A Mother's Plan

by Ryan's Mom

This story is fiction.

A mom that loves her daughter and is expecting another. This story is about my first daughter, Ryan. You may have read about us in a story called "Emma and Ryan" authored by Stormy

My name is Emma. I am 32 years old 5'1 around 110. I am not beautiful and do not possess a knockout body as do most of the other moms in made up stories. I am fairly flat chested with average looks. I am someone you would look past in a crowd. However, I do possess one unique trait, my daughter, now eight, is my slut.

I knew from my teenage years that I was attracted to young girls. Until I began to babysit infants I did not realize how bad I had it. The moment I was alone with the little ones I began to molest them. And God how I loved it. Their taste, their smell the depravity of it all. It made my cunt sopping wet and soon my needs became an addiction. I knew that in order to satisfy my lust I had two choices. Become a child care worker and risk jail or have one of my own. I decided that having my own daughter, raising her from birth to serve her mother's darkest desires was the safest bet. In that way, I controlled access to my little whore. I could keep her at home and raise her in a way that normalized Mommy using her body for sexual pleasure.

Since I have no interest in men, I visited the local sperm bank as soon as I was old enough to be eligible. Luckily it only took two tries to have a daughter. The moment I walked in the door of my home with my little Ryan I laid her on the bed and began to lick her cunt and ass. My tongue explored as deep as I could in a newborn pussy. When I had my fill of her cunt I turned her over and spread her tiny ass cheeks. She was crying by this time, probably hungry, but I did not care, I wanted to eat baby butthole and I did. As I ate her tiny rosebud I furiously fingered my own sopping cunt until I had cum numerous times. The little slut was wailing by this time so I took my cunt juice soaked fingers and liberally coated my nipples before I put her to my tits to feed. I wanted her to get used to the taste of mother's sick baby loving pussy. She would be tasting it everyday for as long as I could keep her mine.

As the months passed I continued to eat her pussy and ass for hours on end. I would mix my cunt juice in her food and formula and my little whore ate happily. I learned to anticipate bowel movements while eating her ass, stopping only at the last moment. I would coat my cunt and ass with food she liked in order to teach her to eat my holes. The feeling of how depraved it was teaching my one year old daughter to eat my ass was intoxicating. I had set up a full length mirror next to the bed so I could watch her bury her little face into my ass and cunt. Even at her young age she seems to love it. The feel as she pushed on my cunt with her face, her eager tongue licking my juices and driving me wild. After she had finished I brought her up to my face and kissed her, pushing my tongue deep into my one year old daughter's mouth and inhaling my cunt aroma on her face. She kissed me back the best she could until I laid her down on the bed. "Mommy is going to eat her little slut's holes" I would coo at her and she would smile and spread her little legs in anticipation. "Its working" I would think to myself with satisfaction as I slowly kissed my way down her body to her little cunt. Remember this had been going on since the day she was brought home. The act of eating my daughter's cunt and ass had become a normal part of the day. I loved to look up at her from between her legs and tell her what a dirty slut and whore she was before feasting on her. Licking and eating her sweet cunny, turning her over and spreading her ass cheeks as wide as I could and fuck her in the ass with my tongue. I would lose all control as my tongue jack hammered into her ass, my cunt gushing juice all over the bed. I would cum so hard the bed would shake and my little whore would smile down at me happy that she had pleased her horny mommy.

By the time Ryan had turned six I had begun to dress her like the little whore she was. I made her clothes, short tight minis, see through tops and lots of make-up. She loved dress up and knew that it meant Mommy using her. I remember her seventh birthday. I dressed her in a very tight red mini skirt that barely covered her ass. She also wore a tiny tube top, with lots of eye make-up, lipstick and big hoop earrings. As she walked into the living room in her outfit she asked, "do I look like a slut Mommy?" And she did! It was at this point I realized I could make some money down the road on my little whore. I called her over to me to model her new outfit. As she turned around for me my cunt was already hot and wet. I pulled her over to me and kissed her deeply, our tongues taking turns exploring each other's mouth. She pulled away for a moment and asked, "Can we watch the movie?"

I had been watching hard core porn with her since she was one and her favorite was movie was where a somewhat overweight black woman was having her way with a girl around six or seven (I purchased the movies before I had Ryan, afterward I did not want to take any chances). The black woman in the movie had very large tits and ass and it fascinated Ryan (we called the woman in the movie "Queeny" because she somewhat resembled Queen Latifah). The reason for Ryan's fascination with Queeny I believe is because I am so small in those areas. As we watched the movie, our fingers found each other's pussies.

Queeny stripped the little girl and made her lie on her back and spread her little cunt lips. The little girl looked scared but did as she was told. Queeny then tells the little girl to finger her cunt. As she began to finger her hairless cunny I moved my hand from Ryan's little pussy. I knew what happened at this part. Ryan began to finger herself, just like the girl in the movie. She spread her little legs wide and fingered her cunt hard yet her eyes never left the screen. I was getting so turned on watching this that I picked up a medium sized dildo and began to fuck myself as I watched my daughter's wet fingers dig into her young cunt. In the movie, another woman entered the room as the little girl played with herself and asked Queeny if her daughter was ready for the mother to fuck her. Queeny smiled and helped the mother on with a somewhat large strap-on. The mother positioned herself so the tip was almost touching the young girl's cunt. Queeny looked down at the little girl and simply said, "Fuck the little slut." The mother shoved the strap-on into the little girl cunt causing her to scream in pain. At this moment I heard Ryan moan. I turned to look at her and she was frantically rubbing her cunt as she watched the mother fuck the little girl hard. I had never seen her as hot as she was at that moment. The little girl in the movie was crying and begging her mother to stop while Queeny was beginning to finger her own wet cunt. Ryan and I looked at each other and in an almost pleading voice she said, "Fuck me Mommy", please fuck your slut Mommy." I was in heaven! I had fingered Ryan many times but never really fucked her. I did not want to damage her but now here she was begging for it. I pulled the dildo out of my wet cunt and told Ryan to lick it clean. Ryan's tongue reached out for the cunt juice smeared dildo as I put it in her mouth. Ryan sucked it clean while she continued to play with her cunt and watch the movie. The little girl in the movie was now moaning as her mother rammed the strap-on in and out of her swollen pussy. Queeny got on the bed and positioned her large ass over the little girl's mouth. Queeny ordered the little girl to spread her cheeks and eat her asshole. While her mother continued to fuck her, the little girl reached up and spread the black woman's ass and buried her face inside. At this point I pulled the dildo from my daughter's hungry mouth began to slowly insert it into her cunt hole. "This may hurt I bit," I said to her but Ryan just looked at me, grabbed my hand holding the dildo and shoved it in past her hymen. "Fuck me," she begged, "Fuck me just like the mommy in the movie is fucking her little girl". I began moving the dildo in and out of her little pussy, a little deeper and harder each time. Ryan pushed her hips forward to meet each stroke. "Fuck me hard Mommy" she repeated and I rammed the dildo as far up her as I could. I could see it in her eyes that she loved it so I continued to fuck her hard. In the movie, Queeny was now on all fours as the mother fucked her up the ass. Every few strokes the little girl grabbed the strap-on and sucked it into her mouth, cleaning it up before she aimed it back at Queeny's asshole. Ryan shuddered and had her first orgasm as the little girl in the movie took the strap-on from Queeny's ass and put it back into her freshly fucked little cunt. I put the dildo, wet with Ryan's virgin blood, cunt juice and cum, back into her mouth to clean. She greedily sucked it clean and we feel asleep in each other's arms.

After this incident, Ryan began asking for other women to join us. This of course proved to be a delicate as Ryan wanted to taste another woman's ass and I wanted to stay out of jail. As I searched the internet I came across Stormy who has authored many storied on this site. We began to email each other and I shared a picture of Ryan. I also shared my desire to make money off Ryan. For her part, Ryan looked at pictures of Stormy and could not wait to eat her ass. Finally, Stormy agreed to train Ryan further and you can catch Ryan meeting Stormy for the first time in "Emma and Ryan" posted on this site.

As for me, I miss my little girl....but I am about to give birth again.