My Daughter's Babysitter, Part IV

by Sally

I still feeling the guilt of having sex with my daughter. I keep thinking that I might screw up her life down the road because of my sexual contact with her. It is always on my mind. So is my sexual desire for her. I can’t seem to keep form thinking about her beautiful little body and how much I enjoy performing oral sex on her. Jenny her sitter has changed my innocent Annie. Ann is becoming my little sex object and making me feel like a pedophile.

Anyway Jenny is sitting this weekend. Jenny’s mom called and asked if Jenny and her other daughter Emily could spend Friday and Saturday night with me. Her sister is undergoing surgery for a small breast tumor and she wanted to fly down for the surgery. The cost of taking Emily and Jenny would add another seven hundred dollars of airfare. I asked how old Emily was and she said she was nine. I was thinking about were she would sleep when she said the girls could bring sleeping bags. I told it would be fine since Jenny was watching Ann anyway.

On Friday Jenny arrived at 7:00 PM with her sister Emily. It was a very hot summer day and they were both in halter tops and shorts. Emily was about 4’3 tall and 85 pound of beautiful little girl. She has long blond hair and deep blue eyes with a smile to make anyone milt. Jenny introduced me to Emily and she came and gave me a big hug. I felt myself taking in the fresh smell of her shampooed hair and a sent of lavender soap.

Jenny had two sleeping bags with her and a small suitcase for their overnight wear. I told her to put them in the family room. Ann asked if Jenny could sleep in her bed and maybe Emily could sleep with me. I taught Emily might be scared to sleep with me but Jenny said Emily sleeps with her mother a lot. Well I told Emily it would be fine with me and she seemed to really be happy when I said that. She gave me another big hug and a beautiful smile to go with it.

I decided to turn the air on before I left as it was getting hot in the house. As luck would have it the air failed to turn on. I have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms so I told the girls to just turn them on if they get to hot. I left the house and actually was wishing I didn’t have to go out at all.

I returned at 11:00 PM and went up to my room. I checked on Ann first and saw that she and Jenny had turned on their fan. It still must have been warm because they were both sleeping in the nude. God there bodies are so beautiful. I made my way to my room and turned the switch that operates my lamp. I could see that Emily had the fan on too. She just had a light PJ top and no bottoms. Her legs were pulled up in a fatal position and I could see her beautiful little butt and a smooth hairless vagina. I could feel myself starting to get wet from the sight of her little body. God I had to get control of myself. She is only nine years old.

I got undressed and jumped into the shower. Maybe a cold shower would help the heat I felt in my sex. I started to wash my breast and as my hands wash over my nipples I could fell them get very hard. The images of Emily’s little butt and bald vagina kept entering my mind. By the time my fingers got to my vagina it was dripping wet. I washed as quickly as possible and got out of the shower to dry. I have to keep myself in control. I can’t let anything happen. She’s nine only nine I kept telling myself.

I found a PJ top to put on that was long enough to cover my bottom without having to wear any. It had an open top that tied with 3 bows. I tied the bows and was hoping it wasn’t too revealing for a nine- year-old child. It was very hot. I wish the air were working to cool my body. Emily’s half-nude little body wasn’t helping me to cool off. It was getting me dripping wet in the wrong place. I crawled into my bed and reached over Emily to turn the lamp off. I felt her little body stir as she must have felt my breast touch her shoulder. She turned around and put her arms around my waist and snuggled up to my body. Her little PJ top was still riding up over her hips. In the moonlight from my window I could still see the curves of her hips and her little butt. I needed to get asleep before I lose control of myself.

I was half awakening by a sucking mouth on my right nipple. I first I taught I was dreaming but as my eyes started to focus I could see Emily had untied my bows and was sucking on my right nipple. At first I was going to push her away but then her sucking got me so heated that I actually put my hand behind her head held her head to my breast. Her mouth left my right nipple and her little hands grabbed the bottom of my PJ top and started to pull upward. She wanted my top off. I sat up and help her pull it off. Before I could lie myself back on the bed her little mouth was sucking at my left nipple. God she knew how to suck a tit. I was sure she has done this before. Her right hand was creeping down to my wet sex. I felt her little fingers push into my vagina as she continued to suck my nipple and roll her little tongue around it. I am so wet I can hear my wetness as she fingers my cunt. I couldn’t get over how good her mouth felt. Not even Ann or Jenny sucked like little Emily. I felt her pull her fingers from my vagina and bring them up to her nose. I taught maybe she would be turned off by my smell but she smiled and said how good I smelled.

She then put them in her mouth and sucked and licked them until she had all my juices off. The then put her little hand back in my cunt and fingered me again. She pulled them out and I could see in the moonlight that they were again wet with my cunt juice. This time she brought them up to my face and asks me to suck them. I could smell my sex on her little fingers as I let her guide them to my open mouth. God I was so hot and the smell of my own sex was getting more and more excited. I let my tongue roll over her fingers licking my own juice from them and then sucked all of it from her fingers. She smiled at me knowing I loved the taste of my cunt juice.

She started to kiss my belly and I knew where she was headed. God should I let her do that to me. She did already lick my juices from her fingers. Before I could think about it she her mouth glued to my clit sucking and tonguing around it. I had my hands in her hair to stop her but as she kept sucking my clit and tonguing me I just wanted her mouth on my sex. I heard myself moaning as she found all the nerves ending in my cunt. God she is really good at eating me. Where did she learn this? Jenny or maybe ever her mother. I had lost the battle. She had me too turned on to ever stop. Her little mouth and tongue were getting me so worked up. I was on my side and her head was between my legs with her nose almost pushing itself in my anus. I was trying to adjust myself so that her nose wouldn’t be there but she seemed to want to smell me there.

I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart and then put her nose right into my anus. Her little mouth and tongue were busy sucking and licking my wet cunt. God she was so good at this. Her little month and tongue moved slowly from my cunt to my anus. I can’t believe she knows how to do this too. So young and she is going to tongue me there. Her little tongue found my anus and wiggled its way in. She was sucking my anus and tonguing it at the same time. I couldn’t believe how good this nine-year-old was making me feel. I knew I was going to cum big when it happened. I could feel it building inside me like no other orgasm I ever had. I could also feel the need to pee. I had enough to drink at the bar and should have gone again before I went to bed.

Her little month left my anus and glued itself bad to my dripping cunt. She was sucking all over my cunt lips and running her tongue between them. I couldn’t hold back. She was going to give me my best orgasm I ever had. I needed to pee too. Maybe just a little piss to relieve the pressure. I let a little go hoping she wouldn’t notice and keep eating me. I heard her moan a little and her little mouth was sucking harder. That was it for me. I came so hard and so did more piss. Her little mouth never left my pissing cunt. She was sucking everything from me I had. God I never came so hard in my life. A nine year old gave me my best ever orgasm.

When she was done licking my wet cunt she came up by me and looked into my eyes. She asked me if I had liked it. I told her it was the best ever. She gave me a big smile. I could see her face and neck were still wet from my piss. She was going to need a shower. She leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I could smell my urine on her little face and see how wet her neck was. I am sure I had pissed so hard that she couldn’t keep up. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and could taste my juices and piss. God I am getting to like the smell of piss and the taste too. I started to lick her face and then her neck sucking and cleaning as much as I could. I heard her little voice say she needed to pee too. God those words set me off again.

I could feel my cunt getting wet all over as I kissed my way down her neck to her little right nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and tongued around it. It was small but so hard. I left it and licked across to her left nipple and sucked and tongued it. I could hear her breathing harder and faster. I knew she was enjoying my sucking mouth and tongue I kissed my way to her belly button. I put my tongue into her little belly button and licked it. I heard a soft little moan. I sat up and had her turn her little body until her legs were hanging off the bed and her little butt was at the edge of the bed. I got up from the bed and kneeled in front of her. I took her legs and pushed them back to her chest. God the view I had in front of my face. Her little anus was all pink and her bald little cunt with its little puffy lips was beautiful. I wanted to give her the pleasure she gave me. I started kissing the back of her right leg down to her right ass cheek. I let my tongue wet the way down to her right ass cheek. I gave her little sucking kissing all over her ass check. I moved over to the back of left leg and proceeded down to her left cheek. I heard her soft moan gave her right cheek little sucking kisses. I knew where I wanted my mouth and tongue next as I eyed her little anus. Just as I was about to dive in a little spurt of piss came out of her little cunt and ran down the crack of her butt. I let my tongue lick her pee from her little slit all the way down to her anus. I could taste the salting mix of urine and her little girl juice. God it tasted so good. I licked at her little rose bud and then pushed my tongue way into her anus. I heard he loan as her hands went to the back of my head holding my tongue deep into her anus. I push my tongue in and out of her anus and at the same time push my nose into her little slit. I could smell her little cunt juices and the smell of her urine. God I love that smell. I heard her say she can’t hold it much longer and I pulled my tongue from her anus and pushed it into her little cunt. I began sucking and licking her slit loving the taste of her juices. She was peeing little spurts into my mouth. I quickly drink them down and then her orgasm hit. She was pressing my face into her cunt and she started to urinate at the same time. I glued my mouth to her little cunt and sucked for all I was worth swallowing as much of her piss as I could swallow. The taste was so intoxicating. I love drinking it from her little cunt. When she finished I licked her little cunt from top to bottom and down to her anus to try and get every drop of her piss. God I love the taste.

I slowly slid my body on top of her and kissed her on the mouth. She sucked my tongue into her little mouth and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. When we broke the kiss she told me she loved me. I could see it in her eyes and I kissed her again. God I love this child. I can hardly wait until I can make love to her again.