And I Got Paid Too

by Thom

"Did you want to play with my cunny, Jenny?"

I was at my very first babysitting job. When I turned 10 I was able to go to a class at the library where they taught me how to be a babysitter. A neighbor of ours just a few houses down the street had asked me to watch her daughter. She's a single mom so it's just the two of them. They covered a lot of stuff in the class including how to ward off the advances of wayward fathers but I hadn't recalled any discussion of what to do when the child you were watching offered you her cunny to play with.

My 3 year old charge, Missy, had pulled her nightgown up to reveal her little bare mound as I was getting ready to read her a bedtime story. I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly and I asked her to clarify suggesting the closest thing that sounded like what she might have been saying.

"You have a bunny?"

"No silly, a cunny not a bunny, see, my wee-wee. Do you want to play with my wee-wee? Mommy does when she puts me to bed and reads me a story."

"Ah, I think maybe mommies can do things like that with their little girls but babysitters probably shouldn't," I said, feeling uncomfortable in the situation I found myself in. Her cunny certainly looked touchable. Her whole little body certainly looked touchable.

We climbed into bed I began to read the story that she had picked out. While I was reading to her, she hiked up her night gown to under her chin and started rubbing herself. She snuggled into my side while she was doing it and quickly fell asleep. I extricated myself from under her as slowly and quietly as I could so she didn't wake up. As I started to pull down her nightie, I found that I couldn't resist touching her and was regretting not taking her up on her earlier offer. With just my finger tips, I gently rubbed her pussy lips, down one side and then up the other. She was so smooth and looked so beautiful lying there sleeping nearly naked.

When Mrs. Jackson, her mom, came home, she asked me how the evening went. I acted as nonchalantly as I could and told her it was uneventful. She told me she would call me again to babysit and I walked home. I couldn't get the incident out of my mind and when I got myself to bed I had to do myself because I was feeling all tingly between my legs and that was the only way I was going to be able to get to sleep.

I pretty much was able to put the evening out of my thought as the days passed until Mrs. Jackson called me again to babysit. I became tingly again between my legs thinking about Missy and wondered if I would be offered another chance to play with her cunny.

It turns out I didn't even have to wait until it was Missy's bedtime to find out whether I would be offered cunny playing again by Missy. Mrs. Jackson brought it up as she was getting ready to go out.

"Missy was disappointed last time that you didn't want to diddle her cunny at bedtime. It's something we've gotten into doing when we want to go to sleep or comfort one another. If you would like to do it with her, it's fine by me, that is if you are comfortable with it. You probably play with yourself right? It would be just the same only doing it to her."

"Oh, okay," I managed to stammer out while I was thinking what she just said about something they do when they want to comfort each other. I got to wondering if they both did it or did it to each other. All was revealed at bed time.

"Did you want to play with my cunny?" Missy asked me again as I got her ready for bed. She lifted up her nightgown to show me her lovely little body.

"Yes, I do Missy but you have to show me what to do. Your mommy said it was okay for me to play with your cunny but I don't know what to do. Can you show me?"

"Sure, but you have to take your clothes off too."

"I do?"

"Sure, Mommy always does."

Missy stripped off her nightie and I peeled off my clothes. The tingly between my legs had come back in a big way. I wasn't sure what I was in for but I knew I wanted it. We climbed into bed together and hunkered down under the covers. Missy cuddled up next to me told me to put my hand on her cunny and rub it. I did and pretty soon she was rocking rhythmically with my hand. She scrunched down a bit after a while and put her mouth on my nipple and began to nurse. I didn't have any breasts at all then of course so it wasn't even similar to the real thing.

"Does your mommy still nurse you Missy?" I asked.

"Mmmmm," which I gathered was a yes.

"Sorry I don't have any milk yet sweetie, I don't even have any tits," I managed to say. The feeling of her sucking on me was making my tingly even worse. I wanted to touch myself in the worst way. I quickened the pace of my hand as I do to myself when I need to push myself over and sure enough I felt her little body shudder in my arms.

We had kicked off the covers by this time and we were both lying naked on the bed. I immediately reached for myself and began digging into my slit looking for my sweet spot. I was just starting to feel a little relief when I heard Mrs. Jackson's voice at the bedroom door.

"Oh, look how sweet you two little girls look together."

Startled, I tried to make myself stop, but I couldn't; I had to keep touching myself. In fact, I had to touch myself harder with Mrs. Jackson watching me holding Missy naked close to me.

"I think I'd like to join you," I heard her say and I saw her start to disrobe.

"Mommy, you're home."

I worked my cunny even harder as she removed her clothes. Her breasts were large but firm. When she slid her panties off her pussy was shaved and looked little-girl like mine and Missy's. About the time she was naked and approaching the bed, I came.

"My date didn't turn up so I thought I'd come back and see what you two were up to," Mrs. Jackson said as she slipped into bed naked with Missy and I. "What a sweet body you have Jenny," she said to me. She slipped one arm underneath me and began to caress me with her other one. She touched my nipples, drawing imaginary circles around them with a finger and then let it draw a bee line down my stomach, stopping right above my slit. Her touch sent a current directly to my cunny and I was beginning to feel tingly again. I was just beginning to lean in and give her a kiss and get my hands on one of her luscious tits that I couldn't keep my eyes off of when Missy announced that she wanted to nurse.

"Jenny doesn't have any milk, Mommy. Can I have some of yours?"

"Of course she doesn't honey, she's just a little girl like you," and she released me and lay back on the bed so that Missy could climb on her and nurse. I was feeling suddenly at a loss, I was enjoying the attention from Mrs. Jackson so much. Aroused again, I needed to touch myself so I knelt next to her and diddled my cunny while I was watching Missy sucking on one of Mrs. Jackson's beautiful breasts.

"Would you like to try the other one?" she said to me.

"Could I," I said flabbergasted that she would offer it but given what had transpired already I shouldn't have been surprised. It just seemed surprising then because I was young and na´ve.

I lay down on Mrs. Jackson's other side and put my mouth on over her aureole and began to suck. I had nursed as an infant but I didn't remember it at all. It surprised me how sweet it tasted, not at all like cow's milk.

"Would you rub my cunny please Jenny," Mrs. Jackson said to me. I can't get at it with you two in my arms.

"Mmmm," was all I could manage not wanting to take my mouth off of her tit. I reached down with my hand and touched her the way I touch myself, pushing at my sweet spot from the side through my pussy lips.

"You can go inside, Jenny. I like it better directly on my clit."

I had never heard clit before but I imagined she was talking about the little nub that feels so good when you rub it and makes you come, so I pushed a couple of fingers into her slit and felt around for it.

"Yes, you are very close sweetie. Go down below the bump and then come up from the bottom and rub it there. That's right, exactly. Harder now."

I was working her pussy pretty hard and Missy and I were sucking on her breasts. Out of the corner of my eye I looked over at Missy and I could see that Mrs. Jackson had her arm around Missy's back and had pushed her hand between Missy's legs. Her fingers were caressing Missy's cunny from behind. Missy was wiggling with delight and pushing her little thighs together around her mommy's hand. Without anyone's hand to help me out, I shoved my cunny into Mrs. Jackson's thigh and humped it the best I could.

Much to my surprise, I brought Mrs. Jackson to a climax though with so much going on, it probably was no surprise. She pulled both Missy and I up off of her breasts and alternately began to kiss us on the lips telling us what a good job we had done making her feel good. Not needing to use my hand on Mrs. Jackson anymore, I immediately put it to use on my cunny because the tingly feeling was about to make me jump out of my skin.

"Oh, you could probably use some help with that," Mrs. Jackson offered.

"Ah, sure."

"Okay, lay back facing me. Let's see what we have going on down there before we start digging into it. Can you hold off a few minutes? You came right after I got here, right?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I can wait a little bit," though I didn't really want to. I wanted to touch myself.

"Spread your legs completely apart for me and then take your fingers and pull your cunny lips apart. I want to see what you have in there." With my bottom facing her, I did as she said and pulled my labia apart, showing her my inside. I couldn't help but give my nub some rubs while I had my hands down there anyway.

"Ah, no obstructions," I heard her say and before I knew it, there were a couple of her fingers in my front hole and her mouth was on my nub. I was still spreading myself apart with my hands but I soon released myself and put my hands on Mrs. Jackson's head as it bobbed on my cunny. That climax was the first time I had ever come with the help of someone else instead of my own hand. It felt really good.

Mrs. Jackson orchestrated one more event that night before we put Missy to bed and she and I were on our own. She wanted Missy to fist her and at the same time put a few fingers in me since I had apparently lost my hymen if I had ever had one to gymnastics or some other tom-boy-foolery. She sat Missy between our spread legs as we lay with our feet toward one another. Missy knew just what to do to Mrs. Jackson and before long was up to her wrist in her. I didn't have as much room, but Missy managed most of her fingers in. Between the scene and hearing Mrs. Jackson get aroused and come, I got off again for the third time that night.

After saying goodnight to Missy, Mrs. Jackson and I went into her bedroom and climbed into her bed. She held me close and we cuddled. She told me how lovely I was and how much she enjoyed being with me. I was feeling beside myself from the evening's experiences and was nearly speechless. It was going to take me a few days to recover. At some point, I gathered up my clothes and managed to walk home.