Mommy Loves Her Baby Girls, Part 4 - Aunts and Cousins Come to Visit

by MommyMary

The following friday evening I got a call from my younger twin sisters Sara and Zoey. They said they were coming to see my and my baby sluts and they were bringing their babies. Both of their babies are girls. Sara has 1 year old Courtney and Zoey has 10 month old Lily. Of course I got really excited.

"Desirae, Angie your Aunts Zoey and Sara are coming to stay with us for the weekend and they're bringing Courtney and Lily." I told my baby girls. Angie doesn't talk any yet but Desirae was exicited and jumping for joy screaming "yay! yay! I wuv dem." My sisters try to come see us every few weekends or so.

My sisters arrived together in the same minivan at about 3:30 in the afternoon. As soon as they got in the house carrying their babies in their carseats, I hugged and kissed both of them. My babies were sitting on the couch wearing just their diapers. "yay! dare here yay!" little Desirae yelled out.

As soon as they got settled in it was time for some sexy fun with our babies. We all went to my bedroom carrying our little ones in our arms. We sat all 4 babies on the bed and removed their clothes leaving only their diapers covering their bottoms. My sisters and I got completely naked and crawled into bed with our babies. We started out by breastfeeding our babies. Desirae and Angie were sucking on my tits while Courtney and Lily were sucking their mommies' tits. "Let's switch." I said. I got Courtney and Lily to suck on my tits. Angie nursed on her Aunt Zoey and Desirae nursed on Sara's.

Then it was time to remove our babies diapers. Now all 4 babies are completely naked just like my sisters and me. I laid Desirae on her back, spread her legs and started eating her pussy while I finger fucked her baby sister Angie's tiny baby cunny. I frigged my twat with my other hand. Little Courtney was sucking her Mommy Sara's clit while Zoey was eating out tiny Lily and masturbating. at the same time Sara and Zoey were both fingering my pussy with their free hands. I know all 7 of us cummed at the same time because we were all moaning and screaming together.

All of us were so wiped by our amazing orgasms that we all fell asleep naked together on my bed. we didn't even put diapers on our babies.

About an hour and a half later me, Sara and Zoey woke up. The bed was soaking wet from our cum and baby pee. "Looks like our sleeping babies peed all over the bed," Sara commented to which Zoey replied "They're gonna need a bath when they wake up"

"Hey I got an idea." I said. "since the tub isn't big enough for all of us we can take turns using the tub and the shower." The shower stall is on the other side of the bathroom as the bathtub. It has a glass door that we can keep open while we clean up.

"Great idea," both twins said at the same time.

Just a few minutes later the babies started waking up. We then carried them to the bathroom so we could all wash up together. I ran the bathwater and added some bubbles. I got in first with my babies while my sisters got in the shower holding their babies in their arms. I held Angie and Desirae in my arms on my lap so I could finger their little cunnies with both hands and rub their little feet on my pussy. In the shower Sara and Zoey were taking turns breastfeeding each other's babies and fucking each other with a 2 sided dildo. Then Sara held both babies in her arms nursing both Courtney and Lily while Zoey got on her knees and ate out her twin sister's shaved pussy while she masturbated.

Then it was time to switch. Sara got out of the shower with Courtney. I got out of the tub with Desirae so we could get in the shower with Zoey and Lily. Sara and Courtney got in the tub with little Angie. I squatted in the shower so Desirae could suck on my clit while I ate Zoey's cunt while she breastfed Lily. Zoey lowered Lily so I could taste her baby cunny.

In the tub Sara was eating out one baby at a time while she fingered the other. She ate out Angie and fingered Courtney then she ate out Courtney and fingered Angie. Sara had a dildo in her pussy the whole time.

Then Zoey and I turned off the shower and stepped out of the stall. Sara got out of the tub so Desirae and Lily could join Angie and Courtney in the bath. My sister and I knealed beside the tub fingering ourselves with one hand and washing our babies with the other. Once again my sisters and I started cumming. "OOOHHH OOHH OOOOHH AAAAHHH" the 3 of us moaned together. The bathwater was starting to get cold so we took our babies out, drained the tub, and carried our little baby sluts to my bedroom. Before we put their diapers on we took turns eating each baby's pussy.

Me and my twin younger sisters each got a turn tasting each baby.

"Wow" I exclaimed. "It's already 8 o'clock. Time for the little ones to go night night." we put Angie and Lily in the crib together. Desirae and Courtney got to sleep in the bed. They all fell asleep quickly.

Sara, Zoey and I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. We were starving after all the naughty fun we had together. I cooked us each a TV dinner in the microwave. After we ate I grabbed a bottle of wine out of the cabinet and poured us each a glass.

After a few drinks Sara said jokingly, "We should all move in together so we could play all the time."

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea," replied Zoey. "The lease at our apartment is almost up."

I replied, "I think we should move in together. There's a much bigger house a few blocks away that's for sale. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths plus a hot tub in the basement. Plus I could always use a little help with the daycare I'm running. Let's all move there together," my sisters agreed and we raised our wine glasses to toast living together.