Granny and Me, Part 1

by Stormy

Since everyone asks me when and with whom my first time was and how young I was when I had my first encounter with a woman, this is the story about that.

Well I was 3 or 4 and it was Thanksgiving at my grandma's house. We had a big meal and a lot of family was there. We ate and had our fill and Granny was looking at me. All day she had me in the kitchen helping her cook, and she would brush by me and she would touch my hair or she would pat me on my bum and I would look at her and smile and she would smile back.

When everyone was gone and I was helping Granny clean up, she said we could do that a little later. So I asked her why we stopped. She asked me a question. She said, "Little one do you rub yourself down there?" and pointed to my little pussy. I said, "Yes Granny I do. Is that wrong?" She said, "No little one. That's OK." Then she picked me up, gave me a hug and set me on the counter in the kitchen.

She said, "Don't be scared little one. I'm going to show you some things and make you feel really good baby." First she kissed me on the lips deep and long. Then she reached up my little dress, moved my panties to the side, put her finger on my little pussy and rubbed so soft and slow. I felt like I was on fire, it felt so good. My pussy got really wet and she continued to kiss me and rub my pussy. She slowly pulled my dress off over my head and then had me stand up so she could take my panties, shoes and socks off.

When I was completely naked and standing in front of her, she pulled me close to her and my heart was pounding so loud I thought she could hear it. She hugged me and brought my mouth to hers and kissed me again deep and long and wet. I shuttered and she asked if I was scared. I said, "No. Please don't stop Granny." She sat me down on the counter and put my legs back and I held them there and she put her mouth on my pussy softly and put her tongue deep into me and it felt so good. I thought to myself, I never wanted her to stop.

Then she carried me into the bedroom and she got undressed too. We lay on the bed naked, me so little and her hungry for me. She said she was going to teach me some things and then I was going to try them on her. I said, "OK." She slowly kissed my very little nipples and then she kissed and licked her way down to my stomach. Then she kissed my inner part of my legs and kissed my little pussy and slid her little finger into my pussy as she licked me down there. She put me on all fours with my little bum in the air and she put her tongue in my little bum and I shivered and I remember it felt so good. She still had her little finger in my pussy and I didn't know what to do I was so excited.

Then she stopped and asked me if I thought I could do the same thing she just did to me and I said, "Yes Granny. I think so." So slowly and clumsily I made my way to her boobs and they were so big. She told me to suck on them so I did as I was told. Then I slowly kissed my way down to her pussy. It was very hairy but that didn't stop me. Granny wanted me to do it to make sure I learned something from her that great day. She started moaning which scared me a little. I thought I was hurting her so I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said, "Yes child. I liked it that's why I was making those sounds." I said, "OK. Do you want me to do it some more?" and she said, "Yes baby girl."

You have to know that I was a very smart little girl. I started reading at that age and my I.Q. was really high, so I pretty much knew about sex between a guy and a girl. Plus I was left alone to take care of myself while my mom went out drinking all the time, and I didn't have that female connection until my granny took over that part.

So back to the story. She said that was enough for now and she said we were going to take a bath together and that sounded so fun: someone who really cared about me and to help me wash my hair. Granny started the bath water and made sure it wasn't too hot for me. Then she put me in and then she got in and we talked about what happened that night. She told me it was our little secret and I said, "OK." Who was I going to tell? I was with her all the time, and besides I liked it. I never felt anything so good in my little life. Someone cared and really loved me. Anyway Granny's hands were so soft I loved the way they felt on me. It was like silk. She turned me around so my back was to her and she had me tilt my head back and poured water on my hair. She did it so slowly and lovingly. When it was wet she got the shampoo. It was baby shampoo and I loved the smell of it and I still do. She lathered up my long hair and had me tilt back my head again, and she rinsed out the shampoo. Then she got the soap ivory soap, reached around me and started washing my little body. Then she had me stand up and she washed me in all my little parts, and she did it slowly. I remember it like it was yesterday. The smell of irovy soap and baby shampoo, it makes me hot and wet every time I smell it.

Then I helped her wash her hair and wash all over. She got out of the tub and pulled the plug. She wrapped a fuzzy towel around her, got me out of the bath and wrapped a warm fuzzy towel around me. We went hand and hand into the bedroom and she sat on the bed, towel dried my hair and combed my hair so slowly and carefully, not like my mom who just yanked the comb or brushed through. Anyway she sat me down on the bed and she french braided my hair back. Then she put lotion all over my body. She did it slowly of course and very lovingly. She looked in my eyes and I saw the love in her eyes. I was never scared. All I could say was, "I love you Granny," and she said, "I love you too sugar foot." Then she said, "Thanks for giving baby."