Little Spanking Video Starlet, Part 1

by Pulsar

Just a quick note: This story is pure fiction that takes place in a fictional world. No views pro or con are expressed or implied regarding the spanking of children. This is only fantasy for girl-girl lovers to jill by. (Or anyone else who happens to enjoy this genre)

Ten-year-old Mandy sat nervously in the office of the ‘Audio-Visual’ department at the university. She was your average pretty girl, neither overweight, nor supermodel skinny. A bushy ponytail hung behind her head, tied with a large white bow as she twitched about in the chair, still clad in her short little school jumper exposing the residual summer suntan on her bare thighs. Janet, the aunt with whom she lived, had brought her niece in, replying to an ad in the newspaper placed by the Audio-Visual department looking for an average ‘girl model’ for a video project. Gayle, the grad student had just explained the project to the two of them and why they were willing to pay so much for the participant.

“Several things you must understand before you give consent to let your niece participate,” she said. “One— this production is not a drama, but a how-to demonstration. Your niece will not be acting. This is not to imply or guarantee this will turn your niece into some great child superstar. Two— given the nature of the project, we require the child’s full consent. Everything she does for us must be by her own free will.”

“I understand, and appreciate that,” replied Janet. “May we give Mandy a chance to think about it overnight and contact you tomorrow?”

“I don’t have to, Aunt Janet,” interjected Mandy as she nervously swung her dangling bare legs, not quite long enough to reach the floor in the adult-sized chair. “I wanna do it! I wanna help us get some money!”

“Yes, but there are other ways,” replied Janet. “I won’t force you into this. It will be your choice.”

“Really, Aunt Janet, it’s okay,” said the sweet innocent Mandy in complete devotion to her aunt’s financial worries, even though she was too young to understand them fully.

“Well, I still want you to think about it overnight, because I don’t want you backing out once you decide ‘yes’… if you decide that.”

“Okay Aunt Janet!”

The proud and pretty single aunt smiled a nervous smile and crossed her long legs left exposed by a mid-thigh length skirt. She admired her niece’s commitment to her in spite of her apprehension. Somehow, she had gained custody of her older sister Julie’s only daughter after the drug conviction. She herself was not quite old enough to be Mandy’s mother… at least not ethically. She had been only fourteen when seventeen-year-old Julie gave birth, much to the consternation of their parents! But now she had recently completed beautician school and begun her first ‘real’ job in a salon. And so she begged long and hard with her mom for custody, which she finally relinquished.

And as for Mandy, she naturally felt uneasy about being in the video project they had been discussing. For as the times were changing, society had decided that with three to four decades of out-of-control kids and juvenile delinquency running rampant, perhaps the liberal ideas of ‘no spanking’ simply did not work. Spanking children was now coming back into style as parents and schools demanded to take back control. And so the university’s Psychology Department decided to make an instructional video entitled “Spank Safe” that would demonstrate the proper ways a parent or school faculty member should spank a child safely and effectively. And for such demonstration, they sought a willing ‘model’ to receive spankings in various ways for the documentary. They did not want any dramatizations. The spankings would be real and with sound. Gayle had said up front that their spankee model would be spanked hard enough to make her cry for the camera, but would be completely safe and harmless, which was the whole purpose for the 30 minute instructional video. And she had also mentioned that the model would be nude for the spankings.

“There is one more thing I must disclose before you and your niece give your consent,” continued Gayle. “But I would like to discuss it with you alone, and if you wish to continue, you may discuss it with your niece in the manner you see fit.”

“Sure,” replied Janet. “Mandy, can you wait outside while Aunt Janet talks with her a little longer?”

“Okay, Auntie!” And with that, young Mandy left the office to wait in the hall.

“Uh, Janet… may I call you Janet?”

“Of course.”

“Janet. The Psychology Department is in charge of this project. An issue they intend to address in this video is that some children tend to develop a sexual spanking fetish. They have proposed that for educational purposes, a spanking-induced orgasm be shown on-screen to demonstrate the visible signs of arousal of children during spanking. If this is beyond your limits for your niece, then you must decline her participation!”

Upon hearing this, a multitude of thoughts and emotion filled her head. Suddenly in the midst of the confusion, she became aware of the moist tingling down between her legs. She crossed them again tightly and unconsciously squeezed them together to soothe her sudden arousal. Her thoughts conflicted, going between ‘no way’ to ‘lucky girl.’ Then, it hit her! A fetish indeed! Is that why Mandy was so agreeable to participate and so willing to go on camera for a spanking demonstration? She had never thought of her niece as being sexually aware at such a young age. Janet herself had her first orgasm at age nine rubbing against her pillow at night. Yet she thought she was the only one to get started so young. But then again, if she discovered such things at a young age, why not her niece?

Janet nervously grinned, unsure of what to think or how to feel about it. One thing she knew was she had to get home soon for some private time to soothe her throbbing cunny! “I shall consider it!” she finally said. “I’ll call you first thing in the morning!”

“Very well,” said Gayle with a smile. “Mandy seems to be perfect for the part, being so calm and natural as opposed to being gaudy, which is what we DON’T want. I’ll look forward to hearing from you, but please be assured there’s no pressure.”

“Of course.”

And with that, they shook hands. Janet met her niece in the hallway and took her home. Once they had entered their second-story two-bedroom apartment, Janet said, “Honey, I’m gonna go take a bath now. I’m gonna be a while.” And with that, she headed for the master bedroom to satisfy her orgasm-starved cunny.

And Mandy took full advantage of her aunt’s absence. She went into her own room with her aunt’s digital camera and closed the door. She set it on her desk with the lens facing her bed and quickly undressed down to bare flesh. She placed a wooden ruler on her bed and then turned to face the camera. “Hi, my name is Mandy,” she said into the camera, almost laughing, pretending she was on the production set back at the university. “I’m ten years old. I’m kind of shy and quiet and don’t get into trouble… most of the time. When I do get into trouble, I get a spankin’, usually with my panties down. So now I’m gonna now show you the correct way to have a kid get into position when you’re gonna give ‘em a spanking!” With that, she turned and laid across her bed with her feet hanging of the side, feeling her moist tingling crotch rubbing against the covers. She gently squirmed to force her little hairless pussy to rub harder. “This is the best way to have a child lay when you’re gonna use the belt or hairbrush. But I think a wooden paddle is the best. If you spank with a thin paddle, it will sting a lot without causing any bruises, blisters, or welts.” With that, she reached back with her right hand to pick up the ruler, imaging it to be wooden paddle, and gave herself a few spanks while remaining prone on the bed. She slapped her naked buttock hard enough to sting, imagining it to be delivered by the young woman would be giving the spankings for the video. But it was nothing like the spankings her aunt or teachers gave her. Still, her self-spanks stung enough to make her twitch. Yet the smacks seemed to send shock waves down to her throbbing little cunny, making it feel all the better. She humped her pink bedspread as she spanked herself, wishing for the life of her that someone else was doing it for her.

Sometimes, she would stop to rub her bottom with the ruler to soothe the sting out. Occasionally, she would take the tip and tickle her crack with it. As it passed over her puckered little rectum, she would push the corner in slightly, which she found to be quite a pleasant sensation. “Sometimes a light tickle will calm the child down and make them hold still for more spanks,” she said, pretending to narrate her pretend documentary as the cameral kept rolling. Then, she tapped her reddening butt-cheeks as she prepared to give herself as hard as swat as she could with her wooden ruler.

But the minutes flew by as she lost all track of time as she continued to spank herself, causing her to rub her throbbing little bud against the bed harder and harder. And as she delved further into her fantasy world, she failed to notice just how noisy those ruler smacks were upon her bare bottom.

Then, the unspeakable happened! Without warning, her door flew open with a bump and there stood her Aunt Janet! Mandy was petrified and embarrassed beyond belief. She felt like the dirtiest, naughtiest little girl in the whole world.

Janet stood there for a moment in her bathrobe in complete awe at the sight of her naked niece across the bed with dark pink splotches on her pale buttocks and ruler in hand. Then, after a few brief seconds, she relaxed. After all, what could she say? She had just brought herself to a power orgasm in her own bathtub. ‘So much like her horny aunt,’ she thought as a smile grew across her face.

Poor Mandy could not get over her shame as her aunt entered the room. Therefore, she curled up into a ball and hid he face.. “Aunt Janet I… well I was…” The girl ran out of words.

But Janet’s face only glowed with a smile. “Honey, would you like some… help?” she asked quietly with a soothing and understanding voice as she reached out to feel her niece’s warm red naked buttocks. She let her fingertips caress over the redness, causing Mandy to moan and relax from her tight fetal position. “Uh sweetie, why don’t you give me the ruler and let me do it for you. Wouldn’t it be better for you?” Mandy was still embarrassed, yet her desire overshadowed her shame. And so, she slowly presented the thin wooden ruler to her aunt. Then, she stretched out from her fetal ball and rolled back over into position with her legs slightly spread, presenting her reddened bottom to her aut. Once her starving clit met the bedspread, she gave one long hard thrust, causing her pinked buttocks to tighten and clench to less than half their size. “Just relax dear,” said Janet as she gently tapped that bare bottom with the ruler. “That’s it.”

Mandy felt a gentle caress on her buttocks from the tip of the ruler. Then, she felt a few light taps. Suddenly, there came a – smack!- that both stung and startled her. It was not quite as hard as the last few she had given herself, yet it traveled down to her wet cunny.



…went the ruler again on her bottom, causing her to hump her bed in a steady rhythm. She moaned with each slap of the thin wood upon her bare buns. “Ooooh! Ooooh!” she cried as her wet crotch felt better and better. “Do it harder! Make it hurt more!” moaned Mandy.


The spanks landed harder as the sting grew hotter, sending the sensation up her spine and down between her legs. SMACK! “Oooow!” CRACK! “Ooooow!” WHACK! “Ow-oooow! Oh yessss!”

“Do you like the way it hurts?” asked Janet as she caressed her niece’s red bottom with the ruler, her own crotch once again tingling with longing.

“Yeah,” replied Mandy over her heavy breathing. “It hurts but… (pant) … it feels good at the… (pant)… same time!”

And so Janet continued to swat her niece’s red bare bottom with the ruler in time to her hard thrusts against the bed. The very sight of her naked niece humping her bedspread with a red bottom caused drops of her love honey to run down her leg. And the very notion that she was now the source of the innocent little girl’s pleasure made it all the more thrilling. And so she gave a few more swats. Not incredibly hard, but slightly harder than before.

“Oooooh! Ooooh! Oooh-gawd!” cried Mandy, giving her aunt all the signs of an impending orgasm ready to blossom. And so she gave two more hard swats— one on each buttock. Then, she took the tip of the ruler and starting at the tailbone, slowly tickled down her crack, all the way to those swollen little nether-lips. “Eeeeeee!” screamed Mandy as she humped the bed vigorously, causing her bushy ponytail to bob all around. “Oh yes! OH YES! That feels good! Do-it-again! Do-it-again!”

Her aunt obliged her, causing young Mandy to hump her bed wildly. “Oh-oh-oh-ooooh!” Then, she gave two hard smacks with the ruler before caressing her crack again, from lower back to her wet slit. “Aaaaaah!” she cried her body prepared to cum. Suddenly, her naked little body jerked violently. She exploded into a colossal orgasm, squirting a small jet of juice between her legs. “Oooooooh!” she cried out as her head rocked back, her back arched, and mouth hung wide open.

It took several minutes for Mandy to catch her breath. Once she had calmed back down, she rolled over on her side and rubbed her hot stinging bottom, revealing to her aunt the damp spot she had left on the bed. “Ah!” she sighed contently with her eyes closed.

But soon, Janet pulled her up into a sitting position and held her close. “You really DO want to be in that ‘Safe Spank’ video, don’t you!” she said quietly into her ear.

“Uhhh, yeah,” confessed Mandy. “I guess so.”

“Of course you realize, you won’t experience anything like this on the production set,” continued Janet, “and it might hurt more.”

“I know, Auntie, but I still wanna do it,” assured Mandy.

And so Janet kissed her niece on the head. “It looks like I’ll be calling Gayle tomorrow to tell her you’re in! For now, why don’t you get dressed and I’ll go in the kitchen to make some dinner.”

“Okay,” said Mandy contently. Once her aunt was gone, she stood up to stop the camera from rolling. Apparently, Janet had never noticed its presence. Hoping her aunt would not be looking for it any time soon, she connected the cable to her PC and allowed it to transfer the file as she got dressed again.

And of course, that night she viewed her own film debut on her computer, furiously rubbing her hot wet cunny all the while. As she reached her monstrous orgasm, she realized that in three days, she would be reporting to the set for a real spanking in front of the camera!

(Thanks for reading. I hope you're not dissapointed that the video in question wasn't 'kiddie-porn' I believe that tenderness is more erotic than 'cum shots.' Next installment will follow in time.)