Mommy Loves Her Baby Girls, Part 3 - Prequel: Mary's Perverted Origin

by MommyMary

Hi. It's Mary again. I've written 2 stories so far about my sexy baby girls. Now I want to tell you about how I first realized that I'm sexually attracted to little ones.

I had just turned 6 a month before. I lived with my Mom and twin little sisters Sara and Zoey. They were 4. We never knew our father. Mom said he ran off with another woman not long before my sisters were born. It was july and I was on summer vacation. I would start 1st grade in september and my sisters were going to start preschool. It was hot and the air conditioning went out. Mom did not have the money to replace it so she decided that we could all just hang around the house naked if we wanted as long as we didn't have company which was not very often. My mom was a beautiful woman with red hair and blue eyes. Her breasts were a natural 36C. She had a shaved coochie and long slender legs. At the time she was 28 years old.

Mom was the first to take off her clothes. She got completely naked about 11am that day to deal with the heat. My sisters and I had seen our mom naked before but mostly when we walked in on her in the shower or when she was getting dressed. We got naked as soon as Mom said we could. When I saw my little sisters' cunnies mine started to tingle. My sisters and I had seen each other naked lots of times but this was the first time my pussy felt this way.

Mom went in the bathroom to take a shower while we were playing with our barbies in the play room. The dolls were naked just like us. We were sitting on the floor. My cunny was tingling so bad from seeing my sisters naked that I started rubbing it without realizing it. Sara and Zoey started copying what I was doing which made me even more horny. I was rubbing my little clit with my thumb with my fingers were rubbing in and out out the little hole. It felt so good. Masturbating with my twin little sisters was almost too much. "OOOHH OOOOHH OOOHHH!!!" I moaned as I hit my first orgasm. My sisters were moaning too. My fingers were still in my cunny when my little sisters hit their first orgasms. "Dat felt weally good," Zoey said. "ya it did. it fun," replied Sara. "We should do this more often," I said to them.

"Yes I think you should," we heard Mommy say from the doorway which startled us. She was still naked and dripping wet from her shower. "Mommy did you see us playing with our peepees?" I asked her.

Mommy replied, "Yes I saw everything. I was playing with mine the whole time." Mommy then said, "Your pussies are shiny and wet from your orgasms. Lie down and spread your legs. I want to lick your pussies clean."

The twins and I did what we were told. Mommy started licking my cunny. It felt so good and I told her so. "Your pussy tastes so good Mary." Her toungue licked around my clit then entered my pussy hole. She then inserted her pinky finger into my cunt and started finger fucking me. Slowly at first but then faster. I could feel her finger breaking my hymen. "OOOOHHHH MOMMYY!! THAT FEELS SOO GOOD!!" I moaned loudly as my mother fingered me. "OOOHH OOOOHH AAAAHHH," I screamed with an even more intense orgasm than the first.

Mommy then did the same for Sara and Zoey. She licked Sara first then Zoey. Then with her left and right pinky fingers she finger banged both twins at the same time. "Wanna do the same thing to Mommy?" all 3 of us then took turns eating and fingering our mom until she came. "I love you girls so much," said Mom. "We're gonna play like this any time you want."