Strawberries, Part 1 Molly and Nichole

by Snapdragon

The two girls giggled as they walked down the sidewalk chatting about the usual things: boys, shopping, school, and teachers they loved or hated. The late afternoon sun was shining warmly. Erin, dressed in grey sweatpants and a blue hoody, was slightly tall for a twelve year old. Her friend, Rachel, a redhead, was a bit tall for her eleven years, but was still two inches shorter than Erin.

Rachel skipped along as they chatted, suddenly stopping to inspect a bug on a brick wall or grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk. 'She just does that to show off her pink bear panties,' thought Erin, but for some reason she always looked. When Rachel bent over, her red sundress rode up halfway to the waistband of her panties. Her pink bear panties nearly covered her round bottom like briefs, but sat at her hips rather than at her waist and weren't as low on her leg. Rachel had stopped wearing little-girl briefs a few years ago and only wore bikini briefs now. If she had her way she'd be wearing thongs, but her mom wouldn't let her.

Erin was glad to have her regular plain white briefs or sometimes black. Everything matched and she just didn't feel comfortable wearing bright-colored panties. 'What am I afraid of?' she wondered. 'I guess if anyone saw them I would be embarrassed. They just aren't me. Just like softball isn't me.'

PE was Rachel's best subject however. "Did you see that catch I made in softball today?" Rachel asked for at least the fourth or fifth time.

"Yeah," replied Erin, "you made a great catch."

"Yeah, too bad you dropped the ball at second; we could have had a double play." Erin was terrible at PE. She was sort of good at most subjects, but PE was definitely her worst. "Eh, we still won so it doesn't matter," replied Erin.

"But what if we hadn't won?" asked Rachel.

"Are you teasing me?" replied Erin starting to get mad.

"Huh? Hey there's a little girl crying up there.

Rachel skipped ahead to where the girl was bent over sobbing. "Hey what's the matter?"

The girl, who had brown hair and glasses, looked up and said sniffling, "I got locked out of my house and no one is home."

"Oh you live around here? Well, hmmmmm, we're almost to Erin's house," Rachel said nodding at Erin who had caught up. "You can come over. Right Erin?"

"Huh? Oh, sure, why not?" replied Erin confused.

"She got locked out," explained Rachel.

"My parents should be home in a few hours," added the girl between softening sobs.

"So what's your name," Rachel asked as the three girls started walking to Erin's.

"Molly," the girl replied, "I'm in the sixth grade."

"So are we," said Rachel beaming, "but are you sure you are? You look like a fifth grader."

"I know," said Molly sighing, "I'm short, and I'm even twelve already."

The girls arrived at Erin's house, and Erin's older sister, Nichole, greeted them as they walked in. They introduced their new friend to Nichole and then went upstairs to play in Erin's room.

"Oh it's so hot," complained Rachel. "I want some lemonade. Erin don't you think you should get us some lemonade?"

"Yeah that sounds good. I'll go get some," Erin replied.

When Erin got back with the lemonade, they all had a couple of glasses while they played. Pretty soon Rachel had to pee, so she excused herself and went downstairs to the bathroom. Peeing always made Rachel feel a little horny. She played with her pussy making her stream dart around the bowl. 'The others are upstairs playing,' she thought. 'They won't notice if I'm down here for a little bit.'

Rachel gently caressed her cunny. It was damp with droplets of pee clinging to her bare lips. She spread her pee up to her clit making everything slippery. The redhead girl had been masturbating since she could remember. When Rachel was a toddler, her mother had to always remind her that she should touch herself in private. By now she knew pretty well what made her feel good. Rachel was rubbing her clitty wihle the tip of her finger teased her vagina when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

'Shit,' the girl thought then said, "Um—who is it" while trying to keep her breathing under control.

"It's Molly. I need to use the bathroom."

Rachel could sense the desperation in the girl's voice and decided to have some fun with her. "Uh—I'm kinda—you know—in the middle of a poop. Can you hold it?"

"Um—I guess," came the reply from the other side of the door.

Rachel sat there for a few minutes slowly playing with herself and periodically making girly grunting sounds like she was working on a really big poop.

"Um—I'm not sure how much longer I can hold it," came Molly's voice from the door.

Rachel tried to imagine the girl's desperation. Her muscles tightly clenched. Perhaps her hand clamped over her cunny, legs squeezed tightly. Was she bouncing around doing a pee-pee dance? How much longer could she hold it? Rachel's answer came quickly when she heard a soft squeal followed by, "Oh no! It's coming out!"

"I'm almost done. Are you wetting yourself Molly?" Rachel tried not to sound too hopeful as she pulled up her pants. She opened the bathroom door, and standing before her was Molly, drenched and still peeing, apparently unable to stop. "Oh hey," said Rachel surprised and a little downcast. She hadn't quite realized what her game could lead to; at least she hadn't imagined it like this.

Molly was standing half bent over. Her knees and thighs were pressed tightly together under her long, below the knee, skirt. A river was pouring from somewhere under it down her legs soaking her socks and shoes. The little girl looked up at Rachel, tears running down her face. "Oh hey," said Rachel feeling a little guilty, "let's get you to Nichole. She'll know what to do."

Rachel led the still dripping Molly down the hall to Nichole's room. "Nichole!" Rachel yelled pounding on her door, "Molly had an accident!" The door opened and Nichole peered out at the two girls.

"Oh my," exclaimed Nichole. "Aww, sheesh, what happened here?"

"Molly wet herself," Rachel said getting a little frustrated.

"I can see that." Nichole briefly scowled at Rachel then beamed at Molly, "I can get you all cleaned up. Let's see—Rachel go get pants and panties from Erin. Molly come with me.

Nichole led Molly back to the bathroom, stepping around the puddle on the wood floor outside the door. She grabbed a towel from the bathroom as she ushered Molly in and threw it on the puddle. Rachel came back with clean clothes from Erin's bedroom. Nichole inspected Molly's wet clothes.

Rachel said, "Erin has such plain panties," as she handed Erin's white cotton panties and grey sweatpants to Nichole. Nichole took the clothes from Rachel, but never took her eyes from Molly's slim, undeveloped legs. She removed the young girl's damp shoes and wet socks while the girl sat on the toilet lid. She admired her cute toes and got a bit day dreamy, then remembered that Rachel was still in the room.

"Hey. Why don't you go up and keep Erin company," said Nichole finally turning to Rachel.

"Awww. I want to watch her get changed," Rachel replied.

"Now why would you want to do that?" asked Nichole even as she realized that was exactly what she wanted to do too. Or even better, she wanted to do the changing of the wet girl herself.

"I said go upstairs," Nichole said with a soft growl.

"Fine, fine. It'll be more fun up there anyway," said Rachel as she left the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Alone together at last Nichole spoke to Molly, "Would you like help getting changed? You uh, seem all wet and well, I know you can probably change yourself, but uh—would you like help anyway?" Nichole had no idea how to explain the feelings she was having or come up with a logical reason that Molly would need help getting changed, but she had to try anyway.

"Thank you. I still feel all out of sorts after—uh—well—my accident. I might put my pants on backward or something."

Nichole suspected Molly was reaching for an excuse to let herself be changed which intrigued the teen since she was expecting to have to convince the girl. 'I suppose she could just be feeling babyish after her accident,' thought Nichole, but she hopped it was something more.

Nichole lifted Molly's shirt off over her head. Molly saw the teen's eyes on her chest and was embarrassed, "I'm still totally flat," she said sheepishly.

"Don't worry, I was too at your age."

"Your breasts are really nice. Are they C cup?"

Nichole smiled warmly at Molly. "No, but thank you, just B, but on my small body they look bigger.

"And besides," Nichole said bending closer to inspect Molly's nipples, "look at this. Your breasts are starting to grow."

"Oh," said Molly, "that must be why they have been hurting lately."

Nichole noticed that Molly wasn't acting shy about being topless anymore. "OK now stand." Nichole got the girl's skirt down.

"Wow your panties are really soaked," said Nichole with a smile.

Molly giggled. "Yeah, look they are all yellow in front."

"In back too," said Nichole, inspecting Molly's cute round bottom. "Do you often have accidents?"

"Er—well—not often, but more often than I'd like."

"I think I know what you mean. I'm that way too," replied Nichole.


"Yeah, usually I make it to the bathroom in time or just leak a little, but perhaps once every couple of months I don't make it."

"Wow. I thought it was only me. I don't have a big accident very often but it seems like at least every week I'm getting wet spots on my pants or skirt trying to make it to the bathroom in time."

"Do you wear pantiliners?"

"No what are those?"

"Here, I've got some in the cupboard." Nichole fished a pink square from inside a bag in the cupboard and unwrapped it revealing a white rectangle. Handing it to Molly she said, "You peel off the back and stick it to the inside of your panties. It won't save you from a big accident but it can help with the little leaks."

"Mmm it smells good. Like baby powder. I've heard of these I think. Some other girls were talking about using them. Do they have accidents too?"

"Possibly, but usually girls use pantiliners before their period to protect their underwear if their period starts unexpectedly."

"Oh yeah, my mom told me all about periods."

"Some girls will also use them if their—well—you know that some girls get pretty wet down there if they get excited, right?"

"Uh—yeah I guess so."

"The pantiliner can absorb that too, keeping your panties clean. Anyway, let's get you into some dry clothes, OK?"


"May I take off your panties?"

Molly nodded. Nichole slid the girl's panties down her legs and set them on the counter. She tried not to stare at the girl's cunny, but for some reason couldn't keep herself from glancing at it as often as she thought she could get away with. Molly was totally hairless and likely would be for at least another year since her breasts had just started developing. Nichole remembered when her pussy had last looked like that; it was just a few years ago but seemed like forever.

"I've got some baby wipes in here," Nichole said, blushing a little and not wanting to explain why she had baby wipes. It was because she liked to wipe her bottom with them after a poop. It got her cleaner than toilet paper. She liked the smell too. When she was especially horny she would use them after a pee too to make herself smell babyish. She thought of it as an innocent teen smell even though they were baby wipes. Lots of teen products smelled like baby powder from pantiliners to deodorant so she figured the baby wipes really weren't that strange.

Nichole wiped Molly's bottom and thighs clean while the girl giggled. "Do you mind if I wipe your cunny or do you want to do it?"

"Um—no you can do it," replied Molly. "Since you're changing me you might as well do everything."

Nichole dabbed the baby wipe across the girl's smooth skin. Molly squeezed her eyes tightly and looked like she was holding something in. Nichole said, "Sweetie, I know this might feel a little strange but bear with me and it will be done soon. Go ahead and make any noises you feel like."

Molly relaxed a bit and made the cutest whimpering sounds as Nichole wiped her cunny free of pee. Then she held out Erin's white panties for Molly to step into. Nichole slid them up and settled them on the girl's hips. They were a little too big on Molly and poofed out cutely in places.

"You are adorable Molly," said Nichole looking into the girl's eyes. Molly blushed but returned her gaze. Then it was Nichole's turn to blush. She finally came to a decision and gave Molly a quick kiss on the lips. "Thank you for letting me help you today."

Molly looked at Nichole with a puzzled expression, "Thanks for helping me—and thanks for telling me about pantiliners." Molly gave Nichole a hug and then finished getting dressed.

Later that night, Nichole would lie awake and wonder if she had been too forward and what was it exactly she wanted from the sixth grader.

Meanwhile upstairs, Rachel and Erin were discussing having a sleepover at the end of the week.

"I'm going to invite Molly," said Rachel.

"It's my house you know," said Erin.

"Well, don't you want to invite her?"

"Fine. I'll invite her."