Lisa and Brittany

by Primeval

Lisa was 10 when she lost her virginity. It wasn't by some boy from school, but by her own father. He had been watching her mature and had also been teaching her how to suck cock since she was 7 years old and fingering her young tight cunt to loosen her up so that he could fuck her without hurting her. He also was showing her lesbian videos and encouraging her to seek other girls to seduce into lesbian love. She found one such girl that, at the time, was practicing lesbian love with her mother and little sisters. She had been seduced by her mother when she was 7 and was taught to eat not only her mother's pussy, but to also lick both her little sister's cunts. Lisa found this out one day when she mentioned that she would like to find out what lesbian love was all about. The experienced young tart then introduced her to lesbian love, and Lisa finally brought her home one day after that and they went at each other while Lisa's father watched and recorded it all. But when that first time came around to bust her cherry, he fucked her for only 15 minutes and he shot a huge load of his cum deep inside her tight preteen pussy without a condom on. That's when she got pregnant with Brittany. Every day he fucked his daughter and emptied his cum in her tight cunt. She would also suck his dick and drink his cum to let the baby feed off his cum. She loved drinking cum, because she loved feeling someone squirting their love juice in her mouth so that she could enjoy the sweetness of their liquid love. And when Brittany was born, Lisa began teaching her to suck her clit only 4 days after bringing her home. And she would also lick her clit and stick her tongue deep inside Brittany's baby cunt. She got hooked on the taste of Brittany's pussy.

After she turned 7, Brittany had her first orgasm by Lisa licking her little clit. After that Brittany began to want her clit to be licked every day. And Lisa was more than happy to do so. Brittany would just walk in, pull down her jeans and panties, and say, "Lick my pussy, Mommy." Lisa would get down on her knees in front of her preteen daughter, spread Brittany's cunt lips, and begin licking her daughter's clit. When Brittany turned 10, she noticed how her mother was so submissive to her, she wanted to find out what she could make her mother do during their love sessions. And she remembered one time that she accidentally peed in her mouth, she then wanted to make her mother drink her pee.

So she goes to Lisa in the nude, forces her onto the floor, straddles her face, and says, "Eat my pussy, bitch." Lisa does as told, and as soon as Lisa began tonguing her young cunt, Brittany pushes her cunt down onto her mother's mouth and begins pissing right into her mom's sucking mouth. "Drink Mommy. Drink every drop." Lisa doesn't stop either, "That's right Mommy. Drink my piss. Drink your daughter's piss and love it like the slut that you are. You are now my slave and you will eat my pussy and drink my piss when I tell you to." Lisa nodded into her daughter's pussy as she continued to drink her piss. "Does Mommy like that? Does Mommy like drinking piss from her own daughter? Yes, Mommy does. And she is so good. I think I'm going to reward Mommy with some pussy cum. You love pussy cum from your little girl don't you Mommy? Yes she does. She loves drinking her daughter's cum. Her own daugter's sweet pussy cream. Answer me Mommy, don't you Mommy?" Lisa answers, "Yes, Brittany. Mommy loves drinking her own daughter's piss and cunt cream straight from her baby's pussy. And will do it anytime her baby wants it. Mommy is such a slut. She loves little girl cunt cumming in her mouth, giving her all the young cunt cream she craves for. You can even bring your young girlfriends over so I can lick their little cunts also. Mommy loves little girl cunt. Mommy licked your clit every day since you were a baby 4 days after I brought you home from the clinic. And I got you to lick mine a few times. But I loved licking yours too much so I was constantly licking your hairless cunt all the time. Your little cunt tasted so sweet I didn't want to stop licking your delicious young pussy. Mommy is also going to start babysitting little girls so she can lick all the preteen cunts that she can. Even baby cunts and toddler cunts. I want to suck and lick all of them to cumming in my mouth if they will cum. They might just pee in my mouth, but in any case I'll still enjoy licking some young hairless cunt. Mmm I want that one friend of yours that's 9 years old. She looks so good to eat, and eat her little pussy I will. I want to taste her cunt cream as she cums in my mouth. Mmmm thinking about it is making my pussy so goddamn wet, I want her pussy grinding my mouth and her hand on the back of my head, forcing me to eat her young hairless cunt. And she can call me all the filthy things that I am because I love being talked dirty to when I eat little girl pussy. I want that so much, and I want to be recorded eating a preteen girl's pussy while she licks your clit baby. Mommy is such a cunt licker.".

Brittany loved what her mother confessed and it turned her on so much that she came and squirted her cum juice in Lisa's mouth. "Ohhhhh mooommmmyyy! I'm cuuuummmiiiinnngg!!! Suck my pussy Mommy!! Suck down my pussy cum! Drink my cunt cream you incest pedo slut!! You're a dirty whore Mommy, licking your own daughter's cunt and making her cum in your mouth like the pedo lesbian you are!!" Brittany didn't stop there, she held onto her mother's head, keeping her mouth glued to her pussy, "Again Mommy. Make me cum again. I want to keep cumming in your mouth. Your tongue feels so good in my pussy, and I love cumming in your mouth. Does my cum taste sweet Mommy? Does it make you want more of my cunt cream? I'm going to cum in your mouth all day. You're going to keep your tongue in my pussy until tonight, so you will taste my cunt on your tongue all night. Then I will call you pussy breath. Mommy loves her daughter's 10 year old cunt. She loves to suck it and lick the clit, MY clit, her daughter's clit. Keep eating my pussy, bitch. I'm not done with that mouth yet. When I'm done, your tongue is going to be saturated in my pussy juice. Yea, that incest pussy. The pussy that you're going to lick to cumming every day." Lisa only moaned into Brittany's pussy, spearing her tongue deep inside her cunt hole, tasting her daughter's left over cum juices, and digging even deeper to get more. She loved her daughter's cunt cream, it was so sweet, especially when it was from a preteen's cunt. She wanted more, and kept sucking Brittany's pussy for more. "Mommy, you're an excellent cunt licker. You're going to make me cum in your mouth again soon. I want to cum in your mouth, Mommy. Make me cum, Mommy. Make me squirt my pussy cum in your mouth. I want to cum so badly. And it's going in Mommy's mouth. Mommy's going to drink her daughter's cunt cream. Mommy loves sucking her daughter's cunt to cumming.". Only after a few more moments of that, Brittany says, "Almost there Mommy. I'm going to cum in your mouth again. Don't stop sucking my cunt, Mommy. Aalmoost theere!" Then she felt the tingling of an oncoming orgasm begin at her clit,"I'm going to cum, Mommy! I'm going to cum!! Suck my clit, Mommy! SUCK IT!!! Drink my cunt cream, Mommy! Drink your daughter's cum, Mommy! You pedo slut! That's right! Suck that young, tight and hairless cunt of mine Mommy!" Then it began.

Brittany started squirting her virgin cum into her pedo mother's sucking mouth. "Yes, Mommy!! I'm cuuummmiiiiiiing!!!" And Lisa tasted the sweetest of all juices start squirting into her mouth. She put her whole mouth around her daughter's cunt, and sucked at the cunt lips, drawing Brittany's cum into her mouth, drinking it down, while at the same time licking at her clit, making Brittany cum even harder into her mouth. The sweet pussy nectar of her daughter drove her wild, she wanted more. So she kept sucking and licking at Brittany's cunt, trying to get all that she could of her daughter's cum. 'Incest pussy tastes so sweet.' Lisa thought.

And that spurred her on to keep going. Lisa wanted to make Brittany cum again. She really loved her daughter's sweet cunt cream squirting into her mouth. It was the sweetest of any pussy nectar she had ever tasted, and she wanted more. She wasn't satisfied with just that little bit, she wanted to fill her belly with her daughter's cum. She continued to lick at Brittany's hard little clit, making her daughter writhe above her, forcing her little cunt down onto her mother's sucking mouth. Lisa was about to cum without even touching herself. Just the thought of pleasuring her preteen daughter was enough to obtain her orgasm, and she came in her own panties. The crotch of her pants and panties were soggy from her own cunt leaking her excitement into them, knowing full well that her cousin's daughter would enjoy sniffing and licking the crotch of them. She had seen Chelsea do so numerous times before. The 9 year old tart had gotten curious to the aroma of a grown woman's pussy in the crotch of her panties, and had sniffed them, then licked them to see what a pussy tastes like. What she found out, had made the little tart finger-fuck her own little cunt.

The crotch of the panties had been heavily soaked with cunt juice, and she had tasted her cousin's pussy in them. And it was so sweet to her, and it had made her little preteen cunt wet and itchy. So she fingered her little cunt while sucking on the crotch of the juiced panties, and then came in her own little panties, and she had squirted her cunt cream in them so much, that she had to take them off. She had left them in the hamper, and Lisa picked them up later and had done what Chelsea had done to her panties. She tasted her little cousin's cunt juice in them, and immediately had to finger her own hot and wet pussy. She thought, 'If she wants to taste my pussy, then I will let her taste my pussy. I will let her get a mouthful of fresh cunt cream straight from my pussy, and she will not have to get it from my panties.'

To be continued... What will Lisa do next?...