My Sister Erin and I

by Thom

My sister Erin and I were sexualized by our brother when we were young. He was 16, she was 10 and I was 4 when it started with me. He had been doing it with Erin for a couple of years before me. It was pretty much a daily thing for two years before he left home at 18. He couldn't do much to me except diddle with my sex while he played with himself. I was too small for him to enter, though he tried a couple of times. I would give him blow jobs.

He did fuck my sister a few times but she said later it wasn't that often. I think that wasn't what he had in mind with us. I think it was more the young girl thing or maybe the incest taboo that got him excited. He had girlfriends his own age and I'm pretty sure he was getting his fucking that way.

He didn't do us at the same time. I remember the first time I realized something was going on with the two of them. I came home from the neighbor who used to watch me during the day. I wasn't old enough for school yet. Dad had died when I was two. Mom worked full time in the city and wouldn't be home until after 6. I could come home from my sitters when my brother and sister got home from school.

I came home and got a couple of cookies out of the cookie jar and headed up to my room to read. As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw my sister Erin come out of my brother's room, naked, and go to the bathroom. I looked back at my brother's door and he was standing there, fully dressed, with a kind of wild look in his eyes. I ran to my room and closed the door and tried to listen to what transpired next. Erin peed and went back into his room as far as I could tell. I heard them whispering and some other sounds I didn't recognize and then I lost interest in it and started to read.

The next day, when I came home from the neighbor's, he was waiting for me in my room. He said he wanted to talk to me about what I had seen and heard yesterday. I said I hadn't seen or heard anything and if I had I wouldn't tell anyone. I was afraid of my brother. He was very large compared to my little size and had taken over the role of the man in the house when dad died. He had taken upon himself to punish me a few times by spanking me and I pretty much stayed clear of him and out of trouble.

He said he was pleased about my silence and expected it to stay that way no matter what happened and he proceeded to stand up and remove my clothes.

I initially felt relieved when he went away to college in the fall after he had turned 18. But after a bit, I began to miss the attention and the sex. Erin and I had never talked about my brother or what he was doing with us; our silence went even that far though it was obvious to me and certainly would be obvious to her that he was alternating between us. I would get into a rhythm of thinking on my way home from school the next year, whether this was my on day or off day. Even after he left, Erin and I didn't talk about it and we pretty much kept to ourselves. That wasn't unusual though, we had never been particularly close, even before things started with my brother.

As I began to miss his visits, on my on days, I would come home, go to my room, take off my clothes, as I was used to doing for him, and masturbate thinking about what we used to do together. That became the routine for a few weeks that fall I had turned 6 and was in the first grade. Erin was 12 and in the 7th.

One day I came home and was headed to my room, pretty sure it was an off day when I heard steady breathing coming from Erin's room. I noticed her door was ajar and out of curiosity about what was going on in there, I peeked in. She was lying on her bed naked, playing with her sex.

She was beautiful and way more developed since I had seen her two years before walking naked from my brother's room to the bathroom. She was flat as a board then and now she had sprouted actual breasts, a handful anyway. Her nipples were erect and she was pulling on them with her left hand. Her right hand was digging into her front hole and rubbing the top of her pussy mound. Even her cunt looked more grown up than it had. Downy, blond hair had begun to appear on her labia and above the slit, which made it seem as if there was a shadow on her crotch. With her legs spread and her fingers working in and out, I could see folds of skin that I didn't know existed. I wondered if I had them or would get them when I was six years older.

She must have had a feeling of being watched. Her lids opened ever so slightly and our eyes met. She got a smile on her face, closed her eyes and doubled her efforts on her pussy. I lingered for a bit thinking that the smile meant she didn't mind my watching and I was becoming aroused myself. I began to think about touching myself right there but decided to postpone the desire and walked away.

After a half hour or so, Erin knocked on my door. I told her to come in. She sat down next to me on the bed where I was lying down reading. She said she missed our brother visiting her after school and she wondered if I did too. She said that she often takes care of herself in the way that I caught her doing but that it wasn't the same thing as being with someone else.

I admitted to her that I was also missing him and that I too was playing with myself and thinking about being with him.

Then she asked if it had aroused me when I saw her rubbing herself. She said that it had certainly aroused her knowing that I was watching. She wanted to reach out and have me sit on the bed with her but she had been so close to getting off that she couldn't take her hands off of her sex.

I told her that I had been aroused and that I had wanted to touch myself at her door. I said that I was getting a tingling sensation between my legs just talking about it.

Erin suggested that we masturbate together in the afternoons when we felt like it instead of doing it by ourselves. She thought it would be more exciting if we could watch each other and do it at the same time.

I couldn't keep my hand off my pussy any longer after that. Having delayed it once, I was already too horny to put it off any longer. I told her I needed to do it now and that if she wanted to watch or join that would be ok with me.

She said she'd watch at least to start. I pulled off my dress and pushed down my panties to my thighs. I had no sign, of course, of becoming a woman. My chest was as flat as Erin's had been when I saw her a couple of year's ago. My little pussy mound was bare and puffy like a little girl's. Still it worked very well when I touched it in the right place to make me feel good. I got to rubbing it, watching her watching me, making eye contact with her, thinking about her lying naked on her bed diddling herself just a little bit ago.

Erin must have been thinking the same thing or seeing me aroused got her going again. She pretty soon had her jeans and T-shirt off and her knickers were down around her knees. She had stretched out on the bed next to me. Her legs were crossed at her ankles, she was squeezing her vagina so hard together with her thighs. Watching her working her pussy and her watching me work my little slit, got us into quite a state. We both shuddered to a climax around the same time.

Chilly, we pulled up the covers and bed spread on the bed and cuddled. Our naked bodies were pressed against each other but we didn't grope or fondle or even rub our titties, not that I had any to rub. Yet it felt fantastic to be with Erin and she didn't seem to mind her little sister lying with her. Our brother had never lingered after he was finished. Like many men, when he had finished his duty, he moved along. Being able to linger, cuddle, and even doze a little was very nice.

That was just the first of many afternoons I spent with my sister. We moved on from watching each other pound our pussies to doing it to each other, to oral sex and to rubbing our pussies together. We explored and kissed and tickled and caressed each other's bodies regularly over the next few years.

After a couple of years, Erin began to have boyfriends but she wouldn't let them mess with her. She claimed she was going to wait until after college to have sex with a boy or man. She said our brother's business with us had put her off to guys and that it would take a while to get over it. But it didn't stop our time together.

I was too young to really have a boyfriend the whole time Erin and I were loving one another up. When Erin turned 18 and was headed off to college herself, I had just turned 12. Like her at that age, I was finally beginning to mature. My breasts had budded though weren't fully developed yet. I was getting pubic hair. I got my period shortly after that.

I was really sad to see Erin leave for school. Knowing how much she disliked Mom, I figured that she wouldn't be home very often. The last few days before she left, we spent quite a bit of time together, making love and crying about being apart.

When Erin did come home after more than a year of being away at school, she brought a girl with her and announced that she was a lesbian. She gave me a wink when she made her pronouncement at the dinner table. Mom wasn't at all upset about it, though Erin was hoping, I think, that it would piss her off. Mom still didn't know at this point about our brother or about Erin and I. She didn't find out about what he had done or we had done until much later and that's a different story than this one.

I was a little jealous about Erin and her friend and they didn't invite me in to play, but I had mostly gotten over missing her it had been so long, and I was basically back to doing myself when I was horny. My mom had remarried and I had an 8-year-old step sister that was pretty cute but I decided, kind of consciously, that our family had had enough incest, and though tempted, I left her alone. She got herself pregnant a few years later though and I then wished that I had brought her into the sisterly fold.

I was pretty unsocial as well as celibate through my high school years and into the first couple of years of college. I don't know if I looked like a dyke or acted like one or maybe lesbians could sense that I had made love to another girl (does the scent stay with you?) but I was often hit upon by other girls and women: camp counselor, friend of my college roommate, swim team coach, fellow department store clerk, another nurse where I did my training—more girls than guys.

But I ended up marrying a guy and having two daughters in short order and twenty years of a fairly lousy marriage. Erin went from partner to partner. Lesbians have had the added disadvantage of the lousy salaries their gender is subject to, resulting in money, as much as anything else, creating problems in their relationships. At about the same time though that she found a partner she decided to commit to, I met a man that treated me pretty well and I left my husband.

So, twelve years after that, I'm 54 and she's just turned 60, we are visiting a friend of our mother's who we've tried to see a couple of times a year since our mother died. She was probably our mother's best friend and certainly last friend.

Typically, Erin and I bring our partners with us. This time hers had to work and mine decided, based on that, that he would stay home so Erin and I could have a bit of quality time together.

We had booked two rooms but canceled one of them thinking we could share a room and the expense. We arrived from different states at about the same time and checking in we discovered that we had a room with one double bed. Well we weren't strangers, we both declared simultaneously and had a bit of a chuckle out of it. But as we began to get ready for bed, it dawned on me, of course, that we hadn't been together, alone, in close proximity for 42 years!

Typical of our uncommunicative nature, or the vows of silence that we've carried all of those years, or who knows what, we didn't talk about it or recognize the significance of it. We did our bed time routine around each other, dodging and feinting out of each other's way and climbed into bed. I was thinking that I was so tired after my trip that I would probably fall right to sleep.

But after getting into bed and being close to Erin, some piece of ancient history stirred between my legs and, apparently, hers too. She reached over to kiss me or cuddle or something and before we knew it we were naked and back to our old tricks.