Grandma's Coming

by My Girls

“Thanks Mum I’ll see you soon.”

Dianne put the phone down into the recharge holder on the bedside cabinet. She heard the hard sound of the water hitting the frosted glass in the en-suite bathroom as her husband took his shower. As she sat up against her large sky-blue coloured pillow she remembered her love making last night. Dianne was a fine figure of a woman at the age of forty seven and her slim body was outlined, although looking a bit frumpy under the matching blue duvet. Her night gown had been discarded on the floor last night and lay in a crumpled heap by the bed side. She could remember how she groaned in pleasure although a little louder than she had wanted and hoped her baby girl did not hear her. Her husband had made her feel worthy after going down on her and he always remained beneath the bed covers until she exploded with an almighty orgasm and after he knew he would be allowed his reward. As if her come was not enough reward for his attentive mouth. She loved his large penis and loved to suck his hard swollen manhood before letting it sink deep into her own body and feel his sperm ejaculate at the back of her hot aroused cunt. These thoughts made her loins begin to swell and as she so often did in the morning she began to masturbate. It was no different to any other morning except it was their tenth wedding anniversary. Her husband had arranged a weekend away for them and she knew fine well it would be in some quaint village in an expensive hotel so they could both enjoy the luxury of two days in bed and simply phone the front desk for whatever they so desired. Her husband came back into the room to see Dianne gently rubbing her swollen clitoris and within seconds he was hard. He didn’t even finish to dry himself off as he jumped under the covers and began to work his magic between Dianne’s legs as she continued to rub her exposed little nub. She removed her hand as his mouth moved up a little and his expert tongue continued what she had started. He was a great lover and like last night her groans became louder as she was transported into heaven. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she was almost loosing control. A pulse of ecstasy ripped through her body as she lifted her body up the duvet slid down exposing her heaving chest and she almost screamed as she knew that she had squirted her come. This usually never happened but her husband had done a beautiful job and he loved it when she squirted herself either into his mouth or over his face. This time he caught the squirt directly into his mouth and drank with relish his wife’s ambrosia. As he licked her wet cunt clean he worked his body upward and inserted his throbbing cock into her making her claw at his back as he thrust with more animal passion than she had ever done before. Nothing could disturb this wonderful fuck let alone the creak of the bedroom door opening to reveal the adorable little figure of their daughter. The small girl had heard her mother’s moans of pleasure and not ever having heard her mother this loud decided to investigate what was happening. The sight which greeted her shocked her. Her father wildly thrusting himself between her mothers legs was bewildering to her. With her hand still on the door knob she just stared in awe at this spectacle. She could see her mother’s face looking like she was in pain, but she somehow knew she was enjoying what her father was doing to her. Obscenities came from her mother’s heavy-breathing mouth as she exploded with another almighty orgasm and almost in union her father grunted as he exploded inside her. The little girl still frozen in the doorway watched as her father’s body crumpled on top of her mother as she whispered “Oh darling that was the best ever.” As the adults’ passion came to rest Dianne’s head turned and rested on the pillow. Her eyes opened directly facing the door to see her precious daughter standing there. “Oh fuck!” she shouted and in a scrambled manoeuvre herself and her husband came to lay beside one another and the duvet was quickly pulled up to cover themselves. Robert the father just lay back his head and staring at the ceiling with thoughts of what his daughter must have seen almost terrified him, but as men do he left it for his wife to try and explain the predicament their daughter had just witnessed.

Dianne quickly jumped out of bed exposing her sweaty body to the cool air and grabbing her dressing gown covered herself. She quickly walked to the doorway and taking her daughter’s hand, closed the bedroom door and escorted her back to her own room.

Thirty or forty minutes later Dianne returned and told Robert what she had told her, that things were fine and that their little girl was a little wiser to the way adults express love for one another. A little motherly mild scolding informed her also that she shall never enter their room without knocking ever again.

Annabelle was the little girl in question and she sat on her bed with the pictures of her parents making love, or as Dianne had called it ’having nookie’ on their bed. She had actually heard her mummy making strange noises before but never as loud as that morning. What she found that was making her moan was not at all what she expected and even after her mothers somewhat coy explanation, she still didn’t understand what ‘making nookie’ meant and what they were doing. She knew that Mummy was OK and she felt good that she wasn’t really mad at her for seeing them naked. After all she had seen them naked before and it had never bothered them. She did find seeing her fathers hard cock a little strange as she had never seen it that way before. She pondered over why he was jumping it in between her mothers legs so she lifted her pink lacy hemmed night gown to explore the possibility of what he was doing. She opened her legs and looked down at her bald vagina. Running a finger between her mounds she could feel how soft and puffy they were but also how tight it was as she pushed a little harder between the fleshy mounds and she couldn’t work out what he was doing. A knock at the door changed her train of thought and she covered herself as her mother entered. Dianne sat on her bed and explained that her and Daddy were going away for the weekend and explained why and that Grandma was coming to look after her. Annabelle smiled with glee as she loved her grandma and enjoyed her visits as she was so much fun to be with.

Ten thirty came and with the bags at the door all ready for the weekend stood a couple of feet away the doorbell rang. Annabelle ran to the door and standing on tiptoes she reached for the latch and cumbersomely opened the front door. Their she was. “Gramma” she squealed and wrapped her arms around her.” Hello sweet one” she said placing a hand on her head. She bent down onto one knee and kissed her on her lips.

Grandma stood up and giving an agreeable smile to Dianne standing at the kitchen door her gaze looked back at Annabelle. Annabelle looked adorable. She is only six and Carol (the grandmother) had almost given up hope of having a grandchild. She was overjoyed although a little worried at her daughters age when she announced she was pregnant, but nonetheless the birth went well and Dianne had produced a beautiful grandchild. A perfect little girl to carry on her family’s genes. Annabelle stood only four and a half foot. A little small for her age, but was in her eyes the most precious grandchild any woman could wish for. She had her mothers long straight black hair (tied into two ponytails) and tied off at the head with two small red ribbons of silk. Her little chubby face was a picture of sweetness and light and when she smiled no one could not resist to reciprocate and smile back. Annabelle’s beautiful green eyes seemed to shine in comparison to her grandmother’s that had slightly faded over the years. She would show off her tiny bottom milk teeth and she had a strange attractive quirk of resting the tip of her tongue on the teeth and could be seen between her small thin pink lips. This had caught many adults off gaurd and with a lot of men it almost caused a reaction that would embarrass them if they stared to long at this alluring sweet child. She was wearing a tight yellow vest exposing her puppy fat arms and the low cut neckline almost showed her tiny chest which with her little chubbiness made her look as if she possessed the smallest of breasts. Her tummy protruded like a small mound and her mum and Carol adored the small pot belly. Below her small blue denim ‘a’ line skirt covered her legs to just above the knees. She had no socks or shoes on and Grandma could see a little dirt on her toes as she scrunched them when she kissed her as if she were in discomfort, but knew it was just one of those little child things that makes them so adoring.

Grandma said, “Hi sweetheart,” to Dianne and she said, “Hi Mum,” back. Dianne in her thoughts complimented her mother on her attire and looks. She had always adored her mother’s dress sense and had always hoped she would be as attractive at her grand old age of seventy two. Carol was now widowed as her husband had passed away a short while ago after a long illness. Even though it took a lot out of her she seemed to recover quite quickly as while the illness progressed she and the family came to terms with the impending death. Carol did look a bit drawn during the time she cared for her husband. Although Dianne did help her she now looked far healthier and Dianne was pleased she looked so well. Carol was a short woman of five one and a half. The half inch being of up most importance to her. She had long silver hair which was styled conservatively into small waves as it rested over her shoulders and slightly down her back. Her face was slightly pale but she had a nice glow about her cheeks. Her eyes were dark green and although a little faded with age her alluring gaze could still turn a gentleman’s head. Even women glared at her envious of her sultry looks as their husbands eyes wandered over to her direction when she attended the weekly ballroom dance meets at the local theatre. She did sometimes feel mischievous and would wink at them to suddenly see a look of scorn from their partners She did look her age with more than obvious laughter lines and slightly crinkled lips but still a very attractive women. Her thin lips were not as noticeable as when she was younger but still they looked kissable and Annabelle and family members especially the children did not squirm at the fact as most do of kissing an old woman. Children scared of feeling the usual coarse hairs that had sprouted from unusual places on the older generations cheeks or around there mouths. As most grandmothers do they always kiss with their lips and children cringe when they see their pursed lips heading for them. Carol had always looked after herself and the usual hairs that grow had never appeared and she was thankful for that. She had slim physique although her breasts were not very prominent. Her dress she was wearing on that day was a light green which suited her very well and did show their sagginess. Her small breasts were never large and she had never worn a bra. Something she had always wanted but alas her mother never seemed to agree with her so never bought her one. Her mother was right as they were only a few inches across with very pert puffy nipples, but in her advancing years they drooped and the nipples now pointed south east. They were almost flat on her chest but just the tiniest of mounds were visible. The dress was s summer one exposing her arms and she did show off a little to much of her bony chest which also exposed her wrinkly neck and collar bones. Her legs were still in remarkable shape and if you couldn’t see the rest of her you would be mistaken for thinking they belonged to a much younger woman and on her feet she wore a pair of matching sued green flat slip on shoes.

She took hold of Annabelle’s hand and walked inside to greet Dianne and her husband. She took a card from her purse and inside was fifty pounds for them. After a quick chat and a cup of tea she ushered them off to go and enjoy their anniversary weekend away assuring Dianne Annabelle would be well looked after.

Waving goodbye Carol looked down at sweet Annabelle and they both went into the living room. Carol as always looked around the room as mothers do just to see that Dianne was keeping a prim, proper tidy house and to her delight she was. This was her first time to this her daughter’s new house and she had been suitably impressed from the outside by its old-fashioned appearance. It was in her eyes almost a picture image of a house her family used to live in up in the north of England many years ago. The décor inside was a little modern for her tastes but she approved nonetheless. The room was large with a bay window overlooking the back garden which Robert being a landscape gardener was well maintained and picturesque. The tops of the windows were stained glass left from the thirties. A lot of these small period pieces had been stolen from most of the houses in the area over the years, but Dianne and Robert’s house had been spared. The summer sun gave them a wonderful glow and it lit up their patterns along the walls as the sunlight slowly slid them from one side of the room to the other. A vase containing a bouquet of flowers that Robert had presented to Dianne that morning were lovingly placed into a nice display in the centre of the shelf in the alcove. A certain attribute taught to Carol by her mother who owned a florists shop and in turn taught Dianne many years ago. The walls were painted cream which matched the carpet and the ghastly cream leather couch was not to Carol’s taste as too much of one colour can ruin a rooms warmth and character. The cream on the walls had a hint of brown and any lighter the room would feel cold but the caramel colour did emanate a certain warmth to the room. Thankfully Carol hated the feel of leather and the large three seated couch did have a large (again cream coloured) throw covering it. Carol continued to survey the room and the almost overpowering colour was broken by the gold surround of the warm electric fire with illuminated red flames on the black back plate. Around that was a nice surround of marble and above a large dark brown wooden shelf was adorned with beautiful small Chinese style vases. The porcelain vases from left to right decreased in size from a ten inch tall vase to the one on the right being only an inch tall and at either end below the shelf was held up by double roman style matching wooden columns. A large mirror above the fire seemed to make the room appear larger and opposite two pictures matched the vases in their Chinese style with embroidered images of birds and flora.

Carol turned and sat down feeling how comfy the large sofa was and Annabelle quickly jumped up and manoeuvred her small body in front of her and almost in a spooned manner she snuggled up against her grandmother’s legs. Carol took hold of her giving her a warm and loving embrace and remembered how she and Dianne used to snuggle together when she was younger.

“So sweetie?” Carol asked and waited for and answer that didn’t come.

Annabelle just looked up at her. Carol kissed her forehead and said, “So sweetie shall we have lunch?”

“Uh huh,” was the six year old’s reply.

Carol picked up Annabelle and placed her on the floor as she stood and led her to the kitchen. Carol opened the refrigerator door and in there were two sandwiches prepared earlier by Dianne. Carol removed the cling film and opened them to see what their filling was. A quick “Mmmmmm” from Carol and she said, “Oh ham and cheese, OK?”

“Yeah please,” said Annabelle.

Ten minutes later Annabelle sat swinging her feet back and forth at the kitchen table as Carol swept away the discarded crumbs around the girl’s table asking a rhetorical question.

“Aren’t we a messy one?” and simply patted Annabelle’s head before the child could answer.

“What shall we do now?” asked Carol.

“TV. TV,” was the simple reply. Carol chortled to herself as if it were an obvious answer from a child so she took the girl into the living room. She picked up the remote from the round glass coffee table at the side of the sofa and pressing the red power button the large LCD television came to life.

“What channel?” asked Carol and Annabelle being very knowing knew exactly the number for her favourite childen’s BBC channel.

“Cbeebies Gramma,” she cried.

“I know sweetheart, but what number?”

“Oh sorry Gramma, seventy-one,” answered Annabelle turning her head back to the television and Carol pressing the appropriate buttons saw the number appear on the screen and waited to see what was on.

All this new digital stuff was beyond Carol, but she new in time she would have to buy a new flat screen TV as hers was so old and didn’t conform to this new free view service all the country was turning to.

To Annabelle’s delight ‘Skunk Fu’ one of her favourite cartoons was on and in seconds she was content. She lay on the floor on her front resting her head in her hands as the show started.

Carol bent forward and unzipping her large handbag pulled out the book she had recently bought. It was a large hardback and as she put on her half moon glasses she opened it. She started to read and as she drifted off into this fictitious land of literature the sound of the television disappeared from her mind. The book was very well written and she had picked it out purely for the cover and title. She did with most books just hoping by chance that it would entertain her. This particular book was entitled ‘Innocent’. After fifty minutes and three chapters later she didn’t have a clue what was going on, but she persevered and all became apparent. It was all about a young girl and her time at all-girls first school set somewhere in a fictitious small town apparently in a southern shire in England. The title she thought (‘Innocent‘) indicated a crime novel but still she was intrigued and carried on reading. At the start of the fourth chapter it became even more interesting. The school was set in the countryside just outside of the small town. The girls ages ranged from five to ten years old and there were about seventy girls there. The academic side was not too descriptive, but when it came to the dialogue she found it was just as she remembered when she was a young girl at a boarding school. Carol was lucky in the respect that her father had owned a thriving industrial business and her parents were able to afford a decent school for her education. She remembered her school days and the girls in the book seemed just the same. Most were a little posh and the young girl in the book at age five was like her. Carol herself was an outsider not being born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was soon being picked on for her low mannered status. She, like her, became a loner and in time she found solace in the warm affections of a teacher. Very strange she thought. If this were not a fictitious book it read almost read like her own experience at school. Carol sat attentively reading on and found in time the teacher and this five-year-old child were becoming closer. Chapter six and a shower scene was being described and she couldn’t stop reading as the girls’ young nubile wet bodies were being described. Described with such detail that she could feel a swell inside her as she could feel the emotions of desire for these girls as she did when she were at her school. The pictures of the girls’ bodies soaped with shampoo and cleaning their perfect skin was almost too much but still she couldn’t put the book down as her pulse began to quicken. She had to rub her upper legs together as she could feel the swelling of her vagina against them. This book was amazing at how it described the girls and the whole chapter just described this one scene with such perfection that her memories filled with all the desires she had hidden all those years ago. She remembered at the age of twelve when she became a dorm prefect. It was her job to escort as she called them ‘her dorm girls’ to the showers. She also would have a shower and she remembered how she loved to watch the younger girls in there making sure they washed every part of their young tender bodies. Carol loved the way they looked at her body. Her flat chest still showing no signs of producing any ample attributes did concern her but her sprouting hairs did have the youngsters’ attention causing whispers and giggle. She had the perfect position. Every morning and night time she had the opportunity to watch young girls undressing and shower and under her complete command, unless the house parents were there. She would often find herself masturbating in bed to images of these girls she knew all to well. Now reading this book the images were perfect as she remembered all the girls in her dorm as if it were yesterday. Every crease of their bodies, hair colour, height, flat chests and all the little cuts, bruises or imperfections they possessed on their tiny young bodies. As her mind wandered her eyes shut and she slowly closed the book. She hadn’t thought of this for so many years and was astounded at how much detail she could remember of every single girl. All twenty eight of them. She could see them all naked or dressed as she remembered them, comforted them and taken charge of them for over two years. She had so wanted to become closer to some of them and often found herself stood or sat next to a bunk bed chatting after lights out. Just to be close to them and smell the girls so she could go back to her room and bring herself to an amazing orgasm thinking of having one or two of them naked beside her in bed.

Carol’s eyes opened and she looked down at little Annabelle. Annabelle’s legs were swaying back and forth as she still attentively watched another show on television. Carol watched Annabelle intently as the girl quite innocently showed off her tiny cute buttocks and the tiny small crevice of her panty-covered heaven between her legs. Her sweet pink panties had ridden between her bum cheeks and her skirt was high enough to show their delectable crease appear and disappear as her legs rocked forward and back. She loved seeing how firm and round they were as her swaying slightly accentuated them. Sheer perfection. Carol didn’t even consider the fact that this perfect little body belonged to her own grandchild. In fact she was overwhelmed that she felt so hot for this child. Wanting to ravage her she almost couldn’t hold back.

Then a little giggle from Annabelle broke her concentration and this brought her to her senses. She scolded herself at even the thought of wanting to seduce this innocent child, but still she was adoringly watching her childish antics. So innocent and unknowingly showing off her treasures. All girls she thought do this and she loved them for it. This was different though. This was her grandchild and she couldn’t conceive of doing what she wanted to do to her own daughter’s little angel. Mulling over this she just quietly observed Annabelle and her innocent exposure. The thought of incest and its indignity ruptured her mind as she fought with these feelings of this alluring figure in front of her. Immoral and wrong but there sat this sweet child in front of her. Simply so innocent and maybe just maybe willing to please her own grandmother. Carol knew the child adored her and vice versa, but would the child be willing to please her sexually. Could Annabelle even know what pleasing her sexually meant even if the act happened? “No,” she thought. ”Even if Annabelle were to please me she wouldn’t even know what she was doing. I would have to tell her not to tell. Oh shit. I can’t. It’s wrong, oh so wrong, but I so want her. Oh God I want her,” Her thoughts spun around in her head. She was never brave enough even as a young single woman to even approach another woman let alone a child. Her marriage was a quick affair and her sexual life was good but there was always something missing and she knew it was a female’s love. Or was it a child’s love. Her love for young girls had always been there but was banished to a backroom of her mind for more than fifty years. The olden days never approached even the thought of anything sexual let alone lesbianism or the sexual lust and love for children. All knew that these things happened but were kept hidden behind closed doors and to most it was between a husband and wife and that was that. Yes paedophilia was rife in those days and lesbianism too, but it was never mentioned as it were taboo. It was more denied than anything. It couldn’t happen here in Britain. We were an upstanding country of the world and our people would never indulge in such immoral and vulgar activities. So wrong they were. It was all too a familiar thing of the past, present and even the future. The legal age of consent didn’t even come around till the nineteenth century and before then the average age of sex was from seven to twelve years old.

Carol calmed herself down. Just content. She had to be happy just looking and not touching. “The best thing,” she thought.

As she stared in awe of her granddaughter’s body her calm disappeared as the moistness between her legs built and began to escape her old pussy. A pussy that hadn’t been loved by another in such a while and needed to be tended. Carol had given up her sexual tendencies a couple of years ago while looking after her husband, but recently began to masturbate after his death. Her legs slowly moved off the sofa and onto the floor as she thought if she wouldn’t, couldn’t or won’t even love this child the way she wanted, she was going at least to enjoy what she was seeing. Little flickers of the outside of the child’s bald vagina could be spotted as Annabelle’s legs moved back and forth pulling the thin cotton material aside. Like a tease her buttocks moved and the cotton material that was hidden between them helped to show the smallest amount of that soft pale flesh of her mounds. Carol’s hand slipped under her dress and between her inner thighs toward her sex and the warmth became hotter and hotter. Her legs opened to give her access and she became aware of how horny she was as she felt the sweat and slippery fluids that had escaped her. She hadn’t felt so wet in years always having to build up to this point and she knew it was her delectable grandchild that had brought her thus far. Her finger felt the wet material of her panties and she caressed her sprouting labia that the fabric had moulded to. A small gasp escaped her mouth and thankfully as she looked at Annabelle it hadn’t disturbed her. Slowly her hand pulled her dress higher and her fingers pushed past the elastic banded hem of her panties. She felt the coarse hairs of her now silver pubic hair as her fingers meandered through them getting ever closer to her swollen clitoris. Then she found it. It felt so warm down there and the smell. Oh the smell that escaped from down there was as pleasant as ever and in a wicked way she hoped young Annabelle could smell her. Her index finger found the spot she wanted and she could feel how swollen and prominent the clitoris was as she began to gently rub the tip.

The temptation in front of her was so inviting as her finger slipped down between her large folds. As her lips parted the wrinkled labia seemed to envelope around her finger like a vacuum sealed envelope as her secretions continued to flow. Then she was inside herself. She was so loose as her single finger entered her. A little more was needed to try and satisfy her lustful thoughts. Another finger slipped in and then another until she felt a slight tension on her vaginal muscle. That was much better as she pushed in and out. The heat inside her was immense as she felt the inner walls push against her fingers. So slimy as if it were the inner cheeks of a large mouth. Her spare hand began to squeeze a nipple through the fabric of her dress and she began to lose concentration as her sexual desire took over. Her eyes closed and she didn’t even think of Annabelle except for the image of her naked body and the thought of touching her, loving her, and tasting and smelling her young fresh skin. Thrusting her fingers inside herself and pinching her taught nipple so hard she yelped with the little pain. This burst of sound did not concern her as the pleasure built and built until one final thrust. A loud moan rang in the room as her pussy grasped her digits and an almighty orgasm enveloped her aged body. Never had she experienced such as self satisfied orgasm and knew it was the pictures of a six-year-old child that had bought this exhilarating climax upon her. As she removed her hand from her panties she moved it to her face. One after another her fingers entered her mouth as she tasted her fresh come. The smell flared her nostrils as her old hairy twat so hot and satisfied was now covered with a glistening coat of her own sexual fluids. A pleasurable moan of a grateful tongue left her mouth as her body enjoyed the aftermath and became limp in the soft cushions of the sofa. Carol felt as if she was melting into the sofa and the after warmth of the ecstasy caressed her whole body.

The elation was short lived as Carols mind drifted back as she remembered that Annabelle was in the same room. She quickly opened her eyes and like earlier that day Annabelle was stood right in front of her wearing the same expression she had when she witnessed her parents making love.

“Nookie, nookie Gramma. Is that what Mummy meant by having nookie?”

“Oh umm oh dear,” was all Carol could mumble.

“Mummy sounded just like that this morning,” said Annabelle. “But Daddy was on top of her and she said they were having nookie. Is that what you were doing Gramma? by yourself ’cause you sounded just like Mummy did?”

Carol was still so shocked and going so red with embarrassment she couldn’t answer. She pulled her panties back to cover herself and the skirt down, but it had scrunched underneath her bottom and anyway she knew it was to late as young Annabelle had seen her cunt in all its beautiful glory

Then came a comment that shocked Carol even more.

“I looked down there and couldn’t see what they were doing,” declared Annabelle as she lifted her skirt with one hand and pointed at her vagina with the index finger on her other hand. To most it would be amusing but to Carol it was embarrassment and shock in the highest degree.

“Can I see Gramma? I looked but will you show me. Look see.” Annabelle squealed and as quick as a flash she bent down, stood up and lifting her skirt again with both hands she had removed her panties and bared her naked vagina to her grandmother.

Carol still could not speak but looking at Annabelle’s sweet smile brought her own lips to a warm smile and a silent confirmation of the child’s innocent request. Carol’s desire for Annabelle took over. She opened her legs again and bent forward. Her hands rested on Annabelle’s non-existent thighs and Annabelle let go of her dress and it flopped down over Carol’s arms. Carol pulled Annabelle toward her and removing her hands from the warmth of the girl’s thin body her legs closed slightly and her knees now held her.

“Lift your arms sweetie?” asked Carol and obediently Annabelle did so.

Carol slipped her finger underneath the yellow vest and slipped it up and over the child’s head. As she lifted the yellow vest Carol watched as if in slow motion as the tiny bare flesh came into view. Her perfect little pot belly, the ripples of her ribs, the tiny puppy-fat breasts so high and the tiniest soft nipples just barely darker than her own skin. Young Annabelle had removed the red silk straps from her hair during the course of watching the television and it now hung gently down her back. The straps of the vest pulled up the hair and Carol then saw Annabelle’s hairless arm pits and this seemed to make her go weak. Her skin was just so perfect. Hairless, smooth and the smell of her body was just divine. A scent of your own child cannot be described. It is just the most alluring perfect smell in the whole world and nothing on Earth can ever compare to it. Carol could smell the same aroma she had when she undressed Dianne. A warmth filled Carol as she watched Annabelle’s hair escaped the straps and splay over her little body. As it became to rest a small waft of her cherry blossom shampoo engulfed Carol’s face and it dissipated as the smell of her fresh skin reappeared. She ran her fingers over Annabelle’s chest brushing the hairs aside and up behind her ears. Annabelle giggled as the finger’s tickled her skin and Carol began to feel more at ease as Annabelle seemed to feel comfortable exposing her nakedness to her. As Annabelle’s naked chest was revealed once again Carol marvelled at its sheer perfection. A perfection she had seen all those years ago and had wished for so many times and now she had a new gift almost unwrapped. A present that when opened would give her the most pleasure any gift could. In this case money could never buy the love and admiration Carol felt for this girl, but also the love Annabelle had for her. By no means could you purchase sexual love between a doting grandparent and granddaughter that was now filling the room to overflow. Of course Annabelle knew nothing about sexual pleasure but after today Carol hoped this child would find a new admiration for her as she knew she would for this her precious child’s young girl.

Carol placed her hands either side of Annabelle’s chest and could feel her ribs encased in the soft smooth flesh. She bent forward and kissed between her tiny breasts and inhaled her sweet aromatic fresh scent. Pure heaven she thought as her tongue poked out to taste her heavenly skin. Annabelle didn’t move as she watched her grandmother delicately lick her skin and slowly move to her right nipple. Carol licked it and could feel the tiny soft areola sink as she pressed into it. The tips did not become erect but she could feel the slightest hint of the bud as she gently sucked on it. She pulled back letting a small slurp escape and Annabelle let out a giggle of amusement. Carol moved to the other nipple and did the same. When she had finished she looked up and Annabelle was staring into her eyes and she felt an overwhelming warmth fill her whole body. Annabelle’s beautiful green eyes seemed almost to bore into her sole and mistaken or not Carol almost felt that this child was asking for her undivided attention and sexual teachings from her. “Undivided attentions yes, but could Annabelle even know what sexual teachings were. Surely not.” Carol thought. Still this child was attentive and seemed almost turned on when Carol sucked on her tiny nipples letting out a few gasps. Excitement or shyness accompanied by a couple of giggles when her lips let go of those small erogenous nubs. None the same Carol felt she had to continue. How could anyone not love the gaze this girl was giving her. Sexual or not Annabelle had a gift. No person could probably guess what her gaze meant, but it could melt your heart and you would succumb to your own conclusion of what it meant and Carol took this as a sexual request. To show this child all she knew and make love to her. The fact that Annabelle was only six and that she was her granddaughter seemed to disappear as Annabelle moved forward and their lips met. Carol could feel Annabelle’s quirky tongue on her top lip and opening her mouth was surprised to feel it enter her mouth. She did the same and their lips now fully together Carol began to explore his child’s mouth as Annabelle franticly tried the same only just about reaching into Carol’s mouth and licking her teeth. The feelings inside Carol were exploding inside her. This the first time she had ever kissed a child this way. Her tongue exploring a child’s mouth. Tasting it caressing her tongue. It was explicitly like nothing she had ever felt or could comprehend. Her mind was in turmoil. Incest was in her mind but this illegal act was fluttering around an explosion of other feelings. Butterflies filled her stomach, thoughts of desire, lust and the dread of being found out almost made her giddy. She could not stop kissing Annabelle and it seemed this child was engrossed like her. Carol’s hands began to roam over Annabelle’s naked torso touching and exploring every inch of her back and slowly a hand reached inside the back of her denim skirt and fingers moved between her buttocks. Carol felt the warmth between her cheeks as she reached this baby girl’s anus. She just gently rubbed her finger upon the tight tiny hole as Annabelle’s buttocks clenched and gripped her finger in position. Carol felt Annabelle’s body begin to move rhythmically to the tender rub of her anus and could feel the child’s chest begin to heave against hers as she pulled the chid closer to her. Annabelle perched her knees upon the sofa between Carol’s legs as she nudged back. Their long kiss continued and saliva began to escape from their mouths covering their chins. Carol broke away and licked Annabelle’s chin cleaning the glistening liquid from her skin and pushed her gently back by her shoulders. Their eyes locked onto one another’s and Annabelle looked like a love struck girl staring at a woman she had the biggest crush for in her whole world. Carol’s legs now open far and her skirt now high on her thighs could smell herself and new Annabelle could smell her sex as it was now so hot and the secretions were seeping like a waterfall from within. Carol’s hands with complete control although her mind still in turmoil of all these emotions undid Annabelle’s buttons on her skirt. Annabelle as if knowing stood up and let the skirt drop to her feet. Now this small gift was open and what a gift it was. Just over four and a half feet tall this fresh faced girl although looking a little bigger than most with her puppy fat was the most adorable thing she had ever seen. Yes a little bias being her own grandchild, but still did not compare to any of the young girls she remembered from school. Annabelle was sheer perfection. Carol just stared. Her eyes roaming over this naked body. Annabelle’s pale sin was so smooth and faultless and she noticed a tiny freckle just above and to the left of her belly button. She loved the roundness of her tiny belly and the almost protruding button at it’s front. The bottom of her stomach clearly moved inward defining it’s way between her legs and showing her puffy mound and the perfect mould of a child’s virgin vagina.

“Kneel down sweetheart an let Grandma show myself,” Carol told her.

Annabelle just smiled as she tucked her feet under her bottom and Carol stood up. Annabelle intently watched Carol undress. Carol began to unbutton her dress all the way down to her navel before it slipped off her thighs and dropped to the floor. Annabelle was amazed to see her old naked body for the first time in her life. Carols sagging small breasts lay flat on her chest and the nipples almost pointed down as if watching the child staring back. As carol bent forward to remove her panties her breasts hung like small water filled sacks with long wrinkly skin surrounding the soft areolas which at her grand age of seventy two had crinkled and looked like dark leather coins with small nubs in the centre. Her stomach showed all the age of the woman as it creased and most of them overlapped as did her navel over her hipster white soft panties. Carol tugged them down to show off her mass silver pubic forest that was now mated in clumps from her previous orgasm. Little Annabelle marvelled and looked in awe at this unusual sight and as if shy opened her legs and looked at her bald vagina to see if she had any hair there. Carol saw the child looking and simply whispered.

“Not yet my sweet, not yet. But you will soon. Grandma’s much older like your mummy and you will soon have hair like us. You’ll just have to wait a little.”

“OK,” came a simple answer with a big childish grin from Annabelle.

Carol sat down in front of Annabelle and opened her legs wide. Annabelle shuffled forward and her gaze never flinched from her grandmother’s wide vagina. Her hair was not trimmed and did run ever so slightly onto the inner parts of her legs. Her wrinkled torso with flat breasts was not every ones personal taste but Carol was proud of her body and especially at her age she should be. Not ever wanting to go under the knife she was proud to be aging naturally. Her tummy till sagged above the top of the bush and although Carol liked what she saw she thought for her age she was just glad to be slim and healthy.

“Gramma?” questioned the little one.

“Yes sweetie.”

“Will you tell what nookie is?”

Well Carol remembered the time she told her own daughter about the birds and the bees and even to this day she remembered how she had to hold back her most deepest desire to show her daughter what and where everything was. She had toyed on the idea even to the point of fantasising about showing Dianne how to masturbate and give her an experience of penetration by fingering her baby’s vagina. She never did entertain her thoughts and just gave her a simplified version. To this day she never mentioned it again as Dianne seemed to learn the full version at school.

This was different as she had a tiny naked child in front of her. Carol also naked with her legs spread wide and a girl asking blatantly to tell her about sex.

“Well sweetie,” she started.

“Move a little closer and I’ll tell you?”

Annabelle shuffled forward a bit more until she sat right between Carols’ legs. Carol’s hands moved down between her legs. With her thumb and fore finger she nipped her large wrinkled folds of her labia and spread them open.

“Ooooh,” came a gasp of concern from Annabelle.

“It’s OK sweetie. It doesn’t hurt. I’m just showing you my vagina. Here look inside.”

“Va—vagina?” said Annabelle.

“Yes honey that’s what it’s called. Or you could say ’kitty’ or ’pussy’ I quite like the name ’vagina.’”

“Kitty like a cat Gramma?”

“Yes I suppose so,” giggled Carol. “It’s just a nick name for it. Like your daddy will call his thing there a willy.”

“Willy that’s funny Gramma,” giggled Annabelle. “I’ve seen it before, but this morning it was real big and hard and he was pushing it on Mummy. I did look at my ummm vagina and I couldn’t see what he was doing. I know Mummy was enjoying it. What were they doing?”

“Well that’s what I’m going to explain sweetie. Look here,” said Carol. Annabelle looked at Carol’s pussy and although a little bemused by it said. “That’s weird but it kinda looks nice. Smells nice too,” she added.

“Well baby. I’m glad you like the smell because I love it and I know it tastes good too.”

“I saw you licking your fingers after Gramma. What does it taste like?” asked Annabelle.

Carol couldn’t believe how well this whole situation was going. How incredibly curious this girl was. So did the whole nookie thing, she thought. This little Angel wants to know how a woman’s pussy tastes and by God she wanted her to taste hers.

“It tastes very nice Annabelle,” and out of the blue Carol just said, “You want to taste mine?”

Carol couldn’t believe she had just said that and wanted to take it back, but it was too late.

“Can I, can I really Gramma?”

Annabelle was like a joyful child after just being offered sweeties and Carol could not believe that she wanted to taste her old fanny. The enthusiasm coming from the six year old’s mouth was strange and Carol was a little bemused that the offer of her pussy did not gross the child out.

“Umm well I suppose so baby.”

Carol just sat there with her lips pulled wide and watched little Annabelle’s hand reach up to her wide opening. Annabelle loved the colour of her Gramma’s hole. All pink and shiny and looked like a butterfly with outstretched wings of pink and silver hair. It looked delicious to the child. Annabelle dabbed a finger into her grandma’s cunt and a bolt of electricity shot through Carol. Her body shuddered as her pussy was touched by another and after so many years it was unbelievable. Carol closed her eyes as this tiny finger sank inside her. She couldn’t almost feel it but just to have another human touching her was enough.

Then Carol heard.

“Hmmmm Gramma, that tastes goody.”

Carol opened her eyes to see Annabelle sucking her finger.

“Oh sweetie,” she said, “Why don’t you put your mouth there and you can have as much as you want baby. Grandma would like that. Just kiss it and like it a lolly pop and you can taste Gramma’s vagina.”

As the words came out Carol could still not believe that she was just about to have her own six-year-old granddaughter lick her cunt. She watched as Annabelle’s head moved forward. Carol felt her heart thumping in her chest as this beautiful child was almost there.

Then it happened. Annabelle’s tongue licked at Carol’s labia and the electric shocks hit her again, pulsing right through her body. Her mind was spinning as her whole body was in ecstasy. Annabelle was a natural like her French kissing and she seemed to know how to eat a woman’s cunt. Although the child was just doing as Grandma asked and was treating it like lolly pop she was pleasing Carol so much. When Annabelle found the old woman’s clit and began to suck on it, that was the breaking point. Carol felt the tidal wave beginning in her head and feet. Little slurps could be heard as little Annabelle did indeed suck it like a lolly pop and she did love the taste of Gramma’s pussy. Carol’s body tensed as ripples of magical pleasure became small waves and then a massive wave of ecstasy just washed away all thoughts of anything except pure euphoric pleasure.

“Oh baby, oh baby, Gramma’s coming. Lick Gramma’s cunt baby lick it, drink my come sweetheart. Gramma loves you.”

Carol’s screams did not seem to register with Annabelle as a stream of Gramma’s gooey come spilled into her small mouth. Carol pushed the child’s head against her gaping hole so Annabelle could drink all she had to offer. It was the girl’s reward for pleasing Grandma and what a just reward. Annabelle drank the offering as if it were her favourite drink. It tasted so nice. Unlike anything she had ever had before, but she new she loved it and hoped she could have so much more of Grandma’s love juice whenever she wanted.

Carol’s bottom came to rest back down on the sofa as Annabelle resurfaced with a massive grin on her drenched face. She cleaned her cheeks and licked her fingers before wiping her wrist over her mouth to clear the glistening drink that escaped her small mouth.

Annabelle jumped up and lay on Carol’s relaxed body. Wrapping her arms around her she kissed her grandma and whispered into her ear with that sweet little voice.

“Gramma I love you so much. It was really good. You were right. Can I have some more later on Gramma?”

Carol still coming down from her high just nodded and said. ”Sure sweetie, Sure you can. Grandma would love that.”

Annabelle tilted her head and kissed Carol on the lips and slipped her tiny tongue into her mouth. This sensual kiss made Annabelle’s love for her Grandma swell inside her and even though she could not understand these feelings they felt so nice. The smell and taste of Grandma’s pussy was a revelation to her and she could feel sensations of warmth and sexual desire as their bodies lay together on the couch. Annabelle could feel her own vagina tingling and loved how it felt rubbing on Carol’s legs. She began to rock gently and as the tingling grew to a warm sensation of a pleasing wetness she rocked a little faster and faster. Carol’s skin was thin and stretched with ease and because her leg was not as firm like a younger woman’s it almost felt like a soft warm rubber mat causing Annabelle’s pussy to get even more satisfaction out this new experience. Carol, feeling her little girl getting turned on by this, forced her tongue into her mouth and ran a hand down her back and began to gently rub Annabelle’s tiny anus.

Little moans of delight escaped from Annabelle’s mouth as the gyrating increased in speed. Her humping was becoming even harder and when Carol pushed her finger hard against her little puckered hole Annabelle pulled away from the kiss. Holding onto her Grandma’s shoulders she felt a sudden pain as Carol’s finger penetrated her tight rectum. Annabelle screamed in pain, but all the emotions, pain pleasure and overwhelming love for Grandma became one whole mixed bag. As Carol removed her finger Annabelle moaned in delight as her anus muscle relaxed. Annabelle’s head was tilted back and her eyes shut as she felt the most wonderful thing she had ever felt in her life. Her first orgasm shot through her and in seconds Carol could feel the girl’s wetness on her leg as Annabelle came and continued humping her. It was only a small orgasm lasting seconds but it was Annabelle’s first. Carol felt so proud of her and was so pleased she had been there to see it happen.

If only her own daughter had felt comfortable enough to experience her first orgasm with her. She would have been content and happy to have shown her daughter all she knew. With the utmost hope that Dianne could have shared her desire of children. For Dianne to have the same love or attraction for children as she did would make her the happiest woman on Earth. Now she had seduced her granddaughter and the thought of dread that Dianne would find out was scary enough, but if Dianne had ever pondered the thought of sex with her own child it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to involve three generations of the women in the family would it? Hopes and dreams of a sexually frustrated old woman Carol thought to herself. If and only if Carol could carry on this sexual affair with little Annabelle it would only be a matter of time when either Annabelle would let slip or she would be caught fondling the child. She knew it was a maternal love for Annabelle. She knew her love was a bit over loving and wandered into a sexual love for the girl in only a matter of hours. Or had it been always there at the back of her mind over the past six years since Annabelle’s birth and this incestuous seduction of the minor was inevitable. Carol did not know, but it had happened now and she was happy that it had. Annabelle would remember this for the rest of her life and if she so wished for this affair to continue Carol would be happy enough to oblige any desire the child wished for. She knew Annabelle loved her old cunt and would drink her come till the cows come home. Now it was her turn to drink Annabelle’s come and taste her young vagina and even go so far as to tongue fuck her tight little ass and maybe the girl could even be tempted for her own ass hole. This weekend was to be an awakening for both. Old and young and Carol had so wished she had entertained her desires all those years ago. She loved her daughter and this little girl so much and with a little cohesion in Dianne’s direction she might find Dianne might find she loves children the same way. That remains to be seen.

While Carol wondered all these thought Annabelle was entertaining herself by practicing sucking Carol’s nipples and in time she would be a wonderful sexualised little girl. They had a whole weekend together and Carol knew it was going to be the most wonderful and exciting weekend of her life.

Carol stroked Annabelle’s head and whispered, “My turn little one, Grandma wants to taste your vagina now.”

Annabelle smiled and jumped to the side of Carol and opened her legs inviting her loving Grandma to taste her sweet young body.