My Sister's Fingers

by Marsha

I was six years old when my 12-year-old sister first fingered me. I loved it then; I love it now; always will.

When we were growing up, my sister was the primary person to wash and supervise the baths of the children. Mom was allergic to most soaps, so she preferred not to have to bathe the children. There were three of us kids: me; my brother John, five years older; and my sister, Jane, six years older. Mom and Dad divorced right after I was born. Then Mom had a relatively long-term relationship with a woman who lived with us. I liked Mom's girlfriend a lot; but they broke up. When I was six, as this story begins, Mom was again single. Our family loved bath time. Two or more of us in the bathroom at one time was not unusual. We were comfortable seeing each other naked. A family tradition was to spend time together nude in the hot tub.

I especially loved it when "bath time" was a private affair between just my sister and me. I loved being naked around Jane—primarily because I knew she liked it: I could see it in her eyes.

One night the rest of the family went to see a movie at the mall. Mom said before she left that my sister and I were "to look after each other." Little did she know what would happen; but, I don't think she would have been surprised.

Jane had come home from soccer practice, showered and put on her normal attire—bra-less, of course: one of her pullover sweatshirts that she had modified by cutting off the bottom so it exposed more of her taunt belly and by cutting out a super-wide oval hole for her head so it exposed more of her broad shoulders; what called her "sexy, tight boy shorts;" and flip flops.

After the family left, she suggested she help me take a bath. We went to the upstairs bathroom near Jane's bedroom. I quickly got out of my clothes and hopped into the tub of warm water that Jane had drawn for me. I loved taking baths with my sister because I liked the way she looked at me. She would look up and down my naked body with delight in her eyes. It excited me to know that I could excite my sister this way. Standing near the tub, Jane handed me toys and suggested where I might use more soap—under my arms, behind my ears, between my toes. But she didn't need to remind me to wash one particular part of my body.

"I love to wash my pussy," I said, using the word my mother always used.

Jane chuckled. "I don't know any woman or girl who doesn't like to wash down there," she said. Winking at me, Jane knelt beside the tub, reached into the water, with her open palm toward me. The first three fingers of her hand curled forward as she approached my pussy. She said, "These are the lips to your vagina," touching them gently with her fingers.

We watched together as she fondled me. She said, "I call my vagina a pussy, too. Some people—guys mainly—call it a cunt; but I find that word harsh, crude--not right. Pussy sounds soft and loving—which is exactly what this is," she said, lightly touching my pussy.

As her fingers stroked my pussy, she said "You have outer lips and inner lips; I do, too." She touched them as she spoke. Then, as we both watched, she inserted the tip of her middle finger into my pussy. "Above your pee hole, you have a remarkably sensitive and sweet clitoris. I call it a clit—because it's short and sweet and sounds cute, like it is. I like clits," she said proudly.

With the soft part of her forefinger, she pushed gently against my clit. "Whatever you call it, be careful when washing down there: don't get too much soap inside your pussy—just a little soap and lots and lots of water. Soap can sting, especially where the pee hole is. Use soap down there but rinse it off quickly. Here let me show you. Stand up."

I stood up in the bath water. Jane soaped up her hands. She leaned over me, placed one hand in the small of my back to steady me, and used her other hand to wash my pussy. Her palm toward me, Jane cupped her hand over my pussy. With her palm she gently pushed down on the mound above my lips. With her fingers, she slowly washed my outer and inner lips.

To steady myself, I placed an arm on her shoulder and touched my head against hers—both of us looking down at my pussy. I closed my eyes and leaned into my sister. I loved the warm feelings she was creating inside me. Jane's soapy hand on my backside slipped down and cupped my butt. With a gentle nudge from that hand, she thrust my hips forward as she continued with her other hand to slowly push her palm and fingers into my pussy.

I looked at Jane and relaxed my weight into her hands: I wanted to feel more of her hands on my body. I could tell Jane knew this because she smiled at me and winked as she knowingly pressed her hands harder into my flesh.

On my backside, her fingers gripped one cheek of my butt and pulled me harder toward her. On my frontside, her palm pushed down harder and then softer on my mound, in a rhythmic undulating way that made me sway with the motion. Her middle finger pushed deeper inside me and curled upward. I rose up on the tips of my toes as her middle finger curled up inside me and pressed against the inner walls below my mound. I could feel the tip of her curled finger of one hand pressing up, the palm of her other hand pressing down. A warm almost hot sensation washed over me.

"Now sit down in the water and rinse the soap off your pussy—and take your time," she said. She waited for me to do that then said with a wry smile: "Tell me how it feels."

I told her: "It makes me feel good...and warm, especially inside my pussy. But I want you to do it to me. I like your hands on me—and the way you look at me."

Jane leaned over the edge of the tub and noisily kissed me on the exposed part of my belly above the water with a great big, loud smmmmmmack. "I love you, Marsha," she said. "I love your pussy and your little ass. I love all of you." With that, she reached into the water and, with one hand below me, lifted up my ass just a bit so I felt like I was floating in the bath water. "Your little ass is so cute. I even like your little asshole," she said, tickling it with one of her fingers. I arched my back as her finger explored the rim of my asshole. "That's your little rosebud," she said, smiling.

Still on her knees beside the tub, Jane pulled her hand out of the water, took my chin, pulled my head towards her and kissed me fully on the lips.

It was not a quick kiss. It was a long, wet kiss. I had never felt a kiss so wonderful: I didn't want it to stop.

While she kissed me, she reached around with her other hand and pulled my head forward, pushing my lips deeper into her lips, which opened and enveloped mine. Her two hands on either side of my head made me feel secure, loved, where I wanted to be.

I felt her tongue moving over my lips, pushing into my mouth. She had never kissed me like that before. I felt warm, enveloped, safe—dizzy--and terribly excited. I thrust my hips up toward her: my pussy ached to feel her hand again.

As she pulled back, Jane kissed me lightly one more time, this time on my nose. Looking into her eyes, I said "I love you." She smiled back. Her eyes said "I love you, too."

"Stand up now and let me wash your backside," she said. As I did, she asked me to turn towards her, put my hands on the edge of the tub and lean over as much as possible.

She knelt down beside the tub, looked me in the eyes and said: "Your pussy is so cute, Marsha. You have the best looking pussy in the family. But don't tell your mother: she thinks she has the best one."

Jane laughed, "But hers is bigger and older. Nothing wrong with that; in fact, Mom's pussy is beautiful in its own way and sweet. But your sweet little pussy is young, hairless and picture perfect; and so is your ass. I love them both," she said.

Jane's mention of our mother made me think: "Would Mom say what we are doing is okay?" I asked.

With a steady gaze, Jane looked me and thought for a moment before answering.

She leaned closer to me. Her brown eyes grew darker and enlarged with obvious affection as she said, "Yes. If what we do is love each other...if what we do is listen to each other and do what the other wants...if what we do makes us happy and feel better about ourselves...then, yes, Mom would approve."

Jane's face was just inches from mine--almost within kissing distance. I could feel the attraction; I wanted us to kiss again—and I think she knew that. But she didn't kiss me.

Keeping her eyes on mine, she reached around with one hand and cupped my butt, squeezed it and caressed it lovingly. With her other hand, she began to finger my pussy again.

Then a very special moment I shall always remember: one of her fingernails lightly tickled my clit while another tickled my asshole. A shock wave shot through me like electricity: I shook my head and shoulders.

Jane laughed at my reaction, took her hands away, lightly patted my butt and stood up. She reached down into the water, found the soap and lathered up her hands. She reached over to touch my back with her soapy hands and pushed me down so that my chest was closer to the edge of the tub, my back almost parallel to the floor.

Then with her hands she moved my hips so my ass was perked up and out as much as possible. As she washed my back, I noticed that Jane's loose top allowed me to view her budding, firm breasts. Her nipples were hard, perky, begging to be sucked. I arched my back, stretching my flat chest even flatter--my nipples hard and raised--and pushed my ass further into her hands.

"I especially like your little asshole, Marsha," she said, leaning over me and, with both hands, spreading my butt cheeks. Her fingers began to explore my ass crack. Then one of her fingers touched my asshole and pushed in. I loved it—and pushed back into Jane's finger, hoping for more. I knew I wanted more of her fingers not less.

Jane interrupted my thoughts by saying "Daily I clean myself this way, sticking my finger in my asshole--and sometimes I put my finger deep into my hole—not too deep but deep enough to feel the inner walls. I like it because it feels good. Here, let me show you." She leaned further over me and I felt her finger tease and then begin to penetrate my asshole. It felt warm and good. As her finger slipped deeper inside me, I felt somehow bigger, taller. I rose up a little bit on my toes and then lowered myself down again on her finger to make it feel even better.

Jane started to pull her finger out—I felt my asshole getting tighter, almost closing--then she pushed her finger back in, deeper.

Again and again, she pulled her finger almost out and then pushed it back in, each time going deeper and staying longer until I felt the full length of Jane's finger inside me. Her finger moved in circles within me, the tip of her finger pushed against the inner walls of my asshole. It didn't hurt; just the opposite: it felt great.

Jane slowly pulled her finger from my asshole, stood up for a moment and then knelt down again in front of me, both of her hands on the edge of the tub. She looked me in the eyes. I was so happy; I had a big grin on my face. "Want me to do it again?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," I said, "Please."

"You're a good kid, Marsha," Jane said. "I love you. I love how you let me touch you. My girlfriend and I like to touch ourselves like this, too. I like it a lot."

She continued to look at me as she soaped her hands and reached around to my backside to cup my ass. She was watching me intently. As one of her fingers entered my asshole again, I opened up my stance and spread my cheeks as wide as I could. Jane pushed her finger deep inside me.

With her other hand, she massaged my pussy on the outside and then entered it deeply with her middle finger; and then, to my surprise, the tip of her index finger pushed in and out and then, with a fingernail, teased my clit.

Time stood still as she fucked me with both hands. Her exploration of my pussy and asshole created a sensation so intense I almost started to cry—not from pain but from the unexpected pleasures and connectedness I now felt with my sister.

Jane could tell how excited I was. With fingers from both hands gently moving in circles deep inside me, she pulled me closer and kissed me again fully on the lips. This time her tongue entered my mouth. I could not believe it: both ends of me were being penetrated and loved by my sister in ways I had never experienced. With one hand still fingering my asshole, Jane pulled her fingers from my pussy and brought her index finger, wet from my pussy, up to where we both could see it; and then slowly she pushed her finger into her own mouth. Looking me in the eyes, she began pushing her finger in and out of her mouth: soon it was dripping wet with saliva.

She kissed the end of her glistening finger and started to slowly place it on my lips. As her finger approached my lips, I thought she wanted me to kiss it, so I pursed my lips in expectation. But she pushed her wet finger into my mouth. I knew instantly what she wanted: I sucked on it eagerly. While I sucked on her finger, Jane leaned in and kissed me on my cheek, my hair and the nape of my neck.

Jane stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes as she slowly pulled her fingers from my mouth and ass. Despite my sister's gentle way of pulling out, when her fingers left me, my body gave an uncontrollable shutter: my shoulders shook briefly and my knees felt weak.

I stood up straight in the bath. My nipples were hard, eager to be touched. Jane's nipples were hard, too, poking out beneath her sweatshirt like little rocks.

Jane said, "Now sit down in the water and rinse off. And then let me dry you off. If you would like, I can show you something else my girlfriend and I do—a very special way I can kiss and suck your pussy, and kiss and tongue your little rosebud."

Eager to find out what she wanted to do to me next, I quickly rinsed off and stepped out of the tub. As Jane toweled me off, she knelt down and gave me several full body hugs and kissed me lightly on my lips, my nose and my fingertips. Playfully lifting up one foot and then the next, she also kissed my toes. Still holding one of my feet up high, she leaned down and kissed my pussy—and lightly licked it with her tongue. Continuing to towel me off, Jane asked me to turn around and touch the floor with my fingers—and noisily kissed both cheeks of my ass. I loved all the attention.

Then with a flurry, she wrapped me in a fresh, dry towel, picked me up and carried me into her bedroom. She plopped me down on the bed, turned on the TV and said she would be back shortly—that she needed to use the bathroom in private for a while.

As I waited for my sister on her bed, I wondered how Jane knew that Mom's pussy tasted sweet. I wondered what Jane and her girlfriend did when they took baths together and what happened afterwards in her bed. Unseen I had come into Jane's bedroom once and seen the two of them naked on this very bed--my sister's girlfriend on her back, her legs on my sister's shoulders, with Jane kissing her down low between her legs. I left the room before they knew I was there.

As I lay in her bed, feeling the afterglow from tonight's amazing bath, I wondered if I would ever get to lay on my back in this bed, put my legs up on my sister's shoulders...when Jane walked back into the room.