Hearing My Daughter

by Mother May I

I couldn’t believe my ears when I passed by the bedroom door. I was not expecting any noise at all since it was 3 AM but sure enough I heard moans and sounded like talking. I quickly realized that my fourteen-year-old daughter must not be alone in her room.

Now we only have one story house so it would be easy for her to open the window and let her boyfriend in who lives next door to us so I quietly twisted the knob, flew open the door, and flicked on the lights saying Ah ha!

My daughter screamed and snapped closed her cell phone and her legs as fast as she could and screamed at the same time. After getting startled anyone of us would have screamed the same way too. “Mommy!” and I just gave her that look without saying anything.

“You know what time it is?” I asked her sternly and she nodded and looked like she was about to tear up. “Might I assume that this was your boyfriend on the phone?” Once again she nodded. “I know what you were doing but I just want to hear it from you. It is much harder to admit what you were doing than to just agree with what I say…So what were you doing talking on the phone to him at 3 AM?”

“I was…I was talking dirty to him,” she said shyly with face down. “Is that all you were doing?” She just shook her head back and forth. “Then what else were you doing?” “I was doing what he asked me to do,” she said trying to avoid the real subject. “It’s bed time right now and I am not going to be playing these games with you right now…do you understand?” She had teared up and her bottom lip had begun to quiver.

“Now tell me what you were doing…all of it and don’t leave anything out,” I told her sternly.

“I called him and he was horny since I woke him up and he had a morning hard on. I told him what I would do to it…” My daughter saw the look in my eyes and knew that I meant not to skip any part of the story that was too broad and a way of escape. “I told him I would put his cock in my mouth and suck it getting it all wet.” Tears were flowing pretty good down each cheek as embarrassment and the understanding of being caught sunk into my daughter as she told me the story. “I told him that once he got wet enough I would sit on his cock and ride him up and down.” She placed a pillow over her face in total embarrassment but after I cleared my throat she continued on.

“I told him that I wanted to feel his cock in me just like my fingers are in me now. I was playing with myself while he played with him. I took pictures and sent them to him and he did the same to me. I told him that I want to feel him cum in my pussy but he wanted to cum in my mouth instead and then you walked in…”

“Have you ever done any of these things with him before?” I asked with a face that left no room for her to lie to me and sure enough she nodded and placed both hands to her face and cried hysterically. The thing is I know its not about her doing those things that she was crying about it was being caught and the worry about punishment.

This was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. As much as I wanted to punish my daughter I respected her more for telling me the whole truth. “I don’t want you to send him pictures of you any more. Regardless of what he says he will share them with his friends and they will end up on some website for men to jerk off too. I don’t want cops getting involved in our lives if they find those pictures and come looking for you. That is all I am going to say about that…no more pictures…period, understand?” With a nod from her I continued.

“If he needs to see you give him the real you instead.” My daughter cut me off by saying “It’s 3 AM and its past our curfew.” I shook my head “There is a window he can sneak into isn’t there?”

“Fuck n…I mean no way! You know how much trouble I would be in cause like you’re my mom!” she said with a shocked look on her face.

“Look from now on he sees you in person and not in pictures. I can’t stop you from having sex. Hell you proved that by playing with yourself on the phone while I am in bed and having already had sex with him without me knowing about it tells me that you don’t listen to my warnings. Look I realize I can’t stop you. You know my thinking about things but I want you to be safe and be honest with me.”

And here was the hard part. I walked over to her and gave her a hug and told her that there is no punishment except to delete all the pictures. I grabbed her cell phone and walked back to my room.

I pushed the send button and sure enough it was her boyfriend that she was talking to so I hit send send and waited for him to answer. I heard the voice say please enjoy this song while we connect you and it was “Stacey’s mom has got it going on…” It did not soak in until later that this might mean something more than just a ring tone. Well like both of them knowing that he had a secret crush on me. But that’s absurd right? I babysat for him and changed his diapers and helped him mom potty train him and even gave him baths. I am like his mom so there is no way he could have a crush on me.

He answered and I started in on him. “This is mom, don’t hang up.” I paused to see if he actually listened or was still hanging there on the line and to my surprise he was still there. “I know what you two were doing and I know what you two have already done. The only thing I am upset about is that you have pictures of my daughter naked fingering herself and that you are going to share with your buddies and before you protest that you wont I don’t know any boy who wouldn’t at least get the urge to show off to his buddies so I want the phone now not in the morning now.”

I paused and when he realized I must want an answer or for him to say something he just said “okay but I cant use the front door.”

“No your going to have to go through the back doors I will be there to let you in.” and with that I hung up the phone. I tossed the cell phone down on the bed and got up and grabbed my robe and pulled it tight around me and tied it as I walked to the back door.

As I unlocked and opened the door he ran up with phone in his hand and out of breath. I stood there for a few seconds before I reached out and took the cell phone from him and I can’t believe the words that came out of my mouth next. “My daughter is in the bed room waiting for you.” I turned and headed back to my room, which was down the same hallway as my daughter’s. “Close the door behind you when you decide your cock is hard enough to go fuck her.”

It was only a matter of seconds before the door shut and I heard his footsteps catch up to mine. I am sure that we each had a million things to ask each other or say but the walk was silent. My room was first and I closed the door standing there looking down at the cell phone in my hand with nude pictures of my daughter masturbating on it while I just let her boyfriend walk on past me to go fuck my daughter.

I don’t know what has come over me.

I opened the cell phone and at the same time I heard the door close down the hall. I knew that in a few minutes my daughter would be doing exactly the things she said to me when I grilled her for what she said on the phone to her boyfriend.

I looked at the text messages and found several nude pictures of her but none were sent tonight, however there were also dozens of pictures on his phone that this camera actually took. My daughter was spread eagle fingering herself but these pictures couldn’t have been taken tonight cause there was enough light also fuck this was my bed. Was she wearing my panties?

I walked over to my bed and laid down in the same spot as she was in and slowly flicked through them my cunt got so wet and I tore open the robe and wiggled two fingers against my moist lips until they easily slid into my hole.

My daughter had a dildo…my dildo that I did not even know she knew about and was stuffing it into her cunt. Fucking shit this was my little daughter on my bed fucking herself with my…her mom’s dildo that her boyfriend must have been taking of her.

I reached over to the drawer pulling out the dildo and stuffed it into my cunt as I picked up my own daughter’s phone and begun flipping through the hundreds of filthy pictures she or someone else had taken of her.

I couldn’t cram that plastic cock in my cunt fast or hard enough to relieve the pressure I felt as I heard moans of my daughter and grunts of her boyfriend through the walls. I too couldn’t help myself and I am sure they too heard me moaning.

The door opened and her boyfriend stood there in the door way dressed. “Thank you mom.” He always calls me that. “Oh can I get my cell phone back?” I did not stop stuffing the dildo up my cunt and he did not take the hint that I was giving him a show or that he could join me because he closed the door behind him after I tossed him the cell phone with pictures still on it. A little later the door opened again and my daughter stood there naked. She ran toward me and leaped into the bed with her face landing between my legs. She did not say a word as her mouth closed itself around my clit. I continued to flip through her cell phone with one hand and pump the dildo into my cunt with the other as the heat and moisture of her tiny mouth and tongue took it’s toll on my body.

I lay there quivering with both knees shaking as the dildo nearly fell out after I let go of it to take hold of my daughter’s long black hair. She caught the dildo and took over without even letting go of my clit in her mouth. Her suction was enough to pull the thickest milkshake through the smallest straw and her tongue danced around like my daughter would elegantly dance around on the ice on one of her figure skating lessons.

She pushed the dildo much farther into my cunt than I normally go. Each time she made the plastic cock bottom out in me and then she would push the remaining few inches into me making my insides press and stretch into my womb.

This was the first time that I came so hard that I squirted as if I was pissing into my daughter’s mouth. I have seen and heard about squirting videos and always thought that the nasty bitches were pissing on each other and not really cumming but fuck was I wrong!

I think my daughter was shocked at first by this reaction of mine because she tensed up but between me holding her hair and I’m sure what must be her expertise at sucking her boyfriend’s cock she did not pull away.

I was thrashing around like a fish out of water as my daughter continued to suck on my clit and work the dildo into my cunt even after I had squirted and came in her mouth. My body was tense again as I felt the second orgasm of the morning working itself up in the lower part of my back and my toes curled as she stuffed the dildo at just the right angle to hit just the right spot that I needed in order to set me over the edge again.

I was exhausted as I let go of her hair my arm fell limp to my side as I shivered from the tingling chill that ran through my body.

I felt her fingers rubbing around the dildo feeling my lips pressing against the man made cock that my daughter had been fucking me with and to my surprise I felt those fingers trying to gain access into my hole alongside of the dildo.

I held my breath and bit my lip as I felt my cunt stretch with god only knows how many fingers she was stuffing up inside me. I felt her teeth clamp down nibbling on my clit as her teeth sawed against my flesh. Her top row of teeth moved one way and her bottom row of teeth the other as she clamped down enough to let me know she was biting and at the same time she never let go of my clit with her lips. Her fingers and the dildo slid in and out of me…not as deep or as hard but the stretching of my muscles were enough to do the trick and third time was a charm. I grabbed her hair once again as this new wave of ecstasy woke me up from my partial coma. My legs clamped against her had like I was using the Thigh Master. With two handfuls of hair I pressed her face into my cunt with my wrists as I arched my hands so that I was pulling her hair.

She gasped into my cunt as I bucked my hips wildly against her face breaking her seal around my clit for the first time since she had started as to what felt like hours ago but the clock said other wise. My body twitched like I was convulsing, my face was tingling, I was sweating more than ever before, and I was so light headed. It was like all the blood had flowed to my cunt for this wonderful orgasm that I had had three times over.

My daughter looked at me with a face covered in mommy’s juices as she let go of the dildo and climbed up on top of me. She pressed her mouth to mine and I tasted myself from a brand new angle, my daughter’s lips. Oh my fucking god it tasted much sweeter than when I lick my own fingers but I’m sure that the sweetness came from my daughter’s lip-gloss.

“I love you Mommy,” she whispered in my ear as one of her hands flicked and played with my already rock hard nipple and the other hand stroked through my matted cunt hair and through my wet lips.

I lay there in shock and disbelief on how fast things went and what had went down that I mumbled I love you and closed my eyes as I felt her take my nipple in her mouth and work it with her tongue.