Horny Little Friends, Part 3

by Polly Ester

The sound of the alarm woke 11-year-old Rachel up from her deep sleep. She reached over and turned it off. Then she lifted her sheets. As usual, her pussy juices had soaked through the towel she'd wrapped around her abdomen. At least the bed underneath was only mildly damp due to her precautions.

It had only been within the past year that her little pussy had started to become hyper-sensitive. It started off with normal tinglings, but progressed astonishingly quickly. She could now have an orgasm just by thinking about sexy boys and girls in class. Her orgasms often came over her with little warning, but so far she'd been able to catch them enough in advance to excuse herself and go somewhere private.

She felt a constantly horny tingle these days. Her pussy oozed so much that she had to bring several changes of underwear to school. She knew about masturbation, but had never tried it. Her pussy was so unbelievably sensitive that she didn't want to encourage it.

She undressed and got into the shower. She knew that she would need to wash off her sticky, oozing pussy quickly. Otherwise she risked having an orgasm in the shower, and she didn't like taking extra time and making people suspicious. She lowered the water jet and carefully washed the area. She clenched her teeth as she squatted there, legs tensed up, trying to just focus on the task and not cum.

But Rachel's pussy was a little extra horny this morning. She was just about to finish when her hips started bucking wildly. Images of her naked schoolmates sprung unbidden into her mind, and she collapsed onto the floor of the shower clutching her spasming pussy. She choked back a moan of pleasure so that it came out as a shuddering squeak.

When the shuddering had stopped, she quickly went about washing her pussy once more. This time she was able to avoid another orgasm - but just barely. She was flushed and breathing heavily as she got out of the shower, she tried to think about other things and calm down as she got dressed.

She quickly had breakfast and went to catch her school bus. She got to the stop just before the bus arrived, good thing she was able to hold off that second orgasm. When she got on though, she wished she had missed the bus. The only seat available was at the back. That was where the vibrations were the strongest, riding in the back of the bus was always torture.

What's more the seat wasn't empty, her classmate Stephanie was sitting in it. Rachel had a huge crush on Stephanie, this wasn't going to be an easy ride. She sat down, keeping as much distance between her and Stephanie as possible. She tried desperately to concentrate on anything but the vibrations and the girl next to her.

But at the next stop Jennifer got on the bus. Stephanie and Jennifer were always together, and Rachel's mind was always conjuring up images of threesomes involving her and the both of them. Jennifer bounced over right to the back seat.

"Squeeze in a little bit, would ya?" she asked.

Rachel nodded, and reluctantly squeezed in as close to Stephanie as possible. Stephanie was wearing a form-fitting jogging suit, feeling her body so close was making Rachel's pussy ooze like crazy. Jennifer was wearing a mini-skirt and a tank top, and when she squeezed into the seat Rachel could feel her bare legs next to her. It was driving her crazy!

She was clenching her legs together as hard as she could, and trying her best to think unsexy thoughts. But the bus vibrations were driving her crazy, and it was very hard to ignore the two very sexy girls she was sandwiched between.

Stephanie and Jennifer were having a conversation, but Rachel wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention. Then Jennifer reached over to hand Stephanie something. She had to reach around Rachel awkwardly, and this caused her breasts to come into contact with Rachel's face. She only slightly brushed her nose, but it was enough. The sight of those small, soft budding breasts so close, and the feeling of them against her nose brought Rachel over the edge.

She tried to hold back. "Don't cum.... don't cum... don't cum..." she chanted in her head. But it was to no avail, her horny pussy just couldn't take it anymore. With a squeak, Rachel curled up and began shuddering violently.

"Oh my god" said Jennifer, "I think she's having a seizure!" She began to stand up and tell the bus driver, when Stephanie reached out a hand to stop her.

"Wait!" she whispered loudly, "I don't think it's a seizure. Look!"

Rachel was now scrunched up into a little ball and shuddering. She was lying on her side with her head on Stephanie's lap. In this position her miniskirt offered an incredible view of her underwear, and the girls could plainly see that with each shudder new pussy juice was being squirted out into the now soaking panties. It was oozing out of the leg-bands and onto the seat.

Jennifer gasped. "Oh my god! She's...."

"I know!" said Stephanie, "Try to keep your voice down! Do you have any tissues or paper towels?"

Jennifer grabbed some tissues out of her bag and they both tried to clean up the mess as quietely as possible. Luckily, everybody else was engrossed in their own activities, nobody paid any attention to them.

"My god she's still cumming!" whispered Jennifer. "I've never cum that much without doing anything before!"

"You're going to need to put some tissues into her underwear to help soak it up!" said Stephanie.

"Are you sure that's alright?"

"She's in no position to give her permission!" said Stephanie, "We need to help her out before anybody notices!".

Both Stephanie and Jennifer were getting really horny now, but their concern for Rachel overrode their desires. Jennifer lifted up Rachel's leg-band. The site of the shuddering, wet bald pussy made her head spin a little with desire. But she reached in and placed a wad of tissues firmly against the girl's pussy lips to help soak up as much of the extra juices as possible. Then Stephanie and Jennifer moved Rachel into as much of a sitting position as they could manage. They covered her with a coat and held on to her until the shudders subsided.

Rachel gradually came back to reality, the colours swimming before her eyes resolved themselves into physical shapes. She was being held in place , and somebody was stroking her hair. She looked up, it was Stephanie. The reality of what just happened hit her like a brick. Somebody had finally found out about her embarrassing little secret. She began to cry.

"Hey, it's okay!" said Jennifer "Don't cry!".

"Do you have any more tissues?" asked Stephanie. Jennifer handed them over and Stephanie wiped Rachel's eyes and then gave her the tissue to blow her nose with. She leaned over to try and look Rachel in the eyes, but Rachel turned her face away.

"I'm s-sorry" said Rachel. "I d-didn't mean to do that. It's just that.... I'm a f-freak. I can't help it! And then being so c-close to both of you.... and when your b-boob touched my...." She stopped and took a deep breath, and had to squeeze her legs together tightly. "Oh god, even thinking about it is making me... oh god, please don't tell anybody!"

"It's okay!" said Stephanie, "We won't tell a soul! I promise!"

"Me Too!" piped in Jennifer.

But their conversation had to be cut short when the bus pulled up to the school. They filed out, and before Stephanie or Jennifer could stop her, Rachel had run off at full speed. She just wanted to get as far away from them as possible. She was choking back tears. "Now they know how much of a freak I am! They must hate me!"

Back at the school bus, Stephanie and Jennifer watched her run off.

"She had that big of an orgasm just from being squished between us and having my boob brush against her?" said Jennifer in wonder.

"Yeah." breathed Stephanie. "I think I'm in love!"

"Me Too!"