Girls' Sex Education Class, Part 1

by Sheila

"Now, girls, I have been asked by the Head to deal with Sex Education."

Giggles all round, a few blushes, some uncomfortable shuffling of bottoms on seats.

"I am sure you all think you already know everything, so please be patient with me if some of what follows is old hat, as you might say."

More fidgeting.

"Right. You all know about what causes babies and all that stuff, I suppose."

More giggles. Some nodding of heads.

"Well, girls, that's not what I call sex education. I want to deal with something altogether different, and much more interesting for girls of your age."

Silence. Eyes widen. Suddenly, every girl is still, attentive, expectant.

"Mary, please lock the door. I don't want any interruptions."

Eyes widen further. A little surreptitious whispering while the Class Monitor locks the classroom door.

"Quiet now, girls. This requires your full concentration..."


"... and participation."

A hand shoots up.

"Yes, Cindy?"

"Does that mean we have to DO things, Miss?"

"That's right. I believe in what we call the hands-on approach."

A few gasps. A few more giggles. Every girl is now totally concentrated on what will come next.

"First, girls, I want you to push your desks to the side of the room and put your chairs in a semi-circle facing me."

The usual chaos as the pupils sort the furniture and settle down again on their chairs.

"Now, girls, I want you to pull your skirts right up, round your waists."

Stunned silence. Almost nobody moves.

"Come on, you ninnies. Don't be shy! We are all girls together. Let me show you what I mean."

With that, Miss Miranda Keys, seated on her teacher's stool, splayed her legs as she hitched her skirt up round her waist. Every girl in the class stared open-mouthed at the lacy white panties thus exposed to their view.

"Now, girls, you do the same."

One by one, the girls hitched their skirts up.

"Now, scoot forward on your chair so your bottom is just on the edge of the seat...."

All the girls shuffle forward on their chairs.

"..... spread your legs wide apart! You too, Sharon!"

Miss Miranda Keys looked round the room at the see of splayed thighs and the spectacle of white cotton panties exposed to view. Her breathing became a little tight. There were days when Miss Miranda Keys loved her work.

"Now, watch me, girls, and do the same. Watch and imitate, the basis of good educational method."

She slid her hand into the top of her panties and then it disappeared under the material until it was covering the whole area of her crotch.

Every girl did the same, intrigued by the whole procedure.

"If you're left-handed, use your left hand, of course," the teacher said.

She smiled to herself at the implication of that "of course" part of her statement.

"Cindy, you're left-handed, aren't you? And you, Alison."

"Yes, Miss."

"So, use your left hand! Logical, isn't it?"

"Yes, Miss."

The teacher looked round the room.

"Now, girls, move your fingers and think about what you are touching.

Look, like this."

She started to wriggle and move her fingers inside her panties, leaving to the girls' imagination what she was actually doing with her fingers.

She bunched her fingers, separated them, moved her hand up and down. Lots of finger action hidden from view by her panties, thus leaving a lot to the girls' imagination.

"Now, you do it. No talking. Just concentrate on moving your fingers and what you are feeling when you do it."

By this time, Miss Miranda Keys was circling the tip of her forefinger round her clitoris and was beginning to feel the wonderful buzz that she loved so much. Then, sliding her finger between her cuntlips, she confirmed what she hoped for: that she was already wet. She looked round the room, seeking to read the expression in each girl's face. It was clear that some were already masturbating: techniques they had unddoubtedly learned from older sisters or from older girls in the school. Others were clearly bewildered, not sure what they were supposed to do or why they were doing it anyway.

"Good. Now, leave your hand inside your panties, but just hold still for a moment. Now, would anyone like to tell me what it was that you touched.

Mary, you start."

"I touched my vulva, Miss."

"Hm, interesting word. A bit clinical, though. Can anyone suggest another word for the same thing?"

"Yes, Alison?"

"Pussy, Miss."

"Better, much better. Thank you, Alison. But there is an old English word that I much prefer. Can you guess what word I mean?"

Stunned silence again. Then one girl put her hand up.

"The c-word, Miss?"

"Yes, Denise, the c-word. And what is the c-word? Anyone."

"Cunt, Miss."

Good old Cindy, always the brazen one! "Well done, Cindy. Yes, that's what it is, and that is what we will call it. It is not a bad word, except when boys use it. It is a beautiful word, and I want you girls always to be proud of your cunts."

More giggles, but quickly silenced by a stern glance from the teacher.

"Now, we all agree that we were touching our cunts, right?"

Nods of agreement.

"Can anyone tell me the name of any part of her cunt that she touched?"

No response.

"No one?"

Still no response.

"Very well, then let me show you."

With that, Miss Miranda Keys did what she had been longing to do ever since the start of the class: she slipped off her panties in order to expose her cunt to the girls. She opened her legs as wide as she could and pulled back her labia with her fingertips. The pink between them glistened with her moistness.

Every girl in the room was transfixed by the sight of their teacher's cunt exposed obscenely to their view.

"These beautiful lips: what are they called? Anyone. Yes, Sharon."

"Labia, Miss."

"Quite right, but we shall call them our cuntlips. Everyone say the word 'cuntlips'."

A chorus of girlish voices resounded in the room as they all uttered the magic word CUNTLIPS.

"Good, now, girls, please remove your panties and then pull back your cuntlips the way I have done."

By now, most of the girls were excited and obeyed at once, but three or four seemed reluctant.

"It's all right if you don't want to, Harriet, and you Michelle. Just keep your hands inside your panties and follow the instructions."

Miss Keys looked round the room with satisfaction at the array of young cunts. She loved how different young cunts can be: some a mere slit; some with puffy cuntlips already slightly parted to reveal the intricate creases between; some with no more then a wisp of hair, some already with a substantial bush, and one or two - Cindy's for example - neatly trimmed. What a feast for the eyes and, later, if everything when as planned, for fingers and tongues! Making a real effort to keep her voice normal, Miss Miranda Keys returned to her pedagogical duties as, one by one, , the girls pulled their cuntlips with eager fingers.

"Now watch carefully, girls, and do what I do. We are going to practice twirling and sliding."

She raised her middle finger, wet it with her copious flow of cuntjuice, showed it to the girls.

"Make sure your finger is wet, my dears. If you are not wet with cuntjuice yet, just lick your finger."

She noted with satisfaction how many girls were able to wet their finger by sliding it into their already wet cunts. A good sign! "Now, see where I am going to use the pad of my finger, girls. I am going to twirl first."

"Twirl, miss?"

"Watch, Cynthia, and you will learn. Such an impatient girl!" The teacher slid her finger to the apex of her cunt, sought out her clitoris and began to twirl her fingertip round and round. She used the fingers of her other hand to press into her pubic mound and pull gently upwards to ensure that her clitoris was fully exposed.

"You kn-know wh-what this littel b-button of flesh is, girls?"

Already she was so aroused that she was having difficulty controlling her breathing. Oh god, she thought, I've got to slow down!

"It's like a little penis, miss." Alison this time. Where DID these girls learn these things?!

Miss Keys stopped twirling.

"Pay attention, everyone. EVery boy has a penis, and he enjoys playing with it because it has thousands of nerve endings to give him his thrills. But THIS, which is called the CLITORIS, is what we girls have, and it has not thousands but MILLIONS of nerve endings, so a boy's sexual thrills are as NOTHING compared to ours."

Silence while this new information was absorbed.

"Poor boys!" whispered one of the girls, a bit too loudly.

"Poor stupid useless boys!" Miss Keys shouted, "Forget them! Now, start twirling as soon as you have located your wonderful clitoris."

Fumbling, shuffling, busy fingers, murmurs of excitement, murmurs of puzzlement. She looked round the semi-circle. Most but not all had found the magic button.

"If you can't locate it, don't worry. I will come and help you."

This was the dream moment for Miss Miranda Keys, the moment when she could get her fingers on sweet virgin pussy in the knowledge that she was simply doing her professional duty.

"Like this, Beth" and then inserting her wettened finger into the girl's slit and probing to locate her clit. "Just wet your finger in my cunt first, Karen" and then guiding the girl's finger up to the magic button.

"Oh my, Tina, how could you NOT find your clit when it is so big and so swollen! Here, let me show you how to twirl" and then masturbating the girl until she was writhing with excitement.

By the time she had helped several girls and shown them how to wet their fingers and how to pull back the hood and twirl round and round their clitties, she was breathless with lust, so horny now that it was all she could do to keep from going down on these pretty young cunts and eating them out.

She went back to her teacher's chair and resumed her own masturbation, desperate to experience once again the wonderful thrills that are the privilege and the right of every female. Despite herself, she closed her eyes and set to with a will, no longer bothering to suppress the little moans as she worked close to her first climax. Oh god, she thought, I must exercise more will power!

"Well, g-girls, does that f-feel good? Who would like to d-describe the feeling?"

Nobody spoke. Miss Keys took a deep breath.

"I know, girls, I have difficulty breathing, let alone speaking, when I caress my clitoris this way."

It was Cindy, of course, who broke the silence.

"It's wonderful, Miss! All tingling, and lots of tingles right through my body and in my tummy. And it even makes me curl my toes!" "Yes, dear. And are you wet?"

"Oh yes, Miss!"

"Is everybody wet now?"

A chorus of yesses and nods of assent.

"Good! Now, you twirlers are going to become sliders! Can you think what that means? Yes, Sharon?"

"It means we are going to slide our fingertip over our clit, Miss."

"Right, but not just over your clitoris, dear. I want you all to slide your fingers the whole length of your cunts now. Use your fingertips on the insides of your cuntlips - they are just like velvet and SO sensitive. You will love it, I promise you!"


"Yes, Alison?"

"Is it all right if we slide our fingers INSIDE our cunts as well?"

Bless the child!

"Of course, darling. I want you all to enjoy your cunts now. And I am going to enjoy mine. Begin!"

The teacher closed her eyes and was soon lost in orgasmic ecstasy, knowing that whenever she opened them, she would see the wonderful spectacle of a semi-circle of lovely young girls experiencing the magic of female masturbation. Many had their eyes closed, most of them were writhing and moaning as the excitement mounted. This is what Miss Miranda Keys wanted for her lovely young girls.

And, she thought, this is only Lesson One. Wait till they find out what I have in store for them in Lesson Two!

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Have fun, stay moist and keep your fingers busy!