Cheer Camp

by Stormy

This is the story of me going to cheer camp back in 1974. I was only 14 then and it was my first time going to cheer camp. It was a lot of fun. My friends (from the same school) are roommates. There is Jennifer, Brenda, Lori, Susan, Dana, Kelly. We were suppose to be practicing cheers but we decided to practice other things. Like how to make a girl cum and how to kiss. Jen had brown hair and eyes small breasts and a small butt. Brenda and I had the biggest tits and Bren had a butt like a volleyball and soft lips. Lori was very tiny small everything but very hot. Brown hair and green eyes. And knew how to please a girl. Susan had brown hair and eyes and medium tits and a nice butt nothing compared to Bren. Dana blonde hair and blue eyes. Tom boy type but still very cute. The perfect-size tits not too big not too small and a great butt. Kelly had strawberry-blonde hair and very blue eyes, small tits and a nice little ass.

We had been together lots of times but this was the first time all of us were together without parents. We only had to worry about the coaches, and they werenít around as much as you would think. Since we were cheerleaders they thought we could be trusted. Little did they know what went on behind closed doors after hours. The first night we just laughed and kissed. Then we went to the showers and we all got undressed and got in and started washing each other. All 7 of us in the shower all soapy and very horny. It was a dream come true for me. Jennifer and I paired off and started kissing and letting our hands roam over our soapy bodies. And Bren and Lori were doing the same. Susan, Dana and Kelly were kissing and letting fingers go where they wanted. But me and Jen were into each other so much that we didnít even notice anything else but what we were doing. Her hands were all over me and her fingers found my slit and she put 2 fingers in and started moving them in and out and the feeling was so intense. We kept on kissing and I reached down and started fingering her. And she started moaning and so was I.

We all decided to take this back to the dorm. So we all rinsed off and walked back to the dorm (more like ran back). We decided to trade so I took Bren and Dana and Kelly the rest went at it. I donít remember what they did ícause I was busy with the other ones. We all started kissing and holding each other and hands were roaming all over bodies and the smell of clean bodies and hair were in the air. It made me high just taking a deep breathe. The love and lust I felt for these girls was like nothing I ever felt before. Bren started licking Dana and Kelly started licking me. It was a pile of young girl flesh. Kelly and I moved to the bed and Bren and Dana followed. I was on my back and Kelly was between my legs licking my pussy and Dana was licking Kelly and I was licking Bren. Circle of girls then Jen, Lori, Susan came over to join and we all just grabbed someone and started licking and finger fucking someone. Needless to say we all came. And we were very tired the next day for practice. The coach said we needed to go to bed earlier and get more sleep. We just giggled ícause there wasnít much sleep going on in are dorm. If the coaches only knew.

Day 2 lots of cheer practice and we were tired but that didnít stop us from having a little sex time. We went swimming and we were fingering each other under the water where no one could see and if they could who cares. Jen, Bren, and I left the pool and went back to our dorm and we started kissing very deeply and softly. Jen went down on me and licked me so good there was spit all over my legs and running to my ass. Bren was sucking on my tits and I was fingering Bren. There was a lot of moaning and gasping for air but life was good at that very moment.

The other girls came walking in and saw what was going on and they said you guys have the right idea and started kissing and loving each other. They said we were being load so we turned on some music and continued to do what we do best. Eat pussy. The camp theme was donít leave any pussy untasted. We found out later that we werenít the only ones doing this in our dorm. There were others. Lots of them. We found out that almost all the dorms had a little something happening in there.

There was 100 girls there and at least 70 of them were having sex with each other. How hot is that. I would say very hot. I had sex with about 50 of them at camp. Not bad for only being there for 5 days. 10 per day. Very nice.

I havenít told you about any of the others yet so Iíll go back and tell you about day 1 the first ten and how these girls came up to me and asked if I wanted to have a little fun after hours in there dorm I said yes of course. I canít remember names but thatís OK. Iíll just call them 4 blondes and 5 brunettes and 1 red. So I was with the 4 blondes first and they sure could kiss but I was the one they wanted they had heard from one of the girls that I knew how to eat pussy and could make them cum in minutes with the skills I have. So they asked me to teach them and I said OK. But I didnít show them all my stuff ícause thatís a secret. I started licking the first blonde and she started moving her hips and moaning as I worked my magic on her. She was saying oh yes baby. Oh my god. And when she came in about 5 minutes she said, thank you and no one had ever made her cum so fast and I said she had never been licked by me before otherwise she would of. Then I said, next, and blonde 2 wanted the same thing so I licked and finger fucked her while the other girls were masturbating. It was one after the other for hours I think I got 2 hours sleep that night. But it was so worth it. It is all a haze me being so high from the drugs. Nobody at camp knows that Iím hooked on smack, and they wonít if I have anything to do about it.

Day 2 the second 10 heard about the first 10 and wanted what they got. I donít know how I did it but I kept it going for 5 days. Getting up at 6 am and going until 3 in the morning. Anyway back to the story. 5 brunettes, 3 blondes, 2 red. I started with the brunettes the first one stepped up and lifted her shirt up and she had nothing on but that shirt. So I started licking her all over so she was covered in spit then I laid her down on the bed and began to lick her all over so she was covered with spit and I blew softly to make her nips get hard then I sucked on her tits while she moaned and I slowly went down to her very wet pussy that was dripping spit that I put there and it smelled so good I can almost taste now. I slowly licked her from ass to pussy and she just about screamed I covered her mouth and the others held her down for me. One girl put her pussy on her face and made her eat her pussy so she wouldnít scream. The girls have to watch out for each other. Anyway I went back to licking this girl and I looked around and all the other girls were watching very closely and masturbating. They said they have never seen anyone make her act like this before. I said Iíve been doing this for a while now and I have learned from the best and I have got my own style.

Everyday was the same thing word of mouth and the girls wouldnít leave me alone. They were all over me. I never had so much pussy in 1 week in all my life. It was just a line they didnít want each other until I had them. I donít know what I have but I do know that the girls want it. And canít get enough of it. It is like an assembly line here I just work my magic and go on they just wit and want to be pleased and I get to eat as much as I want and I even get to cum Jen makes sure of that and she is great. I just met the person ever her name is Natasha and we have a connection I mean a major connection. We talked and I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers. I canít stop thinking of her. We didnít even have sex she said when we do its just going to be us. And she would wait till then. Wow.

So I finished off the week with 50 total girls and my crew and we learned a lot about cheerleading. That girls rule and we all like to eat pussy. So I really had 56 for the week not a bad week if I do say so myself.