Picking up the Baby

by Mother May I

From the time that I walked out of the bedroom until the time my daughter’s friend came over to pick up her tiny infant daughter was a very awkward time for me. It is not every day that weird things start to happen like catching your fourteen-year-old daughter on the cell phone with her boyfriend while she masturbates. But then I have no idea why in the world I told her to let him come over and fuck her but I did.

Once the two were done fucking her boyfriend walked in my room and watched me masturbate and I did not stop him. Then my daughter walked in and that is when things really started to get weird. She came over and helped me cum…several times even. But if you think that was strange the day that she babysat for the baby topped everything off.

Watching my daughter masturbate on the bed with the baby between her legs was one thing but she squatted over her and pissed all on her tiny belly then acted like nothing ever happened.

Well now that I have caught you up and reminded you about the incidents that has happened I will let you know what happened the day that the mom came to pick up her infant daughter.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up. You know doing dishes and mopping the floor…all that fun stuff single moms get to do alone. But I really was trying to avoid my daughter. I had no idea what was going on in my mind. Did I accept it or was I mad…but most of all I was in shock!

I heard the front door, her friend does not even knock just walks on in. I hear them talking about how things went and if her daughter cried a lot. The kids know that this house is small and every word they said could be over heard from about any room in the house so they knew I could hear them.

My daughter asked if her friend had had any luck at fucking any of the boys at the party and she said yes. But what caught me by surprise was that she skipped over talking about boys and went into details about how one of the boy’s sisters was there at the party.

My mouth dropped open at her age. She was only five! I listened quietly stopping all work and just leaned against the wall to support my shaking knees as she said that the little girl had walked into the room in her night clothes that consisted of just a short T-shirt and pink panties catching them all having the orgy.

She explained that at first the kids in the room ignored that she was there but then started to do things with the intent of showing the little girl what they were doing. Like making sure that she could watch the cocks sliding in and out of the tiny cunny holes. Another thing that I found out was that the oldest boy was in his early 20’s and the youngest girl participating in the orgy was twelve.

My daughter’s friend explained how the five-year-old girl was stripped down and added into the “fun” was the word she used. But my daughter said something that echoes in my mind. “I wish I was there so I could have stuffed my finger in that tiny cunny and ass.”

Then the subject switched to what my daughter had been doing tonight and she told her every thing including the part about me standing there watching. I was red with embarrassment and my breathing increased with a bit of panic as the baby’s mother heard every dirty word. But I was a bit relived when I heard my daughter’s friend say “Fuck me! I can’t believe that she did not stop you, that’s fucking hot.”

This was the first time that I felt my pussy burn with desire. I needed some love and attention regardless of who or what was doing the satisfying. My hand entered into my sweat pants and found it’s way underneath the elastic and down into the folds of skin that hide my slick inner juice box.

I am guessing from the lack of talking and the amount of moaning and movement that was going on in the living room that the girls were also playing with themselves or each other. My mind filled with the images from the past few nights and my eyes scanned the counter tops for anything I could use to stuff inside myself. My ears heard the increasing moans from the living room and my daughter telling her friend to make a little more noise so that I could hear them.

I grabbed the rolling pin and yanked down my pants. I leaned against the counter top and stuffed one of the handles into my dripping cunt. I wish the handle was a little longer and I even tried to stuff the actual roller part into my cunt but it was too big and would not fit.

I beat the handle into my cunt hard and fast not worrying about it being made of wood. I heard the baby crying from the living room and I heard the girls say that she probably needed a diaper change but my daughter said “I am not stopping to change the little slut.” And the baby’s mom agreed and they left the baby there crying in her car seat.

I dropped the rolling pin into the sink and I stepped out of my pants that were wrapped around my ankles and headed toward the living room as if I was in a trance. I saw the two girls wrapped up like pretzels on the floor with the baby a few feet away from them with a red face and open mouth as it cried hard for some attention.

I went straight over to the baby and the girls paused long enough to watch me pick the baby up and lay her on the floor next to them. I unsnapped the snaps between the baby’s legs on it’s one piece outfit and pushed the fabric up around her chest. I peeled the tape back and opened up the baby’s diaper. It was a little yellow but not much. My guess at that time was that it was not crying because it was wet.

I put my finger into the tiny hand and she wrapped the smallest fingers around the tip of my finger and opened her big blue eyes. Tears streaked down her cheeks but she began to quiet down as she pulled my finger to her mouth and started to suck on it hungrily. I realized that this was one of the fingers I had been using in the kitchen to satisfy my cravings and I felt a drop of moisture run down my leg from just knowing this baby was tasting my nectar.

I noticed how quiet the girls were and saw that I had taken over their complete attention as I sat there on my knees naked from the waist down with my finger in the mouth of the infant who was also nude from the waist down.

I felt a hand on my cunt rubbing my lips in a circular motion. The noises my cunt made was because of just how much pussy juice there was hidden inside me just waiting to be released. Fingers entered me and I let out a moan. I did not look to see which of the girls were playing with me instead I closed my eyes and wished it was my daughter again.

I felt a hand on the top of my head pressing me down toward the baby and I did not resist. My chin bumped into the pelvic area of the tiny infant and I tilted my head so that my lips found the soft flesh. I still had my eyes closed and I felt the baby being moved around and her legs being spread open as I worked my tongue into the tiny and I do mean tiny flaps of skin that hid her tiny opening.

I imagined that the one spreading the tiny legs and pressing on the back of my head was the baby’s mother. It was such a naughty thought that I bucked my hips back toward the intruding fingers making sure that who ever was back there knew I wanted it harder and harder I got.

I felt the speed increase and I even heard my daughter groan saying “mommy your cunt is so warm.” I heard another voice say “Eat my slut’s puss.” Oh fucking god that made me burn with lust as I opened my eyes to see that they were in the same position I had hoped for.

“You want another finger mommy?” I heard from behind me and before I could answer the baby’s mom said your mom is a fucking whore…slut she wants as many as you can fit into her. Look at the way she is bucking up against your hand. Give the fucking cunt what it wants.

I felt a slight pause as the fingers readjusted down there and I felt a slight burning sensation as my cunt was spread open and a lot of fingers were being stuffed into me…how many I do not know for sure because my concentration was on the infant in front of me.

“Finger my slut you bitch.” I heard the baby’s mom demand. Without any hesitation I placed my finger up against the folds of her skin and pressed into her. The baby wiggled her legs and her mouth opened as if to cry a bit but her mom took hold of my wrist (from the hand that was at the baby’s mouth) and pressed it in a bit farther and the baby clamped down onto my finger and suckled again.

My finger worked it’s way in and out sliding slowly into the tiny infants pussy. I only pushed up inside her until I found her little cervix and played with it…circling it as I pressed in and as I pulled out I rubbed against the tiny bumpy part until the baby let go a stream of piss onto my arm and hand.

When I did not react the baby’s mom moved quickly, placing her mouth over the stream from her daughter’s cunt and I felt her tongue licking my hand and finger.

My body shook as my daughter announced to her friend that she was fisting me. The baby’s mom raised her head and kissed me on the lips telling me to taste her baby’s piss. I French kissed her deeply.

“Do you like the taste of my slut’s piss?” she asked and I just nodded and smilled.