What Are Big Sisters For

by Tom

For as long as she could remember, 12 year old Cindy Collins enjoyed anal stimulation. She fondly recalled the many times her mother nursed her when she was sick. The procedures always centered around her bottom. Her mother would lovingly take her temperature with a rectal thermometer at the first sign of illness.

Cindy recalled with glee, how her panties would be pulled down as she lay on her stomach. Her mother would gently stroke her upturned bottom. "There, there, baby-mommy has to take your temperature. Be still for me," she would instruct her feverish daughter.

Then she would feel her mother's cool, soft, fingers dig into the crack of her buttocks and would spread them apart. It felt so good as she was exposed and the cool air kissed her anus. So gently, and slowly, Cindy's mother would slide the well lubricated thermometer into her anal opening and up her rectum.

The feeling was so delicious, it was almost impossible to put into words. Like an electric jolt-her bottom "tingled" and "throbbed so wonderfully. Cindy tried to stay still, but she was so aroused, that she wiggled passionately on her bed.

Her mother, thinking it was her fever, pressed her palm on Cindy's bottom and held the rectal thermometer in place for a full three minutes. Then it was slowly withdrawn and read. This was followed up with a Tylenol suppository, as Cindy had trouble swallowing aspirin tablets.

Cindy recalled having cooling enemas for her fever. The flow of the water was also a thrill for the little girl. These "anal" sick room procedures shaped her tastes later on in life. After she was switch to the "oral thermometer', Cindy was very disappointed.

She often saw her little sister, Molly, , having her rectal temperature taken. It was thrilling to Cindy. She thought her sister had such a lovely little bottom. From her bed, next to Molly's, she would watch as her mother repeated the same procedures she loved to receive.

Molly's buttocks being parted, and the cold, rectal thermometer being inserted gently. The excited look on her sister's face as the thermometer entered her anus, turned Cindy on. Her pussy tingled as she watched intently. Her mother was too busy to notice, as she checked her watch.

Cindy loved to "recreate" the feel and mental image of the rectal temperatures she received. She found that lubricated cotton swabs, felt wonderful as she lay in bed and pulled her buttocks apart with one hand and inserted the swab "thermometer" into her rectum. A jolt of excitement swept over her as she rolled over on her stomach and masturbated furiously with her fingers. Cindy rocked back and forth until she saw stars. It was so naughty.

Cindy also loved the feel of a lubricated toothbrush handle in her aroused bottom. Drink stirs, ball point pens and even a carrot drove her to heights of pleasure, so rudely lubricated, and pushed up her rectum. On her stomach, in bed with the fake "thermometer" she pretended to be a "feverish little girl" having her temperature taken in the most accurate way. Cindy loved these naughty games.

One Saturday, Molly was coming down with a cold. Her mother came into Cindy and Molly's bedroom. Cindy watched intently as her sister's rectal temperature was taken, as it had so many times before. When her mother read and cleaned the rectal thermometer, she placed it on a paper towel on the nightstand, next to a jar of petroleum jelly. "Get a good sleep, honey" her mother said as she kissed little Molly on the cheek and went to the master bedroom down the hall.

A light went on in Cindy's naughty little mind. "Why substitute with the fake, when you can have the real thing. "She eyed the rectal thermometer on the night stand, where her mother left it. Cindy waited until Molly fell asleep and then she got out of bed and fetched the thermometer and petroleum jelly. She clicked her lamp on and got into bed and yanked her pajamas and panties down.

She trembled with excitement as she greased the bulb. Cindy rolled over on her stomach and spread her legs. She reached around and pulled her buttocks apart with her left hand. She held the rectal thermometer in her right, and eased the thermometer into her rectum. "Oh yes," she whispered, "I do love this so," she rasped into her pillow.

"I'm a feverish little girl. Little girls always have their temperatures taken up the backside. It's the only reliable way to do it" she said to herself. Her anus opened and closed around the cool glass rod. Cindy felt dizzy as she fingered her pussy. She squealed in pure pleasure, and Molly stirred and woke in her bed.

Cindy was moving the thermometer hotly in her rear and shaking as waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Cindy, are you feeling sick too? Why do you have Mommy's Fanny thermometer in your rear end?"Why are you moving it in and out like that?" the confused little girl asked as she sat up in her bed and watched her big sister acting so strangely.

Cindy was roused back to reality. "Be quiet -or you'll wake Mommy," she admonished Molly. She pulled the thermometer out of her aroused rectum and turned to her shocked sister. "No, honey, I'm not sick. I watched you having your temperature taken and I wanted to have mine taken too. And I was moving it "back and forth, because it feels "out of this world" she explained.

Molly thought for a moment and then smiled as she understood. "Cindy, do me too!" she asked excitedly. Cindy did not have to be asked twice and was out of her bed like a shot.

"Oh yes sweetie, that would be so HOT!" she cried. "Turn over baby," she ordered.

Molly complied, and Cindy pulled her pajama bottoms and panties down. The little girls lovely bottom, so soft, and round, begged for some attention.

Cindy massaged it lovingly. "Oh, Cindy, that feels really good," Molly gasped. Cindy got a dollop of jelly on her finger. She spread her sister's cheeks with the fingers of her left hand. Pausing to admire the sight of Molly's tender, pink anus, she lubricated the little hole very carefully.

Molly grunted and sighed as she was given such exquisite anal stimulation. Her mother never did anything like that to her. Cindy watched as her sister's anus opened and closed under her tender care.

"Good girl, honey-I'm going to give you the thermometer now," Cindy cooed to her excited little sister. "YES, YES-GIVE IT TO ME" Molly cried out in pleasure.

Cindy aimed at the center of Molly's anus. The silver bulb hit it and slid effortlessly into her rectum. "WOW-Cindy, that feels so GOOD-Mommy never did it like this," she squealed. Cindy moved it slowly in and out of her sisters rear. Molly grunted, sighed and shivered on her stomach.

"Play with your pussy, honey, like I showed you -It will make it even better for you" Cindy advised her little sister. Molly pushed her little fingers into her tingling slit. She spasmed on the bed in pleasure.

Cindy loved "playing Mommy" in such a kinky way. It turned her on, how much pleasure she could give her little sister. "She's such a quick learner," Cindy thought. She kept up a slow rhythm with the rectal thermometer-"in and out" before she finally withdrew it and wiped her sister's little anus with a tissue.

Cindy pulled up Molly's panties and pajama bottoms. She climbed into bed with her and hugged her tightly. Very softly she kissed her little sister on the cheek. It was warm and soft. Molly relaxed under this tender attention and drifted off to sleep in Cindy's arms. Moments later both sisters were in dream land.