself,... with Mrs Hay!"

Confusion and panic reigned over Leslie's face as she saw the tall girl come toward her. It was one thing (a shocking enough thing) to demonstrate kissing with an adult woman. It was quite something else with a 14-year-old girl. As she opened her mouth to put a halt to this obscenity, Roberta took it as an invitation to put her open mouth over Leslie's and start experiencing her first longed-for lesbian kiss.

Roberta had not much idea what to do, but the effect of her tongue and mouth on Leslie was immediate. Instead of words of approbation, all that escaped Leslie's mouth was a long moan, as her tongue wrestled with Roberta's. After a minute or so of Sapphic pleasure, shared voyeuristically by the rest of the class, Roberta stepped back, breathing heavily. Danni already had Alexandra up from her seat and ready to replace Roberta in what would be a serial invasion of Leslie's mouth by the tongues of these 7 beautiful virgin pupils, most having never touched another girl in her life.

Each girl was a little bolder than the last. Alexandra, a little shorter than Leslie, rubbed her beautiful big sensitive breasts against Leslie's as their tongues intertwined. When it was Diana's turn, she ran her hands over Leslie's back and then tentatively squeezed a breast as they kissed, eliciting another moan from her teacher. Sharon pressed up against Leslie, rubbing and squeezing her teacher's arse, as her tongue tip flicked across the teacher's tongue, in a sexy saliva-swapping dance. Samantha held her teacher's nipples between thumb and forefinger through the entire kissing spree, rolling them round and driving the teacher crazy as they kissed. Little Su-Ying tangled her hand in Mrs Hay's hair, pulling Leslie's head down to a good kissing height for the tiny girl, while reaching under her teacher's skirt and into her panties to caress her bum with the other hand. Renee took over from Su-Ying, but ran her fingers into the front of Leslie's panties, and gave Leslie her first lesbian finger-fuck; all the while tongue-fucking her teacher's mouth. Renee used her middle finger, forcing it into her teacher's fuck-hole. Then she added her ring finger, and found that she could slam this pair of fingers in and out of Mrs Hay's wetting pussy. Leslie's eyes were tightly closed. Her very being was centred around those fingers which were pumping in and out of her desperate pussy. All the girls had gathered round to see the frenetic fingering that their beautiful teacher was receiving at the hands of the delicious Renee. Some of the girls were tentatively rubbing their own pussies. Watching the scorching show, Roberta stood behind Alexandra, caressing Alex's boobs as their outstretched tongues duelled.

Leslie suddenly came wildly, uncomprehendingly, her cunt gripping Renee's fingers like a vice, as she collapsed, devastated by her first ever orgasm. Her panties and Renee's hand were instantly soaked as Leslie's juices sprayed out in powerful jets. Renee moved down to the floor with her, still pumping gently into her teacher's super-sensitive cunt and accepting Leslie's urgent tongue kisses.

Danni sent the girls back to their seats as Leslie lay exhausted and guilt-ridden on the floor. As she slowly got herself up, Danni asked the girls to give their teacher a round of applause for being so helpful in their studies. The girls enthusiastically clapped and cheered their teacher (and new plaything).

Each girl received a note from Danni, to be read and shredded. After the kids had left, Danni sat down with Leslie. Leslie was seething. She'd been just about raped by her students! And what was that, that happened to her at the end? If she wasn't so angry, she would be hysterically crying by now. But Danni got in before Leslie could start her tirade.

"Leslie you were wonderful! Your play-acting is amazing! These misguided girls were able to experience their first kiss with a woman who they respect and who respects them as young individuals, instead of being taken advantage in some seedy dance club or worse. I'm sure they knew you were only pretending to be affected by their attentions. They know as well as I do, that you are not a lesbian. It was just you, helping them to try this stuff and get over it."

Leslie had nowhere to go. Ready to cry rape, she was now instead hearing a raft of compliments, hailing her as a Good Samaritan, who gave selflessly solely for the benefit of her students. And if she was not pretending, what did that mean about her? Miss Wolfe was so glowing in her praise and so insistent, that Leslie could not help but accept the truth of her words. It was just roll-play. So why did she feel so dirty and used?

That night, Mark, her groom of but a few weeks, gave her nipples their regulation minute of squeezes, sucks and kisses, and then clumsily plunged his member into her vaginal opening. Instead of lying back and passively waiting for some unknown pleasure to transfer magically from his penis to her vagina, she found herself transported back to that first shocking kiss by Roberta, and to that final devastating one by Renee the one where she was touched so inappropriately and she felt so strange at the end. Mark was surprised to see how ardently Leslie responded to his pumping she was getting more and more worked up as he humped his 5 inches of manhood in and out of her underfilled pussy. Of course, her unusual ardour only served to excite Mark even more, hastening his climax from his usual 2 or 3 minutes, so he exploded into her without any possibility of the release that sex was supposed to give her. His spend leaked out of her and pooled into a wet patch just where she slept maybe next time they would have sex on his side of the bed and see how he likes to sleep in the wet. Mark was already snoring as Leslie bashfully reached down to her vagina and, for the first time in her life, started rubbing it to recreate that feeling she got at the hands of Renee. With all her conflict of emotions, somehow she just couldn't finish. Frustrated and confused, she drifted into dreams punctuated with young sexy schoolgirls and Sapphic kisses.

Chapter 2 This Class Sucks

For some reason this morning, Leslie wanted to look special at school. She chose a slightly shorter skirt, riding about 6 inches above the top of her knee hardly daring, but normal was knee-length. She chose a red blouse and her matching push-up bra, which emphasized her C-cup breasts even more than usual. Then, on a whim, she put on stockings and suspenders, and slipped a pair of black lace g-string thong panties over the top the first time she'd ever warn these panties which had been a joke present at her otherwise very boring hen's night. Modest 2" pumps which emphasised her shapely legs, and she was ready for school. It gave her a secret thrill to know she was just about naked above the tops of her stockings, with nothing but a thin skirt hiding her bare bottom from her pupils, and a tiny strip of cloth hiding her naughty bits.

Today's sex education class was the basics of the female body. As she was putting the lesson together, Leslie was frankly a little shocked at how much she didn't know about her own body. There were apparently dozens of erogenous zones (erroneous zones as she thought of them) according to some, but most were probably the figment a teenage boy's wild imagination and wishful thinking! She was certainly not about to delve into all these things in this lesson her main concern were the reproductive system and how babies were made. Even this of course would not involve explicit descriptions of the sex act, keeping it to a minimal explanation that the man, the husband, inserts his penis into his wife's vagina and, after they rub together for a minute or two, his sperm pumps out and into her cervix, where it may possibly fertilise one of her eggs, just like last night. As she was working through this, Leslie wondered whether it was a good idea that she and her husband were not using contraceptives, and suddenly had a perverse vision of herself, 9 months pregnant, waddling into sex education class and giving birth in front of her pupils.

Before she knew it, the class was upon her. She was surprised to see that the 7 girls of the after-school class, weren't sitting next to each other, and had not done so at any time during the day. Maybe they had all come to their senses and realised that lesbianism is a perversion of female sexuality, and were trying to mix again with the normal girls. In any case, this class was all about that normal female sexuality.

In spite of her lack of knowledge, Leslie thought she'd done a splendid job on the subject. Amid the expected snickering and snide comments, she covered the changes which take place in a girl during puberty growing breasts, hair around the genitals, expanding hips all preparing her for marriage and motherhood (i.e. all the stuff which the girls could plainly see and didn't need to be told). No mention of mood swings, depression, infatuations, confusion. No mention of boyfriends, sexual experimentation, masturbation, petting, or sex for that matter these were all things her parents had kept from her.

The class seemed to be over almost as soon as it started. In another hour, Miss Wolfe's class would begin. Leslie half expected the class to have been abandoned, through lack of interest. But when she got to the class, with a minute to spare, she was the 9th person to enter the room. The room had been set up differently to the previous day, with 8 seats in a tight semicircle, facing a tall high-backed swivel stool a high-tech contraption which could turn in any direction, but could also tip backward to 45 degrees, 90 degrees or even further. Miss Wolfe was standing at the stool, with the rest of the class facing her. Leslie felt like a schoolgirl again, sitting with the other 14-year-olds. The other girls felt like all their Christmases were coming at once, based on the note that each had got from Miss Wolfe the day before. Danni looked over the girls sitting in front of her. Every one of them was beautiful. Only the tall Roberta and of course Leslie (only a couple of inches shorter) looked like they were fully developed. One, the Chinese girl, was tiny she couldn't have been more than 4'10 and was deliciously underdeveloped. Six were about the same height as each other, maybe 5'1 or 5'2, and, despite the big differences in breast size, all looked like typical (if exceptionally good looking) 14-year-olds.

"Today we are examining the female body. If we are to be proper little lesbians, we need to understand the object of lesbian desire. Before we consider the teenage body, we need to investigate the adult female form, and we will be doing that in a hands-on way." Su-Ying asked "Does that mean we get to investigate your body Miss?" to the giggles of some of the other girls.

"Actually that is exactly what I had planned." Gasps rose across the room, including by Mrs Hay. "But I checked into it and it turns out that it is not considered appropriate for a lesbian teacher to present her body to lesbian school students. Luckily, we have the perfect solution, as Mrs Hay is available, and is most certainly not a lesbian. Leslie, please step into the circle with me." Leslie was confused about how this was meant to work, but she presumed that Miss Wolfe knew what she was doing and would manage this professionally. Still, being called Leslie by Miss Wolfe, in front of the students, seemed a touch demeaning.

Leslie Hay stepped into the circle. "Can anyone name a part of the upper human body which we think of as specifically female?"

Sharon looked up and across at Mrs Hay, smiled and said "Breasts". "Correct! Breasts! Give me some synonyms for 'breasts'". Various girls piped up with "Bosoms", "Bust", "Nipples", "Tits" (giggles all around), "Jugs" (more giggles), "Rack", "Fun-bags" (everyone laughed, even Leslie).

"OK ladies. Let's look at breasts. Sharon, you came up with the word, why don't you undo Mrs Hay's blouse so we can investigate a pair of adult breasts!" Leslie looked at Danni in shock and was ready to take issue with Danni's methods, but a severe glance by Miss Wolfe reminded her that this was for the benefit of the girls. Sharon timidly approached Mrs Hay and, hands shaking, started to undo the buttons on her teacher's blouse, from the top to the bottom. To Leslie, it felt like forever, but to Sharon it was over too quickly unbuttoning her first woman. Once the buttons were undone, Sharon looked to Miss Wolfe uncertainly. Danni cocked her head with a wry smile and gestured with her hand to complete the task. Sharon took the open blouse and removed it first from her teacher's left arm and then her right, dropping the red cloth on the floor at the teacher's feet. In her short black skirt, stockings and red push-up bra, Leslie looked sensational. Her C cup cleavage looked more like a double-D and was pushed so high that the tops of her pink areolas were visible as if presented for display. After a few moments to allow the girls to ogle the augmented presentation of their teacher's rack, Danni spoke: "Alexandra, undo Mrs Hay's bra. No, not from the back, Alex! Stand in front of her to undo it." Alex's C cups rubbed up repeatedly against her teacher's similar sized globes as she stretched around and clumsily tried to undo the clasp. By the time she succeeded, Mrs Hay's nipples were rock hard (as were Alexandra's) and provided a fabulous display for the horny young girls in front of her, once Alex stepped back from her completed task, her teacher's bra lying on top of the removed blouse. Leslie's breasts were a delight to behold. Full round globes, with the slightest hint of shaping toward the nipple, wide pink areolas and large red nipples which practically begged to be sucked and chewed! Matching the colour of her nipples, the teacher's face was a bright red blush.

"Sharon and Alexandra, you can start the investigation. Each of you stand to the side of your teacher, Alex on the left please, and feel the contours of a single breast with both hands. Try squeezing the flesh, rubbing the nipple with your palm, pinching the areola, gently pinching the nipple itself. That's excellent girls. Now try licking the tit-flesh, big wet licks. Now suck, nibble, bite. That's the way. Use your hands and mouth at the same time. Try sucking the nipples in unison! Lovely girls! That's it you're making you teacher moan in pleasure!

"Su and Roberta, take over! Let's see how you two cope the shortest and tallest in the class! That's great! Notice everyone, how Mrs Hay's left breast is stretched down to Su's sucking mouth, while Roberta is stretching the right nipple up with her teeth. You can see that the result is a complex play of pleasure and pain. You can see tears rolling down your teacher's face, and hear her pained whimpers, but also notice her tell-tale signs of extreme arousal, such as flared nostrils, shortness of breath, and of course the obviously erect nipples themselves. And of course the continued moans of pleasure. You can see that she can hardly bear for you to continue, but could not bear for you to stop either!"

"Right now, Renee and Sam, it's your turn to practice with your teacher's breasts. That's it girls. You know you are really getting to your teacher, because of that deep guttural moan which she is giving you. That's wonderful, Samantha! I love the way you flick your tongue across Leslie's nipple, while biting it at the same time. Renee try the same thing on her right tit! Run your hands over her back as well as her breasts. Oh that's so delicious the way you break the breast play for just long enough to kiss each other and then concentrate on your teacher again."

"Diana, your turn! You get a special treat try taking care of both Mrs Hay's breasts. Mmmm, nice! That's the idea squeeze both her globes while sucking on each nipple in turn. Keep doing that. Try pushing her nipples together, and gently biting them both at once. Flick one with your tongue and the other with your finger. That's the way! Suck harder Diana. Alex! help Diana quickly! this is an unexpected delight it looks like Mrs Hay is coming toward a climax, just from breast play alone! Both girls sucked furiously on their teacher's nipples, biting and squeezing. Alex twisted Leslie's tortured nipple and suddenly their teacher rewarded them with a scream, as she started shaking wildly in a startling orgasm. Both girls held her up as they continued to suck and bite her now excruciatingly sensitive nipples. Tears trickling down their teacher's face, she continued to cum for half a minute or more, finally sliding to the floor, where she sat stupefied.

Chapter 3 The Hay-Ride (or One Good Turn Deserves Another)

"Alright, everyone back into your seats. No, Leslie, you stay here in the centre!" The girls all watched, fascinated as their teacher rubbed her swollen breasts and nipples, trying to caress away the sensitivity and pain, but only managing to extend the mini-cums that followed her amazing breast-orgasm. Her moans continued with her rubbing, even as Danni was starting to speak. "Thank you Leslie for your help in that demonstration. Thank her girls!" "Thank you, Mrs Hay!"

"Leslie, I need you to stand again. That's a good girl Leslie. Su-Ying, come here please. You are the perfect height. Please take off Mrs Hay's skirt." Leslie looked at Danni with a pained expression, and then turned to Su with a pleading look on her face, not to do it, but Su chose to ignore her and started to reach for the press stud at the back of the skirt.

"No Su," Danni urged. "Don't rush it. Taking off a woman's skirt is a seduction. Stand in front of her and bend your knees so that you can caress the front of her skirt with your cheek, while caressing her bottom with your hands. That's better! Now find the stud and zipper at the back, open the press-stud and slowly, tantalisingly slide the zipper down, but not all the way. Now use your hands to wiggle the skirt down over her hips to display her panties... OH MY! Your teacher is wearing ever-so nasty underthings. I think she was expecting or hoping to be undressed by you today, and dressed for the occasion. Mrs Hay! You naughty girl! Turn around slowly!" Seeing no alternative, the teacher stepped to the side of the skirt pooled at her feet, and did a slow turn. The twin globes of Leslie's delectable bottom were on display for all to see, the tiny string of her thong wedged in the crack. From the front, her black transparent panties only served to highlight the blond curls of her pubes and the beginning of the cleft below. All wonderfully framed by her garters and stockings, Leslie looked far more obscene than if she were nude. Leslie, take a seat on the stool. With some trepidation, the teacher, still recovering from her giant climax, climbed up on the stool, sliding up against its cushioned back.

"Now girls, we are going to examine Mrs Hay's sexual equipment. What are some words for a woman's various sex organs?" Knowing they might get the most obscene of prizes, the girls jumped in. "Vagina", "Vulva", "Pussy", "Clitoris", "Clit", "Cunt", "Cunny", "Fuck-hole" (giggles), "Twat", "Box", "Cunt-lips", "Pussy-Lips"... "That's very good girls! You know there are other sex organs too there is the G-spot, which is just inside the front of the vagina. There are the buttocks or bottom or bum, which, as you've seen, is a wonderfully sexy area, and it's a delight to squeeze and rub. There is also the urethra, or pee-hole, which is sexually exciting for some women." (Alex's eyes lit up, but only Danni saw.) "And there is also, of course, the Anus or Arsehole" (gasps from the entire class) "...which some women find to be the most exciting of all!"

Renee please take hold of your teacher's left ankle. Sharon, please take the right one. Now gently pull your teacher's legs apart." "No! Please don't! This isn't right! I'm married!" Mrs Wolfe nodded her head to the two girls, and they lifted and spread the legs of their teacher. As they did, the stool tilted down to a 45 degree angle, leaving the teacher in a completely vulnerable position. With her legs spread wide, the crotch of her g-string split her vulva, in a wonderfully obscene display for her 14-year-old charges. "Close your teacher's legs for a moment, but not quite all the way. Alex, remove Mrs Hay's panties. Allow your classmates to see as you slowly reveal her delicious cunt!" That horrible word shocked Leslie every time she heard it, but especially when Miss Wolfe was using it.

"Gather round girls. Su-Ying, describe Mrs Hay's cunt for us! you should feel around as you go where you can, use street words rather than clinical ones the ruder the better" "Umm... it's lovely and pink. Her lips, umm... cunt-flaps?, are covered in very fine blond hair. There is a little button at the top. That's her clit? Mrs Hay's pussy has a tiny little hole in the middle, that's her cunt-hole isn't it. Her husband must stick his penis, I mean dick, in there. I don't know how it would fit. Mrs Hay's cunt hole looks only big enough to fit my index finger. Look!" Su pushed her finger into her teacher's vagina, pumping it in and out a few times for good measure, to her gasp of shock and unwanted pleasure. Leslie was blushing and felt overwhelmingly humiliated at how she was being treated. "How big is your husband's dick Mrs Hay?" Leslie wanted to say it was none of her business, but all she could get out was a series of moans as the tiny Chinese girl kept pumping that terrible finger in and out of her feverish pussy.

"Roberta, why don't you take over from Su! You might want to describe how your teacher's cunt tastes." "NOOO! Please! Don't do that to me it's dirty!" Roberta didn't need Danni's reassurance for the chance to taste a woman's cunt, her teacher's cunt, the first cunt-lick of her young life. And from the disdain that the teacher had shown for the idea, it sounded like it would be her first time too. Roberta turned the stool 90 degrees so that Mrs Hay's pussy was right in front of her. She then swung the back of the stool down backwards, so that her teacher's head was lower than her body and her beautiful cunt was pushed up to just a few inches from Roberta's glowing face. With the other girls still holding the teacher's legs apart, sliding their hands up and down her stockinged shins and thighs, and Su squeezing and rubbing the teacher's wonderful buttocks, Roberta bent in and took her first delicate lick of pussy, running her tongue from just in front of the teacher's exposed anus, in a slow sweep to her hard clit, collecting syrupy pussy juice on the tip of her tongue and relishing the tart exotic addictive flavour. By now most of the girls were rubbing their own cunts through their panties as they watched the sexiest show on earth. Leslie's head was reeling from being tipped almost upside down. Her eyes were shut, heightening the sensations she was feeling even further.

The blood rushing to her head only served to make her blush of shame even more pronounced. She hated what was being done to her. But deep in her psyche she adored what was being done to her. She knew she was not a lesbian and her body was just reacting to stimuli. But deep down she secretly knew she was being turned into a lesbian and she would never again be able to live without Sapphic caresses. She was in charge of these 14-year-old girls and would reassert her authority over them. But deep down she understood that these 14-year-old girls were now in charge of her and she would be their sexual plaything from this moment on. She was just married, in love with her handsome husband. But it was not her husband's cock which was now the object of her desires, but the pubescent breasts and coltish legs and lips and tongues and, God forgive her, the virginal openings of these girls she had an obligation to protect.

Diana knelt down near her teacher's head, and kissed her hard on the mouth, invading it with her demanding tongue. Alex knelt by the other side and sucked on Leslie's tit, trying to take as much of the globe into her mouth as she could. Diana went from breast to mouth to breast, occasionally taking the opportunity to passionately kiss Alex. Roberta was in heaven, flicking her tongue over her helpless teacher's clit, and tongue-fucking her cunt-hole in short sharp jabs which were met with matching "Oh! Oh! Oh!" from the mouth of the beautiful Mrs Hay. Every now and again Roberta would lick all around her teacher's cunt relishing the ready flow of sweet tangy liquid which it was producing. "OK Roberta. Swing the stool around to your classmate on the left. Each of you should take the role of the girl next to you for a few minutes, so all of you get a chance to taste your teacher's pussy." Renee dived straight in, chewing her teacher's clit and fingering her cunt at the same time, first with one and then two fingers. Roberta, now concentrating on Leslie's bum, decided to try something different. She wet her middle finger by helping Renee finger Leslie's pussy. "Hey Su, Diana, lift Mrs Hay's legs up higher I'm going to finger-fuck her arse!" In spite of her near delirium, Leslie had enough presence of mind to process that piece of offensive information. "Not my bottom! That's disgusting! Don't touch me there! No one's ever touched me there!"

Roberta was in control and was starting to enjoy dominating her teacher. "Not your bottom?! Yes your bottom! Beg me to finger-fuck your virgin arse, you tramp! Beg me, or I'll smack you until you do". "No! Please, don't do this its perverted!" The other girls were enjoying this nasty turn of events, while they kept up their attacks on their own targets, driving their teacher closer and closer to her next inevitable orgasm.

[SMACK!] "Ow!" [SMACK!] "Ow! Please Stop" [SMACK!] "Ow! Ow!" "Beg me to shove my finger up your virgin arsehole, Mrs Hay!" [SMACK!] "Ow! Oh God Save Me!" [SMACK!] "Ow! OK! Please! Put your finger in my bottom! [SMACK!] "Ow! What?" "Call me Miss Roberta and ask me using the dirtiest words you can!" [SMACK!] "Ow! Ow! Please Miss Roberta! Don't hit me! Finger-fuck my arse instead! Finger-fuck my virgin arsehole!" "Certainly Mrs Hay, it would be my pleasure!"

Danni watched in horny fascination at the way Roberta had taken control of her teacher. Danni would never have picked her for a Dom, but Roberta's nasty side was coming to the surface in a most exciting display. Wetting her middle finger again in her teacher's cunt, she pushed it insistently and none too gently into Mrs Hay's arse, as the other girls continued their assault on her cunt and tits. With the teacher's legs held high, her arsehole was the dominating feature on the landscape, and Roberta's fingers (her index finger had joined her middle finger), sliding in and out over Leslie's virgin anal sphincter, were a compelling sight as, knuckle by knuckle, they disappeared into the teacher's bum, only to be removed and forcefully reinserted, time and again. Each time Roberta's fingers fucked into her teacher's delectable arse, Renee's fingers would be pulling out of Mrs Hay's cunt, fucking back in as Roberta's withdrew. The unforgettable sight would be among the girls' happiest school memories. As for their teacher, the torment of her nipples and mouth and pussy would have been bad enough on their own, but now they were a backdrop of sensory overload, as she suffered this excruciating, terrible, delicious, anal attack, which was driving her headlong into an overwhelming orgasm. When she came, a few seconds later, she heard scream after scream (her own) while her whole body seemed to converge on the fingers still pounding her clenching anus and vagina, her arsehole and cunt as she now thought of them. Her pupils watched in amazement as jet after jet of clear pussy juice shot out of her spasming cunt, drenching fingers, faces, school uniforms and the teacher's own discarded clothing. There was no let-up for Leslie as girls continued to suck and bite her nipples, chew on her insanely sensitive clit, and ram those horrible wonderful fingers into her cunt and arse a cunt which two days ago had been the exclusive domain of her loving if inept husband, and an arsehole which was virgin until a few minutes ago, and which now seemed the centre of her very being.

As the Leslie-go-round was turned again and again, each of the lucky schoolgirls had the opportunity to finger their teacher, lick her yummy pussy, chew her nipples, suck her clit, tongue her mouth, and of course finger-fuck her bum. Danni suggested that Su try to get her whole hand into Mrs Hay's cunt. Everyone started cheering her on as she pushed first 3 fingers, then a fourth, then her thumb in, paying no heed to her teacher's pained whimpers and freely flowing tears. With her whole hand crowded into the almost hysterical woman's fuck-hole, Su started slowly working her hand further in, until her wrist was hidden from sight. Now she was pulling out and pushing in, exploring more and more virgin territory. With her forearm buried halfway to her elbow, each time she fucked in, Leslie would grunt loudly. Everyone watched fascinated as their teacher's belly extended to accommodate the invading limb. Each time Su pulled out, the teacher's cunt would grip the receding arm and hand, and her eyes would roll to the back of her heard as the invader mashed against her clit's overloaded nerve endings. As the blond teacher was driven toward yet another mind-crushing orgasm, Diana concentrated again on the teacher's exposed and inviting bumhole. One and then two fingers crowded into that tiny space, rubbing tantalisingly against Su's arm through the thin membrane separating the teacher's two fuck-holes. As Su pounded in and out, reaching all the way to her teacher's cervix, Leslie was suddenly cumming again, her now syrupy fuck-juice unable to escape past Su's arm. The spastic spasms of Leslie's cunt-muscles were magnified excruciatingly by that unyielding arm lodged in her poor abused cunt, and the two fingers jammed up her over-sensitised arsehole.

Su eased her hand out, releasing a pool of fuck-juice, which, in a sudden burst of inspiration, she fed into her teacher's mouth. Leslie coughed and spluttered at this final indignity. Someone raised the stool into its normal position again, as Danni signalled for the girls to head out the door. Each took her leave of the exhausted teacher, tongue-kissing her pussy-flavoured mouth and thanking her for the lesson.

Once they were all gone, Danni turned to her and said "I think you've done an outstanding job with those girls you may have nearly got them over their unnatural tendencies already! Well Done, Mrs Hay! Your acting was wonderfully convincing I almost believed it myself and your sexy underclothes helped enormously. You'll need to raise the ante this time, to get them past all this silliness as quickly as possible. No underwear at all this time no bra no panties just stockings and suspenders a shorter skirt and higher heels." With that, Danni kissed Leslie's forehead and left the almost-naked teacher to find her pussy-drenched clothes. Her bra and panties were gone (Alex had used them to mop up one of the teacher's several explosive cums, and would be feverishly masturbating to their delicious scent overnight).

Leslie dressed as well as possible under the circumstances. Her rock-hard nipples made an impressive statement of continuing arousal through her braless blouse, and the rough fabric kept them excited as she walked self-consciously past the hockey field where the practicing girls stopped to admire the sexy teacher who seemed to be actively inviting their attention. At one point she bent over to pick up a coin, realising too late that she had flashed her bottom (and more) to the girls behind her. Back in the changing room, those girls would be exchanging horny kisses and masturbating each other as they thought up ways to turn the cunt-flashing teacher into their next plaything.

Leslie drove home, ran herself a bath and gingerly stepped in, wincing as her overworked body reminded her of every excess to which it had been subjected. Looking in the mirror, she was shocked to see red bite marks all over her breasts those nasty 14-year-old lesbians were just awful. Her bottom was a painful crimson, thanks to that horrible dyke Roberta. As she touched her inflamed anus and pussy, she got more and more angry at those disgusting lesbian kids. She wouldn't be a lesbian for all the gold in Fort Knox. Her body though had already made a different set of decisions for her, and was responding to her thoughts and tentative touches by flooding her pussy yet again.

By the time she had finished languishing in the bath, all the evidence of her earlier activity had faded, leaving nothing but a continuous sexy ache which seemed to travel back and forth between her erect nipples and her button-hard clitoris, making it very hard to concentrate on anything else. She put on her teddy Mark always demanded she wear it for him when he comes home late and then set about choosing clothes for the next day. Miss Wolfe said she needed to wear a shorter skirt she only had one it was a black miniskirt, which was a full 10 inches above the knee! No bra. There was her cream blouse, which was almost opaque she could wear that one without a bra. But no panties? That was too much! She would wear her pretty white lace panties instead. She had washed her stockings in the sink, removing the heavy female scent which they had somehow picked up. She had a pair of 4" heels, which Mark had embarrassingly called fuck-me-pumps when he chose them for her. Instead of wearing them for her husband, she would be wearing them for her misguided 14-year-old girls, so they could fuck her and eventually stop being interested in women at all. In a rare moment of clarity, she knew that her self-sacrifice would make a permanent difference to their lives.

Mark turned up very late and slightly drunk. He'd grabbed something to eat while he was out. Now it was time for bed. Leslie didn't want sex. She feared that he would know what nasty things she'd been doing. But Mark knew what he wanted and that was his wife's cunt. Not even the usual foreplay this time just fuck. He climbed on and started humping. Leslie was sure that he would be able to tell how stretched she'd been by Su-Ying, but he seemed completely oblivious to all but his own lust. He did seem to have more control than normal maybe it was the drink, still strong on his breath, or maybe he wasn't getting the same friction that her normally unlubricated pussy usually offered him. Whatever the reason, he lasted a full 15 sweaty minutes, before unloading his fuck into her unimpressed cunt. Why couldn't he have lasted 15 minutes yesterday when she was excited and ready for him. Now he was snoring, still lying on top of her. Leslie rolled him off her body, and wondered if this was her marriage from now on. She didn't masturbate. She just drifted into exhausted sleep, with her fear and excitement about what tomorrow would bring, sitting just beneath the surface, ready to swamp her sleeping mind with wet dreams of unwanted teen lesbian fingers and tongues, relentlessly abusing her mouth and nipples and cunt and arse.

Chapter 4 Hockey Teams Need Love Too

As usual Mark was already gone when Leslie got up. Today was a particularly easy day, with only one class in the afternoon and then Miss Wolfe's class after school. After her shower, Leslie spent some time curling and shaping her hair and doing her makeup a little more than usual. She put on her garter belt and stockings and her black high heels, and then looked at herself in the mirror. As her view swept down from the top of her head, she was struck by her own beauty: Her high-set cheeks; cute button nose; kissable mouth; slender neck; heavy breasts which obviously did not need any bra; big bright red nipples surrounded by large pink areolas; tight belly; blond bush which did not try to hide her pronounced sex; slender legs which looked much longer for the high heels and stockings; and twisting her hips to see, a bottom which was made to be kissed (she blushed as she visualised that image). Slipping on her lace panties, her cream blouse and black miniskirt, Leslie looked again in the mirror. Pulled down as far as it would go, the skirt fully covered the dark tops of her stockings, but as it rode up, she would be doing a sort of striptease, showing more and more stockinged thigh and eventually the creamy alabaster of her naked thighs above, focussing attention toward the pantied cleft at the apex of her thighs. She certainly did not look like a schoolteacher she looked more like a model, or a girl on a hot date, or an expensive hooker. In her bedroom, the outline of her nipples was visible but that was all. She failed to realise that in the sun's ultraviolet light, the blouse became somewhat translucent, presenting the colour of her nipples and areolas to her impressionable and appreciative young students.

As she walked from her car, past the hockey fields toward the school, she suddenly found herself surrounded by a group of girls in hockey uniform who walked along with her. "We saw you yesterday. What's your name?" "I'm Mrs Hay." "I'm Susie. You're beautiful!" "Why thank you! You are very pretty yourself, Susie." The dark haired girl smiled happily, knowing that Mrs Hay was not just being polite, as she was the hottest girl in her class. "We saw you yesterday" "You said that" "We saw you without knickers! We saw your cunny!" Leslie blushed bright crimson. "Susie! That's not nice." "Oh yet it was. It was lovely. We want to see it again." "Well, you aren't going to!" "Why don't you wear a bra, Mrs Gay?" "My name is Mrs Hay! Leslie Hay!" "Why don't you wear a bra Les Be Gay?" "Stop that! Stop touching me!" "Your titties are beautiful too! Your nipples are red and pointy!" "Stop it! I'll have you expelled!" One of the other girls was now flicking up the teacher's skirt. She'd never seen a woman in stockings and suspenders except in pictures it was awesome. "Why are you wearing knickers today? You look better without them!" "Stop it! Stop it! What do you think you're doing! I'm a teacher!" Suddenly, as they came up toward the change-rooms at the end of the hockey fields, the girls steered her away from the path and toward the amenities block.

Danni had a hand in redesigning the shower and toilet block at the hockey fields. Being an ex-hockey player herself, she'd made inappropriate modifications to allow some privacy for those who saw hockey as a means to girl-sex as she had in her time there. In fact there was a locked soundproofed section to which only a few select girls had the key. It was mainly there for after-game fun, in which members of the visiting team, having lost the game, also lost their virginity to their own hockey-sticks. It always finished with a lesbian show by the unfortunate visitors, videoed for the entertainment of their boyfriends and family if they had any thought of complaining to anyone.

It was the perfect place to get to know a teacher better, especially a beautiful blond one, with big boobies, stockings, no bra, and a skirt which was short enough to play pussy games without even taking it off. As they shuffled her into the hidden room, one girl sat down with her to explain the rules: "Hi Les Be Gay! I'm Julie. This is Mandy. This is Susie. And this is Peta. We're having a party. And you're the entertainment. If we ask you to do something, and you don't do it instantly, we have to punish you." All the girls pouted in mock sadness. "We don't want to punish you, but if you are naughty, we don't have a choice. Do we?" Leslie was silent, fearing anything she said would be an excuse for punishment. "Mrs Gay didn't answer me! How naughty is that!" Two girls unceremoniously pushed Leslie toward a long padded bench, which she grabbed to stop her fall. As she did, a third girl pushed up her skirt and pulled down her panties to mid-thigh, sitting just below her stocking tops. Julie raised her hand high and brought it down with a loud painful smack across Leslie's left buttock. To Leslie's cries, Julie rained a series of slaps over each bum-cheek until they were both a pretty red colour. Peta came round to the other side of the bench, facing Leslie, took her face in her hand and said "Open your mouth bitch!" When she refused, Peta raised her hand, ready to slap the teacher's face. The mouth opened a little, and Peta flicked her tongue across Leslie's lips. She tapped the teacher's cheek with her open hand, over and over again, as she continued her tonguing, until Leslie realised she was supposed to poke her tongue out. Now Peta was flicking her tongue over Leslie's, and Leslie was flicking back. Julie had stopped smacking the teacher's bum, and was now gently rubbing it. Once in a while she would stop to slip her fingers between the teacher's legs, scraping the entrance to her pretty cunny then a bit more of a rub and a flick of the teacher's clit, or a poke into her defenceless cunt. Mandy and Susie were not being idle. They were busy unbuttoning the teacher's blouse, to free up those sexy boobies. They then lay beneath her and each sucked on a nipple, trying to get as much of the teacher's tit-flesh into their mouths as possible. Against her desperate fight with the inevitable, Leslie was getting more and more aroused. Julie was now fingering the teacher's cunt in earnest, pumping her thumb in and out of the vaginal opening as she rubbed Leslie's clit with her middle and index fingers.

"Switch!" was shouted by someone, and the girls all changed positions. The two girls who were attacking Leslie's tits were now at her pussy and mouth. The other two were glued to her titties, biting more than sucking. Susie was pistoning her tongue in and out of Leslie's mouth, almost gagging her with it. Mandy had the middle finger of her right hand jammed into the teacher's butthole, and was using third and fourth fingers of her left hand to slide in and out of her slippery cunt, rubbing back and forward over the woman's G-spot. Leslie's orgasm came fast. The long finger in her arse and the pressure on her G-spot combined to rapidly send her over the top. Mandy pulled her fingers out of both holes and wiped them on the teacher's skirt. Then she grabbed the panties and slid them down the teacher's legs and off, slipping them into her pocket as a memento of a lovely afternoon. Leslie did not even realise that she had lost her panties. Finally the girls took a few candids of the teacher still recovering from her climax. A casual mention of the Web was enough to keep her silent. They escorted her out of the building and locked the door behind her. It was only then that she realised her blouse was open, displaying her breasts to the whole school. She hurriedly did up her buttons and raced into the school building. With barely enough time to fix her makeup, she rushed into her sex education class.

Chapter 5 Breast is Best on a Milk-Free Diet

Today's sex education class was on the sex act, where a man puts his penis into the woman and squirts his seed into her vagina, to produce a baby. Mrs Hay had a series of slides of representations of male and female genitalia, and the steps from conception to childbirth and beyond. She had a ruler to point to specific parts of the body or matters of interest.

The fact that Mrs Hay's nipples were trying to burst out of her braless blouse was not lost on the class, with a few girls somewhat aghast and the rest absolutely delighted.

The girls in the front seats though, had an even more enjoyable view. From the angle of the low seats at the front, Mrs Hay's 4" heels raised her to the perfect height for her panties to be visible above her miniskirt. Only she was not wearing any panties. These lucky girls were able to see those perfect legs, clad in dark stockings, giving way to her alabaster thighs, and her blond-fringed pussy lips, still open and swollen from their recent assault by the hockey girls. The miniskirt, drawing attention to, rather than hiding the teacher's sex, only made the view more erotic. Unaware of the peepshow she was offering to her 14-year-old charges, Leslie was explaining how the husband's penis hardens in response to sensory stimuli." "Like seeing a woman's pussy?" "Rhonda! That's rude! Yes I suppose that can be arousing for a man. Once hard, the penis can enter the wife's vagina, and after continued stimulus, the sperm is expelled from the testes, via the penis, into the cervix, where it can fertilise the egg." As she said this, Mrs Hay turned and pointed with her ruler to the various diagrams projected on the whiteboard. The steps started at the bottom of the screen and moved through to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding at the top. As she stretched up to point to the top three diagrams, her miniskirt raised higher and higher, until the whole class was looking at the sweep of her high heels through her sexy stockinged calves and thighs directing gaze to her bare bottom and her exquisitely inflamed pussy lips visible from behind.

Rhonda, who had made the pussy quip, was a thin redhead, 5'1, already sporting b-cup breasts and sexy hips. She had a freckled impish face, and liked to shock. She was one of the girls who spent about as long looking at the pictures of girls as guys. But her interest in guys was mainly for show. For the last few months she'd been practicing kissing with her twin Jodie, and they had even done a bit of titty sucking but nothing more. Here was her favourite teacher, the hottest teacher in the school, parading her naked beaver for the pleasure of her pupils (whether she knew it or not). Rhonda wondered if she could get her clueless teacher to give them even more of a show. "Mrs Hay, how does breastfeeding work?" "Well, when you have a baby, your breasts start producing milk which your baby drinks." "Can you show us?" "Well, my breasts don't have any milk!" "Still, can you show us how it would work, if say I was your baby?" "Well you would latch onto my breast and suck. The milk would come out and you would get your nourishment." "Can I try?" "Of course not, Rhonda!" Someone said "Feed baby Rhonda" and suddenly the whole class was chanting "Feed Baby Rhonda! Feed Baby Rhonda!" Recognising that the girls really did want to visualise the process, Leslie relented. "OK Rhonda, come up here. I'll sit on the desk here so I'm the right height." Leslie levered herself up onto the desk and spread her legs a bit for support. The girls' eyes all opened wide in response to the open blond beaver now deliciously displayed. Rhonda stepped up to her teacher and started to undo her teacher's blouse. Momentarily shocked, Leslie realised this would be necessary for the demonstration, and allowed the girl to continue. With the blouse unbuttoned, Rhonda slipped it off her teacher's shoulders and off her arms, and gazed on those magnificent boobs for the first time. She stood to the teacher's left side, and used just her mouth to take the breast into her mouth, which she proceeded to enthusiastically suck. As she did so, her teacher swooned and could not suppress a moan of sexual excitement. The other girls looked on in wonder, shifting their gaze between their teacher's spread pussy, her bare breast and the tit-sucking taking place by Rhonda. Jodie asked the teacher "What if you had twins? How would that work?" With difficulty speaking, Leslie said that one baby would be on each breast. "Rhonda and me are twins, so I should be on the other side!" "Rhonda and I!" With that, Jodie got up and went straight to the teacher's other breast, using her hand to squeeze the tit-flesh and then latching on with her mouth and palate, still squeezing with her fingers. Her tit-play was much more overtly sexual than Rhonda's, flicking the nipple with her tongue, and pinching it between fingers and she sucked. Rhonda, not to be outdone by her sister, let her hand slip down to her Teacher's stockinged knee and then slowly edged up toward the teacher's Golden Fleece. Leslie was beside herself in breast-stimulated lust, and could do nothing but moan in response to the double assault. And now there was a hand sliding up over her stocking tops and resting at her pussy. Rhonda was shaking. She had never felt another girl's pussy, and now she was about to finger her teacher's beautiful cunt. Behind her, were a whole lot of girls whispering "Do it Rhonda!" She sucked a bit harder on that beautiful nipple as she pushed her finger into Mrs Hay's pussy. Rhonda was almost crying with joy as she started a slow finger-fuck of her teacher's cunt, witnessed by every girl in the class, gay, bi and straight. When Jodie saw what her sister was doing, she dropped her hand to Mrs Hay's lap as well and added her finger to Rhonda's, fucking the two fingers in and out together. As the twins accelerated their assault, the teacher's breathing became shallower and faster, her eyes started to glaze over, and then suddenly she was cumming, shouting "Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep finger-fucking me you dirty twin dykes! Oh God Yes! Fuck! Fuck! More! Bite my nipples hard! Oh God! Harder! Ooooh Yes!" All the girls, including the 7 in Danni's classes, were totally shocked and delighted by the teacher's amazing outburst, not to mention the exciting vision of 14-year-old twins seducing the teacher in front of everyone. Rhonda looked up into Jodie's eyes, both still sucking their moaning teacher's titties. Still slowly finger-fucking their teacher's cunt, they let go of her breasts and passionately kissed each other, in an equally shocking public declaration of incestuous lust.

Chapter 6 A Titillating Experience

Danni had sneaked into the class and was both exhilarated by the scene which unfolded, and concerned that word could easily get out, if the straight girls blabbed, destroying her carefully laid plans. As the bell rang, Danni stood up, sent Leslie out of the room (after putting her blouse back on) and took control of the class. "Ladies, attention please! Is there anyone here who would like to see your teacher, Mrs Hay, dismissed and possibly brought up on charges?" Deathly silence! "Anyone at all?" Even the two holy rollers were shaking their heads. "Very well, ladies, in that case, I would like each of you to sign this statement." She handed round a single page which simply said: 'We were very disappointed that Mrs Hay did not turn up to take the Sex Education class today'.

That done, Danni approached the twins and invited them to the after-school class.

By the time the class was ready to start, Leslie had more-or-less recovered from the assault by the hockey players, and the twin seduction. Danni had primed her again, convincing her that these lesbian tweenies needed to get past their obsession with women, and only a straight woman like their married teacher, could make that happen.

Danni had been busy. All the girls' parents had been informed that they would be available to be picked up at 8:30pm, as they were watching a movie of King Lear (the kids were given a half page set of notes explaining the movie and how boring it is, so they could respond convincingly to their parents in the drive home). Danni had left a message on Mark's voicemail, not to expect Leslie until late as there were teacher/parent interviews taking place, and she'd forgotten to tell him.

The next stage, as had been explained by Miss Wolfe to Leslie, was simple enough, but demanding. Each girl had to get exposure to being pleasured by a woman, in order to get over it and move on. And each girl had to overcome the 'penis envy' which was the underlying cause of their lesbian behaviour. Leslie would be the critical factor in allowing both to take place, though Danni did not explain how. She impressed on the married teacher that she would need to unquestioningly follow instructions, for the girls to make the dramatic headway that was needed.

Leslie walked into the AV Classroom after all the other girls had already arrived (most of them had raced there as soon as their history class ended they did not want to miss even a second of this). Danni had told her that the twins would be there, but did not exactly explain how they would catch up with the rest of the class.

As soon as everyone was seated, Mrs Wolfe began: "Welcome to Rhonda and Jodie, who have joined the class. Rhonda, Jodie, this is a class for lesbians. Are you happy to stay?" The twins looked incredulously at the beauties in the class, scarcely imagining that any of these walking wet dreams could be lesbian, let alone all of them. "Wow! Sure!" came the dual reply, to giggles from the rest of the class. "The only person in this room, who is not a lesbian, is your teacher, Mrs Leslie Hay. She is here to help you practice the things you learn here.

"Lets look at tits! Leslie, be a good girl and take of your top again, so these 14-year-olds girls can get horny looking at your pretty titties." As usual, the teacher blushed bright red as she took off her blouse. "Aren't they the most perfect boobies, girls! Mrs Hay's tits are not only very beautiful, but they are a lot of fun to play with, suck, nibble, even bite, as all of you have experienced" (the twins looked at each other wondering what they had already missed). "Who here would like nothing more than to spend time doing just that?" The whole class put up their hands, as did Danni herself. "On the other hand, sex is not only about giving. Who, instead, feels it is time for your own tits to be sucked?" Everyone looked around and put up their hands. "Who here has had their titties sucked before?" Danni again put up her hand, and the mostly naked Mrs Hay put up her hand, blushing in spite of (or because of) the knowledge that the underage girls in front of her were the main perpetrators. "The truth now, ladies! I bet some of you have! Alex?" Alexandra shook her head and blushed. Timidly Rhonda and Jodie put up their hands to the loud gasps by the other girls as they realised the incestuous implications, on top of the tongue kiss they shared earlier. Then came Samantha's hand. "Who's been sucking your titties Sam?" (probably the boy next door, Danni guessed). Looking down at the floor, and threatening tears, Samantha whispered "My mum and my older sister" to further gasps at these incestuous revelations. "Sam, don't be ashamed! Honesty required here, girls! How many of you would love your mum to suck your boobies?" Amid lots of giggles, hand after hand was raised. This response was shocking beyond belief to Leslie. In fact, she was the only person without her hand up even Danni had her hand raised, which seemed to be taking pretence a bit far.

"Time to get down to business! Girls, put your chairs in a semi-circle, facing Mrs Hay! Now this is a sort of game. Mrs Hay's task is to take off your blouse and bra as quickly as she can, and then play with your titties, sucking them, chewing them, rubbing them, licking them, making them happy. She only has five minutes one minute to take off the clothes and two minutes per titty! If she does a good job, she gets the pleasure of you gently fingering her cunt. If she does a bad job, she gets her titties punished. You can smack them, bite them, twist them, pinch them, anything to let her know she needs to do better." The aghast look on Leslie's face contrasted with the look of glee emerging on the faces of her 14-year-old pupils. "Let's start at your end of the semicircle, Su-Ying. Your time starts... now! Su-Ying walked up to her teacher, who looked blankly at her. "Take my top off, Mrs Hay! Quickly!" Nothing. Su-Ying, who's mouth was level with her teacher's nipples, moved her face forward and then bit Leslie's left nipple hard. The teacher gave a scream and grabbed her painful breast. "Get moving, Mrs Hay!" Leslie grabbed at the little girl's blouse and undid the buttons as quickly as she could. Su was wearing a training bra which lifted over her head, to reveal two little nubbins standing out about an inch and a half. Her little brown nipples were erect and begged to be sucked.

Leslie had never even thought about sucking a breast now she was about to chew the breasts of a little girl. She bent over, opened her mouth and took an entire teat into her mouth, gently sucking. Su had never felt anything like it. Her mouth hung open as she cradled her teacher's head. Mrs Hay was sucking her whole boob. Now gently biting, now flicking the tiny nipple with her tongue. When Su thought she was going to die of pleasure, she turned the teacher's head toward her other tit, and got the same treatment. Leslie couldn't understand why sucking these tiny titties was making her horny. Was it the pleasure she was giving to this young underdeveloped girl? Was it the knowledge that what she was doing was illegal and immoral? Or was it just that those tiny sensitive nubbins were so adorable? She could suck on them forever, but she only had another two minutes to lavish her attentions on them. She now experimented with rolling the nipple gently between her teeth, which brought another moan and gasp from Su's mouth. Su dropped her hand to reach into her teacher's miniskirt, and lovingly caressed the woman's clit, which immediately hardened as the tiny student rubbed from side to side and back and forth across it. A quick finger-fuck into the teacher's yearning cunt-hole and her time was up. Su went to pick up her top and bra, but Danni sent her back to her seat topless.

Next to Su was Alex. Although everyone thought Alex must be the most sexually experienced girl in the class, the only sexual experience she had ever had, apart from masturbation, were these last couple of wonderful days, helping to molest her beautiful teacher. She'd never even had a boy clumsily grope those exceptional boobs. Alex walked up to the teacher and Leslie immediately started to take off the busty girl's blouse, not wanting a repeat of the punishment she received from Su. She looked for a moment at Alexandra's fabulous rack, framed so exquisitely in her 34C bra, and then reached behind to unsnap the bra, rubbing her own titties against Alexandra's in doing so. As the bra came away, there was an audible gasp from those girls who had not yet had the pleasure of perving at those perfect globes.

Alex's breasts had no need for a bra. Some might even argue that it was a travesty to hide and confine them in one. They were almost perfect hemispheres, each capped with a large pink areola and, when erect, a one-inch long nipple of a just slightly darker pink. With her narrow build and tiny waist, her boobs seemed huge on her frame. Those nipples were very embarrassing for her and a delight for everyone else, as they broadcast to everyone whenever she was horny (which happened a lot), instantly expanding from being imperceptible under her bra, to making an imposing and unambiguous statement of urgent need, clearly visible through her bra and blouse, begging to be caressed and sucked, or mauled and bitten.

Leslie gently took the nipples between thumb and middle finger, and lifted them high, the first time anyone else had touched the 14-year-old's boobies. She released them and watched the breast flesh bounce and ripple sexily as the globes came to rest (much to the horny delight of the rapt audience of tweenage lesbian voyeurs). She squeezed them gently together and kissed each nipple in turn, flicking each with her tongue, going back and forth between them. She squeezed them hard, pinched the nipples, nibbled the areolas, lifted the breasts and licked the join between breast and belly, sucked the nipples, and tried to get as much tit-flesh into her mouth as she could. Alex adored the attention being paid to her titties. She swooned as her teacher suckled her nipple, pressing it between tongue and palate and taking little sucks in quick succession. As she did, the woman and girl were looking at each other's beautiful eyes, wordlessly exchanging some deep knowledge that they would be doing this with each other for many years to come.

Alex reached for one of her teacher's breasts, squeezing and mauling, as she revelled in the sensations that her teacher was causing inside her own. With her other hand she grabbed Leslie's bare bottom beneath her miniskirt and mauled it with equal vigour. The sexy teen slipped her hand down into the crack of her teacher's arse and pushed a finger deep into her gently protesting anus. Leslie moaned in slight pain and great pleasure, and let her mouth release her young charge's breast for long enough to fervently kiss the girl's yielding mouth, flicking tongue against tongue the first time the beautiful teacher had ever initiated a kiss.

All too soon for both teacher and pupil, time was up and it was Rhonda's turn. In a flash of inspiration, Danni sent Rhonda and Jodie up together. "Let's see what Mrs Hay can do with the twins! Nine minutes to make 4 titties happy!" Rhonda and Jodie did not want to waste any time and were taking off their blouses as they stood up. By the time they reached the teacher, they were both nude from the waste up, and presented an extraordinary picture to their excited classmates. Not visible when just in their bras, the twins had large puffy pink areolas and scarlet nipples on their big pear-shaped breasts. The nipples inverted but popped out as they became aroused, in a show which the girls got to see for the first of many times. Jodie got to Mrs Hay just before her sister, and scooped up her own boobs from underneath, bringing the nipples to scarcely an inch from her teacher's mouth. Leslie turned her face toward her left and took Jodie's right nipple in her teeth, gently rolling it between them and licking the very tip. The glazed look on Jodie's face was proof enough that her teacher was giving Jodie what she wanted.

But Rhonda wasn't getting what she wanted. She stood behind her teacher and reached around to cup the older woman's boobs. Then she whispered "my turn!" and turned her sharp fingernails in, pinching both nipples painfully between them. In her sudden pain, Leslie bit down on Jodie's nipple, eliciting tears and a loud "Ow!" from the surprised teen. "You bitch! Keep holding her titties, Sis!" Jodie bent down and gripped one of her teacher's nipples between her teeth, pulling it painfully away from her body, stretching it grotesquely as Leslie begged for her to stop, tears flowing down her cheeks. Jodie let go, but grabbed both nipples between her fingers and twisted them hard for good measure. "Now do my sister!" The other girls felt sorry for their teacher, but were turned on nevertheless by her painful submission, and the nasty show put on by the twins. Still smarting and rubbing her nipples to try to ease the pain, Leslie turned 180 degrees to concentrate on Rhonda's breasts. In spite of the risk, she used the same technique on the second twin's breasts, and hoped nothing would cause her to bite Rhonda or do anything else to upset her. Rhonda loved it, turning her body whenever she wanted her teacher to switch to the other boob. Jodie entertained herself by fingering her teacher's cunt from behind, and rubbing her palm over Leslie's nipple, occasionally squeezing it hard to rekindle the pain that the teacher endured a few moments before. Now she grabbed her teacher by the hips and spun her 180 degrees to face her. Leslie had the presence of mind to drop the breast in her mouth without biting it, and immediately sucked Jodie's left titty into her mouth. Rhonda took over from Jodie, on the teacher's cunt, kneeling down to admire it close up, and then using one hand to massage the excited clit, while pumping two fingers into her wet pussy.

Time's up, girls! As in the previous class, Jodie and Rhonda finished by kissing each other passionately, this time reaching under each other's skirts and rubbing each other's pussy's through their panties for the first time ever. In response, the class cheered loudly, which only increased their ardour.

From there it was a steady stream of tit-sucking, with each girl getting exclusive access to their teacher's mouth for just a couple of minutes. For all except Samantha, it was the first time. For her, it was another first, as Danni saw that Sam was particularly strongly aroused by the nipple play she was getting, and allowed the tit-sucking to continue into extra time. She even sent Alex up to lick and suck the other nipple. Just a couple of minutes later, Samantha was cumming purely from breast play, and was crying in joy as she recovered and stepped back to her seat, her bra and blouse on top the growing heap of clothes.

During each of these titty-suck sessions, the girls diligently finished by finger-fucking the teacher's well-oiled cunt or clutching arsehole. As Samantha was building to her delicious titty-cum, Alexandra was showing her ambidextrous skills, sucking one of Sam's nipples, while finger-fucking Mrs Hay's very wet cunt with the third and fourth fingers of her left hand, and finger-buggering the teacher's arsehole with the middle finger of her right. She was well rewarded too, with Mrs Hay cumming explosively, just seconds after Samantha.

Chapter 7 Mrs Hay is a Class Lay

Danni looked at her watch 3 hours of class and an hour to get the girls presentable before their parents arrived.

The girls were instructed to remove all their clothes except their socks and shoes. They watched each other with interest, examining the fascinating differences between pussy shape and hair. At one extreme was Su-Ying, with no hair whatsoever and puffy brown lips which highlighted rather than hid her inflamed clit. At the other extreme was Diana, with a thick black bush that tantalisingly almost completely hid the cleft below. A couple of the blonds had fine wispy curls which were practically invisible against their deliciously presented cunnies. The redhead twins had very sparse bright orange pubes which delightfully contrasted the white skin of their thighs and the pink of their pronounced pussy lips. In this sexually charged atmosphere, each of the girls was as turned on by the other naked girls as by the prospect of whatever sexual fun they would be forcing on their straight teacher.

Mrs Hay was not nearly over her orgasm, when Danni stripped the teacher's skirt off her and laid her on her back on a padded exercise bench which had been borrowed from the school gymnasium. With her legs straddling either side of the bench, Mrs Hay's pussy was on embarrassing display for her class of 14-year-old trainee lesbians. She was uncomfortably certain that she would be required to do more than show her cunt all night. It did not take long for her to be proved right.

Diana was the first to exercise her teacher's skills. Her job was to sit on her teacher's face, facing toward her teacher's legs and cunt. Mrs Hay was to lick her to orgasm. Simple as that! Other girls were expected to help, by kissing Diana, sucking her nipples and breasts, playing with her clit, even fingering her arse.

While Diana was being serviced by her teacher, Alex was being initiated into the world of strap-on sex. Danni had several strap-on dildos of different sizes and shapes. She started with a modest size, which happened to be both longer and thicker than Mark's cock. Danni lovingly attached a harness with the 1" wide 6" dildo to Alexandra's pelvis, and drizzled some lube over the end of the imitation cock. She then got Roberta and Sam to lift the teacher's legs up while Alex moved into position at her teacher's crotch. She positioned the dildo at the entrance to Mrs Hay's cunt-hole and pushed forward. The cock slid halfway into the teacher's cunt, but Alex found the action very unnatural, until she raised herself off the bench and inch or two. That allowed her to get a pelvic thrust going, quickly forcing the cock all the way in. The other girls watched excitedly as Alex began a steady fucking of her teacher, withdrawing the cock all the way out and slamming it back in. None of the girls had ever seen a woman being fucked, let alone by a girl, and they were all fascinated by the effect it had on their teacher, as well as the sheer eroticism of a young teen as beautiful and sexy as Alex, fucking her gorgeous teacher like a man might. When the cock first entered Mrs Hay, she grunted into the pussy she was eating, and pushed Diana up off her face for long enough to plead that Alexandra pull it back out. After about a minute of fucking, she was licking Diana like there was no tomorrow, and raising her pelvis to slam back onto Alex's cock as it slammed into her. Samantha and Roberta were not being idle. They both latched onto Alex's delectable tits, sucking and licking those incredibly long sensitive nipples. Renee was behind Alex, kissing her neck and squeezing her buttocks. Diana, with a perfect view of the fucking from above, was grinding her cunt over her teacher's face. getting closer and closer to climax. Watching Diana being eaten in front of her and having her tits sucked, Alex increased the speed of her fucking, which in turn had the teacher lick with even more fury. Diana suddenly screamed as she came in her teacher's mouth, her girl-cum dripping into the woman's mouth. Leslie's own cum was triggered by that and she shouted "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Yes, Yes, Yes" into the cunt which was still engulfing her mouth.

Diana climbed off her teacher's face, and was immediately replaced by Su. Roberta by this time had her strap-on in place, a longer imitation penis of the same width, and quickly replaced Alex, giving Mrs Hay no time to recover, before resuming the assault on her cunt. The twins had come around to the other side and were caressing Roberta as she fucked the teacher, licking her titties and fondling her bum. They also played with Mrs Hay's clit, rubbing it and lightly smacking it, which had an electrifying effect on her. Sharon was sucking one of Su's adorable little titties, and Renee was sucking the other one. Diana, still reeling from her colossal cum, was absently fingering her cunt as she watched the orgy in front of her. Su-Ying didn't last long, cumming in a series of moans and practically falling off her teacher's face. Renee climbed on in her place and immediately began massaging and mauling Mrs Hay's tits in response to her first ever cunt-licking. Roberta was still pounding away at the teacher's eager cunt. Suddenly Mrs Hay was shaking. Roberta stopped fucking and watched in awe as the teacher's cunt visibly spasmed over and over again around the dildo lodged inside.

Sharon had the pleasure of fucking Mrs Hay next. The strapon she had been given was somewhat thinner than the others, and had deep ridges every half inch or so. Danni had the twins lift the teacher's legs a little higher. Sharon positioned the dildo at the entrance to Mrs Hay's cunt-hole, but Danni corrected her, pushing it down to line up with the teacher's arsehole. Sharon pushed the anal intruder in and Mrs Hay grunted and moaned, knowing there was nothing she could do or say which would stop this assault on her arsehole. The dildo had gone in about two inches and seemed to be stuck. Sharon pulled back, dragging a ridge back across her teacher's anal sphincter. It felt to Leslie that her arsehole s being torn apart. Even so, she kept licking the beautiful cunt grinding into her face. Sharon pushed again and again. The dildo was 4 inches in. All the girls were fingering themselves or each other as they watched the incredible anal fuck show (something most would not even have thought possible a week previous). Sharon dragged it back an inch and pushed in a further three, eliciting moans by her teacher combining agony with lust. One inch back and three more inches in, burying the dildo to the hilt. The sight of her pelvis mashed into her teacher's arse, was one she never wanted to forget. Now she started fucking in earnest, dragging the dildo out about 4 or 5 inches and forcing it back in to the hilt, each bump excruciatingly, exquisitely torturing Mrs Hay's sensitive anal sphincter. Sharon's task of sending her over the top did not take long at all. A couple more minutes of this buggering catapulted the teacher into a painful wonderful orgasm that again had her shaking and trembling. Her empty cunt spat out a little jet of pussy juice with each excruciating orgasmic contraction. Instead of having her pull the anal invader out, Danni instead released it from Sharon's harness, and left it buried in Leslie's super-sensitive arsehole. Now it was Rhonda's turn with a strapon. She got the 8" long cock that Roberta had used, but she was again fucking it into her teacher's cunt, now squeezed by the dildo still lodged in her arsehole. As Rhonda forced the cockhead in, Mrs Hay screamed at the assault. Renee matched the scream as she came on her teacher's face, squirting fuck juice into her mouth and over her chin and neck. She lifted herself up off her teacher, as another squirt splashed Mrs Hay's tits and belly. Renee was crying in joy and kissing anyone in reach. Her classmates were kissing her mouth and nipples, fingering her still spasming cunt and helping her to the floor where she shook uncontrollably for almost a minute of perpetual orgasm, clinging to the two girls who kept up the ravishing of her cunt and tits.

Jodie had taken Renee's place on Mrs Hay's mouth and was humping back and forth over the exhausted woman's tongue. Knowing how to get her attention, she grabbed and twisted the teacher's nipples to get that tongue working hard again, licking the twin, yet another 14-year-old to be on her face, to her first tongue-fucking orgasm, just like the several girls before her. Jodie swooned from the cunt-licking she was now getting, along with the attention by two of her classmates to her tits. Her twin sister Rhonda had just painfully forced her 8" cock all the way in to their teacher's compressed cunt-hole. Rhonda now dragged the artificial cock back out, once again rubbing it against the ridged dildo in her arsehole, separated only by that thin membrane between cunt and arse. Fucking now began in earnest, with Rhonda swinging back the full eight inches and forcing the long cock back in to the hilt, slowly at first, then gradually increasing the speed. Rhonda was rubbing both her own clit and her teacher's at an incredible rate as she fucked. Her teacher was in exquisite agony, her entire body going haywire with the overload of sensations in cunt and arse and clit and nipples. Jodie and Rhonda stretched toward each other and began a long frantic tongue kiss as Rhonda now fucked the teacher with wild abandon and her twin was rocketing toward a devastating orgasm on the teacher's tongue and mouth. All three started cumming within a second or two of each other. It was a magnificently erotic sight, all three shaking and crying, the young twins still kissing each other and collapsing into each other's arms, their teacher in total sensory overload, spasming repeatedly around those two dildos inside her until she was suddenly unconscious.

When Leslie woke, there was still 2 hours til the parents were due. Her arsehole and cunt were empty. Her bottom ached. Her pussy ached. Her nipples ached. Everything ached! As she looked around, she saw the entire class of 14 year old girls had split into three groups of three. The girls were mainly lying on their sides. Two girls would lay cunt-to-mouth, and lick each other's clit and pussy. The third girl was lying with her mouth at the first girl's bottom and she was poking her tongue in and out of the girl's arsehole. It was very disgusting. It was very ...beautiful! In spite of her exhaustion and pain, Leslie found herself fingering her clit as she watched the sordid display. She moved toward a group of three, to look more closely at the nasty display, as tongues fucked and licked widely spread cunt and arse. The girls turned over so that the girl at the centre could spread her legs wider, allowing the other girls to more deeply attack her fuck-holes. A delightful result was that their teacher had an even better view of the filthy show, just in time to watch the central girl cum over those two tongues, the spasming contractions of her cunt and arsehole captured forever in her teacher's memory. One by one the groups fell apart as one or more of the girls climaxed. Now they were regathering around their teacher, and kissing her nipples, tonguing her mouth, rubbing her clit with her.

Renee and Samantha were both wearing strapons. Leslie had not seen the strapons which had so totally filled her orifices up til now, and did not know if these were the same size. What she could plainly see was they were at least twice as long and so much thicker than her own husband's cock. Danni had attached realistic 13" long, 3" wide cock to Renee and a 12" long 2" wide cock to Samantha. Given the 14-year-old girls' heights, these monster cocks looked even more frightening. Renee lay down on her back on the exercise bench, the giant cock standing straight up. As if it was rehearsed, Su came up to her with a bottle of lube and started squirting lots of the stuff over the cock. When she was done she gave Renee a passionate kiss and moved away. Samantha was still standing, when Sharon prepared Sam's cock in the same way, finishing with a similarly passionate tongue-kiss for her classmate (and now arsemate).

Diana led Mrs Hay to the bench, and helped her lift her leg over Renee. With a bit of a stretch, Diana got the huge dong to the entrance of her teacher's cunt-hole. It did not look like it could possibly fit, but Mrs Wolfe assured them that it would. Diana also straddled Renee, standing behind her teacher and holding her by the boobs as she kissed the back of her teacher's neck. Renee held the dong firmly at the entrance to her teacher's cunt, as Diana started pulling the woman down by her nipples. There was more pleasure than pain in the mild tit-torture she was receiving, but it forced her to sit hard on that truncheon of a cock. And so, inch by inch, Diana forced her teacher lower and lower, the 13 inch monster forcing its way up ever higher into the recesses of her cunt. So far, 9 inches had disappeared. Diana now lifted her teacher in the same way, pulling up on those tortured tits and forcing her to rise about six inches. Now Renee took hold of her teacher's beautiful hips, and pulled her forcefully back onto the cock, ramming all but about an inch into her traumatised cunt. Again she was lifted off, and this time the cock rammed home, bouncing against and pushing through the woman's cervix. Giving her only a moment to adjust to the massive girth and length, two other girls now joined the group, taking hold of Mrs Hay by her buttocks and thighs, and lifting her up 8" to allow her to drop down all the way again, her cunt painfully swallowing the impossibly large invader. Somehow though, she started pushing herself up and pulling herself down, impaling herself again and again, as her body started to respond to this outrageous assault. Each time, she went up a little higher and came down a little faster, fucking herself like she'd never been fucked before. When they felt the time was right, the girls held their teacher down, the cock fully impaled in her cunt-hole.

Now it was Samantha's turn. She climbed over Renee's legs and positioned herself behind Mrs Hay. With difficulty, Sam tried to push that 2" wide cock into her teacher's arsehole. After a couple of failures, she got the tip in about half an inch. Now she could push hard against that sphincter, forcing it wider and wider. Leslie was crying "It's too big! God it's tearing me apart! Please take it out! Take it out! I can't bear it!" But bear it she did. Samantha shoved hard and the monstrous cock sodomised about two inches into her teacher's barely accommodating arse. That elicited a scream from Mrs Hay and cheers from the other girls, who were frantically fingering their clits. A couple were even fingering their arseholes as they watched the incredible show. Now the sexy 14-year-old stepped up the campaign to bugger her teacher's arse: driving the cock in an inch to her teacher's loud grunt; withdrawing an inch; driving in another two inches; slipping out two inches; driving in three inches; slowly working that cock deeper and deeper to repeated erotic grunts and moans by her teacher, until, unbelievably, the entire truncheon-sized weapon was embedded in Mrs Hay's bottom, Samantha's pussy deliciously resting against her teacher's bum. Mrs Hay was still in pain, tears still spilling from her eyes. Diana took her teacher's face in her hands and kissed the tears away saying "It's all the way in. You can smile now!" Through her tears, the teacher actually smiled, at least until the fucking started. Samantha pulled her hips away, dragging the cock out a few inches, and drove it unrelentingly back in, eliciting more tears and moans of pain from her teacher. Back out and back in, several inches at a time, squeezing past the equally devastating cock in the teacher's cunt. Speed was picking up. And suddenly, Mrs Hay was the one doing the pushing and pulling. She was sliding forward, allowing the cocks to slip out of her cunt and arse at the same time, and them pushing back to recapture them. Gradually she was making larger and larger movements, forcing 4 and then 6 inches out and back in at a time. Renee and Sam started moving together, withdrawing about 9 inches from cunt and arsehole and slamming back, fucking cunt and buggering arse in glorious overwhelming unison. Each pounding sent the teacher's cunt and arse quivering uncontrollably. Leslie was being sodomised and cunt-fucked by her 14-year-old lesbian pupils and she never wanted it to end. They could tear her cunt and arsehole to shreds, as long as they kept fucking her. This would be her life from now on, slave to her tweeny lesbian charges. There were only nine here. She needed more. All the girls in the class need to be lesbians. "God! Fuck me harder! Bugger my arsehole! Bite my nipples! Make me cum! Sodomise me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my arse! Faster! Harder!" She came screaming, with 14-year-old Samantha's giant artificial cock ramming her arsehole, in front of Samantha's mutually masturbating mum June, and 18-year-old sister Carol. Danni had called them, knowing how proud they would be of their little Sam's first lesbian buggering of a beautiful straight teacher. More than proud! June and Carol decided to put on a special show for the girls. The two beautiful women started by tantalisingly stripping off each others' clothes, revealing that they both had natural D-cup boobs and shaved pussies. After some sexy kissing and tit sucking they did a quick 69, in which both women orgasmed in record time. June and Carol spotted the two hot twins and led them to the centre of the floor, where they placed them in a 69 for the entertainment of the other girls. The twins wasted no time, diving into each others' dripping pussies, to consummate their incest. As they came into each others' mouths, the other girls clapped and whistled their appreciation. Then, as a finale, June and Carol put on 9 inch long 2" wide strapons and lovingly impaled their darling Sam, mum fucking away the 14-year-old's cuntal virginity, painfully tearing the girl's hymen to the cheers of the onlookers, and then fucking her daughter until the freshly devirginised girl had a modest climax. Then Carol joined in the fun. With her mum still impaling her sister, Carol stuffed her strapon up Samantha's arse, taking her baby sister's anal cherry. They invited the other girls to suck Sam's titties as they double-fucked their daughter and sister for twenty minutes, culminating in a long mind-blowing orgasm.


Once the girls saw Samantha lose her cherries to her mum and sister, they decided that was the perfect deflowering. Mothers and sisters were seduced, often at sleepovers, and then introduced to Mrs Hay's Tweeny Club where they got to deflower their daughters and sisters.

Each of the straight girls in Mrs Hay's class needed to be turned. The two holy rollers were the biggest challenge, but even they eventually came round. In fact, once converted, they did a superb job of introducing religious girls from the younger classes. They took special delight in proclaiming the evils of lesbianism, incest and other perversions, and the benefits of chastity and celibacy, as they seduced mothers and daughters together, filming them as the mother fucked away the daughter's virginity in the local church hall.

Mrs Hay, who was now affectionately called Les be Gay by the girls, remained married to her ever-loving husband. She let him have his way with her, fucking her to countless 'screaming orgasms' with his 5" manhood and 1 minute foreplay. He never did realise that she never orgasmed once with him in the entire marriage. And that was fine with her. She was being fucked and buggered, licked and caressed, for hours on end by 14-year-old girls sporting 12" strapons which never prematurely ejaculated, and she always had the hockey team available to please her when she needed some nasty excitement. And, whenever he was called away on business, their home was transformed into a club for women, where girls put on the most delicious shows for their sisters, mothers, aunts, teachers and friends, culminating in at least one incestuous deflowering.

Danni Wolfe continued to consult to several schools, and implemented similar classes across the state. Her film archive is hired out to show teachers, mothers, girl guide counsellors and nuns, how best to nurture the potential of their girls, and of course to entertain and educate the girls themselves. The Mrs Hay's Lesbian Sex Education Class films are most often shown at sleepovers. Recently they were shown at a 13-year-old's surprise birthday party. Unexpectedly, the girl's mother arrived home early, to discover that the naughty girls were pretending that her daughter was Mrs Hay, and were proceeding to attack her virgin arsehole and cunt with the mother's secret stash of dildos. There was a lot of blood and Mum was obviously very annoyed. To make matters right, she had her daughter hold each of the girls down while she used her two-dick-strapon to deflower each girl, cunt and arse, and then made each girl suck her to a satisfying orgasm. She finished by pissing on the girls as they licked each other to orgasm. In the end, the party was so successful that the mother now holds parties for girls all over the locality.