It All Started With a Belly Blow

by Tickle Mom

It all started when my daughter was five years old. Prior to that I thought that any one who even thought about kids in a sexual way was sick. I never in my wildest imagination thought that a child could enjoy, let alone want or desire sex.

I always blew on my daughter’s belly from the time she was an infant until today and she always laughed and wiggled. I found it pretty funny and it became ‘our thing’. She would ask me to tickle her and we would both laugh.

At the age of five things went a little weird to say the least. She was lying down in her bed and she had a big grin on her face. She asked me to tickle her and she raised her shirt up. I took in a large breath and blew it out right on top of her belly button making a huge noise and she burst into laughter. I chuckled and did it again. I got to the point that it was not as fun for me to stop right away so even after she would beg me to stop I would continue to tickle her belly. But this one night in particular she asked me to tickle her and I was at the bottom of her bed tucking in a loose corner. I crawled up toward her and as I passed her feet she bent her knees. Her feet went over each of my shoulders and the underside of her knees rested on my shoulders.

“Mommy tickle me,” she said as she began to tighten up and smile. As I closed in on her I realized that I was pressing her knees up to her belly and chest. My face passed right over her pink panties with Dora’s picture on the front. My daughter lifted her shirt and I pushed her legs up against her getting this weird odd feeling that well this looked way wrong.

After I blew a few times my daughter asked me to tickle her some more so I blew again and she said that her pee—pee felt weird. I froze in place with my lungs full of air and my daughter said she wanted me to tickle her pee—pee.

I knew that I shouldn’t do it and yet we had been playing this game for so long that I felt like I owed it to her. What got me to continue was the small sweet smell in the air that I recognized as her tiny cunny working. I leaned down and spread her legs open and blew over her panties onto her tiny mound.

She said for me to take her panties off and do it right and I closed my eyes in hesitation. Her tiny fingers worked at the elastic and she squirmed under me so I helped her dropping the panties next to us on the bed.

I looked down at her bald little cunt and took in a deep breath but I was still not sure if I was going to continue—this was just wrong. This was no longer a game this was lesbian incest stuff I was being asked to do by my own five-year-old daughter. But honestly to her it was nothing like that at all. How could I think about the tickle game as sexual, and especially with my daughter.

As I hesitated my daughter lifted her hips and stuck her tiny slit against my mouth. Our lips pressed into each others and I let out my breath only after I encircled her tiny hole with my mouth and she yelled tickle my pee-pee mommy. So I did.

Her little body wiggled as she giggled and her tiny hands wrapped themselves in my hair as she realized just how much it did tickle down there. I figured she would try and press my head away as I blew against her tiny puss, but she held me there instead bucking against my mouth calling out over and over, “Mommy do it again.”

My own pussy burned and I felt it start to moisten up with sexual desire as I blew on my daughter’s five-year-old cunt. Her hands gripping my hair and her knees pressing against my shoulders and feet flopping and kicking on my back.

I always wondered how it would be to eat another woman’s cunt but I had never in my life done anything like this before. I spread my daughter’s lips with each of my thumbs and I pressed my tongue into her little orifice.

I lapped at her opening tasting a mixture of salty flavors I am going to guess was sweat and pee. Her body shivered under me. She no longer talked, asking me to continue to tickle her. Instead she started breathing heavy and made small yelping noises.

I took this opportunity to work my thumb on her tiny undeveloped clit. It was wet from my spit already but I added another drop prior to rubbing her in tiny circles. I lowered my mouth to her tiny back door so I could lick her anus. I worked my finger from my other hand through her clit parting her lips so that I could find the entrance. The tickle game was definitely over for me and for her I think it had just begun. I was filled with lust instead of the desire to make her laugh. This new desire I had was to bring my daughter to her first orgasm with my fingers and mouth and I was not going to stop for anything.

She did start to beg me to stop tickling like she always does when she is done playing and she laughs even more when I continue to blow on her. But this time I was not blowing on her as she told me how much it tickled as I licked her tiny holes.

I continued this for several minutes as she told me she was done being tickled and I only quit as I heard the crying coming from the crib a few feet away from us. As I got up I looked at my little girl smiling up at me rubbing her little pussy to dry it off.

I turned and looked down at my seven-month-old daughter sitting up in the crib crying. As I lifted her up in the air I whispered down at her. Let me change your diaper and Mommy has a new tickle game for us to play.