My Daughter's Babysitter, Part I

by Sally

My daughter Ann is eleven years old and a very pretty child. She is 5 feet 92 pounds with blond hair and hazel eyes. She is just starting to get little bumps for breast. I am 33 and been divorced from my husband for 5 years. We haven't seen him for the past 3 years. I have been going to single bars with another woman from work.

I got Ann a sitter named Jenny. She has been sitting for Ann for three months while I go out on weekends generally on a Friday or Saturday night. Jenny is 17 and also a blonde with blue eyes. She is only 5'2" and 105 pounds with a cute little body. She is just loved by Ann and I almost get jealous from the big hugs Ann gives her all the time.

Anyway about a week ago I went out with my girlfriend on Friday and had Jenny come over to stay with Ann. I normally stay out until 11:30 PM or mid-night but I wasn't in the party mood and decided to call it a night at 10:00 PM.

When I got to the house I saw that Ann's bedroom light was on but the rest of the house was dark. I was hoping that Ann was OK and was not sick. Normally Jenny is downstairs watching TV when I get there. I could hear a small moaning sound as I made my way up the stairs as quickly as I could. We have very heavy carpet so they never heard me coming. My daughter Ann has a double bed and Jenny was lying on the bed with her feet on my daughters shoulders, her hands in Ann's blond hair pulling my daughter's head between her legs. I could hear Ann licking and sucking her vagina as Jenny rubbed it all over her mouth moaning from what my daughter was doing to her.

I screamed both of their names and Ann jumped up to her feet and Jenny tried to cover herself as best she could with her hands. Ann came running by me and put her arms around me and tried giving me a hug telling me not to be mad at Jenny that it was her fault too. I could see her little face was wet from licking Jenny's vagina and I could smell Jenny's sex on her face as I let Ann hug me around my neck trying to get me under her control.

I looked at Jenny and I could see her vagina was still very wet from Ann's mouth. She had her finger on her clit gently rubbing it. I most have interrupted her climax when I came in. I was very angry with her for having sex with my daughter but the sight of her wet vagina and the scent of her on Ann's face was making me horny. I had a sudden flash of an experience I had with a girl in college after a night of drinking. God I had to get control of myself.

I asked Ann when her and Jenny first had sex. She said about the third time Jenny sat for her. She quickly added that Jenny didn't force her and that she wanted to do it with her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The third time, Jenny's been here at least 20 times in the past three months.

Annie was pulling on my hand and moving me closer to the bed. She said she wanted me to see how beautiful Jenny looked and had me kneel with her by Jenny's outspread legs. Why was I letting my daughter do this? Where is my control? I should be calling Jenny's mother or the police. I watched Ann's hand touch Jenny's vagina and gently part the lips. God it looked so wet and beautiful. She reached for my hand and told me to touch it and feel how soft it was. I couldn't believe I was letting her manipulate me like this. The minute my hand touched Jenny's vagina I could feel her wetness and hear her take in a deep breath. She was beautiful just like Ann said and I could smell her sex as my fingers caressed her slit. She had just a puff of hair above her slit and the rest of her was hairless. God she was so sexy looking.

Annie whispered for me to taste Jenny. I couldn't believe I was even touching her and now my daughter wanted me do lick Jenny's vagina. She started to beg me to do it and she pushed my head closer to Jenny's sex. I could smell Jenny and the smell was so intoxicating that I let my mouth touch her sex. I heard Jenny moan and her hands went into my hair pulling my mouth to her sex. The smell of her sex had taken away any control I had left and I felt my mouth and tongue begin to lick and suck her beautiful vagina. She was so wet and I felt myself shudder while I lapped at her sex. She started to grind my face with her sex. My nose and mouth got buried as she slid and grinded her sex on my face. God it was so damn hot eating her. I found her clit and sucked it. I let my tongue dance around it and then sucked it back into my mouth. I knew her climax was near as her moans were louder and louder. Her wet sex was moving faster and faster over my mouth and nose. Her hand now tightly griped my hair and with one last trust she climaxed in my face. She was just dripping and I proceeded to lick and suck all of her juice from her sex.

My daughter Ann was watching me and as I pulled myself back from Jenny's sex she took my face into her little hands and kissed me on my mouth. It lingered just a little longer than usual and I saw her little tongue lick at her lips. She asked if Jenny tasted good and I told she was delicious. She gave me a big smile and pulled me to her little body for a hug. She was standing and I was still knelling by her bed. I put my arms around her waist and gave her little bellybutton a quick kiss. I felt her hands entangle themselves into my hair and she asked me to kiss it again. When I did she held my head against her little tummy and told me to kiss it some more. I should have stopped because I had this feeling it was turning her on. I let my tongue dip into her belly button and I heard a soft moan leave her lips. Now there was no doubt in my mind I was getting her turned on. I was going to pull away but she held my head to her belly and set on the edge of the bed. This had me on my knees and my head in her lap. I heard her say, "Kiss me like you kissed Jenny," and she fell back on the bed spreading her young legs.

With her hands in my hair I couldn't pull away as she pulled my mouth to her sex. She was as wet as Jenny and her smell was ever more intoxicating. God this was my daughter and I had my mouth on her little vagina. Maybe I could get back control but just when I was going to try and see if I could escape from Ann thigh's I felt Jenny tug at my pants pulling them down from my butt along with my panties. I could feel her hot breath on my butt. She started to gently kiss each butt cheek. Her lips felt so good and now the smell of my little Annie's sex was getting me turned on again and I felt my tongue lick into her slit. God so good and so wet. Her little butt started to lift from the bed and her little sex slid over my mouth and nose so that I was inhaling her scent. At the same time Jenny had parted my butt cheeks and was kissing my anus. Nobody ever kissed me there. I could feel her tongue running over and over my anus until it stopped in the middle and then began to wiggle its way into my anus. I heard myself moan as she pushed her tongue way into my anus. It seemed so dirty but it was feeling so good. She began a fucking movement with her tongue. In and out it went giving me more pleasure than I ever felt before. I heard myself moan again.

Ann was now moving up and down on my mouth. She seemed to enjoy seeing me so turned on. She all of a sudden brought her legs up to her chest exposing her cute ass. She said to lick her like Jenny was licking me. God she wanted me to lick her anus. I started to back away but she pushed my mouth down to her anus. "Lick me please Mom," came from her mouth. I felt my tongue lick over her anus and at the same time Ann moaned to let me know she wanted more. I remember how Jenny did mine and knew she must have done it to Ann too. I was really getting into it and as Jenny was still tonguing mine. I let my tongue press against my daughter's anus. I pushed until I had my tongue deep in her anus and my nose was pressed into her sex. God this was so hot tonguing her anus and smelling her sex at the same time.

Jenny's tongue was leaving my anus and licking down to my vagina. I was so hot I knew I was going to have a really big O anytime. As her tongue pushed into my vagina her nose was now in my anus. I could feel myself riding both her nose and mouth. It hit like an exploding geyser. I came so hard I thought I wet myself. Maybe I did but Jenny just kept lapping at me.

I pulled my tongue from my daughter's anus and began to suck and lick her little slit for all I was worth. She was humping my face like crazy and I knew her orgasm was near. I covered her little vagina with my mouth sucking and licking then running my tongue over her clit. She again had my hair in her hands using it to guide my mouth up and down her young slit. She was so wet, really wet. It tasted salty too. God she must be peeing a little as her climax was nearing. I never tasted anything so hot and I could now smell her urine. She was peeing in my mouth a little at a time and I was drinking every drop. God I was going to come with her and then we both came hard. I drank ever drop from her and Jenny had my second one in her mouth too.

My daughter apologized saying she just can't hold her pee when she climaxes. She almost always needs to pee and hope I wasn't mad at her. How could I be? It was the best sex ever. I think I found a new addiction maybe two new addictions. :)