Peeper's Progress

by VPC

Keywords F/tod(g), F/tod(g)/beast(F), ws

Winning story in the Leslita's July 2016 Story Contest

Peggy was sad that she had to move out of her apartment in the city, and not just because it would upend the life of her young daughter. Little Mindy was just three years old, and had lived in the apartment her whole life. Still, it had to be done, and Peggy would soon learn that when fate closes a door, it opens a window (or at least lets you peep out of one at your neighbor).

Peggy loved the city apartment where she had raised Mindy alone since birth. Not only was it warm and snug, it looked over a courtyard where Peggy could see into the windows of dozens of her neighbors. She had found almost by accident that as she rocked and breast-fed baby Mindy in her darkened room, she could gaze out her window to see her neighbors engaged in all sorts of lusty activity.

There was that newlywed couple across the way and two floors down, who only partially closed their drapes when they had sex in every room of their apartment. Peggy was surprised they could even walk afterwards. An even better view was the widow-lady with cats directly across the courtyard. She retreated to an inner room for her sexy activities, but it was still in Peggy's line of sight. Peggy watched her strip naked and lay back on the edge of her bed, allowing her furry pets to snuggle and lick between her thighs. Peggy was shocked at first--the woman did not look like a pervert. But then Peggy realized that it was just another way for a person to get a necessary sexual release, hurting no one. After that, Peggy got curious how it would feel if she herself had an animal lover.

The most exciting view of all was into the small window of a bathroom, one floor down around the corner. There, a little girl took baths every evening, sometimes with her mother, and sometimes with bath play that no respectable mother would do. Peggy watched it all, with excited breath and desire for more. She found Mindy's suckling mouth arousing, and Peggy often dug her hand into Mindy's diaper to poke and rub in sympathy with the mother's attention to her bathing daughter. Peggy allowed Mindy to continue breastfeeding long after most children stopped, just to keep up the illicit spying and diaper play.

But recently Peggy and Mindy were forced to move, because the apartment building would be renovated into upscale condos. Luckily, the landlord paid a big premium to have everyone move out quickly. Peggy got enough to purchase a small, old house in a nearby neighborhood. She soon learned that in this neighborhood not just the houses were old, but so were most of the residents. Many had lived here for decades.

Just next door was a widow named Hazel. She had been in her home for 50 years, raised a son who moved away, and lost her husband to a heart attack five years ago. Now she just had her dog, Carla, to keep her company. Peggy was happy to have such a stable, if boring, neighbor. No doubt they could keep an eye on each other's place to watch for burglars. And Carla, a short-hair boxer bitch, could drive off suspicious characters.

Peggy's house, like all those on the block, has a small back yard that Mindy could play in safely without much care. It had a sturdy wooden stockade fence six feet high to keep out kidnappers, or even the casual glances of any nosy passers-by. Peggy bought Mindy two small kiddie pools for the yard. She filled one with sand and the other with water a few inches deep. She also got a small table and chairs to put under an ornamental tree that provided a shady area. With that, Mindy could go out and play to her heart's content, safely surrounded by high fences.

So Peggy did just that one Tuesday morning in June, sending Mindy out to play in the yard while Peggy paid some bills at her desk on the second floor. From there, Peggy could look out the back window and keep an eye on Mindy. On her third or fourth glance, Peggy noticed that Hazel next door was also out in her own back yard, which was similarly enclosed with a stockade fence. The way Peggy's window was placed made it easy to see down into Hazel's yard, too.

The reason Hazel caught Peggy's notice was the way she was dressed. Or rather, not dressed. The woman, who had to be in her late 60's, was bare-ass naked. Well, Peggy thought, that's her right; it was her own yard. Peggy had only a fleeting thought that it might not be neighborly to peep down at the nude woman, but curiosity and some measure of lust kept her looking. The only thing she did was to pull back into the shadows to avoid being seen herself.

Hazel was a rather handsome woman, Peggy thought. About five feet, six inches, and neither skinny nor fat. She had steely gray hair, cut short, and a pleasant face. Wrinkles, sure, but nice ones--smile lines. Her most noticeable feature, at least right then, was her bosom. In her prime, Hazel must have had a knock-out figure, with a bra size of 36D or bigger. Now, of course, her breasts had given in to gravity and sagged down toward her belly. Still, Peggy found it attractive to watch the old woman move about, gathering her lounge chair and magazine and drink, which caused her boobs to sway and dangle. Peggy wondered what it would be like to cup and fondle them. As she wondered, Peggy found herself rubbing her own breasts and thumbing her nipples into hardness.

Hazel arranged her lounge chair near the fence separating her yard from Peggy's, and just a few feet from where Mindy was sitting at her small table on the other side of the fence, quietly coloring in a book. Hazel laid down in her lounge chair, with her feet pointed toward Peggy. It was only then that Peggy noticed Hazel had no pubic hair. Did she shave, as Peggy herself did? Or did old women go bald down there? It amused Peggy to think that the three females, within 20 feet of each other, all had genitals as smooth as billiard balls.

Four females, Peggy mentally corrected herself, because Hazel's dog Carla was also right there. In fact, Carla's femaleness was also on full display. The dog was on her back in the grass, getting an absent-minded belly rub from Hazel, who glanced through her magazine. Peggy noticed that Carla had six very prominent teats and a puffy canine cunny. As Hazel petted Carla, her fingers occasionally pinched one of the dog's nipples or dipped into the dog's labia. Carla accepted these attentions from her mistress with little wiggles of pleasure.

Seeing this apparent foreplay excited Peggy more than seeing her naked neighbor had. Peggy stood up, being careful not to cause any noise, and slipped off her own jeans and panties. She fingered herself slowly, matching the rhythm of Hazel's finger going into her dog. Peggy felt a deep arousal that was rare for her during the last few years, and she hoped that this would build to a satisfying orgasm.

But just then, Mindy began softly singing to herself as she colored. Both Peggy and Hazel turned toward the girl's voice. Peggy could see her daughter easily down in the back yard, but she was surprised to notice Hazel crane her neck toward the fence, as if she could see the little girl, too. Then, from the way Hazel moved (oh, those swaying breasts), Peggy realized that Hazel must be looking through a hole in the fence. Peggy almost laughed at the situation--she peeping at Hazel, who was peeping at Mindy.

Then Peggy thought what it must look like from Hazel's view. Mindy was just a few feet from Hazel, sitting with her back to her. Mindy was leaning forward to color, so her lower back was exposed. In fact, the top of Mindy's little butt crack was visible above her drooping diaper. Mindy was still in diapers at 3 years old, because Peggy was in no hurry to get her daughter completely toilet trained. Peggy enjoyed the chance to wipe Mindy in her private places, and rub ointment deep into her nooks to avoid rashes. Mindy understood that "number 2" was best done in the toilet (though Peggy wiped her clean), while Mindy was free to pee into her diaper, or use the toilet, as she wished.

While Peggy imagined how Hazel must be gazing at Mindy's half-exposed bottom, the girl suddenly got out of her small chair and lightly grabbed at her crotch with both hands while looking at the house's back door. Peggy was alarmed for just a moment, then she realized that Mindy simply had to urinate. But rather than come to the house or pee in her diaper, Mindy hooked her thumbs into the waistband and lowered it to the grass. She stepped out and squatted, naked from the waist down, and let go right into the lawn. Even from the second floor, Peggy could hear the sizzle sound of fresh piss.

Glancing over, Peggy noticed that Hazel was watching rapt, one eye at the fence hole. Mindy was barely three feet from the old woman, but did not know it. And Hazel had a close-up view of the little girl's urine rushing out of her cunny lips.

As the flow decreased to a dribble and drips, Mindy poked a finger at the spot between her legs. Peggy noticed that she still had her own finger in her own pussy, idly rubbing, and that Hazel had spread her legs and was frigging herself, too. Add the fourth female too, because Carla the dog had twisted to lick herself, also. Once again, Peggy nearly laughed aloud to notice everyone pleasuring themselves.

Mindy ended her unintentional show by pulling her diaper back on and returning to her coloring book. But Hazel was not done. She lay back, eyes closed, and spread her thighs wide. Peggy had an excellent view of her genitals, smooth dark skin of her pudendum spread to show bright pink lips within, glistening with moisture in the sunlight. Hazel was obviously practiced in what she wanted and how to do it. Her fingers dug deep into her vagina, bringing even more wetness to the folds of skin around her clit. Then for several minutes Hazel rubbed and rubbed, fast and slow, hard and soft, sometimes burying two or three fingers into herself.

Peggy matched her, move for move, watching intently from the shadows of her room up above. Both women frigged themselves with increasing ardor. It aroused Peggy to think that Hazel had been inspired by seeing Mindy's little pussy display. And Peggy herself was now rising towards an emotional peak while secretly watching Hazel masturbate.

The women's hands got faster and faster, and both climaxed at the same moment. Each of their small moans and gasps masked the sound of the other, but Mindy turned and looked around, searching unsuccessfully to find the source of those strange sounds of pleasure.

Peggy slowly came back to herself, glancing down at her daughter who was returning to her coloring. On her own side of the fence, Hazel luxuriated in her orgasm, slowly running a fingertip up and down her slit. Without even opening her eyes, she reached her slick hand toward the dog, standing beside her. At one sniff, Carla eagerly licked the juices from Hazel's fingers. Then, in what must have been long habit, the dog walked to the end of the lounge chair and stuck her snout into Hazel's groin. Still with her eyes closed, Hazel lay back in pure relaxed pleasure as her dog's long tongue lapped all around her pussy.

Peggy could not recall ever seeing anything more sexy.


The next day, Peggy hoped that she might somehow repeat the action that had happened the day before. Yesterday's session had ended abruptly when Mindy shouted that she was hungry. Peggy snapped alert, pulling on her underwear and pants. Hazel, too, was jolted by the shout, and quickly gathered her things to return to her house, Carla trotting along behind.

Today, Peggy dressed her daughter in a tiny bikini swimsuit. It fit the toddler tightly, being last year's suit, so it showed off Mindy's bottom quite nicely. The girl complained how tight the top was, so Peggy left it off. She gave some playful rubs and tweaks to Mindy's chest until the girl giggled with delight, and her nipples hardened into pebbles. As always when that happened, Peggy gently kissed and licked at them for a moment.

Then she brought her daughter out to their back yard. Peggy talked loudly as she arranged Mindy's toys, so that Hazel would know, if she was listening, what was going on. Peggy pulled the shallow splash pool right up next to Hazel's fence. She saw the knot hole about two feet off the ground.

"Now, Mindy, if you have to go peepee, you can just pull your suit aside, or take it off, and go right into the pool, OK?"

Peggy hoped that would get Hazel's attention, and it did. By the time Peggy was up in her office and looking out the window, Hazel was already in the yard. But this morning, Peggy was disappointed to see Hazel dressed in a billowy sundress and a large floppy hat. She had gardening gloves on, and knelt at the flower bed near the fence hole. Hazel seemed to work a bit pulling weeds, but her attention was obviously drawn to spying on the little girl. Several times she leaned over, just to glance through the hole. Mindy was sitting in the pool, playing with a bucket and sponge. The water kept her little nipplets hard and scrunchy. And the small tight panties showed off the bulge of her puffy baby labia and the camel-toe line.

Hazel spent more and more time with her eye to the hole, ogling Mindy just inches away on the other side of the fence. Finally, she stood and unbuttoned her dress, letting it fall to the ground. As Peggy had hoped, she was naked beneath. Peggy gasped as her neighbor's body suddenly came into view. She had feared that her initial excitement yesterday had made Hazel seem better-looking than she truly was. But no, the old lady ten feet below her was indeed a vision.

This time Peggy took note of details. Hazel's skin was lightly freckled, with several moles on her shoulders and belly that only served to contrast her otherwise smooth skin. She had no tan lines, so Peggy assumed she had been sun-bathing in the buff for a while. Her buttocks were firm, if a bit wide, and her belly just slightly paunchy. Beneath that small bulge it was easy to see Hazel's genital crease coming up from her crotch. Peggy was again fascinated by the old woman's baldness down there. Peggy wished she could inspect it up close, to see and touch and smell and taste. Maybe someday.

Still, Hazel's best feature as far as Peggy was concerned were her large, saggy tits. They were not like the men's magazine ideal at all, but Peggy found them perfect for an old woman. They were like baseballs in socks, dangling and swinging as Hazel moved about. The skin at the end of each was bright pink, areolas as big as drink coasters, and tipped with nipples the size of bottle caps. Peggy wanted to squeeze and suck and lick them for hours.

To Peggy's delight, Hazel got down on her hands and knees, to dip her eye to the fence spy hole. Her breasts hung almost to the ground, swaying and swinging. Hazel looked back over her shoulder, and Peggy had a moment of fright, thinking Hazel was looking right at her in the window. But Hazel just clicked her tongue at her dog, Carla, laying in the nearby shade. Carla got up immediately and trotted over to her mistress. Their heads were the same height, and they touched noses. Carla licked at Hazel's face, and Peggy was surprised to see Hazel licking back. They french-kissed doggy style for a few minutes, and then Carla moved around to stand behind Hazel, facing her between Hazel's wide-splayed legs.

Peggy suspected what would happen, but she still gasped when Carl a began licking at Hazel's crotch, presented with her up-thrust hips. Hazel wiggled and arched her back, to spread and expose more of her private parts to the dog's eager tongue. Carla did not just lick at the fluids that must have been seeping out of Hazel's vagina. The dog moved her attentions about, licking Hazel's butt cheeks, then down her inner thighs. Back to her mistresses' sex, and then a bit further up to her peach-colored wrinkly asshole. Peggy saw Hazel relax and gape her anus open, to let Carla's tongue dig deep in to her rectum, again and again. Hazel seemed to shiver with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Mindy had no idea of the animal-human sex happening almost silently on the other side of the fence. She just continued to splash and play as Hazel spied on her through the fence. Almost on cue, Mindy got a certain I-have-to-go look on her face and squeezed herself between her legs. She glanced at the house, and remembered Peggy's encouragement. The girl stood and worked to peel off the tight bikini pants until she was standing naked, just inches from Hazel's gaze. Then she squatted slightly and began to pee into the pool water. It splashed widely, including toward the fence. Hazel flinched at one point, as if hit by a droplet, but she did not pull away from the sight of Mindy's pissing.

Adding to the sound of the youngster's splash was another hissing noise. It took a moment for Peggy to notice that Hazel had also started peeing, from her elbows-and-knees position. The dog was still back there between Hazel's legs, still licking avidly while the yellow flow shot out in her mouth.

Mindy finished first, and stood up in her little pool, now a few millimeters deeper. On the other side of the fence, Hazel dropped her forehead to the grass and pushed her hips back into her dog's face, still squeezing out a few squirts. Carla kept licking, trying to swallow everything Hazel offered and cleaning up any stray drips in Hazel's crotch or thighs. The dog's tongue must have brought Hazel to a minor climax, as Peggy saw Hazel's whole body tremble, and some low moans spoken into the ground.

The noise of such pleasure again caught Mindy's interest, and today she heard where it was coming from. Getting down into a crawling position in her little pool, and leaning toward the fence, Mindy found the peep-hole. She looked through it, to see Hazel's play with the dog.

Meanwhile, Hazel had moved away from the fence by rolling on her side, back toward where any urine the dog had missed had dripped to the ground. Hazel rolled onto her back, naked, and held her arms out for Carla. The dog came forward and once again the two of them had more wet tongue kisses. Peggy imagined the fragrance Hazel was smelling, a mixture of dog breath and pee.

After a moment, Hazel grabbed Carla and turned the dog to stand over her prone body--the dog's head near her crotch, and Hazel's face between Carla's rear legs, a doggy 69. At once, Carla's tongue again sought out the smells and tastes of her mistresses' genitals, lapping eagerly at the old woman. But Peggy was shocked to see Hazel do the same to her canine lover. Never before had Peggy seen, or even imagined, bestiality cunnilingus like this. Both human and dog wiggled and moaned with apparent excitement as they licked and sniffed at each other's vagina. Hazel had the advantage of hands, and she expertly probed two stiff fingers deep into the bitch's vagina, poking rhythmically, but licking and sucking at the folds of skin still exposed. Each stopped their work occasionally to look back at their partner's face, but quickly returned to what they knew each enjoyed.

This went on for several minutes, and Peggy herself was as sexually excited as she had ever been. Her fingers almost vibrated as she stroked her clit to climax after climax, watching the unintended show below her. Finally, nearly exhausted, Peggy fell back in her chair as Hazel and Carla also reached their own peaks, and curled into hugs on the grass.

Only then, after this perverted show, did Peggy notice that her daughter was still staring avidly through the fence. She had watched the whole love-making scene. And Peggy saw that one of Mindy's hands was stroking her own little cunny.

Soon, Hazel roused herself to stand, grab her dress and hat from the ground, and lead Carla into her house. Seeing the show was over, Mindy sat back in her little polluted pool, her face somber and thoughtful, but her hand still grabbing at herself between her legs. Peggy felt a wave of love and desire for her daughter and put on enough clothes to go fetch her from the back yard. In the house, she dried her carefully and applied ointment to all the little girl's secret spots.

As she attended to Mindy, Peggy came up with new plans.


The next day, Peggy knocked on Hazel's door early and asked for a favor--would she please watch Mindy for a few hours while Peggy went out to run errands? Of course, the old lady was happy to do so. Peggy delivered Mindy and her freshly rinsed pool to Hazel's yard through a gate in the fence, along with a swimsuit and a change of clothes. Then she returned to her own house and shouted a goodbye as she got in her car and drove away.

But Peggy went no farther than the next block, parked at the curb, and walked back to her own house, avoiding being seen by Hazel. Peggy went up to her peeping-tom perch on the second floor and hoped Hazel and Mindy would decide to play outside.

Soon, they appeared. Hazel was in a sundress again, no hat. And to Peggy's now practiced eye, no bra, either. She could see Hazel's breasts under the material, swinging and bulging the fabric.Carla, the dog, was prancing about, excited to have a playmate roughly her own size, but still gentle enough not to startle or frighten Mindy.

Mindy herself was a surprise to Peggy. She was naked. Peggy wondered what had been said and done during the last few minutes in Hazel's house to result in her daughter losing all her clothing. But Mindy did not seem upset or bothered in any way, so Peggy just held back to watch. And Mindy was certainly cute, as always, with her slight baby-fat pudginess. It was just a bit startling to see her so displayed for another woman.

Peggy had put the pool down in a spot close to her own viewing stand, and as she had hoped, Hazel left it in that spot to fill a few inches with her garden hose. In addition to being easily seen, this spot also allowed Peggy to easily hear what Hazel and her daughter were saying.

"OK, Mindy, the water might be just a bit cold, but it will warm up fast in this sun. And since you won't have a swimsuit to feel wet and cold, you can just get out and get dry any time you want."

One mystery solved, Peggy thought. She watched Hazel pull her lounge chair next to the pool, put a towel over the back, and sit down. Carla padded about, sniffing the chair, the towel, and Mindy, then plopped down in the grass on the far side of Hazel's lounger. Mindy knelt beside her pool, splashing her hands. Then she leaned out further into the water, so her little bottom rose to prominence like a full moon. Hazel leaned over sideways to get a better look at the space between Mindy's cheeks and smiled to herself.

"I wanna get in," Mindy announced, and stepped into the pool. She sat and splashed, enough so some of the water hit Hazel's dress.

"Oh, my, you're getting me all wet," Hazel said through giggles. Mindy laughed too, and splashed even more on the old woman.

"Should I take my clothes off too, and get in there with you?"

"There's no room, silly," Mindy cried with delight.

"Well, still, maybe I'll just take off my dress to keep it from getting wet, OK?" Hazel stood up, right next to the kiddie pool, and unbuttoned her dress from the neck down. She kept a smile on her face, and her eyes glued to Mindy's reaction. The girl sat quietly to watch the old woman strip. Hazel stopped at the last two buttons, just above her navel. She grabbed the open sides of the dress, and quickly flashed her boobs a few times, saying "Peek-a-boo." Mindy smiled and laughed.

"Do you want to help me with the last few buttons, Mindy?"

Mindy got up quickly and stepped forward to work on removing the woman's only piece of clothing. Peggy could tell from her downward view that Hazel also wore no underpants. The woman stood patiently, hands on Mindy's shoulders and smiling down at the child, as Mindy worked on the last two buttons. Hazel shifted her weight to be sure Mindy's hands had to rub against her lower belly, and then even lower, just above her crack.

Once the last button was undone, the dress gaped. Mindy stood just inches away as Hazel shimmied her shoulders and the dress fell. The slight motion caused Hazel's breasts to sway for several seconds. Mindy stared at the old woman's nakedness, up and down and side to side. Hazel kept a welcoming, calm smile on her own face, watching the little girl's reaction. She waggled her shoulders again, making her large breasts swing even wider.

"You like my boobies, don't you, Mindy?" She cupped them and raised the nipples toward the child's face. "Would you like to feel them? Kiss them?"

Mindy obediently puckered her lips and latched on to one nipple, sucking rather hard. Hazel had not expected such a quick and enthusiastic response, and her jaw dropped in shocked surprise. But Hazel did not pull away. She allowed the youngster to suckle at her teat for several moments, gradually allowing her smile to return.

"There's no milk," Mindy complained.

"Oh, do you get milk from your Mommy? Still? At your age?"

Mindy nodded. "Sometimes."

Hazel thought for a moment, then sat on the edge of her chair. "How does your Mommy hold you when she gives you milk? In her lap? Show me?"

Up at her window, Peggy felt a twinge of concern. She was fine with secretly watching her daughter and her neighbor engage in pedophile play. She was less happy having her daughter reveal awkward things that she and her daughter had done together. But how could she stop it now?

Sure enough, Mindy climbed up into Hazel's lap and twisted around until she was facing up at the woman's chest. Mindy's feet dripped cool water, but Hazel seemed not to notice. Mindy gently grabbed at Hazel's left breast, having to raise it from its droop toward her mouth. But just before latching on, Mindy noted the wrong detail, as Peggy had feared--Mindy grabbed Hazel's right hand and positioned it at Mindy's own little coochie. Because it was true that their usual breastfeeding ritual involved Peggy giving her daughter a slow rubbing as Mindy suckled.

Hazel's eyes widened a bit as she understood Mindy's point. But she only smiled all the more, apparently considering the implications.

"Well, Mindy, you should know that I'm an old woman, and I cannot give you any milk. But, I do enjoy having you suck and kiss and lick my nipples, if you don't do it too hard. And I bet you like it if I rub you a little down here, don't you?" Hazel leaned over to kiss Mindy's forehead as her right hand moved gently against Mindy's bare crease. Peggy heard Mindy give a contented sigh as Hazel worked a finger between Mindy's puffy lips.

Peggy was a bit jealous. She had never caused Mindy to sigh like that. Peggy decided to watch closely how Hazel was pleasing her daughter, so she could perhaps learn a few tricks.

The strange madonna-and-child scene continued as Peggy watched. Both the old woman and the little girl completely naked, arranged as if to feed, but really only giving each other sexual thrills. Peggy could hear the wet sucking, smacking noises as Mindy's mouth worked on Hazel's nipples. Both left and right were so saggy that each could easily stretch to Mindy's face without any need to twist or reach. Meanwhile, Hazel gave Mindy a good finger-fucking, varying the speed and pressure of her passes on Mindy's immature clitoris, and just barely dipping into the vaginal opening to gather natural lubrication. Best of all was Hazel's constant love-talk, a mixture of compliments to the little girl and education in sexual pleasure.

"Mmm, that's good, Mindy, lick my nipple and pop it right into your mouth. Now do this one. Oooo, suck it deep. No biting. Not too hard. That's it, yeah, work your tongue. You're such a good girl. And your pretty little cunny! It's so nice and soft and wet. Feel that, I have my finger right on your little love button. Right there. Doesn't it feel nice when I rub back and forth like that? That's the best part of every woman. We all like that. I'll show you mine later. And maybe soon you can show your Mommy what you've learned, hmm?" And on and on, such a hypnotizing patter of sexual delight.

Peggy had long since shed all her clothes and was frigging herself to the same pattern and speed as Hazel was doing for her daughter. Also, Peggy was doing something else that she only did once in a while--sucking on her own nipples. Usually, it was enough for Mindy to empty her. But every so often Peggy had to suckle herself by bending her head low and holding her breast up. Once she was latched on, she could easily suck a cup of fresh milk from her own boob. She was doing it now, loving the taste of one nipple, then the other, feeling a few drips run down her belly and into the crease of her sex, providing more lubrication to her fingers. All while listening to Hazel's sexy murmurs and fingering herself to wave after wave of deep cresting climaxes.

Finally, Peggy wore herself out. Empty (but full) of milk, fatigued from her many small orgasms, and eyes heavy with the desire to sleep, Peggy looked down at her daughter and her neighbor. While Peggy was not paying close attention, they had rearranged to a somewhat shocking position--Hazel astride the lounger, with Mindy in her lap, both facing the foot of the chair. Hazel held each of the child's ankles up and wide, spreading Mindy's crotch open to the sky. But no sun hit her daughter's pusslet, because Carla was rooting and licking noisily. Mindy laughed and squealed at the sensation, but Peggy could tell she was enjoying it immensely.

Over the next hour or so, Peggy continued to hear her dear baby and her old neighbor trying various games and activities, each more exciting than the last. Several times, Peggy heard the sizzle and splash of piss, followed by squeals of pretend fright. She wondered who was pissing, and if it was hitting someone else, and where and how and who... But Peggy's sleepiness overcame her as she closed her eyes and slipped into a nap.

Peggy's last waking thought, as she heard Mindy and Hazel and Carla engaged in some strange intimacy, was that she was going to become very good friends with her neighbor, and she was glad she had moved from her apartment.

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