Horny Little Friends, Part 1

by Polly Ester

Twelve-year-old Stephanie had a problem. She was horny. This wasn't unusual for Stephanie, who often got very horny. Just about everything got her horny; she liked both boys and girls. Usually she'd just squeeze her legs together as waves of horniness came over her and maybe squirm a little.

But Stephanie had just discovered masturbation, and just squeezing her legs together wasn't enough. And she was on the bus home from school, sitting right next to her best friend Jennifer.

She was lucky that she'd discovered masturbation on Friday, so she'd had the whole weekend to play with herself. She'd found a discarded porno magazine, and immediately her pussy had become damp. When she got home she rushed to her room, locked the door, and started going through it. The tingling in her hairless pussy had gotten stronger than it ever had before.

She was wriggling her hips around on the bed like crazy as picture after picture of naked men and women showed up on the pages before her. She grabbed her pillow and stuffed it between her legs and hugged her thighs around it. She started moving her hips back and forth humping the pillow slowly as she read; it kept her from thrashing about wildly with that uncontrollable ache in her pussy.

Then she came to a picture of a woman masturbating. She squeezed down on the pillow really hard, it just looked so sexy. She'd heard about masturbation from sex-ed class but hadn't really given it much thought. She hadn't realized how sexy it looked, and the woman looked like she was really enjoying herself.

So Stephanie nervously snaked a hand down underneath her jeans and panties, discarding the pillow. Her pussy was thoroughly wet and aching. A wave of horniness overtook her and she clamped her thighs around her hand and pressed her horny pussy into her palm. She couldn't help but move her hips and hump her hand; she tried to keep it slow. She was pressing her hand into her pussy as hard as she could, and a little shudder of horniness went through her young body.

In all the humping, her hand came a little loose and her fingers brushed her clit. A wave of pleasure shot through her making her freeze for a second. Then she moved her hands back to that same sweet spot and began massaging it anew. She was thrashing around on the bed now uncontrollably. She felt the pleasure building and building until it overtook her. She clenched her teeth and let out a long, shuddering moan as she orgasmed. Her hips were in the air one moment then came shuddering to the bed. She jerked around several times from aftershocks as she lay there.

She took her hand out of her jeans and basked in the afterglow. She felt good; her more or less constant horniness was relieved for the moment. Her hand was soaked with pussy juice; she grabbed a kleenex and wiped it off. She knew her panties were soaked and would need to be changed. Her jeans even had a wet spot on the crotch, but she didn't care; she felt better than she ever had before.

As she was lying there feeling happy, the phone rang. It was Jennifer. Jennifer was her best friend and they confided everything to each other, but Stephanie wasn't ready to share this with her friend just yet. They were both very horny girls though, and they had talked about that a lot. It started when they were 9; they would talk about cute boys and girls in class and what it would be like to see them naked. Finally one day Stephanie confided in Jennifer about the feelings she was having.

"My cunny gets really tingly when we talk about this," she said.

"Mine too!" said Jennifer, relieved that she wasn't the only one.

"I like thinking about everybody in class being naked and I can walk around and touch them all over. When I think about that I have to squeeze my legs together real hard!"

"Yeah, me too!" said Jennifer, "and I have to put a pillow between my legs and squeeze it, and my cunny gets a little wet even though I haven't peed!"

"I know exactly what you mean!" said Stephanie, "My cunny is feeling really, really tingly right now!" she was squeezing her legs together really hard as she said that.

Knowing her friend was feeling the same way made Jennifer feel extra tingly. She squirmed a little and said, "Yeah, mine too. I need to use my pillow." She grabbed her pillow and bunched it tightly between her legs, squeezing her thighs together.

Stephanie looked at her. “Does that help?”

“A little,” Jennifer said.

Stephanie grabbed another pillow and stuffed it between her legs. It did help a little. They stayed like that pressing their horny little pussies into their pillows and talking about sexy naked people all afternoon.

From then on they would often just sit around getting horny together. Sometimes they would make up sexy stories and squirm around hornily. Other times they'd just sit there and have sexy daydreams, their breathing becoming heavier and squirming noticeably. It was a favorite pass-time, though they both felt a little unfulfilled from being so horny all the time.

When they were 10 they moved on to undressing before having their horny time. Seeing each other naked made them extra horny and made the pillows a little bit extra stimulating. When they were in the changing room at school, they each made sure to bend over naked in front of the other too. They did their best to be inconspicuous.

At the age of 11 it moved on to some touching. During one of their naked horny sessions Jennifer was pressing her pussy hard into her pillow, her ass grinding slightly. Stephanie couldn't help herself, she reached out and cupped her friend's ass, alternating between kneading and rubbing.

Jennifer was surprised, but this made her tingles even stronger and she pressed even harder into her pillow. Stephanie moved her other hand to stroke Jennifer's smooth legs and felt her friend clench several times. Jennifer tensed right up as she experienced a mini-orgasm for the first time. It wasn't that satisfying, but it felt pretty good and soon Jennifer was returning the favor by fondling Stephanie's ass as she humped her pillow, sending her into her own little mini-orgasm.

But these mini orgasms were nowhere near as powerful as what Stephanie experienced when she masturbated. She'd discovered a huge explosion of pleasure; it was the best thing she'd ever felt. What she'd just experienced was floating serenely through her mind as Jennifer called. She knew she'd tell Jennifer about this eventually, but she wanted to make it special when she did. She wanted to be the one to physically introduce her to it on the spur of the moment, make it sudden and special.

“Hi Steph!” said Jennifer.

Stephanie tried to control her breathing. “Hi Jen,” she said.

But Jen could hear Stephanie's breathlessness and giggled, “You were just thinking naughty thoughts, weren't you?”

“Yeah,” said Stephanie, “I was thinking about some of the older girls at our school. I wish I could see their naked boobs; nobody in our grade has any.”

“You're starting to get them a little,” said Jennifer, “and some of the girls in our class have small bumps. I was noticing some of them soaping up in the shower today; I almost got caught staring. God I'm feeling so tingly now!”

Talking like this was starting to get Stephanie all tingly again too.

“Yeah, me too!” she said, “I watched you soaping up in the shower too; I got so tingly I could barely stand it!”

“God, I love watching you soap up your body too! I'd better take my pants and underwear off before they get soaked!” said Jennifer. “Hold on while I grab my pillow.”

Stephanie crossed her legs. She wanted to masturbate again now, but she knew that if she did Jennifer might notice something different in her horny breathing, and she'd definitely notice such a big orgasm.

“I'm back!” said Jennifer, “I'll bet the older girls look so sexy when they soap up their boobs. Don't you just want to soap them up for them?”

Stephanie had to press her palm into her pussy hard as it gave a shudder at those words. It took all her will to keep from rubbing herself to another orgasm right there.

“Y—yeah,” she said. “You know, we should soap each other up in the shower sometime!”

“Oh goddd,” Jennifer groaned, the ache in her pussy having just intensified. “That's an incredible idea! We really should try that!”

Stephanie thought of soaping Jennifer's sexy body, her ass and pussy slippery and lathered up. Then she thought about Jennifer doing the same thing to her. She knew she couldn't help it much longer; she was going to have to masturbate and soon.

“Uh, I've got to go. I think I hear my mom coming!” Stephanie lied.

“Okay!” Jennifer said, obviously disappointed. “I'll talk to you later!”

Stephanie knew that the ache in Jennifer's pussy was too strong now for her to do anything but sit there squeezing her thighs until it subsided. She and Jennifer had gone through that many times, the delightful agony of feeling the tingly ache and trying to think of other things until it had gone down enough for them to un-tangle themselves from the pillow and get dressed.

But now Stephanie had a way of satisfying that ache at last. As soon as she hung up the phone she reached down and massaged her aching clit in earnest. It only took a few seconds of manipulation for her to thrash about in orgasm. She came over and over again, and when she was done she started over again, her hands like a blur over her pussy as she brought herself back up to the edge of orgasm and then over.

And then she was at peace. For years she'd had to live with almost constant horniness. Even when she wasn't aching she'd always have a low-grade tingle in her pussy and she'd get excited extremely easily. But for the next few hours that tingle was gone. She was sure that if she saw something really sexy she'd still get wet in seconds, but she no longer had the urge to think about sexual things day in, day out.

Over the weekend she couldn't keep her hands away from her horny pussy. She was having 9 or 10 masturbation sessions a day, each one with multiple orgasms. She couldn't help thinking about Jennifer all soaped up in the shower and her hands as they would slip and slide over her friend's smooth, firm ass and wet, horny pussy. Luckily she spent most of her time in her room anyway so nobody in her family noticed.

It was all she could do to keep from humping her chair at school on Monday though. She excused herself to go to the washroom a few times, but she made sure they were in different classes and tried to make it inconspicuous. The way she'd squirm in her chair would most likely just seem like she had to pee anyway.

One class their sexy History teacher Mrs. Monroe dropped her chalk and Stephanie could see her cleavage as she turned around and bent over to pick it up. She couldn't find it and eventually located it under her desk. As she crawled under to pick it up the whole class had a good view of her round, sexy ass. She was wearing a very short, tight miniskirt that rode up a little giving everybody a good view of her panties.

Stephanie looked over at Jennifer, who had crossed her legs and was grinding into her chair as inconspicuously as possible. Her hands were clutching the edges of her desk, her knuckles were white with effort. Stephanie couldn't take it anymore and shot her hand up asking to go to the bathroom. When she got in the stall it only took her seconds to finger herself to massive, multiple orgasms.

But her last class was gym. Jennifer had given her the usual surreptitious peep show, and this time she noticed that she'd built up extra lather to soap up her body. Stephanie had to stop herself from staring, looking nonchalantly around at the other girls. That didn't help much, a shower room full of sexy, soapy girls was getting her hornier and hornier. It was only with a great effort that she fought the urge to finger herself right there in front of them as she soaped herself up.

And now she was on the bus ride home, so horny she could barely handle it. She and Jennifer were sitting in the back of the bus, where the vibrations always tortured their horny pussies as they drove over gravel. Stephanie was formulating a plan to get Jennifer into the shower with her at home, but instead of just soaping each other up she was going to masturbate her friend to a huge orgasm, then teach her how to do it to herself.

These thoughts were too much for Stephanie. They were both sitting there breathing heavily and enjoying the vibrations. Stephanie suddenly felt herself going into a mini-orgasm. She grabbed Jennifer's arm and whimpered, then she grunted a small “nnnnggg!!” and tensed right up. After a few seconds, she let out a shuddering breath and let go.

“Wow!” whispered Jennifer. “That's never happened just from the bus ride before! You must have been thinking of something really sexy!”

“Y-yeah!” said Stephanie

This really turned on Jennifer a lot more, but she wasn't able to get to the point that Stephanie was at where she could have a mini orgasm, at least not before their stop, which came up suddenly forcing them to leave the bus.

“Wanna come over to my place?” asked Stephanie. “My parents won't be home for a few hours; we'll have plenty of time to ourselves.”

“Allright!” said Jennifer eagerly.

Stephanie felt a slight chill and looked down to see that her little orgasm on the bus had soaked right through her panties and formed a huge wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. Jennifer looked too.

“Oh my god, that must have been really something!” she said enviously.

“I'd better hurry home before somebody notices!” said Stephanie, “I guess I'll have to have a shower.”

Stephanie winked at this last statement, and Jennifer felt her pussy throb. They hurried to Stephanie's house. They threw down their book bags and ran up the stairs to the washroom. Stephanie started undressing right away as Jennifer watched. Jennifer reached and fondled her friend's ass as soon as she took off her panties.

Stephanie spread her legs a little, then bent over to put her clothes in the hamper. She had to bend over quite a bit and this caused Jennifer's hand to move down underneath to her pussy. Neither of them had ever touched the other's pussy before; usually their pussies were pressed firmly against a pillow which was being frantically grinded against. A nice ass grabbing was the farthest that they'd gone; even though they both really wanted to touch the other's pussy, they'd been too shy to say anything.

Stephanie's pussy juices soaked Jennifer's hand with wet, sticky fluid. Stephanie wiggled her butt around a little forcing her friend's hand to slosh around between her horny, sticky pussy lips. Jennifer got so horny at this that she became a little dizzy, and almost fainted. Instead she stumbled a few steps back and ended up leaning against the bathroom door red-faced and panting heavily.

Stephanie got up and walked over to her friend. “What's the matter? Was that a little too much for you?” she asked.

Jennifer didn't answer, and Stephanie took her hand again and placed it right on her pussy lips once more and began grinding into her palm. Jennifer whimpered and suddenly felt a mini-orgasm of her own building.

“NNNNNGGGG!!!” she moaned loudly. She was always more vocal in her passion than Stephanie, and now she let out a small but high pitched squeal as she tensed her legs together and shuddered several times.

Stephanie smirked. “Looks like you're going to need a shower now too!”

Sure enough, there was a huge wet spot on Jennifer's crotch now, just like Stephanie had. She quickly took off her clothes as Stephanie set up the shower. When she turned around she saw that Stephanie was already in the shower soaping up. Jennifer rushed in and immediately began running her hands over Stephanie's body. She grabbed the soap and began soaping up everything, from her small, budding breasts until finally she got down to her waist.

She quickly soaped up Stephanie's round, smooth ass and reached under to soap up her pussy. She groped her friend's slippery ass with one hand and played around with her pussy with the other. Stephanie grinded against her friend's hand hornily, but Jennifer was inexperienced and did not know what she would need to do to get her friend off. After several minutes of this Stephanie turned around to face her friend.

She looked at her friend hungrily, then pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. As their tongues intertwined they each knew that they had surpassed their friendship. Before, even though they were exploring their horny fantasies together and even doing a little touching, they had never made the mental jump to being anything more than friends. But now as they kissed they knew that they had made that jump. They were no longer just friends; they were lovers.

They humped against each other's legs as they kissed. Jennifer moaned, and Stephanie reached her hands around to cup her friends ass as she humped and grinded frantically. Finally they broke off.

“It's my turn to wash you now!” said Stephanie. She slowly soaped up Jennifer's ass as Jennifer moaned, her cunt dripping with more than just shower water. Then Stephanie reached underneath to fondle her friend's pussy which had only started to grow a few wisps of hair. Being more experienced, Stephanie knew exactly what to do to get her friend off. She quickly went for the clit and began massaging it.

Jennifer gasped loudly, and her hips began bucking uncontrollably. Jennifer was thrashing around so wildly that Stephanie nearly lost her place a few times, but she managed to zero back in to her friend's clit and rub it fast and hard. Her own pussy was aching like never before, but all she could do was position her foot so that her heel was in the right position and grind that as she focussed on Jennifer.

Stephanie was underneath her friend, her hand reaching up with an amazing view of her friend's clenching ass and bucking hips and her own hand as it worked tirelessly on giving pleasure. Jennifer squealed loudly. She was starting to cum, and it was going to be a big one.

“Oh god— oh goddd— OH GODD— OHHH GODDDDD—” Jennifer was panting heavier and heavier, and then she started mumbling incoherently. Finally she entered the final stretch. She bucked her pussy into her friend's hand and clenched up. “Nggg... NNNNGGGGG... NGGGGGGAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” she practically screamed as she came.

She grunted several more times as aftershocks flooded her system forcing her to buck about wildly. Her legs gave out on her and she fell down, but Stephanie caught her. She was right under Jennifer, who had collapsed right down onto Stephanie's face. Stephanie grabbed her friend's waist to steady her as Jennifer shook with more aftershocks, her wet pussy sliding all over her friend's upward-looking face. This made Stephanie so horny that she whimpered a little herself.

Finally Jennifer got a hold of herself and shakily picked herself up and collapsed on the other side of the tub facing her friend. She still couldn't speak, but she wasn't sure what to say anyway. Stephanie looked at her friend. “I figured out how to do that the other day, I've been dying to show you.”

Jennifer still couldn't think of what to say, she just looked at her friend. Stephanie re-positioned herself so that her legs were spread out. “I got so tingly doing that to you; I really need to do myself now. You just watch!”

And Stephanie reached her hand down and began massaging her wet, aching clit. With her best friend watching, she masturbated herself hard and fast. Her hands were a blur, and she was whimpering like crazy. Having Jennifer watch her made masturbating unbelievably more stimulating and she couldn't keep the sounds from escaping her mouth.

Jennifer was getting turned on all over again watching what her friend was doing to herself. Her own pussy needed attention and she had the general idea of what to do now. Jennifer found that she'd gotten her second wind and was ready to cum again. She spread her legs and masturbated just as hard and as fast as Stephanie did. Stephanie was so excited to see her friend playing with herself that she began humping the air as she increased her speed even more.

Both friends felt their orgasms building at the same time. Their panting and moaning got louder and louder until they screamed. Neither of them could contain their orgasms into small grunts; they were way too big for that. They screamed and clenched their hips way up in the air, unable to control themselves. As they spasmed with aftershocks they almost sounded like they were crying and they lay there shaking on the tub floor.

Finally Stephanie got up, spots swimming before her eyes, and made her way over to where her friend was slumped beside the tap. They kissed passionately, then helped each other up. As they stumbled unsteadily out of the tub, Jennifer looked at Stephanie and gasped, “We have GOT to do that again sometime!”

Stephanie smiled devilishly, “You bet your sexy little ass we will!”