Teacher Likes to Play, Part 2

by Sindy070

It took a few agonising days but finally I had engineered some time alone with sweet little Tina staying behind after school for some extra lessons. To make sure we wouldn't be disturbed I had managed to procure the use of a study room just off the headmistress' office she could guarantee our privacy!

I was waiting there for her at the end of lessons and bang on time my little angel arrived, blonde pigtails bouncing as she skipped into the room, a big smile beaming from her pretty face.

"I'm here for my extra lessons Miss!" she stated happily, and I smiled back at her as I went over to the door and locked it before returning to Tina, pulling her into my embrace and kissing her.

"I'm sure you're going to be the perfect pupil Tina," I said, "and do everything I ask of you."

"Oh yes Miss!" she agreed, "I'm a good girl!"

She certainly was, and over the next few minutes of kissing and caressing we had managed to lose our outer clothing, leaving me in my matching black bra, hold-ups and skimpy panties, Tina in a white cotton vest, pink cotton panties and the regulation school knee-length socks so cute!

"You know I promised you could make me cum next time?" I asked her as I took her vest off and rubbed her barely formed breasts, "well, how about doing it now?"

"Oh yes please miss!" she beamed at me. I walked over to the sofa in the corner and sat back in it, lifting and holding my stocking legs wide apart.

"Take off my panties and lick me Tina," I told my princess and she didn't hesitate she came over to me looking so excited and, with my help, she pulled my panties up and off me before dropping to her knees before me.

"You have a pretty pussy Miss," she purred at she gazed at my freshly-shaven glistening pussy, and before I could say anything she was down there and licking her tongue up its length, making me moan softly. I secure my feet on the edge of the sofa, freeing my hands up to tug my bra cups down and play with my titties as this most adorable 10 year old girl eagerly lapped at my wet folds. Tina was clearly no stranger to licking pussy as she was doing such a fine job of it, and when she made eye contact with me she looked so happy I nearly cried.

Instead I rewarded her good work in the best possible way I came in her mouth! I trembled and moaned and thrust my groin against her cute face as she slurped up my copious secretions, covering her in my nectar. As I calmed down Tina did a wonderful job of cleaning me up, licking up all of my cum, and when she was finished I lowered my legs and pulled her up, sitting her on my lap and kissing her gratefully, tasting myself on her tongue.

While we kissed my hand was busy inside her panties, rubbing her wet and hairless slit. I had something else in mind first though, so I broke away from her hot little mouth and told her to turn over, so that she was lying across my lap. Tina happily did so and I admired her firm little panty-clad bottom, which I started to squeeze and caress, sneaking a quick run of her pussy through the cotton from time to time.

Then I eased those pretty panties down and off the compliant girl and brought the damp gusset to my nose, inhaling the scent of her little-girl pussy. Putting them down I returned my attention to Tina's upturned posterior, working her smooth firm buns and pulling them apart to expose her gorgeous little bumhole, so pink and inviting. Wetting my finger I tease it gently, drawing little gaps and moans from Tina as I play with her bottom. I have to taste it so I move Tina around so that she is bent forward over my knees, her face in my feet as I pull her buttocks wide apart.

I move my face right and sniff the aroma of her pussy and ass before licking all around her tightly-puckered hole, drawing more moans from my princess. Her skin is so soft and smooth, one of the major attractions of girls so young, and revel in it before closing in my target, lapping wetly at her anus.

I was in heaven, this cute little 10 year old wriggling on my lap as I tasted her hot little bumhole, enjoying the feel and the slightly brackish taste of it. I think she was getting a little uncomfortable but I didn't care she would have to learn patience if she was to carry on being my favourite pupil, and I was enjoying her hot little body too much to care. My spit was running down to bathe her slit as I worked her sweet derriere, managing to gain limited entry to her forbidden portal with my tongue.

I wanted more so my tongue was replaced with my finger, gently working my way into her tight body and making her whimper as I penetrated her bumhole. Tina was tight and it looked so good to see my finger sliding in and out of her arse, and she was really enjoying it now her whimpers had pleasure in them and her little pink slit was so wet! Her body was starting to loosen somewhat and with all the saliva I had applied I had no trouble in giving her bottom a good finger-fuck until she was gasping and writhing about.

Tina's pussy was ripe and juicy by now, so I removed my finger from her bottom, quickly turned her over and pulled her groin up to my face, her shoulders on my knees and her slim little legs either side of my head. Oh yes, her juicy slit was indeed ripe, shiny with juice and reddening with arousal I pulled it up to my face and I engulfed it with my open mouth. Sucking and lashing at it with my tongue made Tina cry out with pleasure and wriggle about in my grasp, her hot little slit feeding me with sweet sticky cream.

My little angel was getting close to cumming and I redoubled my efforts, delving deep into her slit with my tongue and drawing those heavenly juices forth until she shivered, shook and groaned as she came in my mouth. I was greedy though, wanting more of her little-girl liquid so I kept on going, ignoring her protests she was about to experience her first multiple orgasm.

She was getting quite a handful now but I knew that she would thank me afterwards, so I hung onto her and continued to lick and suck her succulent pussy-fruit. I was concentrating now on her hard little clit, sucking and nibbling her love button one moment, sucking up her juices the next before returning to her clit. Her cum had never really finished but I was pushing her towards another peak now, and I decided that she probably couldn't take any more, so when she came hard again I let her come back down from it.

She slumped back on my lap as she struggled to get her breath and composure back, so I picked her up and cradled her in my arms, kissing her tenderly and telling her what a good little girl she was. Tina slowly calmed down and started to breathe normally and she returned my kisses with gratitude and passion she had really enjoyed what I did to her hot and horny body. We spent some minutes like that, kissing with gentleness as I caressed her little budding breasts and her small pink nipples. I wanted more but I could tell that Tina was spent and it wouldn't do for to go home looking like she'd just run a marathon, so I contented myself with our soft kisses, wondering when we could do this again...