Strawberries, Part 2 Erin's Embarrassment

by Snapdragon

The three girls, Rachel, Erin, and Molly ate dinner then changed into their PJs and went up to Erin's room. They spread out sleeping bags and lounged around chatting.

Molly wore a pink frilly Barbie nightgown. Nichole came in to say goodnight and fawned over Molly in her pink frilly thing like she was some priceless work of art. Rachel wore a pink cami with hearts and pink boyshort panties.

Erin couldn't believe how they both could get away with wearing pink like they were six. 'Huh,' she thought 'I guess they both act like they are half their ages in their own ways. Molly is like a little girl always hiding and staying quiet, and Rachel is like a six year old streaking through the living room naked for attention.'

They were both letting their panties show too. Rachel was, well, only wearing panties. Molly's nightgown was so short that Erin could see her cute Hello Kitty panties most of the time. She sighed. 'I've got six year olds for friends,' she thought.

Erin forgot to include herself though, for under her sweatpants she wore a disposable pull-up diaper. She had stared wetting the bed about a month ago. Of course in her mind her bedwetting didn't make her a little girl. There were girls even older than she was who wet the bed. Still, if any of her friends found out she would be thoroughly embarrassed.

"Hey Erin," said Nichole, "can I, uh, join you guys. I've never been to a little girls' sleepover before."

"Eh? What," asked Erin? "What do you mean? You've been to lots when you were in middle school."

"I know. I mean as an adult... I've never been to one as an adult before."

"You're hardly an adult, but sure, you can join us. We're going to watch a movie."

The girls all piled onto Erin's bed to watch the movie. Nichole leaned against Erin's headboard and stretched out while the three other girls lay on their bellies and propped their heads in their hands. Nichole discovered that middle-schoolers squirm around an awful lot. She got a great view of three round bottoms and could hardly watch the movie. Molly's pink nightgown was so short it barley rested on the girl's thighs. Whenever she put her legs up in the air her contrasting white panties were clearly visible. Rachel's panties clung tightly to her slim hips and Nichole could easily see the outline of Rachel's pussy from behind. Lastly, Erin's thick PJ sweatpants clung to her butt, and Nichole couldn't help but watch her sister's butt wiggle.

'Sheesh, I'm even getting off on looking at my own sister. I need to get some soon,' thought Nichole.

Partway through the movie Nichole suggested that they play a game.

"Its the kind of game we can play while we watch the movie." The three girls seemed interested so Nichole continued, "It's called hold-it. We all have a Coke and see how long we can hold it. The last one to have to use the toilet wins. I'll drink two cokes to make it fair to you kids."

Erin thought it sounded like a pretty strange game, but since she was wearing her pull-up she knew she couldn't loose so she agreed. Rachel readily agreed and Molly followed along.

The girls drank their Cokes and resumed watching the movie. Rachel was the first to show signs of needing to pee. Nichole got to watch her squirminess increase. Soon she was holding herself between her legs and wiggling her bottom around.

"Just go before you wet yourself," said Nichole.

"I don't want to be the first to loose. I'm fine I can hold it a lot longer," Rachel replied defiantly.

But not much later she was proved wrong. Nichole was watching Rachel's butt wiggle around when she saw a dark patch suddenly appear around Rachel's hand.

"Did you just wet yourself," asked Nichole amused, but even as she said it the wet patch grew again rapidly and pee started running down Rachel's legs as she tried to stand.

"Ahhhhh. I can't stop," exclaimed Rachel bent over with her hands jammed between her legs.

'Strange,' thought Nichole 'she seems rather calm about it. Pee continued to gush forth and puddle on Erin's bed before soaking in. Erin and Molly just stared at Rachel not able to say anything until Rachel's pee finally stopped.

Erin spoke first, "Damn it. Now we'll have to wash all my sheets and blankets."

Nichole added, "Lets get your bed stripped quick before it soaks into the mattress."

The girls all helped get everything in the laundry and put clean sheets and blankets on Erin's bed. Meanwhile Erin secretly peed in her pull-up. Molly ended up using the toilet.

When they were finally all settled back on Erin's bed, Rachel said, "So its just me and Erin now."

"What do you mean?" asked Erin, "You already lost."

"I didn't go to the toilet," said Rachel smugly.

"You mean you wet my bed on purpose so you wouldn't lose? You really are strange sometimes. That's totally not normal." Erin glared at Rachel then tackled her to the floor and beat her with pillows. Nichole sighed enjoying the giggling and laughing. Rachel and Erin never really fought, they just pretended to.

"Do you guys want to finish the movie," Nichole asked?

"Nah it was boring anyway," said Rachel, "I've got a mystery movie to play. It's short." Rachel put the movie in and started it. "I made this last week, it's part of my independent research project for school."

On the screen appeared mostly darkness, but as the camera adjusted to the lack of light the girls could see it was Erin's room. The camera panned to Erin's bed, which she was laying in sleeping.

"What! You filmed me sleeping!" shouted Erin.

"Calm down... here comes the mystery."

A hand, apparently Rachel's, reached out from behind the camera and pulled the sheets off of Erin as she slept.

"What! You're breaking in and exposing me while I sleep!"

But the film continued and Rachel quickly had Erin's pajamas down around her knees. The camera focused on Erin's crotch, zooming in on her panties. They all could now see in the semi-darkness that Erin's panties didn't look right for some reason. Rachel's hand appeared again and gently pulled down the top of Erin's panties. Underneath was a pink little girl pull-up. Then the film ended.

"So what was that all about!" exclaimed Erin. You're sneaking into people's rooms and filming them while they sleep and pulling down their panties!"

"It's my research project," Rachel said again. "So what's the answer to the mystery? What is that you wear under your underwear?"

Erin glared at Rachel, and finally answered, "Ok fine. You've all seen it. It was a pull-up. No one said anything. "Alright so what? I wet the bed — for a few months now. Nothing is wrong. Nobody knows why. It could be puberty and hormones or just stress. Either way — I'm a bed wetter."

With that admission Erin buried her face in her hands and softly cried.

Nichole tried to console her sister by sitting next to her sister and petting her head. "Look. We're all wetters here. Molly has accidents right outside the bathroom. Rachel wets herself on purpose for attention, and I wet my panties from time to time just for the fun of it."

Erin was only sniffling now and looking at Nichole. Nichole continued, "Being wet can be a lot of fun. Come on, I'll show you."

Nichole practically drug Erin downstairs to the bathroom. Rachel and Molly followed. When they were all in the bathroom Nichole closed the door. "I've got to pee pretty bad after all that pop," she said as she pulled down her pants. The three other girls just stared at her as she sat on the toilet. They all couldn't help but notice Nichole left her panties on because the big, bright white, little girl briefs set on Nichole's round hips were quite a contrast to her dark hair and skin.

Nichole closed her eyes. The girls first heard a hiss, then as Nichole opened her legs to give them a better view they watched her pee falling from between her legs and spattering in the bowel. Nichole moaned and rubbed her crotch splashing her stream over her fingers and rubbing the wetness up to the waistband of her big cotton panties.

"Ah. Nnnn," moaned Nichole as the girls stood watching, awestruck. Quickly she remembered she wasn't alone and opened her eyes blinking innocently at the girls. "Uh - that's it. Now I just blot my panties instead of wipe."

Nichole reached between her legs with a wad of toilet paper and soaked up some of the pee from her panties. "This gets them just dry enough that they don't drip all over the place," Nichole explained. "Ok who's next," she asked as she stood. The girls just stared at her.

Finally Rachel spoke up, "Uh... explain to me again — why do we want to wet our panties?"

"Er, well — it feels really good. Warm and wet on your pussy." The girls stared at Nichole skeptically. "You just have to take my word for it or try it yourselves."

Erin was getting more and more embarrassed ever since her sister started playing with herself in front of her friends. Finally she had to say something. "My friends and I all call it our cunny."

Nichole giggled. "Ok. That's a good word for it too."

Erin realized that hadn't helped things any. Why did she think to say that?

Molly asked, "Isn't pee dirty?"

Rachel chuckled. "Heh, not at all. Besides, even if it were dirty what does it matter since you wet yourself the other day? Didn't you notice how good it felt while you were doing it?"

A blush crept up Molly's face. She had noticed, though she liked to tell herself that it was just the relief of finally being able to pee.

"I bet I can get my panties the wettest," said Rachel.

Erin replied, "No way. I could beat you easily."

Ok lets see you beat this.

Rachel sat down on the toilet and tried to pee. "Hmm it's not easy." She scrunched up her eyes and pushed, then tried to relax. Finally she got it going. "My body knew my panties were still on and didn't want to go."

Nichole chuckled. "Yeah that's part of what makes it fun, but you did it easily enough on Erin's bed."

Rachel frowned, but kept peeing and explained, "I was desperate then." When she finished she stood up without wiping and wiggled her bottom at everyone. "Pretty wet huh?" There was a wet spot on her panties that went nearly to her waistband.

Nichole giggled. "Yep. Pretty wet."

Rachel smiled. "Ok beat that Erin."

Erin hesitated. What was she going to do since she wasn't even wearing panties? 'Oh well,' she thought and pulled down her sweatpants. She pretended like nothing was wrong and sat down on the toilet still wearing her pull-up. She was used to wetting them and had no problem adding to her already wet diaper. The girls all watched as it expanded a little with her pee.

Erin finished and stood up and wiggled her butt at the other girls like Rachel had. They could all clearly see that her pull-up was clearly soaked thoroughly in back and made quite a bulge between her legs.

Nichole said, "Well that was different. How do we compare the two? I guess you both win."

Rachel pouted. "Not fair," she complained, "you could have just peed your diaper during the holding contest."

"It's not a diaper. It's a pull-up, and I did pee in it during the contest, but it didn't count since it wasn't the toilet."

"Heh, she's right," said Nichole. "Looks like you both won the holding contest too."

Rachel just pouted.

Nichole looked at Molly and asked, "Are you going to do it too?"

"I don't want to do it. It's too much like you guys are making fun of me. I'm afraid that you'll tease me."

"Sheesh. Look Molly. You're adorable. It doesn't matter whether you have accidents or not. We're not going to tease you," Nichole paused, thinking before she finished, "I'll always love you."

"Hey what about me?" said Rachel.

"Of course. You too."

The girls all went back up to Erin's room.

"Erin, I bet you would look adorable just wearing your diaper. Why are you bothering to hide it?"

Erin glared at her sister and said, "it's a pull-up, not a diaper."

Nichole smiled. "Well then."

The girls spread out in their sleeping bags on Erin's floor. Erin still wore her sweatpants and shirt, and Molly was still in her Barbie nightgown. Rachel had to borrow one of Erin's plain white panties since hers were wet. Nichole changed into a cute bra and panty getting admiring glances from the other girls.

Rachel asked, "Hey Erin. Do you have more pull-ups? Can I wear one?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," replied Erin not sure what Rachel had in mind.

Erin opened her dresser drawer. Rachel gasped. The entire drawer was stacked with pull-ups in several different styles. "Wow you sure have a lot," commented Rachel looking them over.

Rachel wasn't making any snarky comments. She seemed genuinely interested in Erin's diaper collection. Erin shrugged and began to explain as Molly and Nichole came over and looked too.

"I first got these Goodnights," she said holding up a white pull-up with pink butterflies and flowers on them. "They work great, but last time Mom and I were in the store I saw these toddler pull-ups. I loved the cute picture on the package of the little girl using her little potty with a pull-up just below her knees. I was also intrigued that it had a 'wetness liner' that was designed to keep the wet feeling. Mom thought they wouldn't fit but we asked the clerk and she said the biggest ones were for overweight or large built toddlers and since I was pretty skinny they would probably fit. They are only one size smaller than the Goodnights, but they don't hold as much and leak a bit more so I don't wear them to sleepovers."

Erin held up one of the Huggies to show her friends. They really weren't her style at all. They had pink trim and Disney princesses on them. They looked like something a little girl would wear. But when Erin wore one, even with her regular clothes over it, she felt good. Maybe she liked feeling like a little girl again.

She continued and held up one more pull-up, "I also have these Pampers. They smell like baby powder and have Dora the Explorer on them, but they are slightly smaller than the Huggies. I really have to squeeze into them. So go ahead pick whatever you like."

Rachel picked a pink princess pull-up and put it on after taking off her underwear. "Wow, it feels neat. It's warm and soft and I can't quite close my legs all the way."

Erin giggled. "Wait till you've soaked them, then its really hard to close your legs."

Since she now had company, Erin changed into a Pamper. The smell wafted up as she opened it. 'It smells like a diaper should,' she thought.

Nichole said, "Well I might as well try one too. But I think I'll have to go with the Goodnight. I won't fit your pink ones. What about you molly?"

"I like Dora," replied Molly. I'll try a Pamper."

After the girls got into their pull-ups, they finished watching the movie on Erin's bed. After the movie, Erin looked at Rachel's crotch, which was easy to see since her legs were spread. "Uh oh," she said in her best mommy voice, "you've made your flowers disappear."

Rachel looked down and could only see a purple blur where the wetness indicators were. "Hehe, yep. I wet them during the movie."

The three other girls hadn't yet, but they got right too it and soon everyone had a wet pull-up.

"Hey these feel pretty good wet," said Nichole. "Kinda like my panties, but bulkier and warmer. You know, babies don't need to wear shirts and since we're all in wet diapers we shouldn't either." She undid her bra and let her breasts come free. Her nipples were already hard and the other girls couldn't help but look at them.

Rachel had her top off in no time soon followed by Erin. With a little convincing Molly soon had her Barbie nightgown off too.

Nichole admired the sight of the three nearly naked girls in their cute, wet toddler pull-ups. All three were on the late bloomer side of puberty and barley had anything going on up top. Molly's nipples were still just tiny pink dots, and Rachel and Erin's were tiny raised cones topped by pink nipples. Nichole reached down to rub her pussy, but encountered her pull-up instead. She grasped the whole wet crotch in her palm and squished it into her pussy. That seemed to work well and she could even rub the material against her clit.

Rachel saw what Nichole was doing and asked, "Are you touching your cunny again?"

"Yeah, like I did when my panties were wet. I can't help it when I'm wet. I have to play with myself."

Rachel agreed. "I've got this nice bulky, warm wetness between my legs and whenever I move it rubs against my cunny."

"Go ahead and play with yourself too if you like."

Rachel joined Nichole on Erin's bed and copied Nichole's technique.

Nichole noticed Erin and Molly pretending not to notice what was going on and decided to try to get them into it as well. "Erin, I know you play with yourself too. I've heard you, but have you ever done it Molly?"

Molly shook her head.

"I thought not. That's ok sweetie. Come up here and I'll show you."

Nichole had Molly sit between her legs and lie back against her breasts. She took the girl's tiny hand and guided it to the crotch of her pull-up. She showed her how to squeeze the material around, helping her with her hand on the little girl's.

"How does that feel?" asked Nichole.

"Good. Comforting. Tingly," replied Molly.

"Its much easier with direct access," said Nichole. She guided Molly's hand under her waistband, into her diaper. She helped Molly rub her cunny until she got the hang of it herself.

"You're clit is the most sensitive part down there. It's almost at the top of your cunny. Feel around for a little bump, but you'll probably know when you find it."

Molly rubbed around a bit more then gasped.

"Found it?"

"I think so. It feels really good when I rub it a certain way, but it also kinda makes me feel like I have to pee."

"Well you're wearing a diaper so don't worry about that. Just keep doing whatever makes you feel good."

Meanwhile Nichole caressed Molly's smooth belly and worked her way up to her nipples. When she brushed them they popped out, tiny and pink. Molly squirmed and wiggled between Nichole's legs as she played with herself. The sight of the girl playing with herself just underneath Dora the Explorer and the smell of baby power drifting around her made Nichole light headed with desire. She kept rubbing Molly's nipples and even began to pinch them lightly.

Molly was gasping and holding her breath. "Breath and make sounds if you like," Nichole suggested making some sounds herself.

Molly imitated Nichole and soon was cooing and purring. Nichole sensed Molly had hit her plateau and wasn't going to come this way. She pulled herself out from under the girl and continued masturbating. Molly lay flat on the bed face up and never stopped rubbing herself.

"Erin. Do you want to join us? We can all play with ourselves. It's fun."

Erin looked confused and undecided. "I don't know. You're my sister after all."

"So what's wrong with that? We even love each other already."

"Well, yeah I guess so."

Erin climbed onto the bed. Soon the room was filled with the sounds and smells of the four girls playing with themselves mixed with the smells of pee and baby diapers. Nichole was surprised at how arousing the combination was. Eventually they all finished playing and fell asleep on Erin's bed, exhausted.