Mommy Loves Her Baby Girls

by MommyMary

Hi I'm Mary. I'm a 24 year old single mother of 2 sexy baby girls. Angie is 1 and Desirae is 2. Their father died in a car accident less than a month after I gave birth to Angie. I've always felt sexually attracted to little girls so after their father's death I decided to explore these feelings with my babies. This story is about a typical day in our house.

I wake up this morning at about 7:15 to little baby Angie crying in her crib next to the bed I share with her big sister Desirae. Desirae is already awake wearing nothing but her pullup diaper I put on her last night. Baby Angie is wearing only a soaking wet disposable baby diaper. I'm completely naked because that is how I've slept since I was a teenager.

I get out of bed to tend to baby Angie. Her diaper is very wet as is my pussy. I lay Angie on the changing table to remove her diaper.

"Desirae would you like to watch Mommy change your sister's diaper?" I sweetly call out to my older daughter.

She toddles over to the changing table to watch. Angie's baby cunny needs some cream so she won't get a rash. I apply the cream to my baby's pussy and put a new diaper on her. I now check Desirae's pullup to see if she had an accident during the night. She's dry for the first time this week Desirae is potty trained and seldom has accidents during the day although at night she still sometimes wets.

Now it's time for Mommy's little sluts to have some breakfast. Both of my babies sit on my knees facing me so they can nurse on my breasts. Their little mouths suckling on my nipples makes my pussy tingle and wet. I really need some relief. I lie down on the bed with little 1 year old Angie still nursing on my left nipple. I spread my legs and tell 2 year old Desirae to suck on Mommy's clit. She happily obliges. with Angie nursing on my tit and Desirae sucking on my clit it's not long before I will cum. "Ohh Ooohh Oh" I moan as I approach a massive orgasm. "that's it babies. Make Mommy cum. Ohh I'm almost there. OOOHHH!!! FUCK YA" I moaned loudly as I cum and my pussy squirts all over little Desirae's face. I wipe her face off with a baby wipe after I remove little Angie from my breast.

Next we go to the kitchen so Mommy can get a bite of toast and a glass of orange juice. Desirae walks beside her naked mommy wearing only her pink Disney princess pullup. I carry Angie to the kitchen and put her in her high chair while I eat.

"Desirae you can take your pullup off if you want," I tell my older daughter which she does right away. Her toddler cunny is so small and sexy. Perfect for kissing and licking.

As I finish my breakfast I hear Desirae say "Mommy potty." I take her to the bathroom where she sits on the toilet and pees. When she's finished I lick her pussy clean.

"Bath" the little scamp exclaims as she points to the bathtub. "You wanna take a bath honey?" I ask her. She nods her head yes.

I begin running the bathwater and pour in some bubble bath. I then remove baby Angie's diaper so all three of us can take a bath together. When the bath is ready I get in first with Angie in my arms. Desirae then gets in with us. The tub is more than large enough for all three of us. Desirae sits between my legs facing me and I hold Angie in my arms. I kiss and lick Angie's little face while I rub her baby cunny with my index finger. She coos and moans a little as I insert my finger into her pussy. I broke her hymen with my pinky finger about a month ago shortly after her first birthday.

Desirae stands up and says "Lick my pee pee Mommy." Of course I happily oblige.

"Sit on the edge of the tub and spread your legs so I can eat your pussy baby," I tell my daughter. I'm sitting cross legged in the tub facing my little 2 year old baby slut with 1 year old Angie sitting on my leg suckling on my left nipple. I lower my face to Desirae's pussy. I start licking her baby slit and then insert my right index finger into her little hole. I took her cherry a few months before I broke her sister's hymen. As I'm finger fucking her pussy I'm licking her little clit. She loves the way it feels.

We get out of the tub and dry off. My babies are getting sleepy so it's naptime. I lay Angie on my bed and put a diaper on her, licking her pussy before I close the diaper. Then I put a pullup on Desirae and give her pussy a kiss before I lay her down for her nap. The girls go to sleep on my bed. I sit in my rocking chair in the bedroom watching television at low volume so it won't disturb my baby girls. As they sleep I masturbate imagining the fun we'll have when they wake up.