The Adventures of Kasey Bigbutt

by Moonglow

Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure fiction. None of the characters, places, or events are real. This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual acts involving minors. Please do not read if it is illegal to do so in your area.

Kasey Burkett was like any other girl in her seventh-grade class at Milton Junior High. She had the same hopes and dreams, the same fears and frustrations. Mostly, though, she was a happy kid. She liked shopping, swimming, hanging out with friends, and talking about whichever cute boy they had a crush on that week. They did well in school and her parents were both proud of her. She was also one of the prettiest girls in her class. She was 4'9" with long, sunshine blonde hair down past her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes that twinkled when she smiled. Her face was cherubic with a little rosiness to her cheeks and only a hint of babyfat. She had only started wearing a bra recently and her breasts were still a little small for her age but was in no hurry to grow big breasts like some of her friends were. She was in no hurry to grow pubic hair either. But Kasey wasn't completely happy with her life. There was one thing that she didn't like about herself - Kasey had the biggest butt of all the girls in her grade.

That weekend, Kasey had gone shopping with some friends, and bought a really cute pair of jeans without trying them on first, always a mistake for a girl with such an ample seat. Now it was Monday morning and Kasey had to get ready for school. She climbed out of bed, stripped out of her pajamas, and headed down the hall to take a quick shower before school. Once she was clean and dry, she picked a pair of pink cotton panties out of her dresser and slipped them on. Then she tried to slide into her new jeans. As she feared, she couldn't get the waist over her butt. She spent so long trying that finally her mother finally came in to find out what was taking so long.

Jessie Burkett, Kasey's mother, was a slender, athletically built woman with a playful bob haircut and a warm smile and kind eyes. Like Kasey, Jessie had small, perky breasts but not Kasey's distinctive figure. She also had light coppery red hair and a light sprinkle of freckles on her nose and cheeks. "Did you buy those without trying them on?" Jessie asked. Kasey protested: "I know I can fit in them." Her mother came up behind her and attempted to help her daughter slip into the jeans. "If you don't mind going without panties, you might be able to get your bottom in them," Kasey's mom said. "Can't I just borrow one of your thongs?" Kasey asked. "Thongs are not for 12-year-olds," Jessie replied. Relenting, Kasey stripped off her jeans and removed the pink panties. Now, she tried again, and this time the jeans made it almost all the way up. Not quite, though, as she still had a good inch of butt cleavage showing. "Let me go get your dad," Jessie said.

Chuck Burkett, Kasey's father, was a tall and handsome man with a strong frame but an open and honest smile which usually appeared when he was around his beloved daughter. "What's wrong, Sweetcheeks?" he asked. Sweetcheeks was his nickname for her since Kasey was a little girl, on account of her adorable bottom. In his eyes, Kasey was the most beautiful girl on Earth. "Kasey can't fit her bottom into the jeans," her mother said. "It's these stupid jeans, Daddy," Kasey said. "They must have shrunk in the bag or something." Smiling to himself, Chuck grabbed Kasey by the seat of her pants and with one quick yank which actually took Kasey off her feet an inch, she finally fit into the jeans. "There you go," he said. "Now go eat breakfast before it gets cold!" Kasey gave her daddy a big hug, then quickly put on a bra and tank top and went downstairs to eat.

Not long after, Kasey was getting off of her school bus and walking into the front doors of Milton Junior High. She walked down the main hallway with her friends, wondering if anyone was noticing her new jeans. Apparently, one girl did. Her name was Julie Reese. She sneered as Kasey walked past her, "Nice jeans, Kasey Bigbutt!" she called out. Julie and her friends laughed and Kasey turned red. "Don't listen to them, Kasey," said her best friend Abby Green. "They are bitches, that's all they are."

For third period, Kasey had Phys-ed class. She wanted to skip this class because Julie Reese was in it too, but she also shared it with Abby. She had been one of Kasey's best friends since elementary school. Kasey and Abby had similar figures - Abby was petite like Kasey, but with long, dark brown hair. She had beautiful brown eyes and pale cheeks that dimpled when she smiled. Unlike Kasey, however, Abby had a tight, firm butt that looked great in a pair of tight jeans. Once all the girls were undressed in the locker room, the teacher handed out clean shorts and sports bras for them to wear for the duration of the class, while they left their school clothes in their lockers. After Kasey had slipped her sports bra over her head, she glanced at Julie. Julie was short, like Kasey, but with curly dark red hair and freckles with green eyes. She was one of the prettiest girls in the school and also one of the bustiest with C-cup breasts that looked even bigger on her small frame. At last, Kasey wriggled into the tight athletic shorts and headed for the gymnasium.

In Kasey's school, Phys-ed was divided into two parts. The first half hour was exercise and the second was health education. The girls played basketball for the first half hour. Kasey was usually good at basketball but every time she missed, Julie would sarcastically say something like, "Nice shot, Bigbutt" or something else just as mean. Eventually, Coach Melinda had to tell Julie to stop, which she did.

Once the exercise period was over, the girls went back into the locker room. They stripped off their sweaty exercise clothes and stepped into the shower to rinse off. As usual, Kasey and Abby showered side-by-side, washing the other's hair and scrubbing the other's bare backsides. Julie was showering as far away from Kasey was she could, she noticed. She was apparently complaining to a friend of hers while the two mean girls soaped up and rinsed off their much bigger breasts, making Kasey feel slightly jealous that hers were still little. Abby squatted down over the shower drain and peed. When she stood up, she noticed Kasey looking at Julie. "Ignore her," Abby advised. She moved aside so Kasey could squat and pee, but Kasey didn't take her eyes off Julie until she was back up again.

Just that moment, Coach Melinda appeared at the end of the showers. She had long red hair and blue eyes and an amazingly well-toned body with large, firm D-cup breasts. In addition to teaching, she also coached the soccer and volleyball teams. Usually, Coach Melinda showered on her own private stall, but now she was naked and walked into the shower with the girls. "Girls, we're going to have a special lesson today," she said. "It's about hygiene. You all know how to wash your hair and that sort of thing, but cleaning out your privates is just as important as any other part of your body. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to clean your vagina and your anus, then you will practice on yourselves." She looked around at the girls, then pointed at Abby. "Come up here, Green," she said. Abby was on the soccer team so she was used to obeying Coach Melinda. She walked over to the coach. Abby's cute bottom made Kasey slightly jealous, no one ever made fun of hers.

Coach Melinda told Abby to stand with her legs apart so Abby took a wide stance which Coach Melinda told the girls would help them clean their vaginas thoroughly. Step by step, she instructed the girls on the best ways to keep their vaginas clean and prevent infections, demonstrating each technique on Abby. Once everything was clean, Coach Melinda spread apart the lips of Abby's bald vagina to allow the warm water to give it a final rinse. Kasey did likewise to herself, spreading her vagina open and rinsing it clean, as did the other girls in the class until Coach Melinda had inspected their vaginas and was satisfied each was clean. "Now the other most important thing you need to keep clean down there is your anus," said Coach Melinda. From the back, Julie called out, "Why don't you let Kasey demonstrate? It'll be easier to see her butt from back here." Kasey immediately turned red with embarrassment. "Excellent idea," said Coach Melinda. "Your turn, Kasey. Thank you, Abby."

Kasey and Abby switched places. Coach Melinda instructed Kasey to turn and face the wall with her back towards her classmates, then lean forward with her hands against the tiles. She was so humiliated to have her fat butt as the center of attention. "Cleaning your anus is just as important as cleaning your vagina but it can be trickier sometimes because it's harder to reach," she explained. "For a girl with a plump rear-end like Kasey, it can be even more important but also trickier." Then, to Kasey's surprise, Coach Melinda instructed Julie to come over as well, in order to help Kasey out. "Since you are so fascinated with Kasey's butt, apparently," she said, which caused the other girls to laugh and Julie to turn red.

First, Coach Melinda instructed Julie to soap up Kasey's butt until there was a soapy lather on it, then scrub it off with a washcloth. Next, she instructed Kasey to stand up and spread her butt cheeks apart to give Julie access to her anus. Julie had to kneel down in order to soap up the length of Kasey's butt crack from her vagina to her lower spine. "Cleaning inside is as important too," Coach Melinda said. "I want all of you girls to take your pointer finger, get it nice and soapy, and try inserting it into your anus. But slowly."

The blonde 12-year-old couldn't help but moan as she felt Julie's slender finger sliding into her virgin butthole. The sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It hurt a little but somehow that made it feel even better. "Don't feel shy," Coach Melinda said. "There's no reason you can't enjoy yourselves." Kasey moaned again as Julie's finger slid a little deeper inside her. Kasey was embarassed by her noises at first until she realized that most of the other girls were moaning too as they explored their buttholes for the very first time. Coach Melinda came and knelt behind Julie to examine her technique. "Nice work, Julie. Get that chubby butt clean," she said. "It looks like you could fit another finger up there, Julie. Try that and I'll clean you up."

As soon as Kasey felt the middle finger join the index finger, she moaned loudly again, leaning forward against the wall. A moment later, she felt a tremble coming from Julie and turned to see that the big breasted girl behind her had her eyes closed and her mouth open as, behind her, Coach Melinda worked a soapy finger into the redhead's anus. Julie didn't stop working her soapy fingers inside Kasey's rectum, cleaning it very thoroughly. Kasey looked around the shower and saw that most of the girls, all between 12 and 13 like her, had paired off to clean each other's bottoms. Her friend Abby was went over at the waist while their other friend Jill (a slender girl with dark blonde hair, a sprinkling of cute freckles, little budding breasts, and an adorable dimpled smile) probed Abby's butthole with her slender, soapy fingers. Abby caught Kasey's glance and smiled and waved.

Kasey was just starting to wonder if Julie might be able to fit three fingers into her bottom when Coach Melinda called for them to stop for inspection. One by one, she went around to each girl, squatting behind the girl so she could spread apart her cheeks and make sure each girl's anus was clean, pink, and healthy. Finally, she came to Kasey. Julie moved aside so Coach Melinda could inspect Kasey's bottom closely. Deciding each girl had passed inspection, she told them to dry off and get changed back into their school clothes. Except for Kasey. After they had all dried off, Coach Melinda asked Kasey to come to her office.

Hand in hand, the two walked to the coach's office, and Kasey sat down in a chair while Coach Melinda sat on her desk, facing the girl. "I want you to know that you you should never listen to girls like Julie," the coach said. "They just try to hurt other people because they secretly feel bad about themselves. You are are a sweet, kind, intelligent, beautiful girl. You should be proud of who you are and proud of your body." Kasey smiled up at her coach. "You really think so?" she asked. "Of course," Coach Melinda replied. "And believe me, the boys are going to notice that butt of yours any day now and you'll be fighting them off with a stick." Smiling brightly, Kasey jumped up and gave Coach Melinda a big hug, which the older woman happily returned. Kasey pulled her cheek away from Coach Melinda's breast and thanked her for the encouragement.

"There's something else I wanted to ask you," Coach Melinda said. "Have you ever worn a buttplug?" Kasey looked at her in confusion. She had never heard of such a thing. "What is that?" she asked. Coach Melinda reached into her locker and removed a blue rubber object shaped like a bulb that widened out into a base at the bottom. "The only reason I asked is that I noticed when Julie was cleaning out your anus that it seemed looser than most girls your age. Very few 12-year-olds can fit two fingers up there, even small ones." Kasey shook her head. "I actually felt like I could have taken three," she said. Coach Melinda nodded, not surprised. "Take this," she said, handing the buttplug to Kasey. "Try wearing it when you get home and see if you like it." Kasey examined the strange object. "How do I put it in?" she asked. Coach Melinda took another buttplug out of her locker, this one slightly large than the other, and pulled a chair out from behind her desk. She stood the buttplug upright and then squatted over it, her back to Kasey, but with her head turned to speak. "You'll probably find this is the easiest way for you to do it," she explained. "Since you're new to wearing a buttplug, you won't hurt yourself if you do it this way." As Coach Melinda lowered her butt down towards the chair, Kasey watched in amazement as the buttplug disappeared into Coach Melinda. When she stood back up, only the base was visible sticking out. Kasey even gave it a few gentle tugs but it did not come out. "That looks like fun," said Kasey. "I'll try it when I get home. Thanks, Coach!"

Kasey was feeling better as she walked back into the locker room until she saw Julie Reese standing by her locker. When Julie saw her, she threw something into Kasey's locker, shut the door, and then ran out of the room. Stunned, Kasey went over and opened her locker. Her new jeans were on top. But as she pulled them out of the locker, she realized something was terribly wrong. Julie had taken a pair of scissors and cut out almost the entire seat of her jeans! Just then, Abby and Jill walked over, and saw what had happened. "That bitch!" Abby exclaimed. "What are you going to do?" Kasey hadn't brought any underwear and she didn't have another pair of pants to wear. "I don't know," Kasey said. Abby and Jill both offered to let Kasey borrow a pair of hers but they both knew Kasey's butt could never fit in their pants. "Well, you have to decide fast," said Abby, "or you'll be late to Ms. Kent's class and you know how she is about being late!" Realizing Abby was right, Kasey pulled on the jeans, and her bottom of course popped right out. "At least they are easier to zip up," she said to herself.

Kasey walked down the hall at a brisk pace towards her next class, very aware of her rear end hanging out on display, and also aware that everyone she passed stopped and looked. Most of them just looked stunned. A few girls called out things like "Oh my gosh, look how big it is!" and "How could such a little girl have such a fat butt?" Mostly, though, Kasey noticed many of the boys and even some of the girls were staring in open appreciation. She blushed at that and coyly put a hand over her bottom, which covered very little.

Finally, Kasey reached the door of Ms. Kent's fourth period English class. She entered the door and stepped inside. Ms. Kent stopped taking roll and turned to look at Kasey. Ms. Kent was about 30 years old, tall, with wavy brown hair to the middle of her back. She had fair skin, hazel eyes, and a slightly curvy figure that made her the hottest teacher at Milton Junior High, in Kasey's view. The low-cut tops Ms. Kent wore to show off the cleavage between her huge boobs didn't hurt either. Today, Ms. Kent was wearing a white blouse and a very short, black mini-skirt and black pantyhose. Ms. Kent was Kasey's favorite teacher and she had held a secret crush on her since the beginning of the school year. But she did not tolerate lateness. She told Kasey to go write "I will not be late to class" fifty times on the blackboard while she continued the lesson. Unfortunately for Kasey, this meant that her backside was now exposed to the entire class. A few of the kids laughed or gasped but Ms. Kent silenced them and told them to pay attention. Kasey almost felt like crying she was so embarrassed.

When she was done, Kasey was allowed to sit in her seat for the rest of class. Once it was over, the students all stood up and began to file out, including Kasey, but Ms. Kent asked her to stay behind. She sat back down in one of the front row seats while Ms. Kent closed the door. "I'm sorry about that, Kasey," she told her, "but it's important to follow the rules." Kasey nodded her head, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry I was late," she said, "it was stupid Julie Reese. She cut a hole in my jeans and and now everyone can see my big fat butt when I walk down the hall. I hate all those girls." Kasey wasn't used to saying things like that, but she felt comfortable talking about her feelings with Ms. Kent. She reached out and placed her hand on Kasey's. "I think she did it because she is jealous, Kasey," the teacher explained to her. "You might not realize it, but a lot of boys think a girl with a round bottom like yours is very sexy. There are plenty of women who think that too. Julie knows that and she's jealous. And she also knows that as you girls get older and the rest of you develop more, a lot of girls will have breasts as big as hers, but no one will have a butt like yours, Kasey."

"Do you think my bottom is sexy?" Kasey asked. Ms. Kent was sitting closer now and Kasey could feel her hand gently squeezing her own. She had never been this intimate with Ms. Kent before and her heart was beating faster. "Just between you and me," she said with a wink, "I think you're the prettiest girl at this school." Kasey blushed and looked away, but she couldn't help from smiling. "And, yes, I think you have a very sexy, very beautiful bottom," she said. "In fact, this is probably my favorite class of the day because it's the hour I spend with you. Do you feel the same way?" Kasey's blush only deepened at that but she nodded. "Is it that obvious?" she asked. Ms. Kent reached up and brushed a lock of sunshine blonde hair away from her blue eyes. "I just always noticed your butt has a little extra wiggle in it when you're passing my desk," she said. Kasey shrugged her shoulders with a smile. "Whenever I like a boy or a girl, I always try to show off my butt to get them to notice me," she said, "but usually it's just wiggling it for them or maybe bending over in a short skirt to show them my panties. Like, so they knows I'm interested, you know? But THIS is a lot more showing off than usual . . ." She stood up and turned her bare backside towards Ms. Kent to make her point.

Kasey was surprised when she heard Ms. Kent gasp softly as she got a close-up look at the little girl's rear. The large, white globes of her bottom were flawless, the skin was so smooth, the curves so full and round. Ms. Kent leaned her face towards Kasey's bottom, putting her nose up against her crack, and inhaling softly. "It smells wonderful, so clean," she said. Kasey replied: "Coach Melinda taught us how to clean ourselves up there in Phys-Ed today. "And she made Julie Reese clean mine," she added with a proud giggle. Ms. Kent thought for a second. "How could she get her fingers in there, isn't it too tight for that?" she asked. Kasey shook her head in the negative. "Mine's not too tight at all, Coach even said so," she replied. Next the 12-year-old girl leaned forward a little bit and, reaching back with both hands, spread apart her butt cheeks to show Ms. Kent. She examined her pink hole and agreed that she didn't look tight at all. "I wanted Julie to use three fingers up there but class ended before I could ask," Kasey explained. Ms. Kent nodded his head sympathetically. "Kasey," she asked, "would you mind if I played with your bottom a little? Just to see what it feels like." Ms. Kent waited for her reply. Kasey's heart was still pounding. She had dreamed about this moment for months. She could only nod her head excitedly.

Ms. Kent took a deep breath then cupped one cheek in each of her soft hands and began massaging them gently. Kasey put her hands on the desk in front of her to steady herself as she leaned forward, freely and almost urgently offering up her chubby bottom. Ms. Kent kneaded her cheeks for a while before spreading them apart to admire Kasey's immaculate butthole. She squeezed her cheeks back together again and began planting soft, loving kisses all over her bottom. Ms. Kent took her time, kissing almost every inch of Kasey's plump rear. Then she spread the soft cheeks once again and leaned in to lick up and down Kasey's crack. Her entire body trembled a little and a moan escaped her lips. "This is the best way to loosen up your anus," she explained. She continued by tonguing Kasey's anus or making little circles around the rim, until it indeed began to loosen up some more. "How many fingers do you think can fit up there now?" Kasey asked. Ms. Kent wasn't sure so she sucked on her index finger until it was slippery wet and then began inserting it into Kasey's rear. She was able to get that finger all the way inside the pretty blonde girl and she begged her to try another. She now tried sliding both the index fingers and middle finger into her tight hole, first meeting resistance, until she loosened up and allowed both fingers inside her. Ms. Kent pushed her fingers in and out, in and out, all the while Kasey shamelessly moaned.

Once Kasey was open wide, Ms. Kent reached around Kasey's waist and began to undo her jeans. She pulled them to the floor and Kasey daintily stepped out of them, then allowed Ms. Kent to pull off her tank top and bra. "Why don't you get up on the desk, sweetie?" Ms. Kent asked. The naked girl took her teacher's hand and Ms. Kent helped her on to the desk. "I want you to lay on your back," the teacher said, "then grab your ankles and pull your legs as far back back as you can." Kasey did as she was instructed until her vagina and anus were both fully exposed to the beautiful older woman. "Am I doing it right, Ms. Kent?" the little girl asked uncertainly. Ms. Kent nodded. "You're doing it just right, hun," Ms. Kent said, "now keep holding your ankles and let's see if we can get three fingers up there." Kasey gave a little whoop of excitement and Ms. Kent laughed, thrilled by the girl's innocent enthusiasm. Ms. Kent sucked on her three middle fingers until they were nice and wet and then began to slowly work them into Kasey's anus. The little blonde closed her eyes and clenched her teeth and tried to relax her muscles. Before long, Ms. Kent had her three fingers inside Kasey and she took her time exploring the depths of Kasey's bottom. Kasey could only moan in delight.

Just when the 12-year-old thought it couldn't get any better, Ms. Kent began pumping her arm faster and faster, each time pushing her fingers deeper into Kasey. The girl moaned ever louder as the feeling sent waves of pleasure from her anus to the rest of her body. Ms. Kent kept going faster until the room was filled with a steady squishing noise, accompanied by Kasey's moans and Ms. Kent's encouraging whispers. At one point, Kasey lifted her head to look at Ms. Kent, who had released her large breasts from her top, and saw them bouncing with each thrust into Kasey. She also saw that Ms. Kent had her other hand down the front of her skirt and was vigorously rubbing herself down there. "Something feels funny," Kasey said. Ms. Kent didn't slow down. "That's OK, honey," she said soothingly. "Just relax and let everything come out." Kasey wasn't sure what that meant but she did as she was told and soon the funny feeling was stronger and stronger. She wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled them almost up to her head as her entire body tensed. Suddenly, a huge gush of clear liquid squirted out of Kasey's vagina and splashed all over the girl's bare belly.

Kasey's body shook and she almost started crying it felt so good. Before she could ask Ms. Kent about it, however, the busty teacher took hold of Kasey's legs, and turned the girl over on to her stomach. Ms. Kent reached under her skirt and wriggled out of her panties as fast she could. She climbed on top of the desk and began grinding her vagina against Kasey's beautiful fat butt. Kasey could barely move after she had squirted so she lay there and allowed Ms. Kent to do whatever she wanted. Ms. Kent leaned forward and, without slowing down her pace, began to lick the clear stuff off of Kasey's tummy until it was all gone, savoring the delicious taste of Kasey's juices. Once she was done, Ms. Kent turned Kasey over on to her stomach, then swiftly pulled down her panties. She climbed on top of Kasey and began grinding her vagina against Kasey's beautiful fat butt. It didn't last long, though. Within a minute or two, Kasey felt something very hot and wet splashing against her butt. For another minute, Ms. Kent lay on top of Kasey, still grinding slowly, as the two ladies recovered.

Finally, Ms. Kent climbed off Kasey, and helped the girl off the desk. The two shared a happy, satisfied embrace, holding each other for a long time. Then Ms. Kent pulled her panties back on and put her breasts back into her bra. She helped Kasey get dressed, then looked at the girl with tenderness. "That was so cool," Kasey said at last, kissing Ms. Kent on the cheek. "Can we do it again sometime?" Ms. Kent laughed and hugged her again. "Anytime, sweetheart," she told her. "But you should probably go eat lunch. Don't be surprised if you're ravenously hungry." Kasey was hungry so she waved goodbye and trotted towards the door. The teacher watched Kasey's plump butt wiggling as she walked away, coated by a glistening sheen of clear liquid.