Trisha and Her Mom

by Stormy

This story is about Trisha. She is 7 and I am 10. She has hazel eyes and blonde hair. She is a very beautiful little lady. She is a girly girl. She loves to dress up and she is very prissy but she is sweet. It all started when her mom wanted me to babysit the little lady. This little girl was in beauty contests and she won a lot of them. So when she dressed up she would look older than me.

I was at her house babysitting and I decided to have a tea party with my little lady and we got all dressed up. And she fixed the tea and I fixed little sandwiches. We set the table and we put the food on the table. And then we sat down and she served our food and I poured the tea. We sat there sipping tea and eating sandwiches and talking. I asked her if she had ever kissed a girl and she said no just her mom. So I asked her if she would like to? She said sure so I leaned in and I kissed her very deeply. And she kissed me back with a hungry tongue that wanted more.

She started asking questions. She asked me if it was normal to have feelings for girls. I said yes. Most girls have feelings for other girls. I also told her that when I was her age I already had sex with my girlfriend. She said really where is she. And I told her that her name was Kerry and she died. She said Iím so sorry for your loss. I also told her that she was the love of my life. Then Trisha asked me how girls have sex and I told her itís just easier to show you. She said ok. So I kissed her again and then I said you need to take off our clothes and she did very eagerly. She was hungry for attention from anyone. And Iím just glad it was me and not some guy. Anyway as I was saying. She took off her clothes and I had her lie on the bed and I caressed her softly and she giggled. She said it tickled.

Then I started kissing her softly and gently I held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes long and hard and I told her that I loved her. And I would show her love. She kissed me. She was very hungry to learn. I took my time and I slowly moved my hand on to her leg and it was so soft that it took my breath away. Then I reached between her legs and she moved her legs apart so I could put my hand there on her tiny pussy. Those soft little lips and the smell of young pussy there is nothing like it and I have been doing this a long time. And have smelled a lot and each one is different. Anyway I slid my little finger into her pussy and I moved it around slowly pulled it in and out.( I used my little finger on this girl cause I didnít want to pop her cherry ). So I gently kissed her and moved my finger around and then I bent down and slowly licked her little pussy. And she let out a little gasp as I licked her.

And as I was licking her I told her to slowly move her hips and she did as I said. Then she took her hand and started stroking my hair as I licked her sweet little pussy. She moaned a little as I dipped my tongue into her. And then she grabbed my hair and said she wanted to learn how to please a girl. So I got undressed and I lied on the bed and I told her to play with my boobs and she licked and sucked them. And then I told her to put her fingers in me and start moving them in and out. And she did then she went between my legs and she started licking me. I told her to do the same thing I was doing to her. And she did as she was told. She was so willing to learn all I could teach. So as she was licking my pussy I looked down at this little lady (I thought to myself she is going to make some girl real happy when Iím through with her). And I stared into her eyes and told her she was doing a really good job.

She really needed the approval and I was enjoying what she was doing. She moved her fingers in and out very slowly as she licked. And then I told her I was going to make her cum. She asked how do you do that. So I had her lie back on the bed and I went between her legs and I started licking her sweet little pussy again and she moaned and I kept going I moved my little finger in and out real slow and I looked into her hungry eyes and they were glassy and I saw she was a little scared and I stopped and held her and told her it was ok to be a little scared and I kissed her very softly and gently until she calmed down. Then I went back to licking her pussy. And she started moving to the rhythm and really getting into it. She was stroking my hair and moaning softly.

I looked up at her and her eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face and she opened her eyes and looked into mine and smiled. And I said are you ready to cum? She said will it hurt and I said no. it will be the best feeling she ever experienced. She said ok. So I gently moved my finger in and out and I licked her clit and she started moaning kind of loud and then I moved my finger a little faster and the she all of suddenly started shaking and trembled and then she came and she said oh my god and I licked it up fast and she just trembled.

I looked at her and her eyes were shut and she had a smile on her face and she opened her eyes and looked at me and said you were right that was the greatest feeling I ever had. Then I just held her while she trembled in my arms and I kissed her gently on the head and I kissed each of her hands and I brushed back her hair and kissed her on the lips very deeply and whispered I love you sweetie. And she said I love you to. And when can we do this again? I said anytime you want baby. She said really?!? And I said yes anytime. Then she said can we do it again right now and I said no. she said why not and I said cause your mom will be home any minute and she said ok. I told her to come over to my house and weíll lock the doors and have some more fun.

She said great when and I said when ever you want if Iím not busy. But I would cancel anything to teach you. She asked when can I get my second lesson I said when do you want it she said how about tomorrow after school. I said ok. Then we got dressed and I combed her hair and I kissed her gently and we sat down and turned on the TV. And we were sitting there under a blanket when her mom got home and we pretended like nothing happened. And all Trisha could do was smile and her mom asked why she was smiling so much and she said she was just happy with the great babysitter she had.

So the next day after school I found my little lady on my front porch when I got home. She had a big smile on her face and her hazel eyes were sparkling. She just looked so beautiful in that moment that I knew I had to have her. So we went in to my house and nobody was there cause my mom was never there so I could do what I wanted anytime. We locked the front door and went upstairs and I closed my door and I locked it. And we started kissing each other. She asked what the lesson was going to be tonight and I said I was going to teach her how to make me cum. She said great what do I do.

I said Iíll teach you. I took off my pants and she came over to me and started rubbing my body. I told her to let her hands roam and let them do what they want to do. So as she was letting her hands roam. She started kissing me all over my body. I let out a moan and she looked at me and I at her and she smiled and I knew she was pleased with herself. So she kept kissing me and rubbing me all over my body. And I reached down and stroked her hair and she looked deep in my eyes and I could tell what she wanted and I said you may. She bent down between my legs and started licking my pussy and sucking my clit. And I said do whatever you want to do there is no right way or wrong way. Just do what you think I will like. And so she did. She put her fingers in me and started moving them in and out real slow and I told her to go a little faster. And she did. And just when things where getting good there was knock on the door and I yelled down and asked who is it? Itís me Jenny, Trishaís mom and I said I would be right there. I got dressed and went down stairs and opened the door to see her mom in cut offs and a tank top. Very hot. She asked me if I had seen Trish I said yes sheís upstairs and weíre listening to music. And she leaned in and started kissing me real hard.

I told her that we couldnít do anything because her daughter was upstairs. She said ok weíll do this later I said ok. I said Iíll be done playing with your daughter in a little while.( I looked deep in Jennyís eyes when I said this and she knew what I was talking about.) because she said take your time and send my baby home when youíre done. I said when I send her home Iím coming over with her then we can put her to bed. And then itís our turn. She said ok. She bent down and kissed me again (she tasted like a very sweet peach) and reached between my legs and grabbed my pussy and said she was going to teach me a thing or two. And I said I doubt it if anything I would blow her mind. She just smiled. Youíre pretty sure of yourself. Yes I am Iíve been at this for awhile. She said bye see you later. And I said later. As I watched her shake that ass as she walked away I couldnít help but to think what she tasted like. Was it going to be sweet like honey or is it going to be salty like chips. Only time will tell.

I went back upstairs and told Trish that her mom wants her to go home soon. So we better get started so you donít get in trouble.(a small white lie cause I wanted Mommy). So I got undressed and she went back to work on me licking and kissing my pussy. I let out a moan and she smiled and then she started fingering me again and I told her to go faster and she did. I told her to move them in and out fast. And keep licking my clit. She did as she was told. As she was going in and out I found myself thinking of her mom and that sent me over the top and I came and she licked and slupped up every drop. Then I held her in my arms and kissed her softly and I told her that I loved her and she said that she loved me too. Then I got dressed and we walked holding hands and went over to her house. The excitement was growing inside of me thinking about her mom.

We got to her house and Jenny was in a bathrobe and her hair was wet. I asked if I could use her shower and she said yes. I asked if I could have a t shirt to wear and she went and got one for me. so I went in and took a shower in her room and Trish went to her room and got ready for dinner. As I was in the shower I could see that Jenny was sitting on the bed. when I got out of the shower and I asked where Trish was she said she was watching tv. I said we have to wait till she goes to bed. she said she knows. And I went to her on the bed and I kissed her very deeply and sat on her lap and asked her to take a taste. She did as I asked she put her finger in my pussy and pulled it out and put it in her mouth and said sweet as honey and I reached under her robe and put my finger in her and pulled it out and put it in my mouth and said just what I thought sweet as a peach and she laughed. I got dressed and we went out to the kitchen and I helped her cook dinner. When dinner was ready we sat at the table in silence and we kept looking at each other. I sat next to Trish and Jenny kept watching us. We kept smiling at each other and Trish reach under the table and put her hand on my leg.(remember I only had a t- shirt on.) so when she put her hand on my leg she slid it up to my pussy and did a little tickle on my pussy lips. And I just smiled at her.

Then I looked over at her mom and she was watching us licking her lips and I winked at her. And I went over to her and whispered in her ear lets all go in the room and she said we canít do that and I said why not if you love your daughter you would. And she said ok so I held Trishís hand and led her to the bedroom with her mom walking behind us. Trish asked why her mom was following and I said she wanted to show us love and she said really. And Jenny said yes Trish I want to join in on this special love that you two share. And so I started kissing Jenny and Trish started letting her hands roam all over her mom and Jenny put one hand on Trishís shoulder and one on my butt and she reached under my tshirt and started rubbing my pussy. And then she reached into Trishís pants and rubbed her. Then we kissed each other and looked in each others eyes and got undressed.

We laid Jenny on the bed and Trish started kissing her mom and I began licking her pussy. Then I looked at Trish and I could tell that she really wanted to lick her momís pussy so I moved aside and I led Trish down to her place between her momís legs and she started licking and sucking on her mom.( it was the best thing I have ever saw a daughter loving and pleasing her mom.) I went to Jenny and I started kissing her and then I began playing with her boobs (they were small but were a mouth full).I licked and sucked them and Trish was having a good time licking her mom. I went down to her and whispered in her ear. Put your fingers in her pussy and shove them in and out real slow and make her beg for you to go fast.

Jenny and I began kissing again and I just loved her mouth. Lips so soft and kisses so sweet (like candy). When she whispered in my ear I could smell coffee on her breath. She whispered that this was the greatest thing my daughter showing me such pleasure. You have made me so happy. Thank you for coming into our lives. Just then Trish shoved her hand into her momís pussy and I heard her mom moan real loud and Trish smiled at me.(she whispered to me and said. You told me to do what ever I thought would feel good and I thought mom would like this). And I was right look at her face she loves this so much and she moved her hand around and her mom moaned louder and Trish moved her hand a little faster. And then her mom started begging for her to go faster and she said no. and went back to going slower.

And as I kissed Trishís mom she looked at me and we switched places so I started licking and kissing her pussy and Trish went up to kiss her mom. Jenny didnít know what to do. To enjoy the licking of her pussy or the hot kisses from her daughter. I myself think that the hot kisses from the daughter would be better then getting my pussy ate by a babysitter. Give me hot kisses from a daughter any day.

So back to Jenny and Trish. So as I was eating her pussy I stuck my fingers up inside of her and she moaned and I moved them in and out slowly. And Trish kissed and sucked her momís tits. As I was finger fucking Jenny she looked deep into her daughterís eyes and said I love you and Trish said I love you too Mommy. Just then Jenny arched her back and said Iím going to cum so I grabbed little Trish and put her where she needed to be. Right between her momís legs and I made Jenny cum and little lady got to eat every drop of her momís cum. Then Trish pulled me over and gave me a kiss and we both took turns licking it up. Then we went up to Jenny and we both kissed her very deep and looked into her eyes and said I love you. (by the way, I just wish my mom would of did this with me maybe I would of turned out different).

When we were done kissing Jenny I grabbed Trish and had her lay on the bed. And had her mom go between her daughterís legs and start licking her. Little Trish moaned and her mom looked at her and smiled I could see the love between them and I could feel it. I felt in the way and I just stood back and watched until they wanted me to join in. I was happy to see them love each other. And when they saw I was just watching they came over and held me and began kissing me and rubbing there hands all over my body.

I felt a shiver run though me and I trembled in the thrill of having mom and daughter show me love. So Jenny went down on me and started licking my pussy and sucking on my lips and Trish was kissing my tits and all I could smell was her momís pussy on Trishís breath. then Jenny stuck her fingers into me and started moving them in and out. And I whispered to them that this time was for them and they should be loving each other and they both said with out you there would be no mother daughter love going on. So I said then please me to thank me and they began kissing me and they both were kissing and licking me all over.

I felt Trish turn my head towards her and she kissed me deeply and then she went between my legs and softly kissed my lips and tongued my clit very slowly and very softly. I then felt Jenny moving her tongue all over my body which sent chills racing though my body. Which was better then any drug I could ever do. The high I felt was so intense that I didnít know what to do. I just laid there and enjoyed the ride. You couldnít possibly know what itís like unless you have been there.

Then they stopped and looked in my eyes and Trish said are you ready to cum? She was repeating the words that I said to her and I said yes please. Then Trish went between my legs and she put her fingers into me and Jenny kept licking my pussy and then I felt it coming I arched my back and I came more then I had ever came before and they both licked everything up. And then they kissed each other and they came to me and kissed me. It was a wet and long kiss between us.

Then I led mom between her daughterís legs and had her start licking her daughterís little pussy and Trish moaned and her mom looked into her eyes and said I love you baby she said I love you Mommy. Jenny went back to licking and sucking on her daughter and I kissed Trish deeply on the mouth and she let out a gasp as her mom put her finger in her and moved it in and out. I said if you keep doing that youíre going to pop her cherry and Jenny said with a smile looking into Trishís eyes and said better by her mom then some guy who could care less about her and Trish smiled too.

So her mom put her fingers deep into her daughter and she moaned loud and then she arched her back and then there was a little blood and mom didnít stop she kept on going and continued to lick her pussy and finger her and little Trish just laid there and moaned and trembled in pleasure. Then as I was kissing this little lady she came all over her momís fingers and she trembled in my arms. She let out a little scream and then she shoved her pussy in her momís face.

Her mom licked up everything and then went up and kissed that beautiful little girl. And we all collapsed on the bed then we went in and took a shower together. Jenny got our hair wet and then put some shampoo in our hair and lathered our hair up and then she kissed us on the mouth and then rinsed out the shampoo and kissed us again. She then lathered us up with soap and washed every part of our bodies. And rinsed us off. Then Trish and I both had Jenny sit down in the shower and we got her hair all wet and Trish put shampoo in her hair and I started to wash her body letting my hands roam where ever they wanted to go and Trish rinsed her momís hair out and I rinsed off her body. We got out of the shower and we kissed each other and Jenny towel dried her daughterís hair and then she did the same and we both towel dried Jennyís hair and we all sat on the bed and Jenny combed out Trishís hair and braided it. Then I kissed her softly on the neck and lips.

Then she sat on the bed next to her mother. And I sat on the floor in front of Jenny and she combed out my hair and braided it. And kissed me on the back of the neck. And I had Jenny sit on the floor in front of me and we combed out her hair and we braided her hair too. And we both kissed her on the back of the neck and on the lips.

It was late and we kissed goodnight and fell asleep in each others arms. We held each other all night. It was the one of the best nights of my life and I have nothing but happy thoughts of the woman named Jenny (25) her daughter Trisha(7) and me what a wonderful night it was.