Keira and Amy Meet a New Friend

by Single Mom

Amy and Keira were at the apartment complex swimming pool playing with a new friend that they had just met. Olivia, feeling rather horny, decided to visit Cortney.

"So," Cortney said, "it seems that we have a few hours to ourselves."

"I think the last time we were alone, you tore off my blouse and bra."

"Ah, so you remember that, do you?" Cortney chuckled.

"Fondly," Olivia smiled.

"Well, I thought it was simply the waste of a good blouse and bra," Cortney teased.

"Hmmm, that's not the way I remember it," Olivia offered."

"Okay, so I like being a little aggressive. But not rough," Cortney admitted.

"Well if you know what you want, feel free to take it," Olivia said, breathing heavily now.

"I want to sit on your face while you eat me out," Cortney said.

"So what are you waiting for? No better time than the present."

Cortney grabbed Olivia by her wrist, pushed her arms behind her back and held them there. She pressed hard against Olivia and kissed her while grinding her pussy against Olivia's clit. "Just remember that you asked for this," Cortney said, then pushed Olivia face down on the sofa. Cortney placed a knee in the center of Olivia's back while she pulled off her own T-shirt, and tore it into two pieces. She used one half to tie Olivia's hands behind her back, and the other half to tie her ankles. She then used Olivia's left leg and arm for leverage, and rolled her over onto her back.

A thin smile cracked Olivia's lips. She noticed that Cortney appeared to be caught up in the whole thing. Olivia was not really into B&D, but the look on Cortney's face was contagious, and she was suddenly, anxiously anticipating Cortney's next move. "Is that the best you've got?" Olivia teased, but she wasn't laughing now.

Cortney reached for the waist band of Olivia's jeans and pulled, popping the top button and ripping out the zipper. As Cortney began to tug Olivia's jeans down, Olivia lifted her hips to help in the effort, but Cortney placed her palm on Olivia's stomach and pushed her hips back down on the sofa.

"If you want rough, then don't help. If I want your fucking help, I'll ask for it," Cortney said as she struggled to get the jeans down over Oilvia's hips and ass and down her legs to the tie around her ankles. Olivia was wearing a pair of black lace panties, covering a freshly shaved pussy. Cortney gripped the lace material in both hands and pulled, tearing out the entire front of the panties, leaving only the waist and leg bands intact.

"Don't you fucking move," Cortney said, leaving the room, then returning with a pair of pinking shears. She cut the waist and leg bands of the panties, then went to the bottom band of Olivia's T-shirt, and cut it as well. She then grabbed the bottom of the shirt in both hands and tore it all the way up to the neck band where it stopped. She slowly reached for the shears and cut the neck band, spreading the torn T-shirt open to expose Olivia's bra. She then shoved both hands under the bottom of both bra cups, and began to massage Olivia's tits, paying special attention to the stiffening nipples.

Olivia began to struggle against the tie around her wrist, wanting her hands free so that she might begin to undress Cortney. Cortney drew her right arm back and brought her hand down on Olivia's left cheek. Not hard, but hard enough to turn the cheek a light crimson.

Olivia lifted her head and spit in Cortney's face.

Cortney leaned forward, placed two fingers in Olivia's mouth and pulled her lower jaw down, she then drooled saliva into Olivia's open mouth, which Olivia accepted without a struggle. Cortney then used the shears to cut Olivia's bra up the center, exposing her two perfect breast and very large nipples. Cortney began to suckle each breast in turn, left, then right, pausing only long enough to suck and nibble on each nipple before continuing to play windshield wipers with Olivia's breast.

Cortney then stood, placing her hands under Olivia's arms, dragged her up so that her neck rested on the arm of the sofa, and her body flat on the seat cushions. She then removed all of her own her cloths, then placed her left foot on the floor at the end of the sofa, her right foot on the sofa cushion next to Olivia, which left her pussy hovering over Olivia's head. Cortney lowered herself slowly so that her Olivia might get a good look at what was coming.

"My God, Cortney, untie my hands, Olivia pleaded, wanting to grab Cortney's hips and pull her pussy down hard onto her waiting face, hungry to taste the thick, swollen labia, purple with suffused blood.

"You don't need hands for this, bitch," Cortney said lowering her hips until she felt Olivia's tongue lashing out at her labia, wet and slippery with droplets of lubricating juices. Cortney began to thrust her hips, fucking Olivia's tongue.

Cortney felt her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach. Her legs stiffened then gave out as a stream of her cum shot out onto Olivia's face, causing Cortney to slide down, landing on Olivia's breast, where Olivia's stiff nipple ended up against Cortney's swollen clit, leaving her in an awaked position, hanging on to the back of the sofa to keep from falling off.

And that's the scene that greeted the two girls and their new friend when they returned from the pool.

* * * * *

The new friend was Shirley Pettit, age thirteen. Her father was Richard Pettit, the pastor of some small non denominational Church. Her mother was Sarah Pettit, the Church's youth pastor. Oddly, Shirley had no outward reaction to the scene she was witnessing.

"An embarrassed, crimson faced Cortney, ordered Amy to take the girls outside for a few minutes while she and Olivia got dressed. The girls returned about 10 minutes later to find the women in robes, surrounded by tattered clothing.

Both Olivia and Cortney were impressed by the green-eyed, raven-haired, thirteen-year-old beauty. Cortney offered all the girls a soda, and she began to question Shirley. Naturally the two women were concerned about what the girl would say to her parents, even though nothing she saw involved the kids. Shirley explained that she didn't actually live in the complex, but her aunt did and she was visiting her aunt so that she could swim in the pool and meet other kids.

Getting straight to the point, Olivia asked, "So what do you think you saw when you came in the apartment this afternoon?"

Shirley sniggered and shot a conspiratorial glance at Keira and Amy. She then glanced back to Olivia. "I know what I saw, you guys were, uh, . . . you know."

"Do you think that we were doing something bad?" Cortney cut in.

Olivia quickly jumped into the conversation. "Because we're both adults, and we were simply expressing our love for each other, and had no idea that you kids would walk in on us."

Shirley thought about that for a few seconds, then shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's cool."

"But . . . It's a very private thing, and word of it should never leave this apartment," Cortney added.

Again, Shirley shrugged her shoulders. "That's cool," she repeated.

"Mom, can we go in my room and play Barbies?" Amy chimed in.

"Play Barbies," was a code phrase the girls used when they wanted to be alone to have sex. Cortney shot Amy a questioning glance. Amy glanced back at her mother with a confirming smile, "It's cool, Mom," she said, answering her mother's unasked question.

* * * * *

Keira was even more impressed with Shirley's naked body than she was with Amy's. Shirley's breasts were larger, her nipples bigger, and she had much more, very black pussy hair. Keira wondered out loud how you licked a pussy with that much hair on it.

Shirley got up on Amy's bed, bent her legs at the knees and spread them, showing Keira that her pussy hair was only above her clit. Her pussy was shaved clean between her legs, including her butt hole.

Keira noticed that Shirley's pussy looked much like Amy's, except that her pussy hole seemed bigger, and the peanut that was her clit was much bigger, peeking way out of the little hood that it tried to hide under. Based on what Amy had told her, Shirley must have put some really big things in her pussy.

"Well are you gonna lick my pussy or not," Shirley said, thrusting her hips.

"Keira began to flick her tongue at Shirley's clit. She moved slowly and cautiously at first, but as she felt Shirley's labia become thick and slippery, she licked and sucked with the same expertise that she used on Amy and their moms.

Amy was standing beside the bed watching with great interest as Kiera licked and sucked while Shirley arched her back and ground her pussy into Kiera's face. Shirley then reached out and grabbed Amy's arm and tugged on it, indicating that she wanted Amy to get in bed with them.

Amy climbed on the bed and straddled Shirley's head, facing her feet. Shirley reached for Amy's hips and pulled Amy down on her face, while she slammed her pussy into Kiera's hungry mouth. Amy was thrusting and grinding her hips hard against Shirley's face. All three began making loud, passionate sounds of wild sex. The sounds, along with all of the bouncing and thrusting caused the head board to rhythmically bang against the bedroom wall.

Olivia and Cortney were kneeling on Cortney's bed, nude, facing each and playing the jilling game. Each masturbated themselves while watching the facial expression of the other. The rules were that neither could touch the other, but watch only, and the winner was the last one to cum. Suddenly, the sounds coming from Amy's room caused both women to pick up the pace of their masturbating. Those same sounds soon drowned out the sounds of low moans and busy fingers working in wet pussies in Cortney's room. Cortney dropped back on her haunches and literally clawed at her clitoris with her fingers. Olivia slumped down on the bed to join Cortney in a body-wrenching orgasm as they listened to the girls going through their own orgasms.

* * * * *

Olivia took Keira and Amy shopping for "some sexy grown up stuff."

Cortney was home alone, straightening up the apartment, thinking about that raven-haired beauty, Shirley Pettit. Cortney wanted her, but she didn't want to share her, she wanted her for herself.

At about 11:00 am, there came a knock at the door, and Cortney opened it to see Shirley Pettit standing there as if God had answered her prayers. "The girls went shopping with Olivia," Cortney explained.

"Umm, `kay," Shirley said, but continued to stand in the open doorway. She was wearing a yellow pull over and tight yellow shorts with the material creeping into her vaginal and anal slits, which was not lost on Cortney.

"I'm just straightening up up a little, but would you like to come in?"

"`kay. Can I help? Like do you want me to make your bed or somethin'?" Shirley asked, aware that Cortney's gaze was lasered to her crotch.

Cortney sat on the sofa and asked Shirley to go into the kitchen and bring back two Cokes. Her eyed were riveted to Shirley's ass all the way to the kitchen, and to her crotch all the way back. Shirley returned with two beers.

"I said Coke," Cortney scolded.

"I like beer better, don't you?"

"You're too young for beer."

"Am not," Shirley protested, expertly popping the pull tab on the can.

"Does your mother know that you drink beer?"

"Nope, but my aunt does, and I'm stayin' with my aunt this week. Besides, beer makes me horny."

Cortney nearly fell off the sofa. "Why you little vixen. Why do you want to get horny."

"So I can—you know, fuck. Don't you wanna fuck me?"

"You're just a child," Cortney said. "Maybe we'll `fuck' when you get older."

"I'm older than Keira and Amy, and you fuck them."

"That's not the same," Cortney said, in effect admitting that the girl was right.

"Why? `cause they won't tell? I won't tell either, I promise. Besides, if I tell, ya can always say it's a big fib."

Shirley was of course right, but it wasn't Shirley's parents that Cortney worried about. It was Olivia and the two girls. She would have no deniability there. They would know it was true, which of course meant sharing, and Cortney had no intention of sharing this little sweetheart.

"Honey, if we did—you know, you could never tell anyone, not even Olivia and the girls, do you understand that?"

The only adult that Shirley had ever fucked, was her Mother, the church's `Youth Pastor', and she had managed to keep that secret for over a year, ever since her father's diabetes caused him to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, and he couldn't fuck her mother any more.

Shirley made the sign of the cross over her heart, and said, "I won't tell nobody ever, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Unable to resist any longer, Cortney took Shirley's hands and stood her up. She slipped the girl's top over her head, then pushed her shorts and yellow cotton panties down to the floor and off of her feet. She held the girl at arm's length and took in all of her beauty.

She closed her eyes and ran her hands over the young girl's body, down her back and buttocks, down her front and over her small but perfect 34A breasts, down over her hips and legs, then up between her thighs to her sweet, wet pussy, taking it all in through her closed eyes, as would a blind person reading Braille.

She took Shirley's face in her hands and kissed her. On her forehead, on her cheeks, on her lips and chin, then down her neck to her small breasts with pink nipples and light aureole. With both hands holding onto the young girls buttocks, she managed to suck the entire small breast into her mouth. Flicking at Shirley's nipple with her tongue, she began sucking feverishly on the breast, causing a hickey around Shirley's areola, an inflamed elevation on skin so dark that Cortney soon had the taste of blood in her mouth.

The young raven-haired beauty entwined her hands in Cortney's hair and pulled her face hard into her breast. Her hips thrusting at open air, legs twitching, arms trembling, knees weak, and on the brink of giving out. Cortney kissed her again, swapping saliva with tongues heavily involved. Aware that Olivia and the girls might be home soon, Cortney swooped the young girl up in her arms and carried her trembling into the bedroom.

* * * * *

Unaware that Shirley had been fucking her mother and some of the other girls in her mother's youth group for over a year, Cortney was amazed at the child's sexual astuteness. They were no sooner in bed when Shirley appeared to take charge. She knew what she wanted, and she was determined to get it.

She climbed on top of Cortney and began kissing her, shoving her tongue as far into Cortney's mouth as she could get it, removing it only to suck on Cortney's tongue, much as one would suck on a male penis.

As Shirley began to grind her clitoris into Cortney's pubic bone, Cortney placed both hands on the child's buttocks, guiding and pacing her. Shirley slipped down to attack Cortney's left breast, clutching it in both hands while sucking on the nipple, much as a nursing child would do. Her new position put her clitoris directly in contact with Cortney's, causing both of them to fight off an approaching orgasm.

Cortney removed Shirley from her breast and helped her to turn 180 degrees so that they were in the 69 position. Shirley was on her knees, presenting herself to Cortney. Cortney pulled a pillow down from the head of the bed, folded it in half and slipped it under her head to compensate for the height difference, then buried her face in the wet folds of flesh at the joining of Shirley's legs.

Shirley leaned her head over Cortney's pubic bone and began to lick and suck on Cortney's clitoris, which was about all she could reach with her mouth and tongue at that angle, and she wanted to give Cortney as much pleasure as she was getting from her. Remembering what her mother liked, she reached between Cortney's legs and folded her left arm so that her hand was pointed toward Cortney's vagina. She began twisting her wrist from side to side as she pushed first three, then four fingers into Cortney's well lubricated pussy.

Cortney ached her back and began to thrust her hips when she felt the small hand beginning to enter her. "Yes, baby. Yesssss!" she hissed when Shirley folded her thumb into the palm of her hand and pushed all five fingers into the wet and slippery vagina.

Shirley loved fucking with her hand because it drove her mother wild, and she could reach all the way to the uterus. It was having the same effect on Cortney. Shirley slowly twisted her wrist and pushed her entire hand over the ridges and troughs lining the walls of Cortney's vagina.

About four inches into the vagina, Shirley touched the tip of Cortney's womb and pressed her finger against the cervix. It always amazed her that a baby could come through that tiny opening. She made a fist to shorten the length of her hand, then pushed past the uterus and into the fornix as her hand slipped into Cortney's pussy past her wrist and up her arm.

Shirley began to fuck Cortney with her fist, slamming into Cortney's pussy, striking Cortney's womb with her fist, withdrawing it on the outstroke coated with Cortney's juices. Cortney responded by impaling Shirley's pussy on her thumb, and her asshole on her index finger. The only two things touching the bed when her orgasm struck was the bottoms of Cortney's feet, and the hair on the back of her neck.

* * * * *

Cortney vowed to find a way that she and Shirley could spend the rest of their lives together.