Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze #2 "Lady In Red"

by Pulsar

Thanks for your patience and your comments. We shall now continue our story as the clock ticks on and the time for the wedding ceremony draws closer.

Danni stood in the dressing room of the church, her wedding ceremony now thirty minutes away. She scanned her reflection in the mirror again as she stood in her tuxedo consisting of a short-waisted black Bolero jacket, pink lacy blouse, rather brief black shorts, and pink nylon knee-high stockings. There was no question about it. The ensemble drew attention to her suntanned muscular bare thighs. Naturally, she did like that part of it. But it was one of the few times the tomboy actually wore pink. "Gawd, I look sooooooo gay!" she said to her reflection in the mirror. "I've always looked gay, no matter what. And I'm sure I always WILL look soooo gay. So... get over it! Ashley likes it. And I'm gonna get some soon! Oooooh yeah! Geeeez, I am soooooo gay!"

And therefore, she reached for the little black bow tie that went with her outfit and stood before the mirror. She made several attempts to tie it so the ends would come out right, which brought back memories of her senior prom dance two years ago...

..."C'mon, Danni! We'll be late!" cried Ashley through Danni's closed bedroom door.

"Ashley... we... we can't go! I mean... the anti-gay crowd will crucify us!"

"Danni, I don't care what they think, and neither should you! Now come on!" Ashley stood nearly in tears. "Pleeeeze!" she cried once more.

"Oh, aw-right. Just a minute..." called Danni from behind the door.

And so Ashley stepped away and straightened her red satin strapless tube dress that sparkled with red sequins. A lacy sash sat tied about her waist. The dress hugged her slender curvy body like a glove, yet was just barely long enough to cover her panties. And thus her long thin bare legs hung down below, interrupted only by her bony pebbles for kneecaps. She stood mounted atop two-inch high heels with open toes to reveal her painted toenails. And to top it off, her sandy-golden hair sat in a ballet bun atop her head bound by a slivery regal tiara. And there she waited, desperate to show the world her beauty, yet her date stalled behind closed doors.

But Danni finally emerged in a similar short-pant tuxedo. Only this one featured white short-shorts that hugged her bottom, yet left her copper-tanned muscular thighs on full display. She wore a pink lacy blouse, covered by a matching white Bolero jacket, as well as white knee-high socks with shiny black Mary-Jane shoes. "Oh-mah-gawd, Ash, I can't go out like this and..." Yet the sudden sight of Ashley standing before her in her red dress clutching her silvery sequined purse stole her protests away.

"Oh... Danni!" gasped Ashley to interrupt, now falling in love all over again. "Oh-mah-gawd, you are soooooo adorable!" Ashley wasted no time in throwing her arms about her. "And yes you can go out like that and you WILL go out like that! I want the whole world to see the beautiful girl I love!"

Danni blushed, yet the divine visage of Ashley in her dress overshadowed all else. She scanned her up and down as she stood poised in her sassy red dress and holding her slivery-sequined purse, dressed to satisfy her date—the love of her life. "Oh-mah-gawd, Ashley, your legs are a mile long in that dress!" said Danni, nearly in a voice of worship of the goddess before her. "Oh Ashley... you look... soooo... soooo... bee-yoooooo-ta-ful! I've never seen anything as beautiful as you look tonight! You're right! I'm gonna take you out tonight and show you off! And I'm gonna show all those jerks out there how a 'real man' should treat his lady!"

"Oh, how romantic!" said Tammy as she held her camera. "Now come into the living room, you two so I can get a picture!"

"Oh great," moaned Danni.

"C'mon, Dan! It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing!" coaxed Tammy. "You only have one Senior Prom in your life." And thus the young Sapphic couple stood against the wall for the picture. Tammy raised her camera to focus. "Y'know, Danni, would it kill you to wear those shorts just a little longer?" she said with maternal concern.

"The shorts are fine, Momma," she said.

"I love 'em!" added Ashley with her wicked grin.

"I'm sure you do, honey," said Tammy. "Now smile!"

And so they both grinned for the camera as Tammy snapped the picture. "Okay you two, go have fun at your prom. And don't be home late! And you better behave yourselves!"

"Yes Momma," assured Danni.

Moments later, they rode down the street in Danni's shiny red Camaro which she had washed and waxed earlier that day. Ashley leaned on her lover's shoulder as Danni drove through the town. "Oh Danni, I just can't get over how adorable you look tonight!" she said as she gently squeezed Danni's bare thigh. "And your MY date!"

"Me? Adorable? C'mon, really," said Danni. "You're the pretty one!"

"Oh c'mon, Dan-Dan. Just because you dress in sporty clothes and play soccer doesn't mean you can't be a pretty girl." And thus she rubbed her check against Danni's shoulder. "Oh Danni, I love you soooo much! And I love pretty things. And you're darling! Got it?" With that, Ashley lowered the visor to access the mirror in order to freshen her lip gloss.

Danni blushed and laughed. "Okay, fine. I'm darling! But... I'm also very lucky to be with the most drop-dead gorgeous chic in town! Just think, I'm dating a cheerleader!" And with that, she kissed her date on the cheek.

They drove for several more minutes until they reached a red light near the school. "Y'know Ash, you'll be sixteen soon," said Danni. "When are you gonna get your driver's license?"

"Oh... I dunno," she said as she continued to look in the mirror, now touching up her eye shadow. "I haven't even thought about it. I mean... we have your car and you can drive, so I guess there's no hurry."

"But, don't you wanna drive too?"

"Mmmm, naw! I like it when you drive. It turns me on. I mean, when you step on the pedals down there, your sexy thigh muscles flex and... oh it looks sooooo yummy!"

"Oh Ash!" chuckled Danni as she kissed her again on the cheek.

Finally, they parked at the school and made way for the gym where the prom was being held. Ashley clung to Danni's arm as they walked, her high heels going 'clop-clop-clop' as she took rapid baby steps. Once inside, they were mostly lost in a crowd of teen couples, all preoccupied with each other. However, when they reached the entrance to present their tickets, the cheer captain in all her finery gave a sneer. "Oh-mah-gawd, that is sooooo weird," she mumbled to her friends, yet spoke just loud enough for Danni to hear. "Whoever heard of a lezbo cheerleader?"

Danni ignored them, but Ashley bolted up. "What's your problem?" she snapped.

"You're the one with the problem, dear," she said. "You're dating a GIRL... if that's what you'd call it."

"Now look here you airheaded whore..."

"Ashley!" scolded Danni. "Just... ignore them, okay? They're not worth your time."

"Aaaww, what a sweet little boy!" taunted the cheer captain.

Danni sighed, yet remained steadfast when she looked up to eye them both through her slightly tinted aviator glasses. "I'm sorry your self-esteem is so low that you have to result to insulting others to feel good about yourself," she said. "I'll pray for you!" With that, she took Ashley by the hand. "C'mon, Ash. Let's go enjoy ourselves."

"God hates dykes, y'know!" cried out one of the cheer captain's confederates. "The Bible says so!"

"No He doesn't," Danni retorted rather quickly.

"How would you know?"

"The Bible says so! I have one, y'know!" And with that, she pulled Ashley along before their tormentors managed to get under her skin. "C'mon, honey. Let's go dance!"

Inside the gym, the lights were low as the music played. Sparkly glimmers from the disco balls fluttered about the crowd. For the most part, it seemed that no one really paid the same-sex couple any mind. And so they danced hand in hand. During the faster dance songs, Danni would swing Ashley about. Occasionally, the splits in the side of her tube dress would open up to allow a brief panty peek. "Oh Danni, you're good at this!" cried Ash as she spun around, clinging to Danni's hand.

"Oh Ash, you are soooo sexy when you dance! Nice choice of panties!" replied Danni over the loud music.

"I knew you'd like 'em!" said Ashley with a smile.

"I think you enjoy flashing them!" said Danni with a grin.

"Of course! It's fun!"

Moments later, they played a slow song. Fewer people remained on the floor than before, yet there were many couples dancing passionately in the dark. Yet Danni and Ashley were among them. And there they slowly swayed from side to side to 'Careless Whisper' looking each other in their twinkling eyes. Danni gently ran her fingers ever so lightly over Ashley's bare shoulders. "Oh Ashley, I don't say this enough but... I love you! I love you very much!" said Danni as softly as possible. "You look sooooo beautiful tonight. I only wish this would last forever."

Ashley smiled. But even in the darkness of the gym, Danni could see her eyes welling up again with tears. "Maybe it can," she said back softly. "And I only wish you could understand how beautiful I think you are. I mean... you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I think you should be proud of being pretty. I mean... you've got the sexiest muscular legs in the school. And you have gorgeous green eyes and a heart-warming smile... I mean..."

"Thanks, Ash. But I guess I never understood what you saw in me," said Danni. She let her fingertips float along Ashley's bare back, gently caressing the baby-soft skin.

"I love you Danni!" affirmed Ashley as she tingled from Danni's delicate touch. "I love you because... well... because you're Danni! Isn't that reason enough? You're brave and strong, but kind and gentle. It's you I want to share my life with. And it's your body I want pressed hard into mine!" she said as a tear escaped her eye. "Oh Danni, just seeing you in that tuxedo makes my clit very hard!"

"Oh Ash!" cooed Danni as she held her date and true love close. "You know I like a hard clit and a wet slit!" she quipped. "And that red dress... it's... it's like pretty wrapping paper on a beautiful present!"

"Oh Danni," moaned Ashley. "And I wrapped this present just for you. I can't wait until you open it!" And thus they held one another with their heads leaning on each other's shoulders to the somber words:

"I'm never gonna dance again, Guilty feet, I've got no rhythm... Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a fool Should have known better than to cheat a friend, And waste the chance that I've been given So I'm never gonna dance again, The way I danced with you...."

And upon hearing the somewhat depressing words, Danni dared to whisper in Ashley's ear. "Listen, Ash. It's going to be alright. It's you and me, Ash. Got it. Our future, it's gonna be you and me... together!"

And as they stared at each other face to face with longing twinkling eyes, their lips inevitably met. They kissed gently at first, but soon began to explore each other with their tongues. "Mmmmm," cooed Ashley as Danni's hand moved down her back in the darkness. Then, those strong hands found those two slender but firm buttocks. Danni slid her hands down below the hem of the brief dress and slid them back up the backs of Ashley's bare thighs, then to gently but firmly squeeze those panty-clad buttocks. "Mmmmmph!" moaned Ashley again as she rocked up on her high heels.

But as the song ended, they broke off their passionate kiss. After the slow dance was over, they made way to the snack table hand-in-hand. As Danni approached, Ashley followed beside her, clinging to her and bobbing up and down on her high heels. By this time, they had turned some heads from various on-lookers. For even in the low light, Danni's white tuxedo and knee-high stockings forced the eyes to her muscular soccer legs and thick kneecaps. And the cute blonde Ashley who clung to her with her long slender legs in her heels was nigh impossible to miss.

But there came that unmistakable voice from over her shoulder. "Danni! Oh Dan-Dan!" cried the voice of Victor, the well-known 'flamer' from her Sci-Fi club as well as the drama club. Danni spun around to greet the rather eccentric youth in his black tuxedo and ruffled shirt that would befit Liberace.

"Oh, hey Victor!"

"Dan-Dan, oh-mah-gawd!" he said flamboyantly as he eyed her in her white short-pant tuxedo. "Oh Danni that tux is sooooooo you! I mean, you are sooooo adorable tonight! I just knew you'd find a way to show off those pretty legs!"

Danni grinned with a blush, somewhat accustomed to his dramatic demeanor. "Thanks, Vic."

"Oh, le'me get a look at you, dear! Dashing! Totally dashing!" And with that, he threw his arms around her and dared to kiss her forehead. "Now when do we get to meet your date?"

Danni smiled somewhat abashed, yet looked around. "Ashley? Ashley! Say 'hi' to Victor!"

Ashley spun around from the snack table in all her glory. "Oh? Hi. I'm Ashley," she said timidly, extending her hand.

Victor took one look at Ashley in her raiment and tiara, accompanied by her bright bashful smile and dimpled cheeks. "Oh-mah-gawd!" he gasped as he took her hand. "This is your date? Oh Danni, you STUD you!" And thus he shook her hand once, yet then bent down to kiss it. "Charmed, my lady! And I must say you... look... RAVISHING! The sparkle of starlight shines in your eyes. The silvery glimmer of the moonlight gleams in your face. Every word you speak is song; every step you take is a dance! You my dear, are the essence of royalty! I hope Danni spoils you!"

Ashley giggled rather nervously, yet quite flattered. "Oh-mah-gawd," she said with a wide grin and beet-red face. "Are you for real?"

"That's our Victor," assured Danni.

Then, Ashley leaned over to whisper into Danni's ear. "Is he y'know, g..."

"Yes! Very much so!" mumbled Danni. "Why do you think he gets away with talking to my girlfriend like that?!"

"Awww, he's y'know, sweet."

"Well, y'know what they say. All the good men are gay," said Danni. Then she looked at Victor. "Soooo, uh, Victor. Did you uh... bring a date."

"Oh yes, of course I did, honey," he lisped before looking around. "Michael? Oh Michael! Get over here and greet these lovely ladies!"

Suddenly, a rather skinny bashful youth, also clad in a black tuxedo turned about from the snack table to face them. "Uh... uh... hi," he stammered nervously.

"Oh, c'mon you little faggot! Charm them with sweet words!" coaxed Victor.

"Victor! You of all people," scolded Danni. "That wasn't nice!"

"Oh, honey, it's a guy thing! You wouldn't understand," said Victor as he turned to his date Michael. "Faggot-faggot-faggot-faggot-faggot-faggot..." he said as he gently poked him in the ribs with his finger, all the while eliciting giggles and laughter. "See, honey? He gets off on it! All done in jest!"

"Well, ooooookkkayyy then," said Ashley with a giggle. Then she turned to Danni, and repeated the gesture. "Dyke-dyke-dyke-dyke-dyke..." she said as she tickled Danni's abdomen, naturally causing her to squeal. "What'd ya know! It works!"

"Ashley, you little brat!" said Danni as she seized Ashley by the hands. "I'm soooooo NOT a dyke!"

Victor laughed. "Closets are for clothes, honey," he said. "But no need to come out on my account." Yet with that, he filled four glasses full of punch from the bowl and passed them out. "I'd like to propose a toast. To Danni and Ashley, may they have many long years of happiness together!"

"Aw, Victor, that was nice," said Ashley.

"Yes, Victor, thanks. And to you and Michael, of course," added Danni.

And thus they took another drink.

"And... to gay marriage. May they legalize it already!"

"Amen!" said Danni.

"I'll drink to that!" added Ashley as she took a sip.

"Hey Ash, can you go snag us some cake?" Danni suddenly asked.

"Sure, I'll get it. Be right back!"

Once she was out of earshot with the loud music, Danni pulled Victor aside. "Hey Vic, listen," she said as quietly as possible. "Y'know, graduation is in three weeks. And uh... after the ceremony, I'm gonna take her out and... well... I'm gonna propose! I'm gonna put a ring on her finger!"

Victor gasped! "You mean... pop the question? To Ashley? Oh goody-goody-goody for you!" he lisped.

"Ssssh!" said Danni, putting her finger over her lips. "I haven't told anyone yet. But I have the ring already. Anyway, I don't know when we'll actually have the wedding but... I just want to say, I hope you can come."

"Moi? Oh, Dan-Dan! I'll be there with bells on!"

"Oh uh... no bells required," said Danni with a smirk. "But... you've been sweet to me all through high school so... well... I'd really like you to come."

"Oh honey, I must! And pu-leeze, I've got to do Ashely's nails and facial! I've GOT to!"

"YOU? Make up Ashley?"

"Oh, honey, I must! Who better to fix up a lesbian bride than a gay guy?! But... if we're still together, I trust Michael can come too!"

"Sure. Bring whoever you're with," agreed Danni. "But I hope it's Michael."

"We'll see."

"Oh, that's just like a man," said Danni. "Afraid of commitment! Don't be such a wuss!"

"Aaaah! Commitment!" said Victor dramatically as he covered his ears.

"Man up, Nancy!" said Danni with a grin as she gently pressed her fist into his ribs in jest.

Victor laughed. "Oh Danni Grace, I... I'm glad you came tonight," he said as he hugged her once again.

Soon, Ashley arrived with two small paper plates with cake. "So, Danni, I turn my back and you're already flirting with a gay guy!"

"Yeah... right," said Danni. "Don't worry, he's not my boyfriend. Naw, he's just my bitch!"

And so they sat down on some chairs near the dance floor, balancing the cake on their knees for a few moments. Ashley crossed her long legs daintily as she ate her cake in a well-poised manner. Danni sat beside her, attempting to be a formal as possible. Although dressed in shorts, Danni crossed her muscular legs as well with the plate on her thick kneecap. "Danni, I don't think you're, y'know, aware of this but... everyone is like, staring at your killer soccer legs!" noted Ashley.

"Oh Ash, don't get paranoid." said Danni. "I'm sure they realize I'm taken. I just hope the dudes know you're taken too! I mean, I think they're checking you out!"

"Well, then let's get back out the dance floor and give 'em something to stare at!" said Ashley.

Therefore, after they finished their snacks, they made their way back to the dance floor. And when they played "Walk Like an Egyptian," Danni's leg muscles really flexed as they squatted down for the dance. Soon after, they played another slow song, and once again, the happy couple held one another close.

"Lady in Red!" noted Danni. "That's your song tonight!"

Ashley grinned. "Oh, Danni, this is sooooo romantic," she said. "And you look soooo adorable tonight! Oh Danni I'm getting soooo... soooo..."

"Horny?" whispered Danni as they slow-danced.

"Uh... yeah... that!" replied Ashley with a sly grin. "Oh Danni, I try sooooo hard to be good but... whenever I'm with you... I... I need you close to me."

Danni thus squeezed her date a little tighter and closer. "Oh Ashley, this feels soooo good," whispered Danni as she slowly caressed her partner's bare shoulder with one hand and her upper bare back with the other.

"Oh yesss," cooed Ashley as she felt thrilling chills run down her spine. "But... right now... I... I really need to feel your body. I wanna feel your naked body pressed up tight against me. Oh gawd, Dan-Dan my clit is getting soooo hard!"

"Oh Ash!" moaned Danni. "Oh Ash, I need you bad! I need what's under that red dress!"

"Oh Danni, let's leave now. I can't hold out any longer! I want you to undress me and fuck me!"

"Damn, Ash! You're really horny!"

"C'mon Danni, let's go! Hurry, before I cum in my panties!"

"Yeah, that would be bad for everyone to see it running down your leg," agreed Danni. And thus she took her by the hand once the song ended. "Well... shall we go?"

"Yes, Danni, hurry! I've gotta cum sooooo bad!"

And so they made way for the exit. Once out in the corridor, they found several couples taking a break from the loud noise of the gym. Yet among them was Victor and Michael. "And just where are you two sneaking out for?" he said.

"Well... we wanted to go someplace before I have to take her home," said Danni.

Victor grinned and shook her head. "Oh-ho!" he said. "Looks like someone wants to do the nasty! Oh, you two are soooooo evil! Well... ta-ta! See you on Monday!"

"Sure, bye Vic!" said Danni with a blush.

"Bye Vic!" added Ashley.

Soon, they were driving away from the school. Night had fallen and the old Camaro rolled down the avenue with Ashley resting her head on Danni's shoulder. Her left hand rested on Danni's bare thigh as she drove. "Oh Danni, what are we gonna do after you head for college?" she asked forlorn.

"Send a lot of emails and dirty pics," replied Danni. "Look Ash, you realize I'm doing it for you! I'm getting my schooling so I can make a good life for us. I mean, I'll probably never be a millionaire, but I want a nice comfy roof over our heads and food on the table. And, a yard to mow and a driveway to change the oil of this old car on."

"Oh Danni, as long as we're together, I'm rich enough!" assured Ashley as she rubbed her cheek against Danni's shoulder.

Soon, they came to a stop at the heavily wooded park at the edge of town. Other cars were parked there as well, yet with plenty of space betwixt them all. "Well... here we are, dear," said Danni as she shifted into 'park.' She threw her arm around the amorous Ashley. "Nice and private. Just the perfect place for me to pleasure your naked body!"

"Oooooh Danni!" moaned Ashley as she closed her eyes. "I've been wanting a hard fuck from you since you first stepped out of your room the tux! Oh, Danni, hurry! I've got to have it!"

"Shhhh!" said Danni as she reached for the zipper in back of Ashley's dress. She leaned forward in order that her buxom date might lower the zipper. And soon, Ashley was wiggling out of the sassy red dress. Now, all she had was her bra, panties, and heels. Danni slowly unhooked the bra and then slid the skimpy pink panties down her long slender, silky smooth legs and off the end of her feet. "Oh, gawd, Ashley, your body is soooo perfect for me," whispered Danni, just before their lips locked. They explored each other's mouths with tongue as Danni's hand gently caressed her lover's shoulders.

But all the while, Ashley was sliding Danni's white jacket free, and then reaching for the buttons of the blouse. Last came her tiny white shorts that slid down over her black mary-janes. "Oh, Danni," cooed Ashley as she ran her fingers over Danni's silky flesh. "That's the body I want! That's the body I want on top of me!" she said as she caressed her stocky lover's Amazonian frame.

And so Ashley kicked of her high heels, now rendering herself completely naked in the night. Soon Danni kicked off her shoes, leaving herself naked as well, save the long knee-high socks. With difficulty, they forced themselves into the back seat. Danni managed to lower the backrest of the back seat down which led to the trunk (boot), now making somewhat of a small bed. Ashley lay on her back as Danni slowly caressed her abdomen with her lips. "Oh Danni, hurry! I've gotta big cum just waiting to squirt!"

"Oooh yeah!" cooed Danni. "I luuuuvvvv squirties!" And with that, she then dared to tease Ashley's swollen throbbing bud with her tongue.

"Aaaaah!" cried Ashley as her legs kicked. "Oh gaaawwd!"

"Oh my Ashley, I want you to feel good," whispered Danni before licking her again.

"Oh gawd Danni, yes! Yeeessss! Everything you do feels soooo good!" cried Ashley.

"Mmmmm," moaned Danni as she caressed her throbbing, pulsating love flower. Then, she poked her tongue into the most sacred barrier of innocence, which she had reverently preserved.

"OooooH! Aaaaah! OOoooh Danni..." gasped Ashley as she held her legs up and apart by clutching her knees.

"Oh freegin' ale, Ash," whispered Danni. "Time's running out! I'm gonna pop this thing soon."

"Oh Danni, I can't wait," cried Ashley. "Just... please... say 'I Do' at the altar and it's all yours!"

"All in good time, my love... my sweet darling Ashley," whispered Danni as she toyed with Ashley's nub with her tongue.

"Oh, gawd, Danni. Get on top of me!" begged Ashley. "I need to feel your body against me!"

And being quite desperate for release, Danni slowly crawled forward and mounted her naked lover. Now, they lay face-to-face. Ashley looked up with longing beady eyes in the darkness as she felt Danni's strong warm body gently hump into her throbbing wet sex. "Ooooooh!" she moaned as she threw her arms about her. "Ooooh yeeeessss! Ooooh, Danni my love, this feels sooooo good!"

"Oh Ashley... oh Ashley..." gasped Danni as she slowly and passionately tribbed her naked lover. "Oh Ashley I've been wanting to get between this long gorgeous legs all night long," Danni said softly into her lover's ear.

"Oh Danni, I want you wet!" said Ashley as Danni pressed hard into again. "I want you to fuck me hard!"

"Ooooh!" gasped Danni as Ashley's slippery moist nether lips caressed her own swollen clit. "Oh Ash, I wanna fuck you all night long."

"Yes! Yes!" gasped Ashley. "Fuck me, Danni! Fuck me real hard!"

"Mmmm, but... ooohhh! I don't want to hurt you," whispered Danni.

"Just do it!" cried Ashley. "It's never hurt before. C'mon. Fuck me hard. I've gotta have it! I NEED it badly! I can't live without it!" And thus she reached around and squeezed Danni's muscular buttocks to force her down hard betwixt her spread legs. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Faster, Danni, faster! Make me cum! Pleeeeeze, make me cum hard!"

And thus Danni rode Ashley hard and fast, each thrust forcing her tingling clit to rub against Ashley's. The cunny nectar from each began to slosh about with each progressive thrust. "Ooooh! Ooooh! MMmmm!" moaned Danni as the pleasure grew. The moans from both grew louder, and higher in pitch as they drew closer and closer to the inevitable.

"Ooooh! Oh yes! Oooh yessss! Yeeesss!" cried Ashley in a high voice as she gyrated her hips and forced upward against Danni's humping. "Cum on me, Danni!" But then, in the fit of passion as one feels the approaching of orgasm, she cried out her innermost desires. "Oh gaaawwwd, Danni! Fuck me real hard! I wanna have your baby! Fuck me hard and squirt inside me!"

Now Danni was near the brink of an explosive climax, and hearing such words sent her over the precipice. "Aaaaaah!" she squealed impulsively in a high falsetto as she felt the butterflies in her stomach burst open. Instantly, she shot a jet of hot fluid from betwixt her nether lips right into her lover's swollen crevice.

"Oh Danni, YYYEEESSS!" cried Ashley upon feeling the fresh quirt of warm love honey. She went stiff as she passed the point of no return, and with both hands she pulled her cumming lover tightly into her. Then she too exploded into a monstrous orgasm like none other. She felt as if she were falling fast through time and space as her body jolted violently with each pulsating contraction. Jets of cunny dew spurted against her lover's body. "Aaaaaaah! Oooooh!" she cried out as she gasped for air. "Oh Danni, make me pregnant! I want YOUR child!"

"Aaarrrgh! Oooooh!" cried Danni as she continued to thrust a few more times to ride out her earth-shattering orgasm. A few more residual squirts leaked out on her lover. Yet soon she was too sensitive to endure any more stimulation of her overloaded throbbing clit. And thus she collapsed under her own weight and fell limp into Ashley.

Both lovers struggled to catch their breath as if they had just ran five miles. They panted and gasped for air, perhaps for several minutes. They both trembled as they recovered from their massive orgasms in the back seat of the Camaro. But finally Danni was able to force herself in a sitting position that she might cradle Ashley in her arms. "Oh Danni..." Ashley finally whispered as she reclined in the arms of her lover since fourth grade. "Oh Danni, if only I could have your baby."

Danni chuckled over Ashley's dreamy words. "Oh Ash, I love you more that you could ever know," she said softly. "But I'm afraid that getting you pregnant is one of the things I can't do."

Ashley took a few more deep breaths. "I know but... one day I'd love to raise a child with you."

"Well... there's always adoption," said Danni with a smirk. "And... I don't like it but there's always the ol' 'turkey baster' or..."

"But Danni, I don't want just any child," said Ashley. "I want YOUR baby! I want her to look like you... to have your genes and mine. I want to feel YOUR baby growing inside me. I wanna walk through the park with a big belly, holding your hand knowing that soon I will give birth to YOUR beautiful baby girl!"

Danni once again chuckled. "Oh Ashley..." she stammered. "Of all the things you've said, that's got to be the..."

"Stupidest?" queried Ashley.

"Oh no! Not at all! Actually... it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!" assured Danni as she stroked her lover. "But first of all, you're only fifteen! And then... well... sorry but... not even the dykiest of dykes can get a girl pregnant."

Ashley grinned. "Well, maybe if you just fuck me REALY REALY hard and make sure all your cum gets inside me... well... there's nothing to lose!"

"Naw, nothing to lose," agreed Danni. "Except our cherries!"

Both lovers giggled as they held each other tight in their arms. By now, the windows had fogged and the car smelt of girl scent. They were both wet and sticky of perspiration and natural vaginal secretions from their love-making. It would be quite a cleanup job to hide their amorous encounter...

... 'Hmm, a baby,' thought Danni as she looked into the mirror, now having returned back to the present. 'How are we gonna manage that?' she wondered to herself. 'First we need to finish college, though,' she concluded.

But suddenly, there came a knock on the door which brought Danni back to the present. "Oh Dan-Dan! Danni Grace! Are you... decent?" asked a familiar male voice.

"Victor? Is that you?"

"No! It's your fairy god mother!" he said sarcastically.

Danni sighed and chuckled. "Then it's definitely you, Vic. Come in."

And so the flamboyant youth pranced in all clad in his black tuxedo. "Let me see the beautiful stud-bride!" he said. "Oh-mah-gawd! Aren't we absolutely dashing! Oh Danni-Grace you are soooo adorable. Just what I expected."

"Thanks for coming, Vic," she said with a bashful blush.

Victor placed his hands on her shoulders to scan her up and down. "Oh yes! Love-it, love-it, love-it! Now let's just get you all finished up, dear."

"Finished up?"

"Oh yes, well do a touch of lip gloss so those sitting in the back can see what a darling you are. And then we'll go with a little moisturizer on those sexy legs so your muscle tone will glisten in the light and then... well, let's straighten the collar here..."

"Oh Victor, I'm not a Barbie doll," protested Danni.

"No, you're Ashley's bride," he said. "And that dear little girl deserves the best and that's exactly what we're gonna give her! Right?"

Danni once again blushed. "Yeah, you're right Vic. Ashley deserves the best."

And so Danni sat down at the mirror as Victor assisted in a few minor grooming touch-ups. The clock was winding down, and she knew 'zero hour' was approaching when it would be time to walk down the aisle.