Ashley & Danni "Worth Two in the Bush"

by Pulsar

This is a continuation from The Check-Up Originally, the preceding 2 chapters were to be a complete story. However, due to kind comments and requests, a sort of 'bonus' chapter has been completed. As I have little time for writing these days, I won't be able to contribute much on a regular basis. But to all those who've made kind and supportive comments, thank you all! They have meant a lot to me.

All during homeroom and 'grammar' period, Danny found it hard to concentrate. She sat at her desk as the teacher rumbled over the familiar 'first-day-of-school' rhetoric regarding school rules, classroom procedures and such. Not that the teacher was pedantic and callous, but Danni had something else on her mind— Ashley! And those words kept returning in her mind about hiding in the bushes and whether she would be 'sans panties' or not.

And thus she sat in her tee and little gym shorts with muscular legs crossed tight, pretending to listen, yet her mind far away as her crotch continuously tingled and throbbed. Ironically, of all the girls in the class, she the tomboy was baring the most leg. Perhaps she had the right too. She had the shiniest copper suntan and the most well-defined thighs of all the girls. Yet she could easily be mistaken for just a 'pretty boy' at first glance.

Come noon, she found herself in the cafeteria surrounded by the motley clique of boys. The only other girls who sat with boys were the bubble-headed 'popular' types, yet for different reasons. To the Trekies, nerds, and artisans, Danni was just 'one of the boys.' No one ever thought of having a crush on her. To admit to such would be social suicide. No, the boys around her all crushed on the girly-girls, yet shared their more ruffian interests with Danni.

At recess, who should she stumble upon, but Ashley. Or more reasonable, Ashley stumbled upon her. Danni stood there lazily kicking a ball to a male comrade when up from behind, Ashley came by and lightly slapped Danni on the thigh. "Sexy legs!" cried Ashley, before sticking out her tongue and running away. Danni must have turned beat red as her male colleagues snickered.

After recess, Danni made way to her locker to change out her notebooks. Yet when she opened the door, a light pink object fell out onto her tennis shoe. When she bent down to pick it up, she realized she was holding a small pair of panties, perhaps Ashley's size. "Jee-zuzz!" she cried in astonishment as it hit her.

"What's going on?" asked the boy with the locker next to hers.

"Oh... nothing," she mumbled as she hid the panties in her backpack. Once again, that tingling rush ran up her spine. 'That little brat!' thought Danni. 'I can't believe it! I'm actually gonna get some!'

And thus the rest of the day passed all too slowly. By 3:00 when the bell rang, all of her anticipation had left her panties damp and she constantly checked the crotch seam of her gym shorts to be sure she was not leaving a wet spot. And so she reported to the office to don the orange vest and tend the crosswalk in the circle drive as the endless line of cars arrived to pick up the waiting students.

Fifteen minutes later, the bedlam and chaos of the after-school mob had died down and the school grounds once again sat like a quiet wasteland. And thus she turned in her vest with the few remaining sixth-graders who had served as monitors that day. However, she carried her skateboard across the playground toward the tall wall of dense bushes, wondering if her every move was being watched by two beady little blue eyes. But as she neared the shrubbery, the hot afternoon wind howled in her ears. The grounds were so still and lifeless. 'If that little brat stood me up, I'll be kicking some serious ass!' mumbled Danni as she began to search the bushes. And as she probed about under the canopy of broad leafy boughs, she found no trace of anyone.

And so her heart sank. She felt a cloud of gloom hang over her. How could she have misjudged Ashley? After what they had been though in the clinic a few days before, she had assumed Ashley's words were genuine. Could Ashley be that cruel as to play such a mean joke? In spite of all her ruggedness, Danni could have cried. However, she just sighed as she began to crawl out of the bushes.

"Dyyyyyykkkkeee!" The voice was loud and unmistakable. Danny jolted as the boisterous cry startled her. She looked up to see Ashley propped in the mangled branches above, yet her knees tightly together.

"Ashley! You little brat!" snapped Danni.

Ashley giggled and grinned from ear to ear as her glowing face and puffy cheeks shone a rose red. "Oh, Dan-Dan! You are such a dyke!"

Danni sighed and shook her head. She tried to look fierce, yet her smile of elation had a mind of its own. And so she took the panties from her backpack. "These belong to you?" she asked.

"Mmmmm, maayyybe," teased Ashley.

Danni only laughed. "You are such a BRAT!"

"Yeah, so?" she said with a teasing tone. "Here! Wanna see?" And with that, she slowly opened her legs which had been tightly squeezed together, giving Danni a shadowy up-skirt view of her un-pantied bald crotch. Even in the shadows of the bushes, Danni could see how puffy and swollen those little lips had become. Danni's eyes bulged and dialated as if she were attempting to store every detail of the visage into permanent memory. And thus Ashley carefully maneuvered down until she was on the ground level with Danni, their bodies pressed close together in the confined hollow under the canopy of the bush. She took a deep breath and gently drew a circle with her fingertip around Danni's bent knee. "Took you long enough to find me," she said. "C'mon. I wanna show you something." And with that, she struggled to crawl out of the bush, ever so careful to keep her dress down as not to expose her naked arse or crotch to the outside world.

Once they were both out of the bush again, Ashley pulled her pink bicycle, the type with a flowery basket fastened to the handlebars, and began to mount. "Now. I bet ya can't catch me! If you catch me, you get some!" And with that, she began to peddle furiously toward the sidewalk that flanked the side-street. "Nya-nya-nya boo-boo!" sang Ashley as she peddled with all her might.

"Why you little brat-whore!" roared Danni. "I'll kill you!" And thus Danni seized her skateboard and ran. Once on the pavement, she threw it down and took off with a fury. And down the residential street they both rode. The chase was on. Ashley peddled as fast as her little nine-year-old legs could go, but the howl of spinning skateboard wheels loomed right behind. "Danni's a dy-yyyke!" sang Ashley as she dared to look back, a wide grin beneath her rosy cheeks. "Danni can't catch me!"

Danni kicked with that powerful leg as she gained upon Ashley. "I'll show you 'dyke!'" cried Danni as she closed in. "You are sooooooo finished! I'll dyke-rape you! You little slut!"

Now although a bicycle is a faster form of self-transport than a skateboard, Ashley was small and hardly a jockette. Danni on the other hand, was a lean powerhouse of form and fitness. And after a few blocks and a few turns on the neighborhood streets, Danni had come within arm's reach. And thus she seized the back banana seat, causing the bike to jolt. Yet she then took a handlebar to prevent Ashley from falling. "You're mine!" roared Danni victoriously. "You are sooooooooo mine!"

Ashley panted as she stopped peddling, allowing herself to coast under Danni's power. Only now did she realized how sore her legs were. Yet the thrill of the chase was all worth it. She panted and moaned as she tried to catch her breath. "So... (-pant-) what are... (-pant-) you gonna do to me?" she asked with a tired grin.

"Anything I want!" replied Danni with a wicked grin. And so, Danni held Ashley prisoner on the bike as she skated along the street. Only a few more blocks and they'd reach her house. Upon their arrival, Danni held Ashley by the arm and led her to the front door, parking the bike on the porch. Using the key around her neck, she let themselves in and locked the door behind them. "Lucky for me, but unlucky for you, my mom won't be home for two hours!" said Danni with a wicked smile as she forced Ashley into the humble livingroom. "Sooooo... brat! Who's the boss!"

"That's easy! I am!" snapped Ashley.

But Danni held her fast with one arm and began to tickle-torture her belly. "Who's the boss?!" Danni repeated.

Ashley shrieked and jolted every which way, yet could not break free. "I... I... am!" she stammered over her laughter.

Then, Danni turned her upside down, holding her legs in the air with one arm. Ashley's dress flew down, leaving most of her body naked without her panties. Yet Danni only went for the vulnerable flesh at the back of the knees and tickled her. Ashley shrieked and screamed under the intense tickling sensation. "Who's THE BOSS?!" roared Danni again.

"Aaaaah," squealed Ashley. "St... stop..."

"WHO'S THE BOSS?!" Now, Danni tickled the soft tender flesh of Ashley's inner thigh.

"Y... you are!" cried Ashley in a final surrender.

And so Danni spared her 'victim' any more torture. "Damned right!" she muttered. For though she be a tomboy, her upbringing had caused her to avoid certain language in most cases. And thus Ashley collapsed on the floor spread-eagle, now weary and spent. The long chase from the school grounds through the neighborhood had left them both hot and sweaty.

And thus after Danni caught her own breath, she reached down and pulled Ashley to her feet. Ashley still struggled to catch her breath, yet their eyes soon met in that one brief moment of eternity. They stared into each other's eyes and had a silent conversation that would take volumes to fill with words. But Ashley finally broke the momentary silence. "Oh, Danni!" she said with desire. "You're sooooo strong!"

Danni only smiled, a smile of girlish innocence in spite of her boyish style. "Yea, remember that," she said softly and gently. "Now c'mon."

And not a minute later, they both stood naked in the shower under warm water. For who wants to have a sweaty smelly lover who reeks like a gymnasium? Danni gently soaped up Ashley's body, caressing her all around with her soapy hands. Soon, Ashley followed suit, her longing to feel every curve and hard muscle of Danni's body now fulfilled.

Five minutes later, they smelt of citrus soap instead of body odor and thus emerged from the shower. They silently dried each other off and then made way to Danni's room. There, Ashley beheld a room decorated with a few model planes hanging from the ceiling, some soccer posters on the wall, and a plethora of Star Wars merchandise. Had she not known better, she would have thought it a boy's room, except the soccer posters were of female players. And of course, there were a few team pics of girls' soccer teams of which Danni had played. "Nice room," noted Ashley as she timidly sat down on the bed.

"Thanks," replied Danni. "Decorated my self!"

"Well duh!" snapped Ashley. "This is obviously a dyke's room!"

"Dyke? DYKE?" roared Danni. "You'll think 'dyke' in a moment, you little brat!" And thus she pushes Ashley back on the soft bed. Ashley shrieked and giggled as Danni climbed on top of her. By now, both of their little bald cunnies were red and swollen. For they had been starving the whole day for some attention. And thus Danni held her naked colleague fast to the bed. She admired the small curvy body before her, now at her disposal. She gently teased those non-existant breasts with her lips as Ashley writhed and moaned beneath her. "My, my! What a cute little brat! And she's all mine!"

"Yes! Yes!" moaned Ashley. "Do something to me!"

Danni chuckled. "And what do you want me to do?" she asked softly.

Ashley sighed and closed her eyes. "Anything you want," she replied just above a whisper.

And so Danni kissed all around that bare chest as she gave a gentle hump with her pelvis. She thrust several times in order to line herself up with Ashley, clit-to-clit. And soon she began a slow steady rhythm. Ashley moaned louder as Danni tribbed away. Danni thrust a little stronger with her strong muscles as she rode Ashley like a boy. Yet she too moaned uncontrollably as her hard little clit rubbed against Ashley's swollen lips and bud. "Oooooh! Ooooh! Oooooh-gawd!" she cooed.

Ashley's eyes were tightly shut and her mouth wide open as she squirmed beneath her husky lover. She reached around and seized Danni's slender but firm buttocks and pulled her into her. "Ooooh! Oooh-yeessss! Yesssss!" she moaned aloud. "Yesssss, Danni! Fuck me! Ooooooh, this feels soooooo goooood!"

"Oh Ashley," moaned Danni in reply. "You're my own little fuck-toy! Ooooh! Aaaaah!"

And as the two girls moaned and cooed in symphony, the thrusting and grinding grew faster and harder... as did their cries of pleasure. Danni grunted and groaned as she forced herself hard against her lover as if to impregnate her. "Ooooh, Danni! Ooooh, Danni! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! Make me cum! Make me cuuuuummmm!"

"Oh Ashley, I'm gonna –Ooooh!- cum aaaaalll over you!"

"Yes! Yes! Cum on me!" cried Ashley. "Oh gawd! OH GAAAWWD!" Yes, after all the anticipation since this morning, it did not take long for the two to reach what their bodies were desperately aching for. Ashley thrust upward against her lover hard as she felt the inevitable drawing near. The tingling glow built up in her tummy before spreading all over her body. She knew that orgasm was imminent. Danni thrust all the more as Ashley arched her back beneath her. Her mouth open wide as she let out a loud moan of pleasure as her climax was about to burst. "OOOOOOH! OOOOH-GAAAWWD!" she cried out. Yet the powerful explosion took her breath away. She jolted painfully as her whole body felt like it was regurgitating. The head rush and falling sensation overcame her as she entered her orgasm at full blast. "OHHH-GAWD!" she shrieked in a falsetto once she could make a noise again. "Oh-gawd-oh-gawd-oh-gawd-oh-gawd..." The pulsating contractions seemed to go on forever as she oozed her juice from her slit onto Danni, and onto Danni's bed. Soon, the sensation became too much.

However, at that moment, Danni too burst, her last hump having crossed the threshold. "Eeeeeee!" she squealed like a little girl as her orgasm came more powerful than she had expected. She too grew dizzy and felt as if falling through time and space as she squirted a little jet into Ashley's crotch. "OOOOOH! AAAAAH!" grunted Danni as her orgasm overtook her every move. "Oooooh-Gaaawwwd, Ashley! I LOVE YOU!" she squealed out during the contractions.

But soon enough, the orgasm subsided and Danni collapsed on the bed at Ashley's side. Danni struggled to catch her breath again. As she panted and cooed contently, she rolled into a fetal position to hold onto Ashley like a teddy bear. With eyes closed, she gently kissed her shoulders and head.

"Oh Danni," mumbled Ashley. "We should have done this last year."

"Maybe, if you weren't such a brat," replied Danni.

"You don't know much about girls, do you?" said Ashley. "I mean... when I first saw you, I thought you were a boy, but the prettiest boy in the school. Then, I found out you were really a girl and... well... I started feeling funny inside. But you never paid any attention to me, so, well... I started calling you names and such so you would chase me. I mean, I'd do anything, just so you'd know I was there."

Danni chuckled as she slowly toyed with her little lover's wet pigtails. "Well, you could've just, y'know... been nice."

"Sorry," muttered Ashley. "But I figured, why would a girl like you want to spend any time with a girl like me?"

"Well... you never know," replied Danni. Then she leaned close to whisper in her ear. "If I had known you were such a good fuck, I would dyke-raped you back then!"

"Ooooh!" giggled Ashley. And thus she rolled over to face her nemesis-turned-lover. She presented her flushed face with glowing rosy cheeks and smile. "I love you, Danni!" she said as threw her arm and leg over her. She gave her as strong as a squeeze as she could. "You can't be my boyfriend because you're a girl, so you're my tom-boyfriend!"

"Actually, I'm your girlfriend," replied Danni. "And you're my girlfriend. Just because I don't wear girly-girl clothes doesn't mean I'm a dyke!"

Ashley giggled. "You are too a dyke! You've got a girlfriend!"

"But I'm soooooooo not a dyke!" protested Danni.

"You're gay!"

"I am NOT gay!"

"We just had gay sex!"

"No we didn't," said Danni. "We just uh... well... we just made each other cum, that's all."

Ashley only giggled as she snuggled against Danni's naked body. "Oh, Dan-Dan. You know I love you and you love me! And seeing you ride your skateboard in your little shorts makes me soooooo wet! So, let's just call it as it is, huh?"

"Okay," agreed Danni as she kissed Ashley on the forehead. "But I am NOT a dyke!"

Ashley giggled again with her glowing face and irresistible smile. "You're silly! But I love you!" With that, she squeezed her tomboy lover again with her legs. "Next time I'm on the playground hanging on the monkey bars, you could at least look at my panties when they're showing."

"What do you mean 'next time?!'" said Danni. "I've seen them zillions of times!"

"Ah-ha! So you WERE looking!"

"Sorta," replied Danni.

And so, they lay in one another's arms basking in the afterglow of their inaugural love-making. The body cramps from their intense orgasms still lingered about. Yet it was the most content feeling in the world. The smiles would not flee from their faces.

Neither one remembered falling asleep in one another's naked embrace, but the humming and rattling of the garage door mechanically opening sure caused Danni to jolt back to life. She looked over at the Star Wars digital clock on her dresser. "MY MOM!" cried Danni in dire panic as she shook the naked Ashley. Instantly, she jolted from the bed and seized upon her polo shirt and dress. Danni donned her wire-frame glasses, quickly pulled on her tee and raced for her shorts.

"My panties!" cried Ashley. "Where're my panties?"

"I don't know!" said Danni as they heard the kitchen door slam shut as Danni's mother came in from the garage.

And so Ashley pulled on her jumper over her polo shirt. Danni attempted to step into her little shorts, yet tripped over them and fell to the floor with a 'thump' as they heard footsteps coming down the hall. As the doorknob to Danni's room began to twist, Danni was sitting on the floor pulling the shorts up as Ashley finished getting her dress down into place. Suddenly, Danni realized Ashley's panties were still in her backpack in the living room. Yet the door slowly opened by the hand of Danni's mother.

"Danni? Daniella? Are you hear? Oh there you are!"

"Hi Mom!"

Yet the mother suddenly spied Ashley on the floor, staring up with innocent beaming eyes in her jumper without socks or shoes. "Daniella Grace! What have I said about letting people into the house when I'm not here?!"

Danni gulped. "S-sorry Mom. But this is Ashley! She just lives over there a few blocks away and..."

"Ashley? THE Ashley I kept hearing about last year?" interrupted Ms. Horton.

"Uh... yeah," replied Danni with a nervous grin.

Ms. Horton sighed with hands on her hips as she shook her head. "Well... hello Ashley," she said.

"Hi Ms. Horton," replied Ashley with the most charming of grins.

"Well... I won't be disappointed to see that you two can solve your differences on your own and become friends after all I heard about your quarrel last year," said Ms. Horton. "I'm proud of you both for that. However, I'm not sure if it's safe for two girls to be alone in a house when a mother isn't around. And Ashley! Does your mother know you're here? It's after five! She's probably worried sick and if we're lucky, she hasn't called the cops yet! I better call her to let her know you're alright!"

"Okay, Ms. Horton," replied Ashley as she stood up from the floor, careful to keep her dress down. "And I'm sorry, Ms. Horton. I didn't know it was against your rules."

"Aw, it's okay sweety," replied Ms. Horton. "You sure a darling little thing! I just knew Danni could get along with you if she just gave you a chance. Now I better go get some supper ready. And Danni, I need to look over your stuff and I want to hear all about your first day of school later!"

"Yes Mom," groaned Danni.

And so, Ms. Horton walked back to the kitchen as Danni and Ashley looked at one another. Oh how close they had come to literally 'being exposed!' "You brat!" mumbled Danni with a slight chuckle. "A darling little thing," she said, mocking her mother's statement. "If she only knew!"

Ashley only stuck her tongue out. "Next time, if you can catch me, maybe you'll get my tongue!"

And so, Ashley found her wrinkled knee-socks on the floor and pulled them on, carefully pulling them to the base of her cute little bony kneecaps, yet not a millimeter over. Then, she fastened her 'Mary-Janes' to her feet and straightened her dress once more. They entered the living room as Ms. Horton stood in the kitchen on the phone. And so Danni retrieved her panties from her backpack and Ashley slid them back on by hiking her dress.

Once again, Ashley giggled as they sat on the couch. "Gee, being gay can be dangerous!"

"I'm NOT gay," assured Danni.

"Then go kiss a boy tomorrow at school," retorted Ashley.

"Eeeewww yuck!" Danni protested. "I'd rather kiss a Wookie! I mean... if I knew it was a girl Wookie... OH! I mean..."

"Busted!" giggled Ashley.

"Okay! YOU kiss a boy!"

"Bleeaaah!" exclaimed Ashley.

"Ha! Ha! Look who's talking."

Two weeks passed by into the school year. By now, the students and teachers alike had settled in and the cliques had been established. Yet Danni hung with the usual boys who were a mixture of the sports and comic book scene. One mornning, Ashley secured her little pink bike at the racks when Danni came by and brought her skateboard to a halt before getting caught riding on the sidewalk. "Brat!" she cried in Ashley's direction.

"Dyke!" returned Ashley.

Yet as they made way to the main door side by side, their hands found one another and they walked a ways holding hands. "How's forth grade?" asked Danni.

"Not too bad," replied Ashley. "My mom still treats me like a baby."


"Yeah. Last night, I accidently said the s-h-i-t word and... well, I got a spankin.' I mean, I had to lay across my bed and get my panties pulled down for a spankin'!"

Danni laughed in reply, yet the imagery in her head sent electric chills down her back until her crotch tingled. "You ditz! You blonde! Only a dingbat would say that in front of her own mom! What'd you expect?"

"Well... it just came out," said Ashley embarrassed.

"Well, your butt still hurt?"

"Naw," assured Ashley. "It funny. The last three times I got spanked well... it kinda made me uh... tingly down there. Once my mom left the room after the spanking, I rubbed myself and boy did I cum hard!"

Suddenly, Danni grew speechless as she squeezed Ashley's hand. A mysterious rush filled her as she felt her own crotch tingle and throb. "You... you mean you... came? The spanking turned you on?"

"Well... I was crying because it hurt! But it... well, made my p- I mean, my 'you-know-what' feel nice!"

Danni felt her pulse racing and her breathing quickening. "Oh mah gawd!"

By now, they had neared the main entrance to the school and so the released each other's hand as to keep their relationship a secret from all the world for now.

That evening proved a busy evening and thus there was no socializing betwixt the two. Yet the next morning, Danni came prepared to pull some bratty pranks on her own. For by lunchtime when Ashley opened her locker, she found a thin wooden 'paddle-ball' paddle in the top shelf of her locker, the ball and staple removed. And on one side was written in marker pen, 'For Ashley when she's naughty.'

Danni spent much of the day in school quite content over her antic, just wishing she could have been there to see Ashley's reaction at the time. But Ashley would have been in class by the time she went to her own locker after lunch. Suddenly, when she opened it, lo and behold, another pair of Ashley's panties fell right out. Yet there was a note within on a folded piece of wide-ruled notebook paper with prissy girl's handwriting. 'Spank me hard!' it said with a little heart scribbled above the letters with a smiley face and a tear coming from one of the eyes.

Danni slammed her locker shut in desperation, looking both ways. For the rest of the day, she sat in class with her legs tightly crossed, staring at the chalkboard with lovesick eyes.