My Girls and Me, Part 5 – And There it Was

by My Girls

“It’s time sweetheart,” I whispered into her ear. She looked into my eyes and as our tongues touched our lips met and with another sweet kiss from my daughter I knew she understood.

As we kissed I traced my fingers down from her face chin and neck then further to encircle around her tiny hard nipples and torso feeling every curve of her thirteen year old body. So smooth and delightful is my young girl and being my own flesh and blood makes her body feel even more delectable. I moaned softly purring like a cat delighting with every little stroke of her tongue on mine and tasting her warm liquid from inside her small mouth. Alex can kiss like no one I‘ve ever kissed before. I guess it’s because I’ve never kissed a thirteen year old in over twenty years and back then I was still a novice and knew no better, but Alex has mastered the art. All the practice she’s obviously had with her best friend Liz paid off. But I bet Liz never thought Alex would put it to good use on her own mother. Or did she?

No matter I was reaping all the benefits now. I know now that Alex is trying her best to seduce Liz and I know one day she will succeed. Liz is most defiantly gay .Alex and her kiss all the time and show one another or Alex shows Liz masturbating techniques that she has learnt from me. Alex has on many occasions tried to fondle her but Liz is having none of it. When it happens Liz I think will look back and wonder why she ever declined my daughters advances. If by chance she ever becomes like Alex and me and desires children she will woe the day having had the chance to sleep with Alex. Purely because at the time she and herself where just prior to blossoming and she could have had the chance to touch and kiss Alex’s childlike smooth hairless body. This is how I felt back then and I was just lovingly touching every part of her except for her divine pussy which was soon to be mine forever. At least I hope Alex and I will be lovers till the end of my days. I know she will find other lovers but I do sincerely hope she will still comfort me and love me when I’m old and grey. I know I will certainly comfort her in times of sorrow if she ever needs it when her lovers who I know will once or twice break her heart. My love for Alex is absolute especially now that we are going to consecrate our relationship. Charlie I love too with all my heart but with Alex it is so different except for the other love of sexuality I have for her. My sweet angels are what I live for and if anything comes between us I would simply die. I know what I am doing with Alex is morally wrong and illegal and if caught we would be separated, but I can’t stop how I feel about her sexually. I know she feels the same and she won’t do anything to jeopardise what we now have together.

Alex’s hands are holding my head as she lays on her back motionless enjoying my gentle exploration. My left breast rests upon her rib cage and my left leg slowly slides over hers and my pubic mound begins a gentle rub on her thigh. A dribble of my saliva seeps from between our lips and leaves a shiny trail as it slips down her cheek and falls like a gooey dew drop onto her shoulder. I pull away from her and open my eyes to see her beautiful loving brown eyes melting my sole and like a tidal wave of emotion I could almost feel an orgasm crashing through me making me close my eyes and lift me up as if I was in heaven.

“Oh baby. Mummy loves you so much. So much I couldn’t say how much.” I declare.

Her sweet whisper makes my heart stop for a second. “I love you to mam” and she lifts her head and pecks my lips like a full stop.

“Well baby how could I refuse an answer like that. From such a pretty young girl” I smile and Alex chuckles back at me.

“Being as you love me so, so much sweetheart do you think I should show you… show you….ummmm”

“Haway Mum you mean your bunny”

“Well yes actually I was just…” Alex interrupted me.” Just trying to be tactful about it ?”

Yes I was and Alex with such a word confirmed she had a good vocabulary. Still not used in the right context as I wasn’t trying to be tactful by not offending or upsetting her but in time as I have learnt with BIG words I look them up and find out what they really mean.

I just confirmed and said “Yes honey”

“Come on then” I said as I moved myself to the head of the bed and propped myself up on two of her pillows. She plonked herself in front of me kneeling with her legs pressed together and her feet pressing against either side of her bottom.

I placed my hands on my knees as the look of anticipation in Alex’s face was almost amusing with her eyes boring between my legs willing them to open. I looked down and all that was showing was my pubic hair bellowing from between a dark crevice keeping my moist pussy safe from cave dwelling young girls.

“Alex baby?” I said .Alex looked up to me.

“Now……. I know you’ve wanted to touch me down there and I know I want you to…”

Alex butted in again. “So why..”

“Let me finish sweetheart.” I interrupted. “I thought it best to take it slowly. Because I needed to be sure you… and I, well actually only me was absolutely sure we should do this. Okay?”

Alex in a mellow tone said “But mam we been kissing and stuff for ages and ya know we been having our pleasing times together for like three years.”

“I know sweetheart, but this is so much more than masturbating together. This is ummmm this is just so much more.”

“I know mam” and with a look of adoration toward me Alex said what sealed it finally “Mam. I love you”

I simply smiled back at her and like the barriers on a rivers lock my hands seemed to slowly open my legs and expose my warm wanton vagina to the almost aghast gaze of my precious baby girl. It was almost astonishment as if she hadn’t seen it before. I suppose she hadn’t seen it before. Not like this any way. This time it was something she was going to explore smell, taste and love. I was going to show Alex the true pleasures of making love to a woman. How to please a lover and be pleased herself. This new part of our incestuous bonding would soon begin and far from just our vaginas there was back then and I guess still is so much more I can show her.

Alex bent forward and for a split second I thought she was going to dive into my pussy with all the cumbersome tact of a stupid boy getting his first feel of a girls cunt. Thankfully she just gazed down from a couple of feet away as my legs finally spread open to as far as I could manage.

I could see the a wondrous look in her eyes as my pussy opened up to her and her mouth opened slightly and like a ravenous child waiting for her favourite meal she licked her lips.

“Do you like it sweetheart?” I asked.

“Yeah” was her short reply.

“What do you see?”

“What?” she asked me.

“Well tell me what you like about it. Tell me what looks it’s like.” I said

“Well I eer dunno” she mumbled. “looks pretty. Pinkyish. Dark. Eeeeer Big and like puffy.”

I laughed. “Oh ok baby” Simple and truthful I thought. I guess I was hoping for a concise description from an acclaimed author about how beautiful a vagina could be, but it was kind of cute the way my daughter described it.

My hands ran down the inside of my legs and I felt a rush of naughtiness run through me. The butterflies churning my stomach almost made me sick but the look of awe from Alex held it back as I took hold of the top of my pussy lips and pulled them open.

A “Wow” emerged from Alex’s mouth.

My lips stretched to about three inches all shiny and the once (as she put it puffiness of my rippled labia) were now pulled taught. I supposed that was why she gasped and now my whole glory was exposed to her she was examining every bit inside me. The entrance to my cunny was open showing the broken hymen an dark entrance and above my pee hole like an upside down droplet but tiny and dark. Above was my swollen clitoris just peeking out from inside it’s covering hood.

“That’s really pink.” she exclaimed “looks shiny and wet too”

“You like it sweetie?” Asking a stupid question.

“Yeah mam it looks nice and it smells really nice.”

Aahh yes the smell of a woman’s vagina. Nothing quite like it. All different yet unmistakable as long as it’s clean and well maintained. To put it crudely.

I could smell my own cunt and could almost smell the old aroma from my masturbating earlier that day lingering in the air.

Then the thought hit me. It was time to tell Alex how to adore and love a woman’s vagina.

“Bend forward a bit baby. Mummy wants to show you everything”

My index finger ran gently over my clit and my eyes closed as rush of excitement ran through me. I shuddered slightly and when I opened my eyes Alex was staring right at me.

“Your clitoris is really big mam and I do that when I touch mine. Feels good dunnit?” she said.

“Yes baby it does.” I released my lips that sprang back hanging wrinkled and loosely over my pussy. Alex reached forward wanting to touch me but I grabbed her hand and said “Not yet baby. I want to show you how to and where to love Mummy’s bunny. Ok?”

“Sorry mam” she replied in a scolded child’s voice.

I placed a finger on my clitty hood and said “That’s the main place where you should kiss but not all the time. You can suck but gently not like my nipples and don’t bite it either because that can hurt.”

“Ok mam I got it” she nodded.

I could tell she was so eager to get down there and taste me but I so wanted her to know and learn.

I opened my pussy again and with my third finger I pointed out the other parts.

“Baby that’s my urethra. Where my pee comes from.”

In a happy I‘m smart voice she said“I know mam we doing that in biology”

“Ok smarty pants I know but just listen Mummy wants you to know this. A girls or woman’s bunny or cunny…“Alex looked shocked when I said ‘cunny’, but I continued, “It’s our most special place and I have shown you how to pleasures yours and now it’s different when it comes to pleasuring another girl. Ok?”

Alex simply nodded.

“Now baby… It’s ok to kiss the pee hole and of course below,” pointing to my rather open entrance. I slipped a finger just inside and felt the heat and wetness building with every sentence I spoke. Knowing that in a very short time my beautiful daughter would be licking and tasting me.

“You have to understand sweetie that the clit is not just the little nub at the top there.” Alex tilted her head inquisitively like a dog hearing it’s master holler it’s favourite word like ‘Walkies’

I showed her running my fingers from it’s hood down to the bottom. As I reached there I placed a tip of one finger onto my anus and said.” Bottoms are good too but thats another thing entirely.”

Alex screwed her face. “Mam that gross yewwww no way”

I came out with a clichéd response. “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it kiddo” (And now she loves it)

“Well any way sweetheart. That’s where the clit is and some prefer to be licked on their hood rather than the tip itself. Me I prefer the direct contact. Another must and yes I know your tongue is small but to slip it inside me is good too. It will also let you taste inside me and I know how you love to taste yourself.”

Is it gonna be the same?” she asked.

“Probably not hunny. I know from what I’ve done that all the women I’ve been with have tasted different. Some sweet and some not so sweet. I‘m not saying that not sweet is yukky.. It’s just different and still nice. Now you being you and I haven’t well you know ummm” I stumbled slightly as felt a twang in my heart. “Tasted you my baby. You might taste like me, but from smelling how beautiful you smell I know it will be the sweetest and most beautiful bunny I’ll ever have tasted.”

Alex smiled as I complemented her on how nice hers would be.

“Well I suppose baby it’s now time.” Alex almost jumped with joy as I presented my scared place to her tender loving youthful self. Her right of passage was about to become reality.

Almost scared she slowly bent forward sniffing my aroma. Her hands placed on my shins and pushed me open a bit more. My legs began to shake as I felt her long hair tantalise me touching my inner thighs and as I watcher face getting even closer the sensations of overpowering tenseness, fear and wanton lust for her to devour me was making me giddy.

And there it was her hot breath on my pussy. I could almost hear my pubic hairs rustle in excitement as I clenched my pussy waiting for that first kiss from my little virgin baby‘s lips.

Oh god. There it was. A little peck of tenderness and attentiveness. I placed my hands on the back of her head, but did not push her into me. Instead I just tenderly stroked her hair to make her know that I loved her and what she was doing was ok.

Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue on my labia. First a tiny lick and then it stroked over one side and then the other feeling and moistening every wrinkled tiny crease and the surrounding pubic hairs with that sweet tongue of hers.

“Oh that’s it baby” I cooed “Suck on them baby pull them with your teeth. Stretch them hard baby Mummy wants you to.”

To my surprise Alex understood. Taking one side of my lips into her mouth and biting it she sucked and pulled her head back stretching my lip to it’s extreme. Oh god how it hurt and how unbelievable it felt. Her teeth and lips gripping with all there might making my pussy swell with blood even more and I begin to seep with love juice. Then she took the other side again stretching it, pulling hard biting it and sucking it into her mouth.

I almost came there and then but almost like a perfect lover she released it and my pussy lips recoiled and nestled back to their former placid state. The erotic impulse and pain ran through me as she began to caress them as if she were soothing a hurt child. Gently licking the wounds and when her tongue opened them an touched inside I convulsed as she licked the inner walls. Alex was a seductress beholding all the skill of an older lesbian lover. A child that shows such expertise with her first tender kiss and timing leaving that woman wanting more holds nothing above being a goddess of love. Her tiny tongue tasting my inner sanctum obviously turned her on as she began to hum like a cat purring in delight drinking it’s milk.

My baby girl was so good I couldn’t believe it was her turning me on so much. When she touched my swollen clitoris I couldn’t hold back. The shock wave sent my body into convulsions. I bucked pushing her away and any such thought of hurting her face was oblivious to me as my orgasm overpowered me.

For the first time in over a year my stomach tensed and my come spurted out of me covering my daughters face. She squealed and scrunched her face as two or three eruptions hit her. Drenching her face as it poured down and covered her slim body and legs. It seemed to last for minutes as my arched body began to lower and as my eyes began to open the blurred image of Alex was a sight to behold. She was running her hands over her torso with outstretched fingers that rose to her mouth as she began to lick and suck them. Her eyes were closed as she drank every drop of my come. Her body was all shiny and moist with what was missed and spread all over her. I couldn’t help but lunge forward and begin to lick her chest all over tasting my own come on her fresh smooth skin paying particular attention to her tiny pink nipples that seemed harder and stiffer than before. Alex’s sticky hands took hold of my neck and we began to kiss. It was almost ravenous like a conquering queen taking charge over the most beautiful women of a fallen city and proving her rule over them. That was Alex not me. I had succumbed to her. She could rule over me forever if a gushing fountain and explosive orgasms was the result of our sexual battles. The first battle was a conquest to my daughter but the war was not by means over as I now had the upper hand. I had years of experience to show her how to devour a woman’s cunt. It was going to be hard to give her the pleasure she had just given me but by god I was going to try. I remember the first time a girl went down on me and it was the most intense thing I can ever remember and by god Alex was going to get the whole works. I’ll give her all my best moves as it were and maybe a bit more. The element of surprise was my plan and she as going have it all.

I pulled away and just looked her up and own. Some of my come had transferred from her body onto mine making my saggy breasts glisten and as I gazed upon her face her expression looked as if she were replete and somewhat dazed full of passion. I ran a finger over her lips and retrieved the mixed saliva and come and sucked it from my finger tips.

I smiled. “Hmm” I moaned “Did baby like that”?

“That was mint Mummy…..I love you so much Mummy”

“I love you too baby. That was the best ever….But now precious one I want to taste your precious bunny. Mummy wants you so very much. Kiss me an let Mummy show you how much she loves you.”

Well it’s my turn next. Alex helped me remember certain points and she says it’s just about correct and I will be asking her how she felt with her first time but it will be in regard to me narrating how I felt and describing my first experience with her. And with a young girl now I’m a woman and mother.

Hope you enjoyed this part.


My Girls