Bambi The Babysitter

by Stormy

I want to tell a story about Bambi. She was 15 and I was in 5th grade. She was so gentle to me and showed me things, great things. I met her at my school. She was helping out and she was my babysitter for awhile and it was amazing the things she showed me. She was helping me with math (I didnít need help I just wanted to be close to her). She smiled at me and said she thought I was pretty. And wanted to know if she could come over and talk to my mom about babysitting. I said yes (I didnít need a sitter she was just so pretty I wanted her to teach me things. So we got to my house and mom was there for once and said she could babysit whenever we needed her so that was often. The first time she babysat was wonderful she made me dinner and then she said it was bath time so I new I was big enough to bathe myself but she said she wanted to make sure I was very clean so she had me lean back in the tub and she got my hair wet and then she put shampoo in my hair and rubbed it until there was a lot of lather and it felt so good. She then rinsed my hair and she got the bar of soap and lathered my whole body up and rubbed me all over and her fingers found places to tuck into. She then rinsed my whole body off and then towel dried me. Then she got some lotion and began to rub it all over me.

She had me sit in front of her and she combed my hair out and braided my hair back and then she turned me around and kissed me hard and deep I could feel her hot tongue drive deep into my mouth and I just got lost in that kiss for awhile. Then she pulled away and had me lie on the bed and she kissed me long and hard. Then she spread my legs apart to look at my pussy and she said it was a very nice pussy and wanted to know if it was ok to taste it and I said yes you may. (Duh). She giggled and started licking me and then she had me get on all fours and she asked me if I ever had my ass licked I said no. She said this is going to blow your mind. While I was on all fours she spread my cheeks and she licked my ass and she was right, there was no greater feeling at that moment. She put her tongue deep in my ass and then she flicked that little hole and kissed it and it was amazing to be right there having her do that to me. She than stopped and gave me a big kiss and it was a very hot kiss. There was a lot of spit, it was all over my face. And then she sucked my tits and bit my nips and it was a really great feeling. She then asked me to do the same thing to her. So I had her on all fours and I told her I never did this but she said sheíd talk me through it if I needed her to. I spit on her hole (butt) then I licked her ass and put my tongue in as deep as I could and all I heard from Bambi was thatís good baby.

She then wanted to eat my ass again and put me on my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed and had me hold my legs up so she could get a good angle so I did as I was told. (After all she was the sitter and I had to be good.) She was making these slurping noises. It was very exciting and that tongue in my ass was one the greatest things that ever happened. She came up to me and gave me a big kiss and said that she wanted us to 69 so we did. I had her pussy in my face and mine was in her face and we ate each other like it was our last meal. We kept going back and forth between ass and pussy. I put 2 fingers in her and started finger fucking her. I would put my fingers all the way into her and twist them around while I pulled them out and did the same when I shoved them back in. All I heard from her was loud moaning. She started moving her hips trying to fuck my fingers harder and I let her and then I stuck 3 fingers in and I heard a gasp for air from her. So I decided to put 4 fingers in. So as I was twisting my fingers around and pulling them in and out, I felt her pussy tighten up and I knew she was getting ready to cum so I went as deep and hard as I could and she screamed, "Oh my God!" and she arched her back and she came and she trembled and shook as she came. I stopped what I was doing and started licking up the cum off her legs and then I licked it up off her ass because it ran down her ass.

She then started on me she started on me. First she kissed me then she started playing with my tits and sucking on them. She then dragged her tongue down my stomach and to my pussy, licking around my pussy but not licking my pussy itself. She was teasing me with her tongue. She would give me a little flick with her tongue then she would pull away. Then she would give my pussy a big kiss and then she would pull away. Can you imagine the feeling? Imagine with me of having a hot girl licking your pussy and youíre really getting into it and then she just stops! Do you feel it totally mind blowing isnít it? Any way she finally saw that I couldnít take much more so she started licking my pussy and she put 2 fingers in my pussy and shoved them as far in as she could and twisted them around and moved them in and out. She kept going faster and faster and then she stopped for a minute and licked my ass and shoved her tongue in as far as it would go and shoved her fingers in my pussy as far as they would go. And twisted them and put 3 fingers in and twisted and shoved them in as far as they would go. Then she licked my ass a little more and moved her fingers in and out so hard and fast I thought I was going to cum right that second but I waited. I got control and then she shoved them in and I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers and I let out a cry and I exploded around her fingers and she took her fingers out and licked my pussy until every drop of cum was licked up. She licked my ass ícause cum ran down my ass crack and she wanted every drop. Then she said I needed another bath. So Iím just trying to be a good girl, doing what Iím told to do. So off to the bathtub again she lathered me up again and washed all the sticky cum and sweat off of me and then towel dried me off and lifted me out of the tub and kissed me very deeply and said, "Thatís all for now baby girl. Letís go watch some TV and have some popcorn." Then we cuddled up on the couch under a blanket and watched a little TV.

After watching TV for a while Bambi told me it was time for bed so we went upstairs and she put me in bed and kissed me and put her hand in my panties and rubbed me until I was all wet. Then she went under the covers and licked my pussy and started fingering me and leaned back and enjoyed what she was doing to me. She spit on my ass and started licking it and put her tongue in as far as she could. Then she put her finger in my pussy and started fingering my pussy again and she shoved them in as far as she could get them in. Then she moved her fingers in and out so slowly. She would shove them in and then pull them out so slowly and then do it all over again. Slowly in and slowly out. Can you imagine how good that feels? Try it put your fingers in real slow and then pulls them out slowly. Feels real good doesnít it?

I had Bambi as my sitter for about 3 months. She was the best babysitter I ever had.