Seduction of Sruthy

by SensualKeralaGuy

I am now 30 years old. My husband is working in the gulf. He married me and went to gulf within a week after the marriage giving me the pleasures of sex. After he left to gulf I used to simply sit in the house with only eating and sleeping. My husband will come home only in every 2 years. I was under immense sexual heat. My pussy was burning with sexual desire. I used to masturbate and alleviate the pressure. We had no children. Since my husband's family members were in the house I found no way to ease my heat. My husband used to send me erotic CD's through people coming on leave. I had taken my computer from my house after the marriage. I use to watch these movies comfortably in my room in the second floor with out any one disturbing me. I really found great interest in lesbian movies. In one film I had seen a mother offering her 10-year-old daughter to her lesbian friends. In the movie 3 of her friends were invited to the house for dinner. Each one was around 50 years of age. The mother gave her daughter food early and told her to sleep after making her wear a short dress, which was up to the middle of her smooth milky thigh. After the dinner the mother took her friends to her daughters room. They switched on the light and gathered around the innocent sleeping beauty. The mother had given the daughter some mild sedative. Two started the action by slowly caressing the child's thigh. They slowly lifter her short skirt to reveal the pink dotted panties. The other woman watched while her mother caressed her hair. Each one of them started kissing the panty-covered fresh virgin pussy. They slowly slid off the child's panties. Six eyes began staring at the hairless little pussy. Each one of them then started to smell the mount. By that time the mother had started unbuttoning the child's top. The young girl was still in deep sleep. The mother slowly removed the top and two young buds topped with two tiny cherries began were revealed. The woman who was left out took charge of the small mounts. She very gently cupped the mounts in her hand as if she was molding it. Then she gently pinched her small nipples. The mother slowly inserted her middle finger in to the tight virgin ass hole of the child. She started to and fro motion of the fingers in the small hole. By this time the child recovered from the sedation. She began to cry from panic of people attacking all her openings. Her mother slowly took her finger from the virgin ass hole and put that in the child's mouth. She ordered the child to slowly suck it. The child slowly started doing it. One woman took a dildo and slowly licked it. She then rubbed it on the pink slit. She slowly started inserting it into the small slit. The child looked at the mother wondering what is going to happen. She smiled at her and told her that she is going to have a new life that day onwards and slowly covered the child's eyes with her both hands. The woman who was holding the dildo suddenly inserted it into the hole. She child cried aloud but was soon calmed by he mother. After some time they took her to the bathroom and bathed her each one taking charge of different body parts of the child. After seeing this film my whole sexual appetite changed. I wanted to taste a young innocent little girl not corrupted by anyone. I started looking for an opportunity around, when it came after me.

One day my mother in law told me that we are going to have a new member in the house soon. She told me that my sister in law and her husband are going send their daughter sruthy to our house. They were working in Dubai. So sruthy is going to study in the nearby CBSE school in 6th standard. She was 11. My mother in law told me that as there is little room to spare in the ground floor she would have to be accommodated with me. With out showing much interest I agreed to it. My heart was full of joy about the prospect of slowly seducing sruthy. I went to my mother's house to attend a function there. When I came back my mother in law told me that sruthy had come and she is in my room. With out making noise I went to my room. There I saw one of the beautiful sights in my life. An young fairy was sleeping there in a short blue cotton dress. I could see the outline of her perfectly shaped round buttocks through the thin dress. She had her long hair up to her waist. Her short skirt was lying high around her mid thigh. She was perfectly white. I knelt down near the side of the bed to get a glimpse of her most precious part of her body, her virgin pussy. But I was only able to get a short glimpse of her white panty only. This girl was what I call a 'plump girl' who seems to be going to explode any moment. She was perfectly built for her age. Then I heard my mother in law calling me from below. I left my sleeping beauty there and slowly walked out of the room.

My mother in law had prepared every thing ready for the evening tea on the table when I reached down. She called "Sruthy...Sruthy come her and have your tea". She repeated her call until sruthy came down. My little Cinderella slowly came down. Seeing me for the first time (she might have seen me in the photos) she came near me and hug me. We had a short chat about her stay in gulf and her studies there. She was very sad to leave her father and mother and stay in this house. In between the conversation she started to sob. My mother in law pacified her and told her that today onwards I will her mum and would take care of her. I was too glad to hear that. I grabbed her arm and slowly made her stand beside me. I slowly stroked her long black hair. Her hair felt not so smooth. I told her that if she was going to keep her hair like that she might be having no hair left after 5 years. My mother in law heard this and told me to apply some coconut oil on her hair and wash her hair using green gram powder. I took her to my room. I told her that her skin was also not smooth and rash may appear on it if she was keeping it like that. She was afraid to hear this and begged me to do something. I assured her that today I was going to give a full beauty therapy. I closed the door. I made her stand beside me. I once again began to slowly stroke her long hair. Doing so my hands touched her perfectly shaped round buttocks. My hand went through the hair and came on top of her small bottom. I spent some time there under the pretension of smoothing the hair there. I slowly traced the outline of her small bottom. It was around the size of a small volleyball. I could feel the separation of the two round globes. I found this was the perfect time to taste this beauty. I told her that I was going to apply coconut oil over her hair and body. If she was not going to remove her dress then it may get spoiled. At first she was very shy. She moved away from me and told me with a shy smile with out looking me and with her downcast eyes 'No... Aunty, I am shy to do that'. I feared that all my plans will go in vain. I slowly went to her and told asked her whether her mother had seen her naked. She told me that till 9 years old her mother was bathing her. I told her to consider me like her mother. I slowly started to unbutton the back of her dress. She tried to move away from me but I made her to stay near me with out moving. I pushed her dress from her shoulder and let it fall down. There my small candy was standing there in only her white panties. I was awe struck to see her beauty. Her breasts were just like lemons toped with small pink nipples. Sruthy tried to cover her budding cones with her hands. I prevented that and told her to keep her hands down. My eyes went to her panty covered pussy. The panty was somewhat tight for a girl of her age. It molded her fresh mount and I was able to see the outline of her slit through the fabric. I put her before a full-length mirror. I took some coconut oil in my hands and began to apply it first on her hair. After I finished applying it I began to apply it on her body. I started with her shoulder. My oily hands then began to encircle her twin breast mounts. I went to her back and standing in her back slowly cupped her breasts. I felt a shudder pass through her body. I molded both her breasts remembering the scenes I saw in the movie. Like the dough is prepared to make bread I softly kneaded it. My fingers went to her nipples. I pulled on it as if trying to increase its length. Sruthy had started purring like a small pussycat. I then knelt before her and slowly slid down her white panties. I kept my nose closer to her pussy to smell it. It was fresh and clean. I applied oil there also. I parted the folds of her mount and inserted my oily finger slowly into it. I felt sruthy shudder and wriggle above me. I gave a small kiss on her prepubescent slit. Her slit was getting wetter. I started stroking sruthy there. The shy young girl was boiling with the immense pleasure I was giving her. I made her to lie on the floor with me staring at her milky white buttocks. I dipped my hands in the oil. I started kneading it using my both hands. This is the most beautiful body part of an young girl. I kissed on both the globes. I then separated the white globes. I could hear sruthy moaning with pleasure. I took my index finger and slowly started inserting it in to the virgin tight ass hole. I felt the muscles tightening around the finger. I inserted it as deep as I could. I started fingering her small tight anal hole. I used my other hand to finger her virgin pussy. Sruthy gave another shudder. This young child was experiencing the first orgasm of her life. I pulled out my finger from her ass hole and placed in her mouth. I told her to suck it. She slowly did that. I kissed her thinking about the next part of the whole episode.