Milk Money

by salrod1130

I leaned back on my sofa and closed my eyes, trying not to panic as I should be, after all there is a 12 year old blonde girl sucking milk from my lactating breast. She was lost in ecstasy as she switched from one nipple to the other while I sat there with my blouse unbuttoned and my bra unclasped in front. She was lovingly cupping C cups which on my thin frame are like melons, as she sucked the milk from my breasts. Save some for me I heard Ali say, she was carrying my baby Joey watching silently from a few feet away. Ali was 11 and very sexual, I guess her hot latin blood was to blame. Reluctanly Elle my little blonde goddess got up and took the baby from Ali.

Ali sat down and kissed me in the mouth, a deep and expeirenced kiss which was shocking for someone so young. She was pinching my nipples as we kissed, soft , hard then soft again. She pushed me lightly and again I leaned back and let her have her way. She sucked hard at each nipple as if to drain me of every single drop, lucky for Joey we have plenty stored in the fridge. I was enjoying the whole thing when I felt her hand up my skirt, she'd parted my thighs and was now rubbing my cunt over my panties. I sucked in my breath and she said relax I know what I'm doing, she pulled down my panties and all of a sudden my skirt was hiked up to my waist, my panties were on the floor and my legs were spread wide displaying my very wet cunt. I heard Elle gasp and I felt her come closer, she had laid Joey in his bassinet and was now lookig at my pussy up close. Wait your turn, Ali teased as she kneeled in front of me and started playing with my pussy. I was moaning and grinding my cunt against her fingers when I felt her bury two digits in my pussy, in and out, in and out for a good 30 seconds before I came. Ahhh, finally, cunt juice Ali said as she plastered her 11 year old mouth to my 26 year old pussy. She pushed my knees back and wide to give her more access, she was still inexperienced but she was sucking and licking like there was no tomorrow. She found my clt and the second she clamped down I came again, I was trying to push her off but it was like she was glued to my clit, I could see her dark head between my legs and it stayed there for a good five minutes before she came up for air. She wiped her mouth with my skirt the she got up and asked Elle if she could top that.

My knees were weak and I was completely helpless to resist. I can try Elle said but first let's get you naked. She stood me up and removed all my clothes, she then asked me to get on all fours on the sofa. I felt her kneel behind and she started to run her fingers up and down my slit, circle my rosebud which made me jump slightly. She patted my ass as of to calm me, then she started to lick my buns, carefully avoiding my pussy, after a minute I felt her pointed tougue darting at my bunghole, Oh my I screamed silently and I felt my pussy moist in anticipation. Not long to wait, I felt her circling my rosebud with her toungue as I felt her thumb toying with my clit. A full minute of this and I was gushing again, satisfied she now asked me to lie on my back with my legs pulled back, I saw her smile then bury her mouth on my pussy, she inserted her pointy finger in my wet cunt, after a few, she pulled it out and buried the wet finger unmercillessly in my well licked asshole. She captured my clit in her mouth before I could notice the pain. She was munching on my clit while she finger fucking me in the ass. I felt a huge orgasm coming on and it hit me like a tsunami, I screamed in ecstasy and then I passed out.

When I came to, Joey was still in his bassinet napping snuggly under his favorite blanket. The girls had gone but they tidied up a bit. I walked over to the kitchen to get some water. I saw the note on the table with two $20 dollar bills. The note said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, what a great way to start the week. Here's our milk money for the day, it's yours. We will be back on Wednesday as it will be Lena and Sami babysitting for you tomorrow, with milk money on hand of course. FYI, Lena the big girl wants to fuck you in the ass with her mom's strap on, so strecth and lube if I were you Wink*. Speaking of strap ons, Ali wants to know if you have one that you can use on her, she promises it will be worth it. See you later.


Elle and Ali

p.s. not to be a narc but in case you're thinking of running away, we have an interesting video saved in your laptop, don't worry so long as we keep babysitting for you it'll just be between us girls. Love you, kisses to Joey.

I asked myself, what have I gotten myself into? I am fucked........To Be Continued