The Wedding

by Michelle Darling with Androgyne

1. The Apartment

One wall of Lana Danielle's penthouse apartment is a single slab of toughened glass inches thick. With the lighting dialled down to a warm and intimate glow the city outside sparkles like a jewelled tiara. Seated on a huge sofa Lana leans forward to splash a little more cognac into two balloon glasses resting on the polished granite top of the coffee table before her.

With her short cropped red hair streaked with silver, and her square cut masculine features, the fifty something woman is a sharp contrast when looked at. Her body denies any masculinity, with the heavy breasts, beneath her wine red silk man style shirt, straining the cloth. The shirt is worn loose outside black satin slacks and beneath its thin cloth the outline of an under wired bra can be seen struggling to restrain those big breasts. Her rear is round and firm, her buttocks two perfect globes.

Her body is that of a woman twenty years or so younger than her real age. As ruthless in the gym and with her diet as she is in her business dealings Lana is blazingly desirable to both men and women though those men can only dream! She gives and takes her pleasure with and from other women.

She passes the balloon glass to the younger woman seated besides her on the huge sofa. Marcie Kane sips at the golden liquor leaving her full lips delightfully sheened with the rare old brandy. Placing her own snifter on the table Lana trails the fingers of one hand down her guest's cheek.

"Marcie darling you're sure this won't change things between us? I recall the first day I saw you when I was presenting the school prizes at Eden House College, you were eleven, and I want you just as much now as I did then!"

The tall and elegant brunette in the simple aqua silk dress turns to face Lana and smiles.

"Oh and Lana when I walked up on stage to receive my prize I wanted you just as much. I was only a child but I knew what and who I wanted and you were the one that day and many other days."

The buxom women smiles at a fond memory.

"Oh yes and you soon made that fact quite obvious to me in my hotel room. You were, how shall I put it, a tad gauche and inexperienced, though you more than made up for it in enthusiasm. But you haven't answered my question my dear. Where do we stand?"

Marcie, slender bodied, so that her large breasts seem even larger, turns to point to the chimney breast where a hugely enlarged photo is framed. As she does her sable mane swirls like silk.

The photo portrait is of a beautiful girl of ten or eleven perhaps. She is naked but a length of red velvet cloth has been carefully arranged to shield her chest and the junction of her thighs. Her skin is deep gold and her red brown hair is thick and perfectly styled. Her expression is, despite her youth, one of brooding and deep sexuality. Her big eyes are azure blue and deep enough to drown in. Her cheekbones are already chiselled finely and women would covet them as they might covet gemstones.

The girl possesses features to die for and her slender legs and thighs, where they are bare of the red velvet, are smooth, silky, and tempting. An extraordinary child/woman pouted at the camera lens to achieve a picture bursting with suppressed desirability.

"Lana who could begrudge you Anouk? She is simply amazing to look at, and when you introduced me to her and her mother, at that fashion shoot, I realised that she is probably the most self possessed and desirable child I've ever met. And I wish you all the happiness I can."

Setting down her drink Lana smiles at her long time friend and on/off lover. Locking her arms around the younger woman she pulls her close.

"Good because I need you and want you now!"

Their kiss seems to go on forever as tongues meet, wrap around each other, and duel delightfully. Lana's hand slides expertly under her lover's flared skirt, moves up the nylon of her stockings, and then finds, to her utter pleasure, just naked, wet, and silky flesh.

"You young devil you came prepared didn't you?"

With Lana's fingers lightly caressing the damp folds of her labia the brunette smiles enigmatically.

"I somehow thought that even what's coming up wouldn't distract you completely from what we've shared for so long. Let's go to your bedroom and show each other what we need!"

Standing Lana takes her tall lover's hand to lead her towards a room and a bed they both have shared many times before.

The room is dimly lit and dominated by a huge bed. Lana seizes a handful of bedding and strips the bed down to a mound of pillows and the spotless white mattress cover. Marcie stands and waits until Lana's fingers begin to pop open the line of small silver buttons that run down the back of her dress. As the last button surrenders, at the crease of her rounded buttocks, she shrugs out of the dress to stand only in sheer black stockings with wide elasticised tops gripping her smooth thighs.

Lana, dropping to her knees, begins to roll them down the tall woman's legs and as she does her lips brush and lightly kiss the peachy buttocks before her. Marcie hums softy with pleasure as she is stripped naked.

As she stalks to the bed it can be seen that her sable pubic hair has been trimmed into a stylized lightning bolt shape whilst beneath her jiggling left breast is a discreet tattoo of a small, blue, rose. Sprawling on the bed she awaits her lover with eager anticipation. Impatiently Lana fumbles at the buttons of her shirt and tosses it aside. When she tugs loose the drawstring of her slacks they pool around her ankles as she slips down her bra's straps and unhooks it.

Bared, her breasts are spectacular! Round and rock solid, capped with long, thick, and dark, nipples. Skinning out of her briefs, as she steps onto her bed, an identical blue rose to Marcie's can be seen tattooed beneath her big left breast. A small and select group of ladies compromise the "Blue Rose Sisters" and all of them lesbian ladies of wealth and/or influence. Marcie has only lately joined this exclusive club, sponsored by her lover Lana. As she settles next to the younger woman she finds herself gripped, tugged, and rolled onto her back by her clearly aroused partner!

The breath huffs from the surprised woman as her lover, dusky breasts flushed, pink nipples hard and erect, and labia dark and with a pearly sheen, parts her thighs. Kneeling between them she slips her arms under those rounded thighs to clasp Lana's wide hips. The redhead's vulva is shaved silk smooth and beads of creamy white juice are oozing from her wide crease.

Marcie's tongue tip flutters over the sensitive pink flesh and the woman's entire solid body trembles with desire. Lapping harder now, revelling in the taste of a wildly excited woman, she drives her stiffened tongue deep into Lana's cramping pussy. Fumbling, after freeing one hand, Marcie grasps a pillow to ease it under Lana's wide hips and full rear. Raising Lana's sex to give even easier access to lips and tongue she hears hoarse groans torn from the curvaceous woman's throat.

Probing fiercely between her lovers's wide spread thighs her fingers, three, and then four, thrust deep into Lana's vagina which spasms and tightens around them. Thrusting hard now the dark woman, sweating with the effort of violently satisfying Lana's appetites, drives the shuddering woman to new heights.

Lana's voluptuous body arches clear of the mattress as Marcie's expert tongue flickers over her thick and bloated clitoris; while those fingers twist and thrust deeply into her sopping crease. Marcie, her face smeared with the woman's thick juices, momentarily abandons her frenzied love making, though only for moments.

"Does this prove nothing's changed between us?"

Lana screams shrilly as her massive "O" tears through her like a tornado. As so often before, and expected by her lover, Lana squirts powerfully, drenching Marcie's face and breasts in a potent display of explosive sex. She rarely achieves this with others but Marcie almost always rings the bell! Marcie clasps her lover firmly as her body jerks and shakes its way to an exhausted collapse.

The bedroom sounds are harsh breathing from the heavy woman as she gulps in oxygen while her pounding heart slows down again. The scents are of sweat and the juices of aroused women. The sights are a shattered redhead recovering and an aroused brunette in desperate need of loving.

As though suddenly re-charged Lana rolls over to suckle on one of Marcie's breasts, sucking hard and biting down on a rubbery nipple. One hand cups the other breast and teases the second teat till it swells and hardens even further. Gradually and with merciless slowness she kisses a leisurely path down Marcie's breasts, over her belly, until her lips browse the silky insides of the trembling brunette's thighs. Marcie's hands gently cradle her lover's head as she guide's it down to the pink flower blooming wetly between her thighs,

With the full width of her tongue Lana slowly works up and down then back and forth across plump labia and hard clit, and then, without warning, rolls the startled woman face down. Grasping her hips she raises her rear, spreads her thighs, and parts her buttocks. Marcie now supports herself on her knees and palms with her cheek pressed against the mattress as Lana's mouth fastens on her burning sex. Then, as she is licked and tongued with consummate skill and desire, Lana pushes her middle finger onto the pucker of the woman's arse, past her sphincter, and deep into her rear canal.

It's like pulling the pin on a grenade! Marcie bucks hard, heaves her hips, and climaxes explosively. Still impaled on Lana's probing finger she cums hard over and over again; soaking Lana's pumping hand along with her face as she moans out loud. Then like a puppet whose strings have been cut she falls face down with a catlike purr of contentment.

The two women lay side by side in silence for some time and Marcie is the first to speak.

"I suppose we should get some sleep darling. We've an early flight to St Hildegard tomorrow."

She speaks tentatively as though she doesn't really believe what she says. Her smile, when Lana replies, shows how she really feels.

"Sleep my dear? I hope you don't think I'm old and worn out just yet. Remember our first night in that "Hotel Regal" when you were asking me to show you new things. As I said you were inexperienced but a fast learner. I loved the puzzled look on your face when I talked to you about a 69'er? I think this old lady would love one right now."

Turning end to end, smiling broadly, Marcie straddles Lana's head. The redhead reaches up to guide her partner's smooth rear and seeping crease down and towards her eager mouth. Her tongue and lips work not just on clit and labia but on the cleft of Marcie's rear and the brown pucker of her anus. Marcie whimpers and then her head, with its dark mane, burrows between Lana's thighs as both women try to drive their partner insane with pleasure.

Lana bucks and writhes beneath her younger lover as Marcie clamps her lips on her tender labia; sucking and drawing them taut. Marcie wriggles and shakes as Lana sucks on her hard and erect clit. Almost simultaneously the women climax. Creamy juices spurt and now the two lovers can howl and shriek out their orgasmic ecstasy.

Eventually the mature redhead rolls from under her equally spent lover and reaches down, to hook up a heavy silk sheet from the floor, and spread it over them both. Turning on one side she tucks her sticky vulva against Marcie's silky rump and wraps her arms around her lover to cup those pear shaped breasts.

"NOW I'm ready to sleep darling and tomorrow the big event begins!"

2. The landing field and St Hildegard Island

The next morning has been long planned but is still hectic. Slightly stiff and perhaps a little tender from their wildly passionate night the two ladies shower, breakfast lightly on coffee and croissants, and change into stylish though comfortable travel outfits. Lana runs a final scan over and around the living room for any last minute details mayhap forgotten. The phone warbles and she scoops up the handset.


A husky contralto voice greets her over the wire.

"Ms Danielle your and Ms Kane's luggage is in the car and if you're ready we can leave for the airfield at your convenience."

"Thanks Carlotta we'll be right down!"

Carlotta Kennedy, Lana's chauffeuse and general factotum, is precise and remorselessly efficient where her employer is concerned.

Exiting the luxury block of apartments Lana and Marcie are ushered into the limo by their smartly uniformed driver, settling onto the soft seats, and behind the tinted glass windows. The car purrs off, like a huge cat, towards their destination, a private area of "Crossfield" airport. It's early and the roads are clear, neither woman speaks; they both seem lost in thought.

Bypassing the main gates they move round to a quiet rear entrance, to be ushered through by a uniformed security guard and up to a hanger where a Lear jet awaits them. Already parked is a similar limo to theirs and a tall, lean, exquisitely groomed woman, stands by it. While Carlotta and a steward ferry their cases onto the plane Lana and Marcie quit the car; Lana gesturing towards the waiting aircraft.

"You hop on board my dear while I clear up a few minor details with Madame Chauvin and then we'll embark and off we go!"

Marcie picks her way up the extended stairs while Lana speaks first to Carlotta before crossing to the impeccable French woman.

"Right Carlotta my dear your time's your own till I get back and remember my apartment is yours to use. Feel free to have any of your "friends" drop in while you're in residence."

She accents "friends" heavily since Carlotta was selected to be an enthusiastic and approving supporter of her employer's lesbian life style. Carlotta's guests at the apartment are certain to be amorous ladies of all ages!

Now Lana moves over to the chicly dressed lady by the big car. Mathilde Chauvin is a classic example of her former trade of high fashion model. Her chiselled features are an older and finer version of her stunning young daughter. In her linen two piece of cobalt blue her body is lean and lithe. In her sheer black stockings her legs and thighs are sensational!

The two women kiss briefly and hug.

"Mattie darling we're almost ready now but have you impressed on Amielie she mustn't even drop a hint of the surprise we're planning for Marcie. I know Anouk will hold her tongue; she keeps secrets so well doesn't she?"

The woman's smile is wolfish!

"Ma Cher Lana all is well! Ameilie is so excited but her lips are sealed. Your idea is brilliant and I love the way your mind works darling."

Arm in arm the two women climb the steps. A steward pulls up the stairs and dogs shut the aircraft's hatch. In the passenger cabin Marcie is already seated and in animated conversation with Ameilie Duquesne; Anouk's cousin and a fellow though not as famous [ nor as notorious ] model.

In counterpoint to her lean, tanned, and sultry cousin, Amy, as her name is foreshortened to, is a blond angelic child. Her skin is milky pale though a dusting of freckles paint her cheeks and across her retrousse nose. Her golden locks are long and woven into long plaits that are in turn coiled on her head. Despite being a little younger than her better known cousin there is already a curvy outline to her body. Where her sister is boyishly angular Amy already sports small breasts and faintly rounded hips.

She wears a simple dress of unbleached cotton along with white crocheted stockings. On her dainty feet she wears what appear to be white ballet slippers.

Opposite her sits the new bombshell of pre-teen fashion modelling. Anouk, who in turn is known to family and friends as Annie, lounges in her seat reading a magazine and listening to her choice of music on her iPod. A tight top of white lace hugs her flat chest though through the thin cloth large dark nipples show. Below she wears tight jeans, strategically and fashionably ripped, and her long feet are bare. Her eyes are hidden behind enormous sunglasses.

Settling next to the girl Lana drops her hand onto a slender thigh and squeezes the warm flesh through the soft denim.

"Hello Annie dearest all ready for the big adventure? And what interesting item is that you're reading?"

Sliding her sunglasses down a little the child woman locks her blue eyes on Lana's equally blue ones.

"I'm reading about myself tante Lana!"

Holding out the glossy magazine she points to a colour portrait of herself in a black silk nightdress supported with narrow shoulder straps. On both sides it is split to her hipbone revealing one thin and toned calve and thigh and a hint of the other. Above the photo screams the headline "Is this the most decadent child alive?" and beneath it in slightly smaller type "Sexploitation of the innocents!" blares forth.

"And what do you think about what they have to say Annie darling"

"Well tante you know what Alison and Gerard Walters said at my Vogue shoot? They said I'm a woman in a child's body. Do you think I'm decadent or that I'm being exploited Lana?"

Leaning closer the big woman nuzzles the child's neck as she murmurs into the shell of her ear.

"Darling you're the most sensuous nymph I've ever met and I'm sure you'll show me that soon. Exploited? Dear Annie I know what your contracts are worth to you and if that's being exploited then half the girls in the world would love to be exploited like you are!"

At that moment a voice comes over the tannoy system.

"This is the pilot speaking! Will you all please take your seats and fasten your safety belts before I taxi to the take off strip."

Minutes later the gleaming jet climbs into a clear blue sky and minutes later still the passengers unbuckle their belts and relax for the flight to the Caribbean island paradise of St Hildegard. Anouk leans against the comforting bulk of Lana as she reads about her much criticised lingerie shoot with the Walters twins; photographers extraordinaire! Lana hums softly to herself as she caresses the girl's silky tresses.

The island of St Hildegard was once just a green jewel in the blue sea and now no less beautiful it has moved with the times. It has become an important banking refuge for the very rich as well as a resort for the rich and famous; as well as the rich and not famous!

With the jet parked on the runway customs inspection is a formality for Lana, her guests, and her entourage, as the luggage is toted to a line of limos. In the bright sunlight, as the passengers settle into their transport, Lana is in deep conversation with a thin and severe featured coffee skinned lady. Gloria Llewellyn is the mayor of St Hildegard. The two women kiss and exchange a brisk hug.

"Things are running smoothly Lana and everything is under control. However I have to remind you that while I WILL officiate there will be no legal basis whatsoever to the proceedings."

Lana pats her cheek, smiles, and slips an arm around the woman's narrow waist, as they head for the lead car.

"Have no fear my old friend! Everyone concerned understands and agrees to the conditions. So long as this is an occasion nobody will ever forget in a hurry!"

The passenger door slams, the air conditioning kicks in, the fleet of vehicles head off for the "Diamond Bay" hotel to register.

3. The Diamond Bay Hotel

Signed in and in their staterooms Lana converses at length with Marcie and then leaves her with these important words.

"An early night tonight my dear and sadly no bedroom antics for us. The big day tomorrow and we must all be fresh and bright."

Marcie shakes her cloud of black hair and smiles ruefully.

"Lana I still can't believe I'm to be a maid of honour at your wedding to Anouk! Amy is so excited about being a bridesmaid and we all think the whole concept is just brilliant."

"Tomorrow after breakfast we change into the wedding outfits and Gloria carries out the ceremony in the ballroom. Sleep well my dear for tomorrow will be quite a day!"

She lightly kisses the dark woman and as she turns to leave a slow smile paints itself across her face.

The night flies by, a fast and light breakfast is consumed and then things move into top gear. The bustle in the fitting rooms is frantic. In one of them Marcie stands in bra, briefs, suspender belt, and sheer stockings. She taps her foot impatiently whilst awaiting her dresser with her maid of honour outfit. When the door opens she swings around expecting a petite black girl only to find Lana, clad only in a short robe of jade silk, entering the room.

"Lana aren't you getting ready by now? And where is Merle with my dress?"

The big redhead's face carries a serious if not quite grim expression as she speaks.

"Marcie I hate to disappoint you but I have to tell you that you won't be appearing as my maid of honour today!"

The dark beauty's face almost seems to crumple at these words!

"Lana what do you mean? We've planned this for so long so what have I done to deserve this?"

Lana cannot bear to see her friend and lover so distraught and so she announces the wonderful surprise as soon as she has kissed Marcie hard on her lips.

"You're not to be maid of honour Marcie dear because it is going to be a double wedding and you will be marrying your lovely Ameilie as I wed Anouk. Did you think I hadn't noticed how besotted you are with your little blond? Merle!"

Clapping her hands Lana summons the petite black girl who carries a white wedding dress across her arms.

"I had the dressmakers use your measurements from the maid of honour fittings to create your wedding dress and I know you'll look sensational in it. Put it on and I'll ready myself so we can have the day and night of our lives!"

A little later Lana returns to the fitting room, she has showered and had her short hair washed and dried, she still wears just the thigh length silk robe and slippers. On entering the room she stands in appreciative silence as Marcie, now dressed by the attentive Merle, stands in front of the triple mirrors.

Her wedding dress is snow white raw silk and is sewn with seed pearls and tiny crystal beads. Cut to hug her narrow ribcage and flat stomach it flares slightly at her rounded hips, and from below the hem of the tapered skirt satin slippers peep. The neckline is low so as to show her full breasts to good advantage though they are covered by a mist of white lace. Covered but a tantalising show of a dark cleavage still peeps through it!

Merle is just handing her the head-dress and veil which like the dress are sewn with pearls and crystal and topped with white rosebuds.

"Well Marcie I can look at this wedding dress since though you are A bride you are not MY bride! And my dear you are purely amazing believe me! I'm off to change now and soon the ceremony will begin!"

The wedding site is the main banqueting hall of the "Diamond Bay" and Gloria Llewellyn stands ready to carry out her duty. She wears a trouser suit of cerise linen, the jacket thigh length, and a white shirt with a Mandarin collar.

To one side of the red carpet stands Marcie in her bridal gown and on the other is Lana. She departs from the fabulous dresses on show, or soon to be seen, in her choice of outfit. She sports midnight blue trousers and a pale blue ruffled shirt. Around her waist is a scarlet cummerbund and at her neck is a black velvet bow tie. Her tuxedo is as fiery red as the wide band around her waist and her shoes, toe capped, are polished to a mirror sheen.

An organ strikes up the wedding march from Lohengrin and Mathilde enters with her daughter on her right arm and her niece on her left. The former model wears a dazzlingly white trouser suit contrasted with a black silk cravat, blouse, and narrow high heeled shoes. The brides are in identical wedding dresses. Their dresses are in white damask silk in the Empire style, they have square necklines that, in Ameilie's case, expose the swell of her small but burgeoning breasts.

In contrast Anouk's flat chest shows the startling difference between white silk and golden tanned skin. Both girls have veiled headdresses similar to Marcie's but theirs are decorated with pink rosebuds. Mathilde leads them up to join the two women and then steps back and to one side to where an empty seat awaits. Gloria steps forward.

"In my capacity as Mayor of St Hildegard and head of the island council I am authorised to officiate on this joyful occasion…..!"

The ceremony begins and continues as many of the guests sit green with envy of the two women and their stunning brides.

"You may now kiss your brides!"

Both women bend and raise the veils, Marcie first raises her own and Lana only bends slightly due to Annie's slender height, and then both couples kiss slowly and passionately, holding the kiss for a long time.

The reception is now in full swing! Lana remains in her masculine outfit but Marcie and the girls have changed into more practical but still stylish outfits. Marcie has donned a brief dress of translucent green silk through which tantalising glimpses of her ripe body can be caught. Sheer black stockings that flatter her sleek legs and towering high heels do nothing to prevent her dancing skills from being shown off. With men and women she performs almost any dance the small orchestra plays for them!

Lana, never a gifted dancer, circulates with Anouk in close attendance. The young model apes Lana in that she now wears a tight fitting trouser suit in black velvet teamed with a steel grey man style shirt in thin silk. At her neck is black bootlace tie and her mane of chestnut hair, burnished like copper, swirls as she moves amongst the guests accompanying her impatient soon to be wife/lover.

"Yes Marion dear the whole thing's gone without a hitch! No Joseph we will NOT talk business tonight! Is there another one like Anouk my darling Cynthia? The only one like her is her cousin and she's with Marcie! However my dear if you call me when we're back home in "Dear old Blighty" I'll arrange for you to join me at one of the Walters twins photo shoots. I'm sure we'll be able to find you some young sylph that will suit you!"

Ameilie has also changed from her bridal gown into a creation of pure white Chantilly lace paired with white stockings and dance pumps. She has danced with Marcie as well as other partners she has deigned to grant the honour of taking the floor with her. Both she and her cousin have sipped chilled Champagne though only a little. The two women want their brides alert and responsive for their honeymoon night.

Surreptitiously the two women make their way, with their partners, towards the side exit. They pause briefly here and there to smile and chat briefly with other guests but they are now impatient to consummate the marriage vows. Outside, in the balmy air of early evening, a huge limo waits. Despite its lack of size or main roads on St Hildegard there are a few vehicles like this one for the very rich love their comforts.

4. The Honeymoon at "Sea Dreams"

The uniformed driver holds open the car door and the two couples settle into the air conditioned comfort of the leather upholstery. Lana fusses with Anouk's chestnut mane to pick out a tiny silver star and a horseshoe plus a bell. Relics of the showers of confetti thrown as they walked down the aisle after the ceremony; a few still glitter in her tresses. The car cruises along a road of dazzling white crushed sea shells to Lana's villa "Sea Dreams" that perches on a coral promontory looking down onto "Diamond Bay".

At the door they are met by the staff but Lana shoos them back to their quarters and escorts Marcie and Ameilie to the main guest suite before leading Anouk to the master, or perhaps mistress, bedroom suite. With her wedding outfit discarded Lana, in one of the en suite bathrooms, stands naked in front of the mirrors. Cupping her big breasts she kneads and squeezes them until her pale skin is flushed and reddened while her nipples are swollen and erect.

Viewing her reflection and inspecting her recently shaven vulva, now beginning to show signs of her arousal, she pronounces herself satisfied. Slipping into a short robe she jerks the sash tight and struts out into the huge room. The French windows are open and a soft breeze ripples the mesh of the curtains. The room is brightly lit by the full moon shining in through the open doors. Lana arrays herself on the silk sheets to await her child bride!

In a little while the door to the other bathroom opens and Anouk moves into the room like a stalking leopard. She wears an identical nightdress to that in her Vogue pictures but this one is pristine white. Through the thin silk the dark dots of her nipples show clearly and as she walks to the bed her sleek thighs whisper against the cloth. She has brushed her hair until it gleams like burnished copper and settling on the bed she lies back and fans the mane out on the pillows.

Excited and aroused like never before Lana reaches for her, wraps her in her arms, and raises her as her mouth locks on the girl's mouth. They kiss, deeply and passionately, Lana's tongue enters the child's mouth and flickers back and forth as her hands tangle in Anouk's locks.

After some time, for Lana, kissing lips is not enough. Clasping the girl's ankle she raises her leg to lick the sole of her dainty foot and then suck on her long toes. Next she licks and kisses her way down the smooth calve and soft thigh, the silk of her nightdress slithers down to her hips, and as Lana bends forward, the girl's nimble fingers tug loose the knot of the sash around Lana's waist. With a shrug of her shoulders Lana is a naked and erotic figure poised above the girl.

Grasping the hem of the nightdress, where it is now bunched around her narrow hips, Lana lifts it and strips her lover naked. Parting the girl's thighs Lana slips her arms under her legs and her hands cradle Anouk's hips as she bows her head to kiss the coral pink slit that glistens in the moonlight. One, two, and then three kisses, have the girl sighing deeply and then the woman fastens her mouth, like a leech, onto her smooth and hairless sex.

Sucking on her taut labia Lana spears her stiffened tongue into the girl's silky depths as her mouth is flooded by a rush of Anouk's creamy juices. Moving one hand from the girl's hip Lana, with her middle finger, probes at tight labia and then eases that finger deep into Anouk's tight canal right up to the third knuckle. The girl stiffens as her body arches, pressing herself up against Lana's crooked finger, even as Lana's tongue tip finds the erect bud of Anouk's hard clit.

Anouk is tall for her age, long of leg as well as long armed, so her hands easily reach out to claw at the pale skin of Lana's back, leaving red wheals there. Inexorably Lana, with the skill of long years, takes the writhing girl towards her climax, by torturous stages. Her finger pumps harder and faster and then slows down as Anouk pants and gasps for breath while the woman's tongue flickers and darts over the girl's throbbing flesh.

Lana has, over the years, made love to many tweens, teens, and grown women, and she recognises the exact moment when she must take Anouk over the edge. The girl's vagina is clamping on her finger and spasms deep inside her rock her thin body. Lana thrusts hard while she sucks on the girl's small but swollen clit. Forgetting her excellent English the girl reverts to her native French.

"Oh Mon dieu! Je t'aim! C'est fantastique! Plus d'amour! J'adore ma cher!"

Anouk's head goes back and the tendons in her neck stand out like cables, her eyes are wide but seeing nothing, her mouth opens and she screams shrilly from deep in her lungs as she climaxes at long last.

Below, in the kitchen, the villa staff is seated around the central table playing dominoes and drinking cold beers. At that scream they smile knowingly at each other. They have heard much like this before when Madame Danielle's in residence here but laughing they tell each other that this one sounds a special orgasm.

On the bed Anouk thrashes in the throes of an incredibly violent series of thunderous cums, as Lana grips her angular pelvis to guide her slowly down to earth again, while gently and slowly continuing her caressing of the girl's soaking crease. Trembling, the girl slowly regains control of her body, as her breathing and pounding heart slow down to something like normal.

Lana moves up the girl's body kissing her softly till she reaches those long and thick nipples and her mouth closes on one like a baby suckling at a mother's breast. Cradling the lean body she holds the girl till, to her delight, long fingered elegant hands cup her heavy breasts and tug on her bloated nipples. Suddenly, and with catlike grace, the girl moves, pushing and turning Lara with surprising power from such a thin frame. Lana rolls back with a huff of exhaled breath as one of the girl's hands moves between her rounded thighs.

Moves between her thighs and presses hard into the soaking folds of Lana's plump labia to burrow inside her. Anouk kneels, her mouth locked on one breast, one hand presses down on Lana's plump belly, the other moves firmly and inexorably deeper into her elastically stretching sex. First her fingers penetrate and then, folding her thumb, she begins twisting her wrist back and forth as Lana groans and spreads her thighs wider. With an audible pop her entire hand enters the shaking woman's vagina and the fisting begins!

Now as she bites down hard on a bloated nipple the girl's hand pumps hard like a big cock and Lana is noisy when madly aroused like she is now.

"Fuck! Oh fucking hell! Oh shit do it harder!"

Now, frantically, Anouk hammers into the howling woman, who bucks and shudders as though in a fit. Finally she totally loses control in a screaming sexual explosion as her thick cream sprays around the girl's thin wrist.

Below, in the kitchen, eyebrows are raised and surprised looks are exchanged. They are used to Lana's partners' wild and noisy climaxes but this one from Lana seems to shake the building. All will be fine tomorrow. The missus will be sated and in a wonderful mood.

Lana lies smiling and sweating as Anouk's hand leaves her body. Gripping the girl's wrist she raises it so she and her lover can savour her thick creamy cum. Lana, recovering slowly from her violent orgasms, props herself up on the mound of pillows.

"Before we play again my love perhaps a little entertainment to amuse and arouse us more?"

Anouk pouts delightfully, an expression that would bring most women, even straight women, to a flush of unexpected desire.

"Aren't I entertainment enough tante Lana?"

"Bless you child of course you are! We have the whole night ahead of us but I thought perhaps you might like to know how things are with your dear cousin Amy?"

At this the girl's eyes narrow and she smiles that "decadent" smile that has catapulted her to the top in modelling and aroused men and women, boys and girls, to want her so badly.

"And how can I see what she and your lovely lover Marcie are doing?"

Lana arches her eyebrows at these words.

"Darling Annie you surely hold no jealous thoughts about Marcie? She was little older than you when she became my lover and still is! Perhaps you too will be with me for years to come. Unless you find an old lady boring and unattractive?"

The girl giggles enchantingly and slips one hand between the woman's rounded thighs to caress wet flesh.

"An old lady who has loved me like you just have? You are never old! But what of my cousin and how can we watch her?"

"Ah all will be revealed!"

Lana fumbles in the drawer of a bedside cabinet and comes up with a T.V. remote control. At the press of a button a flat screen television slides up from a housing in the foot of the massive bed.

"You see my darling there are times when a little leverage with certain people is convenient. Not of course where Marcie is concerned but let us see how their evening has gone. All my guest rooms are wired for vision and sound!"

First the screen turns blue and then, as Lana taps the play button of the hard-drive, the picture of the guest bedroom appears. The room's door opens and, true to tradition, Marcie carries her bride over the threshold. Dropping the giggling girl onto the bed, perhaps Ameilie has had just a tad more champagne than she should have, Marcie kisses her and then reaches for the zip on the back of her dress.

"Let us freshen up dearest and then we can consummate our vows just as I've been dreaming of!"

The woman and child vanish into their separate bathrooms and so Lana thumbs the fast forward button and in a short time Marcie, naked and brushing her sable mane, exits her bathroom and sprawls on the bed. When Ameilie quits her bathroom her pale skin is beaded with drops of water and she is wrapped in a towel. As she reaches the bed Marcie lunges at her to wrench away the fluffy cotton and drags the girl onto the silk counterpane.

"Now let me ravish you my darling Amy!"

She showers the girl's small breasts with passionate kisses, slowing only to suck on her pink nipples, while her fingers trail across Amy's plump belly. The child wriggles and moans softly. Grasping the swell of her hips the dark woman spins the girl over to ease her into a kneeling position, thighs spread, and her cheek pressed firmly on a pillow. Her lips close on the girl's pink and tender flesh and she draws her tongue slowly and deliberately up and down her now slick crease.

Her face flushed, the child's groan is surprisingly deep on the televisions speakers, and louder as Marcie eases a finger, and then two, into her vagina. Her response is to heave her rounded rear back against Marcie's probing fingers and lapping tongue. Sucking on the girl's taut labia Marcie crooks her fingers and thrusts harder with a corkscrew motion that has the pale skinned girl writhing and begging.

"Harder Marcie! Harder please! I want more now!"

Her face buried against the girl's soft vulva Marcie pounds her amazingly elastic flesh till she writhes; and her grunts and gasps echo around the room. Marcie's fingers seem to blur on the television screen until Ameilie howls like a wolf and spurts her juice onto the woman's face and fingers; before slumping face down on the pillow. While her bride shudders through the aftermath of her orgasm Marcie slowly licks at the cream oozing from between the child's puffy labia.

In the moonlit room Lana and Anouk are reacting to what they see before them in high definition. The girls's long fingers drift down the curve of Lana's belly and find the erect tip of her clitoris; flickering lightly over it. Lana gasps and then her hand moves between Anouk's strong thighs to rub firmly. On the screen the dance of desire has begun again!

Ameilie plasters her body against the big breasted brunette and purrs into her ear.

"Ravish me again my lover; ravish me hard like you just did!"

Her dark skinned breasts flushed with passion and her nipples swollen and gorged with blood Marcie splays her thighs. Forking them around Ameilie's plump flesh she wriggles to press her wet pussy against the child's pink slit and begins to grind her hips in a twisting motion. Leaning back, propped on one hand, she slaps her sex against the girl's with a loud, wet, noise.

Teeth gritted, lips drawn back, she locks eyes with the ecstatic girl who is clamped between her thighs. Shrill yelps and sucking gasps for breath are heard as they gyrate their hips to literally fuck each other insanely. Child and grown woman climax simultaneously with shattering screams of passionate release! Their soaked thighs still tangled they slump back exhausted.

In their suite the inevitable happens! Wild with excitement and desire the long legged Anouk pushes Lana flat, straddles her face, and lowers her burning sex onto the woman's lips and tongue. In the background the screen flickers as Marcie buries her face between Ameilie's thighs to devour her silky flesh. While Lana's hands clamp, hard enough to bruise, on Anouk's narrow hips. Sucking the girl's small labia with her lips she drives her tongue deep inside a world of silken heat.

Clawing at her flat chest and yanking on her long and thick nipples the girl rides Lana's face with maniacal intensity. As the television's speakers relay the erotic sounds of a moaning girl this suite resounds to Anouk's shrill encouragement of her lover.

"Please ma cher encore! Oh yes! Yes! YES!"

Her eruption is so intense only Lana's bracing grip keeps the girl from toppling over in a sexual fit! Her thin body seems to vibrate like a tuning fork whilst her eyes roll up to show just the whites as she achieves the perfect orgasm.

The room is almost still but on the bed Lana lightly kisses and caresses her lover from face to thighs while the girl's thundering heartbeat slows once more to near normal. When she opens her eyes she can see the need on Lana's face and moves again to satisfy the buxom woman's desires. The huge television has been forgotten though on it Ameilie and Marcie are locked together in a delightful 69 with lips and tongues exploring the folds of each others pussies.

Lana assumes the position that Marcie's partner did. Kneeling, thighs spread wide, her full and rounded arse high; she looks back at the knowing face of the beautiful child seductress.

"You know what I want darling. Make me cum again!"

Rubbing her fingers along the woman's labia and upward the girl reaches the pucker of Lana's rear. A little pressure and two slick fingers enter the canal as deeply as the girl can force them. Twisting them around, in and out, grunting with the effort, she reams Lana's arse while her other hand rubs just as hard at the woman's bloated and erect clitoris. Lana's hands reach out to clutch the wooden headboard as her face contorts into a grimace of ecstasy.

Anouk's face too holds a look; a look of triumph at the fulfilment of Lana's maddest desires. Pounding into Lana's anus and slithering her fingers over her hard clit she drives the big woman towards total arousal. As Lana orgasms she squirts her juices in a creamy fountain that soaks Anouk and the rumpled bed beneath them. Lana lies face down shuddering as the thin child lowers her pussy onto the woman's full rear and rubs her wetness against soft, white, flesh, until she cums once more onto her lady's body.

Much later, and all the television shows is a shadowed room where Marcie and Ameilie have finally spent themselves, Lana stirs to draw Anouk close to her.

"Well my love was this all you wanted and expected."

The girl's chiselled features seem to glow in the moonlight.

"Oh oui tante Lana but surely there is more?"

The big woman smiles into the now faint moonlight.

"Of course darling today was just the first day of a journey of delight and satisfaction. Tomorrow we begin again. Now sleep ma petite!"

This is the first story in my collaborations with Michelle Darling that isn't in the world of Higham Green. So if you like it or not please tell me so I can pass on your comments to Michelle.